Big Brother 11 Live Chat With Jeff & Jordan

If you’re still experiencing withdrawals from Big Brother 11 then no worries, because Thursday on the Big Brother Live Feeds fan favorites Jeff and Jordan will be taking questions and chatting live with everyone online!

It’s free to get in and join as long as you have the live feeds. If not, no worries, you can still sign-up and register now to join us for the fun!

Start writing down your best questions because Thursday night, September 24th, from 6 – 8PM PST (9 – 11PM EST) they’ll be answering questions from the SuperPass chat rooms.

What do you want to ask Jeff and Jordan? Let’s start hearing your ideas.

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  1. @Judy: What details were you looking for? If you’re going to miss the event you can watch it on the Flashback feature, says RealNetworks.

  2. I did read all of it and it said 21+ but if thats the case why did Natelie say she was 18 and every1 believed her if they knew she has to be 21+ to be on BB see why I’m confused lol

  3. Jorden now that you are out of the house and you see how popular Jeff is and how everyone wants him. How do you feel about Jeff?

  4. I really don’t have a question but a comment on Jeff and Jordan. I hope you guys really take things slowly and get to know each other before getting to a serious relationship. I wish you both the best. I don’t have live feeds. Matt are you going to post information from the chat fest with Jeff and Jordan on this site? Also thanks Matt for the updates all season. I really enjoyed them. I’m not a survior fan but i’m sure there fans will enjoy your updates just BB fans have.

  5. Thanks, Toni. I’m glad you enjoyed the site this season and thanks for being a reader. I will see if they (RealNetworks) makes a transcript available for the chat and if they do I’ll post it here as an update.

  6. I wonder if they are moving on to other television spots, I saw them on The Bonnie Hunt show they were awesome.

  7. You guys are awesome and I am a fan of team Jordan and Jeff. Either way hope you guys continue BFF; However if you all get married please post wedding pictures. My husband and I soon will celebrate 25yrs he was my BFF first :-). Good luck…….

  8. do u feel like you acompished everything the right way in big brother..what would you have done different and have you been hanging with jordan lately…we love you guys

  9. i just want to know if you guys are staying together as a couple? if not will you stay in touch with each other? do you guys miss each other from being out of the house? And i wanted to say that i love you guys, your the reason i watched bb this year. america LOVES both of you your awesome TOGETHER!!!!!

  10. i dont have the live feeds so how will i know the answeres to the questions being asked? where do i go?

    what do you think about all this publicity you guys are getting? you are americas sweet hearts.

  11. OMG, I want to know if Jordan had her breasts done. They look so good! I want to get mine done and am sooo sooo scared! She is so gucci :)

  12. Jeff and Jordan from the feeds it seems that you were very close very early on when did you know it might be more than a friendship.
    Were either of you concerned that the other might not feel the same way (Did Jordan get concerned after the Kevin and Natalie were feeding her some doubts. and Jeff when Jordan came out and didn’t aknowledge him)
    thanks I am glad they are giving it a shot

  13. Big Brother 11 was the best big brother ever. I want to ask Jordan if she will keep in touch with Natalie…………

  14. The rule is you must be 21…….. Natalie is not a good liar……… Jordan you played the game better than anyone…… Jeff I wish you could’ve been winner up Natalie didn’t deserve to wine anything…….

  15. Hi Jeff and Jordyn! Is there any chance of you two going on The Amazing Race together. No worries Jordyn (NO BOOGER)!!! You two have awesome chemistry together and you compliment one another. Jordyn can calm you down when necessary and you Jeff can rev her up when necessary. AMERICAN LOVES YOU!!!

  16. Where would I go to make a request of a show that I think all BB FANS would ENJOY!!! I’ll put it out there! All of the houseguest or as many as are interested sit together in one room and watch the feeds as a whole! Certainly not all 3 months there is alot of down time, but Allison I’m sure you could put something together maybe like a split screen where we can see their reaction to the “GAME CHANGING MOMENTS” as well as a few other exciting moments in the game. I know that everyone I have spoken to would love to see how “certain” people react to “certian” situations!!!

  17. I want to know when they’re getting married and who’s moving? LOL
    I would love to know Natalies reaction to how America feels about her.

  18. I hope Jeff becomes more wiser when dealing with people. I am still veryu disapointed that he believed Kevin saying those stupid things. Jeff could had become the winner. GoodLuck to Jeff in the coming days

  19. I absolutely respect the fact that despite being locked up away from the “real world”, you two (Jeff and Jordon) maintained a friendship based on true liking of each other, and not on game-play as I have seen in previous seasons. Your ability to make each other smile and laugh during stressful times, and to not embarrass your family by having public sex is a testament to a very good upbringing by both families. It was a pleasure to watch, and a bonus to see each of you win something. Thanks for making the season worthwhile!

  20. I assume you’ve had some contact with Natalie since leaving the BB house. If so, does she know what America thinks of her and what was her reaction? Jordan, I heard you say that you would stay in contact with her after BB. In light of all the awful things she said about you in the house, do you still feel the same way?

  21. Jeff, you had this game in your hands. Alot of people think that the biggest mistake you made in this game was getting rid of russle, believe the biggest mistake you made was getting rid of lydia (who was by far the weakest players) instead of getting rid of kevin. If you had done this when jordan was HOH, next thing you would have done when you won HOH was to get rid of russle. Then it would be you, jordan and michelle against natalie and lydia (who both are bad competitors). Michelle would have won the smores competition and she would have gotten rid of natalie. Michelle wouldnt be able to play for the finale four round and then you guys could all team up and send her home. Then the finale three would be you, jordan and lydia.

  22. Jordan, hearing you think that natalie had changed for whatever reason you thought made me feel like shaking the truth into you head. She was just using you to make sure you didnt get rid of her if you had the chance. Plus, have you read kevin’s blog where he called you and michelle dumb bitches. It was sad to hear you say nice things about you when he always talked badly about you and jeff. Plus he said that he felt jeff was using you.


  24. Funny how some people say to wait and take it slow. Do you really think they need that advice after they waited all summer and through the hardest part of the beginning of a relationship? Nobody, ever, has showed as much class and personal restraint as Jordan and Jeff. Mostly, Jeff was respecting Jordan’s wishes, but he is a 30 yr old man, so he did really good towing the line when it came to sex. Good job Jeff. I think I was most impressed by how Jeff was a very strong and positive person, never allowing anyone to pull him into quarrels, blow ups or negative energies, too much. He had his moments a few times, showing us that he COULD blow if he wanted but did not. His positive affirmations and actions makes him the perfect example how to manifest a healthy, self-esteem building experience and how to LOVE this rollercoaster ride we call life and enjoy all the benefits from living in the NOW, making the most of what the universe has to offer. I think J/J both have the capacity to trust their instincts and follow their dreams, maybe they will do it together as a couple, if not, I have no doubt they will always be good friends and I wish them every happiness this world has to offer. BRAVO! Hope you get a lot of sponsors and ad work, I swear, Jeff could sell snowballs to the Eskimos. Good Luck!

  25. On the funny side I’d ask Jeff:

    “Were you aware that if your word in the first veto had been ‘technetronics’ that it would’ve been an actual word, meaning an adjective pertaining to or characterized by cultural changes brought about by advances in technology, electronics, and communications: a technetronic era…..?”

    On the serious side I would ask:

    “How do you both, being close at certain points in the game to Michele, respond to Natalie’s continued claims that Michele is the devil and completely at fault for Chima’s expulsion, as well as saying she was morally corrupt for swearing on her husband’s life, seeing as to the numerous morally corrupt behaviors Natalie herself displayed in the house?”

  26. Matt: Is there anyway that you can remove that darn popup that appears on the Survivor blog? It is so irritating, and I see that it is on this blog also. Please get rid of it. Thanks muchly. Even my popup blocker will not stop it. :roll:

  27. @Summer: What pop-up? The banner at the bottom of the page? If you “X” out of it it will remember and not reappear if you’re in the same browser and allowing cookies.

  28. #1 Megan, the application plainly states that you must be 21 years old to apply. So why didn’t any of the HGs really push Nasty on her age?

  29. this is a comment more than a question. I have been a huge J&J fan all summer but saw a few things of concern. Jordan is much younger than Jeff and I doubt either of them will relocate. I think once they are outside the house they will still be bff’s at least for now. America’s sweethearts have my best wishes.

  30. Here’s a thought, since every one is wondering about Jeff & Jordan, plus the Gnat & her boyfriend. Why not put the both couples on the Amazing Race?

  31. It worked for Rob & Amber! Amber won the $1 million. Then they were on the Amazing Race. In addition, they had the wedding & Honeymoon, & ring plus extra’s paid for. So Why not?

  32. Jeff and Jordan I loved you guys on BB11 you are the reason I purchased the live feeds this year and this is the first season my husband ever watched BB and it was because of the two of you. What does your family think about the two of you together?

    Jordan, don’t let Jeff’s’ age bother you, It means that he is mature. The two of you have a wonderful chemistry together and complement each other. I hope it works out for you!!!!!

  33. @Kathy thats wat im saying cuz Im 19 and i wanted to apply and when i read the 21+ part i was like what? then y did the house believe her or didnt question her on it man that was just dump lol but yea i guess i will apply next time thx

  34. Jeff and Jordan are two of the nicest contestants from all of the Big Brothers combined…they are truly a couple who “match” and I hope they really develop their Big Brother showmance into a real life romance. Would Jordan relocate in order for their relationship blossom into a forever love?

  35. I want to know.. Are Jeff & Jordon going to Hawaii together ( or wherever the trip was for). And are they together now? If Not WHY????
    I think they should start a Reality show together! I think it would be a big Hit!!

  36. It seemed to us that something special was happening. Was it? How much time have you spent together since the show? Are you going to Hawaii together? Of all the showmances, this is the only one that seemed to be real. I think that is why everyone is sooo wanting it to be so. Good luck to both of you. Would Jordan be willing to move to Chicago?

  37. My question is, now that Jordan knows what Natalie & Kevin did to Jeff by the big lie, how dose she feel, about Nat. calling her a dumb blood bit–, & knowing now she used her to get on her side , so she would take her to bottom two ? Me I would not have a thing to do with her, game or no game !

  38. I hope the Jeff & Jordan show have continued outside the house. Although things probably have not slowed down for the two of you. When it does will be the real test to see how well ya all mesh together in the real world. The chemistery ya all share in the house was so out of this world. I hope everything works out in ya all favor. Good Luck & Peace & God be with you.

  39. Matt 34. No, it doesn’t go away for good when I mark “X”. It just keeps coming back again and again and again, and it is downright irritating. Any other suggestions? Even my blocker doesn’t take it away.

  40. One more thing. I agree with so & so, DON’T let Jeff’s age scare you. It does mean he is more mature. Guys your age are not. Jeff DON’T let Jordan’s age scare you. She might be at the party stage. But we girls grow out of that way before ya all boys do. The nude pics, Whatever you where onlive feeds for 3 months. Peeps will get over it. Please do the Amazing Race. It will be the funniest sh it ever.

  41. Please, please, please post the chat in transcript form. I don’t have the live feeds or ability to play any of the videos. I adore both Jeff & Jordan and would so much like to know where they go from here. I wish them the best and hope they take the chance of becoming a “real” couple.

  42. jeff if you could have changed anything what would it have been and do you now regret trusting kevin god bless

  43. jordan what are you going to do with your money? girl im so glad you won you really played the game good girl great job.

  44. Jordan and Jeff. We as outsiders see the sparkle in your eyes when you look at each other, you guys have got to see it. Are you going to take this relationship to another level? We have been married for 30 years and in the short time on air we see alot of simulatives, don’t let go of a wonderful relationship.

  45. TO MATT: After winning the log challenge Kevin stated that he thinks the energy bars were letting him win his challenges, he was looking for a energy bar on big bro after dark, later BIG BRO called Kevin into the room, and he never mentioned the energy bars again, Energy bars could be considered a stimulant of some sort, which gave Kevin extra endurance for the challenges. Do you think that is how he won the log challenge because he ate one before the challenge.

  46. It really was a great season this year, and I’ll watch again…as for Jordan…how the hell have you been a server in a restaurant and not realized that even in the state of California, you cannot drink alcoholic beverages if you are under 21 years of age? You should have been the first one who called Natalie out on that!!!

  47. I think That Jeff and Jordan are a wonderful couple an I hope things will progress with them, they are a cute Couple and seem to have really cared for each other.My Husband and i have been Married for 35 Years and we even renewed our Wedding Vows on our 25 Th Wedding Anniversary The Minister that Remarried us said he could only count on one hand the people that have done that and he has been a Minister for a Long Time, Life can be short so Jordan and Jeff if you really Love each other make a Go for it, I learned that you never know when you might not be around anymore as I lost my Mom and My Dad in Seperate Vehicle Accidents 3 Years apart of each other, and then 4 Years ago I lost my only Sister from Lung Cancer she only made it for 6 Months after we found out she had Lung Cancer. So make all of Life while you are still around. I am hoping you two make it together and get Engaged and even Married. The best of Luck to you Jeff and Jordan. I Loved Watching “”Big Brother 11″” I have watched everyone I am almost 63 Years old and I hope Big Brother is on T,V, for a Long time to come, will be anxious for the one next Year to come.I got my Twin Grandaughters and there Boyfriends Hooked on Watching “”Big Brother”” soem Years back they will be 24 Years old in November of This Year, they are Identical Twins. Well By for now and Good Luck Jordan and Jeff, I was gald you won Jordan, I am glad Jeff got the $ 25,000 I voted for him for that, and You…By for now .
    Sincerley Mrs Tony {Linda} Sammons

  48. I want to know it Jordon and Jeff are going to continue to see each other? And if the engagement is still on?

  49. i think jeff and jordan are sweet together and i enjoyed them on th show i stayed up till 3 a m wacthing big brother Jordan is friends of my son in laws boss and they are still together cutie pies i love them both they made the show

  50. I loved BB11 more than any show I’ve ever watched.I am 52 yrs. old and dont normally watch the show.I absolutly fell in love with Jordan and Jeff.I hope they have a show on about them and all that has been going on with them since.I think the ratings would skyrocket.I pray they are together as a couple.

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