Nicole Franzel – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview – Round 2

Nicole Franzel evicted from Big Brother 16
Nicole evicted from Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Nicole Franzel returned to the Big Brother house after winning her way from Jury back in to the running for the half-million dollar prize. Unfortunately for Nicole and her fans the odds were against her and she couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities for safety before being evicted last night.

Now after being evicted for the second time I had the chance to ask her some new questions since we last talked and I was curious to find out what might have changed for her on the game since then. We discussed what went wrong, who she would have targeted, who she hopes to see in the F2, and more. Read on for Nicole’s eviction interview.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): What was it like coming back in to the house? Was it hard to get your head back in the game after being going for those few weeks?

Nicole Franzel: Yes, it was very difficult. I feel like I restarted but had a huge disadvantage because everyone seemed much closer than when I left. I was also much more emotional and no longer in game mode.

BBN: Do you think there was any chance of swaying the existing HGs when you returned or were you doomed from your arrival?

Nicole: I think if I could have won HOH I could have gotten people on my side. But because I didn’t have power there was no way I could have swayed people.

BBN: If you had one do-over during your time back in the house, what would it be?

Nicole: Pick any competition, I’d want a do-over with any of them. I am so frustrated with how I performed. I beat myself mentally.

BBN: Your eviction last night, easier or harder the second time?

Nicole: Harder, a lot more difficult and I don’t know why really.

BBN: When we last chatted, you said your main target would be Christine if you went back in. Had you stayed last night & won HoH, would Christine’s eviction have still been your goal?

Nicole: Yes, I would have put up her and Cody and would have been equally satisfied with either one of them at that point.

BBN: Has your return to the house changed who you would like to see win it all this season?

Nicole: I still would like to see Derrick at the end. And Caleb I’d like to see at the end, he is not someone I would have picked prior to my return.

BBN: If you could send one current Houseguest one message in a bottle from the Jury house, what would it be?

Nicole: Maybe Derrick, but I don’t know what I would be able to tell him. Maybe to make sure Christine is evicted because that would be better for his game over Cody.

BBN: Were two trips to the house enough or would you still consider an All-Stars return?

Nicole: Well, I would definitely go back into the house if I had another opportunity.

BBN: Although your return was brief, you seemed to really embrace it and enjoy your time. What will be your favorite memory as a “veteran” player on BB16?

Nicole: My best memory was playing that slippery competition because it is a BIG BROTHER tradition. So happy to have played in it even if I did fall a million times.

BBN: Now that you’re officially part of the Big Brother alumni, which other past HGs are you most excited to meet?

Nicole: Ian, Dan, Jordan, Brittany and Frank. (Ed. note: presumably she means Britney)

BBN: Thank you, Nicole! Congrats on winning your way back in to the house even though we’re here chatting again so soon. We will see you on finale night!

Watch Nicole’s pre-season interview when I met with her before entering the house.



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  1. Again, Nicole shows she is clueless. She killed her save by telling Derrick to much & trusting him.

    • But you got to give it to her for being so gosh darn nice, which was probably detrimental to her game, but so endearing.

      • What I liked about her is she seems genuinely nice as a person. Unfortunately, in the Big Brother House, you have to be the opposite and be a vile, vicious monster in order to be competitive. Derrick was able to play the nice guy route because all the other house guests just were not thinking. If they were, he would have been more vicious. Actually, he is more vicious when he is talking to himself. He does not hold back. When he has to, he has shown his dark side when he repeatedly called Nicole a liar when he knew he was the one lying! Of course, if the other house guests were using their heads, they would have known Derrick was lying! I guess you have to be able to put on a smile the same time you are digging a knife in the other house guests backs.

      • I agree. And when he talked of others taking food from his daughter’s mouth, he lost a lot of fans. That is not to be forgotten. He was also brutal concerning Donny. I truly did not like that. Game or no game.
        But the clincher is his outright lying in his DR sessions to the fans. It’s a beyond ordinary mindset where he has figured the tv audience w/out feeds will believe that bunk & stick w/him. Clever, but diabolical!

      • Many just watch the show, and don’t pay for the feeds. I’m sure he knows that. It’s completely feasible to think he’ll have more than a handful of viewers believe what he says in the DR.

      • But Frankie is the Worst over all! Frankie Needs to Go
        ! And Frankie Deserves the Boos…..and if he ( Frankie) does Not get His Boos then it was rigged by CBS!!!!

      • Oh, I definitely do, but I’m just straight out honest about why Derrick had to let her go. It was a shame.

  2. Was kinda funny though when she said how is this 5’0″ blonde girl such a huge physical threat to Beast Mode Cowboy, then goes on to say that she had yet to see what his Beast Mode was all about … Ha !!!
    Gotta luv that girl, for sure … :)

    Though, in her defence she really had nobody to talk to, than the Devil himself (Derrick) and is Minion (Victoria) since her return to the Big House, once Donny left ….

    • Wonder where she is? If she was so upset that she requested to go home, they may be keeping her separate from the others and might not interview her until she has a little more time. Then again, we may be seeing it soon. Should be interesting.

  3. How about how Nicole told the house that it’s time to stop playing big baby and to start playing big brother? I love that girl.

    • Kind of like she said she would so many times but never actually did? Sure, because she didn’t get the chance, didn’t win important competitions to give her power when needed most, but at the end of the day she never acted on her big talk, and she made quite a few mistakes in the game.

      • I give her credit because she tried to get Frankie out of the game. Which is a lot more than the other house guests have done all season! Also, she and Donny make the mistake of nominating Jocasta and Victoria. If they put up the guys, who knows how the game would have turned because the Detonators would have lost one from their alliance at a minimum! Her other flaw is talking too much game play to everyone and the same goes for Donny. She should have listened, nodded her head and talked about the weather and kept all other info for people she can trust!

      • She wasn’t a good player. She put up Donny and then cried and complained about doing so earlier in the season. If she didn’t want to nominate Donny, she could have just not nominated Donny. That’s just one example

  4. Just glad we no longer have to hear speak Kardashianese. ” I’m back on the blocccccccck and it sucks so mucccccccccch.”

  5. I agree, Fakie deserves more boos than any houseguest in there. He is a bloviator, self-absorbed, hateful, vile individual. His delight in rape as a sex romp and his declarations of wanting to “kill” other players is just too extreme. He hates so easily. I can’t forget his reaction to poor Jocasta, saying she should go kill herself, after she paid tribute to his grandfather (whom she does not even know), doing a service in his honor. And now he struts around in her blue shorts she accidentally left behind.

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