Team America Gets Its Second Mission On Big Brother 16

Team America's next mission
Team America’s next mission – Source: CBS

Team America is back at it again this week with their second mission and a strong position to make it happen. Read on to find out which target viewers selected: a floater or a threat.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (start your Free Trial now) to 11:00 PM BBT 7/17 Cams 3/4 to find Derrick and Frankie in the Fire room discussing their latest mission parameters.

Team America must target a “physical threat” for nomination rather than a “floater.” Derrick wastes no time in justifying Amber as their appropriate target. He says, she’s the strongest player that wouldn’t compromise their ability to maintain their position of strength in the house.

Considering Frankie is one of this week’s HoH’s the alliance won’t have any trouble collecting their $5K each stacked upon the previous week’s earnings. Nice to see Frankie joining in on this one and pulling more than his fair share of the weight by winning HoH and making sure it can all work out for Team America.

What do you think of the viewer’s votes? In our poll the leading target was a floater by 5% so that’s a big shift to the TV-onlies. If they were asking for a physical target could they have been hoping for Caleb to be sent to the block? Maybe, but that won’t be happening this week. Well, you never know what could happen at the Veto Ceremony!



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  1. I see on other posts, comments on how Amber is not a physical threat. But I think most of the girls have been throwing competitions, so they don’t become targets. What they seem to miss, is that they are already targets.

  2. Saying amber is a physical threat is as laughable as me entering a beauty pageant

    • I agree that it is laughable of these guys to claim Amber as a physical threat. I am curious, have TA been given their task yet to even know what they have to accomplish? The plan to nominate 4 women should not be considered a “mission accomplished”…in my opinoin

      • Yes, they know the challenge. All they have to do is agree on who is a physical threat and nominate that person. It sounds as if they could all agree Jocosta is a physical threat, nominate her and get 5K.

      • But the way the rules are given to them, they just need a consensus about who they think is a threat. We don’t have to agree with it.

    • Do you consider any of the women physical threats? Other than Caleb, do you consider anyone else a physical threat?

      • Caleb hasn’t won as many comps as Donny. Do you consider Donny a physical threat. Slow and steady has won 3 comps. 2 veto’s and 1 BOB’s.

      • Arguably one of those comps was mental, it had to do with spelling and most of them couldn’t manage that task. I think determining who is a physical threat is difficult this early on. I just see so many people dissing Amber, saying she isn’t a physical threat, but no one offers any thoughts on who is one. This whole AT vote was subjective. What some consider a physical threat, others might not. Determining a floater is vague as well.

      • Brittany has won 2 BOB’s and both were somewhat physical. The swinging and the puzzle w/Donny. Of the women Amber and her are the strongest. Physical against the guys none of them are.

      • I thought Amber won the puzzle with Donny, not Brittany. But I agree those two are physical threats, but I think a lot of commenters don’t agree with us.

  3. While Amber IS a physical threat (she won a semi-physical HOH and did well in the endurance one that she ultimately threw), this challenge is way too vague. You could make an argument for a lot of people left that they’re a physical threat.

    If you’re going to give them $5000, the tasks should be a little better IMO. They at least should have been given a name, like Caleb, that they have to nominate, not evict, just nominate. That would cause some serious drama.

    However, I think all their tasks should stay away from the game. Keep it fun. Don’t ruin anyone’s game because America influenced it. BB is tough enough.

  4. Of the women Brittany and Amber are physical threats. That being said I voted for physical threat hoping to see Caleb or Cody on the block. Since Cody won HOH that won’t happen, but depending on how Caleb reacts to Amber being on the block you could see him BD or even volunteering to go up for her as a replacement if she loses BOB.

  5. I would put Amber and Caleb up together. He would try to win and take her off keeping himself on the block. That would be a good move!

  6. This entire TA is one big flop. People voted for a threat which probably meant Caleb, Derrick, etc (I didn’t vote). So now they are going to put Amber up. End this stupid TA or else give them something that will shake up the game. Until then I won’t be voting.

  7. Ok, I don’t get how this works. Does the target have to be on the block post-veto or can the target simply be put on the block pre-veto?

  8. They should have asked “Which player do you want Team America to nominate?” just like the good ol’ days with BB8 Eric

    • No. That completely killed the game and blatantly rigged it for Dick to win. The TA twist should not give players marching orders to “EVICT THIS PERSON.” It should be flexible enough that the players can think on their own and make their own decisions on how to interpret the mission.

      If people want direct power over who gets evicted, they should go watch Big Brother UK.

      • maybe TA wouldnt be asked to evict somebody, but at least have someone be put up so the girls have a fighting chance

  9. I have never agreed to any game where people not in the game can vote and could result in causing someone to loose big money, these types of challenges are so unfair to game play, the bomb squad is still strong and these are not a pysical threats, Amber is a threat to the BS , and all the bromance going on, BUt iif caleb is so stupid and c-nt struck to save her and put himself in trouble he should go home, they mainly put her up to c-ck block caleb, Most of the noms are floaters to one degree to another, Amber does have too men after her so both are not playing with the right head, Men have a way of doing what ever it takes to win the girl. even if the girl has no interest only to use them to further herself.
    If donny can play his cards right he can go all the way, he is a bigger threat than any of them and I love the fact nobody can see it,
    caleb is a strong player but he is not into the game , he came in strong and is now more interested in the women, not the game so he can go at anytime, He would be easy to get out,
    This is big brother and the double eviction is coming ,it may be next week after this, that is going to be interesting and it will be a task to see how they do it within the time frame they have , HOH 4 noms , BOB , POV vote eviction then bame HOH 4 noms BOB and POV and eviction, that will truly be a good show. no slag inbetween , just go go go.

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