See What You Are Missing Now In The Big Brother 12 House

Curious about what’s going on right now in the Big Brother 12 house? Then you should stop wondering and start watching with the Free Trial! Here’s what’s you’re missing right this afternoon… Warning! Adult topics discussed ahead!

Dial your Live Feeds Flashback to 2PM BBT today. Britney is leading a discussion with Annie, Lane, Monet, Ragan, Matt, Kathy, and Hayden where they’re contemplating what they’d be willing to do to make it to the Final Two since it’s a guaranteed $50,000. Oddly the topics keep going back to involving BB11’s Ronnie. This season really is obsessed with previous HGs!

Kathy isn’t willing to go up to the HoH room and seduce Hayden for a spot in the Final Two. Monet would be willing to do most things if the cameras weren’t rolling. Ragan agrees to pretty much everything. Lane would have sex with Lydia and Dae-Yum-Yum for a spot in the BB12 Final Two. Matt walks in and immediately walks back out. Ohh, here Matt returns to rejoin the talk. Monet would touch her tongue tip to… Well you get the idea. It’s pretty funny.

The classic moment comes straight from the topic leader herself, Britney. “Is there penetration involved? Then, No. Ronnie’s penis can not come near me.” To watch the full session of “what would you do” then you’ll have to crank up your live feeds or sign-up if you haven’t yet.

If you’re not watching the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds then you’re missing the real Big Brother game! Check out the feeds now with the Free Trial and get a season pass discount of 13% off the monthly rate. Are you a Feed watcher?

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  1. I agree with Britney for once, Ronnie’s pee pee would not come near me either not even for $

  2. I know most of them are just joking because they wouldn’t have to really do it, but whoa, some of the things they’re allegedly willing to do… I wouldn’t even consider it! But then again I’m not even willing to put myself on national television and expose everything about me for the chance, just the chance, at a half-mil.

  3. These folks have way too much time on their hands! Of course, they really DON’T have anything to do, do they?

  4. Not yet they don’t. But just wait for the first eviction to remind them they’re at risk of missing out on the big money.

  5. What’s the latest drama? Things change so fast in the house. Last nite they wanted annie out. Is that still the way the majority of the house is thinking? When you don’t have the feeds it’s hard to stay caught up.

  6. Anyone watch BBAD last night? Sounded like the two houseguests who know each other outed themselves while talking to each other!

  7. YYeah I watched part of it how did the out themselves? I think its Hayden and Kristen and they only talk to one another in the HOH.

  8. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Don’t read if you don’t want to know who the two in the house who know each other are!!

    You got it, they were in the cabana room asking each other if they thought anyone suspected them, and how they think they’re so obvious. Can’t get much more obvious than that, to us watching! Just wish the sabatour would slip up, but I guess I can wait until Thursday.

  9. I take it there’s nothing real interesting going on in the house right now…………..

  10. thinks that Hayden and Kristen is brother/sister. They slipped up last night in conversation…. with Andrew being at least one in the house that knows their secret. Also,this is probably why bigbrother does not have d/o/b posted for houseguest. Finally, I believe Annie is Saboteur. Find out tomorrow either way.

  11. this was indeed a classic moment. i saw the hole thing. brittany, lance, monet, and matt are sum horny ppl. and its only day 12 haha.

  12. kristin and hayden are either a couple or a secret alliance, or prolly both.

    they havent known each other previously. they both keep their distance from each other, so nobody would expect they are 1. but they are 1.

  13. there is some GREAT strategy and gameplay being talked about right now between Monet, Brittany, and somewhat Lane.

    i think i have picked my favorites. and whoever i pick, the last 4 seasons have made it to the finals. just saying.

    Hopefully their plan will work. its very smart. but i mean i have the live feeds, and i cant figure out kristin. like what she would do.

    but as im listening to the convo, Lane isnt saying much, and being very weird. as if he playing both sides. like hard. i love this game

  14. “Would you, for the final two…”

    Hilarious conversation!

    Remove body parts? C’mon…

  15. So far this year is kinda boring……I watch after dark and I am so tired of Annie telling the story over and over…… Ready for some excitement.

  16. AMEN KP I just hope she leaves she sees she will be like this all the time saying stuff over and over and over……..

  17. It seems to me the peeps who are the quietest ( except for Evil Dick) they seem to go the furthest in this game. I am routing for Enzo to tell you the truth, since I am from NY I am enjoying him alot…(But he is not the quietest)but he lets others speak and he mimics what they say.

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