Off-Topic: Join Us For Survivor and American Idol

Big Brother 12 wraps up on Wednesday night with a 2-hour live finale, but we’re not going to just sit around for 9 months until Big Brother 13 (a new season has been unofficially confirmed). Oh no, we’ve got big plans to keep the fun going with our coverage of Survivor 2011 and American Idol 2011 until BB13!

Survivor 2011 premieres 2/16 @ 8PM
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American Idol 2011 premieres in January
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Are you ready to keep the fun going all year? We are and will see you there!


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  1. Can’t wait to watch survivor! This season should be great! Think it’s cool jimmy Johnson going to be on there!

  2. Seeing the Brigade sweep the final 3 and the prize money must really be gnawing at you, as it seems you have tried to minimize their unprecedented success in your Top12 and other daily posts. Even though you may have a problem with alpha males, their strategy worked. It’s nice to see good things happen to good people.

    • Hah. Yeah, you nailed it. I can barely sleep at night.

      Brigade didn’t make it to the Top 12 event list because they weren’t an event. Matt made it for the failed use of DPOV. Enzo made it for eating as have-not. Hayden made it for his contribution to the Rachel-Kristen fight. But as a group they didn’t do anything other than act as a block of votes.

      Daily recaps ended when the HG count went to 3 because there’s zero drama or events worth mentioning. Six days of posts repeating “Enzo got up for a few mins. Hayden sleeping on the couch. Lane took another shower.” would get pretty darn repetitive and pointless.

      “Unprecedented success” is a lofty exaggeration, but keep on drinking your paranoia-tea because it’s obviously fueling you well so far. Oh, and I have a “problem with alpha males”? Well now you’re just throwing punches in the dark. But seriously, Enzo is an alpha male? He’s the most passive alpha male I’ve ever seen then.

      Update: Don’t forget such recent “unprecedented successes” such as BB9’s Ryan, Adam, and Sheila who worked together for much of the season to reach the Final 3. Then there was BB10’s Dan and Memphis who banded together early on to reach the Final 2 together. You can stretch back farther to BB6 for Nerd Herd who eliminated HGs until they controlled the Final 2 as well. And don’t forget BB5’s Horsemen. They filled both seats of the Final 2 that season as well.

      Sure, the Brigade was successful in getting to the end, but that’s what an alliance does. It’s hardly unprecedented.

      • The top 3 somehow just floated to the top 3 and they rode coatails of Britney and Mattie and Kristen. There was no competition left and that’s why they won comps and hoh. They are not alpha males, they are very sweet males that are more on the feminine side.

    • Good things happen to good people. What the hay are you talking about? You must be watching a different program than the one I have been suffering through. Three stooges in the final three is not what I call good people.

  3. i’ve been reading the survivor cast bios.. interesting group of people. i can already choose a couple of people that i don’t care for – lol – but will remain quiet for now and give them a chance to change my mind.

    and OH.. i thought ENZO had the WORST HAIRCUT i’ve ever seen until i saw JIMMY JOHNSON the other night on a promo commercial! i’ve heard him fuss about his hair for years – it ALWAYS had to be perfect! i was shocked when i saw him!! lol

    looking forward to a great season… my money is on ‘wisdom’ over youth :)

    • Guess he figured his hair needed to be his 1st casualty of Survivor… it would have looked so odd seeing him w/o a hair out of place. LOL!!! Just the thought make me laugh.

      Anyone know will there be a site for Survivor discussion w/o spoilers?

    • Ct, lol! :) I don’t think Enzo ever even looked at the back of his head to see how bad it actually was:(

      • haha….matt used to butcher enzos hair,and the bayone dope would look inda mirror and say “bangin yo”.

      • Hey Billy,
        I don’t know about you but I tried to use those clipper’s and it’s not as easy as it look’s! I thought it would have been funny if Matt or Hayden would have pulled a “Jack ass” move and just shaved a big line off! :)

  4. I don’t think JJ might last long, cause I heard the old people lost like 6 of 8 challenges or something like that, but don’t know who gets booted or stuff like that

      • @William Z, I thought it was up to Matt@bbn to filter out the comments. Do all of us have a sayso as to what can or can’t be posted? I by all means am not running you down at all. Please don’t take my post as an insult.

      • Thanks Matt@bbn, you answered my question, our comments crossed paths, I was still typing up comment when you responded to the other commentor.

    • The first four eliminations were from the “old” tribe, with JJ being the third to go. That is what was said in the article regarding his temporary leave from Fox Sports. That seems to agree with what you posted about the youngsters winning 6 of 8 comps early on.

  5. Well, using my Baseball analogy techinque…I look at Wednesday night as the FINAL game of the season. One more FINAL competition towards the HoH award…and one more FINAL elimination…Enzo I’m afraid.(…Now that’s hard…getting all the way to this point in the game on the 75th day only to get knocked out FINALLY…such a pity). That’s like being the FINAL player in the FINAL baseball game of the season…at the bottom of the FINAL inning …and Enzo makes the FINAL OUT. What a lonely Ugly feeling…sorry Enzo…but you wouldn’t have received the FINAL judges vote anyway. (What they need to do someday is play a complete season of Big Brother 3rd player BLOWOUTS…people like Enzo…Sheila Kennedy…etc, 13 of them because getting that far into the game…they deserve it).
    Now for the rest of you it’s on to SURVIVOR. I’m not into that show at all so I guess I’m one who has to wait until next year.

    • i’m not so sure that enzo’s OUT just yet…

      if lane wins hoh and wants to win it all, the smart thing for him to do is to take enzo to f2.

      if hayden wins hoh, he will win it all regardless of who he takes f2.

      27 hours from now we will know for sure!

  6. Lane, step away from the muscle milk….

    Just found an article on Muscle Milk entitled “Drinks You Can Do Without”. The article states that “…some protein drinks might pose health risks if consumed frequently.” Under a health alert it went on to state “We tested 15 protein drinks … At least one sample of each contained low to moderate levels of one or more of the following heavy metals: arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. At high enough levels those metals can have toxic effects on several organs.” It went on to include Muscle Milk as one that drinking three servings a day of “could result in being exposed to levels of arsenic, cadmium, or lead that are above maximum limits proposed by U. S. Pharmacopeia (USP), the federally recognized authority that sets voluntary standards to cover dietary supplements.”

    I would include the name of the magazine, but am afraid it would put me “in moderation”.

    • Hi Rico! Yep, yup, accessing the internet is no problem, acquiring a computer seems to be a small challenge..
      I will find one tho!!

    • Looks like the faithful to the bitter end are gathering… Trish, Tishe, Rico… Where’s Clare Ann?

      Tishe, can’t you get some sort of satellite connection?

      • heh-heh- a computer…
        but it’s not mine..
        I’m so laughing, for some reason, that question made me spit my ice tea all over!!
        I’m sorry, I read at the same time I was taking a sip!! O, crap, my gut hurts!!
        Sister, you are funny!!!( big smiley face)

    • Ok, now I’m beyond impressed! You can write poetry AND build computers???

      Sorry about the tea, Tishe!

      • Sister, it was hilarious, I wished you could have seen it!! aw, you had to have been there!! Wait, you’re the one that asked the question! Am I alone on this one? It was funny!!

      • Itr’s easly All you need is a tower, The get on the computer and find what you need, I built my Desk top for 200.00. Lap tops are a little harder.

  7. OK Who can answer this question, ON the radio show the “Lone Ranger” what was the Name of the “Lone Rangers First Horse?”

  8. oh chris, you are a legend in your own mind, sick of all this bs posed on with chris and rico, and tishe, and sister somebody, get a life

    • wow was that really necessary? no bashing of posters remember that, i mean the season’s done, so what’s your beef? sad you’re not in the bb night crew alliance? such is life. too bad so sad! go to another board! matt pls save us! :)

  9. lets not forget jadelle, how many comments wre posted, only 11 comments from regular people, all the rest from the wannabees, and no I am no player hater, I am 60 years old, and you all are trying to get 15 minutes of fame

    • James we’re having Fun, So How can I say this. Go buy a dog or a cat. And the rest of us well stay friends, If thier was something to post we would, But all we have is the 3 stooges and now you.

      • There’s been a lot of “cyber-indentity” theft on this site, lately… The post attributed to James sounds a bit like the thief. Apologies to the “real” James, if you’re a victim.. If you are the real James, you might want to take your own advice… Someone sounds a bit jealous…

  10. Ola Night Peeps! There ya is! Gracias tishe!
    Can’t wait for finale night yo! Less than 20 hrs! :)

  11. A little limerick for our friend James
    (who, by the way, is completely entitled to his opinion – although he could express it in a better way)

    James doesn’t like our “schtick”
    To criticize, he sure is quick
    If Matt(BBN) asked us to go
    We’d oblige in a second, you know
    But I think James is just being a prick

  12. I’m beginning to feel that the still shot of the diary room buzzer is more interesting than the three stooges…

  13. I found this sometime back:
    It’s from a Jewish Rabbi:

    Watch your thoughts: they become your words.
    Watch your words: they become your actions.
    Watch your actions: they become your habits.
    Watch your habits: they become your character.
    Watch your character-for it will become your destiny.

  14. No, I’m with James (all caps or no) it is nauseating to hear the same “you are great” over and over. CtheG, I don’t think you should try to advise anyone else to get a life. Perhaps you could socialize on a boomer boat cruise somewhere – you do get repetitive fawning over each other on the blog.

  15. James doesn’t like my posting, So I’ll say goodbye
    I’ll be back tomorrow night, To watch BB live
    He’s entitled to his opinions, I’ll defend that to the end
    It’s better to be with us, It’s good to be just friends

    Good night to all, Yes I must go
    so I can watch four hours of survivor and the BB show
    After the BB show, Rico to survivor you can go with hast
    Because over there you won’t be asked, Can Matt use the DPOV on the HOH

    Good night yall

  16. Since there have been a couple of negative comments, thought I would send a positive one. I have enjoyed the poems songs and chatter. They sound like fantastic people and people I would enjoy knowing and having as friends. If some people don’t think this is the site for them, then maybe they can find another site that suits them better, this one suits me just fine.
    Looking forward to your comments on Survivor.

      • Aw, PA, that was very nice of you!!
        Thank you!! I love it here!!
        I had never posted on a site before! These folks make me laugh, give perspective about the show that I never thought of! Somewhere in the middle of all this, I have came to respect all of them very much!!
        So, thank you, I agree with you 100%!
        Last time, I promise, Good Night all!

    • I LOVE ALL the BB Fans, I don’t care if your raggin, we all have Bad days so stop this baggin! :)

  17. Looks like the time has come to say goodnight to old friends and new…
    Thanks for the good times and the good laughs. Sweet dreams to all of you!

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