Team America Can Set Its Own Mission – Donny Suggests: Save Me!

There was no new Team America mission vote this week on Big Brother and now we know why. Production has set things up in a way to save this week’s biggest target: Donny Thompson.

Donny Thompson delivers Team America news
Donny Thompson delivers Team America news – Source: CBS

Flashback to 12:31 PM BBT to find Donny and Derrick in the Storage room. Donny has been given the details of their next opportunity and is passing it along to Derrick while Frankie sleeps away.

Donny tells Derrick that this week America has voted to allow Team America to set its own mission. Okay, hold up. We know America did not vote for this. So did A) production embellish this element, B) Donny embellish, or C) Donny just assumed it was a voted-on event since the rest were.

Note: I am not questioning if this is a legitimate mission, but rather wondering just how it was described by DR to Donny. I do not think Donny would be allowed to lie about a mission.

Anyway, Donny says America will then vote on if that was a good mission & if it was completed. The deadline is at the Veto Ceremony, but they don’t know if that’s Sunday or Monday. It’s almost always Monday afternoon, but I guess production didn’t confirm that.

Donny explains the mission can be silly, but they can’t break or damage anything. He doesn’t let this opportunity slide away and suggests it could be a way to keep Team America together. Translation: Mission Save Donny!

Derrick is immediately hesitant to endorse this plan and questions whether them as a group agreeing to save Donny would be enough or not to count as completion. Derrick is not going to roll over and just let this happen, but to cover his bases Derrick says he is glad they talked earlier about working to save Donny and maybe this could play in to that.

To help with his suggestion, Donny says that maybe Derrick or Frankie could throw it to him. He adds that if that’s too obvious then maybe they’d agree to not play hard to give him a better chance.

Donny wraps up his proposition by pointing out America voted them together and questions whether America would really want them to be split up when they could do this to stay together. Derrick says they’ll have to talk with Frankie who has been sleeping all afternoon.

Okay, I do enjoy Donny a lot, but this all seems a little suspicious like a move by production to save him. Of course that’s just speculation on my part. What do you think of all this?

Update: Flashback to 3:03PM BBT as Derrick and Frankie discuss the situation. Frankie refuses to throw the PoV as Donny suggested. Derrick thinks maybe they could just try to influence the votes as an alternative. Derrick also suggests they just do something like another Saboteur event.

This should be tougher without their TA whipping boy (Zach) around to take the fall & make them their money yet again.


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  1. I’d like to think Donny just thought of this on his own. But if he had, wouldn’t he just risk it and say that the mission WAS to save him?

    • I was hoping that Donny had made it up, but he wouldn’t have set the deadline as the Veto comp. He would have set the deadline as eviction.

  2. I like this…I like this a lot. I do not want Donny to be evicted but, where does that leave Nicole? Cody already said that he did not want to evict Nicole and that he wanted to BD Frankie. But, then if Cody BD Frankie, then TA would split up. I am all for getting Frankie out of the house but, Donny said to Derrick that by saving him, it would keep TA together. So the idea of BDing Frankie would not work hence, they would have to BD Christine……YEAH!! I cannot stand that skank!!

    • While, a very smart ploy, I would rather the POV be a Diamond Power of Veto with the powers to take one self off plus one other person off the block. Now, that would be the twist I would welcome. Saving Nicole and Donny would be great because then,
      Detonators would be forced to play the game and put up their own!

      • Completely forgot about that one Richie….a Diamond Power of Veto is what we want… that would be a great move for production to pull off!! C’mon production…do your magic and do something to help Donny and Nicole this week.

    • CHRISTINE is a Skank all right, but she is Cody’s sank and he is not getting rid of her until he has to.

    • Derrick and Frankie have discussed the need to get donny out NEXT… if the plan goes as discussed, Donnys will be mowing the lawn around the jury house next friday morning.

      • Yeah so true the worst thing this should could have done this year was the dual HOH’s and the BOB. This show is actually so boring. I hate Frankie, where as I liked him at the beginning, same for Derrick. Sigh….this season sucks.

      • The dual HOH made it too hard for those competing against Derrick’s side to actually do anything; people were too worried about BotB comps comimg up to make strong moves. The HOHs never felt completely in control — because they weren’t; they could even get voted out (Nicole). I agree — bad idea.

      • hate is a strong word but I agree she is a disgrace to married women she gives faithful wives a very bad name because game or no game its still cheating.

  3. I’m sensing that a twist is coming this week…I think both Donny and Nicole will be saved and force the Detonators to put Christine and Frankie up on the block.That would be hilarious.

    • Derrick is very smart, he will see this as a ploy to screw up their plans and games… he has already shown that a T.A. task won’t be done if it affects their games too much… saving donny definitely falls into that category.

    • Omg this would be the best twist ever….and get trashy Christine and freaky Frankie out ……

  4. With the credibility of the show in mind, I think that they should announce twists to livefeeders or even the general public at least 2 weeks in advance so that it doesn’t smell like tampering whenever a “fan favourite” is targeted and is then miraculously saved. (See Rachel and Jordan from a couple season ago).

  5. I don’t think Donny would make up a “mission” cause he could be outted too easy if Frankie or Derrick questioned production. Its funny in a way cause Derrick & Frankie can’t tell anybody about it with being exposed as TA. Maybe production did come up with this twist to force the alliance to put up one of their own. Sounds like a plan to me. And I think America would vote that the mission was accomplished.

  6. We won’t know the exact wording until we see the show tomorrow night, but if this is a production twist, then they’re doing it at Nicole’s expense – which means they’re basically throwing their returning HG twist out the window to save Donny.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I hope Donny made it up otherwise he’s basically ending Nicole’s game if this works. Unless she wins veto.

    • i think maybe that at this point CBS needs to inject some kind of excitement into this game, as the “bring an hg back” twist pretty much bombed

  7. I really hope something happens otherwise we will be stuck with a very boring predictable season I really wish they would use expect the un excepted as the phrase is intend it

  8. Derrick, Frankie, and Christine will be playing in the POV today alongside HOH Cody and Nominees Donny and Nicole, with Caleb as host.

  9. Donny is the best player and the most honest person ever in BB. Period. Just give him the 500k

    • Donny is a very poor social player… wheres his alliance? Where is the excitement ? gotta disagree with ya on that one.

      • He’s only a poor social player because they have basically shunned him. This is the worst season ever.

  10. I hope it works but I want Nicole to stay maybe Nicole wins pov then they vote out Christine

  11. I kind of think Donny made this up. Why wouldn’t they have asked America on the last show America do you want them to make up a task of their own? This is kind of shady.

      • Yeah but would production answer them truthfully if they do want to save Donny. If Donny made this up I could see production going along with it and if it is a twist they made them of course They will confirm it

      • Then it’s pretty stupid because it may help Donny but can hurt Nicole. Guess we’ll know by tonight on the feeds if Derrick comes out of DR and says Donny why’d you lie about the mission?

      • The mission was to make up your own mission. Donny decided to try to save himself. Did he get the suggestion from production? Probably, but Derrick and Frankie don’t have to go along with it. They can try to think of a new mission.

      • and if they wont help Donny I hope Donny says you are on your own, good luck getting that $5K, if my game ends here then so does TA!!

    • i think its shady too, but not on donnys behalf… this stinks of production interference AGAIN !!!

  12. Ok if Donny cooked this all up on his own then it’s completely awesome. However if production cooked this up to save Donny then it’s totally lame.

    • i think its lame on both accounts… donny now a liar ? doubt it… production doing something unfair / immoral … likely.

    • Donny hasn’t lied yet and this would be so easy to disprove that I think it’s production.

      • Why wouldn’t Donny lie (in a game)? Has anyone ever won BB without lying? I would think, reasonably that anyone would lie who was playing a game for 500k where lying is expected. If you don’t then you’re starting out of the gate with an extreme disadvantage.

  13. Its amazing how blatantly biased production is towards their favorite player. This is absolutely ridiculous that a mission be used to benefit one player to such an extreme. Its almost time to question whether this is a game or a scripted show guiding the mice through the maze.

    • I’m guessing that this isn’t a real mission and Donny thought it up in order to save himself. I don’t remember us voting on the next Team America mission and it’d be pretty fishy for it to be an official TA mission without America voting for it, especially when it’s in order to save a specific houseguest, like you said. What a crazy coincidence, right!

      That being said, if it is an official Team America mission sanctioned by production, do not expect to see a sole complaint on this site. The commenters on this site adore production interference as long as it benefits their personal favorite houseguest. Now if the Team America mission was to save Frankie…. wow, would that be a different story.

  14. I like this. Maybe Donny has something up his sleeve. If they agree to “save him” is the mission then Donny wins VETO and gives it to Nicole. If they want the 5k they have to vote off one of their own unless Victoria comes back. Then Derrick will get Cody to put her up and she gets voted out. I think it could backfire on Donny.

  15. Oh, PLEASE. This is absolutely asinine. Wondering what the truth behind this one is. I really don’t care if Donny’s lying (this is BB, it’s fine), but I doubt he is. So what exactly did TPTB say to him? Anyway, $5000 shouldn’t be worth it to Frankie and Derrick at this point so I hope they shoot it down. If Donny wins the veto, it’s moot anyway.

  16. Team America, America decides the mission. This sounds like Team Donny only. I don’t think it’s gonna work, but if it does, I have no problem with it. lol

    • She’s fine. Some think she faked it for attention. She told Christine that the doctor thought it was strange she was sweating, but her armpits were dry. Oh well, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

  17. The thing is that production could have said your mission is to keep TA safe this week (after America voted that mission.) Or they could have told them that there are X more missions, but only if all of TA is still in the house.

    I think that production is being lazy and just didn’t think of anything creative to offer as possible missions.

  18. This has been the worst season ever. Save Donny. This whole show is too predictable.

  19. It may or not be true but CBS/ BB Production is gonna have to come up with something to break the boredom cycle of this season. Its week to week the same people on the eviction list . Frankie begging the guys to have sex with him. The same have nots. Frankie begging for sex . Christine stalking Cody. Frankie looking for a sex partner.. Derrick leading Victoria on.. Somebody please have sex with Frankie so he will stfu…please

      • it has nothing to do with his sexuality per say. It has to do with the seasons constant scenes activities words etc etc…If u saw one episode u’ve seen them all…its boring we keep waiting for change but it don’t come just like ur negative responses to our post ur boring…

      • Good one there at the end. You really got me good.

        But back to the post, what in the world are you talking about? The fact that you think the season is boring has absolutely nothing to do with how you singled out Frankie’s homosexuality three different times in a single, short paragraph. I mean come on, there’s plenty of awful things about Frankie’s personality that we can harp on without dragging the fact that he’s attracted to men in this.

        Which brings us back to this. You seem to be really bothered by Frankie’s sexuality.

      • well I sure don’t have a problem with Frankie being gay, but I am kinda sick of seeing his sexually suggestive — remarks, rubs, etc…you can cool bet if this was not for $$$ — all that would not be going on and the ‘men’ would not be OK with ‘it’ and Christine has admitted that is why she is doing ‘it’ and so has derrick, I see them all use each other, and now Donny has finally stepped up to see how he can use the TA to stay in the game — I say go for it, what else can he do except win POV!

      • The poster didn’t say anything was wrong with his sexuality she simply was pointing out how often he has hit on the males in the house. If Frankie had been coming on to the girls in this same aggresive (and for the most part unprovoked) manner the big brother “universe” would be up in arms. You my friend are reading way too much into the comment, and may I say are trying to bait a response. Calm down homie!

      • Right, right. Just like how everyone was absolutely up in arms about Zach and his constant objectification of women in the house, like when he would say what he would do sexually to Victoria, or Amber, or Brittany. Oh wait. Everyone LOVED Zach. Or how Hayden would pressure Nicole into kissing him. Oh wait, people thought that was adorable.

  20. So sorry for Donny.Hope he and his girl go on Amazing race and form wonderful relationships with those folks because these people have been cruel.Please someone shut Christine up!

    • The most annoying laugh I’ve ever heard and one that makes me want shut her up personally

      Last year was awful and I quit watching my feeds and hearing Elissa slammed. I may have spoken prematurely, this one is full of mean, boring people I can only stomach in very small bits.

      I am really enjoying Nicole’s return to house and hope she won’t get evicted a second time. GO NICOLE!!!!

  21. My goodness, I don’t even want to think about the foaming at the mouth everyone on these comment boards would be doing if the roles were reversed and Frankie instead of Donny made up a fake TA mission as a last resort to save himself. “Tweet Allison Grodner!” “Get production involved!” “Frankie is breaking the Team America rules!!” “I hate Frankie!!” “I love Donny!!” But since it’s Donny people don’t seem to have a problem with it.

    I for one LOVE this strategy from Donny and I think it’s very clever. While I’m not sure it will work Donny gets major points in my book for trying to pull something like this off.

  22. Why all of a sudden is Caleb taking it upon himself to tell the next presumed evictee that they are leaving. He told Derrick that he would inform Donny. Did Caleb not tell Zach that he was leaving and Frankie as HOH got pissed?? Its not Calebs place to inform anybody of their possible eviction.

  23. Frankie wants to do a Big Brother play. what the heck kind of mission is that? I for one will be voting fail

  24. My understanding is Team America can choose the mission and afterwards the viewers will vote to give them the $5K if they liked it or vote no if they did not like it and they get nothing!

  25. Wow, has this season gone lame. The only chance was for Donny or Nicole to shake it up. With that done, we have to hear totally annoying people till seasons end. Especially Frankie. (puke) Since I like BB since Dr Will days, I’ll check in just to keep tabs but not really watch it the rest of the season. Id rather watch football now on Thursday and Sunday nights, or watch grass grow in my backyard.

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