‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 9 with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds after the overnight plans combined with the America’s Care Package twist for an interesting nomination round.

Nominations on Big Brother

Instead of the new HoH getting to put two HGs up on the Block it was just a single choice combined with the ACP’s winner’s own choice for two different takes on the week’s nominations. Now that must have been at least a little annoying for the Head of Household!

Read on to find out which two Houseguests better get ready to play for that Veto comp on Saturday!

Big Brother 18 Week 9 Nominations:

  • Natalie nominated: Victor
  • Michelle nominated: Paul

Things are HOT right now in the house. Paul is pissed and he’s not going to take this sitting down. Get on your Live Feeds right now and watch! Flashback to 7:19 PM BBT so you can

So Natalie is the new HoH & Michelle got the ACP prize which aligned well after all when it first looked like Natalie could run in to a problem if Paul or Victor had snagged the prize.

Instead Natalie made quick work of Michelle’s plan to get Nicole up and turned it in to a plan to get Michelle going after Paul. Yep. Somehow Michelle is now telling Natalie and others that she’s been after Paul for weeks. Huh what?

Before the nominations were made official Natalie and Michelle brought Victor upstairs and let him know what they were going to do. Victor didn’t get upset but patiently tried to get the women turned around and going in the other direction. He pointed out that if they get Corey out this week then they’re guaranteed to get the ACP for either him or Paul next week and then they can use it against Nicole. (We know it’s a bribe prize and not really worthwhile for their goals.)

What do you think of these noms? Victor knew it was coming but Paul sure didn’t! Turn on your Feeds right now to watch the fallout on the in-house cams!

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  1. Michelle just sealed her own fate. I had hope she would be a decent player but she is just another clueless super fan who likes to watch but doesn’t know how to play. How do you leave two showmances in the game when you are alone?

    • It was one of the best moves. Why wouldn’t they target the two strongest players in the house? Every comp Victor plays in he wins.

      • And he’s going to come down when he uses the Veto on himself, then Nicole or Cory will go up. I hope the house flips to take one of them out.

      • It doesn’t matter they want Paul out so if Corey or Nicole go up they have the votes to stay. There’s only 3 votes. James will vote Paul out and whoever isn’t on the block between Nicole or Corey will vote Paul out. Believe me if they have a shot to get Paul or Victor out they won’t change their minds. Especially after nominating them.

      • Well, the house may be flipping now against Nicole and frankly I like this move better. I would rather see a good player win than a whiny, floater like Nicole. She has played a terrible game and is only still in the house because she is such a weak player.

      • Veto is always played on Saturday. Production will wake them early to pick players and then, depending on the temp, the comp will either be played in the afternoon or the evening.

      • Now don’t be mad when we come at you hard once SNAKE FAKE NICOLE is evicted. The same way you dish it you better be prepared to take it. And no blocking people.

      • I’m not a cry baby like some people and have never blocked anyone. And believe me I’ve taken a lot this season because of liking Nicole. Funny when I support Nicole people come at me. Now I’m happy about noms and people come at me. Can’t win.

      • But you always come at people that disagree with you in a degoratory way. If you fall back and be humble, you wouldn’t have this problem with people :(

      • I wasn’t bitter when Frank and Bridgette was on the block or when they went out the door. It is just a game. I don’t think Nicole is playing the best game but she is? to be doing something right to still be in the game at this point. Same goes for James. Yes it was a smart and strategic move to put both Paul and Victor on the block, thus ensuring one of them is going.

      • I feel the same. I want Nicole to make it to the end. But if she gets put up and voted out oh well. I’ll be disappointed but then I can sit back, relax and enjoy them all turning on each other.

      • Not really a true statement if Natalie wants Victor gone, he will be gone. Since Paul won the VETO, that means either Nicole or Corey will go up and James will be the deciding factor.

      • Thanks for the update, Thought Nat wanted Paul out. Hope they put Corey on the block. Would like to see Nicole start playing the game.

      • You might be right about Paul being the target. Meech will do the renom so it is up to her as to put on the block.

      • Because Paul and Victor are playing together but have no emotional connection. When it gets to F3 they have no reason to keep each other if they want to win the game. On the other hand, the people in showmances will not dump their partners to keep Michelle around.

        Also consider Natalie is a terrible player and a perfect person to take to F2. James and Nicole aren’t bad either since they really didn’t do much except float with the house.

    • Corey and Nicole are bad a comps. Victor is a beast and Paul has won some, too.

      Remind me why this was such a bad move on Michelle’s part again?

      I like Victor and Paul too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to slam Michelle for making the better game move.

      • Exactly, always target the strongest players at this point in the game. Comp wins are critical down the stretch or you’re out.

      • Because Michelle is putting up the one they really are all going to vote out if noms stay the same and if Paul comes back for jury buy back who do u think he’s gonna go after

      • I don’t understand, isn’t it BETTER for Michelle that the person she puts up is the target to go home whereas the person Natalie put up will likely stay in the game and potentially come after her in retaliation?

      • Michelle is no exactly a comp beast either. She would be better off riding the Vic/Paul train to F3 than hoping one of the showmances will keep her or that she can defeat them alone.

        I think her best bet is to ride with Vic/Paul and when they get to F3 convince them they cannot beat each other so they should each take her to F2. And I think they both would rather than risk losing to each other. No one is going to do a “Cody” again.

      • If Michelle isn’t a comp beast as you say, why in the world would she choose to go with Victor and Paul to final 3? That’s the opposite of what she should be doing. Her best bet by far is going with Nicole and Corey. She has a much better chance at 1) beating them at the final HoH and 2) beating them for jury votes.

  2. Don’t understand Michelle at all. She claims to be a superfan and she doesn’t see that she has a better chance with Vic and Paul than being the 5th wheel with the two showmances? And why, do people feel the need to insult their nominees with their nomination speeches. Sounds like Natalie is showing her bitchy side, guess she feels like she doesn’t need the sweet act any longer. Don’t they realize that they are HoH for one week and the next totally vulnerable?

    • Nat’s told Michelle that they can split Nicorey up next, but they can’t do both at the same time.

      • Right, except neither one of them can be HoH. So they’re counting on James to win HoH and not niccorey or Vic if he stays. Good luck with that/

      • Natalie has a deal with Nicorey. She promised them safety if they don’t target Jatalie next week. That was before she spoke to Michelle, though what she told Michelle could’ve just been placating, since Michelle was wavering.

      • I think she told Michelle that because she wanted the two guys up. But Natalie, James, Nicole and Corey made a deal. It’s about time they started working together. I thought for a long time work until the F4 then everyone for themselves. At least then its 2 on 2.

      • Yeah, same. And I do think Natalie was just placating Michelle when she hesitated about nominating Victor rather than Nicole, hence why I brought it up.

      • Nat said she won’t forget what nic said about her behind her back she doesn’t really like her

    • How. Paul and Vic were talking about their picking order to go the other night. First Corey, then Nicole then Michelle. So how does she have a better chance? These two think they have the game won. This was a great strategic move targeting the two strongest guys.

      • You really think that they would have gone after Michelle sooner than Jatalie? They would have picked off the couples before her.

      • Yes I do. That’s all they talked about this entire week that Victor had HOH. I heard at least a dozen times their pecking order.

      • It’s the same chances either way.. She would have made f4 with Vic and Paul or nic and Corey now but I don’t think nic and Corey will keep their word they will get her out and leave meech

  3. How come is no one is putting up Nicole? Her and Cory make me so sick. They are on the feeds now celebrating in the pantry. Such weasels.

  4. Michelle’s speech was harsh, according to the HGs. Apparently they called Paul out on being an atheist, yet continually swearing on God.

    • Yeah, and they’re calling him a liar but can’t recall what he lied about?? I’m very pissed that productions and outside ppl interfered. Nat and Nicole both said that the DR pushed them to align with one another. Nat also said her parents said the same thing. WTF?! .

      • Mom and Dad is code for DR. Not surprised they tipped them off in the DR. They’ve done things like that in the past. Used little things to tip the scales and hope like hell that the HGs pick up on their tips.

        And, honestly, Paul has been tossing James’ name around, as has Vic, so that portion of it wasn’t a lie. Everything else was fueled by Paulie as payback for when he was evicted and to protect Nicorey.

      • Are you kidding? That creep lied to Paulie all week. Wake up. Karma is a bitch and Paul is learning that. He NEVER should have gone against Paulie. Oh well. He’s cooked and I could not be happier.

      • Paul rubbed me the wrong way last week. He took it way to far and now I am glad to see him on the block. I actually liked him from about week 4 to before Paulie eviction. But he went way too far.

      • He hasn’t lied to them and they all lied to Paulie. They knew they weren’t going to consider keeping him but kept insisting they might. It’s ironic they’re lying about putting a “liar” OTB. The real reason is because the DR pushed them in that direction using Paulie’s lies as fuel.

      • Interesting. So Paulie is still running things…..that’s funny. I believe you but I still think that is funny. I wonder if Paulie will be the one going back in the house.

      • Most likely and if he’s smart as hell for turning them on Victor and Paul. Once they’re gone he’ll probably gun for James & Nat.

      • OMG are you watching the same show? Every other word out of Pauls mouth is a lie. At least the others lie about who they’re voting out or who they’re nominating which is game. Paul makes up lies that people are saying things that aren’t true. He lies just to lie.

      • Honestly, I agree that a speech like that was uncalled for. They could have said anything else. “This is a game, you have the best chance of winning, you’re so well liked…” Which is entirely true.

    • Made the right move for all the wrong reasons, IMO. What happened to just saying “saying you are a threat to my game because you’re a good competitor or have a good social game.” Keep it simple.

    • I hope this isn’t true. So they find swearing on god as an atheist distasteful but apparently if you swear on god to win $500,000 that’s totally cool with them.

      • Honestly, it’s a week excuse for him to be on the block. He’s up there because he’s a threat to their games. They should’ve just come right out and said that.

  5. I absolutely friggin love this. About time Paul got blindsided. He thought he had the game won. Can’t wait to watch it play out Sunday.

    • This is nomination could had waited. The showmance of Cory and Nicole had to be destroyed now. The reason why is that either one of those idiots would be an extra vote for either side of the house. Plus with the twist happening next Thursday is going to totally throw a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans.

      • Hell no. Get rid of Paul. He is a snake. Look at how he screwed Paulie when he was supposed to be in an alliance. He treated Paulie like absolute dirt and this is so good. Paul is a jerk and need to leave. I actually want Corey to win the whole thing now.

      • I spoke to soon. Probably from joy of Paul getting nominated. I take back the Corey thing. But Paul deserves this.

      • Considering the comment about Nat’s breast implants… which, I forgot, is none of our business, despite the fact that this is a reality show where it was made public knowledge.

      • Are you Da’Vonne? Lol. Paulie was a womanizing jerk and Vic doesn’t deserve this. Nicole should be in his place along with Mr. Cory.

      • Wtf?? I was totally offended when Paulie was acting the way when he was in the house. I was shocked that a man would treat women in this way. I would have put that Pauly D wannabe in his place. They would have kicked me out the house because his ass would be in a bed ridden coma. I read your comments about Paulie before and you were praising his game from a comp and social standpoint. You stated you watch the feeds but if that was the case, you would know that Paulie’s behavior was inexcusable and unacceptable.You think are the BB know it all and you are clearly not. You’re not respectful towards to me and others on here because you don’t agree with our opinions and that’s wrong. If you were correct with your viewpoints and observations, then maybe there would be some common grounds. However, you have a narrowed minded and warped sense of reality of this show and tolerance of people such as that idiot Paulie and that annoying Nicole. It’s a shame you condone their manic and disruptive behavior and it makes me question how you carry out your life. If you can dish out, please be prepared to receive it back. By the way, instead of making cocktails on Sunday, you need to working your manners and being respectful to others.

      • Maybe you need to put on your glasses before you read my comments because I have clearly stated many, many times that I found Paulie’s behavior disgusting. Did I like him in the beginning? Yes. I only stuck up for him with the truth. Like when people were complaining about the editing. And really I wasn’t even sticking up for him. I just said they dedicated an entire show to his bad behavior and people were still bitching that they were giving him a good edit and why didn’t they show more. I also said this is BB and not the Paulie show and they can’t dedicate every episode to him. So how is that praising him? And when I said about 5 people ganging up on him I also said I wouldn’t want that done to anyone know matter who you are. So how am I praising him? And by the way your talking about him but look at the names and how your talking about Natalie and her fake boobs. So you kind of sound hypocritical. And by the way where did I ever say I was a know it all? Just because my opinion is different than yours? Wake up because people don’t always agree. And you’re the one sounding like the know it all saying my viewpoints and observations aren’t correct. Why because they’re not the same as yours? Like I said before if you would read you would know that I’ve NEVER condoned his behavior. I also have a very wonderful, fulfilling life surrounded by loving family and friends. So you just don’t worry about that. And I’ll have a cocktail for you.

      • Sounds like it he is just as demeaning to women as Paulie whether Nat has FT or not is NOBODIES business but hers

      • And who does? Paul the dirtbag? Corey and victor are actually two of the HG that have not talked nasty about other HG. Would be fine with either one

      • Corey has laughed when houseguests made nasty remarks about others in the house, according to people on this site. I don’t get the feeds.

      • Amen!! Paul biggest dirtbag in house. House needs to see..if he would throw his boy under bus, what does that tell you? What does the house think he said about the rest of them..no wonder Paulie was so upset. Paul lying straight to his face and acting like Paulie is the asshole for coming in “hot”..Paul has shown his true colors several times. He is a wanna be fake tough guy who has made I’ll advised racist comments and talked crap about the HG. He also threatened to terrorize Bridgette once Frank was out. Paul is disgusting!! I can’t type that enough. Paul is a gross dirtbag. Paul needs to go. Him and his dirty facial hair

  6. I feel so bad for Paul. I just heard Michelle saying that nominated him because she smelled like urine. I hope that either Victor or Paul can pull themselves down and that rat weasel Nicole can be the backdoor nominee. Nat and Michelle just wasted their HOH and should have just stuck to the plan to get rid of the rat Nicole or lame brain Cory. I never seen such the flip flops and stupidity ever in a season. No loyalty or no common sense whatsoever. And Natalie just said Paul being the nominee is a big move for the house now. Honey, you’re dead wrong. It’s going to bite your fake boobs in the butt.

  7. Wow! Natalie woke up in the 4th quarter. I wish they never have a season with return players or family members of past players. It’s unfair to the others. This was James HOH. He had a bond with Nicole since day 1 because of their relationship outside the house. He played like Paulie. Saying he wanted Nicole up knowing it was a lie.

  8. Like I said earlier, this would be a great decision if Paulie did not have a strong chance of getting back in the game. If he comes back, he will align with Corey and Nicole, and Natalie/Michelle will realize the mistake they’ve made: breaking up a two-some in favor of a more powerful three-some.

  9. Are we going to spend the rest of the BB week posting about P-Lie coming back the same way we did about the arsehole having the RT?
    Please say it isn’t so.

      • And that’s why it’s important to send either Vic or Paul to the jury house – someone has to be evicted who can (and hopefully will) beat Paulie in whatever the battle back competition is.

  10. Paul to Nat: “You HAD mine and Victor’s word! Who do you think convinced Victor? Who got Victor to trust them with his social game?”

    Natalie: “I did believe you until I heard that (hard to understand, I think it’s about James being thrown under the bus by Paul). And I’m protective of James, that hurt me.”

  11. Natalie’s stomach hurts because of the guilt and the wrongdoings that transpired in the BB house tonight of her actions.

  12. James has been awfully silent throughout this confrontation, now that Natalie’s cry, we’ll see if that changes.

  13. I agree with the philosopher Paul. You can’t trust Nicole. You can’t trust something with a nose like that. Pinocchio’s sister makes me ill.

  14. Paul is handling things much better than Paulie. Paul called them on it but then played nice and teases info he has. Paulie would have kept being belligerent or sulked.

  15. Paul now teases info he has on NiCorey and a rude comment people made about Natalie. Mich and Natalie are pushing hard to know what it is, but he refuses to say it. He wants to have a house meeting.

  16. Before the nominations were made official Natalie and Michelle brought Victor upstairs and let him know what they were going to do. Victor didn’t get upset but patiently tried to get the women turned around and going in the other direction. He pointed out that if they get Corey out this week then they’re guaranteed to get the ACP for either him or Paul next week and then they can use it against Nicole.

    Victor deserves to win this game!

  17. Natalie continues to cry. “I don’t want to be in this game because people just talk about me.”

    THEN WHY DID YOU SIGN ON TO DO A REALITY SHOW??? God, these girls have no skin on them!

  18. Discussion about whether Jatalie/Michelle made the right move for their game aside….

    This week we have seen Nicorey and PV both trying hard to play this game and sway the HOH crew in their favor…

    I’m always team feeds!

  19. They made a horrible choice to trust Corey and Nicole. Very dumb and gullible of them. James should know better too. He’s not getting America’s Favorite this year.

  20. Sounds like the pea brains realized they f*cked up and are now apologizing and crying to Vic and Paul. A little to late in my opinion but whatever. Hopefully veto is used and Corey is back doored.

  21. Nicole plants the most seeds and has won nothing at all this season. She is constantly lying, causing drama, and has never been nominated. And everyone thinks she’s a sweetheart. She’s the biggest threat in the house. If no one else realizes that Ms. Pinocchio isn’t a threat, they all deserve to lose this game. Nat keeps talking about self evicting and is still talking about backdooring Cory. Morons.

    • True statement last week she was in bed so sick and today she wins a long ass HOH game. I call her as a fake ass lier

  22. Either way, it’s too late to take the noms back now. The veto has yet to be played, but it won’t matter if Corey or Nicole manage to win. That’ll keep them both safe, since they won’t change the nominations.

    • It’s less than two hours and they want to take the noms back already? Whoever said morons earlier is right.

      • Paul got to them. Big time. All he had to do was suggest that Corey said something about Natalie and she was hysterical because everyone keeps talking about her. (cue eye roll)

  23. Why would production encourage Natalie and Michelle to side with Corey and Nicole? Ratings?

    The show is less appealing now that Victor and Paul are both on the block.

    It should have been Nicole and Corey. …James after

    • I was wondering that too. Maybe because it is causing drama because it is not what we were expecting?

  24. I said it earlier, but I’m saying it again because we all ready seem to have it. This is a Vanessa-esque reign for these girls.

  25. I mean, this isn’t a BAD move, but it’s not a GREAT one, either. Paul and Victor are, without question, the two best competitors remaining in the house right now, so getting rid of them while they have the chance to is kind of smart.

    But that being said, if Michelle thinks she’s gonna survive longer between two showmances than with Paul and Victor, she’s out of her mind. If literally anybody but her wins HOH next week, she’s on the block and likely going home, unless the guys can pull off a flip this week.

  26. I can’t stand Michelle, the big crybaby!!!
    Natalie is a blonde with a burnette hair. Nicole is sneaky. the only one that deserves to win, i think was either Frank, Corey, or Bridgette.

  27. James doesn’t look to happy with going against Nicorey again. But will he stand up for himself or cower behind Nat-Nat and Meech?

    EDIT: In fact, James wants to keep to the plan to evict Paul. Guess he still doesn’t trust him. And I’d imagine he lost points because he made Natalie cry.

  28. Nicole and Corey could still be in a lot of trouble if Paul or Victor wins the veto, which, let’s face it, is very possible.

  29. Natalie.. I get where you are coming from in switching your target and I guess it was smart of you to make Michelle nom Paul instead of you that way the target is on her back and not yours.. However, I just worry that nic and Corey will stab you in the back faster than Vic and Paul would have… Very riskey move chick.. May the odds be ever in your favor. ?

    • We are at the point in the game where just about everybody is going to be stabbing & slashing. It is smart to go after the more powerful players first.

      • I get it but how can nicorey promise them safety when at this point in the game you can’t keep anyone safe. I just feel like Vic and Paul would have taken nat to f3 who knows how long she’ll make it now

      • Hopefully she’s gone next week when she has no chance to come back ….. unless there’s another twist for someone to come back

      • Yes, but that only applies to whoever is evicted this week plus the 4 already in the Jury. She can go next week and then we’re rid of her

  30. It’s partly Vic and Paul’s own fault for being OTB. Why weren’t they up in HOH working on Nat and Meech the same way Nicory did. They already had a feeling Nat was changing her mind and that Nicory and James were talking more.

  31. Well turning live feeds off. Disagree with Victor and Paul going on the block and production encouraging them to side with Nicole and Corey.

    It’s gotten really boring now.

  32. Game talk has stopped for the time being. We’ll see what happens later. Hopefully things pick up again.

    • I am sitting here listening to Paul up in the HOH room for the longest time..then he leaves and the all of the cameras go to Victor and Corey putting a ton of hamburger on their tacos. We missed the convo right after he left..who is running production tonight? Wake up!

      • Basically, James wants to stick to the plan, Michelle wants to BD Corey, and Nat seems to be leaning towards “girl power” because Corey supposedly talked about her. Notice how Natalie’s decisions are made based on who talked smack about her rather than any real game strategy?

  33. Nic and Corey don’t win any hoh so how can they promis meech and nat safety? We r at the point in the game where you can’t really promise people safety after this round..

    • The fact that they are not winning is why they should be kept. Paul and Vic are a pair. They’re going to take each other to f2. Keep the weaker ones(nicorey) and send one of the powerhouses home. with nicorey still in the house james nat and meech have a better chance of winning comps. Plus they’d still have the numbers on their side. Take the shot, it’s a no brainer. Unfortunately James is the only one thinking logically right now. Nat and meech are playing on emotions.

      • I still think that Corey can and will win against all girls and James so that’s why it’s not smart to keep him when he will back stab for Nicole and Vic and Paul would have kept nat know what I mean?

    • I can’t stand Cor-hole, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of them wins the POV this week. I want to see one of the Duck’s out.

  34. Michelle’s throwing Natalie under the bus to Paul and Vic.

    EDIT: And she just threw James under the bus by telling them she’s not sure if James is with them to BD one half of Nicorey.

  35. Michelle just said it’s not in her best interest for Paul/Vic to be on the block. Really? Really? Michelle, nothing’s in your best interest at this point. You are up against three pairs. Consider yourself evicted.

  36. Who would you rather compete against in the F4? Nicory or Paul/Vic? I think Nat made a good strategic move… Here’s one for girl power! Good job Nat-Nat..

    • Then again she is questioning her move… diehard Natalie fan but not exactly a fan of her gameplay this week

      • I mean, she probably has to be carried to f2 at this point. But Meech does have some friends in jury and I think she would be able to explain her game to the jurors

      • I hate Nicole but she’s flying under the radar. I think if Bridgette was still there, she would win the whole thing. God I miss Frank.

      • Natalie is smarter than ppl give her credit for. Plus she is stronger at physical comps then Corey.. If Meech is able to explain her game to the jurors that would be a first. She hasn’t been able to explain much of anything regarding her game thus far… IMHO..

      • I think it’s very possible. They all have an equal shot at this point. A few have better strategic plans, a few are more social, and one is better at comps than the others. Seems pretty up in the air at this point, imho.

  37. Mark my words. If Paulie the womanizing sociopath comes back, and if Paul or Vic is gone, Paulie will win this game and I will be pissed :(

  38. If you take twists out of the equation, this is actually the best game move to be made. If Paul goes to F2, he wins the game. That having been said, Nat & Meech are in big trouble come next week when Paulie/Paul/Victor get back in the house.

    That is unless Paul manages to gaslight Natalie and Meech, which he seems to be doing right now.

  39. Oh man I would love it if Paul went home. I lost all respect for him when he let Paulie puppet master him.

      • Oh come on, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t rewrite history. Paulie controlled the game until his very last week. It’s why so much of the season was so boring. Everyone on this site kept saying the houseguests might as well hand him the check.

        Paulie is hatable in his own right. You don’t have to make up stuff to justify disliking him at this point.

      • I think Paulie was the puppet master in the beginning when he took Paul off the block and for the few weeks after but Paul is smart and learned from Paulie.

      • That’s fair. Paul definitely smartened up, but he still in no way ‘controlled’ Paulie. In fact it’s the reason he had to break ties with him early and cut him.

      • You don’t dislike Paulie but you think he was a puppet for other people?

        You are certainly entitled to your own opinion but I feel like the opposite is true. You should dislike Paulie while at the same time recognize his stronghold on the game for the majority of his time in the Big Brother house.

      • I agree with you that Vic is a good player but Paulie is too full of himself and there is no way to excuse his treatment of Z.

      • The sad thing is that Paulie had so much going for him and could have won if he had treated people better and not tried to control every HoH. I personally don’t like him but have to admit he managed to control the game for quite a while

      • He really did. He was a favorite of mine until his actions and words started to show his real and true self. Karma is real and things caught up to him.

      • Exactly. I just get so tired of the hypocrisy and flipflopping around here.

        It’s okay to disagree with Paulie’s behavior and dislike him while still recognizing he played an amazing game up until his final week in the house. The constant rewriting of history in these forums is so frustrating. They’ll manipulate the truth in any way possible just for an extra dig on the houseguests.

      • Paulie took things personal with the women which is unacceptable. There is playing the game and then there is being a douche. Then he had that full blow cry temper tantrum. Its a bad look.

      • How many different ways do I have to say this?
        The guy’s behavior in the house was bad. It doesn’t mean we have to pretend that he didn’t play really, really well up until his last week in the house.

        It’s possible to vehemently disagree with someone’s character while still acknowledging the fact that they played well.

  40. Victor is giving Nicorey too much credit. They didn’t put the idea to go after Paul in Natalie’s head. She talked to James first.

      • No one could be disliked more than P-lie… I don’t understand the dislike for James… I still like and respect him. :)

      • One reason to dislike James: we all agree that James is not a smart player and yet he keeps on receiving power in the house. He continues stirring shxt up when things are going all right and not doing anything when he needs to stir shxt up

  41. When Paulie was put up last week I thought that was the craziest nomination night we’re going to have all season…

    I literally don’t know a thing about this show…

  42. when Paul defended himself saying he aint a liar, i just wanted to literally RoFL!
    He’s the rattiest rat and the snakiest snake in the house, but of course he will just keep on lying about being not a liar.
    let’s see come Monday when Corey or James wins veto and doesnt use it and he stays on the block with his bro Vic, i hope production awards him with some cheerful punishment, how he’s going to handle it?

  43. Hello. I’d like to introduce my two middle fingers. On the left, a salutation from Disgusted. On the right, kindly meet Pissed. May the twerps of Big Brother 18 have their brief moment of glory, then crash and burn all the way to the jury house, while the Knights of the Sitting Ducks become swans.

    • Hello. I’d like to introduce you to free will. You actually already have it. It allows you to stop watching something if you aren’t enjoying it.

    • Totally misread your initial comment. My bad! I read it as a slight on the show, not Victor and Paul.

      • That’s okay! I love Big Brother and the wide range of perspectives. My favorites to win are just my way of seeing the game. As you may gather, Paul and Victor are my two preferences to beat everyone who is still left in the house.

  44. Sounds like James is now on board for blindsiding Nicorey. Didn’t take long for him to switch too

  45. I really expect Jatalie and Michelle to waver a few more times before the noms are finalized this week…

    However, the No Names need to at least hold the POV first for any flexibility to a change in plans… if Nicorey wins veto then everything is set in stone

    • I agree. I think James is riding the fence and agreeing with both sides waiting until the POV is decided. I’m thinking he’ll apply the pressure to get Paul or Vic out if veto allows for it.

      • I mean, no matter how the veto comp turns out Paul/Vic will be vulnerable on the block. So yeah, veto doesn’t really have anything to do with this

      • True. But if Nicorey wins veto noms will stay the same and James works with them to VTE who he would like to see go. If Paul or Vic win veto and one of Nicorey go up James will have the deciding vote. He’s going to play the middle until all this is decided.

        Really seems to me he wants to ride with Nicorey and he’s just appeasing P&V, Nat, and Meech in the meantime. Bet he throws veto as well so he’s not exposed.

  46. Nat is an idiot if she changes her mind. Paul and Vic need to go or she’ll be next. Karma Paul and Vic for being so smug last week

    • Isn’t everyone smug when they make a move or cause an upset in this game? And looking ahead at half a million, heck every one of them are planning what they would do with it if they get to the end.

    • She will be an idiot when she and James are on
      the block if Nicory doesn’t split up and go home.

  47. I still can’t believe James is a returning player and is so willing to throw away his chance at winning for a showmance. Absolutely unreal. Think of the returnees who haven’t gotten the opportunity to come back yet who would KILL for the chance to play the game, while he is just rolling over.

    Didn’t he have a confessional this week where he essentially said he was fine throwing away his game for Natalie?

  48. I think these are good noms. Why waste an HOH on Nicole who has 0% chance of winning this game? Paul and Vic are pretty much a strong duo with Paul’s brains and Vic’s brawn. I hope Paul stays, but Natalie made a good move

  49. OK, tin foil hats on!

    I’m simultaneously on a forum that is really pushing the idea that Grodner is trying to keep Nicorey safe this week. I don’t have the feeds but it seems like Michelle and Jatalie were just called to the DR when the No Names are trying to patch things up. They are even speculating that the POV this week will be the chicken wire comp because that might be sth Nicorey would excel at…

    • Why would production want to keep Corey and Nicole safe?

      It took Nicole forever to win America’s Care Package and Corey hasn’t even won it yet, despite the fact that so few houseguests are in the running.

      These rigging rumors are so silly.

      • Sigh… I actually tried to defend production earlier but I’m not so firm on my stance at this point.
        Grodner does let us down sometimes…

      • PREACH! Unfortunately though I think she has an almost permanent ‘in’ with Moonves.

      • Grodner does a lot of stupid stuff for sure, but she’s not going to rig the season to keep contestants in the house the public doesn’t particularly like anyway.

        Wouldn’t they want to protect people like Natalie, James, and Victor instead, who the public actually likes?

      • If that was true Steve wouldn’t have won last season.

        Donnie would have won 16.

        Dan would have won over Ian.

        People will always cry wolf on production rigging the competition. I just can’t see why, given some of the lackluster winners we’ve had during the show’s run.

      • “Seriously. CBS cares about one thing Ratings.

        If they don’t care about rigging (to get those ratings) then why do they include multiple things in the contract the Houseguests all have to sign that production can rig anything they want to rig.

        It’s an “entertainment” show, not a game show “

      • We’ve been talking about this contract for the past hour… just google “big brother contract leak”

      • However, there are definitely parts of this contract that can be up for interpretation… there are clear instances of rigging over the past seasons, but sometimes I do think that I might be overreacting and I would still want to see the positive side of things and believe BB is in general, a rather fair game

      • Then again.,, they can only influence people to a certain degree…

        I do believe that most of the time production will not ask questions in the DR that would heavily lead/mislead people’s decisions in the game

      • Even if they did they HG sign a confidentiality clause that prohibits them from speaking about production or be sued to the tune of $5 million. That’s also in the contract.

      • Past houseguests who lost their seasons are pretty much in agreement that production doesn’t actively influence their vote/thoughts on other houseguests.

      • Yep and a number of former HG have voiced their experiences with questionable production activity.

      • I’ve found the opposite. Even those who lost the game find the notion of production interference absolute nonsense.

        It’s been mentioned on robhasapodcast all the time and the houseguests always say production doesn’t influence them.

      • Do you know that for sure? It wouldn’t surprise me but have past HGs confirmed this? I would think they would be under strict NDAs that would forever ban them from talking about contract specifics.

      • It’s on Reality blurred, if you’re interested in reading. Even the author is not implying what he/she is talking about. It’s just for anyone curios about BB contract. I believe they got it from Jesse….The article is old. Nobody is paying attention to it, because there’s nothing.

      • That BB contract has been there for people to read since 2011..That’s old I’ve read it before, and I read it again. Typical showbiz contract for Reality game show.. I can see where you think they can rig it, because of the clause..”they have the right to change modify the game”..of course they can. They have to run the show with no hiccup. . Your interpretation of the contract is wrong..read it again.

      • I tend to agree.
        But we know from the Live Feeds that Production does a significant amount of, um, ‘coaching’ in the DR and has done so since the early days.
        While this may not equate to outright ‘rigging’ of the game, it likely constitutes significant interference by producers who have FULL ACCESS to stuff they don’t even show on Live Feeds.
        Not. Good.

      • I would say that showmances drive ratings. Not from feeders and forum types, but from the general BB audience. It’s in CBS’ best interests to keep showmances in the game as long as possible.

      • There’s history to back it up too. Season 11 (Jeff & Jordan) had huge ratings largely b/c of their showmance.

      • The showmances that worked had two things in common: the partners strategized and worked together equally & both partners WON comps. We dont have that with these showmances. IMO

      • Not sure about that though… Corey has been receiving the dummy edit (which is surprisingly not that far off from the truth), which is not an edit for people to fall in love with him

    • Even though this was such an obvious nomination to make, I don’t think Natalie knew that. It’s weird how she was so dead set on getting Corey out just a couple days ago and that wasn’t just a decoy plan to throw off Paul and Vic, she had already come up with personal reasons to target Corey and was trying to convince James to target him also. If somebody was gonna get swayed by production it would definitely be Nat. I don’t think they’re trying to save Nicole & Corey, I think they’re just trying to go for the more interesting storeyline.

  50. From another Big Brother forum:

    Michelle said her sister might have gotten into Big Brother this season….

    Which is weird, because she seems clued in on Grodner rigging the heck out of the show!

    • Well, one thing we know for sure…

      Michelle’s sister enjoys ripping Cody apart on twitter, so she must be really into this show

    • Forgive me, but this confuses me. Why would Michelle’s sister be clued in on rigging? Maybe I’m reading it wrong?

    • Michelle could have a sister who has played BB before. Michelle has reminded me of someone familiar from week one. So has Natalie.

  51. I need a Bronte!

    Does someone know how to calculate the odds that both Nicole and Corey will play in veto tomorrow?
    Keep in mind of HG choice…

    • There are 4 people (2 noms, 2 HOH) automatically playing in comp…so wouldn’t that leave James, Nicole, Cory. She is 100% playing..they all are I think.

      • I am referring to the scenario where both Nicole and Corey are playing. And just so you know, only 6 people will participate

      • If there are two HOHs I assume Natalie and Michelle will each draw a chip and the nominees will not get to draw any chips. The players will be Natalie, Michelle, Paul, Victor and then two out of the three remaining HGs. There can always only be six players in a veto comp, unless we have less than six players left in the house.

      • Ahh. That makes sense. Thank you. I assumed they would all get to pick. I’ve only watched the last two seasons. (And I’m not a Bronte, so I have no idea what the odds are.)

      • You’re welcome, and just wondering. Do you happen to be from northern US or Canada? Earlier, you referred to soda as pop

      • LOL. Yes, from Northern MIchigan originally, lived in North Carolina for 15 years until I had to move back here last year because of house thing. I know, I know, southerners call it soda, I call it pop.

  52. If Vic doesn’t end up going to jury then Paulie is an overwhelming favorite to come back in the house next week. He’d also be a favorite to win the whole thing because he’ll have Nicole and Corey working for him and he could convince Vic not to go after him again by saying something like “comp beasts have to stick together type thing”.

    • This would be assuming Paul is evicted this week, correct?
      Man! Where is the RT ticket twist when Paul needs it?

      • I know right! How much would that suck, having the RT and leaving the week after the twist is over

  53. Quoting from another forum

    Holy crap at Nicole saying that, she’s as bad as Zakiyah.

    Nicole telling Corey he has NOTHING to worry about. Corey saying still, they need to win the VETO tomorrow.

    Corey saying Michelle just wasted her HOH, dumbest game move ever.

    AND that’s all I can stand of Nicorey.

  54. For those of you who are still here… good night!

    Hoping for the best but prepared for the worst shall Nicorey win veto tomorrow and kill all potential strategizing for the rest of the week.
    If I have to choose between Paul and Victor I would rather Paul stay, but his fate would be up to Nicorey at that point

  55. okay for a minute I thought Nat was smarter than shes been acting, nah shes as dumb as a bag of rocks, letting Paul con her

  56. Right now, I’m okay with anyone from the remaining houseguests to win this season… except for Corey. I hope he gets evicted. (I’m also fine with Bridgette or Da’vonne if one of them wins Battle Back.)

  57. Can someone explain to me why this was such a bad move? Nicole and Corey may be a couple, but Paul and Victor are stronger than them. Yes, I too want Nicole and Corey gone, but it’s better to get Victor and Paul. I rather have Paul go, then Corey, and then Victor. This gives Natalie and James more time to survive in the house. I want one of them to win.

    Ok, seriously… A few weeks ago, so many of you guys were complaining about how boring this season was because it was one-sided… Now that the whole house is at war, most of you are still complaining. Make up your minds! I’m so happy people are finally making moves instead of lying around doing nothing.

    • Here is my take. Paul & Victor were going to take Nat &James to final 4 where they would prob cut James. P & V would each take Nat to final 2 vs each other. Nat had a chance at $50k.

      Corey&Nic NEVER keep a deal. You can call that playing BB but they were playing f3 with Paulie and everyone else is expendable to them. They both laughed at Paulies behavior vs telling him to cool it a bit. That to me shows character, or lack of it.

    • Nicole and Corey would’ve made more sense. They are more likely to be taken to the final 2. Just like last year when Steve picked Liz, even though she was in a showmance and a twinmance. Steve still took her even though that meant he would go into the final two with -2 deficient.

  58. I say go girls. It’s about time and I hope they can keep it going. I voted for Michelle as much as I could so thank me, kidding. Victor got voted out once for a reason, he is obviously a good player. Paul is well liked and they are working together. Whoever leaves can come back though (please don’t let it be Paulie). As much as I root for 1 person or another I just like to see how it plays out and be surprised once in awhile. I think the last time a person I liked won was Rachel and don’t shoot me for saying that.

  59. If C or N win veto, P or V is gone. Unless things change, James will throw it if he plays, because at this moment he would prefer the noms not change but it would cause friction if he won the veto and didn’t do what Nat wanted, which is currently to BD Corey. James told Nat that he wants Paul to go. Then says he has Nicole in his pocket, that Nicole’s parents love him outside the house. Of course, all the while telling Nat that this is her HOH and that he will support her. Hmmm…
    I read somewhere that one person would not be playing. Anyone know how they are choosing who plays?

      • That’s what I thought, but I read something on Jokers that made me think there would be one HG not playing. The HGs might be merely speculating. I’m in the process of re-reading to find it.

      • I am so far behind I read some yesterday. My sugars were so so messed up I was not comprehending very well so I gave up.

      • Sugars being abnormal can mess with a lot of functions, as I’m sure you are well aware. Hope you feel better today.
        I just found the post I was referring to.
        At 8:41 BBT…Corey says one of us three is not going to be in veto (James, Nicole, Corey). Mich says that will be the host. James says he feels he is playing.

      • There aren’t enough HGs left for everyone(2 HOHs and 2 Noms) to get a choice/draw. So I don’t know how that will be handled. But I was assuming they would all play, until I read that post on Jokers. idk??

      • That is what I thought. For some strange reason I can’t remember what they did in past seasons. I forgot all about the noms yesterday. I did watch the show didn’t much care for it. I hope I am making some sense. It usually takes me a week to get back to normal.

      • Kind of puts you in a fog, doesn’t it? But you are making perfect sense.
        I DVR’d the show and watched it early this AM. My granddaughter was here last night during the show. I definitely did not miss much. What a waste of air time. jmo

      • I just got booted to the weird screen again. So once I post this I will have to shutdown and reboot.

      • That hasn’t happened to me, yet, knock on wood, but the problem with new BBN threads requiring a sign in to post, until someone else somehow does it, and it then moves over to Disqus, that has been happening for a couple of weeks at least. Not happy you are having the same issue, but if it was just me, I’d definitely assume it was something I did wrong because I am so computer illiterate.

      • It seems to happen when there is a large number of comments. Matthews said the is has something to do with Disqus.

      • This has been a very busy thread. And I’ve got to get busy myself. My house is in need of attention. See ya’ll off and on today. Feel better. :)

    • Obviously there are ties between vets that we don’t know about and how that has IMO interfered in the game. I just don’t think that is fair at all – never liked having vets return.

  60. Morning!! There are memorizing all the storm deets to win the POV comp so that they may backdoor Corey or Nicole. That’s the most recent update.

    New appreciation for Paul. He’s way passionate and into this game. Good for him! Hope he gets it.

  61. Obviously, Nicole has had “special” protection since day 1. I think she entered the house feeling assured that Paulie and James would protect her, as they have. Now, it appears that “Mom and Dad”(DR) have been doing a little manipulating of their own in Nic’s favor. Hopefully she’ll wind up being another production fav like Vanessa and Frankie, that loses in the end. I have lost ALL respect for her. It’s not her fault that she was given a sense of safety, but I can’t respect her or her game at all because of that…and other reasons.

    • Donny was my favorite that season. When he told Nicole what was going on all she did is run back and squeal. I have no respect for her or her game. She has done nothing this season except play under the covers with Corey. I might add it was caught on camera. I hope her parents are proud.

      • Did you see where Nat was talking about “Mom and Dad”(DR) wanting her to work with Nicorey. We all know that DR has their own agenda and uses different tactics to further it. But Nat let us know loud and clear yesterday that, from my interpretation, she felt pressured/manipulated to side with Nicorey. We see the result…..And Donny was my fav, also.

      • Mine too. For some crazy reason I still like Nicole some. But I do wish she had played a way better game and shown more backbone against the guys there.

      • JMO Nicole should have stayed away from a showmance and kept her head in the game. There is plenty of time after BB for romance. Or she could go on The Bachelor.

      • I have not seen that Elaine. Was it as bad as the videos last year of Austin and Liz? I know people hate Nicole but to be fair, a lot of squealing was going around from a lot of different mouths.

      • That is very true. It happened when Nicole won the buy back and Donny wanted to work with her. I don’t have feeds I read about it on Jokers Thursday night.

  62. I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul go, he’s become overconfident and has always been obnoxious (I know being obnoxious is probably not criteria for being OTB but it should be)

  63. Production must stop manipulating this show and let the houseguests determine their own fate. I really think it is really scripted to let that fruit loop dingus win.

    • I agree. And I knew that Michelle was going to win ACP because the poll on here that reads “BB18 Week 9: Who do you want targeted?” Didn’t have an option for Michelle, who I wanted to vote for.

  64. I think Natalie made the best move for her game (Michelle is debatable). Natalie has no shiot to win against Vic and Paul… we know this. Some people may not like it but you cant deny this was a good move on Natalie’s part!

  65. This whole double hoh will have been a huge waste of time if Victor gets evicted, and comes right back in the house. And it will suck huge for Paul since his round trip expired.

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