Big Brother 16: Week 8 Veto Plans – What Renom Rule?

Later today on Big Brother 16 Live Feeds the Veto Ceremony will be held and sadly for the fans of one particular HG, the same target from earlier this weekend has remained the top candidate and things are only making it worse as the days progress. And the Renom Rule? Forget about it.

Zach Rance on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Since the Veto was won on Saturday talk around the house quickly shifted to targeting Zach for eviction. Soon everyone knew but Zach and even that was just a matter of time. Last night on the Feeds Frankie and Caleb tied up that loose end.

Flashback to 10:14PM BBT 8/17 Cams 1/2 as Caleb and Frankie kick off the talk. Actually Zach kicks it off by saying he read an open letter to the future BB16 Houseguests by Dan Gheesling. Dan reminded those soon to be players that this was all a game and to treat it as such. Zach goes on to say it’d be a waste to send home Victoria when Frankie could get someone like him or Cody out. Or Derrick, Zach. Or Derrick. Not that anyone ever mentions Derrick’s name. It’s amazing.

Frankie tells Zach that everyone in the house has come to him and say they want Zach gone. Frankie assures Zach this isn’t about Zach’s past transgressions because he has healed, but Zach obviously hasn’t. Huh what?

Frankie goes on to tell Zach this was all Zach’s idea and he (Zach) planted the seed. Frankie insists he didn’t even think of it until Zach mentioned the idea. Of course that’s a lie considering Frankie has been pushing for Zach to go for weeks and weeks. Zach tells him to stop saying that because it’s making him feel bad, but he understands that it’s better for Frankie’s game for him to go.

Now comes the Twitter-storm. Fans got all worked up over the “Renom Rule” which says an HoH isn’t allowed to tell a nom or a renom that they’re going up on the block. Guess what: this happens every season and we can only find one instance where it was actually enforced. In BB12 Brendon told Brittany she was going up against Lane. Brendon was called to DR, told he couldn’t tell her that, and the noms were changed to Lane and Ragan.

Remember earlier this season when Devin went around to all four pending noms, not just his two but all four, and told them they were going up? Yep. He told them each individually of their upcoming nomination. Remember how production then canceled out all those noms because Devin violated the rule? Yeah, I don’t remember that happening either because it didn’t happen.

Even Frankie’s family joined the protests online through Twitter saying Frankie was using this rule as part of this plan to save Zach by getting him prohibited from becoming the renom. Come on, folks, we know that’s not true. I can imagine Frankie using that excuse later when he gets out and feels the backlash from Zankie fans. Frankie has wanted Zach out for a long, long time. This week he’s going to get his wish.

Later today at the Veto Ceremony Frankie will take Caleb off the block and put Zach up next to Cody. With Cody on the block and only five votes out there it’s a lock for Zach to go. Caleb, Victoria, and Derrick will vote to keep Cody and that’s all it takes.


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  1. Betcha that Zach now wished he had volunteered to be put up on the block and played the BOTB with Donny (and, refusing to throw it), eh !!! And, now, he is getting backdoored …

    So, Derrick may have a “Grandfather F2” with Frankie now, as well as a F2 with everyone else in the House .. Brilliant … Ha !!!

      • No, Zach volunteered only because he felt pressure from everyone to do so, not because he wanted to. Derrick saw that and told Zach if he doesn’t want to volunteer, then he doesn’t have to.

      • No actually Derrick told him he didn’t want him to I didn’t see derricks reason for telling him that and it could be as you said. I don’t have the feeds so I am subject to how they edit the show and what I read on here

  2. Can’t believe I’m now feeling sorry for Zach. Really couldn’t stand him earlier this season. But he invites himself to be the punching bag. Derrick FTW…

  3. I agree, it’s highly unlikely anything is going to change. Though, IMO, this is a rule that Big Brother SHOULD enforce on the regular. Things tend to be much more explosive when house guests get caught unaware by a nom or a renom. Why be so loosey goosey with the enforcement of the rule and take away all that possible tension from the nomination and veto ceremonies?

    Look what it’s led to. Nominations are being decided by random Skittle draw now! *SMH*

    • What would they do if Frankie went to all 3 possible renoms (Zach, Victoria and Derrick) and told each of them that they were the renom? If production enforced the rule, then all 3 would be ineligible for renom. Would that make Frankie’s POV null?

      These HGs seem to love getting around the BB rules, so I could see them trying something like this, if the rules were enforced. However, I 100% agree that HOHs shouldn’t tell the nom/renom they are going up and there should be some sort of punishment for breaking the rule.

      • I wish, but I vehemently doubt it. I’d be jaw-drop shocked if it did, and that pretty much never happens to me.

      • If production does interfere at all, I would bet they try to cater the returning player competition to something Zach can be successful with. I really don’t think it’ll come in the form of enforcing a rule on telling someone you’re nominating them.

    • lol I think it’s genius and funny at the same time, Skittles ha. You can thank Frankie for that one and for taking fun out of the house soon as Zach is evicted.

  4. I wish Zach would raise the rule in an appeal to Production. Then they’d have to enforce it, right? Zachs a BB fan… Would really like to even the odds by sending out a BS this week and getting Hayden back with Zach and Donny. At least lines would be carved in stone and we’d have a game. Christine and Cody would have to step up and play their own games because it’s a cage match then.

      • If only…

        I admit to thinking the rule is odd, and thus I admit there’s some bias here which I usually don’t speak with, in saying that I really “wouldn’t mind” if it was enforced this time just because I like Zach. If it actually happened (it won’t), I would shake my head, but I’d do it with a smile and a shrug of my shoulders. It’s not like the game is a model of integrity as it is anyway.

      • Production gave Zach the book, but he’s too much of a dingus to call out the rule.

    • Agree. Rules don’t seem to be enforced in this game. I was hoping for a Zach “blow up” today..but that is not going to happen. He is taking this alot better than I thought he would. Darn it!!

      • Rules have never been strictly enforced. Let’s go back all the way to Chima the spoiled mouthy brat who needed a proper spank instead of being put on tv! How many times was she abusive, destructive and/or disrespectful to the BBHouse and fellow houseguests before they FINALLY booted her out? It took her throwing a $500 portable mic pack into the pool (because she felt empowered to do it) then they finally booted her. And let’s not forget our favourite Hantz family member Willie and how many times he had to break the rule of physically threatening other houseguests for him to get booted (only when he actually DID finally throw a punch)…

      • Well if I’m not mistaken the headbutt was the only part caught on camera but those in the house said there was a swipe or two also….

      • I only just started watching BB second half of last season and now this season. When you say Hantz family member would be referring to a family member of Russell Hantz from survivor

      • As a side note… I have thought several times what would have happened if Willie and Frankie were HG’s together? First time Frankie “attempted” to hug/kiss Willie there would be fireworks to say the least! It would be priceless!

      • Pretty sure they keep trying that dynamic each season (an outspoken person who is gay + an outspoken person who is conservative). Each time they keep finding the clash isn’t as strong as they would like. What they really need to do is mix the demographics. They need more cultures and age groups represented, then you’ll get some funny personality clashes.

      • I would be kicked out too because as soon as the pink haired freak tried to hug or kiss me he would be thrown thru the wall

      • yes, still trying to figure out who’s chest was more impressive in the chest bump on each other! lol.

      • I think he will before it’s over because he told them very calmly last night he was going to cause havoc all week.

    • Then either Derrick and/or Victoria would end up on the block on a renom …. Again, would be a perfect scenario for this week’s evctee to surprisingly win the challenge to return into the game …Ha !!!

      • I find it a bit of an odd rule, but this is one time where I would shrug that off easily if it meant Zach is saved by virtue of the rules. I know it won’t happen though (enforcing). I’d be shocked if it did. I guess I’m grasping at straws. Here’s hoping Zach beats out Hayden, Nicole…and Jocasta…for returning player

      • what that says to me is that the game is rigged for productions favorite to win,why have rules if they refuse to enforce them.

    • If zack is a fan then hes one of the worst fans I ever seen…. He didnt even understand nominations early in the game… glad hes leaving.. he dug his own grave

  5. Is there someplace that lists the rules? I’ve been watching since BB2 and wasn’t aware of this rule, I’m sure there are many more I’m unaware of, would love to know all the rules the HGs are given.

    • I found a list on another website that lists these as rules??!!? I’m assuming the not telling the backdoor target falls under the first one.

      It is not permitted to discuss nominations, or try to influence anyone else’s nominations.
      It is not permitted to discuss details of how they’d spend the prize money (if they were to win).

    • There’s a list of rules published in one of the international BB’s official websites although some of the rules no longer applied since production changed the format for BB2 onwards.

      For one, BBUS/Canada are the only shows allowed to have discussions about nomination. In other countries, it’s prohibited unless allowed to at certain times. So a bit of a shocker for me to learn this season that an HOH can’t actually tell his intended targets that he’s nominating them.

      • I think that’s the one I found. I’m really surprised there is not more “tell all” info out there from former house guests (while I’m sure they had to sign NDAs that had never stopped some people). I really thought some former HG would have written about behind the scenes stuff.

    • They have a copy in the house. Don’t they? Not that that does us much good, but Zach’s the one that needs it.

  6. Hopefully, if they keep the double HOH’s moving forward next Season, they will also keep the BOTB challenges, as individual challenges, in that only 1 person could win it, like the past 2 weeks, and save both the players, instead of being tied together, and actually playing as a Team, like the first half of the season, where one player could throw it …
    Now, we open up another Production conspiracy theory, if they do not uphold the rules, re: Noms and Renoms … in that, the challenge for the first 4 Jury Members with the opportunity to reenter the game, will be now favoured towards Zach … Ha !!! :)

  7. CBS should realize – rating are sure to go up if Zach has to now stay…Hayden comes back in and we get a new alliance: Hayden, Zach & Donny! Now we have something worth watching!!!! C’mon CBS! #RenomRule!!!

    • Another scenario …. Zach is saved .. Frankie backdoors Derrick (or Victoria) … Derrick gets evicted …
      Production fixes the challege so that Derrick wins and returns to the game and joins Zach and Donny against Frankie … Ha !!!
      Now that would good ratings … :)

  8. That is what I do not like about Big Brother. They selectively enforce the rules. If telling the house guests they are going to get put on the block and evicted is against the rules then, Zach cannot be allowed to be nominated.
    Let them put someone else up! Also, by doing so, they favor some house guests over others. Did they tell Nicole she was being evicted? Those things may seem minor but, if there are rules then, it needs to be enforced!
    I remember Jen in Season 8 which Evil Dick won got a penalty eviction vote for eating when she was a have not! So, why enforce the rules selectively. It only helps to provide ammo for those of us who have questions on how the HOH or POV is conducted. In Survivor, they have a random draw for spots per Jeff Probst to ensure everyone gets a fair break. Last season we saw a hand push Helen off the ledge she was standing on as well as the house guests being sprayed by water in one of the HOH but, the sprays were obviously uneven, some being hit hard by the water while, others getting a weak spray. It is not asking too much to give each house guest equal treatment.

    • That hand push on Helen’s foot was in no possible way enough force to actually push her off. Come on. She had no sign whatsoever of being startled, which would make no sense if she was actually pushed and they were trying to unknowingly (to her) get her eliminated. That was manipulation in the form of speaking to her beforehand and letting her know what was going to happen. She totally looked like she expected that hand, as her sign to jump off. The gentle nudge, the sign, the cue, etc. She knew the deal. Maybe they paid her 5-10 grand extra in stipend money to get her to agree to it. Or maybe they just shrugged and said “Hey, your contract states we can do what we please to better suit the best interests of the game, as we see fit. This is part of it. We don’t want you returning. You’re losing that competition”.

      • They should have a disclaimer on the show. In the David Hester suit against A & E producers of Storage Wars, the judge sided with A & E and said the producers had creative license to do with as they please! The sad thing is Big Brother has now become like the WWE where they decide before hand who wins and who loses? Their credibility is at stake so, you would think that they would stick to the rules or have no rules at all! What is the use of having rules if you selectively enforce it? People watch the show with the expectation that people competing for HOH and POV do so, in a fair manner. While, Survivor tries to give every tribe member a chance to compete fairly with lane assignments done on a random draw—-Big Brother cannot even enforce rules it placed on the game? What is up with that?

  9. Why does everyone think that getting Victoria out is a Waste of their HOH. Right now she is the most dangerous person to all of their games bc she’s the best person to drag to the end. If she makes it to final 3 then she’ll definitely make it to final 2. And all she’ll have to do is sit there like she’s done all season.

    • If I’m in there, I want to bring her to the end. She’s not winning against anyone in there.
      That’s a sure-fire $500k.

      • I get that. But unless you think you can win every competition at the end you’re giving up a chance at $50,000. I’d rather win $50,000 than just receive the jury money.

      • Hence the reason to get rid of powerful and strong minded players BEFORE Victoria. Is she going to beat anyone in a physical, mental, or knowledge based game? No. Only a luck based one so I’d bring her until the final 4 or even 3…

      • But how many times have we seen people win comps at the end that we thought not possible. Their odds of winning go way up when there are only a few people left to compete against.

      • This. Thank you. You also have a different fire lit under you and a rejuvenated will to win when you’re that close to the prize.

      • True indeed. With a bit of luck anyone could win at the right time. The more physicality and/or smarts a challenge requires, the less I’d place my money on Victoria though.

      • You Never know. All it takes is the right challenge at the right time and she could sneak in. Just look at last year’s runner-up.

      • Well not sure I agree this is why last reason’s final 3 made it where they did – but I do agree that in Big Brother anyone can win a challenge at any point in time because the challenges are purely physical, mental, or knowledgeable. All challenges include aspects of luck & speed which anyone can have at the right time. :)

      • correct….. who wouldnt want to take the worst player to the finish….. she couldnt even win against the evicted houseguest

    • Or Cody. He’s another non-player. I think Derrick’s got this game and his ideal F3 is with Victoria and Cody. Neither would beat him in the final 3 challenges and he’d have his pick of which non-player to take to F2.

      • I don’t agree with that latter part at all, saying neither would beat Derrick in the final 3 challenges. Part 1 is endurance (usually anyway). Cody absolutely has the edge over Derrick (and Victoria…) for that. Even if Cody fails there, he has the advantage in part 2 as well, which is usually a best-time-based competition. The only one I give the edge to Derrick to is part 3, which is questions based on how jurors would finish a sentence, but even that is debatable that Cody couldn’t win it, because his social game had him get to know houseguests pretty well.

        Luckily for Derrick, I think Cody would honour their agreement and take him with him to final two, even though that would pretty much guarantee him $50,000 instead of $500,000 and if he was smart he’d take Victoria instead.

      • Except that in the only endurance comp so far, Derrick outlasted Cody. I think that Derrick would beat Cody in a time-based competition. Also, Cody is dumb as a door-nail, so Derrick would beat him in the Q&A, too. We’ve never seen Derrick really try in a comp. He keeps hanging back to stay out of the spotlight.

      • I recall an endurance competition early, walking back and forth on a rotating log while holding a rope trying not to fall. I know Cody was in that one, wasn’t Derrick too? If he was, I’m confident Cody outlasted him. There was also one early that simulated being a roasting big on a spit over a BBQ (that Caleb won) but that was for the 2nd half, the “other 8” who came in after, and I don’t think either Cody or Derrick participated. Which endurance competition did you have in mind? Maybe you can help me recall. I can’t think of one where Derrick outlasted.

        If the Q & A was just like what we’ve seen so far, “which competition was that”, “true or false”, etc, then ok, but I think it being heavily based on how well you got to know your housemates, social game comes into play a lot and Cody has a good shot against Derrick. It won’t be about smarts, it’ll be about how well you got to know people, primarily on a personal level.

        I give the edge to Cody in time-based competition. I think Cody has fared well in competitions he’s played in, even when not winning, even question-based ones, and he also hasn’t actually been in a whole lot of competitions to really show what he can do in them.

      • It was the log rolling one. Derrick jumped off, because he didn’t want to be HOH, but I’m pretty sure it was after Cody fell.

        Neither Cody, nor Derrick, have been in many comps. But, when they are in the same comp, Derrick out performs Cody. And that is while he is trying to not win the comp. Cody’s comp performance has been as poor as Victoria.

      • I think Victoria’s been a lot worse than Cody, but alright. I’m pretty sure Derrick was off of that log competition early and Cody hung in there pretty late, but I’m not sure how to find out or prove it. I tried to look it up on Google but gave up pretty fast because it wasn’t easy or readily available lol. (Got lazy, I admit). From what I remember though, most competitions Cody has been in, he’s done fairly well and was in the running for over half of the competition. For example the HoH he won but didn’t win, they called him the winner but then took it back after reviewing video and saw his foot hit the ground a split second before hitting the buzzer. So he actually got the buzzer pressed before Devin but his minor mistake cost him. Can’t get much closer than that without winning. The same can be said for Derrick though when it comes to faring well even when not winning, so maybe comparing them is a wash. For the record, Derrick, Cody and Zach are my three favourites, so I have no real reason to side with Cody over Derrick. I just definitely think Cody has a chance to win the final HoH if he’s in that final three with Derrick (and I guess Victoria). Cody also seems to try to win, and seems frustrated when he’s eliminated from competitions. That will to win could drive him if he’s that close to the prize (in the final three).

      • don,t kid yourself about Derrick ,after all he is a police officer and they have physical training almost every day,i think he could beat anybody in a physical challenge even beast mode sissy

      • to me the worst thing that would happen would be for derrick, cody and Victoria to make it to the final 3, and cody get to pick and choose Victoria to take to final 2

  10. I know ‘reality’ game shows are somewhat rigged, but I guess I’ve been naive when it comes to Big Brother (or maybe I just didn’t want to believe my favorite show was just like the others). I’m so disappointed with the favoritism—with production so blatantly going out of their way to protect certain people (coughFrankiecough). All I want is for consistency when it comes to enforcing the rules. Well, OK, what I really want is for Frankie to be evicted. After his ‘confession’ about who he really is, and how it seems to have given him a new status, and how no one seems upset about it, is maddening. Plus, his over the top mugging is driving me crazy. He’s chewing so much scenery every time he’s in front of the camera, I’m surprised there’s any part of the house left! (That’s a theatre reference that our Broadway star will certainly understand.) Also, this is off topic, but what is the deal with the guys wearing those stupids glasses that OBVIOUSLY have no lenses in them? :)

    • I don’t hate Frankie, but I wish he would quit acting so damn silly.
      How old is this guy anyway? He is just so fake, and couldn’t care less about these people in the house. The only person that he doesn’t hug and get all over is Donny, because he knows that Donny knows what a snake he is, and because Donny is basically winning on his own, and hasn’t had to lie to be there.

    • Because he is an egotistical fame whore who seems to have no standards or respect towards others beyond just game. He is downright disrespectful toward Donny, uses Zack’ friendship, and the list goes on. He is annoying as hell and an embarrassment for the LGBT community.

  11. Have to admit, regardless of how one feels about Frankie, good or bad, he has dominated the competitions over the past couple of weeks, have the old Frankie was buried … and, the new and improved Frankie Grande is now playing the game with integrity, honesty and openness, in order to acknowledge his millions and millions of adoring fans with respect …

      • Zach better be careful around Frankie over the next few days in the House, if he is evicted, as Frankie continues to state that Zach really, really wants his “cherry popped” even though he saying one thing but actions says otherwise ..

  12. Why is that a rule? It’s really stupid.

    I legitimately can’t think of any possible reason for it besides production using it to save who they like. Is there an actual purpose for it?

    • I completely agree with you. I asked myself the exact same thing, ‘why is that a rule?’ I really don’t see why it “needs” to be one at all. Telling or not telling someone if you want to nominate them should be up to you as HoH, your prerogative to use as strategy if you see fit, etc. I do however biasedly wish they would enforce it this week because I don’t want to see Zach leave (even though if that actually happened I would shake my head because it’s a stupid rule, but shake my head with a smile nonetheless) but I know that enforcing it now is not going to happen.

    • I *think* the rule is in place to create mystery for the live feeders as to who is being nominated and force us to watch the actual show. Ratings my dear, ratings.

      • Their edits, their additions of “dramatic” music, among others are reasons to still tune in for the televised show. They do a lot to draw incentive to watch. I’m not sure I can get on board with thinking that production fears this alone (people knowing who will be nominated) would really hurt their ratings for the actual show. Take for instance websites like this one, BBN. Many who come on here and read spoilers — find out in advance what the speculation and likelihood is of who will be nominated, and then have it confirmed on Mondays when the Veto ceremony on TV isn’t until Wednesday — still tune in on Wednesdays and watch the show.

      • I guess, but the feedsters see the HOH telling other people who will go up, so I don’t see what difference it makes telling the nominee.

  13. The only time Derrick’s name comes out of the other HG’s mouths is when they’re talking about how he’s a) the only person they truly trust in the house or b) the person they would vote for in the end. He’s got it made so far; hopefully he can keep the streak up.

    • I will be legitimately pissed if the returning house guest blows his game up. That would be awful. Derrick was worked everyone in the house, and if the person coming back exposes him (because now they know they’ve been worked), that would just suck.

      • Agreed! They keep saying they’re sending them to the Jury House but I’m hoping they don’t pull a BBCAN1 and bring someone back after they’ve all had time to compare notes. I secretly hope that Hayden doesn’t come back, and it’s Nicole or Zach, or even Jocasta – someone who’s clueless to Derrick’s manipulations – because I’m solidly in the “Derrick is the only one who deserves to win” camp.

      • How about Donny deserves to win more than Derrick he has saved himself how many times survived how many times they are the only 2 deserving to win they just both had different game play styles. Personally I think Donny deserves it more. Saying Derrick is the only one deserving is ignorant

      • Calling me ignorant for expressing my opinion is just uncalled for.

        Donny is playing a good game, yes, but do I think he deserves it more than Derrick? No. Donny hasn’t formed an alliance with anyone, he hasn’t won any HOH’s (that were worthwhile – he could have shook up the house with the one he had, and instead just rolled over and went with what they wanted), and he’s basically just hanging on until they decide to get rid of him. Right now, the realistic chances of him winning are slim to none as he’s the last non-Detonator left (outside Victoria, and we know how that’s going to turn out).

        Yes, Donny has saved himself multiple times; however, he is the only person in the entire house that’s onto Derrick and never used that information to his advantage. He should have formed an alliance with the rest of the house, but never did. He’s going to get evicted in the next couple of weeks.

        I love Donny – I think he’s great on the show, but I think the fact that Derrick has flown under the radar and is literally controlling everyone (except Donny – who doesn’t do anything about it), makes him the most deserving of the win.

      • I apologize if you took that personally I wasn’t calling you ignorant I meant that I thought your opinion wasn’t taking all the facts into consideration which is my opinion. So sorry if you took it as me calling you ignorant. I guess we will have to agree to disagree

  14. I understand the seemingly firm belief that Victoria will vote the way Derrick does, that she’s his pawn and will follow him almost blindly, but why am I not completely convinced? If I were betting on this, with my money on the line, I would say yes, she’ll vote out Zach, as that’s there the percentages lie. But somehow I’m not completely convinced she’s 100% void from flipping. She’s already been upset by Derrick, and if Donny and/or Zach can get in her ear, who knows. It’s unlikely but I’m not sure it’s impossible. I’m not even completely convinced Caleb can’t be persuaded into voting Cody out instead, but again, I would bet he votes to evict Zach.

    The only lock vote I see is Derrick voting to evict Zach. Donny “ideally” should be voting out Cody, and he hasn’t always gone with the way the house was voting, but he’s also alone so maybe if he thinks he can’t save Zach anyway, he’ll try to build a little trust by voting him out.

    Either way I personally feel like this week is a loss. Cody and Zach are my two favourites and it’s a guarantee one leaves. I hope whoever it is (probably Zach) wins the battle to return. Up against Hayden and Nicole though, it won’t be easy.

  15. It was asked previously. Does anyone have a copy of the rules? Or is this just speculation?
    And if production really was as arbitrary as people think, they could be opening themselves up for legal issues. It is quite illegal in the US to do things to affect the outcome of a game show (which I would believe this would be classified as there is a winner who gets money).
    If there was really manipulation, you would think that a former contestant (or a smart lawyer who talks to a contestant) would have tried to sue by now.

    • A HG mentioned last year that they sign a contract that clearly states “It is a TV show”. By doing that they can change the rules as they see fit and it doesn’t fall under the “Game Show” rules and regulations. Which is why nobody has ever sued. They all are playing a game but production can manipulate how they see fit unfortunately. I think the HG was talking to Judd or Amanda last yr and asked didn’t they read the contract. They said no they just signed it.

    • Big Brother US started year 2000. It’s 2014 now. That’s tells me everything they’re doing is legal.

      • Exactly that’s why the sentence in the contract “TV show”. It keeps it all nice and legal. Game shows have pretty strict rules since the cheating scandal before our time.

      • Now, Big Brother house has it’s own rule. I feel they have to be more consistent on how they enforce their own rules.

      • I think we all agree on that. It makes it seem vastly unfair when they enforce for one and not others. Remember at the beginning Devin saying they told him he had to keep the HOH door locked when he left? Nobody else did.

      • I think he told them that to keep them out, I think he wanted the place to himself and that was an easier way to accomplish it and not have to come right out and say “stay out of my room”

  16. Matthew, I bet when you wrote this you didn’t expect so much debate on the rules of the “game”.

  17. They haven’t enforced that rule since BB12, so i doubt they will do that this time. Plus, production has favorites (aka Frankie). Didn’t they all tell Nicole that she was going up and going home? So isn’t that “breaking the rules”. But people only want this enforced just because Zach is “entertaining”. They wouldn’t do this if anyone else was on the block.

  18. I don’t think production will interfere with Zach leaving, but I totally believe that if that happens, production will ensure that Zach comes right back into the house as Zach, Nicole, Hayden or Jocasta will return.

  19. There needs to be a Diamond Power of Veto, a Coup’d tat, where is Pandora’s Box? These were exciting twist. BotB and Double HOH, I hope they do away with.

  20. this might be their last chance to get Donny out. . why zach. im so disappointed at derrick and Caleb. if their so good at this game why are their getting zach and not Donny. none of them will win against Donny

    • They can’t get Donny out this week he is safe he won BotB. Have you not been paying attention when you watch whoever wins BotB is safe for the week so Donny and because she was nominated with him so is Christine safe this week. Plus if you were watching Donny was their target until he won BotB that is why Christine tried throwing the comp

  21. Okay, is anyone else annoyed that Frankie’s family — and supposedly famous sister — are getting into the “conversation” by posting to help out Frankie? Is there any other way Frankie will “use” his famous sister to his advantage this season? pathetic.

  22. Zach had a chance to save himself, but he backed out of going on the block with donny. That would’ve given him 2 chances to save himself. He didnt want that chance. So now he’s introduced to the consequences.

  23. Julie should call Fakie out and say Zac you are safe please remove yourself from the block. Fakie then has to nominate well Duh Victoria and a waste of power. I am getting sick of Fakie.

    • Zac isn’t a dumb guy, He could team up with Donny make a final 2 now that Frankie’s true colours have shown. Expect the unexpected, we don’t expect BB to step in with this renom rule, I honestly think the Grande family is influencing BB in every way they can. Bribe? Besides Frankie needs to get out of his sisters shadow for sure, she is not suber uber popular but she is know to teenagers and tweens for sure. This season is worse than the previous ones and it keeps going downhill.

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