Reality TV Life After Big Brother: Survivor & American Idol

Now that Big Brother 11 has wrapped we’ve got a long 10 months until the premiere of Big Brother 12. Luckily we’ve got some other great reality television shows to fill that gap starting with Survivor Samoa premiering tonight on CBS and then American Idol 2010 starting in January on FOX.

If you’ve enjoyed the format and style here on Big Brother Network then I hope you’ll join us on Survivor Fandom and American Idol Net for more fun and engaging discussions on these other great shows. Sure, they’re no substitute for Big Brother, but at least they’ll help the wait go by faster!

You can sign-up for the free Survivor updates and free American Idol updates right now to be ready for all the latest news and updates through the season.

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing in the conversations again soon as the party moves from one show to the next!


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  1. Watching Survivor and American Idol is about as interesting as watching my great-grandmother eat a bowl of pudding. At the very least, American Idol should be banned by the FCC (hell, the FCC likes to attack everything decent on television, why not attack horrible programming?). Moderated due to being wayyyy off topic.

    Looks like I’ll be back to tapping the “On Demand” menu for the next few months until BB12 kicks off another season. Can’t wait!

  2. Opener, I guess you don’t realize that survivor is the mother of all prime time reality shows. If not for its success, shows like BB probably would not have even made it to air.

    June, I hope you join us on the survivor site for more fun!

    Matt, I wasn’t aware that you had an american idol website. I wish I could have been on there last year because I really thought Adam Lambert was by far the best singer they had ever had. I will be sure to check it out for this season.

  3. @Ashley: Agreed on the importance of Survivor. That first season broke open the world of competitive reality television (Real World had existed for awhile, but definitely on a different plane).

    The Idol site was a lot of fun last season. I’ll look forward to everyone joining us there again this year.

  4. @Opener lol……that is too funny, I quit watching American Idol when they outed Daughtry, so I agree with you

  5. i also quit watching Idol. never was a real fan of it. i dont like how they cast people just to make fun of them. i will never watch Idol again. Sorry Ellen. Still love you.

  6. I don’t watch Idol anymore either. Got sick of that Simon guy. I think that he was repulsive and extremely mean. I guess that he thinks that he is perfect, but he isn’t. Now a good laugh for everybody – I would like to see a blog for “Dancing With the Stars.” Am I the only nutcase?

  7. @Summer- I love So You Think You Can Dance. I never cared much for watching dance and can’t dance very well myself, but I found my self mesmerized by the show. The quality of the dancing is much better than Dancing with the Stars but I watch it too. I loved Melissa. I recognized her from The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading show before I knew she was The Bachelorette that was jilted. I guess I’m a sucker for reality shows. I watch most of them. I hate The Biggest Loser. I don’t understand the thrill of watching obese people lose weight. I love the new show Glee, although it is not a reality show.

  8. I forgot to mention American Idol. I’m from Birmingham and it is big around here. We have produced three top two; Reuben Studdard, Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice. I met Bo a few weeks ago. I don’t really like the pressure they put on the contestants to fit the Idol mold.I was disappointed the last couple of years.

  9. Budman, I agree with you about so you think you can dance vs. dancing with the stars. I watched dancing with the stars the first time when Melissa was on it because I just loved her on the bachelor. I watch most reality shows also, but I can’t stand the biggest loser. I’m like you, who wants to watch people lose weight? I actually really like american idol and with Ellen added to the show, I think it will be alot better.

  10. Sorry, I don’t watch reality tv really. BB was the exception, I was hooked from day 1. Tried survivor, sorry, I just can’t watch it. Looks like its back to American Greed on CNBC until BB 12.

  11. i, TOO, stopped watching American Idol when Daughtery was booted, especially when i learned that online bookies control who stays; who goes; who WINS!
    NO JOKE – online bets on Idol are right there with the superbowl or heavyweight boxing championships!!… the bookies have ELABORATE phone systems that place thousands of calls per minute (Idol has no limit on how many times a single phone line can vote), and of course, the bookies vote out the contestant that best fits THEIR odds. Daughtery was going to cost them a FORTUNE – so he had to go.

    don’t believe it?? check it out online when the show gets down to the final 12 contestants and the voting begins… you will AMAZED @ what you find —- it’s F—ED UP!!!!

  12. SYTYCD and BB two great shows. If you are to win either show you need Mind + Body + Personality. Your favs do not always last so you move on to the next one. You are crushed when your fav leaves but the overall show is what you watch for. Very different shows but they both bring the same emotions and if you watch either you run the risk of becoming a diehard can’t get enough FAN. If you like BB check out SYTYCD.
    BB12 will be here before you know it.
    SYTYCD = So You Think You Can Dance.

  13. Comment #10 And where are they? Rueben Studdard, one hit wonder? Taylor Hicks, lost recording contract? I agree Bo Bice was good. Daughtry was great! Still doing great. As far as the mold of Idol, they probably should not let teenager’s vote. They are other failures to.

  14. Who thinks Chrystal Bowersox will be the 2010 American Idol? I hope so because her last performance was excellent and one of the top performances I have yet heard on the show.

  15. I really loved the final 5 American idol group medley last night. It was moving to see Aaron Kelly got rid of but I do think the other singers were better singers hence he needed to go!

  16. I really think Donald Trump would be a better American Idol judge compared with Harry Connick Jr. – Trump is not afraid to voice what he thinks plus can be as outspoken as Simon Cowell.

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