Big Brother 18 Showmance: Paul & Bronte Getting Hands-On, But Not The Only Ones [PICS]

Love may be in the Big Brother 18 air for Houseguests Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Acquisto. Yes, you read that correctly. After days of “I’d never date him. He’s too annoying!” from Bronte it seems Paul’s tales of grandeur have broken down the wall of love. Or at least love Big Brother style.

Bronte gets in close to Paul on BB18

Sunday after the Veto meeting I noticed Paul has getting a good grip on Bronte’s leg while the opposing camera view revealed some back rubbing from her to him. Fast forward a few hours to the night and they were cozied up enjoying a “mean girls” session alone on the couch.

As for the afternoon rubbing and squeezing you’ll find that at 3:25PM BBT 6/26 with the Revolution alliance hanging outside discussing the beating they just took at the Veto meeting. It’s very casual, but obvious contact between the two.

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Jump to that same night at 9:30PM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Paul and Bronte alone in the living room. All the space in the room to themselves and they’re squeezed in to the same 4 sqft of space with Paul barely hanging on to the couch seat. He’s rubbing away at her arm while Bronte leans in and laughs at his every musing.

Most of their musings are about how terrible the other Houseguests are and how Paul will castrate himself if this or that Houseguest wins the season. Paul goes on and on about how someone’s eyes aren’t quite right so they’re hideous and yada yada. This is of course the funniest thing she’s ever heard. They’re at it for ten plus minutes so feel free to rewind it on your Live Feeds with the Flashback feature and catch it all. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get the Free Trial and see what’re watching!

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Perhaps the most important question is what they’ll name this one? Bronte + Paul = Braul? Paul + Bronte = Ponte? These are critical things we must know! (No, not really.)

It’s worth noting they weren’t the only ones cuddling last night though. Jump over to 3:00AM BBT 6/27 Cams 1/2. Oh yes, that’s Paulie & Zakiyah. We’ll have to keep our eyes on them too!

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So what do you think of these potential showmances? Which one are you hoping happens? It’ll bring up the always lingering question of just how bad an idea this could be for someone’s game. Either way, both couplings are beating out the top predictions of Natalie and Corey, though Natalie did supposedly have an ever so brief stint with Victor before the Feeds turned on.


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  1. My gag reflex is acting up after reading that. Projectile vomiting soon to follow. *shudder*

    • Your kind always say’s things like this. You probably didn’t read one lick of this article and only observed the pictures. SMH at people like you. There’s nothing special about you contrary to what society has told you.

  2. Paulie and Zakiyah have been thisclose since at least Friday’s BBAD. They were sitting on a chair together, awkward as if on a first date. Last night, full on cuddling in HOH bed.

    • Paulie also had his arm around Paul during the show last night too! Or was that Corey he had his arm around? hahaha

      • Haha Corey seemed rather infatuated with seeing Paulie in his pixelated outfit…but then again I mean who wasn’t??

      • Lol right! The guys have been doing alot of that lately in the house! Paulie sizing Corey, Corey sizing’s an ongoing thing around the house

  3. I heard Nat say she was a chubby chaser and didn’t like cute guys. He may not be my cup of tea but one has to admit that Vic is buff/nice enough looking…I guess it surprises me some that he and Nat had a thing. I remember he was struck by her initially and seems to have gotten over that now but I thought it was one sided. Oh well, if the vets get rid of Bridg and Bronté, Nat will no doubt work her Flirty Spy tactics on whomever is left to shoot for Jury. Maybe that was why she was drawn to Vic – because he would appear to be capable of being a comp winner? IDK. But I read something funny that James was wary of Nat trying to run game on him. I think he, like Nic, have learned to stay focused on the game this time, pranks notwithstanding. #TeamVets #TeamPaulie #Team8Pack #AnyoneButJozeaPaulBronteBridget

    • I think folks are upset that she spent some time talking about other HGs including wanting Michelle to pass out again then she’d shave her eyebrows. I might have missed something else though.

      • If that’s it, that’s crazy. Everybody talks smack about everybody else. Now, if she actually shaved Michelle’s eyebrows I would understand the hate. But personally, I don’t much like Michelle.

      • She has teamed up with bad newbie jerks and showed support to them like Jozea! Anything else not sure. She has SPY alliance with Bronte and Nat too.

    • I think because Bridgette went to the HOH room. Bridgette said, others can go there but, why can’t I. Paulie said to Bridgette don’t let Jozea bully you. Jozea thinks Bridgette is a spy for Nicole and told Natalie and Bronte not to give her to much information.

  4. LMAO @ Paul making fun of other people’s appearance when after Glenn left he’s the most hideous looking thing in the house!

  5. I don’t think Bronte’s parents will be happy to see this. Last night, didn’t she make the comment that her parents would disown her if she brought him (Paul) home.

  6. Is Corey possibly gay?? My wife and I have been wondering. We keep going back and forth by the way he comments on certain things.

      • I agree, out and proud gay guys are great (minus Jozea) but closeted ones are often very hostile to women because they don’t even yet realize they’re gay. Watching and listening to his comments, that closet seems to be closing in.

      • Yea lol that comment about Paulie and his pixelated outfit had me wondering the same

  7. Isn’t Bronte supposed to be “Slutty Spy”? That may just about cover it

  8. I would assume Bronte is playing him like Liz did with Austin last year in the beginning! Also I think she wants all the guys to lose. But she needs to play up to the male players right now. She is super smart with math so I think she will use it in the game like Steve last year also with the ability to flirt and play men. She can be dangerous player if she stays in too long.

  9. Hopefully that disgusting gay f*g homo queer – what’s his (it’s) name? Jozia? Jozea? Whatever, anyways, hopefully that disgusting piece of filth goes home. Gays are gross. Go home f*g!!!

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