Big Brother 16: Victoria Rafaeli Medical Emergency – Found On Bathroom Floor & Live Feeds Cut – Update

Big Brother Houseguest Victoria Rafaeli had been experiencing tooth pain since Friday when she was discovered on the bathroom floor by fellow HG Nicole Franzel.

Victoria Rafaeli in pain on Big Brother 16
Victoria Rafaeli in pain on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

On Friday Victoria made several trips to the Diary Room asking Big Brother for assistance with concerns that she was having problems with her wisdom teeth. This morning the issue escalated when Nicole Franzel found Victoria laying on the floor of the toilet stall.

Earlier Derrick commented to Christine that Victoria was in such bad shape from her tooth pain that he did not think she’d be able to compete in the Veto.

Flashback to 11:12AM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Victoria walking to the bathroom where Nicole is preparing for the day. Two minutes later Nicole becomes aware of a problem and goes to the stall door. She asks if Victoria is okay. “No,” responds Victoria. Nicole asks if she needs something but when no response comes she goes and opens the door to find Victoria laying on the floor.

Nicole asks Victoria if she’s okay and notes how sweaty Victoria is. Nicole immediately shouts out to Derrick that they need to get help. Derrick runs towards the bathroom at 11:15AM BBT and the Feeds cuts. Currently it is 30 minutes later and the Feeds have not returned. (Updates below.)

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I will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates. I do not know what would happen if someone had to leave the game permanently, but HGs have in the past left the house temporarily for medical attention and re-entered the House. Let’s keep Victoria in our thoughts right now and hope she’s able to come back soon and feel better.

Update: Feeds returned at 11:58AM BBT. Victoria is not present. HGs are sitting around the kitchen table. Still waiting for details.

Update 2: Victoria is back! At 1:56PM BBT Victoria came back in to the house through the DR door. She explained to Christine that she received an IV for the pain and the dehydration. Victoria says she has more medicine coming for her.

If her name is drawn for the Power of Veto competition today then they’ll figure that out later. Reminder: Jocasta was too ill to play in Veto earlier in the season so 5 instead of 6 HGs competed. It sounds like the comp will not be delayed. Players have still not been picked.

Confirmed: If Victoria is drawn for the PoV then she will not participate & there will be only 5 players.


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  1. Poor Victoria. She may not be my favorite person but this is awful. Hopefully she can come back into the house soon, but if she needs something done with her wisdom teeth, I can see her being gone from the house for a week.

    • Having your Wisdom Teeth out is a pretty serious surgery – I had both of mine out, one being impacted, I was out of commission for 1.5 weeks

    • I honestly feel bad for Victoria. If you are lucky enough to have a close family, you are already dealing with an emotional situation to begin with being away from them so long. Then being sick around people that seem to have no sympathy, like Christine, makes a tough situation even harder. I could absolutely see Christine getting pleasure out of this. She just seems like that type person. I’ve never seen her try to comfort anyone that felt bad or was just having a bad day. She seems almost heartless to me at times.

      • So, why did DR not give her Tylenol? I don’t have live feeds so did they say doc said her tooth is impacted?? Sure hope they would not send her back into house with infection. She can’t have surgery to remove either without leaving the game. She would be gone too long.

      • I’m sure Christine laughed cuz all she does is laugh at EVERYTHING. if someone says hello she laughs. I swear if I have to hear her laugh all tonite on BBAD I am going to mute the tv and go for closed captioning. please get this laughing idiot out of the house next week!!!!!

      • That laugh, if you call it that, just has no heart or feeling in it. How could a heart-felt laugh be so irritating to so many people? Just seems to not be genuine and it wouldn’t bother me a bit if she went home on the next broom…uh..eviction.

    • If she has impacted wisdom teeth and has to have surgery they won’t let her back into the house. She’ll probably go straight to jury. Which would work well. Since they extended the season by a week they are now short a HG. Which means either bringing back a jury member or canceling the eviction. Since Donny and Nic are loved by America they may choose to cancel. They could run footage of all the Throw the BoB ep on Wed. That would make for great tv and the true fans would love it. And it would give Donny and Nic another chance at HOH.

  2. Wisdom tooth pain really can be terrible, especially if it’s erupting and impacted. Hope she feels better.

  3. If her wisdom teeth got infected, that would explain the fever. She needs to go to the hospital right away. Probably needs IV antibiotics and she also may be dehydrated. BB needs to act on the side of caution. I hope she does get to return if she leaves. I’m not a fan, but hate to see anyone suffer,

    • Eh I don’t know about a player getting a week off (not game related and coming back). I thought it was pretty fair that Jocasta just didn’t compete in the POV when she was sick, and if she was on the block after that she was on the block.

      • No, I don’t think a week would be fair. I could live with a day is she needs an IV. If she needs surgery, no way. She also asked for a doctor repeatedly yesterday and was denied. CBS better be careful.

      • I had impacted wisdom. They’ll need to get her on antibiotics for a week then remove them. She will feel better after 2 days on the meds. Just like jacosta, nap it out for 2 days. I went back to work the next day with a real job. She can go back to her job of put on makeup and napping. Don’t bash me, feel bad she’s hurting but karma a bitch for cuttin up the pink hat. Kidding……

      • Yeah, I mentioned Karma with her too. I don’t have LF so I was not even sure she wasn’t faking this. Some people do and get pain pills. I am confused why DR did not get her Tylenol tho. If she has fever then she could have infection. I agree with the others, in order to remove the bad tooth gotta get infection gone. Then if its wisdom could require surgery. Way to long to be off the game. She should go to jury if she can’t play. OHH Derrick won’t like that scenario. Karma is a bitter pill to swallow.

      • I haven’t been watching the feeds, but if she seemed to be in that much pain, cbs shouldn’t have denied her medical attention! So I completely agree.

      • Really, she asked and was denied? That blows my mind! Especially if she asked more than once! That’s awful,

    • if u have trouble with wisdom teeth wouldn’t u be afraid of infection so close to the brain, ears and I hear the heart can be involved also??? BB really does need to act on the side of caution. I’m not a Victoria fan either but would hate to see someone in pain or get super ill just to stay in the game

  4. I hate to see this happen to anyone, but I think BB needs to be like survivor and if you are extracted from the game for ANY kind of medical reason, your game is done with.

      • it’s not only for the player’s safety, but for the shows liability safety as well!

    • Às Matt said, they have let HGs out previously for medical attention, so they can’t change the rules now.

    • Agree with you 100% – I’ve dealt with Wisdom Teeth problems in the past – Fever, dizziness, blurred vision, trouble thinking clearly – That being said if she has to be extracted from the house due to health issues she should not be able to return just like Survivor

      • Like Matthew said, HG have had medical emergencies before. If they can keep them isolated during treatment they let them return as long as it’s not over 24 hrs I think. Once a precedence has ben set they have to allow it for any HG. Survivor is totally different, there’s not a hospital down the road.

    • It is not an automatic extraction on Survivor, depends how serious most of the time it is serious enough that they do leave for good

    • The difference is that when serious medical attention is needed for someone playing Survivor, they have to be removed from the remote location. It’s not as easy as being in a populated area.

  5. I hope she’s all right. She’s been in pain for a while, and I wonder whether she received enough medical attention prior to her collapse. I don’t know exactly what BB did for her before then, but she was looking and feeling worse and worse lately. :( I want her to get the care she needs and return to the show. I doubt it will take all that much time for her to recover and come back.

    • Last night on live feeds, Vic was complaining of the pain and her right cheek/jaw looked pretty swollen. DR had given her advil (some on live feed chats were saying it was prescription strength, not sure about that though). Vic was heard telling Frankie that she had taken 12 advil in 8 hours and it was not helping. Between6pm and 10pm BB time, she ate a quesadila, a bag of popcorn and oatmeal. I couldn’t eat anything when mine were impacted. A lot of people were confused how she could be eating like that then drank 2 glasses of red wine on top of it. I feel awful for here…..the pain of a toothache is excrutiating but I am not so sure she didn’t over do it a little adding the wine after all the advil but she was hoping it
      would help her sleep probably. Hope she gets some relief and feels better.

  6. She’s not a game player. but I hope she’s ok. Anyone who’s ever had that problem knows how painful it can be. Feel for her. They have probably already offered to remove her but she didn’t want to leave the game. Being that close nobody would want to leave.

    • I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on the same day. One was impacted and really hurting. It was absolutely awful. If Victoria feels anything like that… bad. Once my wisdom teeth were out, I was eating soft food an hour later and going about normal life the next day except for watching what I ate and drank for around a week. But everyone’s recovery is different, of course.

      • Mine never came in and haven’t been removed. About every 4 or 5 years they will swell up and hurt for a couple of days and then go back to normal but those 2 or 3 days are bad.

      • You were lucky! I had mine out too and two of them were impacted – I got 2 black eyes and one side of my face got swollen to 2.5 times it’s normal size. After 3 days the sutures in my gums began to tighten causing dizziness and migraines to the point that I was not able to walk without assistance – Thankfully after the doctor cut a couple of the sutures I began to heal normally – To say I had a rough go of it was an understatement – My doctor told me I was worst case scenario in terms of recovery complications – I hope that Victoria makes a speedy recovery!

      • Same here but I’m sure shell milk this for all the attention she can. She will go nuts in the ER without mirrors everywhere.

      • That’s exactly what happened to me. I had all four out the same day and two were impacted. They stitched them up and I was fine the next day. Swollen face but that was all. I had to eat soft food and take oral antibiotics for several days but like you said everyone heals different. Hopefully they can take care of it and she’s fine by tomorrow. If they let Jocasta lay in bed for two days then Victoria should be able to.

      • I had 3 of 4 wisdom teeth out at once. Healed just fine, but I was so bruised it looked like I had been slapped silly! But last summer I broke a tooth and had it removed. Developed dry socket. The pain was unreal! Had to return every 2 days for 8 days to have it re-opened to insert treatment. 500 mg Vicodyne was my savior!

  7. Feeds are back and it doesn’t appear Vic is there. Nobody seems upset or worried. Maybe she’s ok and in the DR.

    • Maybe they told them they will take care of her and not to worry everything will be fine. If the got a doctor there pretty fast they could give her an iv of antibiotics and fluids along with something for nausea and pain. Just hope she’s okay. Really hate to see someone leave for medical.

      • But if the tooth is impacted, then they’d have no choice but to pull it out. And for wisdom teeth, that requires surgery. Now, I recovered from mine pretty quickly, but I think the recovery period is different from case to case, because I do know people who’ve taken a while to bounce back from that kind of surgery.

      • Are you a board certified dentist now? Joe got headbutted by Russell’s cousin and stayed in the game. The medics should have just pulled the little baby’s teeth and give her some seroquel and benzos and call it a day. All of this makes it easier for the fruit loop dingus and Donny.

      • Clearly, you know nothing about impacted wisdom teeth and oral surgery. And the head butt was minor.

      • Exactly! I had 2 impacted wisdom teeth – Does Joe Dirt understand that it’s surgery that requires them to drill down into your jawbone – Not something you just bounce back from!

      • I was lucky with mine, not impacted and since in 5 days I was coming off my dad’ coverage the dentist got me in quick and pulled alll 4 and no post op issue. Since then I have had other issues and feel bad to hear someone has teeth issues expecially the pain that is the worse

      • They just cut the gum open and remove the tooth and stitch it up. It’s done right in the dentist office so depending on what is actually wrong with her and how she heals they can take care of it and she may be fine after today I had two impacted and was fine the same day.

      • Being a nurse, medication to numb the area will not work when filled with infection, as well as chance of it entering the bloodstream so she will have to be on antibiotics for at least two or three days before they can pull tooth.

  8. tthey may very well let victoria go, allow nominations to run the same, then on thursday right before the next hoh, julie explains no one will b evicted thanks to victorias self evict by default, and the whole nomination process was still done for drama.

    • Or they could do what they did with Chima in BB11 and just reset the week. There’s still plenty of time.

    • Or there could not be another DE week which they would have to have if they don’t continue with the eviction.

      • They extended the season and extra week so there wouldn’t have been another DE. Unless I’m counting wrong.

    • If Victoria has to leave, and I really hope she doesn’t, I want the rest of the week to go like it would have otherwise. Which means the eviction of Nicole or Donny (or replacement nominee, if veto is used). Victoria’s departure should not be viewed as a way to save Donny or Nicole.

      • But, but……..I guess your right, but I don’t care. I want Donny and Nicole saved and I don’t care if it’s unfair. :)

      • I agree with you Philly. Besides, anyone wanting or expecting fair has not watched bb for long. Production always seems to be interfering and slanting stuff… slant and interfere one more time and find a way to Keep Donny and Nicole.

      • They are interfering NOW DR told Donny America voted for them to pick their own mission and accomplish it and America will vote to pay them or not.

      • Yes, and Donny suggested to Derrick that the mission should be to keep TA together (Donny would stay). Oh, what a sly one. Derrick was not pleased.

      • I tried replying and asking about the TA mission but my comment is awaiting approval no idea why I just said about not remembering a vote and checking where the vote is done and it is showing last week mission. Or is production choosing their own mission for TA. Or is this just Donny trying to play to Frankie and Derrick to save him if they think it will win them more money. After all Derrick needs the money

      • I had one that was awaiting approval the other night and it was gone the next am. I don’t know what happened. But it obviously wasn’t approved by whatever or whoever makes that decision.

      • I’ve been watching BB since season 1. As for joyously leaping at the chance to use Victoria’s medical situation to save Donny (or Nicole), that is just plain crappy, plain and simple.

      • I’m leaping at the thought of her not coming back but not joyously…..seriously I am not that mean spitited

      • I have been watching since season one also. Too old and fat to joyously leap, I sure as heck would clap and holler if Donny and Nicole escape eviction this week… no matter how it happens! NOTHING crappy about that, plain and simple.

      • I confess to feeling a wee bit crappy….not enough to not refrain from clapping if there is any way to keep Nicole and Donny.

        BTW…I can not remember the last time I COULD joyously leap.

    • That sounds like a good idea.Just move on to new HOH.They could fill time with Cody and Christine.Or how about an interview with Christine’s husband.

  9. Poor thing. I may not have liked Victoria in this game, but I can’t stand to see another human being in pain. She will remain in my thoughts and in my prayers.

  10. This reminded me of BB9. If you remembered, two HGs were sent to the hospital through the DR. Hope she is okay.

    • Isn’t that the one the HG’s questioned whether or not one of them was faking it for attention since she sneaked back in and didn’t tell anyone?

  11. I so Hope Victoria is ok I pray for her she is my favorite get better soon Victoria Huggs to you

    • Hopefully she is gone for good! Her presence on the show has been so repulsive and disgusting!!! What a self centered, attention seeking, self deserving entitled brat!!! That has absolutely no business whatsoever to have even been a part of Big
      Brother! Her time in this house has been such a waste of TV film.. She obviously just has a Hangover and CBS Big Brother should take opportunity to get rid of her now especially with her over zealous sue happy seeking parents!!! Shew away please!!!

    • Wonder what they’ll do without Zach to pin it on?

      EDIT: Correction – without Zach to start something so they can run with it and then pin it on him.

    • IF Donny made it up as a strategy, it is brilliant! Scenario: Derrick and Frankie reluctantly agree to save Donny. Donny wins the POV and takes Nicole off of the block. Replacement nom goes home.

  12. Can Zach come back since this girl is sick?? That’s what she deserves for destroying the pink hat. Karma is real. Good riddance to her.

    • Possibly impacted wisdom teeth is a deserved punishment for cutting up a cheap hat? I’m not a Victoria fan, but hey, give me a break. You obviously having had that completely agonizing experience. My son didn’t cry when he broke his arm, got hit with a ball upteen times playing baseball, tore his leg open on a culvert while riding down a hill on a little red wagon..but he did cry when he was dealing with wisdom teeth and I knew that kid was in pain.

      • Let’s stay on topic here. I feel bad for your son but not for that spoiled rotten floater named Victoria.

      • I see that someone is popping some Molly this afternoon. Is Victoria your sister or daughter?? You seem to be taking this staged and fake medical emergency quite seriously.

      • Get real. In no way is it faked or staged. So Victoria wanted to get herself evicted?

      • Why didn’t they do something last night? Her face was swollen like a pumpkin last night and after taking all that Advil they let her drink wine. Give me a break.

      • Zach berated and treated nearly all the females in house poorly, so he got everything he deserved. After the way he treated Victoria in this game she had the right to rip up that hat. Zach ain’t coming back so get over it.

    • the pink hat was hers you dumba$$ she could do whatever she wanted with it zach basically stole it from her

      • Gerald. Watch your mouth with me you disgusting dried up twat. Your comments are lame and whack as Victoria’s game

      • screw you you son of a bitch i was making a point callme a twat again mother f–rer you disrespectfil SOB

    • If I recall, Jocasta was second place in the Jury Challenge, losing to Nicole ?? Such the case, would she not be the one to return? Ha!!!

  13. I feel bad about it. It sucks to possibly leave for that, but I have to admit I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t return. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

    • I wonder how long she has been having problems with her wisdom teeth and if so why hasn’t she had them removed yet?
      If she is taking pain killers frequently it would explain a lot of her ditzy behavior though.

  14. The nice person in me (like I am in real life) hopes she is fine. That being said, the BB person in me hopes that’s the last we see of her on the show.

  15. The only fair thing to do at this point would be to have an HOH Competition that only Donny and Nicole are allowed to participate in :-)

  16. Would TPTB stoop as low as to remove Victoria and restart the week to save Donny & Nicole? They restarted a week in BB11 when they removed Chima.

  17. If the show is scripted and rigged like some people believe, then this could all be an act.

    OK so I went there and came back. I am sure someone else was thinking this as well. I am not a Dentist nor am I a Doctor but this could be a serious situation and it may be in the best interest of both BB and CBS to remove her from the game but only IF this is serious enough to do so.

    Hopefully she will come back tonight and all will be well.

    • Her not being here is really blowing up Derricks game. Who can he beat easily in the final two?

      • Not even kidding. Derrick could be in some trouble if Victoria is gone. She’s his safety net. And if she’s gone, they might re-do the HOH, or not have anyone evicted this week. That wouldn’t bode well for him.

      • It’s terrible for Victoria and I wish it would have happened differently but good I hope it’s bad for Derrick’s game

      • So now Derrick is throwing Frankie under the bus? When Cody suggested it,he said no! I can not wait till it’s Frankie vrs Derrick

      • He wants to be able to tell the jury if he is sitting in F2 that he was responsible for getting Frankie out. He couldn’t let Cody take any credit.

    • I understand what u r saying. I knew someone who just for attention, and to get out of work “fell” at her desk. Emts came and took her to hospital. I know this is not Vic’s case and I hope she gets better, but it does happen. I also believe because of the way Vic needs attention people would think it is a act

  18. I think Derrick is planting the seeds to back door Frankie. He is telling Caleb that nobody beats Frankie in the final two because he has won so many comps. Caleb’s massive ego actually thinks he can beat Frankie because Frankie played in more comps. Caleb thinks he would have won just as many as Frankie. Yeesh.

    • Well, (yes I’m answering my own post) now Derrick is throwing Cody under the bus. Guess he’s using Caleb as a plan B in case Vic doesn’t return.

  19. My sources just told me that Derrick has a hangnail in his left pinky toe and will require immediate medical attention in Mt. Sinai hospital.

    • Me too. I feel bad for her..if this is wisdom teeth and she has to have surgery to way she can come back. No way will she be able to compete in anything.

      • And you know that even Victoria, who we all know loves attention and mirrors, would not lay on THAT nasty floor just for attention. I guess it is just the years of being a nurse coming out in me…I just don’t enjoy seeing anyone suffer.

      • Good thing Nicole was sitting there. She could have laid there for who knows how long.

      • Wish Nicole never found her. Production would have noticed and left her alone. They knew she was faking.

    • Cyril, that was very sweet.Home is always the best place to be when you are not feeling well.

      • Do you even know how to use a bull horn? Now, can we have a hee-haw about this little exchange. LOL

      • Oh easy, I learned this in you grab the bull by the horn and pull them to the ground….haah…not bad? lol

      • Yah, I’m impressed. I can see it now. Good luck with that. Just don’t wear a red cape. LOL Seriously, I have no idea where you live…N,S,E,W,country girl, city girl, hood, street ..haha you know I’m joking. Hey, I sent you a reply earlier and it is still waiting to be approved. Same thing may happen to this one or that one may get approved. I don’t know why that has happened to me twice now. Accordingly, you may have 1,2,or 0 replies. I used no bad language.

      • Hopefully not too close to any of those bad earthquake faults. We get small tremors infrequently here in East Tn.; enough to make you stop in your tracks. Only been to Ca. once. Landed in Reno late one evening. Awoke the next AM to news of 9/11. Thank God, we had a 2 week trip planned(including driving to San Fran), so by the time we left to come back home, the wait time at the airport was less severe. I enjoy your posts, and I appreciate you making me feel welcomed to the site.

      • I’m sure you’re aware we just had one of the biggest earthquake in Napa Valley 6.0 Damaged a lot of buildings and sparked fires. I didn’t feel it in LA.

      • Yes, I have been watching that on the news. I didn’t realize that you could have been serious about going to “the fence”. Now it’s even funnier. At least now I have a perspective of things like that. I live in the country, but I don’t have the twang,well, maybe compared to a Ca girl

      • I am confused about something and may owe you an apology. When I first came on this site, someone used a feminine pronoun or something to that effect, in a reply to you or about you ( I don’t remember exactly what was said), but it led me to believe you were female. And then I saw a post tonight that made me think otherwise. Not that it matters to me and I don’t need to know, but I may have referenced you at some point while posting (like in the post above), as being female, and if you aren’t, and if I did elsewhere, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I try to remember when I see posts that reveal gender so that I won’t make that mistake. I’m sure there are a few people thinking I am a complete idiot, and I probably am in a little over my computer skill level, but I’m learning. I try never to make assumptions about gender by post names, which I didn’t, but from now on, I will just call you Cyril and hope you will ignore my learning phase ignorance.

      • haha. If I’m not mistaken it was Brenda. I think she said “what’s up girl?” and I said Cyril is a guys name. It was a funny convo. She apologized and she said ” She has never met any guy with that name because all they have are names like Bubba, Billy Bob and so She was funny.

  20. From my personal standpoint, this what is going with Victoria. She probably have a rotten wisdom tooth that she never took care of in the first place. These actions probably led to an infection in her her throat leading into bloodstream causing pericarditis or endocarditis. This could lead to heart arrhythmias in could actually cause a myocardial infarction and ST Elevation or Depression. That’s why she became weak and padded. The idiot should be happy that she did suffer a cerebral hemorrhage from her fall. Victoria should have been brushing and flossing regularly and this incident would have never occurred.

    • Does Victoria really need to be playing in comps that require agility and coordination ? Should she be running or jostled about ?? If she can’t play in comps then she will be sent home or to jury as evicted.

  21. Ouch. That’s painful.
    On another note, I wonder if a member of production sits in on outside medical/dental treatments. I mean, could you just imagine the nurses and other staff who follow BB? “Giiirl, you gotta do something about that Derrick…”…

  22. I hope she is okay (and recover at home). This is putting a real dent in Derrick’s game. Who will be his new stepchild, Caleb? His stepson Cody is going to be real upset.

    If Victoria doesn’t return, shouldn’t there be a redo for the HOH competition? Or bring back another evicted house guest? Like say, Hayden.

    • My opinion is there will not be a DE now. With a HG returning they were going to need another DE. If things proceed as normal they won’t need one now. I don’t see them bringing someone back.

      • Wishful thinking. I do hope somehow Donny and Nicole is saved. Not only but Derrick game play starts to be visible to the others and they start playing.

        If a reset of this week was to happen, I would love for either Donny or Nicole to win and put up Frankie (or Cody) and Christine. Don’t care which of the three to get evicted.

  23. ok there are 2 possibilities I think if Victoria leaves one nobody goes home this week and two bring back Zack to take Victoria’s place

  24. Sadly, this is probably the most excitement we will have this week. I am going to feed my cats and take a nap now.

  25. Who cares. Staged. Fixed. Fake. When Donny leaves, I’m done with this show. And by the way, for all you that prayed for her, not once did she pray for you.

    • At first I thought you were nuts, but Vic said the doctor couldn’t understand why she was sweating so much, but her armpits were dry. Do you think she put water from the toilet on her?

      • I think she did to mimic the symptoms. She is a tool and really annoying. Heart attack signs are different in guys and women. Personally, she should be kicked off the show for trying to stage this so that she can sue Julie Chen and CBS. You can not trust sandpeople like her.

      • Yes really. I mean the ISIS twats that beheaded that poor journalist. Now my prayers go out to his family and friends. That’s where the prayers need to go. Not this fake with terrorist ties and so called wisdom tooth injuries.

      • Please clarify this for me—–how does someone who is Jewish from Israel, if I am not mistaken, have ties to ISIS terrorists?

      • I wouldn’t put it past her just to get attention. Don’t get me wrong I sure hope she wouldn’t and I sure hope she didn’t

  26. She’s doing her hair. Of course that’s the first thing you should do after leaving the ER.

  27. There is still hope. Derrick was was being a bit transparent switching to have Frankie out. I really hope Cody was pay attention.

  28. Aside from the many many things I hate about these HG’s what’s really getting to me is their singing. Production doesn’t bother telling them to stop because they don’t listen so the feeds just go to fish. I’ve seen as much of the fish as I have the HG’s this season!!

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    • I don’t get the feeds for that reason. I just go to the far inferior site for updates. These HGs think they are so entitled and they don’t have to follow the rules.

  29. BB better step in and do something? I am tired of the crap the HG do to other HG. Everybody was on Caleb case for stalking Amber. Both Cody and Christine have verbally abused Donny. Cody may have actually threaten him with bodily harm. You think BB would learn from all the crap last season, but I think they just want ratings.

  30. I really do hope Victoria gets better, but on a side note ( and i hope I don’t sound disrespectful) but i hope she’s picked at the Veto drawing so it’d give Donny and better chance at winning.

  31. Back to game talk and not all our own tooth stories. What do you think Derrick is thinking having his little puppet out of commission for who knows how long? Think he will try and bring on Nicole where Cody has Christine and Caleb had Frankie?

  32. Ok. On jokers. She is back and doing fine. Her main complaint is how she looks on national tv if they include it on the show. She is in br doing hair and makeup while Christine makes her a pb and j she is worried the cams are all on her since she was out of house.

  33. Victoria should just leave the house because she wont be able to do anything. Then if she leaves production should say “No one is going to be evicted this week because Victoria left because of her Medical.”

    • She’s back but IMO she shouldn’t be. It might be unfair to her but it is more unfair to Everyone else she left the house if she went to an ER she now has outside information the others don’t

      • It’s completely fair. They have it stated in their rules and agreements, so it is 100% fair. CBS doesn’t just get her a taxi and send her to a hospital. They monitor her the entire time and stay with her to make sure she gets no outside information. Caleb, Frankie, and Christine all went to the football game. A random football player could have given information to them. Guess they need to be removed as well.

  34. If Victorias health is suffering from bleeding scalp , bad wisdom teeth and bad headaches why is she still in the house.?? I am beginning to wonder if she didn’t fake the incident?? If her teeth were causing major problems then she can’t or shouldn’t play in comps which means she should be ejected from the house not evicted. Its not fair to the other players if she stayed under those circumstances..

  35. Just catching up on the live feeds. Sounds like Victoria actually passed out. Of all the years to have both a nurse and a cop in the house…

  36. Is this why she mumbles every word out of her mouth & her lips never move. I’m watching the after dark right now, the more I watch her the more embarrassed I am for the girl! She is so gullible, an airhead & cant keep her hands out of her hair or her face out of a mirror. So creepy how she sits & stares at people. She has issues IMO, creepy jealous girl issues.

  37. I’ve read somewhere else about Victoria’s head has been bleeding from her weave. Is that true? I don’t have the feeds.

  38. i know most people do not like Victoria. I happen to like her alot. I find her to be adorable, funny and a breath of fresh air given all the hateful, nasty people in the house (exluding Donny and Nicole). Saw the feeds last night and she seemed alot better.

  39. The only way Victoria could win $500,000 is if CBS paid her $1.00 for every time she looked into a mirror.

  40. just wondering…I have not seen the challenge yet where someone has to stay in a room for 24hrs. has it happened? did I miss it?

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