Team America Mission Hits The Fan As Big Brother 16 Houseguests Search For Saboteur

This week’s Team America mission for Big Brother 16 looked like an easy win for Derrick, Donny, and Frankie but the reins were quickly snatched from their hands as the Houseguests went wild and the latest mission took on a life of its own.

Cody Calafiore is on the lookout
Cody Calafiore is on the lookout – Source: CBS

All Team America had to do this week was snatch one item from each of the eight remaining HGs, yes even one from themselves to cover their tracks, and then hide all them. From there Team America planned to leave a message the next morning alerting HGs to the mischief and form a search party. It didn’t take nearly that long.

Shortly after TA finished collecting everyone’s items Cody noticed his favorite blue hat was missing. Flashback to 5:20 PM BBT 8/18 as Cody searches the house. He’s very suspicious and starts suggesting that something is going on. Around 5:40 PM BBT more HGs are realizing they’re also missing items. Panic ensues.

Soon the posse is formed and everyone is paranoid and shouting accusations at one another. It’s overall just being done in fun and there’s lots of joking around. The three main suspects are Christine, Victoria, and Zach. Soon it gets narrowed down to just Zach and while Team America wants to suggest it could be anyone so they can get their patrol going, a critical task in the mission, Frankie is insistent that it’s got to be Zach.

Zach is pretty worried about the situation and while he thinks it’s overall funny he says this could screw his game. Zach is already doomed and this is just building a coffin around his already complete Big Brother coffin. He protests saying that while the house is wasting their time focusing on him someone else is getting paid to do what he’s being blamed for. Yep.

Frankie knows it’s not Zach but comes up with reason after reason to convince others it has to be Zach and says it explains every single bizarre event in the house. Even when it’s just them two alone and Zach pleads that it’s not him Frankie continues to press that it is. Soon Caleb is using this as a threat and reason for why they should get Zach out.

Eventually Zach says it was him and then even snatches the cue ball and gets caught with it. Well that was dumb.

Earlier Derrick had mentioned an idea about if someone had thrown the items away. Cody and Caleb suggest maybe someone stuffed the items in a trash bag in the bottom of the trash bag. Oh they’re close. Sure enough, Cody and Caleb discover the items in the recycling bin. Flashback to 8:06PM BBT to watch the discovery.

Overall the blame/frame Zach theme was pointless. He was already set to be evicted and the HGs spent the evening trying to convince themselves this was another reason to do it. It’s unfortunate for Zach that Team America, and Frankie in specific, was able to use production through their mission to further their plans to evict Zach.

What is Frankie going to do without his whipping boy and Team America without their scapegoat? I guess we’ll find out after Thursday, unless Zach wins his way back in to the house that night. Could be drama ahead!

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  1. Frankie turning on Zach once again is simply sealing his own fate next week – He’s a fool to evict one of the only true allies he has in the game – Depending on which player returns to the house this week Frankie might be in a whole lot of trouble very soon and he has no one to blame but himself – The funny thing is, the house guests have no idea that the game is about to be turned upside down – Expect the unexpected

    • Sucks doesn’t it, oh and btw the HG’s may not know what’s going to happen this week but Derrick actually knows what’s about to happen with a jury member coming back.

      • Ah yes we should all bow down to King Derrick and his ridiculous lensless glasses – At this point CBS could save a few coins – Halt production of BB and hand Derrick a check for $500k – This show is turning into a snoozefest – Bottom line Derrick is not going to be able to stop either Hayden or Nicole from exposing his puppet master ways – Derrick’s carefully crafted game might just blow up in his face – Expect the unexpected

      • Sooo cannot wait to see Derrick on the block once and for all, just to see how he talks himself off of it and fight for the win other than by social and strategy, he actually has to try and win a BotB or Veto comp! :-)

      • My dream would be to see Derrick and Cody up on the block together with either Hayden/Nicole as HOH and Donny holding the POV

      • You’re so right, Eric! And seriously, what IS the deal with those glasses? I’ve seen them on several of the guys. Kinda goofy, if you ask me.

      • Derrick seems to wear them more than the others – They look ridiculous and are very juvenile – Zach might be going this week but Derrick/Cody might be following him out the door next

      • Wouldn’t it be great if Donny won the next HoH and put up Derrick and Christine — and explains it by saying Christine tried to throw the competition and he knows Derrick lied to him and has been manipulating the entire house all season? Donny knows he’s a big target anyway, he might as well has some fun before he goes.

      • YAAASSSS! Now you’re speaking my language sister! I don’t deny that Derrick has played a fantastic game even if he isn’t my favorite player. That being said I would like to see him put on the block and face just a little challenge in order to be a truly deserving winner.

      • But Donny doesn’t have a pair. He has just been sulking and pitying himself for the last week.

      • Well wouldn’t you? Besides what good does it do to tell any of these people anything and try to make a move when they wont come out from under Derricks mist. Besides he won the BOTB, by himself, despite his teammate handing the opposing team bones. Donny has heart and grit.

      • See, I think Donny has been playing the best game. My reasoning is that even though he has been on the block and doesn’t hold the sway that Derrick does over the others he has managed to stay in the game by his pulling off wins when he has to. He’s still there and he’s been a major target for awhile now. Donny’s survived on his own while Derrick has had to have a shield around him.

      • And it would be so nice to see someone with a little integrity (Donny) win the game for once.


      • I hope it does!!! Derrick can talk a snake out of the grass.He will win the money & the other house guest can’t even c that he is the one to worry about! ! He lies so well he is even better than frankie!!! Cody is a wuss what has he done this whole season? They jump on Zack &ride him because he don’t want to go up as a pawn for the 5 time &cody pouts because he don’t want to go up! !! Yet he bback stabs Zach running him down because he don’t want to go up again. .how selfish of him what has cody done for the team? Lay around rubbing Christine eating playing pool & running his mouth..he hasn’t won even a HOH why has he got any say to who goes up? Never won a veto nothing!! Him derrrick have never even been put on the block never even suggested by anyone. .that’s why derrrick &cody are going to be 1 &2 the others are blind to the slick conniving ways..was wanting Zach and Donnie to win or Hayden

    • Frankie talking this morning that he thinks if he puts Zach up everybody will move him to the top of their list. Doesn’t knows he already is there.

      • At this point if Frankie does not put Derrick up as the re-nom then he deserves whatever he gets

    • If fakie follows through and votes out zach he seals his fate of not being able to win the game even if he doesn’t his chances are a very long shot but he loses that miles long shot at winning by voting out Zach

    • “Fakie” has little chance of winning. Not only has he betrayed EVERYONE at one time or another, but he has announced to the house that he’s a “media mogul” millionaire with a very famous sister…..clearly NO one will think he needs it , let alone, DESERVES it.

  2. I watched the feeds last night, Matt. That’s NOT how it went down at all. What gives?

    • Dude it’s a brief summary of what happened, why don’t you write what you think Matt omitted which basically isn’t much really, everything that Matt wrote on here is what happened, so what gives with you? Are you upset that Zach is a victim of all this, the only thing I see that isn’t mentioned is when he got caught with the cue ball (btw dumb move by Zach) he asked Caleb if he was being put up and that turned into a debate with Zach trying to tell Caleb about the detonators, the rest of the night was them pretty much staying up on patrol.

      • As did I, and After Dark when it came on (which showed different cameras than the feeds, btw, probably as to save all the action for the show), but it wasn’t all Frankie. He just jumped on Caleb’s bandwagon after Caleb started calling Zach out.

      • Frankie was in the know & pushed it as Zach. “He’s the ONLY thing that makes sense! The ONLY thing!” Frankie shouted to HGs.

        All HGs suspected it could be Zach, Vic, or Christine. That wasn’t just Caleb. To say this wasn’t how it went down is not an accurate assessment.

        Frankie pushed hard on the Zach angle while others, including Caleb, were suspecting several potential HGs.

        6:28PM BBT – Caleb accusing Victoria, “You’re not fooling me.”

        6:31PM BBT – Frankie shouting in front of everyone that it’s got to be Zach because he’s been a loose cannon all season.

        6:34PM BBT – Caleb now suggesting that Zach might get paid if they don’t evict him soon.

        6:40PM BBT – Caleb to Zach: “It’s YOU!”

        Frankie definitely did not jump on the Caleb bandwagon after Caleb started suggesting it.

      • Then state it as such. Don’t pin it all on one HG. That’s all I’m saying, and I won’t argue the point anymore, because it’s moot at this point in the BB game.

    • I watched the feeds when it happened. Was on this site and listening and had to leave to watch. I laughed at these idiots last night. I thought Matthew covered everything. It would be 2 or 3 pages if he covered it more accurately. It’s a summary and lets us know (like the feed update every morning). Then if we want to watch what we missed we can go back and look.

  3. Sounds like Frankie threw Team America under the bus by blaming Zach just so he could have a great excuse to nominate Zach for eviction. I wonder if Team American will realize they’ve just been sabotaged by one of their own.

  4. Have to admit that the latest Team America assignment was pretty fun. Also, if Zach or Donny had to go, then this week would be the best so they could play their way back in. I think that Zach, if evicted, will be on fire Thursday night and work like a dog to get back into the house. Then, hopefully, he and Donny will be able to form a strong alliance.

  5. Is it too much to ask to have the final three not consist of two of three of Christine, Victoria, Frankie? I’d be ok with one of them being in the final three, just not two of them please…and for the love of god not all three…

    Last season’s final three I seriously didn’t want to see a winner crowned. They were all terrible. If Frankie, Victoria and Christine are the final three, I’ll have that same feeling again.

    • If those three are the final three, I don’t know that I’d ever watch Big Brother again.

  6. I am not a big fan of TA . But I don’t want to see it end just yet I would like it to go on just long enough to show Frankie what happens when you turn on the only person who really has your back

  7. 8 players left, 3 of them I want in the final three (Cody, Derrick, Zach), 3 of them I don’t want in the final three (Christine, Frankie, Victoria), 2 of them I don’t mind being in the final three (Caleb, Donny)…I…should be in a good spot…right?…

    Yes…I’m trying to convince myself…don’t mind me…

  8. I am more and more impressed with Donny, who seems to hang on by the skin of his teeth week after week. He has never been a member of an alliance (well, not counting his original pact with Devin) this season, and has been pretty much a target since day one. He has been put on the block countless times, and has managed to survive it. I am really pulling for him to win the next HOH, where he can’t be dethroned by a Battle of the Block competition. He is the only one smart enough to see through Derrick, who himself has been playing a masterful game.
    Donny is every much his equal in terms of brains, yet he is on the short stick in terms of numbers each and every week. Naturally, the one Derrick fears most in the house is Donny, and for sure Derrick knows Donny would win hands down if he made it to final two. If only Donny could have provided the ladies with a voice of reason, and to make them realize before it was too late that they were being played all along by the guys. Donny would have been a perfect person to rally numbers around him through the women.

    • Well said – Donny is def on par with Derrick in terms of game play – Even more impressive is how many times he has had to save himself – Derrick’s alliance provides him with a layer of protection – Would love to see Donny walk away with the $500k

    • Donny just never tried to work the group. He has just played his own game, and has tried to work with everyone no matter how they treated him. I wanted him to slap Christine last night. She is so stupid and letting those guys run all over her. Why doesn’t she realize they would never take her to the end, unless it was because everyone on the jury hates her, and it certainly isn’t because she has played the game so well. Matter of a fact, Derrick and Donny are the only ones this year that have a brain. The others are so easily led, and even when they find out that some betrayed them, they get over it and are right back on their side. Poor Caleb, he thinks that he is so hot, and that he is in charge, and Cody is only a pretty face, and Frankie is an idiot. He is so silly and childish.

      • Amen, Bama ! Christine, the ultimate betrayer, is so clueless to not realize that the guys have simply used her to THEIR advantage and have NO plan to get her to the end. Her days are numbered, and deservedly so.

  9. I hope Zach gets evicted. I hope Zach comes right back in, wins HoH, and is able to nominate and get Frankie evicted. Sure I like Hayden and Nicole better, but I want Zach to get some sweet revenge on this Froot Loop dingus, Frankie.

  10. I dont want him to be evicted because he will come back, I really want Nicole or Hayden to come back!! :(

  11. I give it to Frankie for winning so much, but he will lose one, next week when he can’t play HOH, but of course he may win BOTB or veto again. I want him out more than I want Derrick and Zack out.

  12. When is CBS going to figure it out, that putting real people and people that really need the money on there. Those kind get America watching and rooting for a winner. This season is so hand picked for actors and rich people. No fun to watch when they are told what they can say and do. The first shows did not let books, toys, and so much food. They are pigs and eat all the time. People that are grateful for things, clean up and talk game. CBS come on, you can do better than this season.

  13. I watched all this unfold yesterday afternoon and I really felt sorry for Zach. No matter what he said they wouldn’t believe him. Then he turns around and steals the cue ball? Why? He had tried so hard to convince them he was telling the truth then pulls a stunt like that. Really bad move, Zach. He actually helped Derrick put the final nail in his own coffin. At this point it doesn’t really matter to me which HG comes back in the house because I believe if they get the shot they’ll put Derrick and Frankie on the block. Karma.

    • I felt sorry for Zach, too, but he really did bring this all on himself. He’s been doing shady things all season like nominating his own alliance the one time he is HoH and then goes around the house spilling Derrick’s secrets to everyone when he is on one of his mood swings. Then when stuff goes missing and everyone accuses him of being a saboteur what does he go and do? He goes and steals the cue ball from the pool table and takes it with him into the bathroom to hide when he knows the houseguests are patrolling for that exact kind of behavior.

      He’s a nice guy and he sure did bring the entertainment but he is certainly no victim here. I wish people would stop treating him as such. It’s possible to feel bad for the guy while still holding him accountable for his own actions.

      • He is a victim in this particular circumstance. I expressed empathy for Zach because I saw his face during the barrage of accusations from Cody and Caleb. I am allowed to have my own feelings on these topics. Most of the players in that house have been doing underhanded things which is what they are suppose to do. It’s Big Brother. They all should be held accountable for their actions but most of the time they skate by and people don’t know what they did until the show is over.

        You attacking me for my own opinions is out of line IMO.

      • I agree with what you’re saying mostly, but I don’t think his words were exactly an attack on you.

      • If I came across as attacking you I certainly didn’t mean to! Though it’s important to know that it’s okay to disagree with people, especially on a comment board for the Big Brother live feeds, and not take that as attacking someone. I’ve seen that as a common theme this season on this site, where the second someone doesn’t agree with someone all of the sudden it becomes a debate on whether or not people have a right to their own opinions. People do have a right to their own opinions, and with that comes the right to disagree with those opinions. It’s okay to disagree with people. Certainly a show as subjective and nuanced as Big Brother would invite such discussion. No one is ever going to 100% agree. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

      • Oh, but, I put a comment on here that you disagreed with and I was labeled “irrational,” and “delusional.” Seems like alot of people on here go back and forth with you..hmm???

      • Your comment was irrational. There’s a big difference between leaving an irrational comment and a differing opinion. And, again, I thought you weren’t speaking to me ever again? When I pointed that out last time you assured me “okay but this time I really mean it” yet here you are again.

  14. Frankie and the “Detonators” are total scumbags. Time after time they have used Zach as a scapegoat for their own backstabbing. I’d like to see them ALL go down in flames. It would serve them right if Donny, or the biggest floater in BB history, Victoria, managed to pull off the win. Better yet, let someone come back from the Jury House and snatch the win away from those undeserving shmucks !

    • I can’t believe you would say you hope that Victoria (who you admit is the biggest floater in BB history) wins over someone like Derrick. This proves my point that the viewer’s hatred over certain people in the house clouds their judgment on the overall game.

      • Who cares everyone is entitled to their opinion. Like you aren’t letting your hatred of floaters affect who you are cheering for. People can have differing opinions you know instead of trying to bash someone’s reasons for their opinion how about you try debating intelligently with well thought out arguments for your side to try and get people to see your point

      • This is the comments section of the Big Brother live feeds. It’s okay to disagree with other people. Just because you’re entitled to an opinion doesn’t mean people can’t disagree.

      • That’s it exactly people can disagree but calling them out for their hatred doesn’t make your opinion more valid. No one persons opinion is more valid than anyone else’s. I don’t have a problem with your opinion just your statement that peoples hatred for someone clouds their judgment. People disliking someone is a better way to put it than saying their hatred and it is a more truthful way to put it. Not everybody will see things the same way or like the same people but saying their judgment is clouded isn’t right either I could just as easily say your judgment is clouded but I don’t as I respect your opinion. Even your opinion about people’s judgment I respect I don’t agree with it obviously but we don’t have to agree

      • I do think that peoples’ negative connotations toward Frankie (which are totally deserved) cloud their judgment with him. Frankie’s blatant manipulation of Zach to his advantage is astounding, but since he’s so annoying we don’t recognize it. I don’t think my saying that is stepping over the line. Again, it is okay to disagree. Heck, you don’t even have to respect my opinion. Respect is earned. You may think I’m off my rocker. Trust me, you wouldn’t be alone in that assumption. But we need to stop being so personally offended by people who just disagree with our opinion on something as trivial and subjective as the Big Brother live feeds comments section on the internet. And I’ll say it again. “People have a right to their opinions” has become a cop-out on these comment boards. No one has ever challenged someone else’s right to their opinion, they’ve just challenged the opinion itself. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Honestly, I don’t “hate” any of the HGs on BB….I dislike the way some of them have played and preyed upon their “allies”…and, for those reasons I’d rather see someone that is NOT an obvious choice win in the end….you know, like the show says…”expect the unexpected”.
        Derrick has been a Master Manipulator this season, has never been on the block, and has deceptively comforted each evictee, even as he has (unbeknownst to them) buried a knife in their back. He makes viewers even more aware of how manipulative and deceptive those in law enforcement can be…and, nowadays, that is not a good thing….

      • But you seemed to have just described exactly why Derrick should win. Especially against someone like Victoria. I get what you mean, though, how you wish the obvious person wouldn’t win. It’s not as fun when there’s a clear frontrunner. But I still would never wish Victoria would win over Derrick. That would certainly be unexpected, but not in a good way.

  15. I DETEST THE SHORT BUS STEROID COWBOY!! Kick his boots out of the house and let him please pass the jury house and go HOME

  16. Now that Donny knows Frankie and Derrick want him out, I wonder how the whole Team America thing will go. Donny is hurting right now, knowing that Christine threw the competition and Derrick was likely behind it. It doesn’t look good for Donny. Sad to say that Donny may be going home next week and the only ones left will be the same ones who have been running this gam from day one. The girls really messed up by not forming an alliance in the beginning to get some of those guys out of there. Or, the whole show is scripted and we’re all just puppets watching it play out.

  17. I am disgusted with Team America and I don’t know why everyone is eating this twist up. “Let’s have more missions to influence the game!!” Do you people not like a fair, uninfluenced game where everyone has an equal chance at winning and/or at getting extra amounts of money?? What joy do you get out of seeing people get evicted through your votes when they, like the members of TA, sacrificed weeks in the BB house away from their families and friends for a chance at the money. I hate Frankie and Caleb and I’m not a fan of Victoria, Zach, or Cody , and Derrick is only okay. All of my favorites are already out of the game besides Christine and Donny, and despite that, I STILL WOULD RATHER SEE SOMEONE LIKE CALEB, MY LEAST FAVORITE, WIN THIS WHOLE THING FAIRLY THAN SEE DONNY, DERRICK, OR FRANKIE WIN BECAUSE OF THE MISSIONS TEAM AMERICA IS GIVING HIM THAT MAKE OTHER PLAYERS LOOK BAD!!! The first time I actually bothered to watch a season of BB from the beginning to the end and I’m very disappointed. I’ll stick to Survivor where the show gets sued if producers try to influence eliminations (example provided in Survivor: Borneo, actually). It sucks because the way BB is set-up, it could be a really fun game to watch/play, but they’re ruining it by letting non-competitors influence the game. For whatever reason, people are loving the chance to do just that. I’ve not voted once for a TA mission and I never will at this rate.

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