Brendon and Rachel to Appear on CBS with Bold and the Beautiful

Hang on to your butts, Brenchel fans, because CBS isn’t done with the biggest drama inducing Big Brother 12 showmance just yet. According to Soap Opera Digest (what?), the duo that could only have been crafted up in a mad scientist’s lab will be back next month for an appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful:

BIG BROTHER 12’s Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are appearing on Oct. 25 and 26 as a Bikini Beach waitress and bartender. The pair will be in scenes with B&B’s Hope, Liam, Bill, Katie and Amber.

Two thoughts. 1) Ragan must be rolling around on the ground laughing at Rachel’s role. 2) Isn’t Rachel all about Vegas (landlocked), but she’s a beach waitress. I’m just not convinced that I’ll believe her in the character!

Perhaps more importantly, which of you think you can out-do Brendon or Rachel on Big Brother 13? You did start applying already, right??

Hat tip to Branden at for the info!


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  1. This is completely great. I don’t know that I am a fan, but they give me hope. There really is someone for everyone.

  2. CBS has just lost my business. How dumb can the execs be. No one wants to see brendon and Rachel. We want to see LANE AND BRITNEY on tv, you jerks!!!!!

    • Yes, I totally agree.Lane and Brittany were cool together. No witches laugh like Rachael has.Her laugh is like fingernails on a chalk board!

    • Actually no one wants to see the negative, backstabbing, talk-behind-everyone’s back Britney on TV. I don’t mind the meathead one way or another though.

    • @Karzai, speak for yourself. NO, I DON’T WANT TO SEE lane and brit; to me they are THE DUMB ONE AND THE VILE ONE. Frankly, what’s your problem? You solved it by deciding that CBS lost your business. More to the point, if you cannot help but watch when they do appear on TV, then you will just have to lump it. Did you expect maybe that CBS should consult you?! Who is the jerk here?

      • Svetlana, I can see we will be extending this debate over Britney and Lane well into the winter. Maybe the debate will never end, I do not know.

        Since Britney said, in a video I saw on Youtube, that she wants to do the Amazing Race with Lane, I have much hope of seeing these two on television for years to come. And of course it was reported that she might stay in L.A. to take job as a football reporter (and Lane was a college football player – how convenient for them lol???)

        Britney is much much prettier than is Rachel. You are not a guy and I am telling you this on good authority. This is what almost all guys would say. Lane is viewed as a real fine guy bc he did not backstab Hayden to try to win the grand prize. Brendon is ok, but there are questions as to why he would be with this loudmouth, tacky Rachel.

        I did not ask CBS to consult me.

        I hope that we are friends, Svetlana.

      • @Karzai: are you dreaming Britney a football reporter, for what grade school? and Lane as a College football player, only in your dreams my man, only in your dreams.

      • Chris, Karzai must be dreaming because it was reported in The Examiner that in the future she would like to persue a career as a sport’s reporter! I like how he change’s it to make it look like she has a job offer to be a Football reporter right now! Yep definately dreaming!

        @Karzai, Britney would have to go to college and get a degree first to become a reporter!

      • Karzai, yes, Brit and Lane and Enzo and Hayden not only said but very much hope that somehow BB 12 will be the start of their glorious careers in show biz and that all they need to do now is to declare that they are able and willing and available. And maybe for some of them this will happen. I don’t know to how many former BB HG’s this has happened. (I only know that Dr. Will is peddling cosmetics on TV and is doing a very good job of it.) Personally, I would watch ANY OF THEM just to see what they are up to. Yes, Brit is pretty; Rachel is attractive. However, that’s not the point. Being pretty does not mitigate the effect of her vile and hideous mouth and backstabbing. I really do not want to continue with this any more. BB 12 is over. When you first mentioned that Brit was negotiating re: an offer to be a football reporter, I don’t believe that there were any negative comments to that; were there? And maybe Lane and Brit will end up together but to me that’s of no consequence; it’s their business. And maybe Rachel and Brendon will part if it does not work out for them, but that’s their issue also. Yes, we are friends.

    • Are you serious? You said the word “pig” and Rachael didn’t come to mind? It’s imbedded in my brain

      • “pig” is “imbedded” in your brain? I think that’s funny. An apple under an apple tree and pigs in a pig sty.

    • Does it matter they will be on a Soap Opera? I don’t watch it so if you don’t watch it why would it bother you? If you are a fan of Brit and Lane wouldn’t you want them on a show you actually watched? Just saying…..

    • Karzai, I understand you love Britney and Lane but you don’t speak for all of us. Rachel and Brendon have fans also, sorry to break the news to you. I personally will not be watching it but know several people who do not even watch that soap opera, yet are going to watch those 2 episodes. Don’t worry though, I’m sure your Britney and Lane will be on something also, I atleast hope so for your sake giving the fact you stated cbs lost your business because Brendon and Rachel are on 2 entire episodes. This doesn’t seem to rational to me but you it does I guess.

  3. Im excited to see them on TV. So I guess there is atleast 1 person who wants to see them some more Karzai =) I loved them on big brother yeah they were a bit over dramatic at times but keep in mind it was a game, they found love. Be happy for them im really getting tired of the bashing already! Just sayin….

  4. What is wrong with CBS? Lane and Brittany are the two we all want to see! Hate Rachael when she talks or laughs, she screeches!

    • Who are we all? You don’t represent everyone! Britney? Hell no! Enough of your catiness and negativity already!

      • @jeanne:Jeanne, these posters are notorius for ganging up on other posters and they even run them out of these forums. Jeanne, you’re spinning your wheels with this bunch of extremely negative posters. I don’t understand why they are so miserable and hateful. They are very critical of other posters and they only do good in numbers when they gang up on other posters. I have been reading all the comments and they are nauseating. How could this bunch have so much hate in their hearts? I would never want to be in their shoes. This is my one and only comment and it is for Jeanne. Good bye Jeanne and I sure feel sorry for you, you are in the abyss with all these mean people. It is so sad. Good nite Jeanne. Some of these people are plain neurotic, get out of the abyss of negativity Jeanne

    • @Karzai and Lora, why do you insist on saying Lane and Britney, it’s Nick and Britney! Also if you want people to watch a show, there has to be something to watch! Watching Britney shop or talk about people is not good tv!

    • @lora baker, and do you think Rachel is losing sleep because of your hatred? Get over it, get a life, and stop screeching. I say, YES, CBS!!

  5. When you all say “We all want to see Lane and Britney, you are talking about you and the mouse that you have in your pocket right!!!!!!!

  6. Gosh. All I’ve heard about all season is the Showmance of Brendon && Rachel. Why cant Lane && Brittany. At least we wont have to hear that awful Rachel laugh.

    • Oh there is no showmance between Lane and Britney because she has a fiance already! Where is your common sense? Don’t have any? Why am I not surprise?

      • “Meathead and Negative Bimbo” = Rachael and Brendon perfectly. Thank you. I couldn’t have come up with a better description myself.
        Neanderthal= Meathead= Brendon
        Pimple-face=Negative Bimbo= Rachael

      • @J, falling a bit short in the smarts dept. aren’t you? Meathead and negative bimbo is already taken by brit and lane; given ORIGINALLY to them by “noo”. Why did you steal it from “noo”? Wait, I know why and not much surprise here.

      • @Jeanne: you can’t even come up with your own line you had to take it from someone else, Sad very Sad

      • I am completely aware that Brittany already has a fiance && I am happy for her. All I am saying is that it would be awesome for Lane && Brittany to guest star. (:

    • @Jeanne, like I said falling short upsatairs… I think it will be just GREAT to see Brendon and Rachel together on TV! And miserable people like you can’t do much about it except wallow in your misery.

  7. I won’t watch. Had enough of her already and can’t put up with that laugh nervous or not!! give us a break!! More drama!!!!!!

    • This Sandy loves Rachel and Brendon and will watch with my whole family. My 7 grandsons loves Rachel also.

    • My grandsons are in their twenties and they all love Rachel and Brendon. My beautiful two grand daughters love them also.

    • I would think that was noted by Brittany winning the money from America rather than Neanderthal or Chicken Cackle. More people liked Britt than those two. Go figure!!

      • Actually it is likely that Britney’s mum spent thousands of dollars paying people off to text in to stuff the votes. Given that she put Britney into beauty pageants, I wouldn’t put it past her if she did.

      • Unfortunately we really do not know who AFP was. Yes Britney did recieve the most amount of votes but giving the fact that cbs did not limit the amount of times a person could vote, this vote is not accurate. As many posters have said and proudly admitted, several did this thing called stuffing the envelope. This is when a person votes more than 1 or 2 times. Several posters have bragged about spending hours, maxing out text messages votes then using their friends phones to vote and even making up several different email address to continue to vote for the HG that they wanted to win. Hopefully this is something cbs fixes by the time bb13 get here and puts a limit on the amout of votes each email, text and ip address can generate. I as a viewer would love to know who AFP is. Also I’m sure the HG’s would like a more accurate vote given the fact that they are the one who actually recieves the money for this. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Britney did get the most votes, just not a fan of this type of voting and this is something that can be controlled.

    • @Kristi, I absolutely agree with you on this issue. Unfortunatly because some people kept stuffing, we will never know! :( CBS could also just pick who they wanted to win, thus the vote’s wouldn’t have mattered anyway!

  8. I am so happy that they are going to be on that show! I really liked Brendon and Rachel on Big Brother and hated all the bashing. I even liked Rachel’s laugh. I don’t watch The Bold and The Beautiful but I will be watching those two days! Can’t wait!!!

    • @Liz. enjoy it and let us know all about it… damn, Ragan was right Rachel is a waitress, wonder why she took offense to that?

      • Ummm, maybe it’s because he think’s he’s all that and was talking down to her like she was nothing! He has a way of making people feel bad and enjoying himself while doing it! He had to take a cut in pay at his assitant prof. Position so maybe he’s just jealous that Rachael make’s more than he does as a cocktail waitress!

  9. Time to let go of all the hate. It’s their life and hope they make the best of it. BB is over STOP ALREADY

    • Sandy None are so blind than those that cannot see!! Did someone die and leave you boss? You are not the boss of me!! Tell it to someone else that wants to listen to you. I have a right to my opinion. Same as you.

      • @Jeanne, yes, in this country anybody can have an opinion even idiots have a right to have their opinions and to express them and so, yes, you have a right to your opinion. The question is, knowing yourself, why would you wish to show here how laughable you actually are? What did Sandy say that is so horrible? Just how old are you?

      • @jeanne:Jeanne, these posters are notorius for ganging up on other posters and they even run them out of these forums. Jeanne, you’re spinning your wheels with this bunch of extremely negative posters. I don’t understand why they are so miserable and hateful. They are very critical of other posters and they only do good in numbers when they gang up on other posters. I have been reading all the comments and they are nauseating. How could this bunch have so much hate in their hearts? I would never want to be in their shoes. This is my one and only comment and it is for Jeanne. Good bye Jeanne and I sure feel sorry for you, you are in the abyss with all these mean people. It is so sad. Good nite Jeanne. Some of these people are plain neurotic, get out of the abyss of negativity Jeanne>Sweatlavana just called herself and idiot. So wrong.

  10. Hooray for Brenchel! After all the trash-talking about them, Reagan and Brit must be GREEN with envy and wishing they had some hair extensions! I’m laughing!

    • Yes they’re green with money not envy. What did Brenchael win? $5,000 between the two of them? Lordy!! Lordy!! Keep them off unemployment for a little while. Oh I forgot. Brendon had every job that anyone could ever have. An astronaut, etc. LOL That was so funny. And Rachael only knows one line of work. But it is the oldest profession and Brendon thinks she’s an entrepreneur for being a party hostess?

      • @Jeanne
        No wonder you’re a Britney fan, you talk crap just like her! This is about Rachael and Brendon! FYI, Britney is such a Snotty B she wouldn’t even talk to you if she Met you and you were her biggest fan!

      • Oh good Lord Christy. Most of the comments on here are about all four of them. I’m not the only one talking about Britt and Lane. And I do believe it’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black about talking crap. Look in the mirror Sweetie!! You’re talking it too. And I do have a right to my opinion. When you see my name, don’t read my comments. Rachael is the one that said she woke up from a drunken haze with tequila vomit and $100 bills all over her. Doesn’t that tell you something? You can put lipstick on a pig….it’s still a pig

      • Rachael was a independant single woman when she went on bb! If that is how she choose’s to live than I don’t see any problem with it! However, look who has an apperance spot on a tv show!!!! :) not Britney, cause she has to get back to her hotel desk clerk job!

      • 35k less a third in taxes only figure’s out to be about 20k! I guess Britney might consider that alot of money considering she dosen’t have a college degree and isn’t making a guest appearance on the b&b!

      • Still a whole lot more than Brenchael have. Brendon didn’t win a cent. And Rachael isn’t finished with college yet either. I’m not sure I’d trade in a degree for a barmaid (Hostess lol) job for some reason. Why so you think Rachael’s job is any more glorious than Britt’s?

      • And you realize that Brenchael will only be making scale? And about a third less than scale after they take out taxes. So what’s your point?

      • Not everyone went on the show for the money (obviously any of them could use it) maybe they went on for the love of the game maybe they went on for the exposure of what it could bring next who knows
        @Jeanne a lot of people work to put themselves through college duh!

  11. @Jeanne: First there are only 3-4 people on the site for Lane and Britney the rest are for B/R.
    Second your making judgements about poeple you don’t even know.
    Yes Rachel has a degree a (BS) and Brendon is going to USC, as for Britney she doesn’t have a job.
    Third: Yes britney won $35.000.00, but it’s B/R that are getting the offers, not Enzo or Lane or Britney, Color it anyway you want but it isn’t going to change a thing.
    Fourth: yes you can put lipstick on a pig, So please take it off.

    • Woo Hoo Use your own lines. I will say here and anywhere else exactly what I want. Just like you’re doing. You’re not going to bully me. So what?
      Aren’t you making a judgement about Britt? Do you know her?
      How do you know Rach has a job?
      Brenchael got one offer. Not offer”s” YIPPEE!!! LOL For scale!! Do you think they’ll be able to retire?
      I guess I can say. You can put cheap red hair extensions on a pig…it’s still a pig.
      And how do you know the others haven’t gotten any offers?
      Did someone die and leave you their agent?
      What exactly did Britt say were the kinds of offers she was expecting? She’s going on vacation if I remember correctly

      • I would like to know were I said anything about Britney or made a judgement about her, please learn to read before you came at me again.

  12. Brit did admit that her mother has even filthier backstabbing mouth than she(brit)does, if that’s possible. I think that this Jeanne woman could be actually Brit’s mother. Think about it. There is such inconsistency in her posts. In some of them she is positively frothing at the mouth and sounds like totally rabid middle aged shrew of a woman and in other posts, she sounds like a teen aged brat, spewing crap all over, a la Brit. Jeanne woman, you are not totally there, are you? Whoever you are, you are an ugly character.

    • @svetlana the above comment, describes you to a T. Good job in describing yourself Svetlana. Get your box of kleenex to wipe the froth from your mouth. Can you say the word N-i-c-e? No, ok, your views are so twisted and distorted and sordid. How do you even walk this earth with all that animosity and hate in your heart??. Jeanne is so right. You have been so cold blooded and ruthless to Jeanne. You have yourself a very nice day Svetlana and try to be nice to others here. You just might turn that black heart(represents evil) of yours to a normal red heart. There are ways to agree and disagree with intelligence. It is quite easy to do. There is no need for hate, hate, hate and you are so full of it. Stop the hate, enjoy each others company. Be nice if you can.

      • Why does@…… Keep talking about how great Jeanne is! Because it is Jeanne and she need’s to stop talking to herself! What nobody feeding you?

    • @….Is it hide and seek time? To each his own… Naah, I don’t hate Jeanne or Brit or any of the posters here, but I don’t mince words when I talk to adults who are spewing their hate all over. I hated Ragan and I am disgusted with him and by him for thinking and saying all the atrocities that he would like to perform on Rachel and her unborn children and the hideous crimes he would like to inflict upon helpless African babies. Where was your sense of outrage and your heart then? But, I sponsor a child through World Vision, I went and worked in orphanages in two countries on two continents and I volunteer at the local hospital and contribute to local and international charities on a regular basis. My heart is in the right place and is the right colour, trust me.

    • @Jeanne, “ARE YOU TALKIN’ TO ME?” (couldn’t resist.) Is Svetlana too much for you? Just give it up and follow Sandy’s advice.

      • Svet.. No it’s not too much for me but it’s a waste of time to write all that on something that means so little. Who’s Sandy?

  13. @ jeanne
    its better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your an idiot than to open your mouth and prove you are JMHO

      • Jeanne: Please stop, It’s hard for me to see you lower yourself this way. Opinions are one thing, But insulting poster because of there opinions, just lowers yourself below the posters you say are attacking you.

        You say I’m trying to bully you just when was that, all I did was make some points, didn’t say anything bad about you or Britney and you say I made judgements about Britney, just when did I do that?

        Also it’s offer’s if you would read you would know that, So please stop with the insults if you want to put is on a different level, don’t!!!

        Go ahead and post your opinions, but stop with the insluts.

      • Chris the great….you just provedmy point. And you’re trying to bully right now. You don’t own this site. Don’tell me what to do. I was posting my opinion about B/R and a few jumped on me, thinking I didn’t have a right to my opinion. As if, you only have a right to your opinion if you agree with those that think B/R are great people. Well, guess what, a lot more people liked Britt than B/R. Britt won the money. I think that’s a pretty good meansure of who was better liked. Don’t you?
        Chris the great. Go to post #12 and see how you jumped on me first. I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to noo and you jumped on me about something I wasn’t even saying to you. So get it right. That’s how a bully behaves. Blames it on everyone else You started it with me. I didn’t say one word to you until you said something to me.
        And look at post #2 I would say actually that that comment wasn’t very nice what you said about Britt.
        So you should stop starting crap and then denying it. Doesn’t make you look good. Makes you look a little pathetic and desperate. I’m just saying!! And you’ll have to up your game a bit for you to be insulting. Child’s play

      • @….a.k.a. Jeanne, you obvi. Didn’t understand my post because if you did you would have stopped being a freak then!

  14. To be honest none of these bb 12 yawnfest contestants should be seen on tv again. Rachel and brendon are getting their 15 minutes and I gaurantee you this is the begininng of the end of their fame and probably their relationship. Next.

  15. Wow..Brendon and Rachel on a soap drama..just like their life will be together. I have never seen or knew of a houseguest on a soap drama before. I wonder how much money they will get. I will have to get my vcr ready. Do you think they will be able to a soap drama?

  16. Jeanne, no one made me boss, just my opinion, just as you have yours, only difference is I don’t act like a hateful person when someone dissagrees with me. Now shut the hell up and get yourself some help with the hate issue!!

  17. Thank You Svetlana and all the Sandy’s out there, we all stick together . We Sandys know what were talking about. Just Please, “CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG” couldn’t let that pass me by. LOL. Give your opinion, but lets be civil at least!! It’s only a show for pete sake!!!!

  18. Jeanne

    I check out the website and all i see is Jeanne getting shut down.

    Gotta love Big Brother.

    B/R can do what they want

    • Beast And what world are you living in? Please, come back to Earth. “Shut Down”? I don’t believe you see me backing down from all these fakers. What you said has no meaning Beast.
      Beast? Beast? Your name should be Cubby or Puppy. Nothing beastly about you but your breath or the hair on your back

      • @jeanne, what is you’re problem? I really don’t understand why you keep continuing to attack other poster’s again today such as Beast who was only stating the truth! I think you should seek medical attention NOW! And stop trying to spin this like you’re the one being bullied!

      • Christy As I’m also only stateing the truth. So you think it’s ok for Beast to say something nasty to me and I shouldn’t say anything? What planet are you from? I said NOT one word to you. As ususal You started with me. I don’t have to TRY to show that I’m being bullied. The proof is in the writing. And you failed the test too. Simple…Mind your own business, I didn’t say anything to you so why do you feel the need to spout off?

      • the better question Jeanne or whoever you are is what planet are you from? You keep putting people on here down, the proof is in the writing as you say, take you’re lipstick off and stop trying to play the sympathy card because you have done this to yourself!

      • Jeanne, these posters are notorius for ganging up on other posters and they even run them out of these forums. Jeanne, you’re spinning your wheels with this bunch of extremely negative posters. I don’t understand why they are so miserable and hateful. They are very critical of other posters and they only do good in numbers when they gang up on other posters. I have been reading all the comments and they are nauseating. How could this bunch have so much hate in their hearts? I would never want to be in their shoes. This is my one and only comment and it is for Jeanne. Good bye Jeanne and I sure feel sorry for you, you are in the abyss with all these mean people. It is so sad. Good nite Jeanne.

      • attention whore would be my guess

        that is why they have copied and pasted about a half dozen times

        either that or they wanna get busy with that person and this is their way of flirting I dunno

    • You are wrong,I am siding with Jeanne whom I don’t even know. You guys are a lynch mob vigilantes. you don’t fight one to one. All of you are cowards as you all gang up on one person. Iam here for Jeanne. She is not alone. Somewhere I read you guys were called the “regulators” monitoring this forum and kicking people out of this forum because they didn’t agree with you entire gang banging bunch of sick cowards. You don’t know how to fight one to one. Jeanne is holding up really well. You bunch are not, that’s the cowards in all of you.

      • lmao@ vigilantes

        this forum is above you…msy I suggest candy land or some Chutes and Ladders

      • @….do not be shy. Reveal yourself and stop making up stuff. Nobody in this place leaves unless they want to do so. If you were on my side, I would tell to please DON’T BE. Who would want something like you to be on their side?

      • Actually..Lynch Mob is a pretty good band..they had that dude from Dokken…and Vigilante Justice is good too

        not sure they have ever been all linked together

      • Why do you always think this is a war and that you won? This is a online chat forum! That’s it! It’s over so stop

  19. I am glad that I do not watch Bold and the Beautiful right now, I don’t want to hear Rachel’s laugh anymore…but I have to say I will miss seeing watching Big Brother every week. I really would rather watch Jeff and Jordan on tv if they appeared on a soap or just a regular show.

  20. Jeanne, You have to be kidding me right, All I said in post#12 was that you couldn’t even come up with your own line, which was true, Sorry If the truth hurts, Also I have never called you a Name or insulted you, I have told you to learn to read and understand what you are reading, That’s all I was saying and as for post#2 Karzai knows me and nothing I said in that post was mean.

    Britney doesn’t have a chance of becoming a Football reporter, and that’s the truth.

    Now as for post#24 I never once told you that you didn’t have a right to post nor for you to stop posting, just to please stop the insults, and I never insulted you once, And to say I will have to up my game to be insulting was wrong, First I wasn’t trying to insult you. But believe me I wouldn’t have to up my game, I would have to lower it to your level, and that I won’t do.

    So please if it makes you fill big and smart just keep on posting and showing everyone just how Immature and Insecure you really are.

    One last thing really liked your posts saying that you have a right to your opinions and No-one can tell you that you can’t post them. But I guess that only goes for you, because if anyone else has an opinion, you get insulting and tell they need to stop, Yes I’m sorry but you really are a very Sad person, And you show it everytime you post.

    • Chris Almighty What makes you think I’m kidding? I’ve never called anyone out unless they start with me first. You started with me first. I’ve told you and everyone else, if you don’t like my comments all you have to do when you see my name is not read my post. Simple as that! You’re all for truth. I’ve been speaking the truth also. Show me one place that I haven’t. Mean must be in the eye of the beholder. Mean girls never think they are. I still say you’re a bully. For you to insult me would mean that I somehow thought what you say is of any intelligence or worth. Which should be obvious to you that I don’t. You need to get over yourself, you’re not that important. You say Britt has no possibility of being a reporter. So what!! Rachael has no possibility of being a good person. So what!! I don’t see how you could lower yourself much more. You’re already at the bottom of the food chain. Don’t flatter yourself.
      Where did I tell anyone to stop posting? I love for you and others to post. It’s like manna from Heaven. You feed me!!
      You say I’m sad. I’m laughing hysterically every time you think you’ve told me off. It takes a much better person and definately a much smarter and more clever person to insult me. You’re a bit of an amateur.
      Let me tell you right now, by your posting to me directly calls for a response from me. You keep posting, I’ll keep responding. And if you don’t read English very well or don’t understand me, let me explain. You keep posting, I’ll keep posting. You stop, I’ll stop. And that goes for all the rest. I’m not going to allow you to think you’ve bullied me out of here. That WILL NOT happen!!!

      • Yes you win, boy did you ever tell off, Yes your the greatest most intelligent person I’ve ever had to deal it with, You sure told us where to get off, keep up the good work and yes everything you have been saying was right and we were all wrong.

        well enough saecasm

      • @Jeanne, you are like the proverbial idiot and his last word. After everything has been said about an issue and there is nothing further to be said, the proverbial idiot will always open his mouth to say anything, any nonsense whatsoever, so that he/she can have the last word; this is the so-called “fetish of the last word”. And so, go ahead, be true to form to the proverbial idiot and have yourself the idiot’s last word. Or maybe you can prove me wrong this time and say nothing? Are you smart enough to do that? I doubt it…

      • Jeanne, these posters are notorius for ganging up on other posters and they even run them out of these forums. Jeanne, you’re spinning your wheels with this bunch of extremely negative posters. I don’t understand why they are so miserable and hateful. They are very critical of other posters and they only do good in numbers when they gang up on other posters. I have been reading all the comments and they are nauseating. How could this bunch have so much hate in their hearts? I would never want to be in their shoes. This is my one and only comment and it is for Jeanne. Good bye Jeanne and I sure feel sorry for you, you are in the abyss with all these mean people. It is so sad. Good nite Jeanne.

      • Chris the great :P thank you for finally admitting you’re wrong. It was like pulling teeth for you to finally figure that out. It’s very big of a person to know when they should give itup because they’re out of ammunition and they’ve been wrong along. Thanks Chris You did the right thing

      • sveti It sounds to me like you’re the idiot needing to have the last word. You’re like the Energizer Bunny you just keep going and going and going. He runs into walls and goes in circles too. So don’t feel bad. Buck up sveti, it’ll get better. Someday you might be a nice person.

  21. Jeanne when i said you were getting shut down, i meant you were by yourrself and werent putting up good arguments……………

    Lol and you called me a puppy, that made my day. I could retaliate but then again i dont care.

    B/R for life
    BigBro forever

    • Good because I don’t care either. My comment about you being a puppy means that I think you are far from a beast and you just proved it. I couldn’t care less if you retaliate or not. Go for it.

  22. You know who Boobzilla’s laugh reminds me of?

    Margaret Hamilton.

    Brenchel on Amazing Race would be the 3nd most moronic thing CBS has ever done. They wouldn’t last because he’d be trying to get her to do the smart thing, and she’d be trying to do something she thinks is intelligent, but is actually the stupidest thing in the world.

    The 2nd most moronic thing CBS has ever done was to cast Boobzilla on a soap.

    The most moronic thing CBS has ever done was to put the skanky whore on tv in the first place.

    • @formerly known as… Who cares? Take it with CBS. Calm down, you’ll give yourself a stroke raving here like a lunatic. I say GO CBS!! It will be just so GREAT to see Brendon and Rachel on TV together! Just perfect. Can you imagine that? No? Well then, YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO LUMP IT. Are you choking on your own bile from your hatred by now? Do me a favour and stop spreading your hateful crap all over here. You may feel better about yourself…

      • Holy b&r warrior, I think you’re the one in need of a chill pill. It seems you’re very happy with your own opinion now let someone have thiers. Not everyone has to agree with you and not everyone has to like b&r. I could sit and debate the reasons why all day, but we get it, you’re a fan of them, now do me a favor and stop spreading your hypocrisy. Thank you, goodbye.

      • @melissa, yes, anybody can have their opinion and state it without frothing at the mouth and getting ballistic about it. Who is “we” in “we get it”? What’s wrong with “I” get it? I think it will be futile to debate the whole day the reasons why some people like Brendon and Rachel and some don’t. It will accomplish nothing for either of us. Being happy with my opinion? I am OK with it as I am with my opinion about Brit and Ragan and the BB12 show in general. As for spreading my hypocrisy? That’s malarkey. And melissa, (I said this before but it needs repeating) avoid sarcasm; it’s the
        verbal equivalent of grasping at straw. I find your attempt at sarcasm here not only feeble but also contemptible. And in the same spirit that you accorded me, I too thank you and goodbbye.

      • Raving? I stated my opinion without emotion. YOU’RE the one that needs a chill pill.

      • Lol, you’re a laugh and a half let me tell you. Your hipocrisy is malarkey? Good lord in heaven. All your talk about hatred and negativity not being welcome here yet you’re the one with the acid tongue towards people who are simply stating their opinion in whatever way they chose. The “we” is the entire forum. I feel comfortable enough speaking for everyone after reading your hilarious posts. There was not a hint of sarcasm in my previous post. And again…with the hypocrisy. You’ve been very sarcastic in other postings my dear you’ve been “grasping straws” for a while now. So I ask you, are YOU choking on YOUR own bile of hatred now? I’m sure you will be since I expect the response to this to be anything but rational. Lol, people like you make these forums so entertaining, and I thank you for that.

      • @melissa, once people start invoking the good lord in heaven and refer to me as “my dear” and then try to apply to me what I said about them in the first place, I have a pretty good idea with what I am dealing with, and from then on, they lost me as an audience. The only thing I can say then is, to go ahead and have yourself the proverbial idiot’s last word.

  23. I’m one of the Sandy’s and never said a bad word, but this isn’t even about BB anymore, just alot of fighting. I’m done with all the bashing. Count this Sandy out for anyone (no one I hope) cares!!! Got better things to do and read.

    • @sandy
      Don’t leave they’re are people on here that would like to continue talking about BB. Don’t let anyone run you off. So I’m not huge fan of brenchel but I will be watching Bold and the beautiful(which I don’t normally watch either) but I am looking forward to seeing them on something outside the house to see if they do well or suck lol

  24. @Sandy, your right. I will watch too, but not a watcher at all of the show. I two want to see how bad it will suck!!!! Some of these people on here take this TV thing to serious. LOL Some of us are quite funny. I am a nurse and think something is spreading like HATEFULLNESS, lets be polite to everyones opinion. Hate is like a sickness!! I know MY BAD!!!!!!

  25. It would be so cool to see Brendon and Rachel again. I guess this should make Brendon and Rachel happy to be on a soap drama. I hope this is Rachel favorite day time soap. Maybe Brendon and Rachel will do some other tv shows together. It will feel so odd to see them both on tv again. I wonder what part they will play. I will have to come back to this forum to see what everyone thought of Brendon and Rachel…soap drama together.

  26. Your so right Svetlana, this is toooooo funny!! Lets all watch and be nice, life to short to be so mean to each other, people most of us don’t even know each other, arguing about people we DON”T know. This really is too funny!!

  27. I don’t wanna side with anyone I am just enjoying the war of words between Jeanne and Svetlana, the people trying to calm Jeanne down, her fighting back, people ganging up, this is like a good ole street brawl

    where is my beer and popcorn

    and all this over B/R and Britney come on people don’t we have 536 idiots in Washington, DC that we can bash upon???

    • What I can’t figure out is why Tanner would be sticking up for Jeanne when she has been cleary the attacker and seek’s so much negative attention! I will say that she has been more crazy than any hg this season on bb! She’s like a bad accident, you don’t wanna look but you just can’t turn away!

    • Have you been reading Sveti’s crap?? She’s gong to have a heart attack. She needs to calm down. She’s showed her venom to everyone on here. Not only me I don’t feel bad one bit. She’s out of control. Like the woman in Snake Pit. Geeezzzzz!!!

      • I read it all..I am neutral..I am just enjoying the show…give me some cigs, buffalo wings, beer and popcorn I am good for the weekend

    • Pete are you nuts? Why don’t you read everything before you open your mouth. By not doing so it makes you sound well, how can I say this? A little out of the loop. Get a load of Sveti.she’s gone off the deep end. She’s ranting and raving to herself I think. She soundsabsolutely nuts!! It just proves my point about her

    • I will say this much for Jeanne..she has more fight in her than those 2 pansy asses that got fired from the Apprentice…

      they sit there and get stomped…and say nothing

      at least she fights whether she is right or wrong and that is admirable in and of itself

    • I hope we can get this cat fight Royal Rumble to go 15 rds…we will eliminate the over the top rope dq rules, put it in a cage, and yes, hair pulling and scratching is not only allowed, but encouraged…

      ding ding rd 1

  28. omg! did u guys head apparently britney recieved 20 000 dollars from CBS to repair her house so she doesnt need to use winner money!

  29. and for the record..I don’t care if Lane slipped Britney some Jimmy Dean any more than I care about Brenchel. They are what they are…

    now if Enzo is gonna be on TV with some Meow Meow and “that’s it” and some Joizey street talk, count me in

    I think he should be on the Apprentice

    • and if they were to cast any of these people on soaps, I think they should have put em on Young & the Restless and let Victor Newman eat em alive

  30. sveti, I hope you’ve noticed a lot of people, not just me, think you’re not such a nice person. You soundd a little nuts. I feel I’m being a little cruel to someone that can’t defend themselves mentally. Take your xanax and all that other bi-polar medication and then maybe we can talk.

  31. Ya know what? were all keeping each other busy with snid remarks, but were entertaining each other. LOL. I think the best thing to do is put my energy into what I really have to do, HOUSEWORK. Cleaning my toliet is nicer than us doing this!! Love you all anyway!!!

  32. I would be happy if any of the bbh players were to get into anytype of showbusniess whether I liked them or not. more power to them. I want to wish each and every player the best.

    • I had read somewhere that people here were highly educated and had all sorts of degrees. Is this how educated people behave? Intelligent people? I think it would be nice if everyone get along. It is just a show, you folks are real. Don’t let a show control your emotions. I think evryone is very nice on this site. Eventually you all wil be frinds. Dont let the show get the best of you. Shake hands and be friends.

  33. It troubles me that you think my comment was aimed at you (Jeanne) there was no name on it. But after reading your comments and the other two people taht are both you, I see that you are very insecure and immature and really stupid if you don’t know what sarcasm it, And please don’t try to insult me by trying to show how smart you are, it just shows are stupid you really are,

    Now if you what to back up your I’m smart My IQ is 152, What’s your’s, If you don’t want to answer then don’t take the time to post back as I deon’t have any more time for you.

    Grow up and get a life.

    • @Chris, i was nowhere running you down at all. I am hoping you all weill be friends and get along. I am not going to argue with you at all. I just couldn’t believe that educated people were behaving like that. I would expect that from grade school children. The show makes people behave differently. I am not running you down at all. And, i am not into aruguing or fighting with anybody. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. Good luck and I am sure everyone here will eventually get along and that’s what I wish for everyone.Good luck to you Chris, i have nothing against you or anyone here. There are no winners or losers. We are all people with diferent ideas. I don’t like to fight or argue at all.

      • first the comments didn’t have your name (My Take On It) So way are you poosting me back as if I were?

    • deon’t is spelled don’t . I also don’t spell very good either. I make a lot of mistkes myself.

      • I also read one of the comments and they mentioned reglators and a lynch mob. I don’t want the lynch mob or regulators d to come after me. I don’t know who they are, I still don’t want them to come after me. I am not a fighter or arguer.

      • It was a type “O” your coming at me because of a type “O” And you talk about other people.

    • What is really troubling about Jeanne is that if you look back on the Hayden thread, she was attacking and fighting over there too. Although what’s classic is Torch told her to get a life! :) everyone that post’s on bbn know’s she act’s like this.

      • Ya know Lisa: the real problem is that Jeanne has to make up 3-4 fake people to agree with her.

      • Yeah Chris, right on that one! I wonder who she will be next! Hang in there!
        Are you gonna watch the bold and beautiful? I think i will just because they are on the show!

      • Just because they are on, and so will all the haters, because they will want to see them fail. Have you held about the New Game they came out with?

        It’s called “Where’s Enzo” should be out bye christmas. LOL

      • I will watch it too only because Brendon and Rachel will be on. If their haters wish to wallow in their misery because of it, not much harm done to anybody but themselves. It will be just Great to see B&R together on TV. I wonder what’s happening with Enzo, he was so sure that he will have all kinds of offers…

  34. Evidently the rules for posting—-civility, not insulting others, debating intelligently, etc.,—no longer apply since the end of the show. Real mature people.


    With the dust now settling on BB12, we can now start to get an accurate total of Lane’s winnings on the show. A factor in the calculation is confirmation from Lane’s sister, Lorren, on September 23, that Britney will be visiting Lane in the Dallas area in mid-October to attend a football game. Given the nine hour drive, she will probably stay at least few days with him…maybe forever…..

    And for those of you who were wondering, as reported to me, Lorren made it quite clear that, ahem, Nick will NOT (emphasis on not) be with her on the visit…

    Total Lane Winnings:

    1. Second place prize money: $50,000

    2. Pandora’s Box money: $91.17

    3. Stipend money: $7,500 (approximate figure. Ten weeks x 750/wk)

    4. Ms. Britney Haynes


    • Hello Karzai, you are something else, and I mean that in a good way. You know my opinion about Britney, but I have to admire you; you seem more determined that this relationship should work than maybe even they do.

  36. Isn’t this supposed to be about a show, BB ? Well you all are doing a good job, Putting on a good show, maybe you all can get on one of the other soaps and rekindle one that was cancelled, what a talk show that would be!! Crabby people in action!!

  37. I’m the only one on this thread who is Hateful, so y’all better stop committing handle identity theft, ya hear? Check your thesaurus; I know you’ll find a synonym. Yes you can.

    • @ hateful
      What? I’ve seen plenty of people that have been acting hateful but haven’t seen anyone posting under that name. What are you talking about? Did I miss something?

  38. Glad someone else picked up on the spelling of heard, thought I missed something and herd was something else. this is getting really weird, but funny. Think I’ll just read my mail and forget partisapating!! I don’t spell well either,LOL

  39. Chris, where is Enzo? Lol =) I googled the hg’s and so far Rachael and Brendon are the only 2 with any upcoming tv exposure! Except you tube video’s if you count that (not)!

    • hey carol how’s it going, hope everytihng is going good, yep B/R are the only one’s so far going any where, Lane and britney can’t be found, or Enzo guess all those job offer’s just didn’t show up.

  40. How come everyone is so upset over Brendon and Rachel? Nobody should here on this Big Brother forum need to say mean things to each other all the time. I think you all need to tell each other that you are sorry for all the bad things you said to each other on this forum. I do not know where Matt is right now, but i thnk he will not like what is going on here on this forum. Please just stop before Matt take everything off this forum.

  41. I like Brendon and Rachel. It sounds like they had the best welcome home party in Vegas. They looked great together and Rachel looked really good. There are about 364 pictures of them. I don’t know if I can say this but there is a fan club on Facebook to see the pictures.

    As far as the same thing said over and over on Rachel being a waitress who cares. She is putting herself through college. If it’s a waitress, VIP cocktail waitress or whatever. They make a ton of money in Vegas. She had a welcome home party at Rehab at the Hard Rock. On Sundays they have over 5000 people at their pool party. And when you are a VIP cocktail waitress you are in charge of the cabanas and the guests spend a lot of money. There is a show now on Rehab the bar at Hard rock but I cannot remember the channel.

    As for people saying since the Brat won Americas player your right but it was only because of how they portrayed her on the CBS show. If they had shown her and Ragan night after night putting down B&R and what else they said. I think viewers would have had a different opinion. So I feel the people that only watched CBS voted for the Brat. I watched BB after dark once in awhile and thought her and Ragan were out of control, I had to stop watching it. I couldn’t take them anymore.

    I hope B&R get more offers but with Brendon at UCLA he probably can’t do much.

    • The show “rehab” is on tru tv previously known as court tv! The girl’s the serve there make bank! About 500.00 + a night. This is why Rachael probably stayed there instead of the job she had using her degree in chemistry! Plus she knew she was going to be going on bb for the summer.

  42. Also at least she laughs and isn’t a sourpuss like Kristen was. Her laugh doesn’t bother me but I guess it does bother some.

    Keep on laughing Rachel!!!!!

    • B@R Fan, do I ever agree with you! It does not bother me at all also. Yes, indeed, keep on laughing Rachel!!!

  43. I Posted a few comments at the beginning of this forum but as I continued to read it, the more ill I have become. This use to be a site to debate the game of bb and talk about the hg’s. I have no problem admitting that I have said some things I regret now, but after what I just read, this is just sad. People are getting attacked for non personal posts. Then when that person takes up for themself or another poster takes up for them, and they are attacked again. It seems to me that certain people are just getting on here to start fights with other posters. Can we please stay on topic and off of the bashing and personal attacks. Debate the game of bb, say what you want about the hg’s but lets leave the personal stuff out of this. I know it’s hard sometimes but we are all grown ups and 2 wrongs do not make a right. Quit replying to them. If you do that, they are just talking to themself and get the hint.

    I’m truelly looking forward to next years sesaon of bb. I think cbs will listen to us and make some changes to improve the game. Also would love to see a winter bb. yea I know still dreaming but would like to see it. Plus I much rather read posts about the show than most of these about the posters and not the game.

  44. @kristi, I agree with most of what you say, and I did decide 2 days ago to stop replying to any of their posts. But frankly, coming here and seeing that one of Jeanne’s aka’s is at it again and talking all this nonsense about the lynch gang and the regulators, well, at times, it’s difficult for me to ignore a stupidity and so I thought I’ll just use a bit of SATIRE to show how silly this whole aka thing is.

    Another thing is that this is a site about the GOOD NEWS of the potential TV appearance of Brandon and Rachel, and so it stands to reason that it will be populated mainly by their supporters and not their haters and conequently, when one of their haters’ shows up WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE to sream obscenities about them and refers to them with vicious and ugly name-calling, then these haters should be astute enough to know that there will be suitable responses to their vile. What’s a regulator in this case?

    • As you can tell there is one person who continues to keep this going. Looks like most have quit replying to her. She has flipped everything around to make herself look like the victom and the one being attacked. The trueth is in the posts. If you go back starting with the last thread from finale show, this person has attacked every single poster who has not agreed with her opinion and has said some really mean things to the posters and attacks them even more when they or anyone else takes up for them. No one has tried to run posters off of this site and from everything that I have read it’s only this one person attacking the other posters. For what ever reasaon the rules are not being inforced at this point. I do hope that someone steps in soon and takes control of this situation. The rest of us are just ignoring this poster at this point. Why feed into it? That’s exactly what this poster wants. That way she can continue to attack everyone else, say she’s being bullied when she’s the one who is doing the bullying. I know how hard it is to ignore someone when they are putting in so much effort into keeping this child like posting going. At this point we can only hope that this poster stays on topic and if not just try to ignore her.

      • Kristi Why don’t you read all the post not just the ones with my name on them, then you would see that not everyone agrees with you. Others have posted on who’s doing the bullying. Educate yourself a little better before you give an uninformed opinion. I’m not sure why you felt like you had to jump in, who was even talking to you?

      • Jeanne fyi, I have read every single post on this site. Have not missed one post and have went back to read all of them over again. Also if you read all of the posts I have commented more than once about this subject so I’m not just juming into this. I have commented about not attacking other posters, to debate the game and discuss the house guests. I have also made statements on here that I do regret and Matt bbn helped us understand the rules to his site, which are also given at the beginning of the comment box when you reply to a poster or start a new comment. Also, I never mentioned your name in my post above. I however did mention your name in reply to your post.

        Matt BBN can you please do something about this. Many of your regular poasters are staying away from here now because of all the negative and personal attacks on the other poster. At the very least can you please explain to them the rules about commenting like you did with the rest of us. We have all worked very hard to abide your rules as you have set in place. As you can tell, this is way out of hand, atleast in my opinon and the opion of several other poster.

  45. I have been away a few day’s, and just got back on. Reading the post, were very upsetting, to me. I do not remember this entire season, hearing from this person jeanne. Chris-the-great, has been kind, informative, and yes filled our heart’s with poetry. I have never read an insult on any of his post. This is suppose to be about BB not a three ring circus, where anyone get’s attacked for saying how they feel about the show. Each one of us have the right to agree to disagree, so please stop all the bickering and move on to what we all have enjoyed this season. It’s nice to hear Rachel and Brendon will be airing on Oct 25th and 26th on the bold and the beautiful. I do not watch the show but will tune in both day’s. Thank’s CBS for giving the fan’s of the both of them, another opportunity, to see them. And although I did not care for the remark’s that came out of Britt’s mouth on BBAD. I would like also to see what’s up with her and Nick or maybe is she with Lane. Other then that, please let’s continue to keep intouch with issue’s concerning BB. And I miss talking with Rico, Trish, Tish, Clare, etc.I need a poem, been down in the dump’s my hubby is gravely ill. Thank’s

  46. This is for all who are so bitter out there. and I Quote,” Laugh at yourselves once in a while, give yourselves a break”!!

    • I so agree with you Sandy, this can be so nice if we all just talked to each other with respect and have fun talking about BB.

  47. Isn’t satire supposed to be somewhat humorous? Or at least have some meaning? Hell, or even make sense? I think sveti missed the mark of satire by a mile. Just a bunch of jibberish. It was a turkey!

  48. So does anyone out there watch The Bold and The Beautiful soap? I wonder if I will get hooked lol. I am an ABC soap fan since I was 16. Won’t say how long ago that was lol. But trust me it’s a long time. But I’m up for anything new, especially if Rachel and Brendon is gonna be on the show. I have been gone through withdraw, and I’m not doing well. I miss BB and I wish they would do a winter one again. guess I will have to go over to Survivor to chat. But it only come’s on once a week.

  49. Matt@bbn, are you unscribing me from the emails? I don’t undscribe. I know I have friends that come to my house and use my computer and get on bbn and they post their comments, all I ask is no cuss words at all. They housesit for me when I am busy and feed my doggies. I asked them and they said no. I don’t know what is going on. Would you please send me an email if you unscribed me? Thank you kindly Matt.

      • @Matt@BBn…Oh,,ok,, thanks. If you happen to get this comment ..many thanks. My comments don’t even go through. What the heck did my goofy friends do to my computer? Ugh!…talking to my self since it wont go through at all.

  50. lady, it’s funny to me. it’s not supposed to be funny to you. you’re the foolish person who is held up to ridicule, how it’s going to be funny to you??

  51. @whaaat???, Thank you. Yes, it is satire and I said so in my last post here. I am glad you think that it is funny. Actually, it was mostly to ridicule her folly of making up all these aka posters.

  52. OMGosh! What the heck is going on in here? :( I’m reading all this CRAZINESS, and I think there was more Drama with the Posters than with the BB12 HG! LMAO :) WOW! Major BB Withdrawal? CBS, You need to put a Winter show on ASAP,it would be a SURE CURE to all this BB FAN Frustration & the Disappointing Season of BB12! PLEASE! :)

    • Oh, By the way, I just LOVE Rachal & Brendan and wish them the BEST! I will watch the Soap and any other TV shows that they appear on! :) Season BB12 was so BORING after they were Evicted. BB you need to Add a new Comp to the game> A Second Chance Card, which would allow a HG to go back in the Game and be one of the Final 4 !! The HG would fight tooth & nail for that win!! What did you think about that BB ?

  53. I wonder what type of roll they’ll have on Bold/Beautiful I know she’s a beach waitress and he’s a bartender but I wonder if they’re background extras or if they have speaking roles

    • I hope they are not just background extras. It will not make much sense if they are because extras are one of many and nameless and obviously CBS wants it known that Brendon and Rachel will be on the Bold/Beautiful.

  54. Type in a houseguest’s name and ‘facebook’ in google. It is interesting to see how many ‘friends’ each houseguest has. Social media has its hooks in so many facets of life; here it definitely supports the reality tv show format.

  55. Matt@BBn, who is your supervisor? Where on this site can I find his/her email address? Thank you so much.

  56. Wow!! SURPRISE! the house’s cleaned! (a bit.) 1-2 posts i liked are gone too. most of the gone were ugly. better than nothin’.

      • Kinda! Just like hg’s did this season! How are you? Rachael and Brendon will have to have more than just a background role or why would they be on 2 day’s?

      • Christy, HA, Ha, Ha! vey much Kinda! I should have put the cleaned in quotation marks. I’m OK and yourself? I hope this post ends up in the right place.

      • Svetlana, where are you at? The great thing about our country is it has all type’s of people! Some people really liked Rachael, and then there are those that don’t! If Rachael wouldn’t of been on this season I would have not watched! I thought it was funny on amazing race last night there was a couple on there that are from Las Vegas! She said “Were Vegas baby” I thought that was so funny! Do you watch it?

  57. BB12 is the first season that I participated in this forum because of the injustice done to Rachel. She was attacked for her laughter, for her looks, for her breasts, for her pimples, for her age, for her love for Brendon, for having a degree in Chemistry, for being a competitor, for feeling sad and unhappy at Brendon’s eviction and now, for her potential TV appearance and, generally, for being alive. The hatred for Rachel was palpable and it surprised me a lot. Your country as a community, is the kindest and the most compassionate in the world. Any disaster, any need, your country is the first one to respond and to help no matter the politics. I grew up admiring your country a lot. It saddens me to find out that your country is actually the most improbable combination of incredible kindness and a lot of individual cruelty toward another. Even though BB12 is only a game it’s still sad to me… (Matt(BBN) is this post allowed here?

  58. @Christy, talking about the two from Vegas, I liked the part when they got to the top of the castle they couldn’t find the flag, and went around asking everyone if thier were battlement, at one time the guy was playing with one of the flags, then they couldn’t find the boat, that was fun to watch, can’t wait until next week.

    • I know I was laughing hard when they were like “I think we need to swim across and bring a boat back” I was dyin’ How about that woman who was smacked in the face with that watermelon?

    • @Chris the Great, that was funny also! The father and son trying to keep that boat from flipping or sinking :) by the way is there a forum that you know of for amazing race? Also I liked you’re poem about Shannon over on survivor site! :)

      • I’ll check and let you know, Yep It was fun to watch them all trying to get across the water, How about at the end when phil asked her what country she was in and she said london, also I just posted another poem over on survivor.

      • Oh god! She must of been smoking something! They def. Look like they know how to have a good time :) I hope they stay around for a while b/c they are super funny to watch! I will go over to survivor soon! Love you’re post’s :)

  59. Why would anyone want to watch them?!!! Eric and Jessica from season 8 should be on that show!!! What was CBS thinking? CBS cares, but ONLY about Brachel.

  60. Bren corrected one of the regular actor of bold and Beautiful about the pronunciation of Neandrethall and Rachael commented to one of the regular actors nobody messes with my man. I don’t think they will have regular roles but it was cheeky and a smart way to get crossover viewers. This interaction happened on the 26th. I am a soap viewer and did not know ahead of time but they are both quite recognizable. Enjoy

  61. I forgot to watch the soap. Could someone please tell me what part Rachel and Brendon played? Did they play a good part on this soap drama?

  62. Are you guys like kidding me??!! Rachel is like almost my fav!! brendon too you know….they were ment to be together they are awesome together!! cant belive some of yaa guys hate them!!

  63. Come on guys, BB is over, they have moved on and so should the rest of us. Leave them to themselves!!!

  64. Does anyone know if there’s gonna be any open calls in FL for big brother 13….and when?

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