After a series of difficult and damaging missions for Team America they’re back with something much easier on the game and their wallets.

Team America meets for their next mission

Team America meets for their next mission – Source: CBS

Donny, Derrick, and Frankie are working on their latest challenge for this week where they’ll have to hide a favorite piece of clothing from each HG and then get a group together to look for the offender.

They quickly decided this was a definite win for them and set up a plan of what they’d steal from each Houseguest. Flashback to 2:04PM BBT 8/16 to watch.

Easy targets are Caleb’s (well, Amber’s) bunny slippers, Victoria’s scarf, Cody’s Hawaiian hat or college sweatshirt, and Zach’s Gator shirt if they can or his hat or sneakers otherwise.

Team America wonders if they can get away with snatching Christine’s glasses, but they’ll check with DR on that. Later they discuss that she has another pair so it shouldn’t be an issue.

They’ll also take something of theirs to cover any suspicion. Derrick’s t-shirt, Donny’s hat, and Frankie’s blindfold for sleeping.

The first item taken was Victoria’s robe when Derrick grabbed it in the Fire room and took it to the bathroom to put it in the garbage bag they’re using to collect the items. Flashback to 3:53PM BBT 8/16 as Derrick goes to work and again at 4:00PM BBT when he hides the item.

Derrick then took the bag to the Storage room where they’ll hide the items beneath the recycling.

We’ll have to keep watching on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) to see what they do next.

Update: Around 4AM Derrick found Zach’s Gator shirt and added it to the collection. Frankie grabs Christine’s teddy bear (not a clothing item) and puts it away too. They’re making good progress.

Update 2: Team America has been working hard all day and now have all their items in the recycling bin. On Monday morning they’ll leave a message in the mirror telling people to watch for their belongings. Guess who they are going to blame? Yep. Zach is going to take the fall for ALL of it. Again.


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