Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll – Week 1

Big Brother 18 is just getting rolling and we’re already about to lose our second Houseguest of the season. No better time to start picking our favorites and seeing how they rise and fall over the season.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

I’ll be posting a new poll at the start of every week and then the following week we’ll compare the results to the week before to see who are our Big Brother movers and shakers for the BB18 season. It’ll be interesting to see if missteps drop players like a rock and how big moves send them to the top.

So who is your favorite Houseguest for the week? There’s no necessary justification for the pick, it’s just whoever you like, but definitely share your opinion below. Maybe you like Paulie for his abs, James for his pranks, Bronte for her laugh, or Jozea for how amazing he is as the greatest Big Brother Houseguest EVER! Okay, well maybe not that last one, but it’s your pick.

Speaking of Jozea, since this is likely his last week with us, let’s give him the bonus poll he deserves. Scroll down for that one.

Another important choice here:

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week on Big Brother 18!


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    • Oh I cracked up when I read that!! Best poll ever. That kid is going to be in for a rude awakening on Thursday.

      • Nah I’m predicting a triumphant ”Well they only got rid of me because I’m such a huge threat and they all know it!” type of response…

      • I think your right on this….he has no clue how to play this game. Let’s tell everyone your wanting to take out the hot before the nominations….dumbest move ever

    • I love the “throw a one to Jozea” survey. He is self -aborbed enough to have a already claimed the title – so why not give it to him as he makes his exit?

    • Saw someone on Twitter say Jozea told Paul hes not packing a bag cuz he’s that confident he’s staying & Paulies going home. Then they said hopefully he’ll be in his underoos when he gets evicted and has to leave in his drawers. Roflmbo. That visual makes me laugh so hard but I doubt they let him on the live show in his ‘roos. But the thought of it cracked me up. Hahaha.

      • He really thinks he has the numbers over Paulie. So oblivious! And he won’t stop talking about his plans to get others out rather than ask if they’ll be voting for him to stay! I cannot wait to see Julie say, “Jozea, you have been evicted from the BB house. Please take time to say your goodbyes and collect your belongings before heading out the door!” His expression will be priceless and not worth any weight in gold to even attempt to participate in the Olympics afterwards! And no, he will not be able to leave in his underroos, it’s against health code! hahaha

  1. I’m still rooting for Paul. But I like da’vonne and her diary room sessions.

    • Yasssss…at first I thought she was over playing, but NOW best game play this week goes to Day hands down.

      • I wasnt a Day fan last season, but she seems more of a smart player this year than an emotional one. I admire smart play.

  2. I am still waiting another week before I decide on how I feel about this years cast or players.

    • Oh no doubt all of us will change our perspective once the season rolls on… Initially do you find yourself enjoying or disliking some of the houseguests? I’ve always liked James & Nicole, but this season I like Zakiyah also (the silent femme fatale strategy that Parvati made famous might work for her). On the flip side DaVonne, Paul and Jozea seem to (still) not get it that you can’t be that aggressive and rude to others without consequences…

      • At first, I thought Day was playing way too aggressive but now I think she is just playing to win versus sitting back and playing it safe.

      • K if I had to say something today, then this is it. Starting with whom I think or fill should be kept in the game as of now. Tiffany: too much Vanessa there but quite over the top like her just yet but I fill it coming. Frank and James: both playing a great game of being social with everyone. A little bit goes a long way in the end. Nicole, Zakiyah and Da Vonne: Three fairly strong women two of which have played this game before and can go farther as long as the other side is distracted. Corey and Michelle: both new but have chosen to align themselves with the Vets to better their games respectively. The only other one I would fell confident about might be Natalie. She is the only one so far on the other side that seems to want to be social but I feel some are keeping her back.

      • Davonnne wasn’t rude to anyone this season though? So your comment makes no sense.

  3. Voted for Glenn – as he was the best of the Newbies – but got “Jodi’d” way too early!

    • He was the best of the newbies. Yet, got kicked off first? Yeah no. You must be new here.

      • hahahaha! Yeah – I am new to Big Brother. Just started watching this season. I need to create a Sarcasm Font!

  4. I laughed out loud at work because of that second poll. My coworkers probably think I am crazy! Thanks for that.

  5. So ECSTATIC to see Jozea and his poor gameplay are LAST PLACE! I really cannot wait until Thursday when he walks out that door. He’s entirely too comfortable and full of himself. BYE BYE MESSIAH! :D

  6. I was kind of sad to see Nicole come back…I always cringed when I heard her twangy nasally voice….but she does seem to be doing pretty well so far. Thankfully they didn’t bring Frankie back, but then again, CBS doesn’t have a record to push.
    At this stage of the game, if I picked a favourite player, it would almost guarantee my disappointment when they get voted off. It always happens that way. But, I always remind myself the game transcends players’ popularity, at least for me.

    • I agree with you about Nicole. Her voice is nasally, but I appreciate her much better now the second time around (without her crushing on some boy, at least not yet), especially compared to the likes of Bronte (her voice is waaay worse) and Bridgette.

  7. Personally I feel there should be a third choice, because if it hasn’t already been said Jozea is by far the best contestant ever.

  8. Enjoying the dynamic between the vets, a little worried about Nicole’s strategic abilities and Da’vonne because she is on fire right now just as she was last year then she made one mistake and there was her game. I really want to see her make it further in the game. James is still my absolute fav this season though!

  9. There have been a lot of interesting personalities over the last 18 seasons but has there ever been a narcissist like Jozea before? In terms of recent history, as much as I didn’t like Frankie, I don’t think he came close.

  10. I chose Nicole, but i also like Da’Vonne because she is doing much better this season than she did last season. Last season she only had a few people that she could rely on, but this season she gained the trust of Tiffany and Zakiyah, she’s in with the vets, and she isn’t on the newbies radars as of now in terms of vets

    • I agree. It is interesting to see her thrive when she has a small group she trusts. Before, Shellie was enraptured by Clay and Audrey had her own agenda so it wasn’t the strong, focused team she is working with this time. They all need each other and I think they will protect each other as long as they can. I hope the vets all get to Jury if nothing else.

      • Definitely rooting for the VETS Paulie Natalie and maybe Z and Michelle. Do not know what happened maybe after dark that people don’t like Michelle? Only have watched live on CBS. Nicole and James are my favorites!

  11. My Jozea Flores is losing in the second poll come on people we can do it. vote for Jozea Flores.

    • Our Matthew has quite the sense of humor eh? And don’t worry Jon all my votes went to Jozea Flores.

  12. I hope joeza just goes i hate him with a passion! He cant be as ignorant outside of the game as he was in it! The comment about the 4th of july and the military made me hate him even worse then i did at first!

  13. Top 6 are the 4 returning house guests and the 2 siblings of past house guests.

    • I think they’re just that bad/literally ignorant of how Big Brother is played!! Plus, AG/RK brought back fan favorites BECAUSE they have built-in fan bases – maybe they were afraid that this group of RECRUITS (because let’s be honest – most of them are NOT BB fans!) wouldn’t bring in the ratings on their own.

    • Two of the 4 returning HGs were America’s favorite player (with Nicole being runner-up to Donny—no chance anyone would win against him), so it should come as no surprise that they’re topping the popularity chart (if they didn’t, that’d be more concerning), especially this early in the game when fan familiarity is everything. And out of the 10 newbies (discounting Paulie and Tiffany, of course, since they’re related to past BB HGs and aren’t really “newbies” in the traditional sense), I think Zak is playing the best game so far. Tiffany tried to pull a Vanessa on her by manipulating her feelings for Paulie, but she wasn’t having any of that. Good girl! Still, will be interesting to see more of their personalities come out—for better or for worse.

  14. I couldn’t read the jozea one. that green word, I just couldn’t get it from phone and my magnifying glass wasn’t handy. lol, that sounds old old. I voted for frank. I actually like all the vets “playing” the newbies and doing great. I chose frank bc he did so good holding straight face as jozea knew paulie won bbrk bc he can read faces and is always right…right?

    • OMG – Could you just die??? I was ROLL-IIIINNNGGGG when they showed that!!! LOLOL! I don’t know how Frank kept his stuff together. I just want to rewind and watch his face and hear Jozea claim he reads faces and is never wrong while Frank just looks at him like “ok”. Priceless!

      • Hey, Talula! Great to be back and connect again! Looks like this season will not disappoint! Lol

  15. I chose Frank. The first time he played, I didn’t like him at first, but then he grew on me. He had me rooting for him in no time. I hope he’s able to make it far.

  16. I couldn’t stand Frank in his previous season because of his proximity to Mike Boogie, but I must admit he’s growing on me.

  17. Jozea will have the same attitude as Frankie! Can’t wait to see the look on his face…priceless!

  18. Yo, I voted for Glenn. Do the only right and acceptable thing #VoteGlenn2016 #BringBackTheBeef

  19. I’m still trying to figure out what is so appealing about James. I’m ok with him this season but no where near loving him. Actually hated him last year because he wasn’t playing the game the whole time, only when he was HoH (twice). The rest of the time he slept and played pranks. Pranks are fun and all but at least pay attention to what’s going on around you also. If he was he would’ve at least been top 3. This season he still has the same game plan, sleep and play pranks. He’s paying a little more attention this time but I’m still on the fence. Sorry for the rant lol Just don’t understand how he’s a favorite.

    • Maybe because he’s not a muscle-bound rear-hat. Maybe because he’s more of an every-man than most male houseguests. Maybe because he’s not a womanizing alcoholic jerk. Maybe because he’s a nice guy.

      • So basically he’s normal. I get that and that’s good and all but there have been plenty of other normal guys who didn’t get favorite hg. It’s usually someone who is actually playing the game AND is a normal person. Just my opinion, like I stated earlier. He didn’t play well last season and I’m not so sure he’ll last long this season after they get out the few who aren’t with the rest of the house.

    • I like James, he’s appealing to watch because he’s genuine. That being said, I don’t think he’s the best player strategically. However there are all kinds of ways to get to the end, so we will see how he does this year.

      • Yeah that’s true and I understand that. For his sake I hope he learned his lesson from last season but so far he hasn’t changed very much. Yeah he seems to be a little more aware of what’s going on around him but I also think that’s because the other vets are asking the right questions to actually make him think about it. Obviously he’s a social player but even social players still have to know how to strategize and I don’t think he does. But again, we’ll see what happens and if he gets better.

    • I like James a lot more this season. I think the only reason I hated him last year was because he split up Clay and Shelli…

      • Yeah I kinda agree. Although I completely blame Vanessa for splitting them up, I really started hating James at that time also because he was more worried about getting back at Clay and Shelli than he was about getting the actual HUGE target (Vanessa) out. He knew it all went back to Vanessa and said as much, but said he’d rather just split them up instead of going after Vanessa.

  20. Why talk about getting rid of paulie? More suitable people to get rid of such as victor, paul,bronte,

  21. I Picked Day because I love how on top she’s been this past week. Her head has been in the game and she seems more level headed this season. Clearly she’s learned from her mistakes last year and has changed her perspective a whole 180°

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