Big Brother 16: Why Did Derrick Hide His HoH Family Photo? – Update: Family Reveals Details On Photo

Derrick Levasseur may have only been Head of Household for a few hours on Big Brother 16 last night, but he did still receive the usual HoH basket of goodies and items from home.

The odd thing is, something weird seems to have been going on with the photo Derrick received and it put him on edge to the point of sending it back. So what happened?

Update: Direct source from Derrick’s family tells me the photo has nothing to do with police, a uniform, or anything like that. The photo was of Tenley and another family member that Derrick did not want to have a photo of. Derrick’s undercover story is safe and sound. Fear not, Derrick fans.

Derrick & Cody see the picture from home
Derrick & Cody see the picture from home – Source: CBS

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to 12:07AM BBT 9/5 Cam 4 to find Derrick entering the Storage room to collect his items. There’s a long pause as he surveys the scene. Caleb calls out to him to bring back his letter and picture from home as Cody arrives to take a look.

“Who’s that?” asks Cody immediately upon poking his head in the room. Derrick doesn’t answer but grabs the basket and letter while leaving the picture frame on the counter. Cody enters, grabs the frame, and takes a closer look. He again asks, “who is that?” and adds “your brother?” this time. “No, no, I actually…” replies Derrick. Cody cuts him off with “Why would I say that’s your brother?”

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Cody continues to inspect the photo closely. “That’s your daughter with who?” he asks Derrick. Still no response from a quiet Derrick. Derrick puts the basket back down and walks out of the room. “Hold on one second. I’m trying to think about something,” says Derrick.

Derrick returns to the Storage room a moment later and gives an interesting glance up to the camera. He turns to Cody. “I almost want to, to, um… damn,” says Derrick with a slight smirk. “Not the best picture to show,” says Derrick.

Cody lowers his voice and steps inside the room letting the door close behind him. “What do you mean?” he quietly asks Derrick. There is a distant, blurry view of the photo as Cody turns it to Derrick and then Feeds cut to Fish.

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When the Feeds return Derrick is telling the HGs, “I’ll tell you. I’ll explain it to you,” before entering the DR carrying the picture frame he just received. The rest of the HGs sit around chatting as Cody carries in Derrick’s other snacks and goodies.

Derrick returns from DR at 12:12AM BBT and confirms when Frankie asks if he’s getting a new picture. Feeds cut back out again then return. Derrick reads his letter and Victoria asks about the picture. “It just wasn’t a good picture. It wasn’t a good picture at all. It wasn’t a solid picture,” he tells her. Caleb offers “it was all blurry?” Derrick takes that and runs with it. “Yeah, it was jacked up.”

I’ve read speculation that the photo revealed something Derrick may have been trying to hide, but considering all we know is it was a picture of someone with Derrick’s daughter that Cody initially thought was Derrick’s brother that’s really not much to go on. It was a blurry view from too far away to get any detail so it’s hard to give too much consideration to what some folks are suggesting.

I do not think Derrick’s family would have sent a photo of him in uniform nor would Big Brother so carelessly jeopardize his game (or any Houseguest’s game) by sending in a revealing image.

Big Brother was heavy handed on the button when discussions came up so unless Cody whispers to someone what he saw then we may not know until the game is over.

What do you think was going on? Go back and watch at 12:07AM BBT last night to see for yourself.

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  1. I think he had his badge or uniform on that showed he was a cop. He didn’t want to blow his under “cover”

    • I’m glad Matthew updated us as to what the family stated – that it wasn’t anything to do with him being a cop, or his partner, or blowing his cover, but of a family member who didn’t want this picture shown and one they hadn’t meant to send.

  2. On another site, it said something about it being an unflattering picture of his wife that he didn’t want to have shown on national TV. Or that Derrick told someone something to that effect. True or not, I don’t know.

      • The video of his wife with the baby is the only picture I have seen of his wife and she is BEAUTIFUL so Cody is a jerk if in fact he said she looks like a guy!

      • I thought she was pretty, too, but even pretty people can take bad pictures. Maybe it was a picture of his wife that he never liked but didn’t tell her. Obviously, if that is true, she must have looked a little masculine in the picture for Cody to have asked if it was his brother. It doesn’t make sense that his family would have sent a picture of someone other than his wife or daughter because his wife would know that would be what he needed to see; or production is messing with him.

      • I don’t think Cody would mistake his wife for a guy. No matter how bad of a picture it is. Maybe a partner? But why would his family send it and why would production put it in his basket when they know he’s hiding who he is? Very mysterious.

      • I don’t know if Cody’s response was made after seeing that picture or not I didn’t hear him say it! I just think at this point after seeing Derrick all season long the ONLY thing that he has been hiding is that fact that he is a Police Officer! It has to do with that! Something in that picture scared the hell out of Derrick!

      • I think you are absolutely spot on with your post. Derrick saw something in that picture that he knew would blow his game. Cody now has that information. Time will tell if Cody will use it against Derrick.

      • I understand your confusion. Maybe she liked it. He didn’t at all but to keep from hurting her feelings, he was good husband and bragged about it. Men! :) I was just playing up scenarios.It was fun.

      • No Cody is Not a Jerk…..Derek ‘ s wife is Over Weight and maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10! Be honest and be Real!!!!

      • #1 Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! #2 someone said Cody said she looked like a guy? She does not!!! Your 5 maybe Derricks 10! And lets not forget this lady just gave birth to his baby girl! If it takes 9 months to put that weight on it, may take 2 years to get it back off! (UNLESS YOU ARE A CELEBERITY!!! Back off the wife! Leave the family out of it!

      • Ya, and they have already shown Derek’ s wife and she is Not very cute…..sorry just saying! Lol!

      • I am just joking around…..I honestly don’t remember what she looks like! I like Derek and hope he wins! I find it silly how people are trying to say his wife look s like a dude cause of what Cody said. …Come on! Sheesh!!!

      • exactly that makes no sense that it is a picture of Derek’s wife considering it was a picture of a male lmao… definitely an insult to Derek’s wife!

    • But why would his wife send in an unflattering picture? Especially one in which she would look like his brother?

      • Don’t know. Maybe his wife didn’t send the photo? Maybe multiple people are in it, including someone Cody thought might be Derrick’s brother? Derrick saying the photo is a bad shot of his wife could easily be him covering for a different reason he didn’t want the photo, though your guess is as good as mine as to what that reason might be.

      • She wouldn’t! Thats a FACT! She is going to send the MOST flattering picture of her and the baby even if she has to take them professionally!

    • Must have been a SERIOUSLY bad pic if Cody thought it was Derrick’s brother! *Giggle* “Who’s that dude, Derrick? Your brother?” “Nah…that’s my wife. Love is blind, man!”

  3. BB didn’t send in a picture of Ariana Grande until Frankie had revealed to the HG’s that she was his sister, so it seems doubtful that they would have sent in a picture of Derrick in a cop’s uniform.

    • Unless they’re trying to blow up Derrick’s game while saving Skankie’s. We all know, CBS is pulling all the strings at their disposal to get Skankie to F2. They may have a picture of Derrick in his uniform from his submission files and just decided to dump it in the game to rattle Derrick and get the hgs to turn on him. That would once again elevate Skankie from target to top dog. You know, it’s not the game that’s all that predictible. It’s the honchos at CBS that are manipulating the game. I would even go so far as to say that Frankie’s Veto puzzle was rigged to be easier than the others. The pegs further apart. He got to the end far too quickly, no contest at all. No problem. America still hates Skankie and no matter if he wins BB or not, he’s gonna lose in the long run. He can never live down his vile actions all season and America will not be quick to forgive those things. Amen!

      • WHAT? This is absolute nonsense!
        If production was really trying to pull strings to get Frankie (the most despised houseguest of all time) to final 2 then whey on earth would they have a twist that makes his nominations and veto replacement VOID this week just to screw the HoH (him) over? Not to mention, wouldn’t they also not be completely throwing him to the wolves in his edit? Production hates Frankie. Why do you think they keep showing bad clips of him in the diary room? They even zoom out to the side making us watch him gaze at the camera making us realize how fake he is. NO ONE else on the show gets this camera angle on their DR’s.

        But no, you gave an irrational post but as long as you say something bad about Frankie you’ll get a zillion upvotes. Logic be damned.

      • Well, nine of those ten upvotes (currently) are guest votes, and those are pretty easy to fake. It could merely be one person, logged out, who is repeatedly voting the post up. Not the first time I’ve suspected that to be happening on this site.

      • Alex, as much as I would wish with all my heart for that to be true, I can see the writing on the wall. This whole season has been like this. Logical posts are left neglected and anything remotely bashing Frankie or Christine is upvoted out the wazoo. Fiction is upvoted so much it starts to become fact. It’s no wonder some people on this site have such a jaded view of the game.

      • I have seen a whole lot of that going on lately. After seeing a few change names in a short amount of time, I actually sat and watched someone typing many posts with same name and the weird thing about it is they would be highlighted in the red. I refreshed and they were no longer highlighted and many different names. Someone is really having fun trolling posting posts to themself and also posts just to get reactions.

      • Its the little number and ^ sign under the post. I always catch the thing when I am scrolling through the posts. Maybe Im not the only one? I never checked to see if anyone upvoted my posts (and goodness knows I rarely have anything nice to say about Frankie) LOL

      • It’s basically the equivalent of the facebook “like”. If you upvote someone it generally means you agree with what they said.

      • I think this twist was planned all along and it didn’t matter who the HoH ended up being when they decided to reveal this twist. But it definitely gets others to wonder why now and theories out the ying yang are coming knowing who the HOH is that’ll it’ll affect the most! :-)

      • I’m just glad the twist DID happen while Frankie is HoH for two reasons. 1) If Frankie is the one person getting screwed over by it then it really damages the common argument that production is interfering with the game to help Frankie win.
        and 2) I just don’t like Frankie and I’m glad someone else’s game isn’t getting screwed over by the twist.

      • AMEN! Your wishes as HOH matter not, Frankie! Cant wait to see your face when they wipe your noms off and give them an opportunity to slap you with the bum’s rush! And to think how excited you were to hit that rewind button…..

      • The twist was announced once Christine was evicted, which is before Frankie won HOH.

        Any other HG winning HOH would nominate Frankie (except for maybe Caleb, but he’s easily manipulated so he still may have).

        I get the feeling production designed this twist with the anticipation that Frankie would be on the block in 90% of the scenarios that could have happened so that they could give him two chances at escaping the block this week. Instead they are screwing him over which I am sure was their worst case scenario.

      • They love having Frankie BECAUSE he is hated so much. This show has become all about hatred. Look at last year and who won. It used to be an interesting show, now its who do we hate this week. It’s our society and I guess how we want to feel better about ourselves by hating/disagreeing with others. This is my last year of BB. It has gone down hill so much over the years and I’m just wasting time. I DO believe production rigs everything, its a TV show they need to make money so they do what they think will bring the most viewers and social media talking. I hope Derrick wins. He could use it for his family.

      • That could be a fair point, Trin. Maybe people do love to hate watch Frankie.

        I personally don’t watch Big Brother for the characters, I watch it for the gameplay. Some people may disagree. I think Derrick has played the best game in Big Brother history so this has been a very exciting season for me. I do realize that most people want more from Big Brother, like explosions and crazy shifts of power and this has NOT been a season full of these kinds of things. I guess it’s just personal preference.

      • I agree with you 100%. I love the gameplay as well. I also agree that Derrick is the best to play BB ever, and I really hope he wins. I hope the reset benefits his game. I can’t wait for people to get out and watch the show and realize how he was the true puppet master!

      • A person is only as good as the dumbest player they’re playing against and this season we’ve had plenty of the latter!!! Derrick would have never gotten past week 3 or 4 with smarter players playing against him… Fact of life…..

      • I’m sure he would think that too! He’s probably relieved they weren’t though! :-)

      • I agree that the HG left are not the brightest, but I disagree that we would not hold up against smarter players. He is a smart person and his gameplay IMHO is spot on.

      • You can only play with the hand you are dealt! Derrick has not had alot to work with this year! YOU ARE ONLY AS SMART AS YOUR DUMBEST LINK (player) ALLOWS! None of the remaining houseguest have the ba**s to make a move on their own! It has to be a GROUP DECISION! Total B.S,!!! Derrick is no different, at least, as of yet! The next week will show what he is truely made of!!!

      • People complain every year that it’s the ‘worst year ever’ and how they’re going to quit watching. Face it, we (a lot of us) watch for the villains as much as the good guys, otherwise people like Aaryn and Amanda (and Rachel, who was very disliked at one point) would not have gotten as far as they did. It’s good TV. I disliked Zach in the beginning, but he grew on me, and the house got boring after he was evicted. I do agree Derrick has played the best game this season. In history? I don’t know about that, but he’s managed to manipulate the game while still being a ‘good guy’, he’s compassionate and caring to other HG’s when it was needed and didn’t seem phony to me.

      • I felt the same way about Zach. CBS has these guys jacked up to play a role. I think his true wonderful nature came through. I think he really didn’t enjoy being mean to people. He just didn’t get how to play a role and not let his true self come through. Or better yet, the “role” he was playing was not right for him. I miss him as well, and it is boring without him. Agree with everything about Derrick except he might be best player in history or up there with Dan and Will. I forget their gameplay lol.

      • You are a Moron! Duh! CBS gave/ showed and talked about the reset Button Before Idiot Perv SKANKIE Frankie won the HOH…..CBS did this before he won it cause they were worried Frankie would have Lost and been put up on the Block! Come on get with it! Geeesh!!!!

      • That TWIST was put in to play BEFORE they knew who was going to be HOH! It was the luck of the draw that Frankie won this week! CAN’T wait to see the look on FRANKIES FACE when Julie tells them what pushing that button meant! His entire HOH was for NOTHING!!! Hopefully they will replay the entire week as though it was a double evict! AND Frankie not being prepared to play gets booted OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

      • They wouldn’t do WHAT? Rig the puzzles to make it easier? Sure they would, to keep him around for as long as humanly possible, Frankie even won the next HOH and that was more likely than not rigged in his favor as well. They should have gotten rid of Frankie 2 weeks ago but there he is, and still will be come final 2 because CBS wants him there

      • “Frankie even won the next HOH and that was more likely than not rigged in his favor as well”

        Oh, for goodness sake, we haven’t even SEEN the HoH competition and you’re already saying it was rigged? You just can’t win with you people.

      • That may be a stretch, but it should not be a shock to anyone how far production will interfere to boost ratings. They spoon fed Rachel Reilly 500k a few years ago with that stupid twist around this time in the game that saved her from being evicted. Likability isn’t the only factor… Polarizing personalities still get ratings, they’d probably try to save Derrick if he was at risk as well since everyone likes him.

      • I think Frankie’s eviction will be the most watched episode of this season. Not to mention his exit interview with Julie Chen…..Frankie has peaked, …..time to drop him.

      • He peaked with me a long time ago. You should see my voodoo dolls.Poor things. Just wish I new how they work.

      • They wouldn’t give Derrick a photo of him in a police uniform. Also, ever since Zach left, Frankie has gotten the villain edit.

      • No, but the blurred out part in it was of him behind the dude holding his daughter…how does he explain that if it’s not his brother, which Cody kept asking and Derrick wouldn’t say?

      • I love how you guys form these assumptions and spout them off like fact…
        Maybe (this might sound crazy, but stay with me) Frankie is actually good at comps…

      • The editing hasn’t been good to him lately. This twist is not working on his favor. If anything, I think they want him out.;

      • If the HG’s don’t know what the button is about how can they know one way or the other if it is working in Skankie’s favor. If Frankie puts up Derrick and Victoria then the game is moving toward Derrick in F2 if they get put up as renoms then it’s moving toward a Frankie and Caleb F2.

      • Frankie has to nominate two, potentially three people for eviction when there are only 5 people left in the game. There is no scenario in which this twist benefits Frankie.

      • I don’t know what’s happening Joe lately I find myself agreeing with your posts more and more. Well put

      • “We all know, CBS is pulling the strings at their disposal to get Skankie to F2”
        Good lord dude, are you serious right now? Come on…

      • Oh goodie, Joe…keep me posted on the count. My opinion is just that, my opinion. I know you dislike Skankie as much as anyone does and perhaps my theory, and it’s just that, a theory, may not be what’s happening. But I do have the right to try analyzing the game any way I want to. I do stand by my assertion, that CBS or BB or whomever, is candestingly manipulating the game. As for the unflattering edits of Skankie, he has been soooo foul throughout the game that what we see on air is showing Skankie at his best. If they didn’t air those pieces of footage, they would have nothing at all of him to air. All the stuff he’s said and done that was edited out was so foul, violent and vicious that the editors likely couldn’t put enough decent footage of him together for a cohesive clip. JMO hashtag upvote. Didn’t want to use the actual hashtag…LOL

      • First of all, Dee, your post has 13+ upvotes on it, so who cares what I think? You go girl! (adorable dog, bye the way!)

        Also, we like to think our opinions are harmless but when you start to accuse production of directly intervening in the game to save a contestant it calls into question the integrity of the game and it becomes very serious. It is certainly your right to say what you believe, and if you truly believe that production IS intervening in the game to save Frankie then it is your duty to call that into question. I personally don’t believe production is currently intervening in the game to save Frankie. That’s just my opinion. Obviously some people agree with you, so who cares what I think?

      • I will happily read anything you have to write anywhere at any time. More often than not your posts and the responses they generate are infinately more entertaining than the show itself.

      • Wow, Mariana! That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I very much appreciate that. I will say I treated Dee unfairly and probably came off a little too strong, which is something I’m actively working on on these forums and she came back at me with nothing but compassion and understanding. Someone like Dee deserves your respect way more than I do.

      • I care what you think! If folks begin to believe the game is rigged, then the show loses viewers. Eventually, Big Brother will be cancelled….Rumors and inuendo are like wildfire. They spread quickly and do alot of damage. Unless someone was directly involved with the show, I fail to see how anyone can saycwith certainty that it’s rigged. If you dont know for certain, then you should at least state that you’re guessing…….

      • Thanks, that’s my poodle, Charlie Wigglebutt. I not only called it into question, I and several of my BB buddies have telephoned CBS and left messages voicing our outrage at Skankie’s behavior. We also left feeback on the CBS web page, we are that outraged by his talk and actions of violence against women. It’s criminal. He needs to be punished and ejected from the game. JMO…LOL!

      • Really? You are going to take my name and make a comment like that disguised as me. Now I now why people set up accounts. I’ll do that from now on.

      • Production is not trying to get Frankie to F2. He has brought too much negativity from the viewers.

      • Did you read Julie’s interview with EW this week? She called Frankie “real”, “genuine” and “adorable.”

      • Are you kidding? Wow what the hell is she watching or reading? Where can I find the interview?

      • Go to Matt’s article about rewind twists in action. At the bottom of the article he added an update with a link to the EW interview.

      • Of course she would say that to a national news show…now let’s hear how she “really” feels about him! LOL

      • Julie’s response:

        “Frankie’s comments feel real and genuine. Or maybe that’s just my ego talking. I have to admit I get a kick out of it because he does it in such an adorable way. He acts like he’s meeting a big star and it’s flattering. What can I tell you? Chenbot is a sucker for a nice compliment. I am human after all….????”

      • Yea. thanks for the quote…
        She said that after she was asked how she felt about Frankie’s compliments during live eviction votes.
        So, thanks for proving my point, I guess.

      • That Julie feels he’s real and genuine. What’s so hard to understand? Whether it’s about his compliments to her or not she feels he’s real.

      • I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I was trying to be accurate. Gellie has one perception and I have another perception. I respect his differing viewpoint.

      • The idea of the button was set in motion before they knew Frankie was HOH. I do not know how it would benefit him if his nominations were voided next week.

        If he was on the block this week, then I think it would help him out next week. I liked most of the house guests early in the show but quickly changed my mind about several of them. Frankie was one of my favorites but not any more. Caleb is adorable but dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to common sense. I do not ever remember so many votes being unanimous like they are this year. BORING…..
        Derrick’s paranoia about Nicole’s ‘compliment’ on how he played the game may have been the first mistake he made this year by ‘influencing others’ to evict Nicole and not putting Frankie up.

      • Yes 101 ten X that yes @ (Dee Vetri) what you stated! Ugh so annoyed of his dumb face jesters and those tight blue shorts well everything annoys me of him sick of him ugh! Question, I know Derrick is not all touchy with Victoria but, being a female and have been married, wouldn’t the wife be a Little Just a little disturbed by Derrick keeping Ms Floater and calming her down when she cries etc. Damn I would I would question him till he would be blue like his uniform! Hope this Twist game get Frankie out and puts Derrick on the block so he can feel what all others have felt, and he won’t think he is all that and slid free!

      • That is why Skankie is going to be in for the biggest surprise when Julie Chen tells him on Wed. he is demoted for pushing the Rewind Button and so there goes his noms and they start the HOH comp. again. See the shock and surprise on Skanks and everyone’s face……priceless.

    • Unless they’re trying to blow up Derrick’s game while saving Skankie’s. We all know, CBS is pulling all the strings at their disposal to get Skankie to F2. They may have a picture of Derrick in his uniform from his submission files and just decided to dump it in the game to rattle Derrick and get the hgs to turn on him. That would once again elevate Skankie from target to top dog. You know, it’s not the game that’s all that predictible. It’s the honchos at CBS that are manipulating the game. I would even go so far as to say that Frankie’s Veto puzzle was rigged to be easier than the others. The pegs further apart. He got to the end far too quickly, no contest at all. No problem. America still hates Skankie and no matter if he wins BB or not, he’s gonna lose in the long run. He can never live down his vile actions all season and America will not be quick to forgive those things. Amen!

    • Production uses the pictures the family gives them. They don’t break into the houseguest’s houses and force the families to hand over incriminating photos so that they can ruin people’s games. The FACTS are that the Grande family gave production baby photos until Frankie outed himself, and then they sent production pictures of a recognizable Ariana Grande.
      The same is true for Derrick’s wife. Derrick’s wife is in control of what pictures she sends in, not production. The “production sent this picture in to the house to ruin Derrick’s game” theory is absolute nonsense and should be regarded as such.

  4. I agree with Diane and Shawn. If he was in uniform, I think Cody would have asked if he was a cop. So his partner might have been in the picture and that would be harder to explain.

    • He could say this is a close friend and he was my daughters Godfather. It’s gotta be something else. The question is what?

  5. I highly doubt it was his partner in a uniform. However, it’s possible it was his partner, who is still undercover, and whoever gave them the photo (his wife, presumably) wasn’t thinking. The photo wouldn’t blow Derrick’s cover, but it might blow his partner’s.

      • A rational, logical post like this has 2 upvotes, but the one claiming production secretly snuck into Derrick’s house and stole a photo of him in his uniform and slipped it into his HoH basket without his wife’s consent just to screw him over and benefit Frankie (who production and America despises) has 10 upvotes and counting. I can’t do this any more.

      • Thank goodness!! ;) The fact that t we are occupying our time watching BB, feeds and posting is crazy to begin with!!! I love it all! But I have no illusions how silly my interest is. Come on..have some fun ;)

      • I’m not arguing with you, Joe but if you’re suggesting that my post said something about production secretly, etc. That’s not what I said at all. Just to clarify. If you were commenting on someone else’s post, my apologies.

      • No no, Dee, I was exaggerating about how some people on this site (not you personally) would believe it if someone accused production of breaking into people’s houses for photos. I don’t want people to think you said that.

    • Great point. Makes sense too since Cody asked if that was his brother. Obviously it’s another dude who’s not Derrick…

    • But people don’t want that to be the answer. They want it to be production helping Frankie sooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

      • dude, stop with the whining cuz you’re posts aren’t getting upvotes, let it go…just like you are entitled to your opinion, so are others, it’s ok that they don’t share your opinion, life will not end because they don’t agree with you

      • This is a comments board of the Big Brother live feeds. This is the appropriate forum to debate opinions. People on here act like if you don’t agree with their opinion you are a bully. It’s okay to disagree with people, and it’s okay to explain why you disagree. That is what this site is here for. Stop with the “everyone is entitled to their own opinion” cop-out. No one has ever or will ever challenge that. It’s okay to disagree with people.

      • I’m the one and only bully on here, so it definitely can’t be you or anyone else…they’re all facsimiles of the real deal…ME! :-)

      • I also agree. But, my opinion is my opinion and I think that’s what the comments board is for. Opinions, right?

      • Glad you mentioned a bully because I was just thinking you are the biggest one on here…. Are you in LOVE with Frankie or something?( maybe his sister)?? Geez man/woman give it a rest already!!!!

      • Wow, Sandra, I have no idea what I did that made you feel this way, but if I said something that was uncalled for I wholeheartedly apologize. And if I really am a bully then I hope people call me out on it. I never want to give off that impression. My greatest fear is that someone feels badly for something that I have said.

        As to whether or not I’m in love with Frankie, I think my posts speak for themselves. I can’t stand Frankie. Make no mistake, if I feel people on these comment boards are being unfair to him I will certainly stick up for him, but that doesn’t mean I love him. It’s kind of a sad thing that I have to explain that.

        I also find it amusing that you call me a bully and then proceed with the “what are you in LOVE with him or something” line which is taken straight out of practically every 90’s movie bullying scene ever.

        I hope that you don’t misconstrue me disagreeing with someone as bullying. I have disagreed with people many, many, many times on this website and sure, I do get carried away sometimes, but I don’t think I’ve ever bullied someone. It’s okay to disagree with people and it’s okay to explain why you disagree with them. This is the appropriate forum to do so and it’s why this site exists.

  6. Well, if Cody wasn’t asking about Derrick in the picture, I doubt it was anything that would directly incriminate HIM that Derrick wanted to hide. So whoever else was in that picture was someone Derrick didn’t want other people seeing. So yeah, it seems most likely that it’s a friend / partner who’s currently undercover. Which makes sense, because if America saw that picture while he’s doing undercover work, that would be a HUUUUGE problem. Either that, or someone else who was in a cop uniform, maybe. But at this point, we can only really speculate.

  7. It could have been a picture of his wife daughter and brother BUT there could have also been a picture in the background of him in his uniform?

    • That’s what I was thinking…that’s why Cody asked if that was his brother (looks similar to Derrick) that was kind of blurred out but still showed enough to make Cody ask that. It would make sense that it was a blurred person in a cop uniform, but I think it threw Derrick off a bit, knowing his wife sent it and didn’t think it would blow Derrick’s BB cover because the blurry part wasn’t that clear.

  8. Derrick told the house his brother was a firefighter. I assume Cody saw Derrick in uniform and assumed that it was his brother with his daughter. Production trying to get him to out himself I guess.

  9. I’m almost certain one of his comrades in the police force are holding his daughter. He could very well have said it was a friend of his, but he was stumped as to what to say to Cody when he saw that his cover may have just gone bust. So he had to hurry and cover his tracks and tell the other HGs why he didn’t want to show the picture to them, which would surely keep his cover and still keep Cody in the dark. LOL

  10. It’s all theories, so theorize away. The more theories we have, the more possibilities. I enjoy reading even the crazy ones. Here’s one. God help me, but maybe PRODUCTION is messing with him and gave him a random picture of someone in a uniform that he didn’t even know. Why? I don’t know, for the hell of it.

  11. Thanks for the update, Matthew. So it had nothing to do with Derrick being a cop. I wonder why Derrick didn’t want the photo, though.

  12. I bet it was a picture with his partner at work and it caught him off guard and didn’t want to put his picture out there if hes still undercover

  13. So, would Derrick hold the fastest HOH Comp win in BB History? He did, after all, win on the first question. ?..

  14. I have a feeling it wasn’t his partner, because anything even remotely “close to home” (in this case, his job, and possibly blowing his cover) would probably be off limits from both his family as well as from Big Brother, as the article points out. Even though he could pass that off and say “It’s a good friend”, why even risk catching him in a bad spot, if you’re his wife who likely sent the picture. He probably asked nothing even remotely associated with his line of work be sent to him.

    Therefore, my guess is it’s a family member who Derrick isn’t on great terms with. Maybe they had a falling out in their past that Derrick hasn’t really forgiven, and seeing this person with his daughter was just something he didn’t want to see. Maybe someone his wife wants him to reunite with but Derrick isn’t ready for that yet. Who knows, I’m obviously speculating, but I’ll go with that guess.

    • I think this is probably close to the truth. Maybe he was on the outs with a family member and after his grandfather’s death, Derrick’s wife went to the funeral and reconciled with that family member. So Derrick sees the photo of his daughter with this person and is surprised.

      • Yep. His grandfather’s funeral could well have been an experience for his wife where she realizes the fragility of life, and the importance of burying the hatchet with family you may be fueding with, so she wants Derrick to do the same and have the two forgive each other for past transgressions.

        I would have guessed it was Derrick’s grandfather directly, holding Tenley, and it was too soon for Derrick to see as it made him emotional, but Cody guessed it was his brother. Not a chance Cody guesses that (even if he wonders why he guessed that later) if Cody sees an old man in the picture. Then again, maybe Cody’s “Why did I ask if it’s your brother?” was said BECAUSE it was an old man, so how would it be his brother.

        Could it have been his grandfather?

      • Edit to my post; I’m going to say that if it’s an old man, Cody guesses grandfather. So I don’t think it was his grandfather. Sticking with “family member he’s not on great terms with”…

    • His wife or family close enough to send him a photo would know if it was someone that would upset Derrick…unless that was the intent. I still feel like it was Derrick in the photo and that there may have been something in the photo he thought might give away that he is a cop. I can’t wait to find out the real story behind this.

  15. With the update saying its a family member he didn’t want a picture of it makes me wonder who is Derrick realated to? Cody asks, is that your brother? Then says why would I ask if thats your brother? So now I wonder if Frankies not the only one in the house related to someone famous? Could it be that Derrick got so upset with Nicole comparing him to Dan because he’s related to him and thats who’s in the picture? Its a stretch but not a huge one cause Cody might not have made the connection.

    • Maybe it WAS his partner, or WAS a close friend who passed in the line of duty. If it that were the case, that would be something I wouldn’t want to lie about or degrade the memory of in anyway. The only way to explain it away would be too lie, or tell the truth. The truth would put ‘cop’ and ‘Derrick’ in the same sentence. He wouldn’t want that either. So then you lie, but can’t about that. Third option: get another pic

      • Interesting theory, and it makes sense, but I still just don’t think Derrick’s family or Big Brother would send him anything even remotely involved with his line of work. Too risky of putting him in a bad spot.

    • Nice, you’re right, the update reveals family member. I totally skipped over that when I made my guess about 20 minutes ago lol. I don’t expect anyone to believe me on that though they probably think I saw that…

  16. Come on it’s DERRICK!!! he’s paranoid about everything over analysises everything it was probally nothing like everything else he freaks out about because he’s a “good gamer” nahh he’s just paranoid.

    • Yeah, well this “paranoid, over-analyzing good gamer” is going to be laughing all the way to the bank with $500,000 and be remembered as one of the best Big Brother players ever.

    • Who isn’t paranoid in that house? Other than Victoria who isn’t playing. Who wouldn’t be paranoid when they’re playing for, and are that close to winning, $500,000 which is life-changing money?

  17. Here is another theory based on the update saying it was a family member maybe Derrick doesn’t want a picture of that particular family member on tv as maybe he is on the other side of the law than Derrick is and maybe he denies talking to this family member at work and with work friends. Maybe he stumbled cause how does explain why he’s embarrassed by this person. This is just a wag (wild a$$ guess) and I have no idea there’s a hundred possibilities just throwing another one out there

    • I have wondered about that because I have three nephews who have an African-American father and a Caucasian mother and Derrick reminds me so much of one of the boys.

  18. Maybe it is Derrick’s brother in law who he may or may not think is a dick. Ex boyfriend of his wife?

    • I would really hope his wife wouldn’t send him a picture of her ex-boyfriend and their daughter together lol. If Derrick doesn’t want to see that, his wife probably has some idea that he’s not crazy about her ex. Although ‘Derrick’s brother-in-law who he may or may not think is a dick’, that guess I like.

      • I was just thinking it might be one of his colleagues who is in his line of work, and Derrick didn’t want to risk outing him by showing his face on national TV.

      • Could be, but I just don’t think production nor his wife would send anything within the realm of his line of work. Just too risky. I would bet Derrick was very clear on this before he entered the house.

  19. What if it was a family photo of them and maybe his daughter is older than he lead the houseguests to believe. What if she looked like she did the other night, because he has made it seem like she was just a baby when he left and how he is doing it for family because he is missing so much of her first days. If she is older in the picture that was taken before the house, it could put holes in his story and possibly put doubt on his backstory that leads us to believe he left his wife shortly after she had the baby. I assume it would have been a picture she would have sent and Cody assumes since daughter looks same as other night. Must have been a brother, since it looked like Derrick. Also Derrick’s appearance has changed since the show has started, so he possibly looked a little chubbier the he looks right now. Just my guess.

    • Wouldn’t it be funny if by Derrick saying “Not a good picture at all, not a solid shot” it was actually just him in the past, with more weight on as you eluded to, chubbier, and he was being serious about “not a solid picture” because he just didn’t like how he looked in it? That’s some Victoria-type vanity right there. I mean I could understand, but not enough to go deer-in-headlights and ask the DR for a new picture. So I’m just kidding I don’t think this is really the case…

  20. I think it was Derrick with his daughter but in “undercover” disguise or style he used when he did that kind of work. (In the photo). Not uniform. Or could be his partner.

  21. Perhaps it could have been his grandfather who passed away this summer. Maybe he doesn’t want to look at it because it makes him sad.

    • I wondered that, but Cody guessed it was his brother. I don’t know if he does that if the picture is of an old man. Granted, Cody did say right after “Why did I say it was your brother?” so maybe he thought to himself wait, this guy is old, can’t be his brother. But I do think if it’s an old man, Cody would have guessed grandfather, being that the news of his death was shared with the house.

      • I also don’t know why Derrick would be secretive about it with Cody if it was his grandfather. He seemed to be at a loss for words when Cody was asking him who it was, and then made up the excuse of the shot being blurry when Victoria and Caleb asked. If it was his grandfather, I can’t imagine what’s wrong with just saying “It was my grandfather, and I just can’t see his face right now. It chokes me up.” Plus, I’m pretty sure just like when Frankie’s grandfather passed and he got an HoH picture of him, they probably already gave a picture to Derrick of his grandfather as well, from one of his HoH’s since his own grandfather passed away. #LogicBomb ….I’m sorry, I have no idea why I just hashtagged on here. I’m mildly ashamed of myself.

  22. What if Derrick is actually gay and it was his real life partner? He and the wifey might be divorced? It would explain all the closeness with Victoria. Just a really WILD guess.

  23. It’s really nobody’s business. If he was uncomfortable with the picture, so what? He has that right.

  24. It was probably a picture of a male friend of his or his wife’s and she (his wife) sent it to get back at him for his closeness to Victoria.

  25. Maybe this wife picked up on Jim Victorias relationship and sent a picture of the baby with another man

  26. I heard from a reliable source that Derricks wife sent a picture of herself and Tenley w/ another man that Derrick knows has been interested in his wife. She sent this photo because she has been disgusted at the way he’s been touching and acting with Victoria and wanted to send a VERY LOUD message to Derrick.

    • This was my second guess. That it was her way of saying she’d had enough of this Victoria thing!
      However, I really feel like it is Derrick in the photo with Tenley at a time when he was working undercover. Hence he looked like Derrick’s brother to Cody. If so, and the photo was too closely inspected by the HG it could have raised questions Derrick does not want to answer just yet.
      My third and last theory is that it is Derrick and daughter but… in the background there was his patrol car or the police station which may have tipped them off to Derrick being a cop if inspected too closely by the others.

    • Extremely unbelievable and frankly a terrible, nasty thing for you to be throwing around with zero proof.

  27. Not believeable. The story on brother was paramedic so could be man in uniform or Tenley wearing hat as first reported Could have been some one not allowed to be on camera but this family story makes no sense. Totally incredulous. Think fish outs cover up the image so no reason to look only listen to Derrick saying wrong time and will tell Cody later. But have to think there was a reason for Cody to ask about brother. If not resemblance than clothing.

  28. I don’t think it was work related at all, because Derrick would be able to cover for that easily. Seemed like a personal thing that genuinely upset him, completely unrelated to the game.

  29. If he’s a Patrol SGT he doesn’t have a Partner. He works in a Podunk town in RI, not some sprawling metropolis.

  30. Maybe it was a pre arranged sign from his family…if they send a photo of his daughter with someone than you can trust who your aligned with & if photo is of just daughter than he can’t trust who he’s aligned with! Or something to that effect

  31. I feel like it might of been a photo of Derrick during a time he was working undercover, therefore it looked like his brother, so Cody didn’t recognize him right off. That would have been something that would have made the others question and Derrick does not want to have to explain the truth about that part of his life to the HG just yet. It had to be a photo that would have tipped the HG about Derrick being a cop. Why would his family have sent a photo of a family member that might be upsetting to Derrick.

  32. Maybe the picture was of his departed grandfather and his daughter and he just didn’t want to have to deal with that right now… seems like the most likely scenario.

  33. As for all the comments that the audience should not have booed Christine; why not? the viewers keep the show on the air, and pay for live feeds…shouldn’t they be able to booooo just the same as they yell and clap for their favorites? I hope CBS doesn’t tell the audience what to do…I sure hope that Frankie gets booed, too. If he(frankie) isn’t booed, I hope everyone just sits clapping…nothing…shun him. People who watch live feeds know how disgusting Christine was in the house; same with Frankie.( Christine talked badly about Donny, Nioole, Jacosta..and lied to Nicole about Hayden hooking up with Vic…she also said she hated…Donny and Jacosta) I hope all those in jury house…ignore her…shun her…karma!

  34. As soon as I heard about this situation I thought the possibility of a fellow officer is holding his daughter and he knew they would not want their photograph on television. He remained rather stoic during the exchange which I found interesting.

  35. I think it was a picture of his grandpa! and the whole Derek’s grandpa died is just a hoax! and Derek getting a picture was away of his family letting him know that his grandpa wasn’t really dead. that’s why Cody says “why would i ask if that was your brother” ( this will make sense of the guy in the picture was old). derek was probably a little upset about his wife lying about his grandpa… but doesn’t want to call her out on it on live tv ( which was why he says he doesn’t want to hurt her like that)

  36. remember how on that guy on Survivor lied about his grandma being dead just to get further in the game? well that worked…. Seems funny that derriks grandpa dies right after frankies….hmmmm

    • I don’t think BB will lie about those things to help someone in the game. If he would have mentioned it without BB producers telling him about it first.

  37. I think it was probably ‘undercover’ Derrick……and he was scared that people would eventually realize that its him.

  38. i think its a hidden message they talked about to say something like u made the wrong distention on keeping frankie lol yep

  39. Frankie has some really disgusting posts online. And the 24 hour feed apparently is showing that he’s way more sexually inappropriate than we even see on BB After Dark. Ewe.

  40. Last night’s feed was incredibly boring. Sounds like the mouse thing has already started – first sighting maybe?

  41. Any one think he did develop a “code” with his family? I know it was a far fetch his first hoh when his wife rambled on about the dogs. And whoever put together the story about how it relates to the house. That may have been stretching it.

    But i mean if Derrick is an undercover cop it’s very likely that he had a code with his family so they could talk about things with out being found out. I mean prisoners do it all the time as well. So he may have some gang/prison experience. What does his wife do maybe they’ve been thru the same trainings?

    And then in his letter from his dad he says “P.S. You asked me to take care of your wife and daughter.They want for nothing. Relax and enjoy this experience. ” Which to some could read because he was using his daughter a lot as a reason, and was given crap for it on the internet world,and since then he’s cut down.

    Is it possible that the picture he got was code to mean someone is plotting against him? And it scared him to see that code.

    How soon in advance do they write the letters and submit the pictures? Do they like e-mail them that day or something?

  42. Maybe he made a pact with his family to put certain people in a photo so if he gets HOH and sees a certain person or another, he’d be alerted. “If you see uncle Joe, don’t trust any of the guys. If you see aunt mary the weakest player flipped. If you see cousin hank, be careful of your closest ally…etc” He seemed lost in thought when Caleb saw that pic and couldn’t put 2 words together. Maybe trying to remember what that person represented. Far fetched, I know. This season is making me nuts so please forgive my theory..

  43. More than likely it was a fellow police officer that also does undercover work. Now that the world knows that Derrick is a police officer anyone photographed with him or his family would be subject to more scrutiny if their identity was revealed. It is quite possible that this possibility never occurred to whichever family member(s) sent the photo.

  44. I think Derrick is black or biracial. I have people in my family that look exactly like him. He sounds like a black man and his hair is cut in a fade which most black men wear. His whole swag screams it. That’s why he is so pale…he is what black people call yellow. I think the photo showed a black guy. I think that’s why Cody said, “Why did I ask if that was your brother?” Because he felt stupid after asking it. In any case Derrick definitely African American or mixed with it, in my opinion. I think he’s hiding it because black people never win and he knows it. Kudos to him for playing smart.

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