‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 12 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 12 with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds after the new HoH’s plans were decided late last night amid anticipation of heavy backlash.

Nominations on Big Brother

Yes, we’ve got the workings of another alliance flip this week and that’s no big surprise given the way this Big Brother season has been going. Heading in to tonight’s ceremony the side about to be targeted was half worried and half completely convinced they were good, but both promised fury if they weren’t. Good times on the Feeds.

Read on to find out which two Houseguests better get ready to play for that Veto comp on Saturday!

Big Brother 18 Week 12 Nominations:

  • Corey nominated: Victor & Paul

Corey’s target is Victor, but we’ll see what happens with the Veto comp.

Note: CBS’s website is down. If you have your Feeds up then don’t change or reload the page.

Paul was getting really nervous just before the meeting while Victor kept assuring him that Nicole and Corey wouldn’t flip on them. In fact Victor said he didn’t think they would and he wouldn’t do it either. Interesting.

Nicole was feeling pretty nervous too as she told Corey this would be the first time all season she really backstabbed anyone. I’m not sure all the HGs would agree, but that was her take.

What do you think of these noms? Turn on your Feeds now to watch the fallout on the in-house cams!

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes ! Great game move but don’t evict Victor… they will just make a new twist if u get knocked out 3 times u get to come back and be final 2 lmao

  2. Stay focused, Vic. Channel that rage into your beast mode status. Your game is over if you don’t win veto. Most of the Internet feedsters have your back…you gotta do what you gotta do. Because if you win veto, no one is beating you in the next HOH.

    Bring your A game, brother!!

  3. Good for you Corey! Get Victor OUT! For Good!!!Or at least your boy Paul. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  4. Smart and most logical chocie. What are Pau/Vic survivor gonna do as payback? target Nic/Corey at Final 4? LMAO They were doing that anyways. Only way Paul/Vic stay is if James wins veto and they sucker him into using it but that would insnaely dumb move by James.

      • For the fun of it, lets say that Paul, Corey, Nicole and James are in final 4. Do you think James will team up with Paul or vice versa to take out Nicole or Corey?

      • Depends on his main goal. If the goal is to make it easier to reach Final 2 side with paul or Vic (whichever is left). If he wants best shot at 500k and isn’t happy just ‘settling’ for 50k he goes with Nic/Corey who has a better chance of beating in F2.

      • Good observation, I think it will come down to who would be his best bet to go to F2 as well.

      • Can I answer this? lol…I’m gonna anyway. No, James will stick with Nicole and Corey, because if Nicole happens to win, she will take him to F2 because she knows she can’t win against Corey, but she has a chance with James.

      • That was really out there for anyone to answer and give their opinion LOL. I like your thought on that one.

      • The smart move would be still to go after Corey and Nicole because you do not want to get to Final 3 with a couple? You send one to jury and it becomes a three way fight for Final 2!

    • Yes, they’d also need Corey to be on board to replace with Nicole and vote her slimy, duplicitous ass out. He, however, has a boner and less brain activity than a can of primer.

  5. Big mistake boys. Shouldn’t have trusted Nicorey. But knowing Vic he’s not gonna give up.

    And I guess James is sitting pretty since nobody is gunning for him. So whoever gets to him first can change the course of this game. So I think James should stick with Paul and Vic, because Nicole can’t be trusted

    • As much as I am cheering for Victor and have been even back when he was one of Jozea’s henchmen, he had to figure out that loyalty means very little in this game. He turned his back on Paulie…and that was legitimately fine. Why wouldn’t he think Christmas Corey wouldn’t do the same thing to him? The bribe helped cloud his thinking, but he had to see the number of betrayals and backstabbings that have happened all season long. At all times, you have to do what is best for YOUR game, not anyone else’s.

  6. This whole game, I have been saying Nicorey can NOT be trusted. Victor and Paul made a bad error in putting Natalie up and not targeting James, who had actually voted Victor out. Now we need a Vic win to avoid a completely boring end.

    • Actually, it is more interesting now with everyone playing instead, of just Victor and Paul. One of them goes home this week, whoever is left will fight Nicole and James for HOH! There is a good chance that Paul or Victor or James can win the next HOH which means Nicole and Corey on the block. That will leave Nicole or Corey, Paul (assuming Victor is the one evicted and James for Final 3 and it is anyone’s game!

      • two are leaving this week. Eviction will be Monday but shown on Tuesday. Then fast foward quick hoh veto and eviction on Wednesday.

  7. With 5 house guests left in the Big Brother House, this was the right move. Corey and Nicole had to get rid of either Victor or Paul. Next week will be Victor or Paul, Nicole and James fighting for the next HOH! If James was evicted this week, Nicole would have to beat both Victor and Paul for the next HOH! That would be very hard to do!

    • I don’t disagree really…but like Christmas Corey was saying earlier, Paul’s only HOH win was the shoot-the-ball-down-the-crooked-path comp that didn’t take all that much skill. If Paul stays, he’s not exactly the comp beast that Vic is.

  8. (As much as I understand the move) I’m very disappointed that NC flipped on VP. One of VP is clearly leaving next eviction. I don’t believe the final 4 will have effin NC, both of whom are undeserving as far as I’m concerned. I’m so disinterested in the show right now. ugh

  9. I saw that one coming. I can’t stand Nichole, Corey or James. Team Vic and Paul, but I doubt either one makes it to F2. Nichole is just to dumb for me to tolerate. I work in healthcare and she is a poor excuse for an RN, if she really is, which I doubt seriously. I hope Paul survives somehow.

      • Because she’s been one for 30 years apparently. Ridiculous comment. (Hers, not yours. I agree with you)

      • I’m sorry…I don’t even like Nicole but the fact that you can somehow discern the way someone performs as a registered nurse by the way she plays a game based in deceit and betrayal? Really??

      • Let me get this straight. You’re ‘mature’ enough to have been a nurse for 30 years and you’re spending your time picking on the personal life of a 23 year old girl?

        Grow up.

    • Personal comments like yours are so gross. You may think Nicole’s big brother strategy makes her a poor excuse for a nurse, but I think your behavior makes you a poor excuse for big brother fans everywhere.

  10. Corey and Nicole are both spineless.

    Really hope Paul or Vic get one of them out next week. But they would have to side with James to make it happen.

  11. And Team Feeds wins this week, lol. Even better, this time around, we don’t have to deal with Nat-Nat and Michelle!

  12. BB would set a horrible example if Corey and Nicole
    make it to the F2.

    They will be rewarding complacency and promiscuity.

    That’s so not right.

      • Production has rigged the game over and over to favor Nicole and Corey who have been having sex all season on camera.

        Human beings with dignity don’t do that.

        BB has really hit a new low. :(

      • Human beings with dignity don’t do that? Come on! It’s been well documented through this thread I want Vic to win but I 1000% respect what Christmas Corey did. Half a million dollars is on the line. Screw dignity! LOL.

      • Vic hasn’t had the production advantage all season. Corey and Nicole have. It’s so sad.

        This should just say it’s a scripted show and not let America to believe it’s fair and square.

      • Production has rigged the game in favor of Nicole and Corey all season. Vic being able to battleback twice only proves that he deserves to win.

      • His second eviction was because he went against production request to not put pualie on the block.

      • well they aren’t exactly that 16 and pregnant show…they aren’t trying to promote good behaviors…this show is to generate money for a network…i am not a fan of nicorey and i want vic to win but it is still a game dignity rewarding good behavior isn’t in the handbook i’m afraid

      • Vic and Paul actually played the game.

        Nicole and Corey were in bad for the first 60 days. Smh

      • Those sex scenes were rigged also. I saw it on feeds when a BB voice was over heard asking Nic and Christmas Corey to do it again…’Take three’..then fish/Jeff…smh

    • Promiscuity? What?! This isn’t the Jesus channel! There’s no grand prize for morality. You do what you have to do to survive! This comment is crazy!

    • Your comments over the season have gotten more and more f***** up.

      Are you free to say them? Sure.
      Are we free to let you know we find your words ignorant and irrational? You bet.

      • Everyone is watching the same show.

        To say that Nicole, Corey or James deserve to win is truly outrageous.

        They have all played either a bitter or no game.

      • Metgala is confirmed ridiculous. You’re definitely not the only one who sees it. Getting tired of the preachy, self-righteous demeanor exuding off his/her posts.

  13. Vic is right. Corey just caused extra tension and now has a target on him.

    Hope Corey or Nicole are out next.

  14. Vic is too far loyal. Goes to show he was raised very well. Can’t say the same about Nicole or Corey.

    • This is so completely over the line.

      Maybe stop trying to judge others on the way they were raised and instead think about your own behavior.

      • Vic displays good moral codes and has been respective.

        James, Nicole and Corey have all disrespected themselves and have all been slobs.

        Good thing Natalie made it clear that James and her will just be lifelong friends. Nothing more.

  15. Production also allowed Nicole and James to have a pre-season alliance which someone pointed out was against the rules. They also promised to give $10k cash to others if they win. Something fishy has been going on all season. America has had enough.

  16. Nicole and Corey are being so fake now with Vic. It’s disappointing.

    You can’t expect anything else from these two. Smh

    • So we’re just going to pretend that Victor didn’t turn on Corey when he nominated him with his best friend Paulie, even though there were tons of other people left in the house to go for?

      Look, I like Victor ten times more than I like Corey. But you don’t have to rewrite history and stick your head in the sand in an attempt to make Corey look bad. It’s like you don’t even know what’s real anymore.

      Realistically, Victor had three people to choose from to nominate, and Corey and Nicole already went out of their way to protect him during Michelle’s eviction week. It’s the end of the game. Things like this have to happen. If you’re saying Corey should have actively gone against what’s good for his game in order to protect two individuals who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy in the past, then that’s a silly thing to get worked up over.

      Your favoritism is clouding your judgment.

      • They made a F4 alliance and even discussed about hanging out outside the house. Poor Vic for learning that it was all fake. Heart goes out to the guy. Paul, too. He tries to act all hard but he is definitely torn about it too.

      • There is the remote possibility that they want to set it up for a backdoor on James, but I doubt it.

    • He’s just hurt. Passionate guy. He was betrayed by someone he thought was really loyal to him. He’ll be fine.

      • I know, but he’s a scary guy when he’s angry. I’m actually glad things are calming down a bit.

  17. Vic made a mistake by not putting up Nicole and Corey or worse, sending Natalie home.

    He let the $5k blind him. He was foolish.

    For someone who was so smart he let his emotions blind him.

    • Nicole and Corey kept him and Paul safe. He returned the favour and kept them safe. That’s not blind or foolish.

  18. I thought I was going to be totally bored at the end with this group but it’s kind of interesting. every competition can change things with the two couples and James in the middle. Ideal for drama sake is James wins veto and uses it. Then Nicole and Corey would have no control over the votes and Nicole could go home on Corey’s HOH.

  19. Corey is saying that Vic played a bad game by not having any alliances other than Paul.

    Reality: Corey has been in bed with Nicole – literally- for the last 60 days.

    Vic’s game has been better than Corey’s.

      • Corey has comp wins under his belt. He was with a strong early alliance, and was friendly enough to never be a target

      • Apparently Corey’s game was better…if being in bed with a girl and keeping the bulls-eye off of you gets you further in the game, it sounds like Corey’s game was better….again, I say this as someone behind Vic 100%.

      • Corey has played it as well. And he’s right about this part. Victor only had Paul. Corey has/had Nicole, Paulie and James has been his friend since early on. By extension of Paulie he probably had Zakiyah in terms of who wouldn’t have gone after him.

    • Dude, are you related to Vic? I’d like him to win, but also recognize this was a great move from Coery.

    • Corey has made an art out of contributing to strategic conversation merely by repeating the prior sentence spoken. And giggling after saying “What up Nocole?” Any resemblance to actually playing Big Brother is mere coincidence. He’s like Chance in Being There – people assume he’d never have gotten so far were he a true idiot so they ascribe meaning to the drivel that comes out of his mouth.

  20. I’m dreaming here but……I so hope James wins veto pulls Vic off, Corey will have no choice but put Nicole up the rest is history.

  21. In contrast to Victor, Paul is being very understanding. He says that he knew this was a possibility going into it. He seems to understand that it was what was best for Nicorey’s game going forward. Paul also gets where Vic’s coming from, saying that he’s upset because of the blindside. Corey responds that it was the same thing Victor did to him and Paulie (too true – as far as Corey and Paulie knew, the guys were still an alliance at that point).

  22. Nicole is worried that Vic is gunning for her and she feels really awkward. Then again, we don’t know whether she’s just acting for the camera.

    Production’s colors are showing.

  23. I can see the top 4 small camera’s on the feeds, but not the main screen, and can’t here anything either, what a bunch of BS!

  24. “Paul was getting really nervous just before the meeting while Victor kept assuring him that Nicole and Corey wouldn’t flip on them.”

    Um, well P & V had to realize that at least one of them was going up, right? I mean, numbers right? I mean, duh?

    • Yes, but the difference between James and a Duck going up versus both Ducks going up is huge. The former implies James was the target. The latter implies they were betrayed.

    • The problem seems to be that Victor assumed James would be up there with one of them while Paul was a bit more realistic about it.

      • Not a smart assumption though. They should really have been thinking more clearly about what they would have done. I don’t believe that either P or V would have been kind in this regard and would quickly have thrown N & C up there. Very short sighted of them.

      • They have to keep all 3 of America’s favorites at the end, and then Nicole will get the prize.
        If James goes up in place of Vic, I would love Paul to go.

  25. Nicole’s voice… my goodness. It’s so annoying. Why does she have to yell when she’s in the DR. Imagine being married to her.

    “So I walk in into the kids room and it’s a mess, toys everywhere. KIDS, come clean up your mess!”

    “Where were you? You’re late from work.”

    Her voice is so much better when she speaks softly.

    • Not a fan of Nicole but don’t blame her for something she can’t help. She has a deviated septum. The whining, however, makes her voice seem worse. She should knock it off!

      • It is the whining that’s annoying. some of the girls had that same squeaky voice Nicole has like Natalie and Michelle. Nicole whines and pretends she doesn’t know what’s happening.

  26. James will probably end up in F3…he has done nothing in this game..very weak player…throws comps all the time…he just annoys me.

      • I certainly didn’t understand that comment about being a racist. Where the hell did that come from? Didn’t understand the reasoning behind the commenter’s remark! That was a very personal attack on you. I didn’t like that at all! Sorry I didn’t immediately take up for you.

      • Thanks a lot jk!! Didn’t think it would serve me or anyone else to engage or respond to that comment. And I still find James creepy :)

      • I’m not saying it was the best way to do it or anything, and I could be wrong, and even if I’m right its easy to see how it could be taken the wrong way, especially when not spoken face to face and it’s just writing, just text………

        But I think the person who called you racist was kidding.

    • Well Christmas Corey made the comment that neither he, James nor Nicole NEED to win veto because one of the Sitting Ducks will go home this week regardless. That might not be a good game move because if Victor wins, he’s going after one of them with a vengeance.

      • Victor will have to be the one to go home this week. Sorry Victor fans but that would be the best game move for this couple at this time.

      • He is a comp beast. He will go after this veto and if he doesnt win it he will be ok if Paul wins it

  27. For the first time ever, I blocked someone who is not a troll, because I find their morality far too flippin; conservative and am just sick of reading about it.

  28. I’m glad, now is time for Victor to win that veto and convince Corey to put Nicole up instead of James.

    • Vic and Paul were talking. Vic is already imagining how he would vote between James, Nicole and Correy. Not even putting himself in the equation. I kind of wonder if they think James is with them.

  29. Question to anyone who would know: why would I have a comment marked “pending” for more than 8 hours in the “Nicole Franzel Faking” thread ? Has anyone ever had this situation with a comment? It puzzles me.

    • Did you use profanity or any inappropriate words?
      You have to use codes or they will delete your comments. Just retype it and post it again without those words.

    • It happened to me when I tried to include a link to an article. It had a reference to BBN in a good way but it never moved from pending to posted. It happened again when I tried to include a YouTube link on Corey telling his live goat story.

      • Sociopathic behavior is not funny, and him not knowing that speaks volumes. Not to mention calling others FFa****s in repeated tweets.

      • Even a joke about pouring lighter fluid on a living animal and trying to set it on fire is very sick.

      • You can look at the clip on YouTube if you want to watch it for yourself.

        It was no joke. They did it. Corey was there and did nothing to stop it except laugh. He thought it was hilarous. Paul even called him out about it………

      • This has nothing to do with BB, but I wanted to throw this out there. Corey mentioned having ADD at the beginning of the season. I think he may have been mis-diagnosed, or at the very least, missed a diagnoses completely. His behavior seems more like that of a person who has narcolepsy. (Many times ADD and narcolepsy go together). This is merely an observation and a somewhat uneducated guess. I say ‘somewhat uneducated’ because my mom has narcolepsy and ADD. Corey exhibits many of the same type of behaviors that I’ve witnessed first hand.

      • He’s always awake with the rest of the HGs. When he is in bed Nicole is there keeping him up past his bedtime. So he is definitely sleep deprived. I’ve haven’t notice it, and he was having that Harry Potter dream out loud. Usually sleep paralysis is associated with it and weakness. He won HOH.

      • My mom doesn’t have sleep paralysis, so I didn’t know that. She does have weakness, but has good days and bad days. On good days, she is really amped up and can accomplish lots of stuff, so I figued the HOH win could be something like that..a good day. As I said though…it was only a guess…I’m not a Dr. ;)

      • You’re right. He said he had ADD and is off his medication while on the show. He doesn’t show any signs of narcolepsy other than being tired and all the rest of the cast are too. They’re up early and have to stay up late for the show and because they make them do DR late at night.

  30. Except for Frank Jozea Tiffany and Bronte all the other will come back for season 19 that will be the next twist LOL

  31. Good job Cory. ???????????????????????????????✌?️✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?

  32. Somehow I got the feelings the last game was designed for Cory to win. Well obviously Cory is the tallest in all so he had to win any racing game. His 2 steps=10 steps for Nicole and James. Lol

    • It’s a lot harder for taller people to balance on a competition like that than a shorter person. Especially if it’s slippery.

      Unfortunately, Corey won it fair and square.

      • …are you serious?

        The guy who’s been wearing the tinfoil hat all season with the crazy conspiracy theories is asking me for “proof” about the scientific fact that people with a low center of gravity are less prone to imbalance than someone who is almost 7 feet tall?

        If you want proof, open up a fourth grade science textbook. Actually, better yet, try on a pair of high heels and ell me you don’t notice a difference.Then imagine walking miles upon miles across a slippery surface intentionally designed to make people fall as often as possible.

      • Love this response. Kudos. The person you responded to got what they deserved. They never provide proof for all their conspiracy theories then they ask for it from you. You’re completely right about height vs balance.

  33. These sexist, personal attacks that the mob mentality here keeps spreading around about Nicole are quickly making me become a Nicole fan. Unreal the way grown people are acting on here, while they themselves chastise every single thing these houseguests do that isn’t 100% holy.

    • Not just Nicole but the last half of the season, pretty much personal attacks on all the girls. Not even a fan of most but find myself defending some of the baseless stuff and sometimes thinking this is really one sided.

    • She’s worried about her family watching her lie … but she doesn’t mind them watching her screw Corey on the live feeds night after night? How could you possibly approve of that!

  34. Nicole and Corey have a reason to vote Vic out.

    He’s not a personal trainer but an operations manager.

    James is trying to pretend as if Natalie told him what she really does. He’s such a liar.

    Poor Nat having to be stuck with him for all those days.

    • STFU…nobody gives a rats ass Natalie is old news…and her only interest in James will be if he is in the final 2 or wins AFP Then the little twit will be all over James so she can get her “gifts” Nataile is a loser/user in & out of the house…

      • Natalie doesn’t want anything to do with James. Anyone who thinks they can find love on not one but two seasons needs help.

  35. Natalia Mercedes “Natalie” Negrotti (born March 22, 1990), 26, is an event coordinator from Franklin Park, New Jersey. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She was a former NFL cheerleader for the New York Jets and was also a top 20 semifinalist in the 2016 Miss New York USA pageant. She enjoys shopping, doing makeup, tanning, party planning, and cooking.

    Good for you, Natalie! ???

  36. If James still wants to win this game he has to pull off something crazy like winning POV, using it and getting Nicole evicted on Corey’s HOH. He’s already practically guaranteed top 3 but with that move it would open up the possibility of 1st or 2nd place.

      • If Paul had won HOH and put up Nicorey, production would be pushing hard for him to flip the script.

      • Ain’t that the truth.

        Production literally handed the game to Nicole and James this whole season. Smh

      • Yes, they sure did. the HOH comp was absolutely disgusting, Corey walked into that first room already knowing to look for the pipes. It was ridiculous. He didn’t even look at the grate and he went straight for the pipes.

        He was coached. There’s no way around it.

        Production screwed up though and forgot to get enough footage so that they could creatively edit it and cover it up. They probably didn’t notice until it was too late and there was nothing they could do.

        Watch it again, you’ll see.

  37. Victor has a crazy secret that Paul has been asking about. It may be a health or family thing.

    Paul is a good friend and is trying to get Vic to move out to Cali.

  38. I would love for James to win veto and take one of the guys down. Nicole would be the only option for a renom. And then could be taken out. Probably not happening, but a girl can dream.

  39. They should disqualify Nicole for getting inside info from the producers to win the POV, it’s an unfair advantage and makes me not want to watch the next season if the producers are manipulating the outcome of the game by giving certain players advantages over others

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