Big Brother Rewind Twist Is In Action – Houseguests Press Their Luck – Update: Julie Chen Clarifies

Last night Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed to us the latest BB16 twist with the “Big Brother Rewind.” A large gold button twist that if pushed would wipe out the entire week of events & force the HGs to start over. But would they push it? What do you think!

Big Brother Rewind twist unleashed
Big Brother Rewind twist unleashed – Source: CBS

I went back through all the Rewind twist details from the show last night and saw that we’d soon be seeing the button come in to play, but I didn’t think it’d all wrap up this quickly. Flashback to 8:27PM BBT 9/4 as the HGs rush out of the Hive and head for the previously sealed Have-Not room.

Inside the newly redesigned twist room with more mirrors and red walls covered in the word “Game” there stood a podium with the sealed golden button. A screen greeted them with a message: “The Choice Is Yours.” That’s all the HGs had to go on and they immediately started speculating. Cody contributed with “it’s a twist!” Someone get that kid a gold star.

What the Houseguests don’t know is that this button will reset the entire Week 11 in the game. We’ll be right back to the start of the night’s HoH competition if the button is pushed. The HoH will have been dethroned, his nominations would be undone, and any Veto results nullified. Everything would be wiped away like it never happened.

Later when the HoH competition was complete the HGs again raced to the old HN room to find a change. The previously sealed box was now open and the message had been updated to “The Choice Is Yours. It Only Takes One.” Flashback to 10:24PM BBT as they try to decide what to do.

Frankie, who has just won HoH and has the most to lose here, is pushing hard for the button to be pressed. Derrick strongly advises against doing it and suggests no good will come of this. Caleb thinks they’ll miss out on a chance a trip to Hawaii if they don’t push it.

Derrick relents and they all lean in to push the button together. Why not, they do everything else unanimously all season so might as well do this together too. The Big Brother Rewind button is pressed and the message screen immediately changes over to a countdown clock. “Uh oh,” says one of the Houseguests. Heh.

The Houseguests still have no idea what they’ve done. They do the math on the countdown timer and decide something is going to happen next Wednesday at 5PM BBT (8PM ET). Yep, that’s the special live eviction show next week on the new Big Brother 16 schedule.

Frankie and Caleb think maybe they’ll get to play a special game during the regular Wednesday show’s broadcast time. Victoria, the surprising voice of reason, tells them that’s very optimistic. Derrick tells Frankie he fears this will dethrone him. Yep.

So the Houseguests will carry on with their week. Nominations will be held later today and we know who will be going up. Then the Veto comp is on Saturday and the Ceremony on Monday. None of this will matter.

When Wednesday arrives Julie will announce the news. Frankie will lose his HoH and the nominees will be removed from the block. It seems like we could get another Double Eviction styled night of fast paced competitions to replace what was all just undone. Should be wild.

Ultimately I don’t see how this can help Frankie. At best he could win the comp again and be right back where he is now as HoH. At worst, for him, he could lose the comp and end up on the block where he’d likely be evicted.

What do you think of this new Big Brother twist? Should the HGs have pushed the button? Now that you know Frankie is HoH and this could make him vulnerable after all, does that change your opinion of the twist? Share your thoughts!

Update: In an interview with EW, Julie Chen says that ALL Houseguests will get to compete in the rewound HoH comp. Considering it’s a rewind of the week I’m surprised Derrick would be eligible as the outgoing HoH, but that’s certainly a nice perk for him.

Update 2: Julie rebooted Chenbot and clarified to explain that all Houseguests who previously competed in the HoH competition could compete again on Wednesday night’s Rewind. Now that makes way more sense.


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  1. Hey this makes me happy because i would love to see Frankie’s face when he realizes his HOH is for nothing! This can’t help him!

      • I think Derrick still won’t be allowed to compete, if it’s a rewind to the start of the week.

      • Interesting. Still pulling for Cody to win in the replay to bounce Frankie, then Derrick to win in FInal Four and 3 and control the rest of the game. Though really, he may not need to win any more competitions to get to the end.

      • update 2 says NO he wont get to play, this is a rewind to the HOH comp, derrick did not play, he don’t get to play in the ‘rewind’ Wednesday night, it will be a fast fast HOH, POV, evict…

      • wish they would make up their minds already! Does the rewind count for the stupid TA mission too? Here is hoping

      • no the TA mission is a separate thing altogether, they should start working on that tonight during BBAD, the rodent thingy was chosen and I hope they all fall asleep way before 6am!

      • I think producers are confounded and confused. They can’t seem to make up their minds how they want to spin things.

      • Cody would just end up doing what he has done previously when he was HOH, and evict another strong player, that is, evicting Victoria .. Ha !!!

      • Oops! Sorry sportsjunkie71, I think I just accidentally pushed some kind of wrong button by your post :/ Sorry!

  2. I suppose the only possible advantageous situation for Frankie would be if his real target wins veto during the ghost week and then Frankie manages to regain HOH on Wednesday and do it all over again without his target wiggling out of it. (Frankie’s best case scenario of course being the worst case scenario for everybody else on the planet…)

  3. Oh this is GREAT! I was so sad to see Frankie won it’s all for nothing!!! This couldn’t get any better in my book!!!

    • It could get better..seeing that pink hair in contrast to that orange chair while his fancy butt sits in that gross seat ,with his smug, arrogant look turning to pure disbelief ,while Julie Chen reveals to him he is evicted, and his disgusting self flitters out the door while the audience is giving him a dose of reality. Now that’s better.

      • Ummm yea, but i’ll believe it when i see it… the only one with balls to do it is VICTORIA!!!!

      • Do you realize how difficult it is for me to say anything that could be conceived as positive about him? That’s why I added the gnat. That’s as good as it gets.

      • You could have said, “slug.” He is a slug. He’s slimy, grossly unlikable, leave a trail of goo behind him and once he attaches himself to someone they can’t scrape him off.

      • That is a very good one, and fitting. I’ve just used gnat before to reference “annoying” like a gnat on a dogs pecker. There are so many words to choose from!

      • I hope that the audience boos him worse than they did Christine. He would be so shocked. He thinks that everyone loves him, and we don’t.

      • If they all just sat in silence, that would be fine. But clapping(unless they wish to do so), he doesn’t deserve that. If they deny the audience the chance to boo, if that is their choice of method to deliver their displeasure, they shouldn’t request or force the audience to clap. He needs to understand that people find him revolting.

      • So winning all those comps more than the others have that are left in the house don’t count at all when he’s shown nothing but bad behavior? This is what was going through Derrick’s mind when counting all the comps and who won them and telling this to Caleb and Cody!

      • That’s kind of like saying someone that killed a homeless person and then gave a homeless shelter a check for $500,000 ….does him killing a homeless person go unnoticed, or his check outweighs his crime?

      • Yes, but I’m sure his family will be there and it would be reflecting badly on them…it’s not their fault he’s the way he is.

      • It may be uncomfortable for them, but better them be uncomfortable than Frankie to go out that door to applause that gives him a false sense of being adored by America.

      • I don’t think it’ll happen. I was just on another site where someone who sounds like they are in the know said that CBS pads the audience with staff members when they think a show will be controversial. They didn’t have time to pad it for Christine’s exit.

      • But they knew it was a DE and anyone could go. So if they were going to pad the audience I would think they would of done it simply in case Frankie went. They know about all the negative feedback from his actions.

      • Except that Derrick wasn’t talking about getting Frankie out this week. Who knows if they’ll pad it next week for the rewind.

      • We know how most of America feels,deplored. But if CBS makes sure he walks out to a huge applause,he’s going to feel adored. He needs it to hit him hard. However that audience feels,let it be known,don’t make them clap. Anxious to see what CBS allows. Maybe Ariana will pay for all the seats that night to fill them with Frankie fans,even with that, she’d probably have to pay people to pretend.

      • In a People Mag interview Ariana warned him before he was in Big Brother not to show all of himself or she’d kill him. Ooops, guess he didn’t listen to her! :-)

      • They should boo if they want to. What can happen, the whole audience can’t be ejected from the studio if it’s a live show. And, that SLUG needs his comeupance

      • I have a feeling that CBS will make sure no booing will be allowed before letting the audience inside.

      • Frankie is more deserving of a “booing” audience than Christine….She is a bad person but he is an evil vile person…

      • I just read where CBS stocks the audience with staff members when they think the show will be controversial.

      • I just hope they allow the crowd to boo, because i assumed they tell the audience to be polite an respectful. Just so happens someone decided to not follow directions an others then chimmed in. Either way i really hope a couple other Hg get boo’ed!!

      • Yeah, hopefully it goes like that and when he comes out that door he gets bigger “BOO’S” than Christine got!!!

      • throw in a big old booooo from the crowd and that will be icing on the cake! ok I see ‘the audience is giving him a dose of reality’ …………now I get it!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • True, it would have been a waste if someone else got HOH and put Frankie up and then THAT was all for nothing!!!

  4. Frankie’s gonna be pissed!!!! Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes that he was the one who pushed them all into dethroning him!

    • He will for a split second but then he’ll say, “Where else could this happen but on Big Brother??” He’ll be eating crow only if he loses the rewind comp and will regret pushing to push the button. Otherwise, he’ll be his own happy self with nobody clapping or cheering him in this win this time.

  5. So happy the sheep hit the button together and this week will be a total wash, hoping Frankie losses it and eventually gets evicted. How sad is it, I am cheering for Victoria to win HOH, as she would be the only one to have to guts to get Frankie out. Maybe the HOH comp will be about fashion.

    • If she wins HOH she will do whatever Derrick tells her to do. Well, Derrick will point her in that direction anyhow with the premiss that it’s all her idea. It’s worked on Cody all season.

    • I hope she wins too. But she will do what Derrick wants. The only good thing is she can’t go up, she won’t put Derrick up so that only leaves the three other idiots with one of them being Skankie. Hey it could happen. She has come close a few times.

    • You never know. It maybe, one of those true or false question type of HOH and she may just get lucky and get all of them right! There are only so many choices so, it is going to be Frankie and Caleb most likely if she wins HOH.

  6. Isn’t the purpose of this button to make sure the game is delayed a week since they pushed finale back a week? I would imagine Big Brother needs a week where nobody goes home (I could be mistaken), but if that’s the case, then perhaps nobody will get evicted Thursday, and we’ll just see the HOH competition play out.

    I think having everything in one night (HOH, POV, and eviction) would be cooler, but who knows. Ironic that Frankie wanted to push the button the most.

    • They have that extra week already built in that the HGs don’t know about yet…they’re figuring 2 more weeks instead of 3! Hope they find out after the next live eviction night and why the live show was placed on Wednesday instead of Thursday!

  7. The houseguests never should have pushed the button, and I hate this twist. I’d really just like to see the game play out based on strategy at this point.
    But that being said, the fact that it will wipe out Frankie’s HOH doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m glad to see it happen.

    • Considering there was no game play all these past weeks, last night seeing Christine evicted is the very first move these ninnies make and Big Brother spoils it by adding this idiotic twist! So, they waste one more week with these ninnies talk nonsense instead, of going after each other! Thanks, Big Brother for stretching out this very bad season! Way to go! I would rather see one of these ninnies go to the jury house but, this twist moves it into next week :(

      • they are doing all this week for nothing! it will be replayed with all new comps, HOH, POV, VETO, it is all according to who gets the hoh as to if the ‘game’ changes or not, OR if Frankie gets it again, and somebody pisses him off or if he learns somebody is targeting him then his choices could change, I think it will be interesting when they find out all their hard work…is for nothing!!

    • If they hadn’t made the collective choice to push it, Frankie would be stewing and making all miserable the whole week for not doing it, or he’d have secretly gone in and pushed it anyway!

      • Oh my gosh… if Frankie had gone on his own and secretly pushed it, that would have made for epic TV when he found out what he did to himself!!!
        I’m not sure he’ll see it that way now that it was a “group” decision.

      • I know, right? I’m of the belief he didn’t want to do that, so now he’ll be able to blame everyone else for his downfall for listening to him. hahaha

  8. I was dead set against this “twist”…but now that it has ruined Frankie’s HOH week, I think it is the best “twist” yet!

  9. With Victoria’s luck, she will likely win the POV comp and it will end up for not … Ha !!! So, yeah, will be interesting to see where Frankie’s Real F2 Alliance lies … is with Derrick or with Caleb ??
    Should be fun on Sunday’s episode having a special guest appearance from Jordan and Jeff … :)

  10. It should have been extremely obvious that this twist would not be good. They have made it to F5 and they risk their chance at the half mill for a possible prize… duh… what a bunch of morons. of course they’re led down the garden path by Frankiediot, and dumm dumm caleb….

    • Interesting that Derrick was the only one who appear to have been hesistant, based on what he have read on this post … But, yeah, Frankie and the POV winner are likely the two to be impacted the most … depending on if the POV is used or not …

      • They were ALL hesitant at first. Frankie was the MOST hesitant! Then he just flipped like a switch, and Derrick kept trying to talk them out of pushing. Derrick is the only one with a brain in this house!

    • It’s no different that the golden power of veto or the coup de etat being in play.
      Nobody forced them to push the button.

  11. Don’t add twists: “This season is boring”
    Add twists: “This is dumb”

    Viewers don’t know what they want.

    • What we want is fun, silly twists that benefits game play or that adds to entertainment value. What we get are stupid/boring twists.

      (Although, this twist may wind up being the most entertaining twist this season, since it’s the least twisted season ever.)

    • What they don’t know is what has me laughing more after hearing Frankie say in BBAD, whatever it is you’re all safe! hahahaha They are, but he’s not guaranteed safety is all!

  12. I wonder with the rewind if everyone can play in the HOH. Or if Derrick won’t be able to participate in this one either… hmmm.

  13. The look on Frankie’s face when he finds out his HOH has been cancelled out because the button was pushed is going to be priceless.
    He better win the HOH, the veto or hope that Caleb isn’t on the block with him and he wins the veto and saves Frankie because if he doesn’t he could be in serious trouble.

  14. Do we know if Frankie would be eligible to play in the new HOH comp? It would all be rather pointless if he were allowed to participate.

    • Yep, apparently on another update thread on this site, indicated that all HGs will be able to complete in the Rewind HOH on Wednesday …

  15. Frankie is on a winning streak, but this twist is totally not in his favor. He might not get lucky in this round.

    • Yeah, his game as of this moment is in crisis mode. If he doesn’t play it smart this week, he is GONE.

      • Do you think Derrick will throw the Veto comp when it’s played again? I know he’ll be gunning to win the HoH comp when he finds out he can compete for it!

      • I’m not sure he was gunning it last HOH. He likes to take himself out of the comp when he thinks it’s about 2/3 of the way through.

      • It definitely would explain why he’s been keeping a low profile all along by taking himself out so the others wouldn’t see him as a threat to their game when he’s not able to “win” comps which helps him to manipulate others into thinking it was their paranoia that kept them from winning when they’d lose! :-)

  16. I kinda wanted Frankie to be HoH to shake things up, but I don’t like him, so I guess I also don’t mind if this ends up sending him packing.

    Hoping Victoria gets booted this week either way.

  17. I am sooo confused! I take it that since nobody has brought it up in the comments, this rewind business doesn’t mean that Nicole and Christine will be coming back in the house. Is that accurate?

    • nobody is coming back it is a ‘rewind’ to the start of this weeks comps—-starting with HOH,

      • That will mean Derrick will not get to play (again)…but I saw another comment that said he would…just clarifying whether that’s true or not.

      • Look at Matt’s update in this article. He said that Julie clarified that all HGs will be eligible to play in the rewind HOH comp.

    • It’s a rewind of the events of the THIS WEEK – meaning all the events of last night’s live show stand as is.

  18. Not surprised that Derrick has already figured out what the consequences will be. It’s in his best interest not to press the issue, though. He wouldn’t want Frankie realizing that putting up big targets and having his nominations rewound would leave a huge target on his back (like it’s not big enough already..). Instead, I say let Frankie think all’s well and attempt a huge move, only to have none of it matter in the end. They’ll really find out what he’s made of then!

  19. I’m so happy that Derrick will get to play in the rewind comp for HOH!!! I hope he or Cody wins it and scoots out the Big Bad Frankie! :-)

    • is that the official word? I have been looking and haven’t been able to find. If so that is great!

      • It said that Julie clarified this in Matthew Boyer’s spoiler post above (at the bottom). Guess I never read all the way to the bottom of it, I asked in other posts before I posted this of my own! :-)

      • Right, but they did the twist before Frankie became HOH. This is the week that Derrick had targeted Frankie for eviction.

      • Why not just wait until after the HOH comp to see if they “need” the rewind button. The idea that they did this to save Frankie is ridiculous.

      • Oh, OK, it’s just a “coincidence” that the rewind button was presented as a twist the same week that Frankie is being targeted by the one person controlling the majority of evictions.

    • I’m glad they didn’t. I’d rather an opportunity to save Cody, Derrick or even Caleb from danger. I liked Donny and had no problem with Nicole, but Cody and Derrick are my favourites. Zach and Donny would be next. Caleb 5th.

  20. Wellllllllllll Since Frankie thinks the show centers around him He should be careful what he wishes for.
    He is gonna be the center of attention but not in the way he wants…

  21. This is great; Frankie will out as HOH.( Hopefully, he will not win wed) Even though, I dislike Victoria( as well as the rest of houseguest) It would be fun to watch her make a big move and get rid of Frankie. I have no doubt Derrick,wants to take Victoria to the end; he really believes he can win the 500K with her at his side.( Of course, he believe he can win it all against any of the players left in the house….with the exception of Frankie) Let the real back stabbing ….begin.

    • I dunno about that … as Derrick has been telling everyone this past week, Caleb, Cody, Frankie, etc., that he is not sure if the Jury would give him the $$ as he has played a week game .. and, even suggested to them that they were much strong players in the game and the best that he would do is 2nd place, if that …. Ha !!!!

      • Derrick is brilliant and diabolical. Like he said himself, his training as a police officer enables him to spot people’s weaknesses and exploit them.

  22. Let’s say that Caleb somehow ends up on the block this week against Victoria, Derrick will need to be VERY careful if he plans on getting Caleb out. He and Cody will need to keep that between the two of them because if Caleb finds out he was going to get blindsided, Derrick will be in serious trouble when the rewind happens.

    Let’s hope for Derrick’s sake if any backdoor plans are on the table that word doesn’t get out. As in, Cody and Derrick shouldn’t even tell Frankie.

  23. I hope Victoria wins POV then everyone will see who Frankie wants in the finals. The one person he does not nominate. Then with the rewind they can go after Frankie!

  24. The twist came too late BB. As much as I hate Fakey he will most likely win again. These other hgs don’t stand a chance against him in competitions.

    • If that happens it’s because people were too blind not to evict him. And they had MANY chances to do so. Him winning would be ten times worse than Andy’s win last year. And not just because Andy wasn’t as annoying but because Frankie can’t lie nearly as well as him. But what does it matter when people won’t call you on it?

      • I’m no Frankie fan, but him winning won’t bother me as much as Andy’s win did last season. That might have been the worst final three in the history of the show for me. That being said, I still really don’t want Frankie to win…but he’s actually my 4th choice of the 5 remaining. 5th choice is Victoria, so I’m glad she has no chance (at least she shouldn’t, unless the jury makes a mockery of the show).

  25. W could only hope for an unexpected second battle to return to the house between the 6 people in the jury house. But I guess that’s just too unexpected. As much as I dislike Frankie this season, it’s not so much that he and those others are still in the house, it’s that there is NO ONE left out of 5 to root for. Victoria might be interesting if she wasn’t outnumbered entirely by this tight all-boys alliance. I don’t care if she made it to the end either, because the show will be too boring to watch with shots of people playing pool and chilling out.

  26. Well, I called it…I’m not saying I’m the only one, others had the same thought and agreed with my thought, but yea, I don’t get to say that often so I’m going to run with it.

    All players can play in the rewound HoH competition.

  27. To be honest, I am surprised this season has enough fans on this page left to care what happens in the game from here on because production blew it with this 5 left in the game! The only thing that should happen if they press that button is a real-life version of Frankie’s play ”house-swap”. Too bad Joey’s not in the jury house to take his place!

    • good point, I find myself coming in here out of curiouset when I’m bored, not really interested/ But lots of nice people I like to talk to also

  28. So glad Frankie will lose HOH. He’s a Class A predator. He turns practically any conversation into something sexual and uses the fact that no one is going to openly challenge him into an opportunity to grope and molest them. He’s beyond self-entitled and creepy. He makes my skin crawl and, no, it has nothing to do with being gay, he’s just horrific. His behavior would be just as inappropriate if he were 100% straight. If any of those guys had balls, which none of them do, they would have told him to keep his hands, comments, and every part of his disgusting, squat body to himself.

    • I so much agree with you, my thoughts exactly, these tough guys in the house obviously have no balls!!

      • Oh they have balls. What do you think Frankie is always groping? They push him away and tell him to stop, but Frankie is a pervert with no boundaries. Plus they are still playing a game where freaking someone out who is already delusional, could cost them the game in the end. Sucky trade off. Oops, no pun intended.

  29. Ummm….The EW report says that all the houseguests that competed last nigh get to play. “Julie sent the following update for clarification on this point: “To clarify: All the Houseguests, who competed last night, will play for HOH all over again. Sorry for any confusion.”

  30. 3 things. Gonna love seeing Frankie cry when dethroned & his expressions when on the block & going home, then the crowd booing him.


  31. Quick question: with the house guests hitting the “reset” button in the house, wiping out everything that happens this week in the house, does that mean Jeff and Jordan won’t be engaged?

  32. would be so great, it will never happen, but if Victoria somehow won HOH. If Frankie tried to hop in bed with her and she said “no, your bed is DOWN the stairs!” Then kept it locked all week except to let her friends in

  33. It would be fun to watch if Victoria finally wins POV but in the end matters nothing?It would be hysterical for her!

  34. Frankie has 8 wins over the season, he’s close to beating Janelle’s record of 9 wins from season 7.

  35. Linda, we cannot jail people for the disgusting things they say, only for their actions. Frankie’s actions are disgusting but not illegal. He is narcissistic and entitled and everyone sees that now. He may continue to be a pseudo celebrity but it’s clear, he is lacking something in his core being that makes him so despicable. He will face a rude awakening when he comes out of the house. Hopefully, that will change him but if not, at least others around him will now know the real Frankie and protect themselves from him.

    If Aaryn, GM and Amanda can rebound from the disgusting filth they said last year, Frankie unfortunately will too. But he is clearly a disturbed man to say such vile things. Is he dangerous? Probably not. But clearly disturbed. I am certain Derrick understands this too. Derrick would not allow Victoria to be hurt. I can’t say I love all of Derrick’s gameplay (grrrr to evicting Donny and Nicole) but I do think he is a decent human being out of the BB house. I cannot say the same for Frankie.

    BB is a little like Lord of the Flies. Mob mentality run amuck. Not cute but real.

  36. So when Julie’s interview with EW was before she knew Frankie had won HOH all of the HGs could compete for HOH. Now that she knows Frankie won HOH and then the button was pushed, one less HG (Derrick) can compete for rewind HOH. Huh?

    All of those saying that CBS isn’t trying to save Frankie, please explain this.

  37. Glad the clarification is final about who all can play and who can’t! Still it’s going to be one heck of a night for the record books!!!

  38. I am so fucking sick of Frankie that when watching the previous night’s BBAD I fast forward when production focuses on him for a long period of time.

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