Big Brother 11 May Be Over But We’ll Always Have Live Feeds Flashback

Sure, the Big Brother 11 season might be over, but for those who came late to the action or even those who are just aren’t ready to let go there’s good news. The Live Feeds Flashback feature will be up and running all off-season for both season 11 and 10 so you can “flashback” to even of the big events of the summer and watch the fun all over as much as you want. Flip through the Live Feeds Highlights and take your pick of what you want to watch again.

On top of that, RealPlayer is going to be webcasting the Big Brother 11 Vegas Bash live on September 18th. If you can’t get out to Las Vegas that weekend then this will be the next best thing. I’ll definitely be checking that out.

Overall this was an awesome season for the live feeds. Between getting the feeds for practically free after the early-bird discount plus the $10 in free mp3’s each month, the new Flashback feature which meant you never had to miss another big drama moment, and some of the most explosive HGs evah the feeds were once again a key component to the Big Brother experience. Thanks RealPlayer!

Now that the BB11 season is over, what was your favorite live feeds moment?


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  1. Wanted Kevin and Michelle to win some money, but that’s how the cookie dough crumbles. Thanks for all of ur comments, enjoyed talking to all of you. Hope CBS/AG/BB producers do a better job in screening future HG’s. Aloha Nui Loa, and may God bless you all.

  2. I am sooo happy that Jordan and Jeff came through with wins. But what was worth the most was Nats face when she heard Jessies vote come through for Jordan. Priceless…brilliant!
    Thanks Matt for all you’ve done i appreciate your updates.

  3. I think I’m starting to like Jessie. Oops, too late.

    I was so proud of Jordan when she stood up and said how she won on her own with nobody pulling her through. That won it for her, it was reality! So so happy! Going to miss this site though. Thanks Matt!

  4. Why did Jesse vote for Jordan (against Natalie)?
    I’m thinking jealousy because Nat didn’t fall all over him like Lydia.

    Anyone …

  5. @Joey, I think Jesse voted for Jordan because he did not want the world to think he was anything other than an alliance with her at one time. No “best friends” etc.

  6. jessie really didnt want to be with nataLIE she was too stinky!!!!! Glad to see a sweet girl like Jordan won!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Judy. I see your point.
    One other question; whose foot is that opposite Jordan there in the bathtub? (pic on R on this page)

  8. Yo Jennifer A. (not that it matters but) is it possible that Jesse is gay? To me he looks like it.
    I mean he lets Lydia manipulate him but WOULDN’T kiss her.

  9. Was finally able to watch my tape. Sorry that my Fav Michelle/Kevin didn’t win, and Gnat did win 50K, but gotta give it to Jordan using her monies to benefit her mom/brother and aunts family. Once again, thanks Matt/Dawg and to all of you, God bless.

  10. @Joey….hmmm good question…gay or desperate???? I have nothing against it if he is….for the record, but I wouldnt be surprised. I think he is the biggest jerk gay or not!

  11. @Jennifer … yeah, Jesse reminds me of someone with nothing going for themselves and then builds his body up .. and that’s ALL they have in life and that’s all they know.
    I think he’s a clueless person causing him to be a jerk. JMHO

  12. Joey, I think it is Laura. Laura got in the tub with Jordan in her bikini on the live feeds so that is why I think it is her.


  14. I never had live feeds, so blogs like this totally helped. Anyways, I personally loved the ‘You got got’ comments between Jeff & Russell, and when Jeff would impersonate Russel as a barking dog. All so funny!

  15. can someone please put Natalie in her place? If anyone has seen the post show interviews she is still lying and lying nonstop…she is in own little world and thinks she is God’s gift to mankind!

  16. Joker’s Updates has the Final Fancast Interviews with Natalie,
    Kevin and Jordan.

    Natalie states that 2 hours before the show ended Kevin gave
    her his hoodie. Interesting read.

    On Kevin’s Fancast, Kevin claims, “The B – t c h stole it.” (Hoodie)
    He, also, says Natalie’s father is going to mail it back to him. LOL
    Kevin says J/J were not fans of BB and he wishes he had
    spent more time getting to know J/J but it works both ways.
    At the beginning, Jeff didn’t call Kevin by his name but as
    “The Gay Guy.” Good interview with Kevin.

    I haven’t read Jordan’s FanCast yet.

  17. One more thing:

    Natalie said she wasn’t surprised Jessie didn’t vote for her.
    According to her, Jessie was upset by her engagement.
    His vote against her only proves how much she meant to him
    and how hurt he was at losing her & because she wouldn’t give in
    to him.

    THAT’S AWESOME I DID NOT WANT NATALIE TO WIN (HATE HER) I think Jordan took Natalie becase i think that she wouldn’t of been able to win against Kevin also i wished that Jeff would of proposed to Jordan on finale night. WOOOOHOOOOOO GO JORDAN!!!!!!

  19. I watched natalies interview with julie last night and how she back peddeled about jessie and how she was mean to him does she always lie the game was over jordon may be an air head but natalie didn’t ever think before she spoke she needs to grow up

  20. Thank goodness the skank didnt win!So happy Jordan stuck it to all her critics.Still think had Jeff evicted Kevin instead of Russell he wouldve won.He was best player by far.Glad Julie said vote for 25 grand wasnt even close.And as to the question bout jess…hes gay

  21. Saw interviews with Nat, she actually makes Jessie look good–now the only reason Jessie did not vote for her is because she got engaged. Never thought I would see someone as delusional and self involved as Jessie but Natalie beats him by a mile! I actually like Jessie a little better–oops, maybe Natalie will take credit for that too.

  22. Yeah Jordan!!! I picked her from day one and there she was. She proved herself by winning the last 2 rounds too. Now about Jessie. I am so proud of him for voting fair. He played a smart game this year, except he should of made more friends. He let that catty woman hate (Nat&Chima) permeate his game. Jordan stayed likeable. If she didn’t snap on Russel she would of got his vote too. I think Jessie listened to Jordan and he was all about winning. Jordan proved herself to be that winner. So stop bashing him. It was only a game to him. He wasn’t into all that stupid crap Nat was doing. Remember he told her don’t fight with Lydia? He new she was gonna wreck his game plan by making enimies. And also Lydia and him have been knocking boots in the jury house. Cya all next year.

  23. Everyone lets get together and get us a winter big brother this winter! One big brother a year is not enough!!! What about a big brother channel? 24/7/365 big brother!! LOL

  24. To all the BB fans,YEA.I too felt better about Jessie,that took guts to vote for Jordon.But why did Russel vote for nat???Bad move.As for J and J,Im just a romantic at heart,I hope things for them work out…true romance!!!!I will watch BB next season,as long as they are alittle more careful about there picks..I was so proud of Ronnie for his apoligie to Michell..All and all,good job Allison.I wounder if now well here from Chima???Let the game and lies begin,Im sure she called Nat!!!

  25. What the heck? Why did Jordan dis Jeff when she won? He helped her get there…even if she did do well the last two weeks. NO CLASS@!!

    Heard her hillbilly remark about “guess it was a showmance” after she won.

    Come on Jordan. Jeff just did not want to put your relationship any more on show…..

  26. Midwest Fan – #18

    i’m not Matt – lol – but to answer your question:

    ALL the hgs get PAID IN FULL.

    checks are overnighted via DHL (fedex)to the mailing address each hg provides.

    last night, after the show, i saw evil dick broadcasting live on joker updates from the BB backyard – great show! the hgs were all there doing photo ops, etc., and ED was interviewing them. he told jeff that his and danielle’s checks were mailed in the same envelope ($550,000), and he found the envelope at his mom’s front door when he arrived back home… DHL had simply LEFT IT THERE! – no signature or anything!!

    so the hgs checks will already be there when they get home.

  27. @amy31

    I am so glad I’m not the only one that noticed that. She ignored Jeff as much as she possible good. I really felt embarrased for him. He should have been the first one she ran up to and thanked. Her winning did’nt bother me that much, because none of the f3 deserved the money. It’s a fact he carried her big a$$ to the end because that’s the only way she made it to f3. Then once he was gone Jordan got Jeff fans and they started voting for her. If people would be honest about it they would admit without Jeff there’s no way in hell this girl would have won they would not have gave someone that stupid a vote. I think she just as bad as natatlie if not worse. But believe me she would do Jeff a big favor if she never spoke to him again. I’m sure there’s a lot of beautiful, smart women out there just wanting to get their hands on him. Jordan does not deserve a Goodlooking man like Jeff. maybe Jeff will be on the next bachelor show. I think that would be good tv.

  28. Don’t worry Kevin and Michelle did win some money #2 Jackie M. Kevin won 5,000 in that comp and Michelle won in her comp for being fastest and correct. They also get the jury money. Believe me they all made out.

  29. #28 Chris
    You are so right!!! A winter big brother yesss. CBS is crazy not to do it. I would watch it. I am so hooked on this show. Even this year I was so hating so many players but I still watched. Now I am going to cancel my showtime. Weeds is over too! Here me Showtime? You better go lock up some people and let me watch or your gone. “Smirk”
    Opps forgot about Dexter and Californication!

  30. Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that the chat room is open on Join many of us from this site tomorrow to chat about the first episode of survivor samoa.

  31. Matt – #34

    i didn’t know about the checks either until last night when ED was explaining to jeff how it all works.. he also reminded jeff that CBS reports ALL winnings to the IRS – so make sure to save enough money to pay the taxes!!
    no surprise that “uncle sam” ALWAYS WINS for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! – grrrrrrr!!

    btw Matt, this is my first year on BB Network – and it has BEEN A BLAST!!

    pat yourself on the back for me please – as JORDAN would say… “YOU’RE GUCCI” :)

  32. ok 1st of all. jeff wasnt actually the sweetest to jordan. every time they asked jeff a question about them or going to hawaii he said she was on a short list or lets see if she wins. i think thats low of jeff. and whats this 500k garbage? why not give then 1 mill. these people are there for 70 days and after taxes jordan will walk away with about 300k. what about BB doing a year long big brother with twice as many HGs and then make the prize 1 mill. and they should have a BB channel that has it on 24 hours like the feeds. and you are all right about why jesse voted for jordan 1) he wanted to look good in front of america 2) he was upset about the engagement 3) jordans answers were better then natalies (which i was surpised myself) 4) jesse was pissed at natali from all the crap she talked after he left. remember jesse had 3 weeks to spend with lydia and hear what nat said. and as for kev and russell they voted for personal reasons kev just got voted out by jordan and lost 500k and russell had that fight with jordan and jordan said horrible things to russell in her goodbye messege. i said since they were all week players that the winner of the final hoh should win it all. and that was jordan.

  33. I kind of wonder WHY no one ask Natalie what the hair band wrap around her wrist was all about on the log-roll. OMG, I wish someone would bring that guestion up-to-her !!

  34. @m &Midwest fan. I know the show is over, and Jordan won, however I agree w/you both. I was a J/J fan, until they showed their TRUE COLORS. Jeff is VAIN, and he knew America loved him. Jordan is VAIN, trys to play the sweet innocent, however she has a MEAN STREAK. Oh well got it off my chest, gotta let it go and move on. Aloha

  35. The clips episode seemed totally staged. It was entertaining how Julie was like “Jordan, that means you won 5 to do”, anyone else catch that?

  36. I will miss the show so much. I just wish that we could find out if nat gets married in march and also if jordan and jeff kind of date (since they live so far from one another.
    tonight (the 18th) is the big bash and it should be so much fun.
    I do wonder though just what kind of a man is jordan attracted to. she sure was not attracted to jeff in anyway but friendship.

  37. pat, tell you what. If Jeff & Jordan would get together, they would last alot longer than the Gnat, & boyfriend would! Think about it, look how she treated everyone in the house! Gnataliar could not be friends with anyone in the house. So how can Gnat’s so-called marriage last?

  38. I say a reality show with Jeff and Jordan. We couldn’t get enough, lets stick them on a desert island lmao. America owns them now! Just tooo funny.

  39. @Comment #49, Misty,lmao? It is sad but true. Why not place Jeff & Jordan along with Gnat and her boyfriend on the Amazing Race? Once again, lmao? That’s just what cbs did w/ Rob & Amber! Lmao, yet they won $1 million dollars, plus had their wedding & honeymoon paid for!

  40. Soonerfan and all you other hill billies are a bunch of haters. Natalie could care less and wipes her ass with all of you. She is happily married and living in her new house. Has a great carrier and is loving life. So get one of your own LOSERS!

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