Lurk-Free Monday: Come On In & Say ‘Hi’!

One of the best parts of Big Brother and our site here is sharing the fun with a community of fans and friends so I want to invite all of our shy readers to step out from the shadows and say “Hi!” today.

Big Brother 18 Houseguest newbies

If you’ve been enjoying the site and even scrolling through the Comments then here’s a perfect chance to leave a hello comment below and get to know your fellow readers. We’ve got a really great group of readers who enjoy discussing the show and it’s easy to get involved.

We use Facebook commenting and, both of which are completely free. If you’re logged in to Facebook then the top block of comments is available below articles. The alternative is Disqus which has a free account sign-up and can use multiple login methods to leave a comment.

With Disqus you can receive notifications of replies and new comments though I’d caution on the latter since we get hundreds to thousands of comments in a day at the peak so that’d be overwhelming. There’s also a new feature to let you Block particular commenters if need be along with flagging spam or truly offensive comments. Offensive doesn’t mean someone likes a HG you don’t though, okay?

Feel free to say hello below and maybe mention a past favorite season and what you enjoyed the most about it. It’ll be nice to meet you all!


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  1. Hello! I am one of those shy readers… My favorite seasons are 10 and 14 because of Dan Gheesling. He can play people like a fiddle.

  2. Hello – don’t normally post. I’m hoping they hold to their guns and Jozea leaves this week!

  3. Hello all! Long time lurker , finally signed up for an account. I really hope Jozea goes home, his arrogance makes me crazy!

  4. Hi! I’m a lurker too. I’ve been here since season 13 but rarely comment. I read all the comments though. My favorites are 6 and 7. I love Janelle :)

  5. Hello!!! My favorite season was 15 and 16!! Of course I didn’t start watching BB in its entirety til Season 14! haha

  6. Hello guys! I’ve been a regular reader of BBN since Season 14, which was my first time to watch BBUS regularly and that season is probably my fave yet. I didn’t start commenting as much as I do know until a year later when BB15 came out.


  7. I was very active at other sites but have been floating around since my fav site went to another format and is not covering BB as a 24/7 site. Love the show and a huge fan. I like the earlier seasons.

  8. Hello everyone! Nicole is by far my favorite houseguest this season along with when she was on 16 as well!

  9. Hi everyone! My favorite seasons are 12 and 14. I have been following this site for years, but have never posted until now. :)

  10. Hey all. Not new, but have lurked so far this season. Love the site and comments!

  11. Hey, I rarely comment either. I usually enjoy reading the comments and catching up with what the houseguests are doing from this site because I don’t have time for the live feeds. So thanks for keeping me informed because CBS loves to edit.

    I started watching from season 12 when I got hooked and than I went back and re-watched all the previous seasons I didn’t see.

    This season I am Team Nicole and Team Frank are my favorites so far! Can’t wait till the live eviction and see the blindside if the houseguests can keep it a secret until than!

  12. Hi, I am a huge fan of Big Brother US! I am from Brazil, probably the only big fan of the show here. We have Big Brother Brasil but it’s nothing like the american version.

  13. Got to be Season 10 Dan and Memphis..The Renegade…and 14 and Dan G is in the house…thanks for visiting.

  14. Hello all,
    Shy reader that I am… season 10 was cool with Dan but I still lean towards evil Dick …..thanks for time love watching

  15. I’ve been a fan since season 1. I’ve only missed 2 seasons. (8 and 15). My favorites are specific players, so that dictates my favorite seasons. I loved Danielle and Jason’s secret alliance in season 3; Seasons 6 and 10, or any season with Dan or Janelle. I adore Jeff and Jordan, so 13; and loved how Derrick controlled the game in 16. I am loving this season and having Frank, James and Nicole back in the house.

  16. Howdy! Long time reader, first time commenter. Big fan! Watched the premiere from a BB pool party compete with floating duck wearing sunglasses.

  17. Hi! I’m a BB addict, but never post! So maybe I’ll try it this year! :)

  18. Hi all. Faithful lurker here ? my favorite player of all time is Dan. His game was masterful in my opinion. This season I’m surprised how fast the mean girl personalities have come out especially with those that I thought would be more reserved. A lot of mean comments being made behind others backs

  19. Hi everyone! Been reading since BB14. Love the site and all the effort you guys put in!

  20. Hi everyone! I also am a shy reader. I have been following this site for a few years now and solely rely on it for any Big Brother US or Big Brother Canada updates!! MY fave BB USA seasons have to be 12, 13, 14, and 16! I am a huge fan of Dan Gheesling, Rachel Reilly and Brittney Haynes!!

  21. Hi everyone! BBN has always been my favorite place for updates but this is my first time commenting and my first time with the feeds! My favorite seasons are probably 7 & 14! Really excited for this season and Thursday’s blindside :)

    • I hope it stays a true blindside and hope cameras catch James and frank wink at jozea when the votes are revealed. let it b a good one plz

  22. Hello! I have been lurking on this site since Big Brother 6 (a least that is when I best recall coming here)…Hardcore fan of BB (US), listen to the feeds pretty much all day at work and every evening unless running errands, at the gym or sleeping. Love the show, would REALLY LOVE to compete someday. Have multiple favorite players for different reasons from Dr. Will to Janelle to Jason Roy.

  23. hi y’all. I’ve been a lurker for yrs and started commenting last season, or season before. my fav season is either 8 or 11. thanks Matt for keeping us informed and for giving us a place to chat.

      • hi Mary. how’s my Yankee friend doing? still hot up there? thought about u this morn when I was sighing w my 90* temp here at 0930. lol. it’s only just begun.

      • I’m a Canuck (Canadian), born and raised :-)
        It’s been too dang hot for my liking but thankfully going to be a little cooler at 80 for a few days. Take care!

      • oh mary, i hope you didnt get offended. i knew you were canadian. i lovingly refer to a yankee as anyone who lives north of texas, not it’s literal meaning. im so sorry if that upset you.

      • No, I’m not offended at all, honest! It’s not easy remembering where everyone is from, I just thought you forgot. It takes a heck of a lot more than that to upset me.

      • no maam. i think its cool i have a friend in canada. so very shocked its hot up there. is that just a heat wave? must be. that seems so hot for way up there. lol. does it get that hot every summer. i often have thought about moving out of the hot hot summers here, but i dont know how id do in long term cold.

      • I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing! We don’t have snow and below freezing temperatures all year round. We have beautiful 4 seasons and yes, it can get quite cold in the winter and very hot and humid in the summer but our fall and spring months are glorious. Fall is my favorite, the trees turn such beautiful colors and the temperatures are very comfortable.

      • lol, i’ll admit, i am geographically challenged and clueless to other parts. you might even need a passport to come to my part, and i’ll even admit we do things a little different down here sometimes. i live in a podunk town and really dont pay to much attention to other parts. i hear stuff on the big news…when i watch(which is not too often), but i kid you not(as i am so laughing at myself-man i need to get out), when i see people up there in lake michigan…in the water, OH MY WORD!!!!! they have to be freezing. our water down here doesnt warm up till mid-late spring(i think), and yall are all up in yall bodies of water at the same time we get into the water…blows my mind. bahahaha! i did think i remembered hearing that a lot of people up north dont have a/c. it must cool off good at night, does it?

      • It usually cools down a bit at night but it can still be really hot a humid, hard to sleep if you don’t have air conditioning which I do and it’s on right now.

  24. Hey everyone! :) I’ve posted a few times but not frequently. I’ve been watching BB since Season 1 and I LOVE It. I think my favorite season was actually season 2! I even have a Chill Town T-shirt! LOL Big fan of Evil Dr. Will. (Season 7 was a good one too! ;))

  25. I am glad to come out of the shadows and I love this place and Matthew where would we be with out him! I have watched every season of big brother with out fail and this year wont be any different!

  26. I’ve commented a few times, mostly last season. By the time I join in, someone else has already said what I was going to. ?

      • I commented a few times last season as well….most of the time it was about how terrible everyone was playing by letting Vanessa run the game.

  27. Hello! Thanks for inviting us lurkers out of the shadows, haha
    all I want to say is that if there’s ever a chance for Jozea and Devin to get into an alliance together that it will be the most powerful one ever.
    Of all time.

  28. Hello, fellow lurkers, lol! Since the strategy is currently low key, I’m finding myself enjoying the antics of the newbies who, at first, I found annoying! They are cracking me up so much, that I only want the boring HG’s to leave, now. Your explanation of why Nicole put up Paulie as a “pawn” made great sense to me. I thought the girl had gone crazy. Loving BB 18!

  29. Hello everyone! I began watching Big Brother during season 12 and I’ve been following along here at BBN ever since. I’ve enjoyed every season of Big Brother with 15 being my least favorite. My favorite cast was season 16 with Derrick, Nicole, Donny, Cody, Zack, etc. They were a fun group. I’m also a big fan of Dan’s game play and Britney Haynes was hilarious. Nobody does diary rooms like Britney.

  30. Favorite seasons are definitely Season 10, Season 14, Season 16. Lot of that is due to Dan and Derrick being two of the greatest strategists I’ve ever seen.

    • Absolutely! Dan and Derek are my all time faves! I know Dr Will gets kudos but he just didn’t impress me as much. Granted I didn’t watch it when it originally aired, but on YouTube YEARS later. Maybe that makes a difference…

  31. Hi, fellow lurkers! I have not seen every season but my vocabulary has flourished since I have watched. Eg: “to get Brigaded”, “to go beastmode cowboy”, “Chill Town”, “to get misted”, “to get to steppin”, and “to have a chum bath”; I’ve learned that floaters should grab their lifevests and that no one comes between Rachel and her man, that GM has no gag reflex (a la the yogurt challenge) and never to toss your mic into the water intentionally. ….Janelle is a beast (saying that with mad respect), Jordan WILL chest bump you if you rile her up. I will not forget the look on Jeff’s face when he & Jordan were laying around one day and she asked him what time is a “quarter to 2” (I think). “Are you serious???” Then he kindly explained to her if she has a quarter, that is a fourth of a dollar, etc. I feel like the “Cherokee Wonder” would play a far different game if asked back. My heart broke for Donny. He would be a hoot with the current vets. Devin. SMH. Good times! PS: I LOVE this site!!!

  32. Hi everyone! My favorite seasons are BB2, BB10, BB13, BB14 & BB17 and some of my favorite houseguests are Dan, Becky, Dr. Will, JMac & Daniele :D

  33. Hi Y’all! I’ve been watching since *gulp* season 1, and lurking on this site for a while. Happy to join in on the fun!

  34. I love this site MATT thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s going on in the house :)

  35. Hello all, I’ve been watching big brother since season 16, wasn’t sure what it was all about but loved survivor so I gave it a try, and was instantly hooked… With season 17 I found this site and joined the live feeds, figured with season 18 mine as well join the boards… Even tho I’m newer too the show I have gone back and watched most of the seasons, some of my favorite players are evel dick, mike boogie, 2 time finalist dan, zack rance, and 2 of this year’s returnees frank and Nicole…

    Fun fact I live one town over from Shane from BB14

  36. Hi guys! I commented a little last summer, and I love big brother network for all the latest news on what’s going on with the house guests. I got the live feeds this year, but I’ve only watched a little so far. Matthew, you do a great job with this site! Do you have any advice for a new feedster who’s feeling a bit intimidated?

    • Don’t be. Come here during the show and dive in, the pace is so quick, you’ll forget about your hesitation. Quick short comment does the trick.

      I still bust in a laugh every time I see your name. It’s not you, it’s me.

  37. Hi everyone! I comment every now and then. I started to really follow BB in season 16 and was constantly checking this site for spoilers. I used to just check the show randomly in the past lol Love you guys! =) Thanks for all your work!

  38. hello to all been in here forever love you Matt thanks for al
    l your hard work to keep this site going

  39. Hi all! I’m a lurker from Jamaica who discovered this page last season. Love the updates and the comments.

  40. I’ve posted for so many year here, I can’t even remember what year I came here 1st. I try to come by here as often as I can.

  41. Hi, I’m a shy reader from Canada. I found this site during BB16 when I was looking for spoilers before the shows aired. I really got into following this site regularly last season and during BBCAN this spring. I love reading the comment section and following the conversation. Nicole is my favourite so far and she was my fav in BB16 too.

  42. Hi everyone! I have watched BB since season 1. Back then it was on 7 nights a week, and America voted the HG out. I loved BBAD when it was on Showtime I think season 8? was the first one. It wasn’t edited, no beeping and there wasn’t any 5 second delay. I have been on this site,which is the best, for many years. Love all the opinions that are posted. The editorials are out of bounds. Still not sure of the live feeds, this being my second year. Look forward to the spoilers cuz it is like Christmas and wanting to know what you are getting as a present. But then I have to play dumb to my husband when I know the outcome of a challenge because of the spoilers. I don’t want my hubby to know I have been ”peeking” LOL.
    Here’s to the summer friends!!

    • I play dumb to my husband too! Lol he always tells to me go ahead and tell him what’s going happen because I know you already know. I don’t say a word lol

  43. Hi everyone! I’ve occasionally posted in past seasons and really enjoy reading all the comments. I’ve watched big brother since season 9, but became a hard core fan since season 10 and Dan the Man! I’m probably in the minority, but I rooted for Rachel in both of her seasons( I love the underdog) Back then I usually cheered on the comp beasts, but now I’m more impressed with the strategic players. IMO, Derek from season 16 is the best I’ve seen since Dan. Looking forward to this season, I’m even enjoying Frank so far this time?

  44. Hey, all! This website and Jokers basically becomes my homepage during BB and BBCA! I love seeing how tight-knit everyone is and especially enjoy y’all’s passion for something as amazing as Big Brother!

  45. Hi there, I’ve been reading the BBN for years, don’t often comment as some of your commenters are spot on in my thinking, it’s like they are reading my mind. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it.

  46. Hi everybody!! I am a bigbrothernetwork fan! I love checking it every morning to see what has happened since I don’t watch the feeds. I tell myself every year that I’m not going to read the spoilers so I can be surprised on the episodes but every year I find myself right back here checking it every day. Thanks for all you do!!

  47. Hey hey hey…might be a little late to this thread but I’m still gonna post :)…been a lurker here since season 14 but officially joined season 16? lol and my fav seasons are 11, 12, 13 and 14 actually (I know consecutive order) and this season is starting to grow on me a bit. We’ll see if it can top my favorites list!

  48. Late to the party for commenting, but I’ve been an avid reader of BBN since BB14 (started watching during BB12, still catching up on old seasons). I love the commentary and the up-to-date news. Let’s have another great year! Last time Frank was in the game I was very against him…now I hope him and James pull through!

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