‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

Ready to find out what happened in today’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 16? The Feeds have returned and the expected results were confirmed as a bigger plan continued down its path.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After last week’s dramatic last-minute flipping with Cody’s decision to shift targets we were in for a much more predictable result, though not everyone in the house saw this coming.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Hayden, used the PoV on Victoria. Frankie named Amber as the renom.

Since the week got rolling HGs in control wanted to go after splitting up Caleb and Amber, but most were more confident in their ability to get Amber out the door so the target fell on her. It was surprisingly easy task for them to get Caleb not only in support of an Amber renom, but they soon had him saying it was his idea.

What Caleb doesn’t know is that Amber is the target and she’ll be going home on Thursday. Caleb thinks Amber is just getting scared in to returning to their alliance and giving him the respect he thinks he deserves. Folks are in for a surprise this week.

The final nominations for Week 5 on Big Brother 16 are Amber Borzotra and Jocasta Odom.

Do you think Frankie made the right choice for the Veto renom? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted?

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  1. Another girl is going home now there are no girls to root 4 after Amber goes hone.

    • The first 4 girls out were all recruits; the 4 left are fans.
      Of the 4 fan boys, 3 are in the alliance with 1 recruit. The 1 guy evicted was a recruit as is Caleb (next to go maybe).
      But if they told Amber they were evicting Caleb, she might see it as an opportunity and try to warn Caleb and rally the troops. Of course Xtine would rat her out and they’d put her up in his place anyway. I don’t see any way for Amber to escape this week – unless someone else lost their mind.

      • Someone did lose their mind…Caleb and he blames no one but himself…what a delusional idiot! :-)

    • I started out rooting for the girls, but not a single one has done squat. None of them deserve it at this point.

  2. I’d rather see Jocasta go, but the detonators (well, at least 3 of them) are making some good game moves.

  3. I think Hayden should’ve saved Jocasta then put up Amber. . But then people would’ve just voted out Victoria because shes so annoying and shes the biggest floater. I am really hoping for a girl to win this year. Still rooting for Nicole and Christine. Other than that they need to take out the guys or there is no chance. I can tell you right now I am hoping for Nicole and Christine to both win HOH and then Nicole puts up Zach and Frankie and Christine puts up Cody and Caleb. And let it be americas vote that both nominiees are send it packing! I like frankie in all but they both can be in the jury house together! xD

    • I think once Amber is out of the house Hayden should work with Caleb? Chances are Amber will go home, Joey was right they are picking off the women, She must be laughing.

      • Joey was a pretty bad player. First she outs her 4 woman alliance then, tries to form an alliance out in public? How dumb can you be? She is twice dumb and got evicted for it!

    • Normally, I’d root for a girl to win too (Danielle BB13/Britney BB12/etc.) but none of the girls this season have done anything remotely good yet to deserve to win. They’ve just let the guys walk all over them.

      And there’s no chance Christine will put up Cody. If the two of them win, the four put up will likely be some variation of Zach/Donny/Jocasta/Victoria/Caleb. The HGs still like Frankie, for now.

      • Caleb would probably think if he were in the final 2 and he took Donny he would win. . But everyone loves Donny. I hope Donny and Christine Win HOH and Donny would bd Caleb and Christine would do the same. I’m not sure who is worse. . Caleb or Zach or both are just equally bad.

  4. Getting rid of Caleb would’ve been a much bigger move. Plus I would rather be stuck in the jury house with Amber than with Caleb. Can you imagine how much “fun” he’s going to be when someone finally has the balls to backdoor him?

    • My thoughts exactly about Jury. Woo. I am glad Amber & Caleb won’t be in Jury together. I really am. I’d dread going… Man!

      • I thought the same….if it was up to Caleb Amber would be the first in the jury house then him(volunteer to be evicted )…he would have her alone for a whole week and try to wear her down…

    • It won’t take much once Amber is out of the house…his mind will not be on the $500 grand…it’ll be in “beast mope cowboy” mode! :-)

  5. Sickening pack mentality. Amber cooks and cleans for them and all they do is talk about how “fake” she is behind her back.

    • The house is sure to get “nasty” with no one left that likes to clean or cook! :-) I say we nominate Donny to give it his best with the meals! hahahahahahaha

  6. I am proud of Amber and how she is handling herself. After that degrading horrid speech, most would be curled up in the corner in a fetal position. I hope this girl continues with some moxie. Yes, everyone is lying and cover their a$$, she will figure things out…”yes and duh” she already knows it is personal with Caleb…but the others she will smoke out. Zack’s speech was an epic fail…TA set up…crashed and burned.

      • Yes, Zack did a rant to Amber as per planed at the veto ceremony. Frankie played dumb, even though he was in on it. TA could got the win, because, of the last minute production change to a HGS rant at the veto meeting for 20 seconds as good enough. Blah

  7. Thanks, Devin, for bringing Christine into the Bomb Squad. She’s had a great ride. Too bad she despised you and never paid you back. #nolove

  8. As much as “ZACH ATTACK” is despicable, you have to agree that the show won’t be interesting without him.

  9. As much as I wished Caleb or Zach went up in Victoria’s place, this is probably the best move. Amber leaving will emotionally crush Caleb. Unless he wins HOH or PoV next week, he will be vulnerable.

  10. Been watching the feeds since they came back. Everybody lying to her that they will vote to keep her. That she needs Calebs vote and needs to talk to him. See egging the situation on between them. Patting themselves on the back because the plan worked and Zach gave a good speech. We probably won’t see it Wed like last week but maybe because Frankie told him to jump up before the box was closed.

    • I think its a little twisted that they take so much pride for needlessly lying to amber. She’s not on jury and there is no reason to make her grovel to caleb.

      • Again, we have to understand people aren’t picked to be on this show for their moral character (aside from the occasional few like Donny)…

      • It makes for good BB t.v. and that’s it…pathetic but there you have it!

    • I am irritated that Derrick is pushing/egging her on to talk to Caleb. I would expect him to play his usual stay out of it role.

      • I think maybe he’s trying to make sure she does blame him for everything instead of them.

      • Possibly, but it doesn’t really matter in the end, does it? She’s not going to jury, so whoever is responsible for getting her evicted isn’t going to lose her vote… sounds like they’re doing it for their own enjoyment – making her “grovel” of sorts to Caleb, who she wants nothing to do with, when they know it’s not going to save her. Rude!

  11. Amber trying to talk to Caleb right now. He’s trying to read her a bible verse. Not going well.

    • This is disgusting. Amber has to go talk to the stalker. Sick how the house found Caleb creepy for weeks and now this is funny.

      • I understand the approach and the thought of the house doing just that…but she already knew Caleb was playing personal with her, it’s not new news. She has to and I think will figure there is more to it.

      • It’s not working, she’s throwing everybody under the bus especially Frankie and Zach.

      • I knew she would. The girl has guts and some fight in her. She will figure out Cody’s angle too.

      • Sigh. Earlly on, I’d have cheered her on. Afraid it’s too little, too late. But her sass is keeping them on their toes, I guess. I am glad she isn’t going to Jury with Caleb though, for her sake. Seriously.

      • Amber is too far into Cody. She sees nobody else except Cody and forgot she is playing for $500,000.
        Time for her to leave. Leave the showmance for the Bachelor Pad. Amber can hook up and make out as many times over there!

    • 4minutes Caleb staring out at the backyard…now that’s not creepy..i say sarcastically. Yes, Caleb has figured out that is was a set up plan mainly by Frankie and Zack to spilt them up. You know what the cowboys cooking Zack and Frankie head on a stick.

  12. Amber! Girl please! So everyone is telling you they’re keeping you or they “don’t know yet”. Like you told someone else you were keeping them, knowing you were lying? I guess you have to hope but please know that they will vote with the house like you have done. And as much as I pulled for you early on, you DID run tell about the all girls alliance Week 1. Recruits running it may not have had a great shot but maybe if Devin hadn’t contaminated the girl pool, maybe the fangirls would have helped lead it. We’ll never know. #whatmighthavebeen

    • Im so sick of big brother. This year has done it for me!I will never watch it again if Amber leaves. Why are women sooooooo dumb, believing everything the men say, and not sticking together. Can’t they see that this house is full of male chauvinists. Amber is the only girl in the house with balls! All the other girls are jealous because Amber is beautiful, smart and strong, and they hate it. So what she told about the alliance. The men did it too and manged to still keep some kind of alliance, and was able to bring some girls in it, so the girls could have done the same thing. Caleb issss stupid. But why make Amber pay for this love sick idiot? The women don’t realize that Amber was their best chance to get farther in the game. Who are they gonna depend on now. Cry-baby Johnny, and the meek whimpy Hayden. Cause it sure ain’t gonna be Manipulative sweetie pie Frankie, or the deceptive cop Derrick(who we know don’t like women cause he’s a cop), or crazy ass Zach The women are too scared to speak up, and want to be liked, that’s why the men are going to continue to pick them off, and use them to help win, and the Homely Christine, Airhead Nicole, and godstruck Jacosta are falling for it.

  13. Well, that plan backfired!! They are all scrambling now since Caleb just threw everyone under the bus. So, help me out here, Amber actually did try and get the girls to form an alliance right? She tried that when Brittney was still in the house..am I correct? She told Caleb she never tried to form an all girls alliance. I don’t know who the heck to believe..the lies were flying like crazy today!.

    • All that I can remember is that Amber tried to make a 3 person alliance with Christine and Nicole. I think the all girl alliance thing came out of Christine’s mouth and everyone went with it. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t have the feeds.

      • I’m not sure, I have the feeds, it seems like I remember Amber trying to get something started with Britt and Christine..of course Christine took that right to Derrick and company.

      • I do remember Brittany trying to make a duo with Amber, but that was last week. It didn’t really work anyway.

  14. Somebody needs to put the “BeastMode” Cowboy in his place!!! Like locked up in solitaire confinement!!!! Stray jacked and all!!! As for Amber, she should be thanking her lucky stars that she’s being booting out the door!!! The sooner she gets away from Caleb, the better!!!

    • The only good thing that may come out of this is that Caleb is going out sooner than planned since he just threw most everyone under the bus.

  15. Frankie says Jocasta can go kill herself, but she hosted a memorial service for his grandpa yesterday. Why do people like this guy? I hope ppl see this because its on the live feeds and all over twitter. Now as we speak he’s lying and trying to cover his back over the damage he caused? Wow this guy is a piece of work.

      • lool Nah I knew this conclusion was like this but you know one of those when you find out the end and still makes your head go like huh really? That’s what this guy does, one moment he’s crying and next moment he goes “Man she can go kill herself”.

  16. Keeping Amber may not be a bad thing. She go after Zach or Frankie. Frankie cannot play for HoH. But they will probably evict her.

    • I would love to see Amber stay…shes not a threat…shes just playing the game in an honest way…but I have a thought…has anyone talked about a non eviction this week?…it would be awesome if no one got evicted this week!!!

  17. I know that I am in the VAST minority but….I am so excited @ the veto results! I am totally TEAM VICTORIA and she is playing the best game because she can be on the block and no one will ever evict her!

    • victoria wont be able to cry her way out of the next veto like she did this week, she is playing a good game if you consider putting on makeup all day and then looking into outer space and saying nothing a good game

      • the best thing about victoria is her backside when she is wearing those yellow shorts, gota say, very nice

    • I didn’t know sitting around doing and saying nothing was considered playing the best game… the only way I remember that she is on the show is because she gets put up on the block.

      • Well Is anyone truly considering evicting her? NO..She is the Spencer of this season and I think that CBS is just giving her a crappy edit

      • i am pretty sure she will go home one of these weeks that she is up on the block and she will probably be up every week… and I have heard others in the house refer to her as a floater so I don’t think she is getting a crappy edit also if you watch after dark, she still does nothing…she won one competition…that’s it.

  18. Judging from Zach’s diatribe, it looks like Zach, Derrick, Frankie and Cody are acting like Pimps who are trying to force Amber to accept someone that she is not into, she went to BB for a chance to win 500K and not a husband or boyfriend, Caleb is wrong to keep on pursuing a woman who has shun him several times, Caleb’s action has made this young lady so uncomfortable to the point where is trying to gasp for air from other places while still hinting of her not being interested in forging any type or kind of relationship with him Caleb. I have serious empathy for her and wish those egomaniacs (Zach and company) will stop for a moment and rethink what they are doing to this girl. It is very shameful to see this being played out on national TV and think it is okay, this is nothing but absolutely Pimping and it is bad.

    • Yeah I think that Caleb has pretty much single handedly ruined Ambers game, not her fault, its really a shame. She cant help it that she is beautiful and Caleb is a complete nut case who cannot take no for an answer….I wish Caleb was on the block instead she really doesn’t deserve it.

  19. I’m really disappointed that everyone is voting how the house wants them to. I like amber bc she was really starting to see what was going on. While I do like some of the guys, I don’t see why these girls can’t figure out what’s going on here and maybe they do know and yet are still voting with the house. They should’ve made an alliance with each other along with Donny and Hayden to get some of the detenators evicted. It seems as though they’ll be picked off one by one. They’re just standing by letting these guys control everything. I like Nicole and Christine even though I don’t care for the way Christine is playing Nicole. If they don’t wake up and start going against these guys, they’ll be gone soon too. And I really wish amber would stay over Victoria and jocosta. She deserves it more.

    • Amber was the only girl on the show that was actually trying to play the game and she was great at comps.

  20. why are they calling it “operation Brittney”?…..I watched after dark last night and for a minute I thought it was a repeat…did I miss something.?

  21. I am hating on Frankie and Zack. Please idiots put them up next week..
    Amber does not have to pretend that she likes Caleb, but why does she need to be so rude. Just speak to him in private and tell him straight out how she feels. Let him know that he is acting like a fool, I don’t think he realizes it.

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