Big Brother 12 Saboteur: Who Do You Think It Is?

We’re just days away from discovering who truly is the Big Brother 12 Saboteur. There’s been much speculation and accusation over who it may be, but until Julie Chen pulls back the curtain it’s all just a lot of guessing. I had hoped that the Big Brother Live Feeds would treat us to some special clues to give it away, but so far there’s been no such luck.

So while we wait for the big Saboteur reveal on Thursday’s live eviction show I thought you should have the chance to voice your opinion and cast your vote in the poll below for who you believe is the Big Brother 12 Saboteur.

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  1. why does everyone think annie is the saboteur? theres no way big brother would let the saboteur go home week one

  2. Wow you people are really blind. Opening night if you watch the clip when the lights went out, Monet is missing from the floor. When the lights come on, she has snuck back into place on the carpet. How am I the only one that sees this?

  3. she is the worst when it comes to bitching other girls…and trust me,she aint as hot as she thinks she is…go rachel !!

  4. jesse the absolute biggest DUD ever !! hes got the personality of a freakin brick wall !!!

  5. i know annie only has lanes vote but things change everyday on the big brother house.

  6. after a while i had to stop watching,annie was whining and bitching for 5 hours !!repeating the same crap, over and over..

  7. Y does everyone think it’s Kathy? I did’t see Monet when the lights went out and she was there when they came back on? Did I miss something?

  8. its not that easy eric…we had our version of big brother (french) and “americas player” was voted off week 2 !!

  9. Has anyone googled the names? Can’t find Kathy except for bb stuff & Brittney says that 1 of her parents is in law inforcement in an interview years ago when she was in a pageant. But Kristen & Hayden look alike & there is a bond there so maybe bro & sis. Haven’t looked them up yet

  10. at this point theres no real point guessing,i mean the saboteur could be anyone,and brendon and annie are bros and sis..thats it last time i guess ! lol

  11. on the feeds ive seen kristen and hayden spending alot of time together in the hoh..just saying ! lol

    • On Showtime afterdark Mon night, Kristenn and Hayden talked about who knew they were the 2 with the relationship. They discussed strategy and when they could next talk. They believe that Kathy has it figured out.

  12. I think that Andrew is the sabetour cause no one walks in the dark to brush their teeth. Also, he lookds too suspicious with every move he makes the house. I am a huge fan of BB and I never miss an episode. I watch it every year.

  13. Noticed something during a conversation on AD last night between Hayden and Kristen. One of them said something like, “I think Kathy knows about us.” Could this be about a prior relationship between the two of them before BB12? And if it is, wouldn’t that mean that Kathy is the saboteur (since the saboteur already knew about the relationship)?

  14. if i had to take a final guess,it would be exactly that..kathy/saboteur and hayden and kristen relationship

  15. Hi to you all Remember this is a Game and its neat to watch and I have watched everyone of “”Big Brothers shows”” They are real neat, I love Julie The Host of the show she is Great..I am 63 Years old, and Will watch all the other ones that come on after this one. Just want to Thank the People that are putting this show on T.V. I got my Twin Grandaughters hooked on it and my One Daughter here Hooked on it about 3 Years ago. They Love It. You all take care and keep watching “”Big Brother “”You all have a great Day and Night…
    From a Big Brothers Fan
    Mrs Tony Sammons and Family
    From Winston Oregon

  16. I think the “sabateur” is Kristen, she wasn’t there before the lights went out, and when the lights came on she was on the edge of the right side couch, witha black blanket wrapped around her…dvr’ed it and re-play it…

  17. rachel is very hot but the fake chest brings her down a bit. monet, krisitin, and brittany are all hotter.

    but anyway dang yall really thing kathy is the saboteur? i mean i dont see it. i dont see how she could be it. she is…idk like i hope some of u know what im saying, like i just couldnt see it possible. i mean she very well could be though.

    ive shifted. i thought it was either enzo or monet. now im thinking its kristin.

    as much as monet lurks around, kristin does it twice as good. she never says anything. she is very quiet, but when she talks, she talks up and is quite social.

    this means she is trying to be quiet. she has something up her sleeves. not that she ever wears anything with sleeves lol

  18. Saboteur, so far has been BB! No HG had access to panel box to turn out lights… BB will make a deal with a second sab if Annie goes home. BB is a puppeteer…

  19. did i miss something, is there a “best friend for life” twist. I heard the “bragade” talking about it last night. then kristin and braden were talking last night , and made me think they were this twist

  20. Something to think about. Everyone on here thinks the saboteur locked the door when the lights went out. Someone could have locked it when they were all going into the living room OR could have done it some time before. It could have went unnoticed because everyone was busy talking ect…. However, I think the Guilty one is (I think her name is Rachel). My wife and I both reconized her from another Reality show. So we will see if were right.

  21. Its obvious the sabateur is Kathy. In the first challenge there were 2 people lifting her up so she could grap the top to get a better hold so she could hold on and make it to the other side (like the other team was doing), but she never attempted to even reach up to grab the top, just kept grabbing the middle and sliding down over and over. She’s either a total idiot or was doing it on purpose. And in the last challenge she was “stuck” in the caramel. Please, even tiny, little Brittney, who had a hard time, was able to pull herself through the caramel. And when she was looking for the “tooth” in the popcorn she was just taking her time, in no hurry at all. As for the lock on the door, how do we know when the lock was put on? Did the camera ever show that door before the lights went out? The lock could have been there already before the light went out.

    • Kathy was very sick and had an iv taken out less than 2 hours before the “caramel” comp…of course she would be incredibly weak. Just saying….

  22. maybe that person is playing the game and they arnt even in the house they just want us to think that

  23. what if everyone was part of it thinking theyre the only one when theres more because we see a lot of people doing differant wierd things

  24. Did rachel really do what Annie said she did, or is Annie lying about that? Did anyone with feeds see this take place?

  25. I think it is to easy to be someone in the house but u never know…I am sure there is going to be more than one twist in there…..I believe if the saboteur is in the house then it is a female….could be one of many. A few ppl have messed up the games for others.

  26. @ dany- well that just sucks, how are we supposed to know if she’s lying or not. LOL

  27. Personally, I don’t care which one gets evicted. I wish they could leave together. Rachel’s laugh is so annoying, and if Annie tells that damn story one more time, I think I’m gonna be done with after dark for a few days.

  28. I have to say, Enzo is not my favorite player, but he is definately entertaining. That boy is funny as hell. Brendon’s not bad to look at, but he is such a douche. LOL

  29. i love enzo! hes fun to watch ! brendon is boring,actually most of the cast are pretty boring so far….

  30. Typical guy.LOL Did you ever look at her face or did you just stop right there? That girl is not pretty, laughs like a idiot, and has firecracker hair. LOL

  31. It is Andrew. No ifs, an, or butts. If you have Direct TV you can tell. Just go under the list of cast and see what it says Andrew’s occupation is. I’m just saying!

  32. What did Annie say Rachel did? I don’t have live feed…sometimes I wish I did.

  33. @ Dany- LOL Thought that was you. Hey what are you thinking about hayden and Kristin’s conversation last nite?

  34. @dk3254- annie said something about rachel closing the door in her face and kinda mocking her. She supposedly smiled at her and waved bye-bye. (like annie’s going home)

  35. IDK, why but as soon as I saw Kristen, I thought she was the saboteur. If the saboteur was smart, they wouldn’t try to throw the first few challenges. It would be waaaaay to suspicious.

    But then again, Kathy IS an idiot.

  36. Ok did you hear the guys talking while playing pool about a twist of Best Friends Forever. Then the conversation between Hayden and Rach????
    is there a twist and could they be life long friends, if you recorded last night go back and listen its close to the last hour

  37. I’m glad Kathy’s not a cop in my town. If she is not the guilty party, she is doing one hell of a job trying to figure out who it is. LOL

  38. monet moved when the lights went out
    monet made a alliance with kathy and brit to cover up the x on their faces

  39. And why is Kathy smoking when she is supposedly recovering from Cancer. I dont get it.

  40. Just cause a woman has big breasts people say fake…

    Lights out….

    Who wasnt their?


    I think their are two Saboteur’s one male and one female. After all the show is about twist’s!

    But if you watch when the Saboteur speaks his/her body seems skinny. Which brings one clue it’s a female. Also the Saboteur looks like they have long hair, another clue to being female.

    People think Matt but where was he when the lights went out?


  41. I think Lane is the Sabatour — Too quiet and works for the Oil industry who better to hate

  42. I think Lane is the Sabatour – he works in the Oil industry and is wayyyyy to quiet

  43. Also if you watch the first show, when the lights go out, Brenden is sitting in one of the blue chairs gets upand leaves then while the lights are still out it shows Matt in that chair and when the lights come on, but actually I think it is all edeting brcause mat also has on dif clothes.
    But where was Kathy and monet.
    but if you count everyone, matt, kathy, monet were not there when tho lights went out
    and when they came back on everyone was there

  44. @BBFAN- We didn’t say they were fake, she did. Didn’t you hear the whole “gummie bear” conversation.

  45. bbfan,she said it !! rachel said her breasts are fake !!! better luck next time genius !!

  46. guess i was memorized by rachels breasts to notice what she was saying mostly…LOL

    But didnt Julie say wensday they are revieling to the world who the saboteur is?

    OH and in episode 2 When Kathy and Britney’s pictures got green tape on them in form of X’s. What would that mean? A clue that one of them is the Saboteur..

  47. I still think it is Lane as sabouteur. I guess we will know on Wednesday or Thursday.

  48. no bbfan the saboteur wanted them on the bolck or ment they had a past relationship

  49. What would happen in the house if Kathy was Britney’s mother LOL…Something like the BB When Evildick came in the house and his daughter was there.

  50. What ever are they thinking not getting rid of Rachel? She is Brendan’s little puppet and will do what he says. Get rid of the obvious alliance first and then work on the others that need out. Like Britney and Monet. Get rid of the weak players and then you have a real competition in BB House .

  51. hey blackgirl! hope u see this. are we the only peeps leftover from last yr? do u have my email? if not e matt and get it. miss you!


  53. I must admit that Annie is annoying as all-get-out to listen to all of the time, but as a fan of the show I think it would be good if she stayed. Just imagine all of the drama that she would cause over the course of the show as compared to what Rachel would do (based on what she has done so far). And Haydon was smart to try and break up the showmance – look at how showmance couples have swayed so many votes from past seasons.

  54. @ncnanny- That’s what I’m saying. It just seems TOO obvious. I hope it’s someone like Matt. Someone who isn’t drawing so much attention to themselves.

  55. I agree that Monet and Kathy both were not on the couch when the lights went out and were miraculously there when they came back on. Kathy has been too obvious to be the saboteur, but Monet has played it cool. I think it’s Monet.

  56. @ Kristie(with an e) Monet would be my second pic. lol- She’s been pretty laid back. The other nite on BBAD, Enzo made a comment that he thouht it was a girl and Monet looked really weird. She put her head down and looked away quickly.

  57. Kristen has been pretty quiet too. Last nite I almost forgot about her, until they showed her talking to hayden

  58. Kathy wasn’t in the room when the lights were out then she was at the end of the couch when the lights came back on and also you can see that she threw both competitions…she refused to go first on the hotdog and when she finally got a turn she didn’t even grab on…she is a cop come on and how long did she stay stuck on the caramel longer than any other player…she threw that game also!!

  59. What’s with the name calling. Bb is hardly geared to children so if kids are on here, it should be taken up with the parents.

  60. @dany- You get around, LOl- Didn’t I just see you somewhere? LOL

  61. @ dany thanks again for lightening up the mood earlier. Helped take my mind if things:)

  62. why you have to go there Dany – no need for the f bomb – you must be from California

  63. Whats up Nanny, good to hear from you. Who is your pick for the Rat, I think it is Britney. Hope June and the rest will join us soon.

  64. dani ?? come on be a little original !! im the only dany here !! right girls?! (yes you kristi,no e ,and chick from louisiana) !!

  65. @kristi- Thanx @dany- That’s true you were here first. Too many dany’s is messing up the whole flow of things. LOL

  66. @ dany- Guess you’ll have to change your name to dany(with a y) lol

  67. Dany’s been around all day. Lol & it’s just kristi. I don’t need the extra. Lol

  68. He started the whole bragade thingy as as cover up and to have allies to help him do things

  69. you people are way tooooo creepy for me — ya’ll get back to your freaky little Big Brother bashin — Im outta here – forever

  70. so boring so far nothing happend really,i cant even tell u one important thing that happend today..

  71. Has anyone also though that the sab is definitely a guy considering the men have out numbered the women in the house this year? Just thought of that, but I still get a feeling it’s Kathy.

  72. who cares really,he must be like a 12 year old boy !! (funny that he calls us creepy !!)

  73. annie is trying to play nice nice with everyone..god just looking at her is annoying enough !!

    • She reveals she’s daiting a girl but as soon as she’s on the block she starts flirting with the guys? She’s playing everyone

  74. I don’t like Annie or Rachel for that matter. But If the house guests were smart they’d send rachel home. Showmace couples have a tendancy to make it far in this game. And Brendon is a huge threat, so gettign rid of his obvious partner would help.

  75. @dany I find them both painful to watch. Rachel is annoying and Annie is a basket case. Although basket cases made for fun drama last year (aka lydia and chima) So she’d probably make for more fun than Rachel. I also can’t watch her and Brandon anymore, they’re making me sick. I don’t want another Jeff and Jordan situation.

  76. Ya got to keep the eye candy in the house to keep it interesting, so get rid of at least half the guys

  77. i agree that rachel /brendon is annoying also,but i like fun drama,i find annie drama boring..bbad was all about her yesterday night…bitching and crying and moaning to everyone that would listen

  78. Nathalie as in from Last season. If they brought her in I would shut my TV off and never watch anything again. She is the most disgusting human being on this earth. Yuck.

  79. OMG! This season has been kinda boring. These houseguests have no imaginations. LOL. Whatever happened to the fake fashion shows, fake concerts, and puppet shows they did in past seasons!? It seems like these houseguests are on their last legs and its only week one! LOL.

  80. OMG — Do you people have jobs? I agree with Dani – you are all creepy – Big Brother Blog is not an All Day event — most people post 1 or 2 items and are off — just wanted to say LANE is the Sabatour – they just revealed it

  81. If they goin with bff’s or family britt & Kathy, Hayden & Kristen, brachel obviously, but who else?

  82. Dany – I bet your fat and ugly too – couple teeth missin so you hide behind your computer all day — your mother should have sent you out to play a little more – I have a life so I am outta her FREAKS

  83. they should eliminate the power of veto and do the nominations live on wed. and the vote on thur. that might liven things up a bit and no more team hoh comps for the first one.

  84. Geez! Buster, whoever you are. I am sure we all have jobs. We are just big time BB fans. Leave us alone! Your mother should have hugged you more.

  85. u got feeds abby ? cause i must say they have been so boring during the days so far this season

  86. Thanks yall! Yes I have the feeds and also Showtime 2. Yeah this season has been pretty boring so far. The saboteur twist has been the only thing that’s interesting.

  87. same here feeds + shoto …so far not worth the money..we need a big fight ,a blowup,something anything !! lol

  88. Bad thing tho, we have been better than the show so far. I hope they do something to make this season better & soon. Hope you guys keep the haters out. I’m going to make dinner for my husband. Hope you all have a good night. & hope to see some of ya tomorrow. ;)

  89. I wish Jesse was back on this show again. He is my favorite BB player ever. He just made the show so much better.

  90. Monet is the saboteur according to my friend. My friend said she paused the episode where the lights went out and played it back and Monet wasn`t in any of the shots of people they showed.

  91. I think it is ENZO! He is always the first to point fingers and causing friction with houseguests. EX: ANDREW.

  92. Dany and chicks you guys are funny and great. I love reading your posts everyday how can I chat with you guys live?

  93. To everyone speculating about the saboteur based on footage from the episode with the blackout: there is critical information that you are missing. Based on what I’ve read (I don’t have live feeds), there were two different blackouts. You need to remember that this is an edited show; 30 seconds of time on the show can account for an hour of actual time in the house.

    An important thing for everyone to consider: Rosh Hashanah, an important Jewish holiday, falls on September 8 this year. Big Brother finishes in mid-September. Surely Andrew knew this before he entered the house. Why would someone play Big Brother knowing that they can’t win the final prize? I’m sure a fat cash prize for making it halfway through the game would be very alluring for someone who is basically unable to win in the end.

  94. I dont think anyone is the saboteur! it might just be america voting and big brother acting everything out! And i dont knw about the relationship in the house, it might just be a joke like they did in a previous season. They told houseguests there was a relationship but it was just between the hamsters.

  95. Did I really just read someone say they missed Jessie? @215 R U kidding?

  96. Winning fans is nearly as important as winning the money, with enough fans, you might get back on BB again. The HGs may not know we get told who the saboteur is, they might do things to try to make us to think it’s them, to try to get more fans. If so Kathy’s winning that game. Any reason to rule Ragan out as saboteur? He’s so unlikely a suspect that he’s actually a likely suspect. I was liking Kirsten for saboteur but if she’s Hayden’s sister it’s not likely.

  97. If Kathy and Britt are mother and daughter, Kathy can’t be the sabateur. The x’s would be a give away! If the couple with prior knowledge is not mother daughter, then Kathy is the sab

  98. I like the three girl alliance with Brit,Kat, and Monet but who was the fourth they where going to talk to

  99. Didn’t read all the previous posts, so don’t know if somebody has already mentioned this… sorry for that.
    I don’t think any of the house guests are the saboteur. It would be a perfect way to create paranoia to say that one person has a special mission, when in reality nobody is actually doing this, it’s just big brother messing with the guests’ heads.

  100. I agree with you Jaznea, bc i dont know why big brother wouldnt show us who it was. Or it could be all of them. Big Brother told each one of them they are the saboteur. That would be funny…

  101. I also think the Saboteur is Annie, think about it, she is being evicted, thats why they are revealing who it is. I’m also thinking that Kathy and Britney are mother and daughter. Isn’t it fun to guess. Love it.

  102. I didn’t think of that mother daughter part. That could be true tooo. They do favor each other.

  103. Yes haden and kristen are the prior relationship but she is not the sab. that person is kathy!

  104. did you guys not listen Julie said they were going to to help them out the crew put the lock on the door. Its America that tells them what to and since it was the first week they couldn’t go back and listen

  105. Everyone forget about the lights turning off incidence. Julie said they would HELP THE SAb GET STARTED. That means the sab had nothing to do with the lights

  106. As you can see from the poll, most think Kathy is the saboteur. If you look at the blackout, she is not in the room at the beginning. After the lights come on, she’s on the end of the couch closest to the diary room/storage room doors. And with her obviously throwing the competition by getting “stuck” in the caramel (she wasn’t even trying to get out – and a sheriff is supposed to be in great physical shape!), it has to be her! And she put the tape over her’s and Britney’s photos to throw the suspicion from herself.

  107. @cody, that was my thought too, everyone is soo stuck on who locked the pantry door, BB locked the door

  108. Hi everyone…I think there is a saboteur, but I also think his/her mission is to try to lose the challanges or mess up people’s game plan,,the rest of the antic’s are being done by BB to make it look like the saboteur is at work….I think it’s Rachel who hooked on to Brendan early to have the “showmance” and help get her to her goal of week 5….just sayin

  109. I think that Kathy is the saboteur. I have keeping a close eye on the blackout scene and if u really look hard kathy is not on the couches with the othe house mates and she randomly pops out in the end and when the lights are on shes very dramatic and getting all the attention on andrew. She also has been lose every challenge for her group maybe shes trying to mess up there game

  110. ppl focus on when lights went out and that hs nothing to do with the sab BB put lock on the door.

  111. I think Lane is the Sabatour — I can’t wait to find out this season is so exciting –

  112. Did anyone notice the names
    Andrew & Annie
    Brendan & Britney
    Kathy & Kristen
    Matt & Monet
    Rachel & Ragan

    That leaves Enzo Hayden and Lane — something has to be up with that – it can’t just be a coincidence

  113. I can’t figure out what it is — BFF’s ?- Siblings? – and what does that make the other 3 Lane -Hayden and Enzo ?

  114. I definately believe it’s Kathy who is the sabatour. How fitting is it to have a Officer of the law from the Arkansas Sheriffs Department be the “bad” girl in this game. Viewing her, she tries to come off as Mom to all the rest…but when she showed no force out of that stick caramel that’s showed me she is the culprit. How can a police woman take down the bad guys in real life if she can’t even climb out of sticky substance? No brainer…it’s her!

  115. I can’t believe this is only the first eviction week. Is it just me or does it already seem like it’s been coming on FOREVER this season??? It’s pretty boring so far!

  116. The saboteur would be the last person you think it is like Britney because if it look like she is being targeting then no one think it her.

  117. Enzo & Hayden & Lane are different all other house guest names start A,B,K,M,R something up.

  118. I truly believe that if their is a ‘relationship’ between two people on the show it’s Kathy and Britney. I would NEVER tell someone what Kathy told Britney about being weak if I didn’t know them. If you know someone well, you tell them anything, but when you just meet someone…saying things like that is not only rude, but off the wall.
    As far as the sabatuer, it’s Annie or Monet. BB would NEVER keep the sabatuer as the one with the least amount of air time, i.e. Kristen or Ragan.

  119. she is britnys mouther becaus tape over both of there faces and look alike

    a cop cant get out of carmal but a cocktail watres can

  120. so if you watch the clip of right before the lights went out; you’ll see that monet, kathy, and matt are all missing. but when the lights come back on monet and cathy are on the couch right next to “the door”, and matt is in the nominee chair that brendon was sitting in before he “went to brush his teeth”. ragen is on the opposite couch when the lights come back on, annie is turned around and closer to the couch, and kristen is sitting on the couch instead of the floor where she was when the lights first went out. Andrew is obviously really weird but i doubt the sab would draw that much attention to himself right away, and you see brendon go get his tooth brush so hes not lying about that; also monet is the one who brought up that she thought there was yet another person moving, and i dont think the sab would make the other house guest question another person. althought i think the sab is NOT matt i think if he was the alliance he’s made with hayden, enzo, and lane would be really smart. Kathy is the only one that really cant account for where she was, plus she sucked in both challenges, and the first thing she did when the lights came back on was draw attention to andrew behind the couch, so in my opinion, its deffinatly Kathy.

  121. Regarding comment 43: it was BRENDON not Andrew gong to brush his teeth in the dark. and I believe Matt is the sabetour

  122. I just went back to read some of the earlier comments and it does me a lot of sense that Rachel and Hayden are connected and would explain why he hasn’t made any moves on some of the girls. You’d think Britney would be his type.
    I think Ragan will try something to keep Annie around.

  123. · 4 hours ago
    I believe Kristen is the Sabotuer!! When the sabatuer firsts appears on monitor, take notice of Kristens’ body language. Her eyes shift back anf forth and she starts playing with her hair. Maybe she’s self conscious of her appearance. Most women tend to “fix up” their appearance when viewing themselves on video or television or pictures. kind of like a reflex reaction! this is just my observations and opinions

  124. I think the life long buddies are Hayden and Kristen- still think Lane is the sabatour – I guess we will all know tonite

  125. I have no idea who the saboteur is. But honestly I hope its not Kathy. To have the sheriff be the one, is kind of an obvious choice. It’s almost as if they are trying too hard to be clever. I hope its someone completely unexpected, I like a surprise. Although I did a google search on Kathy, apparently from what I read she is a cancer survivor (if that report is accurate) so that may explain why she is not in top physical condition and sucks at competitions.

  126. I completely disregard the FIRST sabotage.

    Even Julie said they were going to help them out with the first one.

    Also, the blacked out figure shouldn’t be a hint and the voice could very well be from production staff.

  127. The saboteur isnt Kathy cuz Kathy and Brittany r the life long friends becuase brittany is obviously her daughter cuz they look expactly alike, theyre both from arkansas, Kathy said she has a 22 yr old son but really its a daughter(brittany), both their faces were crossed out by the saboteur and Kathy was the first one to Brittanys side when she got hurt in the first challenge

  128. I think Sean is correct, Kathy and Brittany has to be life long pals and I think Sherry is right about Kristin being the Saboteur. We’ll see!

  129. I also agree that kathy and britnay are BFF’s well mother and daughter — and I am still sticking with Lane as the Sabatour

  130. okay this is my theory
    Matt and Ragan are brothers
    Brendan and Andrew are brothers
    Annie and Kristen are sisters
    Monet and Rachel are sisters
    Kathy and Brit are mother and daughter
    Enzo and Hayden are cousins

    Lane is the Sabatour

  131. Yeah, I think your on crack. Lol

    ALL (Minus Lane) of them being related to someone is a bit of a stretch.

    Sherry, I think you really could be on to something! I’ve always thought Kristen was the saboteur for some reason.

    Anyway, we’ll find out tonight!

  132. each of them resemble each other — call me crazy but I think Im on to something — your right well see tonite – and I don’t do crack anymore — now i’m addicted to Big Brother — LOL

  133. I have a thought, several times ragan has talked several times about how he was at Jewish events. I apoligize for not knowing about this but How can he be at the events and speak on subjects?? If he is not?? Andrew is Jewish so maybe there is a life long friendship between the two?? Any one??? Your thoughts please!!

  134. the only reason why hayden wanted to evict brendon was beacause he was jealous of brendon and rachels quick attachment he can say what he wants but it’s clearly noticeable he wanted to be with rachel ha ha to you hayden your evil plan didn’t work :P

  135. #272- how can monet and rachel be sisters? if you havent noticed there not exactly the same ethnicity. obviously it could be like step siblings or half or whatever but i highly doubt everyone in the house is related to someone else, and if they are, its most likely not how you figured it.

  136. i know lane personally and he is just as quiet in real life is he is on the show. he is a very manipulative person. and i’m pretty sure he and hayden are cousins or grew up togther.

  137. I can’t stand Monet – I really, really can’t stand Monet. She is nothing more than a spoiled little B****. She is conceded and thinks that she is better than everyone and made me want to puke when she was going on about how Rachel is jealous of her. Britney is second on my list of not liking, but I think (and hope) she’ll get better now that Monet is gone. Rachel has the most horrible laugh in the world which kills me to hear! She is everything I can’t stand, yet I seem to want to see her succeed. Then again, I think I just really want to see Britney and Monet fail so perhaps now with Monet gone I will not care about Rachels fate. I like Matt, but I think it’s bad Karma to tell everyone that your wife has a horrible disease. Although, I do love when he commented that Andrew is a shoe salesman, and should be easy to fool…After all it’s not like he’s a doctor…HAHAHA. Enzo gets on my nerves as well, Kathy I forgot was in the game, I like Hayden, Lane and Ragan. As for Kristen the boat is still out for me, along with Brendon. As for Andrew, he is annoying at times, but I think he is genuine and so I think I like him as well. As for Annie, although I wish the saboteur had lasted longer, I was glad to see her go. As for the prior relationship? I think it’s a lie.


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