Big Brother 12: Hayden Moss Discusses His Win, Kristen and Brenchel

I spoke to the winner of Big Brother 12 yesterday and I’ve got to say Hayden was so personable, and I really enjoyed talking to him.  He is such a nice guy and my favorite interview of the season.

Ashli Rae:  How does it feel to win BB 12?

Hayden Moss:  It’s a great feeling. I can’t lie. I haven’t grasped it. My mind is still racing. It hasn’t hit me yet.

AR:  What’s something fun you plan to buy with your money?

HM:  Every time I would start thinking about what I would do with the money, I would force myself to think about something else cause I didn’t want to get let down. I want to snowboard a lot this winter. I haven’t planned on buying anything extravagant. I plan on taking snowboard trips and for me, it doesn’t get more fun than that. We’re taking that trip to Steamboat in January, Me and Lane and Enzo. I think Britney’s coming out. We’re going to have a great time.

AR:  What was going through your head when Enzo was the deciding vote since you had just evicted him from the house?

HM:  I was a nervous wreck. Like I’m biting my fingernails, I’m sweating, my heart was beating out of my chest. I had just evicted Enzo. Is he bitter? Not bitter? I don’t know what he’s going to do. I was nervous. I think he made the right decision.

AR:  Will you pursue a relationship with Kristen outside the house?

HM:   Kristen is hot. She’s a great looking girl. She’s nice, she’s cool. But I don’t know. She lives in Philadelphia. I haven’t really had a chance to talk to her. We’re gonna kind of wait and see what happens. I’m going to take it step by step, one step at a time. I’ve got to figure out what’s going on in my life and then we’ll see what happens after that. Maybe. She’s definitely a cool girl and obviously she’s attractive.

AR:  Do you wish Kristen could have stayed in the house longer or did it turn out better for you that she left when she did?

HM:   I think it probably turned out better for me because I made it to the end, I won. Had she stayed who knows how the game would change. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything I did I would do the exact same way. Probably I would have liked her to stay in the house and hang out a little more but she didn’t and I think it worked out good for me.

AR:  Even though you won, complete this sentence my big brother experience would have been better if…

HM:  I could have watched a football game on Sunday.

AR:   The vote was 4-3 with Lane, is there anyone else you felt you could have beaten had they been sitting next to you instead of Lane?

HM:  I think Enzo would have beaten me, that’s why I didn’t take him. I think I would have beaten Brendon and Rachel that’s for sure. Matt would have beaten me. Britney probably would have beaten me. Ragan would have beaten me. I don’t know why but Brendon and Rachel didn’t like me in the end. They’re odd people. I didn’t get their strategy going into the game. Brendon was willing to give up a shot at half a million dollars for a girl he’d known for three weeks. It’s crazy. I didn’t get anything about those two. I’ll tell you what, I was raised a little differently than them. I just didn’t understand.

AR:  What is the single piece of advice, the one key thing you’d say to future players of the game?

HM:   Go in, keep your mouth shut and be yourself I think. Don’t go in and make up lies. Don’t shy away from anything. You’ve got to go for it.

AR:  Who do you think made the biggest mistake in the game, like who really blew it and ruined their game?

HM:   Brendon and Rachel. They’re both smart. They’re both great competitors. They put a huge target on their back with the showmance and they put a bigger target on their backs with their dumb attitude. They had a chance to come in here and win half million dollars, either one of them and had a showmance and by acting the way they acted they blew it. As soon as they came in and started a showmance and acted that way neither one of them had a chance. Even if they were the final 2 nobody would vote for them.

AR:  Do you honestly believe the brigade is the best alliance ever?

HM:  I don’t know. I know no other alliance was formed that early and made it to the final 3. I think we’re definitely in the discussion. Enzo will swear up and down all day long that we’re the greatest ever but I’m gonna leave that up to the experts. Maybe we are, maybe we’re not. I’ll let the fans decide.

Hayden wishes my daughter Kristin a happy sweet 16th birthday.  She is a big fan.


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    • According to news reports, the house sustained major damage as a result of an unattended outside grill. Her fiance claims he poured water on the coal after grilling, yet during the early morning hours the fire went from the yard to the house, causing $50,000 in damages.

    • The house didn’t burn down, but there was fire damage. It wasn’t her home, but a rental house where Nick was living this summer. I provided a link a few days back if you scroll around on the site, it’s on one of the finale day posts.

      There was an interview with Britney, but she was evicted over a week ago, so it was run the day after her eviction. Here is a link if you’d like to go back and read it:

      • I mean honestly??? No care or consideration for someones family? Who cares if any of Britneys family or pets were hurt or dead…who cares tht she may have lost alot of keepsakes?! This is Haydens interview, YES but can someone not ask a question?

        My Lord I understand emotions for this game run high but this is somebodys real life, their home, their family– show alittle compassion.

      • @Carol, sorry charlie but you don’t run this website and it’s up to Matt@bbn to decide whether the comments are appropriate or not. Carol, how can you be so cruel and cold blooded? You have alot of hate in your heart. There is nothing nice about you.

      • Carol, i’m not going to comment on the type of person you are but I will say this, I’m not a big fan of Brit and the comments that she has made, but if it was your house, I would be sad for you also, No one deserves that to happen to them. That’s not karma like many have said. Brit’s house is an unfortunate even that happend in her life and I’m sure it will take her some time to get over it.
        I have made several negative comments about several guests and the way they have acted on the show. I however do not wish any of them any harm or bad luck. I do hope they all look back at their time in bb house and learn from it. This is the first year I have not been able to pick a clear favorite in the bb game. I don’t like they way the game was played this year, but I do wish all of the house guests the best of luck in the future no matter how outlandish their dreams are for fame in the future.

      • @dc;gperkins;DarleneH;vel;kristi. RELAX & CALM DOWN! The foul mouthed and hateful filth is OK, and Nick is OK and their dogs are OK. Carol knows that nobody was hurt in the fire. Damage to the house? YES. It happened to a despicable person? YES. Well, THAT’S KARMA. That’s my opinion. And I agree with Carol. I don’t care about Brit the filth!

    • UPDATE: On September 19 (Sunday), Britney, still in L.A., gave an interview to claiming the house is unlivable and saying that it is very uncertain that she will move back to Arkansas at all. According to the interview,she is negotiating to be an NFL sidelines reporter.

      It was also reported from the BB12 Vegas Bash that Lane is in text contact with Brit, who did not attend the bash. He is quoted at the Bash (9PM, September 18)as saying that he received a text from her shortly before the Bash that said to him “I miss you.”

      Interesting that she did not fly immediately home after the show to help Nick deal with the fire issue.

      Nick will eventually find someone else; we wish him well.

      • What a bitch. She doesn’t go home? I thought she missed her family? Please do not ruin the NFL. I cannot stand that mean, nasty, backstabber.
        I feel very sorry for Nick. The poor guy thought he was engaged.
        How does anyone treat another person like she has. She embarrassed him on TV by flirting with Lane. She is a total selfish bitch. Way to go home and help out your fiance.

        If Rachel had acted like this everyone on here would have slammed her.

  1. Nice interview. It seems the people who lived inside the house are better able to comprehend the crucial role Enzo played as compared to those watching from the outside.

    (Yes, I think the story about Brit’s trailer are true.)

    • I don’t understand why more fans were not supporters of Enzo. I thought he was ok and really did play the social game well. He was the brains behind the bridgade (Matt may not believe it, but it’s true). I wish Enzo would have won some $$$.

      • Enzo was probably the worst player in BB history. He was discusting and unfortunately didn’t talk or act like a married man with a baby daughter…I would be so dissapointed in his behavior if I was related to him…so glad he didn’t win a penny!!!

  2. I agree Ashli it was the best interview. I am glad he won.He seems genuinely a great guy and he answered your questions very well. Thanks.

  3. The only other alliance that beats the Brigade is chilltown, even though they didn’t make it to the final 2 together, the both of them won in seperate seasons.

  4. * This is my last post until Season 13.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, after Rachel, Brendon, and Britney were evicted, I didn’t want Enzo to win a dime, and I would rather have Lane (who I was rooting for) LOOSE to Hayden than have Enzo go against Lane and Lane win.

    So I am very happy Enzo didn’t win anything, Enzo, if you are reading this, you should know that America hates you and you are one of the most hated houseguests in a long time, look at posts on Big Brother sites and you will see how everyone hates you, if your wife leaves you because of embarasment you can go with Annie cuz she has a crush on you but she is bi so Idk.

    • You are sad…grow up. It’s one thing to have an opinion about the game but you are slanderous. Sad sad sad!!!

      • Slander is spoken, libel is written. It might not be flattering, but it is an opinion and not libelous. Enzo would never win in court based on these comments.

      • @Carol Are you tryong to say that you have never posted a opinion about one of the House guess or another poster, Get real, for you to be telling another poeter to grow up is the kettle calling the pot black.

    • WOW!! I have to disagree with you! Unless you are “everyone” and believe me, you are not, Enzo is not hated by America!! I love Enzo and lots of people I know do as well! I really wish Enzo would have got America’s fave! And he came in third I do believe! So PUH LEESE get over yourself and have a little class! Toodles!

    • What are u smoking? Enzowas awes, entertaining, anhe is the reason Hayden and Lane made it to the final two. Had He not come up with the brigade, the votes would have never been controlled, and he showed nothing but love for his family. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. You obviously didn’t see any Showtime 2 coverage. You should befriended Rachel & Brendon, u r just as socially ignorant! !!

      • I had Showtime…I had the live feeds…still think Enzo was a pathetic excuse of a man…husband…and father. NOTHING entertaining about this guy!!!

    • America hates Enzo? I went to UFC 118 and while a fight wasn’t going on BB chants filled the arena… Most of which praised Enzo and the brigade and bashed Britt, Ragan and Brenchel ATM.

    • Carol says: These are Carol’s words:

      Who cares about Britney? This is about Hayden’s interview.
      Here is my response to you, the very same words you used: “You are sad…grow up. It’s one thing to have an opinion about the game but you are slanderous. Sad sad sad!!!”

    • She may have an opinion but don’t speak for me. I happened to like Enzo. At times he was very entertaining unlike the Brat and the drama Queen.

  5. That was a good interview with Hayden. I hope that Kristen and Hayden will get together soon. I think the reason why Rachel did’nt vote for Hayden was because he said something about how he won 3 HOH in a roll. Rachel thought that she could have made Big Brother history to be the first to win HOH 3 times in a roll. The reason why Enzo had voted for Hayden to win, was because Lane told him that he would take him to the final two if he won HOH. Well it all over now.

    • the only problem is Hayden didn’t win three HOH’s in a row the last four HOH’s went hayden-lane-hayden-hayden, so all he did was win three of the last four

    • Glad Hayden won. Seems like a really nice person. As far as Kristen, he should run as fast as he can. Her and her b/f broke up, no big shocker there. lol Her response to Julie she’s as free as ‘a bird” (great choice of words) Hayden and her do not fit at all, she’s seems a bit out there. With his good looks :-) he def can find someone prettier and nicer.

      • I agree 100%. I would not trust her at all. I didn’t like her in the house. She would only be after his money. He seems like to nice of a guy for her. She seems very desperate to me.

  6. You ‘re entitled to your personal, yet immature, opinion. Abby, you are not entitled to represent the world, especially me. I would never wish anyone to get separated from a spouse. Enzo was not hated by the world. I hope he is picked for BB All Star. He was entertaining and did play hard. He wasn’t smoking all day, talking bad about people, smooching or banging, lifting weights, crying, or baking cookies like other houseguest.

    Lane jerking off whenever he took a shower was embarrassing. That shower is NASTY! It needs to be fumigated.

    • What BB were you watching, Enzo lifted weights, Talked bad about people, and yes he cried. So please Enzo wasn’t this nice person you want everyong to think he is.

      • True Chris the great…
        In fact, Enzo was one of the biggest snakes in the house. Super shady… and not just at Brendan & Rachel. He “hated” Brittany for a while, talking about her at every opportune time while telling her how great she was to her face. So Yes, he was funny (to a point), but he was a backstabber for sure.

      • I been watching reruns of BB11 and let me tell you that cast could teach this cast a few things. Atleast on BB11 if someone didn’t like you they told you to your face. Then tried to get you out. This BB12 lied behind your back but nice to your face and maybe they told YOU they wouldn’t try to get you out but they did. Going from a great cast as BB11 and then to this very lame BB12 is so beyond me. I hope BB13 is all stars and if not they got to do better than this cast.

      • That’s what my comment is, all the hgs were all guilty of some sort of malicious backstabbing. In different degrees of course. I also would not wish Enzo and his wife to separate. That is not nice at all to wish that upon Enzo. All the hgs have character defects/flaws just like we all do. I don’t wish for anything bad to come to any hg. I wish them all joy and happiness, including Ragan who was so mean spirited in his verbal comment about children, Africa and aids. I still do not wish anything bad come to him either. Yes, at an opportune time did Lane take his showers when he knew the cameras were rolling. He ain’t camera shy for sure. I wish all the hgs well in their endeavors and happiness and every good thing life has to offer them.

    • Then why did you watch if it was so embarrasing? Very interesting!!!

      Enzo will never be picked for All Stars…he was not entertaining in the least. It was difficult to listen to him run his nasty mouth NON STOP but never really said anything. When he knew his chances we very small after losing yet another comp…he was a huge baby and stayed in bed no doubt crying under his sun-glasses for days…talk about being a baby!!!!

  7. Hayden won four HOH’s. He deserved to win. If you get evicted before final four-you sucked playing BB. I didn’t like Brit. But I’m glad 25grand was awarded to one of the final four. I’m disappointed Enzo left empty-handed. He played a great game. He was good-hearted and funny.

    Matt is a sore loser. He had a sour face through the entire finale show. When it was announced Brit won America’s player, Rachel had a nasty expression on her face. She obviously can’t hide her feelings. Her face gave her away when she picked Monet for a POV comp.

    • I don’t think he was a sore loser… that’s just Matt. Yes he made faces… a few of them did when it was something they didn’t agree with. He mostly seemed annoyed w/the thought of Enzo being labeled the “brains” or creator of the Bra-gade, even if it was true. :) But again, didn’t appear sore to me… just my opinion.

    • I think Matt was being a good sport about the whole thing. Sore loser he is not, I don’t know what show you were watching.

      • I agree with Noo. Matt was a good sport, if he wasn’t, he would have outed the Bragade when he had the opportunity. What is sad for Matt is that all 4 of them including Brit are planning a trip to meet up and apparently maybe go snowboarding. Matt’s name was not mentioned. Matt took it well.

      • @Jerome, that would be nice if they all got together including Mattie. That would be fantastic. I guess they will be lifelong friends and will enjoy each other’s company. That is something so awesome. Something good came out of something bad. Meaning only 1 person won the HoH title however, they are all willing and go forth and remain friends. I like that alot. Thanks for setting me straight, much appreciate that.

  8. Had Enzo showed one ounce of humility he might have won the 25K. I’m not sure if his loud mouth, arrogant bragging was part of his schtick, but now that the show is over he’s only gotten worse. “Humble” is not a part of Enzo’s being. Too bad.

    I watched the preseason interviews and Rachel said before the game began that she expected people to dislike her. It sounds like she has a history and track record of being a B. She’s interesting to watch, but I can understand why people would not like her.

    • Rachel has a humongous ego, she must know that she chases good ppl away instead of drawing them in. I’s part of her personna. I think in her job capacity, she has to be a tough cookie. She did her share of badmouthing the hgs, but then again, who didn’t do that in the bbh? I do really admire her for going to college to become a chemist. If all else fails, she can fall back on her college degree. I didn’t like her antics, but then again, that’s part of the game and part of the drama that fans want. It sure would have been boring without Rachel and Ragan.

      • Good points about Rachel. I’m sure it’s not easy dealing with rude, obnoxious, arrogant men drinking cocktails. However, I would think that she would have developed a tougher skin as a result of that. I agree that getting a degree in chemistry is impressive.

      • Chemistry is NOT that hard– I would be more impressed with an engineering degree but that’s just my opinion, different strokes to different folks

      • Seriously? You think engineering is harder than chemistry? Chemistry is fundamental science whereas engineering is more applied science.
        DC, what sort of degree have you got then? Spill it out!

      • Nobody is a chemist who has only a bachelor’s degree. Usually takes a PhD and it really sounds like she is not interested in taking that very hard road.

  9. Hayden seems like a genuine guy. Of the final 3 I’m glad Hayden won.

    Is it my imagination, or was Rachel’s nipple showing during her after party interview (it’s on Superpass). Not that I’m complaining (she looked hot), but she could have fixed herself. Wonder if she was aware of that (duh). Kristin looked stunning at the after-party. So did Chelsia (BB season 9) in the background doing interviews.

    • Rachel wouldn’t know What a tough skin was if it bit her in the a–! I’ve bartended from sports bars to biker bars for 25 years. She a cry baby, and so insecure, I can believe his fake she is, Raven was right, the only thing real about her were the zits on her chin. She’s disgusting.

      • She had her antics, might have acted dumb, screamed multiple times about don’t get between her and her man, but from what I saw on the show she is still fundamentally a good girl. Disgusting she is not! Stop acting so bitter and angry! Oh by the way it is Ragan not Raven. I thought if Ragan had talked down to a fellow waitress like yourself, you would have defended her but instead you sounded like you would rather joined in to belittle your own profession. That boggles my mind.

  10. Where do i find the photos of the Big Brother party? I hope everyone had a great season with Big Brother hope it will be better next season. Do any of you all think that season 13 should be a Allstar houseguest? 13 is an unlucky number!

    • Pretty, I found photos and videos on the BB Superpass site. I think you need to have subscribed to the live feeds in order to access the photos and videos.

      • Hi Pretty Pink and Stoker!
        I found some interviews etc. on CBS.Com Big Brother then link on “BB Watch episodes and Video. Join Ultimate Fan etc.
        I will go check it out!!

      • @ Pretty, checked it out ( CBS.Com Big Brother)
        there are some interviews, Lane, Ragan and Rachael, etc. There is one with on Rachaels laugh, it lasts a minute, I closed it after 15 seconds ( i now have a headache) Pretty interesting….

  11. Congrat Hay:)
    now let’s all jump on bb12.5 the winter season. Bb, your fans want it:) I know I’m dreaming but it’s a good idea:)

      • Yea I have tishe. Have only posted once tho. I’m really tring to talk bb into giving us a winter bb. Just look at the title I came up with:)
        bb12.5 the winter edition…. The name alone is awsome and the producers could do alot with it. Some of our faves from bb12 and bring in some new faces. I know, still dreaming:(

      • hey tishe track my e-mail, (no worries it’s an old old one but i’ll find your e-mail via filters and then direct you to the ‘promised land’ ;)

  12. Buenos Noches (Dias technically) BB Post-er,s Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Am very glad Hayden as was well deserved! He won 4 HOH’s after all and had a great social game, he’s the epitome of what a great bb player does! Not sure how he made enemies of Brenchel in the end, think it was backlash from finding out about da brigade alliance!

    • Brendon said he found out about Hayden bad mouthing them behind their backs. That is why he said Lane had a better social game. Lane didn’t do as much bad mouthing.

      • Brendon’s reasonong for not voting for Hayden is a bunch of crap. Both him and Rachel were jealous because Hayden won. It’s so obvious. ALL SEASON they sprouting off about being competitive, calling others floaters, and then vote for someone who had a better social game ?? They were envious that Hayden was able to pull off both, competitive and social. Sour grapes and sore losers ! End of story. Great win Hayden and well deserved :-)

  13. Rico, Q, Chrisdagr8, where are my limericks and poems? (sigh) I do miss those! Tishe, did they post any last night? Hope you’re still on!

    • Aloha Jadelle!!
      There were a few limericks, I would have to go back, can’t quite remember exactly where they were!!
      There are a few on the “Survivor Fandom” Awesome as always!!! Created by your favs!!

      • yep,yup, Stoker!!
        wow, am I the only one going thru with drawls?
        I am trying hard to not read too much on the “Survivor” site, really don’t want to accidentally run across spoilers etc.
        aw well!!

  14. Jadelle, here’s an amateurish substitute for the real rhymers:

    BB is finally over
    Hayden just wouldn’t roll over
    Enzo is sour
    He never had power
    And Rachel still calls Brendon “Rover”

      • Stoker, Rico was trying to put a little something together a few weeks back. Mainly on the ” BB songs to different music” He was wonderin about yours! (We think you did 2 or 3?? yes? He had a list of ya all.
        You may want to ask him, he has been gracing folks on the “Survivor” site with his talent!!

      • Tishe, I just saw one of Rico’s songs on the survivor site. Same quality stuff. That should be a fun site. I’ll see if I can put something together.

      • Enzo could do a guest appearance on Jersey Shore. He is a native New Jerseyan, (that’s not the right word, I know but is sounds ok). The cast members, some of them are italian and Enzo already talks the Jersey talk and Enzo would fit in nicely. That could be a start for him. I think Enzo is personable (even though) I was not a fan of his. That doesn’t mean I hate Enzo, I don’t hate any of the hgs. It was a show, a reality show. There’s more to them than meets the eye. That would be a start and he could support his family. Whatever good comes their way, the hgs, I am all for it. Does anyone know how to say New Jerseyan the right way?

      • NJ native talking to NJ native… we’d need an interpreter. LOL!!! hell, it was HARD enough just listening to Enzo half the time.

        and some of that sounds put-on to me, i could be wrong but usually i’m not. LOL.

    • awwwh thanks stoker! :) i always like bb nursery rhymes! lol. gracias! i do feel for enzo, he got nada (from da show) but i’m sure with his charm he can get his own reality show spin-off or something local in jersey! lol

  15. tishe ya still there? julessa3 at aol com. bit minus the dashes, :) i put spaces there now! see you soon!

  16. Speaking of the Yellow Brick Road, here’s a tribute to Enzo sung to the tune of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. This isn’t intended to be mean, but it was so easy to write:

    When are you gonna calm down?
    When are you going to learn?
    You should have won a few comps
    Should have helped out the ol’ Bragade

    You know you can’t float forever
    The F3 were on to you
    They all competed when it was required
    You have no right to be singin’ the blues

    Good bye Enzo, go home
    Where the cats of society “meow”
    You got kicked out of the BB house
    Goin’ back to your town
    Back to New Jersey, not Hollywood
    Workin’ your spiel on the phone
    It’s finally decided on your future life
    Beyond the Hollywood road

    • delightful i love it! yahhh now i can rest my eyes and let gravity win its war! lol, i’ve got my bb12 late night limericks! :D u da bomb stokes!

    • Grow up dude. I’d like to c u in the bb house, actually NOT, I’d stop painful for cable!! What’s your sad life like to have so much hate?

      • Relax Brenda. It was only a joke. He talks so much trash he invites that kind of response. I’m sure he’s a fun guy to hang out with, but if you’re gonna talk big you should be able to back it up.

    • Nice, I really like the lyrics. It should be published. You are very creative and have a creative mind. Nice.

    • I copied the lyrics, I really like them alot. I hope you don’t mind. Keep on writing. You are very good at it. Talented is the word. A suggestion, Enzo and his love affair with pizza and his downfall due to him wanting pizza over a comp would be good too. You are special, not everyone can be a song writer like you.

      • Thanks again, Stella. Very sweet of you. I’m just messing around. I’ve never really written anything except for playing around here.

  17. I love Hayden! I thought he was such a personable guy and so fricken hot….I was so glad to see him win. He played the best game…I’m going to miss seeing him 3 days a week!

      • Actually I would like to add, that I give Ragen props for standing his ground. Who the hell is she to speak at him, of the gay community like she did. Being ” Miss Las Vegas”, as she claims she is, after that comment, maybe it is best she go with Brendon to L.A. , and take some academic classes as he suggested. As Rachel though, I don’t think visiting San Francisco would be an educated stop, given her true outlook at the gay community. I use San Francisco as my example, because the gay & lesbian communities are proud of the city, and in America, your opinions and grounds on which You live your life are part of being an American. You don’t chose who you fall in love with, but you can chose a proffession, and pursue it, as well as wake up each day and choose how you are going to treat your fellow human being. It doesn’t appear as though she’s doing either very well at this stage in her life. It’s a shame. My husband and I wish her well, and hope she can get the help with her self-esteem that, in our purely unproffessional, yet observational opinions, she so desperately needs. Have a wonderful weekend.

      • First of all, Raven was a typo as a result of a touch screen keyboard, and second of all, I was not belittling MY proffession. I manage the establishments, and pour the cocktails for the waitstaff, & I do not allow weak personalities to be in such positions. She acts like a cheerleader trying to be quarterback. It doesn’t add up. For all the waiters, waitresses, and cheerleaders, for the sake of this conversation , who conduct themselves proffessionally and with dignity while at work, and beyond, I commend and have the utmost respect for u all. Ypu know where I’m coming from. When it comes to Rachel, she has no clue, maybe she’ not being totally honest about what type of “waitressing” she does, or the type of establishment she does it in, cause a crybaby would never succeed in this business, especially in Vegas!! Educate yourself before you act like u know a world u don’t. Just as Andrew had to let Matt know, He lied about his wife’s illness, but didn’t even know how to pronounce the disease he was lying about. Duh!!!

      • @Brenda, after 25 years in the bartending business, sounds like you are well seasoned. Rachel I believe is 26 yrs old and still has alot to learn and is not well seasoned like you. Thats a compliment to you. On the topic of Ragan, noone mentions his atrocious comments on aids, children and Africa. What Ragan did was so wrong. Ragan was very lax in his comments. Yes, he did a good job in silencing Rachel to the point where Rachel was speechless. I still do not like his comments about children. He is so wrong. I still don’t wish him any ill will. I hope he donates his winnings to the aids foundation for bad mouthing the children with aids. That would be really nice if Ragan could do that. Ragan’s comments were so out of line and so atrocious and despicable. He was most certainly the most vile in his comments. He outdid Brittney. Britney at least was only talking about adults, not children like Ragan was.

  18. Why do u have so much hate in your life? I’d like to c u in the bb house. Actually,NOT, I’d stop watching the show.GROW UP!

    • @Brenda, were you talking to me? I didn’t run you down at all, if anything, I paid you a compliment. AS a bartender, you run across all different personalities and I know you must deal with each and everyone accordingly. It must be a difficult job. I admire you for being forthright and candid.

      • @den0067, no o was not speaking at you, that was directed to “noo” who finally got the BA..s to put a reply page after all the comments last night. Hope u received my earlier response, but. I did not c it, so I wanted to b sure

      • @ Brenda, got it Brenda. Thanx so much. I think that is so cool that you are doing something so nice to help cancer patients and or research. I did see a commercial and Russell from survivor did his vocal input along with other survivor players. It sure made him very human. Good luck to you and the other bikers. Have a good run. And….raise that money. That is very admirable of you. You are a good person. I am also in agreement that it was awful for someone to suggest that Enzo’s wife leaves him. I think that these commentors have such miserable lives and they wish that misery upon everyone. That is so disgusting. What kind of people are we dealing here with? Deranged? Sickos? Miserable wretch’s. How could anyone wish so much hatred towards the hgs is beyond my comprehension. Yes, I understand we all have our favs, but come on, to wish hgs ill will. What kind of posters are you? Mean spirited, that’s what you are and bad to the bone.

      • @Den0067, do u know approximately what episode Raven made those terrible comments, or does anyone reading this? I would really like to look up the episode after and view his ignorant moment. Thanks.

      • @Den0067, do u know approximately what episode Ragen made those terrible comments, or does anyone reading this? I would really like to look up the episode after, and view his ignorant moment. Thanks.

      • @Brenda, no I don’t remember. Ragan was actually making jokes about jokes about African kids w/ aids, pedophilia, and
        necrophilia to a point where Ragan annoyed the remaining hgs. Brittney and Ragan stated they wanted someone to assault, maim, and/or kill Brenchal. Now, Ragan was worse than Brittny in his remarks. You just don’t poke fun of sick kids with aids in Africa or anywhere in the world.————————————I also don’t remember which Brigade member didn’t know what Brigade was. It was either Hayden or Lane. I honestly don’t remember which one it was. ————–So out of all the hgs, Ragan was the only hg to talk such ugly diabolical smack. Yes, I know they are all guilty bout talking smack. They all did because it is part of the game but to go to extremes like Ragan did is not good at all. 2 good things about Ragan that someone else posted is that he works and pays taxes.

      • @Brenda, Ragan also said: Rachael and Brendon’s kid’s would be so ugly, HE would perform the abortion for her for free. Now, of all the houseguests, Ragan by far hands down beats Brittny and any other hg hands down on his vile, revolting, sick, despicable, demented, twisted badmouthing smack. Why is everyone knocking Brittny and bashing her and noone is bashing Ragan? Ragan is very cocky and arrogant. I don’t hate Ragan and I don’t wish anything bad happen to him. I hated his comments. His comments were revolting and tacky.

    • Brenda, you sound very hateful. Maybe you should listen to your own advice. Most of us are joking around but you take this all too seriously.

      • When people like “abbylicious.” wish his spouse to leave him, and you agree, I do take it serious, this man gave up 3 months from his wife and child to live w/ some people who were @%%#-+*$, to give them a better life, and unfortunately left w/ nothing, yet used street smarts to squash booksmart hgs, and make it to the final three. Normal people commend that sacrifice, not wish ill will upon someone. Grow up.

      • Also@stoker, yeah, I’m so hateful, that’s why I’m in the process of organizing our contribution to a bikers charity event to kick cancer tomorrow morning. Along with about 1,500 +2,000 bikers tomorrow, We will ride through the streets of Connecticut promoting, raising $ for the fight. What will u be doing, playing computer games, or watching football? Don’t waste my time. Maybe you should take some poetry classes. Seeya!!!!

      • @Brenda, good for you for organizing a charity event. I think that is very admirable. Like I said, we are just joking around. There is no hate involved.

      • @Brenda, I never wished for anyone to leave someone’s spouse and I never agreed with anyone who said that. I was joking about Enzo who talked more smack than anyone for having accomplished nothing. He gave no credit to any of his BG members but he just took all the credit for being the mastermind. He was also very bitter about Britney winning the $25K over him. He was adamant that he should have won it. That boy needs to be humbled and I’m sure he will be when he discovers he’s not all that he thinks he is. Not hate involved. Just my opinion.

      • @stoker, I apologize. Last night the way the replies were formatted on the android access I’ve been multitasking with, made it appear as though the spouse leaving enzo response came from your address. I just took the time to review from when I started this chat journey last night ominous my laptop, and it seems to be restructered, so that the reply directly follow th

      • @stoker, I apologize. Last night the way the replies were formatted on the android access I’ve been multitasking with, made it appear as though the spouse leaving enzo response came from your address. I just took the time to review from when I started this chat journey last night ominous my laptop, and it seems to be restructered, so that the reply directly follows the comment. I am very sorry.

      • Brenda, it’s all good. It’s interesting that this was such a boring BB season, but us fans got pretty fired up about it :)

      • @chris the great, I disagree with you. Brenda in her job capacity has to deal with people of all walks of life. 25 years is alot of experience. I really like that fact that Brenda is doing charity work in the name of “Cancer”. I am really proud of Brenda and I do admire her. Any person that does charity work is allright by me. Brenda is a wonderful caring person.

      • @Chris the great, so what you are saying is that Enzo left his family for nothing? I thought all contestants go to bbh to try and win the $500,000. Rnzo just went to bbh for the hell of it. I think he went to bbh with intentions of winning as all other contestants do. I don’t think he left his family just for the hell of it. Enzo was motivated and had $$ just like all the other hgs. I was so happy that Hayden won, he really deserved to win based on all his wins. Last season was livlier than this season. Looking forward to the next bb13 and I love survivor.

      • Stella I am sorry you left. But it is at the end anyway till next season. It wasn’t Tishe but me who got Den all upset but we made our peace and it is ok. Sorry you felt you had to leave.

    • @Brenda: Just because you are trying to raising money for cancer, doesn’t mean that your a nice person, You do come across as a hateful person, And NO Enzo didn’t go on BB so he could give his family a better life, Now that was funny, Enzo went on BB because he wanted to and that’s all, He did Nothing to make it to the final three but ride on the tails of others,

      You say you don’t like people who bad mouth others, But that’s what you do when soneone doesn’t agree with your opinion, Being a bartender for 25 years doesn’t make you a great and all knowing person. And if you have read any of my posts you know that I don’t wish ill on anyone.

      Now if you want to start trying to run me down, I will be happy to match my IQ against your’s anytime.

      • @Chris the great. Ooooooh, I may just consider that challenge.
        First you should take an English class, and learn how to use punctuation, when to capitalize your words when typing, and how to phrase your sentences. If you can learn that maybe “Zingbot” from BB12, that’s Big Brother, season 12, if you needed help, can judge the competition. ZING!!!!!!! Gee, I even have a sense of humor. Isn’t it time for your nap, or feeding. Give me a break!!!

      • @Brenda,,ouch,,funny remark because the elderly and babies have their naps and or feedings. I laughed when I read your comment. I wasn’t laughing at the person you were referring to, just the comment itself was hilarious. You do have a good sense of humour.

      • CtheG apparently has 4 degrees, paid for by the military in all likelihood, so Brenda, you shouldn’t be giving him the 3rd degree about education-related matters.
        This is especially true seeing as how you earlier defended your “proffession”. I only point out trivial spelling mistakes when someone like you is hassling someone else over trivial punctuation errors. You’re not too aware of how easily you stumble and look hypocritical; might wanna try spellcheck plus avoiding dumb insults.

      • Yep I knew you would jump in with both feet, Couldn’t help it could you just had to come back with an insult. And as for the punctuations I do that so people like you can jump in and try and show just how smart you are by staying something about it, It’s your way of saying see I’m smarter than you.

        And as for taking me up on my challenge, Your not the try you just try to talk down to people that’s what make you fell smart.

        As for feeding or nap time no but maybe it’s your time?

      • Hey Brenda how about YOU get a life and stop the harrassing of Chris. He is a regular on here and YOU are not. Not that it matters but who ARE YOU to come on here and talk about such crap? Go back to your cave and STFU!

      • Well crap. I now have to say sorry to you Brenda and believe me I hate doing that. But I opened my BIG mouth and yes we all know I have that before I read some of your other post. I cannot in good conscience put down someone like you who is involved in charity work and cancer work, am I right in reading that? I might not like some of the things you said but you being involved in cancer charity if that is true is close to my heart. My mother died of cancer so anyone who is involved in that line of work I will not put down. I am so sorry for what I said up above. I will just let the ones you are talking to do what they do. I am not involved and should not have opened up my mouth. All it took was the word cancer and I was done.

      • Hellooo Trish and ChrisTG!!
        Hi and all that good stuff!!
        Man, ya all I miss BB! Kind of a pisser that “Survivor is on once a week.. withdrawls, such a slow process!!
        To the posters that are bashing my cyber friends, um, well, nope, they said it back to ya!! Ten fold!!

      • @Trish, what gives you the right to tell Brenda that? You don’t own this website and whoopidoo, big fricking deal, so what? You were here first. Trish, all of us matter. You are behaving like the popular crowd in high school. I base whom I like according to what is in their heart and Brenda has a large caring heart. She has more heart than all you so called popular commentors combined. What’s the matter, couldn’t Chris the great defend himself or did he have to run behind your skirt so you could defend him. Give him credit, he’s a big boy and he can surely defend himself. I always thought you were a nice lady, now I see your true colors and you have a horrible heart. Brenda is a great person and I stand by her 100%. To pick on a person that does great things is so mean and nasty of you. Leave her alone, Trish you are a mean bully. I would never ever want to be friends with someone like you that judges people and you act so high and mighty. You are not high and mighty, you also have to sit on the throne and take a dump just like we all do. Get off your high horse and act like a decent human being towards others. Thinking you are better than others does not cut the mustard with me. I am for the underdog and I suppose you and your so called popular crowd or now going to gang up on Brenda? Not,,,,,,I don’t think so. If you only had 1 ounce of love, compassion, empathy towards others, you would be a kind person. I side and stand with Brenda. She is a good woman and I don’t say that about anybody or everybody. Brenda is an outstanding person with a heart full of love. We could all learn alot from Brenda. I would take her as a friend over anybody here in this forum. Brenda has a heart of gold.

      • You know, say what you will about the house guests, that’s what this site is for. To comment about the show and the house guests and to debate the game. This is not a site to personally attachk the other posters. As you can see when that happens, the regulars on here come to their defence and do not wish to make it personal. However some posters who I will not name can not get that concept and bring it upon themself. It’s sad that this is what happens and I’m sorry my fellow posters have to defend themself against other posters who just seem to want to start a fight with anyone who doesn’t agree with their opinion.

      • Hey Den what exactly are YOU doing? I guess you didn’t read my second post? So before you go off on me for something that wasn’t ANY OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS how about you read more before you open up your big mouth? Yeah I have a big mouth and yeah I admit I do. I also admit when I am wrong, which is alot. But I still keep trying. So how about you stay out of this? I should too, Brenda was talking to Chris and not me, so looks like we both stuck our nose where it didn’t belong. I am big enough to admit it, how about YOU? Atleast I did follow that comment up with an apology to Brenda. How funny YOU didn’t read that one huh?

      • me thinks Den has left the building??
        me also thinks Den likes to argue and get a rise out of folks!!
        I have rarely seen comments on here that are directed to the late nite crew and poets and etc. for the most part, you folks are very enjoyable!! “Popular group” so what!! Enjoy it, life is way to short!!

      • I guess this is a concept some people refuse to learn. Even after a poster apolagises another one jumps in and makes comments about a poster they know nothing about. I guess some people have nothing better to do.

        Now back to the game. I hope Hayden uses the money wisely. He played a good game and won comps when he had to. Yes he floated part of the way and let Matt do some of the dirty work as we like to put it. In the end when it came time to compete he did very well. Good luck in the future.

        This was a great interview. Ashli Rae thank you again for your wonderful interviews this year. Looking forward to bb 13 and I’m still pulling for sean 12.5 the winter edition. lol Tell your daughter Happy Birthday from all of us posters:)

      • @Trish, no I didn’t read it, after I had posted my comment is when I read it. I want to apologize to you and I am truly sorry. Will you please forgive me? I was wrong also. Can we please go on from here? I am soo sorry Trish. I know you are a kind person as well. I promise you, I won’t ever do that again. I am truly sorry Trish. And good night Trish. Let’s both move forward. Thanks a bunch.

      • Sure Den no problem. Wow thanks for your apology. I didn’t know you didn’t read the second post. I guess we can all get “heated” up once in a while. It is all good between you and me and now Brenda. I might not agree with what is said but I also know there are alot that don’t agree with me, so lets just move forward.

      • Popular? We are not the popular crowd just the ones who are on here the most. Could say alot. Like no life? LOL

      • @Tishe, if all people apologized and made up, why would you want to bring it up again? It’s ove and done with. Please don’t start anything, evertying is calm. I don’t like to argue with anyone. Please for everbodies sake. Let it go. You would be helping everybody if you just stopped. Lets all of us be nice to one another. Sorry for my bad spelling, not good at it.

      • Oh I just couldn’t let this one go. Now Stella why would you say that to Tishe? She said in her last statement that she felt that the apology from Den to me was sincere. She was letting me know her opinion. She didn’t start anything and we are ALL letting it go. Then you said what you said…..sorry but what you said was uncalled for and YOU should be the one to drop it. I did until I saw your remark.

      • Unless you mant that remark at me and spelled the name wrong? If so still uncalled for……it WAS dropped till you brought it up again……damn. I am done……..this is getting too stupid….

      • @Trish: because of this comment from Tishe:Den likes to argue and get a rise out of folks!!
        I thought all the ugliness had stopped. I enjoy the commentsbut i dint enjoy that one. If I offended anyone, I am sorry. I just don’t like mean stuff. I don’t think I am suited to be on this forum. It’s my fault, If I dont want to hear anything bad, I hav no busines being here at all. My opoligies and I am outta here. Won’t even stik around for your response. You people enjoy yorselves and I really mean it with all my heart. I don’t fit in with yor crowd anyhow. I have no hate in my heart at all. In the real world i dont have no enemies, i like everyone. Goodbye and i wont be bak at all. I enjoyed my short time here. I do like everyone here jus wan to let you know that. It’s my choice to leav this fourm. nobody ran me out. Love to all and peace to everybody. My mom also died of cancer and it makes me sad for Trish since I hav been throug that same thing. That’s why i was stiking around. Oh well, life goes on and I jus miss my mom alot. I was wanting consolation too. It didnt work out that way for me. good-by everyone. darn these tears in my eyes, Ihave to g o now and cry it out.

    • This is directed at me? Huh? Hate? I simply thought you would be indignant at Ragan’s for the low blow of calling her Rachtress. Hey if you are fine with it, then who am I to object. I did cringe when he called her Rachtress. And no, I don’t ever want to be an expert on your world and have no aspiration in that direction, thank you very much!

  19. Wow!! Brittney house did not burn down. The owner’s house burned down. Ragan stated in an interview that people are going to be taking donations for her as she lost everything. Give me a break, she made money and I am pretty sure what she lost was not over $10,000. She has enought money she won to replace items. Donate money to people who really need it. There are a lot of people out here that don’t have jobs, are homeless, and have no money. Get real about giving her more money.

      • Right!!!! I have been in the insurance industry for 25 plus years now and know how it works. If anything they should take donations for the owner of the property. The owner will still have to pay his deductible out of his pocket. If anything, Brittany should give him the money for the deductible which she won’t do.

      • couldn’t Nick be paying that? what did Brit do?

        pack up the u-haul late one night and move to Vegas… LOL!!!

  20. There are alot of women haters in this forum. Brittny and Rachel bashers and haterz. What about the men? Why don’t you bash the men as well. One poster was a senior citizen and I couldn’t believe she joined the Sky”boy” Brittny bashing bandwagon. I thought that older lady was nice and she really wasn’t. She was just as hateful as Sky”boy”. That older woman could not think for herself, she went along with Sky”boy” as he was enlisting help with posters to bash Brittney. What class of people are we dealing with?. I thought that older senior citizen was a nice woman,,,not,,she was just as hateful as Sky”boy” btw,,,boy,,,where are u today?

    • Don’t worry, there seems to be plenty of bashing to go round; it looks gender-inclusive to me. The question of who is the most hateful is old now.
      A few days ago, some regulars on the blog were dying to be actual houseguests on the BB show. I wouldn’t do it if you paid me. There’s a whole lot of silliness and humiliation here, for a few grand. It would be brutal being trapped in a house together, or in a Survivor island-type experience, or Bachelor/Bachelor pad. Amazing Race is one of the few that I think would be fun to try. The focus is on the tasks/world travel more than cabin-fever snarking common to other shows.

      • Yes, I agree, it would be better to be on the Amazing Race. A contestant has more freedom and is not cooped up. I could never be on bbh. I don’t like the confinement for several months. Amazing Race allows the contestants to travel and be free and travel to other countries and different destinations.

      • tishe, it is my way of saying, when people are cooped up with not much to do and nowhere to escape to, they get cabin fever. Small irritations become magnified. I use snark as a verb sometimes (well in this case a gerund); someone coined the word “snarky” as in ‘don’t get snarky with me’ some years ago.
        I have just outed myself as somewhat of a grammar geek, but anyway…

  21. kristi,
    I was reading back at message 15 and I am on board with BB 12.5 – The Winter Season. Some old folk could be used as the cast but in all honesty, it just might be too late to start with the casting and make up for a winter season. Shoot, I will do it!!! Do you know what the physical includes. I said I thought I could pass it and then I thought to myself I haven’t a clue what it is unless it is just a doctor’s physical.

    • Hey Patti D, Actually 12.5 is just my lil dream. If bb really wanted to do it they could. They had a winter bb a couple years back during the writers strike. The fan base is out there and alot of views would love to see bb 2 times a year just like survior. I just read earlier about someone wanting to start petition to the network. I for one would sign it proudly. It has worked before with other shows. Who knows if it will ever come to light tho. As far as the physical, I’m not sure how in detail it is. My personal opinion, if you like the show and would like to try out, go for it. You might just surprise yourself. As far as bb12.5, it’s just my dream, would love for it happen but as of now bb13 is scheduled for summer 2011. Maybe if every one complains enough and shows their support for bb the network might listen tho. This year has the best raitings and this in my opinion would be the time to strike if they are going to try it.

  22. Honestly, does the spelling, caps, punctuation really bother some of you? It doesn’t bother me at all. If I am able to comprehend the comment, then, that’s fine and dandy with me. The rules don’t state we have to be geniuses in grammar. To me, that is just nitpicking because there is nothing else to nitpick about. Let’s not be childish about the grammar. We are all adults and we can all handle the improper grammar.

  23. chilltown was the best alliance! They were funnier, had more drama than the soap operas and they had the ultimate bb player Will.

    • yep, yup, gperkins!
      ” survey said” hands down. I wonder if the bra-gade (enzo still thinks they are the best?)

      • ‘Ring’… ‘Ring’.

        Will: “Hello”

        Enzo: “This is Enzo. YES, Bra-gade was the best, bro and I was the best social player ever. It is what it is, bro.”

        Will: “Not even in your dreams, bro.”

  24. Trish, hope u got my replies. If not, Sorry for the short fuse
    Apology accepted. This site pushes buttons when they don’t know you. It starts out about HG and ends up about us. And, yes the. Charity is true. Closer to my heart now than ever. Have a good nite.

    • No Brenda I didn’t. This is the first one I read. I am really sorry for sticking my nose in something that wasn’t my business. I am just protective of people I care about on here. No reason to attack you. I am glad you took my apology. Like I said Cancer is something close to my heart and if you are working in that field then my hat goes off to you for that.

      • @Trish, Don’t knot if your still around. ,,I’m only staying on alert for you. Tishe kept on post w/ me last night. Hope to hear from u. Gonna log out of this bb site in the next day or so. Hope to connect soon to figure how to get the pix to u. I’m not a social networker, unless looking for a better job, like the markets welcoming :(, so hope we can connect. If we don’t, you & your mom will be in my heart at every event. Bless u. I’ll b touch & go contact for a few daybottom of the barrel yesterday. We got the same struggle ahea as most of the country. But a day like yesterday , I’ll always find a way. Food, bills, etc
        For us, well

  25. @ Den 0067, Look pal, yes Brenda have may a heart of gold!!
    Trish has since taken her comment back to the lady, as for you, you seem like a 1/2 way smart guy?? What gives you the right to go off on her like that!!
    You my mis-guided (sp!) inteelect(sp!) non- friend!
    Aw, forget about it! Waste of my time, I have to go see a man about a horse!! (i spelled the words the wrong way, to get a rise out of the educated ones)

    • Oh my gosh, lots of anger in the comments. We can all be nice to each other if we all try. I would rather be nice than to be mean to anyone here. If I don’t have nothing nice to say, I try my best not to say it. Kind words are better and are soothing versus angry words. Am I the only one that thinks this way?

      • None of this is THAT serious. If you (Den, and Brenda) want to keep going back and forth on this thread because you think its cool that you make others feel terrible….then be my guest.

        But, just to let you know…you look like a jack@ss arguing over the internet.

      • No you are not. You are just have a better way about you then some of us do. It is silly to get “angry” at someone when we don’t know them, isn’t it? It takes posters like you who make me realize how stupid I have acted on here. YEAH I ADMIT IT. LOL

      • cowbelles ( i love your name)
        Yes, of course, we are nice to each other and most!! It is not anger you read, it was defending friends. There were apologies, and more defending!! They would defend you too!
        Isn’t it nice to be nice to the nice?? tee-hee( smiley face)

      • Wow Niecy you go girl. LOL Someone better NOT talk about education to Niecy, that girl could out “edcuate” alot of you. I am one of them. lol

      • This is for Tishe, yes, I would want someone to defend me. It’s so nice to get along. Ah shucks many thanks for your compliment about my name.

      • I take that back, Brenda has accepted the Trish’s apology… so this should be the end of the argument. Back to BB talk anyone?

      • Yeah lets talk BB, damn that Brendon for still being with that Swamp thang……….get away from her Brendon……..far away……….

      • Trish, tishe here, run Brendon run!
        I know alot of folks like Rach, but, well, that is the problem. You know I wish your boy all the luck and happiness in the world, ( I am worried about his taste in women) nough said, as Torch would say, ” Love ya to pieces”

  26. Why can’t people be nice to others here? It is not hard to get along. It would be nice at least to be civil towards one another. Just be nice. You can catch more flies with honey than you can catch them with vinegar.

  27. Does anyone think Enzo is serious about show business and does anyone think he will have a career in acting? I think he is serious about it. The acting bug has bit him and he likes it. He is a talker. I would love to see him on that show Jersey Shore.

    • I think Rachel is a swimsuit model. I have seen her pics in a bikini. I think she might be a swimsuit model on the side. I don’t remember where I seen her photos in a bkini. I think Rachel has it in her to pose for Playboy. She could easily make a nice bundle of money if she does that. Did anyone from last season break into show business?

    • I do think Enzo is serious about getting into acting. For that we will just have to wait and see. I’m not sure if he would be good or not having nothing to base my opinion on other than bb. Maybe some doors will open up for him, only time will tell. If they do, I wish him luck. I will say he better watch out. Hollywood can eat a person up and spit them out just as quickly.

    • Enzo, no.

      @Hailey. Yes, the air-brush can do wonders, if that’s what it’s called. And I doubt that she would have qualms posing nude, though I would think Brendon might not like it.

      Wouldn’t be surprised it Playboy hasn’t contacted or talked about contacting bOObzilla.

  28. This is for Hailey Skye, I think Enzo really wants to have a career in acting. Rachel, there are so many things she can do. Why not? She is still young. Why not? Anything is possible. I want to pay everyone a compliment. I have notice that more posters are wishing the houseguests the best. That is so nice. It wasn’t like that before. I guess we all had growth spurts. It is so nice to wish all the houseguests well. It just shows how nice everybody is in wishing the houseguests well.

  29. Everyone : just want to say Wow. Its great for the support and criticism. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree. It doesn’t make anyone a BAD person. I appreciate everyone’s input. I’m out of tonight’s latenight discussion. Not cause I don’t want to converse about bb , but because I have some money to raise for Cancer tomorrow, and I’m going in strong. Have a great night to all, especially Den and Trish and Stoker. Trish, we’ll strap an extra kickit for cancer flag for your mom on our bike tomorrow. You’ll both be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I’ll post to you what the early figures are when I get home tomorrow. Last year it was over $85k in one days ride
    Good night

    Lets hope and pray early, that all yhr riders get back safe. Ill try to post what what we raise Trish. Last year it was over $80,000

    • Thank you Brenda. My mom’s name is Georgia. It has been 12 years and still I miss her. I would appreciate you tell me what you raise. Thank you again for the though and the cancer flag you will put up for her. That means alot.

    • I am just glad that everyone calmed it down. I rarely come on this site any more because ppl make things so personal. Good luck on your charity. Trish please don’t be sad. Love ya!!!

    • Trish, got your reply as was said, don’t b sad, there is a reason we met in this way on this day. I think, I Really do, it’s your moms way of letting I know your not alone, she’s still, and always will be w/ u. Reall gotta turn off alerts now. I’m in CT, as I said earlier, and 7 am is coming quick. Be happy today. Its gonna be a good day.

    • Brenda that is very nice of you. Trish is a dear friend of mine and I’m glad you guys worked things out. You seem like a nice person. People are very passionate on here and sometimes emotions get out of hand. BB Brings the best and the worse out of us all at one time or the other but at the end of the day, we are all just people and BB is just a game.

  30. Thanks trish, It started when I said that Enzo went to BB because he wanted too, and not because he was trying to make a better life for his family. Yes people think about the money, but people know about themself’s, what they can and can’t do, Enzo had to know that he is no good when it comes to competitions, He’s mom said that he wasn’t good in sports in school, nor was he an “A” student. Now we can agree on the fact that Enzo wasn’t good at the competitions, he won only one and if you watched the LF he had help winning that one.

    I myself give to five charities, three law enforcement, two cancer and one Indian school, but at times I can be a hateful person, depending on what it is. I don’t like men that hit women or kids, people who pick on people smaller than they are, or people like ragan and britney who talk about other people at the level that they do.

    I’m sure that brenda is a good person who cares about other people, the point theat I was making was you need to watch how you react to someone and what you say beacuse you might come across as a hateful person, if you read what I said was that she sounded like a hateful person not that she was.

    As for DEN006 you need to follow your own advice, when you jumped in to help Brenda against trish you were doing the same thing you were telling trish not to do. I have read brenda’s post and I know that she is an intelligent person that can take care of hersef as I am.

    So when people start calling other poster moron’s or tell them to grow up, because they don’t like thier opinion, I jump in and say it’s wrong and always will. Also if you read I only said I would match IQ’s not Education. It’s a fact that people sometimes don’t understand what they just read. And sometimes get off on the wrong foot.

    • I dislkie the word moron. It just doesn’t sound good to me. I would never use it here or in the out side world. I don’t like calling people names at all, not even the hg’s. I call everyone by thier names. It’s respect for that person.

      • i agree, though i will confess i use it if the other person calls me that and the name fits. not saying it’s right.

        to me if the poster is name calling within 2 sentences, i’m getting in the habit of skipping the rest of what’s said.

  31. I slept in today. Iam going to stay up late. I am internet car shopping and I switch to this site time to time. I enjoy your coments.

      • Good Night All,
        Stella!! (smiley face) Good luck on on the car shopping.. ( one piece of advice, make sure, she talks to ya, you will know it!..

  32. @ Stella,
    I am humbled, past tense. I did not , and will not ever say a bad thing to you. You, my lady, are ok! My post was not directed to you. I will not back down from a debate. You are probably gone from this site. I wanted to say, oops, I did not mean to offend you. Stella!!

  33. Hey guys! I just got back from Town Center (in vegas) and they were having a red carpet reality star event…with the main stars being bb12! Of the ones I saw there was Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Kristen, Annie, Monet, and Brenchal. Old School bb stars Cowboy, Lydia, Kevin, Howie, and Sheema
    (which i thought was weird since she was kicked out..) Brenden and Rachel were all other eachother ( and suprisingly nice since i was never really on their side as a fan) and Hayden and Kristen couldnt have been seen further apart! The Brogade was definitly sticking together though! Everyone I talked to was super nice and it was was one of the most amazing nights ever…especially since i just went there to eat dinner and the happen up on them!! (big grin)

  34. Article posted 9/19 on TMZ:

    Recently liberated “Big Brother” house guest Britney Haynes claims her Arkansas home is “unlivable” after a fire ripped through it earlier this week … and the disaster could cut into her winnings from the show. Haynes tells us the house is in horrific shape from water and fire damage — and since she didn’t have renter’s insurance she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 “Big Brother” prize to pay for repairs. That expense would be really tragic because Haynes says she’s not even sure she wants to move back to Arkansas. Now that she’s gotten a taste of the big city Britney says she’s considering staying in L.A. to become a star on the NFL sidelines — as a reporter, not a cheerleader.

    • First she doesn’t understand what renter’s insurance cover’s, the owner of the house has to repair the house, Yes he can take her to court for damages.

      As for a reporter on the NFL sidelines all I have to say is get in line and it’s a very long one.

  35. WOW I stayed away a few day”s and all these insults towards Chris and Trish. People are so mean, and need to realize that we do not have to be so harsh with comment’s. I have a lot of respect for Chris and Trisha. This is a site about BB, you make it out to be about ppl. who want to be honest on how they feel about the BBHG. No one has been more honest, then Chris trisha Clare Rico Tish. I have enjoyed all their comment’s and the poem’s. So if you do not care for them, do not hang out with them. Go somewhere else. I think you have messed with the wrong ppl. here. They are well liked and well educated!!!! You are a mean spirited person and Karma has a way of creeping up. So take a hike no one wants to hear you bashing our friends. As for Chris and Trish I miss you all, Rico, Tish, and Clare, I will for sure, be hanging out with all of you when BB13 come’s on. I hope you all have a beautiful winter and come back strong next season. I will be chatting up a storm with you all, on Survivor. Friends in my heart forever.

    • Philly you are a princess and a doll and a sweetie. YOU have a great heart like your sister and can’t to talk BB13 soon with you. Until then see you on survivor.

  36. @Philly, Karma has already hit me hard. Cancer has taken the lives of many of my family members. Are you happy now Philly to know that your karma has already struck down my family members. I would never wish karma on anyone, including and enemies. You guys being educated, so what you are telling everyone that you guys are better than anyone because you are educated? To me, education does not define a person, it’s what’s in their heart that define a person. By the way, I am a girl, 5″1 and 100 lbs. I am not a man. I am a tiny person. You guys run this entire board and noone is allowed to debate or disagree because then all of you will gang up on that particular person. If that’s the kind of people you are, lots of people don’t belong here. I feel so badly for Stella and her mom dying of cancer. I really liked Brenda, she walks the walk and talks the talk. Brenda is an amazing woman and I strive to be like Brenda, She is my hero. So, Philly, are you so happy now that your karma you wished on me has already happened and cancer has taken the lives of most of my family members? I don’t wish karma on any of you people here and I also don’t wish anything terrible to happen to anyone here as well. I wish everyone the best life has to offer you all. I really and sincerely mean it. Good luck everyone I prefer to be around kind, loving, courteous people with genuine hearts. Run your boards as you wish, I am not coming back at all. How do you know if I am educated or not? I don’t vocalize it so you will never know. Don’t bother to answer me because I will not be around to hear your wishing “karma” on people that disagree with the regulators. That’s what you all are the “reulators”, regulating people and this forum. The regulators that’s what you all are.

    • @DEN0067: I hope you read this and decide to stay, you are more than welcome too. Everyong has an opinion and I injoy reading them all, somee I don’t agree will and some sholdn’t have been written at all. Everyone has a right to be on this post.

      I’m very sorry about your lose, I know how you fell, so please hang in there and keep on posting, here or on survivor, you will always be welcomed by me.

    • You need to get a life I lost a brother father gandmother mother-in-law father-inlaw sister-in-law and so on and so on of family member’s in the last 5 yrs. from cancer. I did not wish that kind of Karma on any one. You are so mean spirited to even suggest that. You must be related to Ragan. I am also 5’1, and last year I had radiation myself and almost died. So to you Den0067, You are the bully, we just do not care for ppl. who gang up on innocent ppl., and call them moron’s. Thats what I am talking about!! I am not bullying anyone, just trying to let you know I care about these ppl., and do not appreciate you making this about them, by calling them name’s. Grow up I probably forgot more then you will ever know. Especially when it come’s to family who has died from cancer., and is still fighting it. You do not have to stop chatting with us we are really nice ppl. and always have it out before we get it right. If I said anything to hurt your feeling’s I’m sorry but don’t put words in my mouth when I use the word Karma. It was no way meant illnesses.

      • ????
        As far as your #38 observation, the storm had already passed; your numerous buddies know you love them and would tongue-lash any who even hinted at a fault. However, I observe CtheG can give as good as he gets; I like you, have the bad habit of jumping to defend as a knee-jerk reaction.
        But, you needn’t wield your clique like a club (double entendre)
        Calm down. NO ONE is hoping for anyone else to get sick/die. Grow up? Chill out.

    • Oh my Den. Don’t leave. Some people don’t mean what they say. See what happens when someone comes in late and only sees some of the responses? I did that but soon realized my mistake and hope others mistakes don’t send you away. I loved your apology to me but don’t think I ever gave you one? I will now. I am sorry it is a day late. I am sorry to you for jumping on Brenda but to you also. Please stay here and if there are things said that you don’t like just ignore them like I will from now on.

  37. @Trish, gonna sign off & get back IN later, got your mom’s flag rode 40 miles w? Approximately 1,000 bikes so far. Thats @least 40k. We still have anothr 1,000 bikes and over 40 more k easy
    Got pictures for u of flag. Ill send you a update tonite!!!

    • OMG Brenda that is exciting news. You made me cry! That was so wonderful of you to do that for me and my mom. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Can’t wait to see the pics.

      ((((Hugs to you Brenda))))

      • Brenda, what you did was very cool! Heart warming for Trish!! I can see her smiling thru her tears. Thank you from me also.

      • Trish, I Can’t find you, there’s a page # 2. I will try again tomorrow, I’ve been txtng for 2 he’d now. Some published, some not. We did it! !!!! :-)

      • @Trish, Don’t knot if your still around. ,,I’m only staying on alert for you. Tishe kept on post w/ me last night. Hope to hear from u. Gonna log out of this bb site in the next few days or so. Hope to connect soon to figure how to get the pix to u. I’m not a social networker, unless looking for a better job, like the markets welcoming :(, so hope we can connect. If we don’t, you & your mom will be in my heart at every event we do. We got the same struggle ahead as most of the country. But a day like yesterday , I’ll always find a way. Food, bills, etc, for us, day to day, if that. It’s tough out there. Living in Connecticut don’t help$$$$$. My nerves & BP aren’t well, but these days who’s are? $ problems are embarrassing for people, but that is a problem that will always b there. At least for most of us we are here to figure it out. Lets do it in memory of others and those fighting. Anyone reading this may not have any idea what dialogue Trish and I have been exchanging, & that’s ok, but if everyone makes one different decision every day, better than the one u would normally make, either just because, or in someone ‘s memory, life IS gonna change. Even if you just say hi to a stranger. They may be fighting a fight you aren’t even aware of. Lift a spirit w/ a smile & a nod. That last piece of advice of saying hello is from a cancer patient fighting the fight, and rode in the charity ride while in the midst of chemo & radiation. Go for it, it can’t hurt. Trish, hugs back @ ya. Everyone else, thanks for the venue. Ciao!!

      • I know this is like a week late but Brenda I am so happy for what you did for my mother and me. That was so great what you raised for Cancer. My heart and thoughts go out to you.

        (((Hugs and Kisses)))


      • @Trish, Just happened to wake up, & saw the alert Oh my phone blinking from your msg. I’m glad that u got that info. Just remember, I was a participant w/ a small group entered into a larger group. Every bit helps. I’m going back to sleep now, however, should I hear from u by Saturday night, I’ll set up a temp email, & post it here, then maybe u contact me, & I fw a few pix from my real address. Don’t want to put that one up here, ya know? Well, hope to hear from u. If I don’t? ((((HUGS RIGHT BACK @ YA!))))

  38. Hey I’m back B*TCHES ! OPPS I’m joking LOL I didn’t know you were all here! :) I miss all the BB Fans!

  39. I read Den0067 comment and I cried when I read it. If that is what Karma is, it has also impacted my life with lots of tragedy. Cancer runs in both sides of my family and I don’t like to talk about it, but,,,I have had many deaths in my family as well. Cancer has taken their lives. Karma means: the principle of retributive justice determining a person’s state of life and the state of his reincarnations as the effect of his past deeds. All my life I have been a good person and I gladly give my last dollar if someone needs it. In my spare time, I donate my time and visit with the elderly and I go and donate my time to visit with cancer patients. I don’t like that word at all, “Karma” and that’s my opinion. That word is not in my vocabulary at all. Karma is a payback for bad behaviour. All my life I have bent over backwards to help, help, help people and strangers alike. I have lost most of my family members as well just like Den. If that is what Karma is, payback for what I have done, then so be it. God knows I am a good person and I know God is not punishing me at all. Karma is punishment for anyone’s misdeeds. I have not done nothing bad at all. I guess Karma somehow got me too. Why? I don’t know.I felt so bad for that kid Den, if only I could reach out to her and give her a big hug and tell her that she is loved by God and me. Den0067, if by any chance you read this, I will give you my email so you can contact me. You are not alone. Alot of my love goes your way Den and God loves you very much. The sermon this morning was about forgiveness, it was really good.

  40. Back to Hayden’s interview, when AR asked: The vote was 4-3 with Lane, Is there anyone else you felt you could have beated:

    He was talking about B/R, saying that they were odd people and that Brendon was willing to give up a half million dollars for someone he just met. Then he said I’ll tell you what, I was raised alittle differently than them, I just don’t understand.

    Now was he talking about Brendon giving up the money or that he could like someone that fast?

    No-one is always looking for love it just happen’s sometimes, just out of the blue so to speak, Also somepeople don’t put money ahead of love.

    If he was talking about B/R and what happen between them, Then he’s calling the kettle black when he’s the pot. let’s not forget Kristen, No they didn’t go as far as B/R, but then they didn’t have the chance, what little time they had went pretty far.

    If he was talking about the money, then was he saying he puts money over people? One could take it that way from what he said.

  41. Ok let’s move on with the Karma thing, it is way out of text. I just watched video’s in the back yard of the BBH and sure enough there’s Brittney acting like an a$$ walking away from the camera person. Why? Because Rachel was doing her interview next to her. She still is making nasty remark’s, so I see now she is the same way outside the house, as she was inside. Rachel stated that Ragan was very mean in the jh to her. He made it very hard for her there. He even refused to come to the dinner table, because Rachel was the one who cooked dinner for everyone. Enzo stated he will stay in touch with everyone. Matt and Ragan are the only one’s not going to Vegas. Matt is hoping his wife will let him keep Ragan in the relationship they ut o. Andrew said it best, with class, that he was in an alliance with B/R, but because he was he had to keep it a secret. We all know the reason for that Right! Lane, Hayden, Enzo and yes Brittney are still going to go on the Steamboat together. Wonder if Nick is going? Hayden is on cloud nine and can you blame him ? He deserved it. Kristen let us know that she has a thing for hayden, maybe it’s his money humm. Annie was shocked Hayden did not take Enzo to the end with him. Ragan still does not have a nice word for Rachel. Brendon is still in love with Rachel and is going back to school on Monday. Rachel think’s he is a Hottie. Monet, complained how hard it is to be in the bbh. Lane has the hot’s for Brittney, and say’s Hayden deserved to win the game. I can’t help wondering if he really mean’s it. Kathy well she’s Kathy daaaaaaaa, lol still doe not have a clue lol.

  42. I just got done seeing all the Backyard interviews and what truly got me upset that Britney was still Dissin Rachael! If she is looking for a job dealing with the Public, she better wise up and not treat people & trash people like she did in the Interview! The game is over and try to be civil with each other! She reminds me of a girl in High school, who thinks she can say Nasty Comments about anyone and so everyone will laugh with her! Karma that word is Frighting, but I have never had that fear of something bad to come back to me cause I’m not mean to anyone! I always think of the saying ” Don’t Throw stones at Glass Houses! ” She and Ragan were like a Broken Record every night on BBAD with their Rotton Nasty Show belittling Brendon/ Rachal! I just switch the channel! Philly Princess Jo, I know you didn’t say or mean to wish Illness on anyone, cause you have suffered recently with an Illness yourself! Some people read things differently and form an opinion instantly instead of “Think a minute before you speak” and this site has Allowed everyone to Speak their DECENT Opinions! So I will miss you all BB Fans even if you were Rooting for another HG than me LOL but that was all done in Fun and Laughs! Oh, My friend Cowbelles, I am as you are, HELPING those who need you. It’s a rewarding feeling you get when you TOUCHED someones Life and just seeing them SMILE! I’m glad to be your BB Friend :) Right now I am in WITHDRAWAL of BIG BROTHER :( ! I want another Show right NOW or ASAP ! :) I’ll see you BB Fans over at Survivor Fandom, Miss those Nites of Fun & Laughs! Love You BB!!

  43. Oh My GOODNESS, LOL I see All these BB Fans are going through BIG BROTHER WITHDRAWAL TOO!!! LOL WE are all picking on one another! :( OM GOSH BB you need to put another show on real QUICK so we can all get back to NORMAL!!! LOL :) PS… I don’t do NAPS!! LOL

    • Clare Annnnnnn, Trish, Darling!!
      Wow just logged in and read Brenda’s post!! Ya know, I actually think there are good people out there!!

      • No she fell in a hole I think and hurt her hand. Philly told me I asked. Did you know Philly was Clare Ann’s sister? They are so sweet.

  44. Yes Enzo got an offer, He’s to play Clara Bell the clown in the remake of the Howdy Doody Show. I think he will doody great.

  45. Does anyone c these postings? It’s important Trish know I am trying to converse w/ her about an earlier topic that came from bb talk. Tisha, Den0067, Anyone? She’s waiting.

  46. @ Tishe, I did c that @ 42 , 43. I can’t get to hher from the omg post. I’m so exhausted. We did it!!!!! 80+K for the cause. 1,000 bikes+ passenger = well over 2,500, just in our group. Her Moms flag, we were able to write ourselves. I have pox to share w/ her, so much to say, I’m gonna need to set up a secondary email so we can exchange real email or #’ s. I need sleep desparately. I am going to have to dovthis tomorrow. Her moms flag read,” IN memory of Trish”s mother Georgia, who left us 12yrs ago. If u find her, PLEASE forward this, & have her reply? Thanks Tishe, I made her a promise, I need Hey to know their are people who look down on ALL of us!!! Bless you!

      • @Tishe. I tried Trish again tonight. I replied @ 42, 43, directly to her. If u r out their, check it out, & if u can reach her in a different capacity, let her know, please. I believe u both to be wonderful, dear individuals & I don’t wish to be intrusive, so as I stated in 42,43 reply, a few more days I’ll b getting off the site. I wish I knew u both in person. I KNOW we would click. We are all, from what I observe, unprofessionally observe, feisty, we put it out there like It us, and we have hearts, & are forgiving, yet admit fault in judgement, regardless. WE know, that when our day comes, we said it how it was, left no question unanswered, and did it the way we wanted, right or wrong, good or bad, it is what it is, and life is too damn short!!! LIVE IT FIR YOU AND YOURS, and if u can, help another. I have a habit of helping others, some in my personal circle who others have turned their back on, problem us, in doing so, I/ we, ( my husband and I ) go without and struggle, as we are now desperately. He gets so pissed, but tomorrow? who knows. A brother of mine took his life in ‘ 94 because of judgment and tough love because of poor decisions he made, and he would’ve given the shirt off his back to anyone. I may struggle, but it may save a life. I will make it somehow. Go gettem!

  47. Hayden man up and give some of that cash to Enzo. He deserves it…not in the least because he cast a deciding vote for you even though you gave him the boot. Plus the man has a wife and a little girl. For their sakes do the right thing and give him the fan fave amount…25,000…that’s just 5% of your winnings. Well worth it.

    • R U serious? If enzo needs the money he sould have been out working! Enzo did nothing to even deserve the money. He didn’t even get close the the peoples choice. Enzo got what he worked for. . . . . . . Wifey will just have to continue supporting the family . . . .

      • My biggest problem is that it doesn’t seem that the count is fair. I heard many many times that people were stuffing or as some called it ‘stuffing the turkey’ which would tell me americas choice was people voting over and over again. There should be a limit on on- line voting like there is when you text your vote(10max) I think

  48. I hope that Kristen && Hayden do pursue a relationship outside of the BB house. They would be an amazing couple.

    • To each their Owen, but Kristins responses to Julie Chen’s questions about leaving her options open, and breaking up w/ her boyfriend, lead me to believe she is a cheater, & NOW, A GOLDDIGGER. RUN HAYDEN, RUN!!!!!

  49. Does anyone know what happened with Brittany and her fiancee? I really want Lane and Brittany to become an “item”!!!

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