Big Brother 16 Episode 12 Recap: A New Alliance, A New Language


All in one Big Brother 16 night we got to see two new HOHs crowned, four nominees go up, a new alliance form, two nominees come down and a HOH dethroned.

Oh, and we got to hear Jocasta speak in a new language. Seriously, I’d LOVE to quote her, but I don’t think Google would recognize it.

Sunday night’s episode picked up in the middle of the Head of Household competition. Devin just walked out the door and Derrick’s HOH reign ended. It starts to look like Brittany and Jocasta can win this and shake things up. If this house needs anything, it’s a power shift. But in the end, the power remains where it has the entire time as Frankie and Cody win the competition.

But with Caleb’s recent actions and Cody as one of the heads of households, things could still be shook up. Wait, Derrick is still running things. So, never mind. He won’t let that happen.

More likely to be a target is Brittany and she already knows it. She believes there’s still some leftover Bomb Squad members and expects she’ll be going up on the block again.

It’s HOH room reveal time. And luckily Ariana Grande only sent in baby photos of her, so Frankie’s secret is still safe. And Cody got a picture of his dad, who he is VERY close with (if you remember back to episode 1, they were practically making out). But it’s time to get down to business.

Later in the HOH room are five people: Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody and Christine. They decide it’s a good thing that Caleb and Amber aren’t in the room, so they decide that five will make up a good new alliance. And so The Detanators are born and Caleb, Amber and the Bomb Squad are through.

And just when I was starting to enjoy the episode, it’s Team America mission time. And this one is even more ridiculous than the first. America decided that Frankie, Derrick and Donny need to get a physical threat nominated for eviction. OK. What a pointless twist. Have I mentioned how much I hate Team America?

So Frankie got the mission and fills Derrick in. They immediately decide that Amber will quality as a physical threat and she was already an option (as you could see on the Live Feeds if you were a subscriber), so that’s an easy $5,000 for each of them. Again, WAY too easy, too pointless and just a waste of time.

Let’s catch up with Brittany again. She continues to basically invite herself to be nominated. She tells Frankie that Cody will probably put her up because she doesn’t kiss his ass and flaunt herself at him like all the other girls. Frankie goes to tell Cody and he’s quite insulted by it. Good job, Brittany.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she tells Cody she’s over it all and that she hates fakeness and lies and doesn’t seem to want to be there. Cody then confronts her on what she said to Frankie and she doesn’t really defend herself or lie (which has been one of her greatest weaknesses in the game).

Frankie decides to see what Caleb thinks about putting Amber up. Caleb claims to be pretty over Amber because of what he thinks is going on with Cody. So Caleb gives Frankie the OK to nominate Amber.

And since there are other people actually in the house, they decide to give us a quick segment on how no one wants to sleep with Victoria. In case you’re wondering who Victoria is, I think she’s the one with the long black hair who hasn’t really done anything in the game. You’ll learn more about her next episode, I promise.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Frankie goes with Amber and Jocasta while Cody goes for Victoria and Brittany. What we don’t see in the episode, Brittany is the main target with Jocasta as a backup target (that’s why they weren’t put up by the same HOH.


And up next is the Battle of the Block competition. Its sort of a chess board/puzzle-ish competition and Brittany is out first, followed by Jocasta. So it’s down to Amber and Victoria. In the end, Amber wins, saving her and Jocasta, who is over in the corner sobbing and speaking in religious tongue. OK, since it’s at the end of the recap, I’ll go ahead and quote her. “Didadidadidadidadida dadadadadadad didadidadidadidadida,” Jocasta said happily.

So Frankie has been dethroned and Brittany and Victoria remain on the block ahead of the Power of Veto competition.


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  1. Jocasta had me DYING. “Didadadidadidadida” WTF was she doing lol. Funniest moment this season by far.

    Also I agree this season is in need on a power shift. It’s starting to get a bit boring with Derrick & his minions running ish. Also I really hate Team America. Super pointless. Idk what is it with BBUS & BBCAN trying to get the viewers involved. Screw viewers influence.

  2. It is getting boring. My cable was out and I did not even care. Get enough on here.. No need to watch the same thing going on. Hopefully something exciting happens

    • It will be more interesting when the floaters a toast. Then we can watch the titans turn on each other!

      • But, in a perverse way, I am still enjoying watching Victoria and Brittany squirm. Brittany has had one single moment of game brilliance when she talked Devin into taking her off the block. Victoria hasnt had a moment of brilliance yet–and wont.

  3. Jocasta has to be one of the most pointless players. And she cries…all the time. It’s quite annoying.

    • I was annoyed at her making those senseless sounds! Then, when Amber wins, she embraces her and trash talks? She is just taking space and wasting oxygen! Start winning then, you can trash talk! Not before then! LOL

  4. Caleb didn’t care that Amber went up but then in the POV he wanted to trade Zach his money for the trip to Germany so he could take Amber. And Amber is just as bad the way she follows Cody all over. No matter where he’s at she has to find him and lay all over him. Pathetic. Caleb obsessed with Amber ~ Amber obsessed with Cody.

    • Yeah, 2 obsessions in one! They are in the wrong show! Should have signed up for the Bachelor Pad then, they can all make out in front of the camera and nobody would care! LOL

  5. Jocasta was speaking in tongues. It’s considered a gift from God. Typically, when you’re overwhelmed with emotion you begin to speak in tongues

    • Speaking in tongues means speaking another LANGUAGE without any training or exposure to it…. THAT is a gift from God. All she did was rattle off jibberish.

      • I want to see what she will be speaking in when she is voted out of the house. Last week she couldn’t stop crying and thanking God for Donny saving her, now she is speaking tongues. Okay, Bowtie…

      • Jocasta was just speaking gibberish and not speaking in tongues. She is just finding a way to get
        herself noticed! Then, she trash talks like she won the Battle of Block when she got eliminated first!

      • I am with you in not agreeing with her ”look at me” approach to promoting her ministry like a product, but I do believe she sincerely believes what she demonstrates… I think she’s hurting herself in the game and in her ministry but unfortunately unable to recognize it.

      • yes she reminds me of one of those websites that sell towels mugs and t shirts promoting their faith…like she is saying look at me I believe in God…that’s great but you really do not have to constantly say it…I thought you are supposed worship in private. I am sure she is very religious and that is wonderful…but enough already.

      • Oh please don’t get me wrong, I actually believe that faith CAN be shared (and probably should be between people in order to promote understanding and love), but when it makes a person feel alienated or awkward, I’d say maybe it’s time to consider the impact. I admire that Donny has openly shared about his faith in a non-threatening way to others…

      • Well in truth, there actually is a segment of Christianity that believes speaking in tongues can also incorporate what’s called ‘angelic (or heavenly) voice’ which is incomprehensible to human ears (but still must be provided with interpretation by a second individual to be considered authentic). Either way, I’m not an expert on the matter, nor do I wish to ignore the obvious. Jocasta represents a small segment of believers who feel this type of attention is good. I’ll leave it up to others to decide if its helpful or hurtful in promoting the value of faith. (Personally I am more in admiration of Donny & Amber’s approach)…

    • I can’t wait for Jeff Schroeder to ask Jocasta about the jibberjabber when he does her exit interview, hopefully next week in a double eviction. That was the weirdest thing I’ve seen on BB. She’s useless.

    • A person can’t have the gift of speaking in tongues unless someone else has the gift of interpretation. It would be pointless.

  6. Is anyone else having trouble with their feeds. I click on different cameras and all I get alot of time is a blank screen or “loading.” Seems like it has happened alot this season.

  7. Although I don’t mind some of the guys, the house does need a power shift. It looks like amber is getting fed up with the guys. Hopefully her, Christine, and Nicole can ban together and take one of them out. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. And yes, I agree…Jocasta is a little strange with her loud sobbing and speaking jibberish.

      • Christine and Victoria….who are these people? I know that the bomb squad chose her (Christine) as a member (thank you Devon)….but I still cannot figure out why??? what has she done so far other than join two alliances (now three) and sit around in the HOH room while everyone makes decisions around her…much like Victoria…who basically just takes up space and just gets overdressed for everything (did she think she was walking the red carpet at the nomination ceremony two weeks ago?)….I want these two…ok and Jocasta ……gone…please they are useless.

    • Jocasta is a straight up nutcase…yeah me and Amber did it!! yay us!! sorry Jocasta you sucked at that game. And you are a psycho with all that shivering and whatnot…I don’t even know what that was.

  8. Pretty unbelievable that the producers would put in 4 women that are nothing but cannon fodder and offer nothing to the game strategically (Jocasta Victoria Pow Pow and Joey). For me I always root for the people that are actually playing the game. Is is that hard to find 16 people that are at least competent?

    • I couldn’t agree more Trev K. Their choices are so superficial – Purple hair: You’re in …. Abnoxious D.J.: You’re in … Miami Princess: IN. What I wouldn’t give for a couple of intelligent people who understand the game. It’s amazing how the women just allow themselves to get picked off one by one after being informed about the Bomb Squad and still do nothing to unite and fight back. They don’t even discuss it. Watching the Ruling party pick these helpless saps off is like watching paint dry. I assume once they have to turn on each other it will get more interesting … but for now … wow… it sucks.

      • It’s because the producers aren’t accepting applications like in the past. they are recruiting people who they think will be tv entertainment and usually fail. Jen from season 14 was recruited after posting on a friends facebook post, who happened to be friends with someone connected to cbs producers. that cbs person saw the post, check out jen and thats how she got on the show, they want people who they think are more tv entertaining than fans of the show. i still love the show and watch the feeds for hours per day but each season gets worse with unknowing players. if they want new strategies and entertainment then they need to cast everyone who hasnt seen the show before. not half n hlaf. this season proves that doesnt work

      • To be clear, among the women in this year’s cast, Jocasta, Nicole and Christine are the only applicants.

      • It’s different when you think you know how to play when you’re just watching and when you’re there in the situation yourself.

      • Yes, true but at least Nicole is trying ….Jocasta hasn’t made a single move in this game yet and neither has Christine really but at least she seems to fall into alliances left and right. Jocasta is just sitting there waiting for God to help her win the money…and then she wonders why she is put on the block…she does seem like a nice person, but nice only gets you so far in BB, you have got to have interaction with people and get involved…I think Victoria is playing a similar game….by not playing.

      • Floaters will eventually have to make moves to benefit them sooner or later. Unfortunately for Jocasta, her strategy of lying low isn’t working anymore as she’s already been in everyone’s radar (unlike Vickie). Move now or get out. :)

      • Yes, I finally see somebody echoing the same message I’ve been saying for the past few seasons. You can’t have it all – if you the show wants to cast models, actors, athletes and minor celebrities, (for the purposes of ratings) then you have to accept that they won’t have the same perspective most ”everyday” people would have. The show isn’t bad, but neither is it ”reality” (at least not reality outside of Hollywood).

      • I’ve read in a recent interview with Allison G on Reality Blurred that it’s actually hard to find a lot auditionees with more varied backgrounds during casting calls. A factor would be the amount of time they’d be willing to leave their families and jobs behind. They have to be willing to get that much time off if they truly wanna be a BB housemate.

        Hence I somewhat understand why they keep casting the same archetypes year after year, with a couple of everyman/woman for the sake of making it a bit varied.

        But I’m willing to ignore their occupations if many of these people are all playing to win.

        BBCAN, which also shares the same casting crew as BBUS, has those same set of HG’s in its two seasons on air: the jock, the bartender, the model, the parent, the outcast, etc. but so far so good, they all turned out to be very interesting characters and more often does the house dynamics change week after week unlike in the US house where constant stagnation is the game’s worst enemy.

      • The BBCan production have come up with some good twist. Like the Allison secret veto found after a treasure hunt, that was good to throw a monkey’s wrench in everybody plan. The one week where Canada voted for the 2 nominees, that was damn good to ramp up the paranoia and the drama. That’s stuff like that BBUS need to do.

      • Well when Allison says its harder than one thinks to get contestants who can take the time off work, family and whatnot – I take the logical interpretation what she means is that there aren’t enough young budding models, athletes, and actors to flash their bodies on screen to get everyone watching.

      • The show doesn’t have to do that when the ratings have stayed the same practically every summer.

      • I know!! maybe these ladies are thinking that Joey was right ….and they all looked at her like she was nuts…I didn’t think an all female alliance was a bad idea, or if they didn’t think they could handle it bring Donny in or Hayden….but meanwhile they are all content to sit there and watch the guys eliminate them all. oh well they deserve it then.

  9. That was a weak thing… the battle of the block was completly lost. Amber won just because she got help from the outside.
    Jocasta… died on the 3 move. That was funny to see her saying that “she won”… yeah, because Amber got some tips from the outside. Victoria was moving around and staying alive until it was stuck.

  10. As fem as all these guys are and I mean fem they should hook up with each other. Caleb dresses like one of the Village People man up Caleb. And Cody that’s another story he idolizes Zac Efron really an alcoholic and soon to come out of the closet sooner or later. Open your eyes prople

    • who knew Frankie would end up being the straightest of the bunch…other than Donny of course.

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