Paulie Calafiore – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Paulie Calafiore was voted out of Big Brother 18 this week after his allies turned on the former house leader. Now on his way to Jury, somewhere he promised Houseguests he wasn’t willing to stay, we got the chance to ask Paulie about some of his experiences on Big Brother.

Paulie Calafiore with Julie Chen outside Big Brother 18

His comp record was impressive but it was also intimidating for his fellow HGs and when they saw he might be playing his own game rather than the team effort they thought he was it was time for him to go. So what about his game play was it that did him in? We heard so much about Derrick & Cody’s style of game, but this is another season with another set of rules. What about all those threats to quit and dodge his punishments? Read on for all his answers.

Big Brother Network (BBN): You often cited Cody & Derrick’s strategies as guides for your own this season. Do you think it backfired trying to play a BB16 strategy in a BB18 game? What worked & what didn’t?

Paulie Calafiore: I feel as though every piece of my strategy was working. The only part that was missing was the loyalty within the larger alliance.

BBN: Last week things grew heated and got personal between you and Natalie. How much, if any, of that do you think led to your eviction after James used his Care Package against Zakiyah and the house turned on you this week?

Paulie: James using his care package and my alliance turning on me had nothing to do with what Natalie did. At the end of the day it was my alliance members decision to betray me and not Natalie’s.

BBN: What was your thinking this week with refusing to make the apple pie Sunday nightand your threats to Houseguests that you’d quit Jury house if they evicted you?

Paulie: Everything was completely strategy to make myself appear defeated and sway any part of anyone’s mind who was willing to listen to something I had to say. At first I had to make myself completely vulnerable and then I had to extract what information I could within the conversations I was having while people thought I was defeated.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now and can they win it all?

Paulie: Right now it is anybody’s game.

BBN: Thank you, Paulie.

Well that was an interesting set of responses from Paulie. Obviously when you’re doing eviction interviews something went wrong with your game and moves you made. That’s natural. But Paulie is insisting his game and strategy was right and good in “every piece.” He suggests his game only faltered because others made mistakes, not him. So something went wrong in his moves to make them lose that loyalty. I’d wager it was when they saw he was insisting on keep Zakiyah for the transparent reasons of her being his paired female HG.

As for his “FT” argument with Natalie, remember that James had been wavering that night and started to tell Corey about the plan, but after that fight blew up he turned solid against Paulie. Doesn’t sound like Paulie is sensing that though.

Paulie is saying his resisting DR and saying he’d quit the game was all strategy. Nicole and Corey discussed Paulie’s claims just last night. Neither believed his story that it was fake. Considering he was crying inside the DR it’s hard to imagine how that would help him extract information from other HGs.

It would have been interesting to hear who he thought was playing the best game, but I guess he’s unwilling to give anyone else credit.

This might not be the last we’ve seen of Paulie in the Big Brother 18 house now that there’s a new twist in the game that’s set to bring back one of the first five Jury members. Do you think Paulie has what it takes to win over his competition so far?



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  1. It could be that Paulie’s still too close to the situation to see where he went wrong. Maybe, once some time has passed and he’s had the opportunity to look at things objectively, he’ll recognize everything that he did wrong and what he should have done differently.

    • Paulie doesn’t look at things objectively. He personalizes as much as Nat does. And with his ego…he would never admit any wrong doing.

    • Agreed. I think Day finally did that. After she thought about what went wrong she realized that again she should’ve kept her mouth shut. Not sure exactly what specifically she was talking about but either way that was what did her in. But that doesn’t mean I want her back in the game though lol

    • Paulie doesnt appear to be introspective to me. He’s ligical, so if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

      • I agree. Paulie doesn’t appear introspective to me either. This is one of the reasons why I don’t think he will ever be a great BB player like Dan or Will. Both of those guys were introspective–they understood the psychology of people, such as how people behaved during certain situations, what people were thinking during certain situations, etc. It amazes me that it never crossed Paulie’s mind that some or all of his alliance members would be upset at him for only wanting his targets taken out of the game and not their’s. Plus, did Paulie actually think that none or all of his alliance members wouldn’t compare notes and find out that he made final 3 deals with everyone?! That was his downfall. He was in a good position and blew it big time.

      • At some point in his life, he’ll have to see the errors of his way. He was too embarrassed to on national tv

      • You mentioned Dan. I think the one thing Paulie shares with Dan is a big ego. Paulie claims his “depression” was an act. If that was the case, like Dan, he would have been in the diary room telling how he fooled everyone. Paulie is full of himself.

      • I agree that both Paulie and Dan have a big ego. But, unlike Paulie, Dan actually won BB and was runner up so he can back up his ego. Unfortunately, Paulie can’t.

  2. He’s another person who insists he’s a victim. With absolutely zero self-effacement or charm he comes across as a spoiled, wounded victim. Glad he’s gone. People like him give millennials a bad name. Corey may not be a genius but his speech to Cryie in the kitchen says a LOT about the kind of coach and man he is. Cryie needs his Mom to give him a hug and tell he’s wonderful.

    • Can you imagine the kind of self serving crap he is dishing out a the Jury House?

    • ITA. Another example of a self-entitled millennial who thinks the world owes him everything.

  3. He said: His strategy was working. The only part that was missing was the loyalty …lol Unbelievable! They’re not loyal to you because they don’t believe you..therefore you’re not in control of the game, That only means, your strategy is not working…..Poor man’s Cody.

  4. Since BB is rigged, I bet they find a way to get Momma Braid back in the game. I can’t stand her, but she had a lot of fans and viewers liked her DR, Eye Rolls and Sassy back talk.

    • If the game is rigged, then please bring Da back. I’d rather have her in the show over Paulie, plus she will go after the very annoying floater NIcole.

    • If it was rigged, Vanessa would have won BB17 and get her poker show off the ground on CBS but neither of those happen nor were they even true to begin with.

    • You’re probably the 10000th person to say the game is rigged just because something didn’t go your way.

  5. Wow even outside the house he’s still lying. Paulie-get a reality check. You were a complete douche. Your alliance turned against you because you didn’t have their best interest. That’s the thing with an alliance, you need to consider everyone’s best interest and not just yourself. Loyalty is key, and since you failed to abide by that, Paul and Vic couldn’t trust you.

  6. Ugh, what a load of poo. I really feel bad for him that he can’t realize his mistakes and accept responsibility. He is in for a lonely life if he doesn’t grow the heck up. You have to be loyal to get loyalty in return and treat people right, obviously his “team” felt he was not worth it. If he comes back all hell will break loose. As fun as that is to watch, I haven’t disliked a player as much as him for awhile.

    • Me either!!! He’s a terrible guy,hard to believe he’s 27! Acts like a spoiled child that needs to spend a lot of time in the corner.His family & friends must be embarassed. I wouldn’t even want to date him,hes a creep with women issues.

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