‘Big Brother 18’: Nomination Anticipation In Week 9 – Update: New Plans After Care Package Revealed

This week we need to take the Big Brother 18 nomination plans in two waves because right now the new Head of Household is busily planning to select two HGs but we know only one will come from the main HoH and the other will be up to this America’s Care Package.

Nicole worries about the nominations

Yes, the Head of Household duties for nominations will be divided giving one pick to the HoH and the other to the Co-HoH and while we know that the Houseguests are still in for a surprise when the little box parachutes down to the ground later today.

Natalie won HoH overnight and spent a lot of time this morning going through her nomination plans. You can Flashback to a little before 6AM BBT this morning and let it roll for an hour as Natalie plans with James which followed some planning with Corey and with Nicole. Yes, the previous plan has changed.

The five Houseguests who came together to oppose Paulie are now splitting up after Natalie decided last night that she didn’t trust Paul and James agreed. Now Natalie is planning to target Victor and Paul with her two nominations, but of course we know she’ll have just one pick.

All the same Natalie spoke with James at length that she wanted to get Paul and Victor up because Paul was her target. No wait, she wants them both up because Victor is her target. Actually she has wanted Corey out for a long time, so maybe… no, we’re back to Paul and Victor going up.

Natalie recognizes that Victor is incredibly strong at comps and a huge threat to win if he gets to the end. Natalie even admitted she’d vote for him over one of the women despite having previously said she’d vote girl power no matter what. Of course she’ll still vote for Nicole over Paul if they’re at the end though because, sit down for this one, Natalie says Nicole has played a better game. Yikes.

James was supportive of Natalie’s plan to go after Victor and Paul by making them the two nominees. He says they’re down to the F7 and at this point they need to start getting aggressive. Both agree they’d rather face Nicole and Corey in the final comps than Victor and Paul. Hard to argue with that logic, but they’re going to have trouble pulling this off.

When that package hits the backyard I’m expecting either Paul or Michelle to win it but it might go to Victor too. Corey would be a real shock win but anything is possible. I think we could see a shuffle of plans once Natalie sees she can’t get both her noms on the Block.

If she goes ahead and puts Paul up then say Victor wins Veto he could save Paul and end that plan. Same goes vice versa. This could get messy for Natalie’s plans. But if that ACP nomination is in the hands of one of the five HGs she was aligned with last week then they’d have a real easy time working together to put Nicole and Corey up together. I’m just not sure she hasn’t talked herself out of seeing those two put up after all her talks this morning.

Natalie has promised she won’t put up a girl because she made America a promise. Okay. So don’t expect that to happen. And we know her current plan to nominate Victor and Paul won’t happen either. It’s going to be an entertaining after on the Live Feeds so I recommend you get the Free Trial now and be ready to watch along!

Once we get the ACP results we’ll have to come back and do an update for nomination plans for both Natalie and the ACP winner. It’ll be interesting to see if they coordinate their noms or if they have to keep them secret . Good stuff ahead.

What do you think Natalie should do once the ACP is revealed? Is it worth the risk of going after either Paul or Victor if one of them can’t come down or will she have to backtrack and set her sights again on Nicole and Corey? Share your thoughts below.

Update: The America’s Care Package has been awarded to Michelle leaving us with time to start planning who both HoH’s will nominate as they each get one pick.

Natalie grabbed Michelle and they sat down in the Have-Not room at 1:17 PM BBT today to discuss their options. Michelle wanted to target Nicole but Natalie very, very quickly flipped her to targeting Paul instead. A gentle breeze could have flipped Michelle it seems.

Michelle and Natalie leave the room and Natalie lets Nicole and Corey know that Michelle is on board. Nicole & Corey leap out of their designated resting spots for the season. They gather in the kitchen for much chatter. There are promises of safety and voting as requested.

Looks like we have our nomination plans settled. Natalie will likely nominate Paul while Michelle nominates Victor. Watch for that this evening.


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  1. Natalie is everything that is wrong with Big Brother. This clueless twit winning HoH and now blowing a fuse figuring out who to put up is a like a bad comedy routine. Thank goodness there is still hope with the Care Package to get the game back on track – but then again America disappointed last week giving safety to Nicole.

    But either way, it looks like the house will vote out either Paul or Vic.

    What’s funny is they do not know whoever they vote out could come back. It would be funny if it was Vic winning the comp to come back again.

  2. Paul has been behind so much and it was about time they put 2&2 together. Not sure why some are so certain that Corey will not win the ACP this week. From where I have been watching..Corey might very well win it. JMHO

  3. It has been coming for a while for the other hg’s to put 2&2 together about Paul. Nat remembers how Paul always said the FT around her. This was before Nat found out what FT was. At that point Paul was fast to say it was all Paulie. Paul has been running around the house for over a week a nervous wreck. He has said too much about Vic and others and he knows it will all come out. As far as Corey not getting ACP this week…I have been watching on many sites and in live feeds and I think Corey has a very good chance of winning this. Nat is smart enough to see that she can’t win against Paul or Victor at the end. Time to take one of the 2 out!

    • I am hoping and crossing my fingers that Cory does get the care package. Nobody liked Nicole on this site and she got it hopefully all of her fans will think like me and give it to Cory. Don’t bash me I know I am the minority.

    • If Corey doesn’t get the CP, him or Nicole are out this week. He better hope and pray snakey Nicole’s fans come through for him.

      • On the feeds last night Corey and Nicole were discussing that they both knew that Paulie’s instability and crying were NOT strategy. They saw it too. It’s one of the first time I saw either of them thinking on their own without Paulie controlling them.

      • Too bad because looks like snakey Paul and annoying Victor are going to be on the block. Buh bye to one of them.

    • I agree. It’s about time they start playing strategic and not personal. Paul is just like Paulie. Making alliances with everyone and putting the blame and lying about everyone. And I’m sick of watching him with that stupid duck float around his waist. He acts like a child.

    • I agree with everything except Corey. The three girls in the jury acknowledged he’s been insignificant this season. I think he has the worst shot besides maybe Michelle or James

  4. Nothing against the wonderful article, but I couldn’t continue reading after the first couple of paragraphs. I CANNOT believe the plan has changed so quickly. James and Nat deserve to go next. Yeah lets start trusting the people who this entire time were playing with the enemy. Natalie has lost cool points with me. :(

    • Never expected Natalie to ever trust Nicole and Corey after hearing how much they both dislike her, but I guess she really believe she has a better chance to win against Nicole/Corey vs Paul/Victor. Still hoping Paul or Victor get the CP. Then let’s see what the Venezuelan princess will do.

      • This is the first I’m hearing about Paul and Victor being racist… Can you fill me in?

      • Try looking back thru Matt’s recaps here and also on Jokers and on Twitter. They’re there. Some people (not me unless I look it up again myself and I don’t care that much to do it) have the actual times.The times I recall are when Bronte was still there.

        Here’s one (I caved) from the first week.
        This is from this site, written by Matt:

        Bronte has gone back inside leaving the guys to rant and rave awhile longer. Paul is so upset and Jozea doesn’t understand how this is happening since (he believes) they have a majority and are in control. Paul says everyone just needs to play it cool and stick together, but instead Natalie “let that little Korean man invade [her] brain.” (2:09 AM BBT Cams 1/2) Go to bed, Paul.

      • Go back to the beginning of the feeds. Believe me Paul, Victor, Bronte and Jozea said a lot. I don’t remember back that far word for word but they were making fun of James, Day and Z with some very ignorant race comments. Also some really hateful comments. You want word for word go back to the beginning when the feeds started.

      • If she has any chance of winning she has to get Paul or Victor out. Teaming up with Corey and Nicole makes more sense. The game isn’t about who likes who. It is about getting out people who are more likely to win than you are if you get the chance. Just like with Paulie, if they don’t strike now they may not get another chance.

      • I think she has a point, at least when it comes to Victor. Paul has won more comps than Nicole though. Of course they don’t know about the jury battle back, I wonder if that would change their minds.

        Her original thinking was flawed though, trusting what Nicole said Paulie said Paul said…dumb. She is making the right choice IMO, but for the wrong reasons, at first.

    • I know right?! How did they turn on such a golden plan so quick?! They really trust what Paulie said and they freaking trust Nicole? Natalie and James need to think for a second and realize what all they’re screwing up for Nicole and Corey. Ughhhh!

      • It’s crazy! I’m sure James had a hand in that. He’s not cut out for this game. I don’t care if he’s on every season, he will attach himself to a girl, and do nothing

      • James has pissed me off at times this season, no doubt. But what he’s doing has been working to this point. James hasn’t been OTB or even sniffed the block all season. Seems to be playing the simplified/poorman Derrick’s game.

        He’s been throwing 90% of the comps (told this to Paulie) and has stayed out of 99% of the drama/arguments between other HGs. Now, I’m not saying this makes for an entertaining game by any means, but the game has changed in recent years (for the worse). Comp beasts and those who ruffle feathers have become quick targets and often get shown the door before they ever have a chance at big prize.

        The longer seasons, greater number of HGs, and younger/immature players have turned the game into a summer camp of sorts. BB has become more of a marathon and less of sprint. The players that keep their nose clean and last the longest have best opportunity of winning, see Andy, Derrick, and Steve for reference. Sad but it’s the reality now.

      • I think it’s a smart choice. Finally they are going to play strategical instead of personal. I’ve been saying those 4 need to team up otherwise that lying snake Paul and Victor will just pick people off. And why wouldn’t they trust Nicole. If there’s one thing about Nicole she is loyal to the people that are loyal to her. She had James back and trusted him 100% until he flipped on her. She even told him it really hurt. James even told Natalie last night that Nicole doesn’t make things up which is true.

      • It’s not strategic. Nicole ran in and said don’t put us up, and we won’t put you up when we win. Not sure when Nicole will win anything

      • It’s strategic when they’re going after 2 of the strongest players. Who cares if she wins or not. She’s still there isn’t she?

  5. If Nat is stupid enough to put up Vic when Paul wins ACP, or vice versa then the ACP winner just has to put up James and one of them win veto to ensure he goes home on Nat’s watch.

  6. Wouldn’t be shocked if it comes back to Nicole and Corey again, depending on who wins the HOH.

    The cleanest move would be if Meech won, she puts up Corey and Natalie puts up Nicole and gets one of them out. Meech has the votes (Victor and Paul) over James assuming veto is won by someone else and isn’t used.

    If Corey won, he’ll put up Victor. That gives Natalie her excuse to put up Paul. BUT, if I understand this correctly…if Paul wins veto, Natalie has to put up Nicole and Nicole goes home (Meech and Victor). If Victor wins, Corey will put James up. Meech/Victor/Paul have a F3…you only need 2 votes so James would go home in that scenario.

    Same scenario as Meech if Victor or Paul won ACP.

    • If the F3 between Vic/Meech/Paul is legit, they control the house. they just don’t know it yet.

      • I don’t know where his head is right now. Chances are if he feels like he was screwed over by James, then James will go on the block. At that Point, Big Meech will be the deciding factor on who goes home.

      • Corey will put up James. He was pissed that his little bunk buddy Paulie got nominated and left. He was mad at James ‘betrayal’ on ACP3 flip although they would have never taken them (James/Nat) to final 4

      • Yeah he was but James didn’t put up him or Paulie. Plus James was up front and was honest about sending Z out the door so they wouldn’t be blindsided. Now take into effect that just as James and Natalie need both Corey and Nicole to take out Paul and Victor, Corey also needs James and Natalie for the same thing and same reasons. To whit, I still do not know where Corey’s head is at, at this point. Sometimes, you have to make a deal with the Devil to beat the Demons.

    • Not necessarily because I don’t think either HOH is allowed to vote therefore it would result in a tie. I don’t know where they would go from there though

      • Sorry my math sucks lol I was even trying to map it out, but even if one of them are on the block as long as both corey or nicole are not on the block then with meech winning the HOH, Corey and Nicole should both be safe

      • 3 people will vote, it just depends on what the nominations are. But like TXsunshine said, Corey will probably put Meech up before James and ensure one of Paul or Victor/Meech goes home.

  7. I don’t think a Corey win might be as shocking as some might think; if voters were essentially in two camps all week, one being Paulie-Nicole-Corey and the other being the rest of the house (at the time, anyway), it’s conceivable that, anticipating Paulie’s eviction, Corey could consolidate the one side’s votes while the other side’s might be split between Paul, Victor and Michelle, allowing Corey to squeak out a win. We shall see…

    • I’m seeing that possibility very clearly this week, because if he slips into the final with Nicole he’s probably going to be more respected than her. Even so, I hope that anyone, ANYONE wins over Corey, I’ll take Nicole winning over him just so a girl can win, just please don’t let that guy win, he’s just so boring…

      • I should’ve been clearer, I was actually only referring to the possibility of Corey’s winning this week’s care package, but I think you make a valid point about his ability to potentially win the whole thing if he makes it to the final two…

  8. I’m hoping Michelle wins the Care Package now. I’m sure if they can discuss their nominee’s she’ll let Natalie do the work so she’s not guilty and I think she’ll let her put up Vic and Paul even though she really dislikes Nicole right now. I’m hoping a weak person goes out so Paulie can win his way back in, but I’d still love to see Paul or Vic evicted.

  9. I’m hoping Victor or Paul gets the package and then Natalie changes her mind. Im kind of surprised and disappointed that she is teaming up with Nicole and Corey.

    • Snake Nicole promised to not put them up?? You would have to win something first Nicole. In two seasons you won zero HOH and 1(?) pov. Watch out Nat, she gets her validation from men and only does what is good for men. Nicole will do nothing to help out another woman.
      Hoping with Victor getting ACP5 that it will stop this little plan

      • All Nicole has basically done this season is sit in the corner of the bed with Coooorrrreeeeyyy in the Tokyo room and plead to not be put up.

      • Lol. And constantly re-do the rat nest bun and agree to everything the guys said. She certainly didnt do ANY cleaning or straighten up a room. Yuk!

      • If I had a dollar for everytime she puts that bun up and down..I would have at least 75.00 by the end of the day! So annoying..just cut it!!

      • I agree, I get so tired of watching her fool with that rats nest on her head. And it doesn’t even look good..ugh!

      • Nicole has beautiful hair but just stop with the bun she calls her other brain. Pony, braid, or put some pins in the bun so it stays up. She has a lot of free time on her hands.

      • I wonder if prod said something to her. First day that she has hair diff than bun or curled. Messy 1/2 bun rat nest……
        If she had nervous energy she could CLEAN her room at least.
        Victor scrubbed the non-HOH shower bc it was so nasty.

      • She is too busy with Corey. I wonder what they will do if both of them are on the block. Would they still cuddle?

      • You have to think long-term and Natalie has a better chance competing against Nicole and Corey in comps than paul and Victor who are beast at them

      • Long term either Paul or Victor would take Nat to final 2 but Corey|Nic will only take each other.

    • I agree. I would’ve liked for the anti-Paulie alliance to have stuck together for at least one more week. But this is a typical weak player move. If Natalie gets her way then it is almost guaranteed that we will have another season with a mediocre winner. It would be a shame that people who have been playing to win like Vic and Paul get taken out by a bunch of idiots who have hid the entire season behind bigger targets, waited for real competitors to make the moves they wish they had the guts to make, and prayed that they didn’t get evicted that week.

      • Truthfully it’s in Natalie’s best interest not to stay aligned with Paul and Victor . If she doesn’t take one of them out soon she doesn’t have a chance to win. This is actually a good game move on her part.

      • There is no guarantee that either will go home this week with the care package twist. If someone threw this comp to her like Paul and James said they would then jury won’t respect that and she won’t win anyways. James is also gonna probably get credit for this move anyways, kind of how Austin got the credit for Liz’s game last year. Nat’s only chance of winning is getting to F2 with Nicole.

      • Right on point. If Michelle sticks to the plan then, Paul and Victor on the hot seats sends one of them to the jury house! It is the best move for Natalie and she can cite this as a huge game move. If she succeeds in removing Paul and Victor from the Big Brother House, Natalie’s chance of winning Big Brother got that much better! She and James will have to compete against Nicole, Corey and Michelle versus Victor and Paul who are comp beasts!

      • How in this world did Natalie win a comp. It must not have been a physical one. BB played into her hands.

    • It actually shocked me. I get it’s BB and expect the unexpected. But this was so random, to me anyhow. I can’t wait to see her face when she realizes she has to share her reign as hoh! Lol. She so expects to have the entire power but not so fast little princess. Lol

    • I agree, Paul or victor deserve the win.

      Natalie jumping to corey Nicole is just crazy. She road coattails all the way here and personalally I would prefer to go against someone who has played well.

      • Victor and Paul played good games and Natalie is playing a smart game! Way better than getting Zakiyah out. This is a big move if it works! I would rather more players going out to try and win that $500,000!

  10. Why so little conversation about the new twist? I hate it! I have no idea who is coming back but I really don’t want any of the current jury members to come back, including and especially Paulie!

    • We’re still in shock of the possibility Natalie maybe putting Paul and Victor OTB. When will they return?

      • One of those evicted could come back meaning, Paulie, Paul or Victor, Bridgette, Zakiyah and Davonne. That is assuming that Victor or Paul is the next evictee!

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul OTB. The only good thing I can see with Victor OTB and being voted out is that he would have a good chance of beating Paulie to get back in the house, assuming the battle back challenge is somewhat physical. I don’t like bringing back evicted players but since BB and CBS are determined to do it again I would honestly like to see Victor do it twice.

  12. Well they sure screwed over Frank, he didn’t get to participate in either Battle Back, once somebody is gone they should stay gone, but nobody ever said BB is fair.

  13. What scares me is that if Corey gets voted out, he may just throw the battle back comp to his best bro, Paulie. If Vic or Paul get out, at least we have a final chance that Paulie WON’T come back. Bittersweet….

    • It would be nice to have Paul/Cory battle each other tho….and then lose to Bridgette. Lol

      • I hate it when jury members return…but if Bridge comes back because of it…I’ll be totally cool with it.

    • He didn’t try to throw his game to paulie when they were both on the block. He wouldn’t do that in a battle back either.

  14. This is the reason I said all my votes went to Corey. Now that Natalie and James are thinking strategic and not personal if Corey wins ACP they could work together and target Paul and Victor. Because that’s who Corey and Nicole want gone also. Otherwise those 2 guys will be sitting there in the end. I said a long time ago that James, Natalie, Corey and Nicole should start working together and stop playing personal. Now if Victor or Paul wins ACP that screws everything up. I don’t want Paul running another HOH. He’s such a snake.

      • Backdoor would be good but since everyone but one person plays in the POV this week it might be good to just straight out put him up. Since he doesn’t expect it maybe it will rattle him. But Victor needs to go up with him because Victor is a beast at comps and if he’s not on the block he would take Paul off. So if Victor was up and took himself down they could use Michelle as a pawn. They would have the votes to evict Paul.

      • Glad to see James and Nat are becoming aware of how untrustworthy Paul is and that he needs to go next. He’s so likable and would easily win if he makes it to the finale.

    • It took awhile to happen but it does seem as if Nat/J/Co/Nic have realized that playing the game personally won’t get them to the end.

  15. Natalie is speeding up her own eviction and could even see James on the block right under her nose. She is safe this week, but she’ll have to reconsider her ideas as soon as that Care package hits the ground with Paul’s name on it. Speculations vary among people, of course, but this is what I think.

    • I dont see how Nat can go after Vic if Paul gets the second HOH. Unless she gets James to vote Vic out with Nic & Cory. But we have to remember the HG know about the second buyback or battle back. So the folks in the house wont want to show their true colors just yet.

      • Lately, James has convinced himself, illogically based on what Julie said and didn’t say last night, that no one is coming back anymore from jury. I don’t know if anyone has enlightened him about it. He’s a thoughtful guy but not a great thinker. He and Natalie aren’t taking the long view just yet.

      • From watching the feeds, nobody in the house has any idea that there will be another battle-back.

    • Stupid move Nat. Victor and Paulie would take you to final 3 then either of them would take you to final 2. You just lost $50k because you listened to Paulie & Nicole. Dumb. Dumb Dumb

      • I never heard them discuss taking Natalie to final 3. They did discuss taking Michelle to final 3.

      • Heard it a couple times Vic/paul and Nat/james in final 4. Then cut james. Convo was with P & V

      • Thanks! Good point, since I did hear them discussing final 4 with Nat and James. OR final 3 with Michelle.

      • Either way, if they stuck together then corey/nic would go out the next 2 weeks and P/V/M/J/NT would get to final 5. Sigh

  16. Buy back sounds interesting. So tonights show is a carnival where the HGs win prizes. Now what would they need a show like that for? Buy Back? Sounds like the HGs might have to put their prizes up to buy something with. Could it be whoever gets the most prizes (or monetary value of prizes) will be bought back into the game? Something new kid, something new my grammy used to say. Just wondering.

  17. It’s about time they target Paul. I Hope everyone voted for Corey for ACP. Also I hope for Paulie to return to cause havoc in the BB house(Game Wise, not personally).

    • Hell no I didn’t vote for Corey and never will and definitely don’t want the scumbag coming back into the house not now not ever!

  18. Anyone else anticipate a very Vanessa-esque HOH reign from Natalie? Kinda glad it won’t just be here making all the choices here, even if it is one of the three HGs I can’t stand who get ACP.

  19. It is just common sense to target Victor and Paul. They are both very good in competitions and evicting them gives the other house guests a chance to win that $500,000! If you evict one, you just have to compete with that one person. Corey, Nicole, Michelle, James and Natalie all benefit from it! The winner coming back could of course, impact it as well but, still, the smart decision if you are trying to win is evict either Victor or Paul but, preferably both! You do not want to be competing against Victor and Paul in HOH and VETO! That is a no brainer!

  20. If it’s Meech’s nom (Vic) I’d imagine she’d go for Nic.
    If it’s Nat’s nom (Paul), I’d imagine Corey.
    The only person not playing for POV this week is the host(ess).

  21. Nat and Michelle r really not gonna be deciding which of dem (Victor or Paul) z gonna be evicted .Nicole and Corey r d ones making d decision. James will do wat d house wants as usual.

  22. Nat and Michelle should better hope Vic gets evicted cos of next HOH. He z gonna put dem up for eviction if he wins. Oh ACP. Still dont understand how that bribe works. Plus wuld love to see Victor do anoda battle back.

  23. bad move for Michelle to team up with the 2 couples (nat/james/nicorey) ….vic and paul would at least take her to final 3….bad game move for her if she puts up the other half of paul/vic IMO

    and with the battle back loomingNatalie and James will most likely become numero uno targets ,

  24. I know Meech is a swing vote, and she can be easy to persuade. None the less, I’m still surprised she is flipping so easily. Paul and Victor have been very good to her.

  25. Idk. Meech is a waste of a package. No fun or fireworks, no big move or own thoughts. Some kinda super fan let down. #wallflower

  26. Huh. Looks like Natalie and Michelle are going to be sharing a HOH room. How lazy of production.

  27. Honestly it’s in Natalie’s best interests to do this. I highly dislike Nicole and Corey but it is very clear that Victor/Paul are the stronger duo by a mile. I think Nat would be crazy not to make this move honestly. I am just shocked this is happening! She’s really stepping up.
    One thing i hate is that stupid jury buy back. HGs have had 2 chances to come back already. Let’s move on, please!

  28. Oh lord, not Michelle. And it sounds like she’s already switched sides. This is why I didn’t want her to get it she’s too easily swayed and influenced. Someone with a backbone needed to get this. I’m really getting discouraged with this season and we still have a returning jury member. If Paul and Victor get nominated and one of them is voted out I hope they come right back in as the returning jury member.

    • I don’t see what is so special about Meech that america wanted to vote for her anyway. She’s not even attractive. Nor is she likable. An she’s a big baby. Where is this appeal? Is it simply bc she’s the only female, and it’s a bunch of desperate horny male plebs voting?

      • She’s not ugly. And what does looks have to do with the game? She is the one who caught on to the Paulie and all male alliance. She started the ball rolling (along with Bridget and Nat). I think as a super fan, she was so invested in doing well, that actually screwed up her own game, and realized it. Her expectations were so high, the .emotions came spilling out. But II think she realized she was in the wrong, made amends, and has played better since.

      • Agreed.
        For the first 3 weeks of this season I had absolutely no idea which girl was Meech ‘cuz I always missed the opening credits and she was never involved in any game play.
        I was beginning to think she was this imaginary character like ‘Suze’ from that episode of Seinfeld where everyone just pretended to know this person Elaine invented ‘cuz they didn’t want to look like they were out of the loop.
        As it turns out, ‘Suze’ would probably be a much better game player than ‘Meech’…LOL

      • Since they said Nat and Mich. can’t be HOH next week, I’m assuming Victor couldn’t win because he was HOH this week.

  29. I just watched the feeds a little bit, and they’re all in the HoH room just talking/laughing. Isn’t Christmas Corey the most boring character there? He just stares in space. How’s he gonna get ACP?..give us something..you know..He’s so dull.

  30. Now that Meech is co HOH does that mean she doesn’t get to vote in the eviction ?

    If that is the case there are only three votes and if James is aligned with Nicorey then Michele can’t help P&V at all

  31. Also I am not going to hate on Nat for going after Victor or Paul because she is right that she would lose against them. I actually think she would lose against almost everyone except Michele (maybe Nicole)

  32. So Nicole is promising James and Natalie safety for next week, how is she able to promise anyone safety if she can’t win a comp?!?! Vic and Paul promised to take her to F3 but apparently that’s less appealing. Kill me now.

    • Final 3 where at best she hopes for $50k and we definitely have people who only play for that but I think they should be playing for $500k otherwise it’s a waste

  33. So Paulie wins jury member back comp ( whatever it’s called). And you have him and corey together again and nothings changed. Shouldn’t they realize since no one won RT someone has to come back. Blah!

  34. What is Nat talking about that Mom and Dad wanted Nicorey safe? I’m not liking what I’m reading on Jokers.

    • One ex-player said, every year they have a favorite. Nic could be the one this year..that’s all I’m saying ok? Not suggesting anything else. lol

      • I remember, during BB11, when they were trying to find ways of convincing Jeff that Natalie was lying to him and Jordan about Russell and Michele.

      • I know what you’re talking about. If they’re smart enough, they can learn a lot of things in DR.

      • Well, hell, I thought “kids” that age didn’t listen to “Mom and Dad” any longer. Well behaved children, huh? “Mom and Dad” must give them lots of incentive. hahaha

      • Your’s a funny lady. And by the way, where were you on Aug 16th, your 60TH birthday? When I was on, I didn’t see you. Happy Belated, I I. Now you caught up with me. See, it’s not so bad, is it. Lol

      • Hey Karen, I had a nice birthday but then the bedroom floor started caving in due to all the rain and we’re pretty busy finding the leak and repairing the damages. Not a very good birthday present was it? :D
        How are you liking the Nat and Nicole alliance?

      • Ouch, not good. I know Louisiana got loads of rain and I know you are next door. Sorry, II!
        I know Nic is your girl, but she has completely fallen off of my likeable list this season. But I definitely see why she is so threatened by Vic and Paul. They have dominated the game over Nicorey and Nat’s a smart girl. She, of course, will use whomever she needs to to further her game. I wish she knew how Corey acted when Paulie spoke so rudely to Nat and then both guys laughed and clapped when Nat and James left the HOH room. I don’t think she would be so gung ho to save Corey’s butt.

      • Thanks goodness we’re not getting the same type of deluge as LA but it’s still raining way more than usual for this time of year.
        I don’t care about Corey’s butt to be honest and I’m only tolerating him for Nic’s sake.
        I think it’s very smart for Nat to take Nic to the end since I don’t think this jury will give the win to Nicole.
        I’m so glad DR pointed out all this to both women so they could forget their petty differences and start playing to win.
        Personally, I don’t hold it against Nicole for riding coat tails while Paulie took the hits. Look what happened to Day and Tiff will they tried to play game with the guys – they weren’t having none of it.
        So to me Nicole’s do nothing strategy wasn’t a bad strategy. She managed to survive Frank and Day when they had her in their cross hairs due to her solid alliance at the time. She will probably last longer than Corey now that paulie’s gone.
        I can understand why people don’t enjoy watching her playing an under the radar game too. She said earlier that this is what Dan G. told her to do.

      • She told Corey earlier that she had purposefully thrown every comp. I find that hard to believe. But, maybe so, if Dan G told her to. It’s gotten her this far; that and obviously a little help from good ole’ “Mom and Dad”. She’ll be like Frankie and Vanessa, DR will push her along as long as they can, but they can’t actually give her the game…I don’t think….I hope not anyway. I rooted for her during Season 16 and was happy to see her back. I tried to cheer for her this year. But when she took sides with douchebag Paulie, that was it for me.

      • Did you see the Evel Dick tweets up top? I don’t know how trust worthy he is, but claiming DR does a lot more than I ever expected.

      • Yeah, He was a winner, and he knows. Dan G.never talk negative things about Production, but Evel Dick is Evel Dick..he doesn’t care.lol..that’s his character.

      • I wish the HG’s realized that if the DR is stirring the pot, that they may not be stirring it to that players advantage; they are stirring for the sake of stirring up ratings, lol.

      • It’s still depends on the player, how they read it. I remember Janelle on one of her season, came out of DR stressed out and said.”i’m not gonna do what they want me to do”(what she thinks they want her to do)..then they cut into fish. Feedsters catch them.lol …Then again, it’s their choice…you know what I’m saying.

  35. I actually do think this is a good move…. assuming Paulie didn’t have a very good shot to get back in the house. If he comes back, he will align with Corey and Nicole, and all three will throw James/Natalie/whoever else out the window. Smart, but pretty dumb considering what we know.

    • That’s always the problem, though. We have information they don’t. Hence why fan favorites go home early year after year. Very few times do they make it to the end.

  36. Nicole has came to the conclusion that if America wanted to keep V & P safe, America would have given them the CP. So based on that assumption, wouldn’t you conclude that they didn’t want to keep Corey safe either?

    • Agreed. But Nicole doesn’t know that. And imho, Nicole hasn’t gotten anything right about the CP yet. She won’t know that until she comes out though.

      • I think the HGs have been assuming the vote happens after the live show on Thursday, rather than all week long.

  37. Imagine paul getting evicted, then winning jury buy back, THEN both paul and Victor being evictees sitting in final two haha!?

  38. No game talk going on at the moment. Think they’re just waiting for the Nomination Ceremony to begin.

    • Might be a bit of talk blocking going on with V&P in the HoH room with Nat and Meech. Can’t blame them, sure they’re pretty paranoid bout these noms.

  39. I hope that Victor gets evicted so that he can prevent Paulie from winning the competition to get back into the house.
    If the veto gets used, does Natalie or Michele get to name who the replacement nominee for eviction will be?

  40. Hi Matthew – the screen keeps freezing up whenever I type in a comment – happens on both laptop and iPad. Super. Annoying.
    Thanks bud.

  41. For the first 3 weeks of this season I had absolutely no idea which girl was Meech ‘cuz I always missed the opening credits and she was never involved in any game play.
    I was beginning to think she was this imaginary character like ‘Suze’ from that episode of Seinfeld where everyone just pretended to know this person Elaine invented ‘cuz they didn’t want to look like they were out of the loop.
    As it turns out, ‘Suze’ would probably be a much better game player than ‘Meech’…LOL

  42. LMAO If Paul goes I will laugh. he was in a good spot until he got butthurt over Paulie not kissing his butt. :P He and Victor likely destroyed their games. :p At least one fot hem. the other might be able to regroup.

    • Is that you, Cody?!
      How sweet of you to remain loyal to your sibling despite him revealing to the world just how big a d-bag he is.
      Not proud enough to use your real name though…don’t blame you, mate…LOL

      • Why are you a liar? that is my real name. I’m not Cody. in fact, I think he is an idiot who cost himself a lot money drinking the kooaid in his season since he was playing for someone else to win. L0L At least Paulie was playing to win even if he did act the douchebag at times. All the HGs act like douchebags. I have never seen one HG ever be 100% pure innocence.

      • oh please – Paulie has to be THE BIGGEST D-BAG in this history of this game!
        And although he was actively and aggressively playing the game, he obviously wasn’t that great at it ‘cuz he got EVICTED.

      • I rank Paulie up by Evel Dick. The only difference is that Evel Dick was never evicted.

      • I despised ED but he was at least skilful at being a d-bag. I mean he actually accomplished something. Paulie? Not so much…

      • I guess, but if Paulie gets / had gotten to the end, we will / would probably be saying similar things about him and how he played Evel Dick’s game in the end.

      • He *got* evicted BECAUSE he was a threat to win it all.
        And, if you think he is ‘THE BIGGEST D-BAG EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME’ you better watch more BB. I’ve sadly seen this show from season 1 and there are LITERALLY dozens of HGs worse than him. But, I guess you feel physical violence is A-Okay. :)

        No apology for your flat out lies? Cute.

      • Oh FFS lighten up.
        Paulie may be a comp beast but his TOTAL lack of sportsmanship and finesse when things turned against him, combined with his threats of violence and massive disrespect for the female HG with whom he was sleeping as well as the other females makes him the biggest d-bag in my books. Even Howie and ED rate higher.

      • Again, you won’t admit to lying.
        And, again, the fact you have someone like Ed higher shows you are evil. He did everything that Paulie did and much worse. And, let’s ignore those who were literally tossed because of their douchebag things. LMAO

      • Wow you obviously have some issues there pal.
        Having a different opinion than your limited world view in no way equates to ‘lying’.
        You must be a real hit at all the parties to which you’re invited.

      • You did lie. You said I was Cody. I am not. that is a lie. So, again, why do you lie and besmirch my name?
        Also, I’m not invited to parties. I’m ugly hence why I spam the net with silly opinions on silly tv shows. What’s your excuse?

  43. Won’t be a complete blindside. Looks like Paul and Victor expect to go up as this week’s top targets.

  44. Meech is starting to waiver about Vic. And she realizes she is the odd man out with Nicory/Jatalie.

    • Natalie recognizes the trouble of the two pairings, too, but she knows there will be danger if they don’t put up the same pair at the same time. Sounds like she’s talking about taking out Paul/Vic now and Nicorey next.

      • Which sounds good on paper, but she won’t have much of a choice next week when she’s sitting OTB.

      • Paul or Victor has to go out this week; they’re the only ones who can beat Paulie in a jury battle back competition – and that’s the excuse Nat and Michelle should give when nominating them.

  45. Nicole sensed awkwardness when she went to use the HOH bathroom. She’s gone to talk to Corey about it. Meanwhile, Natalie is working Michelle hard to put Vic up with Paul, assuring her that Paul is the intended target (even though we heard her say that getting Victor out now would be big).

  46. And now Nat/Mich want to give Victor a heads-up because “he’s played a clean game.”

    See, this is how we don’t play the game, people. You can’t TELL him he’s going up. That’s against BB rules.

    Not that anyone seems to care about that rule this season, however.

  47. The Friday night special was a big ass flop. They could have shown 50% (literally) of the HOH competition and at least I would have been entertained.

  48. Natalie getting rid of Victor or Paul is not good for her game. There is no way Corey and Nicole will keep them to the end. I don’t know how she won or if James helped her get the HOH, but this was a miracle that will probably not happen again. She needs to think of getting rid of the other showmance in the house who played with Paulie all the way to the end.
    I hope if Victor or Paul win the showcase that they put up Nicole or even James if Natalie tries to put them up.

  49. Michelle is making another huge tactical error. She should tell Natalie she is putting up Nicole. Period. That leaves either Vic or Paul off the block and ready to put Jame and Natalie on the block next week if they both survive or even it one survives.

    Its calling Natalie’s bluff. Will Nat risk it or will she cave and put up Corey instead?

    Michelle is dead meat if she goes along with Natalie and James this week. No one will keep her. Nicole is not going to suddenly align with her. Paul and Vic will be against her and honestly, James and Natalie have already said they want to go to the end with Nicole and Corey.

    Michelle cannot be weak this late in the game. She needs to play her game not Natalie’s.

    If she goes after Paul or Vic she is playing for F5. If she stays with Paul and Vic she has a chance for F2 because I think Vic or Paul will take her over each other.

  50. I’m pretty sure this care package was rigged. And I also believe that they’ve all been rigged.

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