Big Brother 12: Week 2 Monday Live Feed Highlights

The Big Brother 12 POV ceremony was held today instead of Sunday and we got to see if one of the nominees was taken off the block and who, if anyone, was put up in their place.  The Mean Girls were in full force running their mouths about the other ladies and trust me, they gave new meaning to the word mean.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 19, 2010:

5:07 AM BBT – Kristen and Hayden are up and we get lots of movement under the covers.  It’s pretty obvious there’s something sexual going on.

10:10 AM BBT – Brendan and Rachel in the hoh kissing and getting under the covers.  (Do we really have to put up with 2 showmances this season?) 

 11:22 AM BBT – Backyard lockdown for the hg’s.  Britney is in the DR so POV ceremony will start soon.

 12:27 PM BBT – Feeds are back and we find out Matt has been nominated instead of Andrew.  Monet and Brit are devastated.

 12:38 PM BBT – Matt and Monet discuss being nominated and not campaigning against each other but will try to secure votes to stay in the house.

 12:55 PM BBT – Monet tells Brit she would DOR if she didn’t have the 10,000 because she knows she is going home.  They start to trash Kathy and Rachel big time.

 1:46 PM BBT – Britney alone in the Cabana Room crying.

 3:06 PM BBT – Andrew tells Kathy secretly about Hayden and Kristen.

  7:15 PM BBT – The bell rings and Rachel and Monet head to the stockades.

 12:42 AM BBT – The two showmances on all feeds. (UGH!)

 3:09 AM BBT – Kristen is feeling guilty for what she is doing to her bf.  Said she is trying to put herself in his shoes.  (a little too late for that now)

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Is anyone else sick of the two showmances?  I mean seriously it’s all we see on the feeds and the two couples are acting like they’re all in love already.  What about the drama with Brit and Monet?  Monet wanting to quit and Brit crying over her leaving.  The bashing of everyone else in the house will continue today I’m sure as Brit tries to secure Monet some votes but with Matt as the replacement, The Brigade will keep him around.

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  1. Seriously? Ugh I’m over showmances to last me the rest of my life. Then again I don’t blame bb for focusing so much on them considering these people are painfully boring. What else is there to focus on other than the mean girls’ trash talk (which I find very amusing). Hopefully these showmances break up and the real drama starts soon.

  2. BB is selling the showmance cuz of J&J last season. I was not a Jeff fan but at least he has a personality compare to the stiff Brendon. As for the “mean” girls, Britney is very entertaining and everyone in the house talk smack. Kathy is no angel. I would rather see Bitchney than Rachel’s crotch, someone should get her some drawers.

  3. Yeah, the showmances are getting kind of old, but I feel Brendon genuinely cares about Rachel, so that is kind of cute to watch.
    Plus, the other conversations are boring…Kristen talking gets on my nerves, and Enzo’s GROSS!! Brit and Monet are crazy and not funny at all, just mean! Plus, where is Andrew?? I NEVER see him…

  4. BB does all this screening and tests to pick contestants and these are the ppl chosen???? Kris is booorring so is kathy and WTF is kosher even on the show???? Gawd I just want a season 6 BB box set cuz it’s the most enjoyable season so far

  5. @ Melissa I could not agree with you more.

    These sops are BORING as hell.

    What were you thinking Big Brother picking this crew? So far the most drama in the house is Kristen cheating on her boyfriend. And Monet threatening to quit if she hadn’t won the 10k. Would anybody even notice if she suddenly wasn’t there (except Britney)? Sheesh.

    Unfortunately I don’t think letting us vote back in someone who’s been voted out will save this season (as they’re obviously planning to do). They really need new blood. As much as I hated Jesse, at least he kept things interesting.

    Watching BB this season is like being stuck in a house with all the people I hated back in high school.

  6. I pretty much agree with the boring factor. & agree bringing back some1 from this season will be a huge mistake for bb. They need to bring back someone from another season who has personality & strength. Someone who these guest might actual be scared of. Bb has had greats casts in the past so it’s not like they don’t have people to choose from. Please bb bring someone back from another season. Let this seasons guests leave & leave forever!

  7. Why stop at 2 showmances? Let’s see the following hook up: Andrew/Brit, Enzo/Kathy, Lane/Monet, leaving Matt/Regan to form our first ever BB gaymance. Why be dull… ;)

  8. i know man i wish monet would of won hoh n then the mean girls could still be there one more week n u can really tell this season suck becuz everyone likes the mean money team they are the best on the show n making it very fun to watch lol n if i would put ppl together to make a better showmance i would put andrew/kathy cuz their so crazy n their own way n if enzo wasnt married i would put him n monet together cuz he act like he like her sometime even thro i think she look better with lane but we can all see lane likes brit

  9. It seems like Ragan gets a lot of screen time as well. Why do they insist on showing the most annoying HG constantly! I cannot stand to hear his voice. Just like the other little non-threatening gay dudes, he will skate by unnoticed to the very end.

  10. I remember last season around this time someone said “take out all the houseguests and put a whole new batch in!”
    but season 11 wasn’t that bad…
    I’m sure it will get better

  11. I had to turn off BBAD last night because I couldn’t take Brendon and Rachel in the HOH room making out any longer. And why did she have to put that awful black dress on just to show off her fake rack? Give me a break. She’s got to go. I hope Britney wins HOH this week and puts Rachel up on the block. Rachel has got to go!

  12. If my fav Hayden disses the brigade and join forces with Brachel he is dead to me.hehe. I love that Matt and Ragan are so tight, hope they can become a secret alliance. They might be related or married. Chibrad, it would be great to have our BB first gaymance.

  13. I do feel big belter isntrying to focus on the showmances and strike gold with another jeff and Jordan. but commmeeooonnnn all these people wanna do is pounce in eachother and do it all summer long. I don’t even think they want their showmance partner in the game for strategic reasons, it’s just that they wouldn’t have anyone to do in the house :/ lol

  14. @ 11 bg, I’m liking Hayden more and more. He’s a lot smarter than I initially gave him credit. I’ll have the same feelings if he alligns with Brenchel. Yuk!

  15. Where is Evil Dick when you need him???? Enzo is the only one even in the category and he looks like an amateur comparitively!

  16. I would LOVE it if they brought back Russel. He was my fave from last season and he got so screwed over he totaly deserves a second chance. He also caused a lot fo drama, so I’d like to see what he can do with the snooze fest going on with this group.

  17. What is the point of having four cameras to choose from on these “live feeds” if all of them show the same thing? I am trying to escape the Brenchel smoochie smoochie session this morning before I throw up, but all the cameras are on them. C’mon BB… give me a choice!!!

  18. black girl we need a cup of coffee. so hayden is your fav. sadly i can’t latch onto anyone yet. money monet naw…kristen is ok but so quite so far, gay guy not gay enough, matt..just dont get him at all, enzo is a meeker version of jesse sigh…rachel is supposed to be the skank i guess, love her until she gets to braying like a donkey, lane is missing in action, too quite, britt is bitchney for sure, her whinning is annoying, they all are too smart i think. thank god they dont allow books in the house or we’d never hear them speak. kathy sigh again, she’s sweet but i am sure summer has a tooth ache from her. so bring some dumb people in to replace the mensa group and get me some action haha

  19. hey maybe thats why i adored jordan she was sweet but not too bright at times. lol she did keep me tuned in to see what she would come up with next.

  20. Nanny… You make a good point that I haven’t seen posted before. This group does seem to be smarter overall than others. Maybe that means the action will happen a little later on in the game this year. I hope so. It is still very early to proclaim this whole season as boring…. the action could be right around the corner. Like I said… I hope so.

  21. i have always had to fight to turn off bbad, not this yr. im falling asleep before the first 10min commericial

  22. hum who would we vote back in…evel dik? marvin the grave digger would work for me. hum wonder where in sc he is right now lol

  23. The “Jerry Springer” aspect of this season is not there, but maybe we will see some serious game-play later in the season….

  24. i am glad i didnt pay for feeds, id hate to think i paid $ to watch soft porn…rachel and brendan or kristen and hayden. have they started the smooch fest yet

  25. haha bg im so desperate for an ahole in the house to stir it up id take cappy back lol

  26. wonder why the first bb winner disappeared into thin air? i loved eddy he was cool.

  27. love eddy also !!!!wow i think only both of us remember him !! the feeds were free remember?!

  28. I can’t stand b/k at this point thy wnt to make out nt really want to play the game!!!!

  29. I wonder why they have not said anything about Enzo eating cheese and he is a have not? I would love for them on Thursday to take Monet off of the block and put him up because he disregarded the rules of being a have not. Last season when Jeff and I can’t think of his name they were called out and had an extra day on slop because they slipped Jeff sipped some Gatorade and the other guy ate a grape and Natalie told them in the diary room. If they do not do something I am done with watching this show. If you are a have not then you should abide by the rules. I know they saw it in the control room. I saw it on Flashback and the other ones was talking about it.

  30. 30 seconds after finishing having sex,kathy came in the hoh room and sitting in bed under the covers with rachel and brendon !!! (she has no idea they just finished banging !!!) ewwwwwww

  31. Kathy reaching over and wiping something out of Rachel’s eye…. eeeewwwwwwww! She has no idea what it is!!!

  32. they will give him a penalty point at some point in the game. oh eddy was a hot number. he was on season 1. i will never forget him on the bike peddling away with his 1 leg. haha

  33. yea there is absolutely no chance monet will be staying.

    u guys call them the mean girls, but the mean girls especially lohan never looked THAT good lol

    we are witnessing the worst (alliteration) gameplay being played in a long while from someone who has power between BRachel.

    its literally gonna be a 10% chance of brendon winning HOH, and he wont, and when he doesnt who do they think is going on the block?

  34. and i dont know why u guys are looking for fights. like big blow ups like russell and chima when its week 2.

    keep watching, its coming. enzo will blow up on somebody, andrew will too. brachel will turn on each other, and britney and kristin will FOR SURE have at it.

    just give it time. u gotta wait for the water to boil before u start cooking.

  35. Marcus…. I agree. I’ve always said that their strategy of keeping strong players around is a completely backwards strategy. It would work if players could be trusted to help you, but this entire game is based on deception, playing both sides, float when needed, play strong when needed…etc. Keeping as many strong players as possible is stoooooopid!

  36. Again, Marcus… I agree. Like I said in #23 above, I think the longer the season goes, the more real game-play we will see. It’s too early to say that season 12 is boring….

  37. bring back kaysar or chilltown…this season suuuuuucks

    And up the prize money damn it’s a recession. Then ppl will start playing

    Or do
    Fans vs favs like survivor omg

    There’s so many ideas why does bb keep it the same

  38. BB is making it boring by focusing constantly on the showmances. who whats to see kissy kissy all the time.

  39. They should bring on someone who is a member of the CBS family, someone who is not afraid to kick azz, a little troll who lives and breathes evil. dare i say it. yes bring on Survivor RUSSELL HANTZ.hehe

  40. Alright so let me start off by saying this is yet again another lame drama-lacking season.
    I mean It’s still early yet so lots could happen, although I don’t like some of these alliances that are forming, and no one is really playing the game to it’s full potential like BB is intended to be played.
    Clearly there is a lot of ppl in the house against Rachel & Brendon because unlike the other HG their alliance is more obvious than others which makes them a more prominent and easy target. What I don’t understand is how or why no one has figured out yet this Bromance alliance that is taking place under their noses.
    I can’t stand Bitchney, Hayden I think is a fool, Enzo is well.. nuff said. Laine?? WTF? Laine??? Kathy.. weak, useless, but hey free vote! Monet needs to go.. Matt might be IQ smart but I still think he’s got stupid game play.
    Ragan will go far, Andrew is already a bit of an oddball.. he’s just going to stick with Majority Rules, I think him and Kathy are on the same level.. it’d be smart if he stuck it out with her ;)
    Who else… Kristen.. I can see her pairing in with Brachel and Laine (that is if Hayden stops being a douche and gets over that stupid tool alliance of his) And well Annie she’s gone, so much for Sabatage this season! I guess BB is out of twists now… :/

  41. i dont want fights per say just something to keep my interets peeked so i dont fall asleep. in 12 seasons i have never let me repeat never fallen asleep esp during bbad until this yr. i need the fusses and drama i guess to stay tuned in. i will keep tuning in just in case the water ever boils… i just want the boiling to start so the pot can boil over soon. yea chima and russ would be kewl how about bringing bruss from survivor?

  42. bb should have figured out a way to keep her in the house to add more drama. hummm can’t u imagine them fighting over who was lying over who kept her? now theres the drama i am looking for haha.

  43. anyone old enough to remember the saying from the 60s make love not war? i want making war not love haha. if i want to watch soft porn i can turn to the other showtime channels

  44. I do love this show…but you people do realize that all this “reality” tv is not really “reality” right? ALOT of this is scripted. They are told and prompted to say and do things to try and up the ratings because that is what this is all about..the money! Its all an act..some are better at it than others. And a “showmance” do you fall in love in a week? Do any of these things last after the show is over? NO because it was all scripted! Its like a soap opera with games and prizes in it lol Gotta love the gossip factor though in this game lol Good writing BB…well…your other seasons had good writing..this one is kinda dull.

  45. are u kidding its scripted wow you’d think the fashion show that took 2 wks to pull off last yr would have shown me that. yes i know a lot of it is scripted but not all of it.

  46. it was obvious when they were speaking of the saboteur asking where is he/she. then the “impromptu” comments from enzo made it very clear they were told to speak of the saboteur so they would have a lead in to her coming on the tv. i wish they wouldnt have told them when she left and had given some of the others a chance to pull jokes on the hg.

  47. or better yet kept annie behind the scenes and let her do stuff while they slept or in lockdown outside. that would keep me awake lol

  48. I’ve never really watched before. I mainly watch BBAD. These shows have always not been by a script with actual lines, but where the producered try to influence and push people do do certain things. They lost this season when Annie left – she is turning out to have been right. I think Andrew will be forced to walk out. Since they were already short a HG, then Annie, they will have to do something soon to fix this season. The Brenchel thing is disgusting and clearly fake – at least on Brendon’s part. Bring Annie back for a few weeks with immunity, only she can’t vote or something.

  49. It would be sweet to see Jen from season 8 back along with Evil Dick that sure would rile up the house good.

  50. yall funny!!! go big brother best season ever lets get to something intersting!!!

  51. Am I wrong, or does it seem like this cast spends a lot of time talking about the “good TV” they are making, and what opportunities may come their way after the show?? Borrowing Vienna’s description of Jake, these cast members are a bunch of “fame whores”.

  52. I have a lot to say but will keep it short.I also think that Brendon is a big fake in his romance with Rachel. She thinks that she is God’s gift to men !!! PLEASE !!!I’m hoping that Britney gets H.O.H and puts Rachel on the block.Her and her laugh drives me crazy.@ Dany #35 that was a good one, and of course Kathy is going to walk right in om them.She isn’t too smart anyway.She swings from one to another…@ Marcus # 40 I agree with you whole heartly.You are right, the season hasn’t started yet, too get good. We have to go through the process of getting to know each one. @Larry # 15 I also would LOVE to see Evil Dick return, or Annie. She would stir up the drama !!!! I really like Regan, he has it all figured out. He will go far in the game.Kristen should be ashamed of herself !!! I’m sure her B.F back home has been watching her.I like Matt also, but I think that was a dumb move on his part, by putting himself up for a pawn.Never see much of Lane or Andrew. Too all you doubters….THINGS WILL PICK UP !!!

  53. I really think enzo is a great player as well i think he has control of the brigade. His jersey attitude i just love it. This season is gonna get out of control
    i cant wait. Way to on the veto brit but step up ur game ur gonna need it

  54. I followed the comments last year and as I recall everyone was saying it was the most boring season ever in the first couple of weeks. It takes time for real drama to be built. When alliances are forced apart and people start going nutters from being the house for so long is when it gets good. Just wait for it people. It will happen. It’s a good plan by Andrew to stay out of the picture as much as he can because he really does the stupidest stuff that always hurts his game. Lane is very boring but I expect his game to change as soon as the Brigade starts falling apart. I want Britney to win this thing for now, but that can change just like everything does in the BB house

  55. What I don’t understand is why everyone hates on Britney and Monet. I just think that they speak their mind about people and don’t kiss up to anyone and I don’t blame them. I don’t understand why Rachel put them up in the first place she should have gone after Hayden don’t get me wrong I like him but this just did not make any sense to me. Those two voted to keep her in the house and then she goes and does this. This is going to back fire on her in a big way. I know that they are putting people in sequester now. I hope that one of the evicted house guest does get to come back someone that was evicted and I hope that it is Monet I will vote for her if America gets a vote. I think that Rachel just wants to be the center of attention. Monet is much prettier in my opinion and has a little more class than Rachel. Monet was 1st runner up in the Miss IL contest and she is a model. Rachel is the one that rolled her eyes when she pulled Monet name to play the first POV and that started me to thinking. She will see how many people kiss her butt when her reign is over. For her and Brendon to be so smart why have they not figured out the Brigade? I just don’t understand how a woman can go on tv and do the things that they do the camera’s are always on them why would you be all under the covers and giving soft porn to watch. To me that is so disrespectful. If she was my child we would have a very long talk when she got home. Act like a lady my husband likes a good looking woman to but to be trashy is just awful.

  56. you are out of your freakin mind !!! i am 100 % against everything u said !!! monet ?!?!??! get out of here !!! you are nuts !!!!

  57. The copycat showmances this season are too phony! Does everyone want to grow up to be Jeff and Jordan? Spare me!

  58. @67 are you calling me nuts? Monet is a good person she is just a strong woman and does not act like a slut she has every right to say some of the things that she has said. Was she wrong Rachel does act like a slut, Kristen laid low and then now she is all over Hayden with a boyfreind at home. Rachel just sit back and follow Rachel and Brendon around the house all of the time. Her and Kristen have talked about Monet and Britney and they try to act like they are so good. I have been watching this show since it started and I watch BBAD and the live feeds so they are no better than Monet or Brittney. And yes Monet was first runner up and yes I do think that she has more class than the other ones. They are just mad that she got the 10,00.00 dollars hell no one could make it across the in the first challange and she did she was the 3rd on to try and made it she is very good. I am sorry but I just hate to see woman act that way all of the so called Romace and falling in love. Have some respect about yourself and be a lady. Every time I see Rachel she is drinking and she was talking about how she had to have an IV in January because she had been sick from drinking to much. Tell me would you take someone like that home to meet your mother or your family? Give me a break she is not pretty with or without makeup. You can be sexy but not show off everything that you have.

  59. @ Sam Last season was not boring at all: right off the bat we had somebody to hate (jesse) and right off the bat we had underdogs (Jeff first, then Jordan joined him).

    This season really has a bunch of unlikeable (and for the most part unwatchable) people in it.

    @ dchyrisse I think ppl hate Monet and Brit, not because they speak their mind…but cuz they’re two faced. If they actually spoke their minds in front of the people they were talking about then I’d agree with you and it would certainly make this season MUCH more enjoyable. Most people have experienced these two faced types in rl so it makes it hard to like them.

    Personally imho Hayden and Regan are playing the best game. But Hayden won’t be able to keep it up. Somebody will eventually figure out he’s playing all sides and it will blow up on him. Regan’s a sure fire bet for one of the final 3 (ala Kevin).

    I love some of your suggestions to liven up the house: Evil Dick or Russel would certainly heat things up. Or Will…LOL that would be hilarious to see him come in mid season and watch him win (or nearly win) yet again.

  60. @Texex I agree that last season was definitely not boring. I’m just saying that at the start people were saying it was.

  61. ^^ Brendans too hot for her??? Maybe at first I thought he was cute…. until he started talking!! He is soooooooo DULL!!

  62. # 75… but Im with you, I also do not find Rachel attractive. I think Brit and Monet are the only pretty girls. And Kathy is nice looking too.

  63. and what is up with britney’s boobs?!?! they look like they have been glued together !!ugly…

  64. Even better, why not bring in Russell from Survivor. Now he would make it very interesting!

  65. (btw rachel is not hot,but she is more fun to watch then that mute monet,who only opends her mouth to bitch people out !!)

  66. lady u dont got the feeds,its so obvious….if u did u would change your mind,not about monet,or rachel’s looks,but about their personality

  67. not mad,im just not getting on the “kool kids” bandwagon of trashing rachel just cause its the kool thing to do …..

  68. I agree Dany about Monet, her personality has a lot to be desired. And if we all take a step back throw out personel preferences we would realize all six women on this season are the most attractive grouping of any season yet. As for my preference in the looks dept. I liked Annie the best then Kristen or Brit.

  69. dany what is your problem with saying that she looks like a monkey!! I think your problem is you know that she would not give you the time of the day. But a woman like Rachel is more of your type. Kathy, Kristen, and Rachel have all said things behind their back too that were nasty. So none of them are angels all women are catty and can be mean. At least Brittney and Monet have a life when they get out of the house they don’t have to try and hook onto a man to get them through the game.

  70. OH…they are all such a let down. Kristen looks funny to me, she has weird facial movements and it is like she can’t look anyone in the eye,shifty or something, Monet is like a “Monet” picture, pretty from afar but up close,ugh a big mess. Rachel seems to me is an insecure nerdy kind of girl who over compensates by trying too hard, once she sees and hears herself on tv I am sure she’ll freak, other than that She is not as mean and nasty as most of the other girls. Britney was a favorite in the beginning but now she is just coming off as a mean nasty wench, true colors show under dire circumstances, she could easily win us over if she took the high road and did not act so entiltled and spoiled. Kathy, sup with that Rub for Luck tshirt gramdma? Ridiculous. And those flase eyelashes really date her, she looks like my Mom and I am 7 years older than her, she needs to mix it up man. Hayden and Kristen are both a couple of whores…I am sure her bf is just loving being made a fool of after they all told everyone to WATCH THE SHOW! Brendon seemed to have a sweet side but I am still deciding and why don’t they show Lane? Lane seems much more interesting than Hayden who always looks like such a dork with that dufus haircut and those bandanas he try to pull off as cool…not working man. Matt looks like a little rat and he could easily pull something off if he keeps flying under the radar. Enzo, he is a spoiler waiting to happen, he just screams “organized crime” and acts like a pig, I guess Ragan is the favorite so far, I think it is cool that such a nerdy guys is so successful and seemingly a decent person…we’ll see…..!!!

  71. Hi dany, sorry I wasn’t here til now. No I don’t think they get the live feeds. You can state your opinion without being mean & making personal attacks of the other house guests, & Brit & Monet are just plain mean hateful people.

  72. #113 im telling you i think monet is ugly,so u write back that monet would not give me the time a day???? ok so how is that a bad thing for me ?!?!

  73. @LadyE: you should change your name because you do not act like a lady, your probably flat chested and jelous of anyone with a chest

  74. Hey dany tried taking up for u but u know the mod thing they do on here but I agree completely with you & hi torch!!

  75. its just so funny people the way people react when u mention the feeds to them…im a harcore bb fan and im not shy to admit it…i just hate people that just watches cbs,and a couple of hours of bbad and read what people write,and just follow like a bunch of sheeps !!!!

  76. I think Rachel is playing a good game on her own. If you watch the LF’s you would know she is think about every possibility

  77. funny everybody is gone! lol next time i will know better then to fight with part time bb fans !! lol

  78. even over thinking things!! but if u only watch cbs,u think she is nothing but dumb and stupid (i thought cbs did a great job at making her look dumb and stupid)

  79. I do hate the smooching all the time. There are 4 cams, but honestly without the LF you don’t know what’s realy goin on & I’m proud to be a hardcore bbfan also.

  80. i agree kristi i hate all of the “showmance” trust me i hated jeff and jordan shomance,but they were so funny and cute together,u couldnt help but root for them….

  81. kristi read post #101 see what i mean when i say they write stupid things that makes no sence whatsoever

  82. I saw what you wrote earlier when Kathy got into bed with them after they were done. Yuck yuck groosssssss!!!

  83. They did, I had Rachel pegged as pretty smart just from her bio her, Kathy,Kristen & Annie were my female favs. of the guys Brenden,Matt,& Ragan were my male favs. at the beginning.

  84. I believe this is the first time in all twelve seasons a couple have done it all the way, last year was the closest with Lydia&Jesse until now do ya think Julie will bring it up on thursday.

  85. dany I do not write stupid things I am a hardcore fan I watch cbs bbad and I have the live feeds. I just think that calling someone a monkey is not nice if you do not like someone that is fine but don’t sit there and call them names. The same way you take up for the people you like I am doing the same thing. It appears that you were attacking her. We can all sit behind a computer and type things but at least try and be nice. And yes I have heard all of the women in the house talk about each other. Woman are catty I am watching the feeds now an poor Rachel is upset because Monet did not talk to her when she came into the house. What do people think you are thrown in a house with strange people and if you are smart you sit back and watch people. Maybe Monet is just a quite person and was trying to find out what each persons personality is like.

  86. just keep going on and on and on, you no it’s funny when you look at one of the old conversations and you see someone who doesn’t comment alot makes a comment 24hrs. after the last post.

    • Hey BBC losers. Just because we live real lives and don’t have time for the live feeds doesn’t mean you have to be RUDE! I like BB but I am not stopping my real life to sit in front of a computer to watch the show 24/7. Its summer!

  87. i dont mind people having their own opinion,but only when its their own!! not reading blogs and then make it seem like they know what they are talking about !!! keep monet in the house?!?! wtf ,are u out of your mind?!?! nevermind the fact that she is going home 100% on thursday! and yet people wanna attack me and make it seem like im wrong and they are right !! please!!

    • I’m on my phone talking to you guys but watching the live feed on my computer & scrolling is ticking me off. Lol

  88. I don’t subscribe to the l i v e f e e d s … it said that Hayden/Kriseten were doing things under the covers! is that true?! Have rachel & brendon done anything besides making out? that’s all we see on BBAD! Someone please fill me in!!

    I can’t stand Rachel – I don’t understand why she wore that gross black dress the other night…and Brendon playing into it telling her she’s beautiful made me laugh. hard.

    I don’t like Monet AT ALL! I can’t believe how rude she is! When Lane was in the bathroom she was being SO mean to him, asking him if it stinks etc…. grow up! I’ll be glad when she is gone!!

  89. Yea you just can’t watch c b s & bbad. The comments they posted towards you realy ticked me off.

  90. I may not have the live feeds yet but I do have afterdark and am observant and don’t jumpin without some semblence of whats going on. the only thing I don’t have is the live feeds and I get all BBnetwork blogs but I plan on having live feeds starting friday.

  91. Can’t wait will Wednesday… I’ve heard Rachel resembles Boy George, Brooke Hogan, etc. Does anyone think she looks a bit like Ashley Simpson b4 the rhinoplasty?

  92. Gizmo, HE** NO she does not look like Ashlee Simpson! Rachel looks like no other! her face looks really bloated all the time and her hair changes length and color day by day! she’s hideous! lol

  93. @kim ,im pretty sure its the second time that brendon and rachel have sex….as far as hayden and kristen,rumors has it they did,she got up during a make out session to the bathroom (to get condoms?!) and then they went back at it under the covers

  94. thanks Dany! I thought that Rachel & Brendon were going to hold out and not go all the way on the show… I mean COME ON! These people are fully aware that this is going to be broadcast! It’s like they don’t care about embarrassing themselves! AND based on how Kristen is acting (you know, cheating on her boyfriend etc…) that should prove to the rest of the houseguests that she can’t be trusted. I mean at least Rachel/Brendon started out sooner – it seems like Hayden/Kristen went from 0-60 in a couple of days!! I don’t like Kristen, so I hope she gets voted out soon! :-) That VOICE! ugh! and her little chipmunk/pug face… gross.

  95. Andrew doesn’t really do much 4 me good or bad he just appears 2 be a little off. I don’t know why though. The doctor may need a 5150

  96. is the l i v e f e e d worth the 40? I am thinking about subscribing but don’t know if they really show you ‘that much’ extra footage?!

  97. i swear i watch about 9 hours of bb a day,and i think ive seen andrew on a average of a couple of minutes each day….thats it thats all

  98. Dany, really?! lol… well I don’t want to stir the pot or anything, but she totally does! I was a child of the 80’s and watched “rescue rangers” and she completely looks like a chipmunk! so…I’m on your side!

    Gizmo, Andrew annoyed me at first..but I think he just really is socially awkward, lol! I can’t stand how he says ‘kosher’ all the time… we get it! we KNOW!!!

  99. jess if u are a hardcore fan of bb then yes get the feeds (dont forget that the feeds means more $$ for cbs,wich in return helps the show stay on the air )the best things about the feeds jess,is that u really get to know each hg,not what cbs decide to edit and make u believe…

  100. @ Kim, Yeah you’re right…and Rescue rangers WOW you took my back. I know Duck Tales was in your Saturday morning line up as well as mine

  101. thanks! I think i am going to subscribe, i LOVE BB. I can’t believe I stay up till 3 am everynight to watch the live feeds! but even then…the hg’s know that it is live, so they don’t do ‘anything’ when they know it will be broadcast… so i’m getting the f e e d s so that I can see EVERYTHING that goes on! lol :-)

  102. I think Andrew is playing smart at the moment laying getting the target off his a back, a good move in my book.

  103. not only that jess,next year if u get the feeds before the season starts (wich i did) they only cost 29.99 !!

  104. Yep! lol, I am 26 and loved all those 80 shows! I can’t wait for wed too. its funny to watch the BBAD and then see what CBS airs on their show… b/c like a lot of others have been saying, CBS edits A LOT out – you don’t get to really know the hg’s until you at least watch afterdark! I’m w/ Jess…thinking I’m going to subscribe to the f e e d s.

  105. it looks like they are all pouting outside & whoever is chewing the ice is killing my eardrums. i cant wait for another week or two & the action starts

  106. i should get a commission on the feeds !! u will be jess and kim,if im not mistaken my 4th and 5th sale of the feeds so far this year !!!

  107. I’m glad I read that about Lane … b/c I was starting to dislike him! i never see him (on afterdark)! i thought he didn’t even want to be there , b/c they never show him!

  108. luann, I hope they are or else she just looks like a giant whore. I mean…having a boyfriend back home , screwing Hayden… she should have a little self respect, at least! but i mean…she’s a ‘model’…lmao! please.

  109. i thought lane and brit were close! remember the first couple of days it seemed like lane was ‘interested’ in Brit… maybe now he realizes he cant have her, or that she is more bitchy than he originally thought?! hmmmm….. I would like to see him ragging on her! lol.

  110. ok dany just read 101 and that’s funny. i think that would be torture if monet was interested. glad you have better taste than that.

  111. @ kim ,they are kinda friends,but lane isent dumb,he knows that the house wants monet and britney out so hes careful….

  112. You guys don’t Know…She could be a hand model for JOHNSON @ JOHNSON lotion. LOL

  113. good thinkin’ Lane! Once the target is on someone (brit & monet) its like they get castrated from the rest of the house! no one wants to talk to them (really, like in depth) and everyone SAYS they dislike them, etc… BUT then the next week, when someone new is hoh it all gets turned around! for ex: if someone random, like matt won hoh next week – almost everyone would go back to talking to britney again, you know? i hope the season gets more juicy as it goes on! :-)

    PLUS i think Kathy is one of the most two faced people in the whole house! not beating a dead horse, but like everyone else has said a million times, she is USELESS! always complaining about when she was ‘sick’ … couldn’t do the hot dog OR caramel challenge…first out in the most recent hoh … good grief!! AND she’s a deputy sheriff!! lol!!

  114. ok we are starting to get a lil drama on here. kathy is getting yelled at for starting something but i missed it. as far as matt goes, i think he is pretty safe and monet doesn’t have a chance in heck.

  115. lol gizmo! do they have that brand of lotion in the house or something? that was too funnY!

  116. ooh Kristi, thanks for the update! ;-) I’m glad Kathy is getting called out for stuff! woo hoo!! i’m getting excited! she deserves it!

  117. yea dany just like the one about my husband the other night. no reason for that sh*t. plus my hasband & i have been talking & we’re thinking of bringing a few people from on here to watch the finally.

  118. brit & kristin are in into it now because kristin is claiming she’s not trying to get votes for monet which she is

  119. kristen is a sneaky biyatch! she wants monet out…she does’t have to campaign to get monet out… everyone else wants her out already!!

    daytona – is that a theory?! or did you hear it on the f e e d s??

  120. LMAO!!! that is too funny! what does Rachel care!! she knows monet is OUT! monet is just making herself look like a bigger ass.

    I bet brit is crying – once monet is out she is going to have to ‘be nice’ to someone else…you know? she’ll have to be SO FAKE to try to get a friend in that house…

  121. Wait and see. First clue why did Andrew get so excited when Rachel won HOH. Monet has to learn that her greatest enemy is hiding in the last place she will ever look. Why do houseguests have such a hard time playing this easy game?

  122. yeah, monet said she wasn’t going to ‘cry’… ha! on the night she got nominated at the very end she was balling with britney…so she’s fake too.

  123. daytona – i dont get it? who is her greatest enemy? I didn’t know brendan was jewish?

  124. @daytona ,andrew was happy because he knows brendon likes him,so he knew rachel wasent gonna put him on the block

  125. Also, I don’t understand why Rachel keeps saying “expect the unexpected!” does anyone have any insight on that? She says it several times a night!!

  126. wow all the crying from the two meanest people in the house. seriously i said this before, maybe they should have been nice atleast to a point. i know everyone talks behind each others back. that’s part of the game. i get that, but brit/monet made their bed and now have to lay in it.

  127. I know that’s the theme…but i wonder if she is saying it for some kind of reason… like she is hinting at something??

    brit and monet have been talking smack just like the rest of the hg…they are just more snotty about it… its like they don’t keep it under wraps…they let everyone know/overhear… the others who talk crap do it so not everyone can hear! lol.

  128. monet is so lame! she would rather leave than be evicted! what a wimp! she played the game, and she lost and now she is embarrassed. if she leaves early, she won’t get the 10k right? what a loser!

  129. kim would you cry if you were nominated, more than likely. Monet is a young woman who hasn’t figure out the answer to my questioned I posed. you pass judgement on such a young kid, shame on you!

  130. daytona – to each their own.

    this is the GAME! Monet has been snotty/bratty the entire time , she’s been disrespectful etc… not saying some of the other hg’s have not been 1 or all of the above, but Monet certainly has been…and now she is paying the consequences of her actions…she’s being evicted b/c EVERYONE (besides brit) wants and IS voting her out. period.

  131. can anyone tell kim who monet’s greatest enemy is. Dany are you a mature person?

  132. AND passing judgement is the whole idea. they are on a show for us to watch for our amusement…and posting comments on a chat board is for people to let others know their opinions/judgements.

  133. don’t know…don’t care. if you think you’re ‘so smart’ b/c you know the answer to that question, then give yourself a gold star. you’re making a mountain out of a molehill b/c i said something about Monet…get over it.

  134. Kim look at you acting just like Monet. Her greatest enemy is herself, just like your greatest enemy is yourself and your ego.

  135. omg… it is just a game! and that was just my opinion! you are the one who keeps dragging it on… let it go.

  136. i’m with Kim on this one… it seems like you’re just looking for a fight daytona…

    we’re all just here to have fun and talk about the show and she was just giving her opinin…like everyone else

  137. i do think it is cute that brendon is stil cooking for rachel even tho he’s on slop. i also think most people have it wrong and brendon is more into rachel than she is to him at this point. but who knows, im just going by what i see on the LF’s.

  138. Kristi: at first i thought rachel was the one all over brendan…but now I think he’s really into her… maybe she grew on him, who knows! lol… maybe it is just strategy to keep her hanging on… lol… can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  139. Yep… I said so…my biggest fear has come true…BB is turning inot “Real World”…..just sex,sex,and more sex….

  140. torch, i just think it would be cool for us diehard bb’s to get together. i know we are all spread across the country but if we can pull it off, would be a lot of fun.

  141. They seem to have a connection, they go at each other equally, who knows it might be totally real.

  142. that’s for sure, I’m glad I decided to start commenting this year I finally can talk to diehard fans like us.

  143. its happend on almost every season with the romance or what ever you want to call it. they only have so much they can do & when you put a group of people together like this, this is what happens. sex is not sacred anymore. it’s just thing to do to do, which i think is very sad.

  144. i agree kristi, i mean especially since kristen has a boyfriend at home…she is broadcasting to america that she is a cheater! you’re right it just becomes ‘something to do’…

  145. torch ive come here in past season just never posted. but i had a realy bad day the other day because a family member passed and i needed a distraction so i started posting, did’t realise i would meet some of the most amazing people oh here, like you, dany, chick ect.

  146. kristi see how everyone stopped talking about monet. funny how the mind works. how and i mean?

  147. it realy is a shame. i dont realy see anything wrong with flirting and my husband sees every post, but when it comes down to what they are doing, i just think its wrong

  148. am about to subscribe to the l i v e f e e d. here is a stupid question… if i live in SC EST time, what is the time difference there? Like when it is midnight here when afterdark comes on, i think it is only 9:00 pm there…can anyone confirm???

  149. I know what you mean! They can flirt etc… in the house, but just b/c they are going under blankets to do dirty deeds…doesn’t mean people can’t figure it out! lol.

  150. daytona you personally attached kim and that’s mean and everyone else on here will agree with me

  151. I agree with Kristi. Daytona you said that Kim had an ego and all she was doing was giving her opinion. like Kim said …we’re all on here to have fun and discuss the show you don’t have to attack people.

  152. daytona – now your just looking for a fight. chatting online improves me day too! :-) how about that!?

  153. no. like someone said above ‘ she made her bed now she needs to lay in it’. she hasn’t done anything to contribute to the house…she’s been mean and spiteful…she’s been disrespectful and thankless….why SHOULD they keep her in there?! no thanks!

  154. and daytona we try to keep it polite not ridicule others comments or try to antaganize them.

  155. Jess I can’t stand fighting, I’m just curious as to why one’s life is improved by chatting on line.

  156. You know daytona I was being nice to you but you just don’t get it people think you are a rude obnoxious person your mama must made you sleep with the outdoor dogs get of ahole.

  157. obviously you like fighting b/c you keep egging people on. after this comment i’ll just ignore you like I’m sure Kim is doing! lol.

    Why would chatting online not improve your day? its fun and harmless and you get to pick others’ brains and discuss a something (tv show) that everyone your chatting with also enjoys. its just fun. period. moving on….

  158. Torch where are you from I didn’t understand one thing you said. Now debate intelligently!

  159. daytona you must be dumber than we all thought since you don’t understand plain old english

  160. torch, i have tons of friends and family, but i don’t crying infront on people. the day of the funeral when i got on here you, dany and many others said whatever they could to cheer me up. that was realy nice and the reason, i keep coming back. there are realy nice people on here and then you get the occational mean person who ruins it for everyone.

  161. just ignore daytona – their obviously retarded and just looking to irritate people. he/she is obviously a jackass so who cares what they have to say?! say what you want – it doesn’t mean sh** to me. you’re little ‘digs’ are just immature and stupid.

  162. Torch why do you want to fight, I was just looking at your sentence,”You know daytona I was being nice to you but you just don’t get it people think you are a rude obnoxious person your mama must made you sleep with the outdoor dogs get of ahole.” You are suppose to have a period after “it” and “person”. What does you sleep with the outdoor dogs get of ahole mean?

  163. lmao! this is internet chat – we don’t have to be gramatically correct here – get a life! no once cares what you have to say daytona! everything you are writing now is just making us laugh at you – we’re not getting irritated by your stupid posts, we’re just laughing at you.

  164. Daytona, Daytona, what is up with you? Are YOU so bored you have to come on a site about a realtiy show to prove how stupid you are? I mean come on now! Your 15 minutes of “stupid” is over……go away!!!

  165. thank you kristi I try. I normally don’t like to get rude with people, but when idiots attack people I claim as friends it gets my mad up.

  166. Now back to what this site is really about. Can someone clue me in on how Big Red and Brendan and the “group” got to just putting Matt up to him being targeted now? I mean I just overheard about an hour ago how Matt and Hayden were talking on the puter feeds on how close the votes will go? I thought Brachel wanted Monet out?

  167. wow britney is so full of s***,worst part is i think rachel believes her (read your posts kristi,tanx)

  168. the plan is still to get monet out…they got the votes…nothing to worry about….

  169. Kim, their is the possession of something. I think you meant they’re. I think you didn’t understand the commenting rules. I’m very hurt by your comments that I’m retarded and a jackass. I think I’m far from a donkey. I’m more like a stealthy sloath lurking in rainforest trees.

  170. i am so confused…i am leaving for a second to subscribe to l i v e f e e d! i just NEED to know what is going on! loL!!

    I hope matt is not the targeted one now… no matter what Brit has to say I think that they will ultimately vote out Monet… it’s clear that Brendon REALLY dislikes her… and i think hayden would try hard to keep matt in the game… hmmm….

  171. All of this negative energy is decreasing my self esteem. Instead of violently cutting my wrists, I’m going to cut remove one of my dorsel fins.

  172. wow brit is even saying she could be friends with rachel and she doesn’t know what she did to make everyone not like her. well maybe all the mean stuff she said and attaching herself to just one person. atleast everyone else talks to each other even if they dont like each other.

  173. yeah Kristi! I mean the other hg’s just sit there and listen to others even if they don’t like them , but Brit just avoids everyone and ignores who she doesn’t want to talk to… I just can’t feel bad for her! even though i think some of the things she says is funny…

  174. Kristi!! Daytona was just being an ass! lol… now he’ll be over inthe other room too :-) lol…. whatever though .

  175. Kim, that wasn’t a nice thing to say about Kristi. She was just being nice. You are very mean,hurtful, vulgur and sexist

  176. Now back to the game. Andrew is playing a very smart game. He will be there at the end.

  177. Hey if you put 13 people in a House lock in, well you get Showmanances……..sorry but time that the hgs have need to have something to occiupd there time.. notsure but may be bb needs to place games or something in the house for them.?

  178. Brittney is so fake it’s ridiculous.. I can’t stand that snotty bit*h.. It’s a good thing Monet is leaving too, I mean these girls are just out to effin’ lunch.
    Did Monet seriously think she had a shot at the 500k? I don’t understand what all her pouting and whining is about, like suck it up princess it’s a GAME! Obviously she sucks at playing it otherwise she wouldn’t be in the situation she is in right now.
    As for Brittney I hope she goes soon, she is one not to be trusted, she’s fake, two-faced, and NEED TO GO!!!
    I just hope whoever wins HoH next put’s her ass back up on the block. :)

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