Moving Company Is Moving Out On Big Brother 15

Big Brother 15 Nick Uhas

The potential powerhouse alliance “Moving Company” appears ready to come to an end after overnight events turned the tables in the Big Brother house and set its members up for a potentially nasty disbanding. If you haven’t been watching then you need to sign-up now and get the full picture as it happens.

Yesterday I broke down the vote counts with things sitting tight at 6-5 and Elissa walking out the door. Now we may still have a 6-5 vote, but with at least one vote flip things are moving in the opposite direction.

Elissa’s alliance never gave up hope or gave in to the seemingly inevitable. Helen, Amanda, and Andy were staunch supporters this week working on even the most determined evict-Elissa voters. Yesterday things seemed to be shifting in their direction. Team Elissa finally snagged Jessie’s support along with Candice, giving them a 6-5 advantage. What they didn’t know was one of their six was not with them: McCrae.

McCrae is a member of the Moving Company alliance along with Jeremy, Spencer, Nick, and Howard. Team Elissa has no idea about his alternate allegiance as Amanda has repeatedly said there’s no way McCrae is in an all-boys alliance. All of the guys had planned to stick together and keep Nick and vote out Elissa. So much for that.

Yesterday afternoon around 2:45PM BBT Amanda looped back around to confirm McCrae would be with them to vote out Nick as long as she had the other 5 votes. He agreed but when asked a second time he paused and then never answered. This seemed like a clear sign of non-committal reservations on his part.

Fast forward to 6:48PM BBT when Amanda talks with McCrae again and he again agrees to vote out Nick if and only if they definitely have Jessie’s vote. He even appears excited about making this move on his former alliance.

Yet again at 10:45PM BBT McCrae is saying he’s on board with voting out Nick and keeping Elissa. He seems ready to strike first against the MC.

As a quick vote check, here’s where things appear to stand as of last night:

  • Evict Nick: Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Candice, Andy, and Judd
  • Evict Elissa: Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie

Both Howard & Spencer have said to Team Elissa that they’ll vote out Nick, but I’m not convinced, so I’m keeping them as Team Nick. Team Elissa also needs to be careful with Candice. She’s falling for Howard and Amanda upset her early this morning with perceived threats. If anyone flips back from evict-Nick to evict-Elissa, it could be her.

Through the rest of the night Team Elissa, or just for fun the “Rebel Alliance,” is excitedly discussing their plans to demolish the opposing side of the house. They are confident that with Elissa’s MVP streak they’ll have the numbers to vote out whoever they want using the third nominee as a target even if they don’t win HoH.

The logic is sound and McCrae might have finally realized that. Even if Elissa doesn’t win MVP, someone from this group will and give them the same effect. You can rest assured that unless some massive shake-up occurs the viewing public won’t be voting Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, or Spencer as MVP. If Howard stays on that side of the house then he is their only hope.

Thanks to incredible dedication by the Rebels, we should be heading toward another exciting eviction show and incredible blindside. Nothing is guaranteed until it happens. Watching Jeremy lose his stuff will be awesomely entertaining and something you won’t want to miss because it’s definitely going to outlast tonight’s show. Sign-up now for the live feeds and be able to watch as the house reacts to the eviction shocker.

Do you think Team Elissa can pull this off or will their hopes be dashed?


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  1. Please McCrae vote him out! It so much more beneficial for his game. He last man on moving company Nick would be out he would be on the numbers side and Ellissa MVP thing is always gonna be a bigger threat to get out before himself. He could be sitting pretty for next 3 weeks if they switched sides.

    • He could be sitting pretty either way. Whichever side he picks can dominate the votes as long as Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and GM never align with the rest of non MC.

      Honestly I still want Elissa out because I think the whole “control the MVP” thing is pretty dumb for the game, plus Nick will be a fun player for the season.

      But I must admit, it would be awesome to see Jeremy lose his s**t over this.

    • One big plus argument for getting the racists and bullies players out is the majority of the viewing public supports it. Which means if we spend the next 5 weeks getting rid of Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlin—-it is sure to boost ratings because the viewers will come out in droves to watch the coming episodes!
      Getting Nick out tonight is the catalyst which can ensure this scenario happens and I am rooting for this scenario and I am sure lots of other viewers too! Go team rebels and take out the garbage once and for all!

      • Not really true as far as ratings are concerned.

        There is a reason every reality show that can control it (such as, say, Hell’s Kitchen) finds excuses to keep one unlikeable loudmouth far longer than makes sense.

        If people want the racists gone, the proper play (if ratings are your sole concern) is to have at least one of them keep surviving each week until final 5 or so, so the audience keeps tuning it to see if they’ll finally get done it.

        Steamrolling the racists with MVP might be satisfying, but its also predictable and would be over before jury. People would like it. But they may not watch it.

        Its like from the Howard Stern movie “private parts”. The people who hated him watched twice as long.

      • They are not going to be evicted all en masse at all. It will still be a one by one eviction each week which will keep the audience glued to the TV set. And there will still be a lot of game play left even if all the racists and bullies were evicted. What makes you think the others cannot play or strategize? Right now, too much focus is on the racists and bullies on the show and that is what is hurting the game play. They are more a distraction to good game play. It sure as hell more boring when the racists and bullies vote out someone of a race they dislike or someone they want to bully. Two weeks of that boring nonsense is enough! We need to encourage everyone to play the game including the racists and bullies instead of letting them cruise to that $500,000 without spending much effort!

      • Only problem once you get them out, no matter how much I dislike them and include Amanda in that group especially after she used the word retard in her conversation the other night, watching these other house guests playing the game is going to be like watching paint dry. They are so BORING!

    • I like Nick. He is the only one that has not said one negative thing about anyone. BB is once again rigging it so Elissa can stay. Don’t have anything against Elissa except BB rigging it for her to stay, and rigging the CHOICE THING FOR her. Would love for Jeremy, Amanda, Spencer, Aaryn and Kaitlin to sent home packing but like Nick. Sick of production always rigging BB.

      • Uh… If I remember correctly, Dan was on the block in week 1 or 2 during season 10.

        Now what?

      • I think you dramatically misunderstood my comment is what. My point isn’t that Dan never ever goes on the block, my point is that Nick doesn’t play anything like him and Dan would not be up on the block in this situation.

        They may think similar tactically, but Dan had a far superior social game. After week one, no one outside MC and Gina Marie really liked Nick. They all thought he was strange, suspicious, and acting sketchy, and he acted like he was above talking to half of them.

        The hidden part of Dan’s game is just the everyday, hour by hour stuff. He is outgoing and friendly with everyone. He is friendly with you even when you’re trying to get him out. If Nick had played week 1 like Dan, he would have kept his shirt on more, had no one thinking he was a competitor, had no one suspicious of him, and not been nominated.

        In Season 10 Dan went on the block early because of association with Brian. And still never had an eviction vote cast against him.

      • Their games are not quite the same. Dan was a more aggressive player than Nick but they are similar in their deceptions. Dan would have mad an alliance with the MC but stabbed them in the back every chance he got. He definitely would not have allowed Jeremy to bully him into a vote.

        Perhaps Nick is on the block because he is compared to Dan? Just a thought.

      • Hes on the block becuz he could bold face lie to Elissa. Thats all it took and he would have been safe.

      • He couldn’t even answer Elissa’s answer of whether or not she is assured of a vote to keep coming from him.

        That will now be the reason for his failure in the game. He could have easily played every side of the house to cover his tracks so that doesn’t have to depend 150% on MC and GinaMarie alone.

    • Which will STILL be awesome for the live show and feeds, because everyone will STILL flip out.

      My guess is you are right, McCrae votes out Elissa, and MC blames Jessie and Candace for the stray votes. But Amanda is pretty smart, so she could flip out.

      McCrae’s problem is if he goes the other way, MC will know exactly who flipped. THen again, if America stays boring and stupid with their MVP votes, it doesn’t really matter what Jeremy et al know.

    • While I tend to agree with you, but there have been alliances in the past that fell apart. McCrae seems to be a kind of oddball and I am guessing he isn’t used to being in a clique like the MC. I am not sure he is comfortable trusting the rest of that group, particularly Jeremy who threatened the rest of the MC to do what he wants them to. Maybe McCrae thinks Amanda is a more certain partner than Jeremy?

  2. Give rid of all the racists and homophobes.CBS SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS A LONG TIME AGO..All they care about is ratings like I said before.Oh and Aayrn should be the First to go because of all her Remarks .Shame on her .She needs to grow as a person as a women.

    • Freedom of speech my friend. Of course, with the government trying to take away some of our rights, I can see how you think it’s okay to take away that one, too.

      • With that Freedom comes responsibility. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If things like swear words can be banned, which in my opinion are not as bad as the filth spewed by these “People”, then what they are saying should be as well. This should not be tolerated.

      • Swear words aren’t banned, they are just edited out of the CBS shows.

        Trust me, the houseguests swear a LOT.

        And no one is arguing that the people SHOULD say those things. But first, it should be abundantly clear that these people are blissfully unaware that they’ve even said something offensive. And second, while there will be real life consequences for their words after the game (and already have been in fact), unless there is a game rule against this stuff, there should not be in game consequences beyond social ones.

        In other words, its fine to dislike what these people say. Its less fine to want your viewing experienced “cleansed” by having them removed for saying things you disapprove of.

        For example, if people want to boycott Chick-Fil-A due to its CEO’s open anti gay stance, they can, and that is fine and a consequence of him making that stand. If people want the FDA or IRS to shut down Chick-Fil-A or the FBI to arrest the CEO because of those views, thats not ok, that is censorship.

        Not liking the houseguests, or treating them different in their real lives because of what they say is fine. Trying to force CBS to throw them off for saying unpleasant things is censorship.

      • I generally agree with you, except that the CEO of Chik-fil-A is not anti-gay. He does not support gay marriage and there is a big difference. But that is another argument for another day. I think what people are saying is that they are struggling with the possibility that these bigots may actually win or at least come out ahead. I think once they lose power, if that happens, the calls for BB to remove them will diminish.

        As much as I am a defender of speech, all speech and I think we overreact to what people say, I also would have a hard time watching the likes of Aaryn or Jeremy or Spencer or GM being handed a check for $500,000 or $50,000 by CBS.

        We as a society still want the “good guys” to win and the bad guys to meet their demise.

      • Love the good guys, but have to admit the bad guys are what usually make it interesting. You have to have some of both to make it worth watching, but root for the good guys to win in the end.

      • The last two weeks have been anything but, interesting. And all the bad guys are in charge. They are picking apart those they dislike based on race and being bullies. The game is about strategy but, these guys are nothing but, floaters. If they had to devise strategy—-they will fail at it! This is boring because the nominations are nonsense! If Nick goes, the game is turned on its head. Now, the racists and bullies have to play the game as they are all being paid by CBS for each week they are in the house. So, time to earn your paychecks. Outside of Nick and Amanda, nobody is really playing this game. Even with all the bullies and racists out, there will still be a lot of gameplay and strategy left but, the big difference is house guests vote to evict someone based on strategy to get to the end instead of basing the decision on someone’s race or the simple fact that you want to bully someone! Elissa got the MVP twice because of the sympathy she got because of the bullying she was subjected to and not because she was Rachel’s sister as claimed by some. If she survives this week, someone else will win MVP but, more than likely someone who is an enemy of the bullies and racists in the house!

  3. Howard should wise up and ditch the racist and bullies group. He will get himself evicted if he sticks to Spencer and Jeremy. He should realise those two guys are damaged goods and will get evicted if the rebel alliance sticks together! Better to break the ties now and that goes the same for Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin which should be the other very obvious, expendable targets in the house!

    • There is a certain strategy to taking the most unlikeable person to the end. That is why I think Helen is trying to align with Aaryn. The problem is, at this rate the entire jury house may be comprised of all unlikeable characters perfectly willing to vote for someone like Jeremy or Aaryn.

      • It is too early to worry about the undesirables being in the jury room. One way to avoid that is evicted all of them one by one now if the rebel group gets that chance. That way, there would be maybe, just one or two of them in the jury house so, they cannot nominate one of their own if they make it far. However, eliminating all of them now—-that guarantees all of them cannot win that $500,000 and they are still forced to vote for one of the two finalists whether they like them or not! That would be a just punishment for them too!

      • Exactly!! Whoever wants to win BB should take Aaryn of Jeremy to the end. That is the way to win the game. Like I said this year these house guests do not know how to play the game and will be boring as watching paint dry once all the “bad” guys are gone.

      • If all the racists and bullies were booted out, they would have to vote for someone who they dislike for that $500,000. It would not matter who because if two of the rebels wind up as the finalists—-one of them will win that $500,000 whether the racists and bullies like it or not. Poetic justice at its finest. One important consideration is none of the racists and bullies will take home the $50,000 2nd place prize as it should be! Boring for the bullies and racists because they would in effect be a captive audience watching one of the good guys win it—-the majority of the viewing public will cheer it because the racists and bullies got what they deserved at the end! Call it karma!

  4. Elissa has had a target on her back from the start, because her sister is the annoying Rachael Riley. She knew she couldn’t hid that from the others. And she is being judged because of who her sister is. Look at her not who she is related to. I am glad America voted her MVP 2 times in a row. Aaron needs to go, she is to big for her britches. She is just upset that her showmance was the first one voted out. Name of the game. And she is a big part of the racist crap that is going on in the house.

    • So, it’s not okay to judge her and want her out because she’s Rachel’s sister. HOWEVER, it is okay to vote her MVP because she’s Rachel’s sister. Sound logic there.

      • I’m not saying vote her MVP because she is Rachael’s sister. I’m saying I’m glad they did because she needs to protect herself, if that is one of the ways to do it. Not that it will protect her but it may help.

      • Elissa got voted for MVP twice not because she is Rachel’s sister. That is a pretty dumb excuse. The very obvious reason is she got sympathy from the viewing public because the house was:
        1) full of racists and bullies and 2) Elissa despite, not being a threat and not being able to play the game good is targeted, in effect bullied by the racist and bullies group. I rarely vote in these reality shows but, my utter disgust with the racists and bullies in the BB house made me vote for Elissa as MVP. She obviously is a lousy player and next time I vote MVP, I will give it to someone else able to evict one from the racists and bullies group of Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlyn. Majority of viewers want the racists and bullies out of the house. Then, we can have a game based on strategy and good gameplay instead of based on racist targeting and bullying which should not be allowed on this show.

      • At least Elissa seems willing to put someone like Jeremy up on the block. The rest of the house seems too concerned and afraid to make a bold move like that. However, someone other than Elissa as MVP may not divulge he/she has the power. In fact, keeping Elissa may be a good strategy for the other players in her alliance. If they should get the MVP, they could make it seem as if Elissa still has it and avoid getting any blood on their own hands.

      • I sure hope Nick goes home tonight. That will flip this game on its head and make everyone play the game if they want to survive. Also, the racists and bullies group will get targeted as they should be! Time to get one of Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlyn out the door. Of course, my preference would be to take out Aaryn, Gina Marie or Jeremy out first! Nominated 3 of the 5 undesirables and one of them is guaranteed to go home!
        Also, you strip their alliance of 3 votes which practically guarantees one of them goes home!

    • 1) I don’t think she did know she couldn’t hide that from the others, because she tried to.

      2) If America looked at her and not who she was related to, she would NEVER have won MVP in the first place. On her own, she is just terrible at all aspects of the game.

      • That may be true but neither would she have been put on the block twice and ostracized by one side of the house.

      • I totally agree Mark. Who knew annoying Rachel had so many fans??? lol But honesty I like Elissa, BUT she has an unfair advantage in the house due to the Reilly fans. She has definitely has not done anything to deserve MVP so why keep her in the house? With her gone everyone else has a fair chance of winning MVP. And America will not give MVP to Aaryn, GM, Spencer, or Jeremy. So one of the “good guys” will win MVP each week and shake the house up a little. Nick should stay and keep the house interesting. Nick staying will ensure smarter game play. Versus Elissa who will continue to be a mediocre player, say her weekly Rachelisms, and win MVP each week…Boring

  5. Ok I really don’t know about this cast this year there are so many that are very ugly people I do not like these young people who think they are hot stuff and talk so so bad about the other house guest. I mean there have been that before but this year his just bad. And if Nick gets taken out that’s fine by me he is a smart player and needs to go if the other guys are smart they vote him out also. Jeremy ego and those girls need to be knocked around a little if you ask me….

    • There have always been at least one or two players like that. But this year it seems more than half of the house is mean and getting personal. Aaryn has been about as mean spirited as I have seen from any BB guest in the past. Evil Dick was crazy at times, but I think in his case it was mostly an act. Aaryn is just a mean person.

  6. Elissa needs to go, Nick needs to stay to stir the pot and McCrae is just a weirdo, talk about someone who needs to be back doored! He is out and out freaky!

    • I never understood the rationale to eliminate the weak players first. Elissa is not a strong player and I do not think she is a threat. I think evicting Nick is a wise move because he is a very deceptive player and a threat to everyone in the house. Remember, it was Nick who actually got David evicted last week.

    • Elissa staying would stir the pot…Nick staying would be exactly what the house expected…cmon now…

  7. Elissa is not a good game player – at least not so far. But there is nothing I would rather see than the faces of Jeremy and Aaryn when they realize the house is against them and their number has been whittled down by one despite having HOH and POV. If this happens, and I am still skeptical, they will realize they do not have all of the power they thought they had. Jeremy threatened to leave the MC but where is he going to go. But like I said, I am still skeptical that McCrae and Jessie will vote out Nick.

  8. As much as I want Elissa gone, if McCrae blindsided moving company it would be a pretty wicked move. Then again it would be fairly epic if he blindsided Amanda too.

    He hasn’t told MC that the rest of the house are voting out Nick, but he also still never told Amanda about moving company, so he is the big mystery vote for the live show. Either way feeds tonight should be epic.

    That being said I’m really not digging the MVP twist. It took the HGs half a week to break it, and now it makes HoH safety only. As long as you have the votes and the most popular houseguest, your alliance cannot be stopped. For a week or two BB will let this remove the racists, then my guess is they kill the twist. They want power going back and forth, not fixed on one side no matter who wins HoH

    • The MVP twist would be better if the House Guests were told they CANNOT divulge they are the MVP to anyone. Giving away who it is ruins the concept, although it does add a different dimension to the game. I think Amanda has it right by wanting to control the MVP nomination whoever gets it. The evil side of the house is stupid for not realizing that they will never be MVP regardless of whether Elissa goes or stays.

      • I don’t think saying you CANNOT divulge is necessary. The only thing messing up MVP is Elissa. If all players started unknown and a SMART player got it, they not only would not tell people, but they might make unexpected nominations to try to frame someone else as MVP.

        As for the evil side of the house, no one ever thinks they are the evil side, and no one ever knows how their behaviour is playing to the audience. For example, I think Danielle from last season got a heck of a rude awakening last year. To a BB houseguest, if you don’t like someone, you clearly think the TV public won’t like them either.

      • whatever happens on bb tonight mc will be exposed and therefor become targets themselves. this happened because of elissa picking nick as replacement nominee.

    • The more I think about it, the more I hope McCrae sticks with MC.

      Either way tonight will be epic with suspicion and fights.

      But think of the layers of paranoia if Elissa leaves 6-5.

      On one side, team Elissa will be ROCKED. They think they are being the sneaky ones. If the audience spoils it, Amanda could flip out on McCrae. If not, he can cast suspicion on Jessie and Candice.

      But the blondes will still be thrown for a loop. The vote will be closer than they expect, and Aaryn will still have no idea who is on her side. So will she think that Amanda and McCrae went the other way (or if Amanda flips out … know it)? Will the think Spencer or Howard went with the others instead of Jessie?

      It would be awesome chaos. And who knows who would get the next MVP?

  9. It’s always funny to me when people threaten to STOP watching if their favorite house guests leave, or if the ones they don’t like stay. Who cares? Anyway, I still an confused as to why Elissa is a target, outside of her being Rachel’s sister. And as far as Nick goes, yeah- from an observer’s point of view he is the biggest threat right now. Jeremy is cocky and prideful and what follows that? Destruction and disgrace. ;) I’m sorry about all the racial slurs and terrible comments being made by these entitled HGs. It makes me sad and maybe in the long run these people will see how hurtful their attitudes are and change their ways. But as far as the game goes, it’s a game. They are in a fish bowl for our entertainment. I don’t want Elissa to go, but if she doesn’t she’s going to HAVE to step up her game. Jeremy needs to be removed and then she needs to think ahead a little better. Aaryn is really no threat and honestly, the guys will let her go without looking back. It’s pretty bad to play an emotional game, which I think she’s done so far. Candace is a SMART cookie. Paired with Helen and Elissa, they can go far if they remain logical. The trouble is that Candice is not married, so her emotions will take over when it comes to Howard. Jesse and GM and Kaitlyn are all falling for the showmance thing and even though they are wanting a ‘Brenden/Rachel’ or ‘Jeff/Jordan’ result, it looks to me like the most likely result will be more of a ‘Matt/Nat’ (I think that was her name) failure. Come on, Girls! Follow your INTELLIGENCE, not emotions. That is all…. ha ha ha

    • The trouble with Candice is that she is smart and has figured out the boys alliance but she does not know how to use that to advance her own alliance. Instead of doing what hse says and getting all of the girls together she is basically keeping it to herself, Helen and Elissa. She is so afraid of being a target she is not taking any bold actions. And she is a target anyway!

      • Candice did not figure out the boys alliance because she is smart. She figured it out because Spencer set her up. She knows how she voted, so she is the only one sure about the numbers not adding up on boys votes.

        Her problem is that she really doesn’t have charisma. No one trusts her on either side, and MC did a masterful job sabotaging her. If McCrae abandons MC she is fine for awhile. If not, she is out, and will be a scapegoat for the second straight week.

  10. I’m hoping McCrae flips like a pancake. It would be a bold move and a game changer. Which would make the next HOH extremely important. If Jeremy wins HOH then we can say goodbye to one of our “rebels” and hello to another week of intimidation. Lets hope that doesn’t happen!

    • Actually if McCrae flips the next HoH is not AT ALL important. That’s the whole point. As long as Elissa stays and America backs her, the other side can win every HoH and still lose a player EVERY WEEK. Thats the dumb side of the MVP twist. Brilliant strategy, but if its pulled off, could make for a boring game until BB shakes it up.

  11. since when is nick the brains of his group. its allj eremy he’s making all the decisions. do you really want elissa to win every wk.

    • Nick put the MC together (Jeremy had an alliance of 3 before), Spencer convinced Nick of the week 1 play, and Nick told Jeremy what to do.

      And Nick had Jeremy trying to get Amanda put up early this week (when Jeremy just wanted Elissa out again), and only changing when she used MVP to put him up.

      Jeremy has a domineering personality, but until after veto this week, he really hadn’t bossed around MC much.

  12. Let’s just hope Nick is out the door and Jeremy does not win hoh then the others get to play the game.

    • If Nick is out the door HoH does not matter, only MVP. As long as one of Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlyn/GM could get put up, the rest of the house would be bulletproof until America bored of Elissa.

    • How do the others get to play the game if Nick goes? Elissa wins MVP every week so she’s the one not giving the others a chance to play the game. She needs to go!

      • Elissa does not win the MVP for herself. And she was targeted before she even won the first MVP. The reason the house has put a target on her back is that she is Rachel’s sister even though she is nothing like Rachel in terms of personality and game play. I think even if Elissa’s sister goes, the viewers will give MVP to the same person again because there are so few people that are likeable in the house.

    • If Nick goes home, time to give Howard MVP (won’t happen, but nice way to trip up the stupid “lets use MVP” team without supporting terrible people.

      If Elissa goes home, time to give Helen MVP and see how smart she really is.

  13. After watching the show last night it sure looks like the other members of the MC are not real happy with the threats they received from Jeremy. He has now threatened everybody one way or the other. That means his bully tactics are effective although they may be short-lived. If anybody can get Jeremy back on the block he would end up evicted. In my book that’s all good!

    Many people have said that arrogance will backfire on him. Don’tcha just love karma! rofl

  14. I found it amusing that Jeremy thinks he’s the house’s greatest treasure, and threatening to leave MC will make them all do what he wants. The ugliest dude in the house thinks he’s the best…like we haven’t seen that one before (jesse)

  15. If this really happens, and Nick goes home (which I believe won’t happen, but hey, expect the unexpected) then I don’t really know how I’m gonna watch this season. I have no favorites beside Nick and (dont hate me please) Aaryn. I’ve tried to like Elissa, but I can’t. I loved Rachel’s competitive side, and it doesn’t seem like Elissa has that. She’s not as strategic as her sister, and it’s annoying how MVP is basically her’s for the taking. But that’s just my opinion.

  16. How can all you people want Elissa to stay over Nick?! She is a terrible player, totally out of place in this house. She has, by 0 merit of her own, controlled the MVP, which is destroying the point of the power, which is to keep it a secret and stur up the paranoia. I get you all “like” her and she follows everyone’s good person rules, but from a game standpoint she needs to go. Only reason she has been persuasive at all is because Helen has been her brain this entire time. Nick came to play is exactly what the show needs. Elissa does not know how to play this game, plan and simple.

    Everyone needs to stop ranting and cheering with their hearts, it’s a game FIRST and FOREMOST. Go watch the bachelorette if you want to make good people bad people arguments.

    • This is a long game. Nobody in their right mind would want anyone from the racists and bullies group to win that $500,000. Add to that fact, that nobody practically has played this game. Everyone practically is floating except Nick and Amanda. Nick is not that smart of a player because he exposed his loyalties instead of saying what people want to hear. Obviously, this house needs to be shaken at the core and what better way then, to remove one player and destroy some alliances in the process? Then, everyone has to scramble and play. The racists and bullies group has relied on numbers alone and it will continue if Nick stays because he is close to Gina Marie. The rest of the rebels (good guys) will get picked off one by one because they have less numbers. One way to solve the problem is destroy the Moving Company then, the racists and bullies can destroy each other and that should be fun watching! I don’t see how we have the numbers so, we will vote a person because we dislike their race or want to bully them is at all interesting. This is getting old with 2 weeks of this nonsense! Time to shake the house and make the house guests earn their paychecks because they do get paid every week they are in the Big Brother House. Game on.
      Play it or get booted out!

    • I see your point and agree she has not sown herself to be a very good player. But, the poor girl has been under attack, personal attack, since she walked in the door for being Rachel’s sister. She was between a rock and a hard place right off the bat. If she told everyone she was Rachel’s sister, she would have a target on her back and if she didn’t tell them, they would find out and still put the target on her back. Look at how these people talk about her for no reason. She doesn’t seem to be a bad person and many of the people in the house just give her the cold shoulder. Had she not been targeted so quickly and so thoroughly, I think we may have seen her get more comfortable playing the game. But at the same time, she does not seem comfortable with lying and deceiving like her sister was, even in this game setting. You cannot play this game being honest and transparent.

    • Awesome point. Elissa hasn’t done anything to deserve MVP, and is pretty much ruining what it was meant to be. MVP is supposed to stir up chaos and be secretive. She’s done none of that.

  17. No matter WHICH WAY McCrae votes tonight, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that production does a better job controlling the studio audience for once.

    If he evicts Elissa, then unless they’ve been told to stfu he will be booed so loud Amanda will know that he flipped.

    And if he evicts Nick, the opposite happens. He gets cheered and then has zero deniability to MC (this matters less as its easier to lie about Candice and Jessie than Kaitlyn and GinaMarie, so he’d be busted anyway)

    • I agree. If MC loses their CEO this week, J will be out for blood in “beast mode” but would be interesting to see who blinks (from MC). I just don’t see how MC would stay intact “as is” if they start hemorrhaging. They would divide & conquer the Rebels (well, try to) to pick them off until the numbers were back in their (MC’s) favor (& change back to their old spots). That would be the question? Would a Rebel(s) be blinded by the reflection off J’s muscles and drink the Kool-Aid, with visions of them hanging with the BMOC?? Entertain the idea that if they “take” J to the end, they could WIN over him???
      Or not?
      Revenge of the Nerds – coming soon!

      • If Nick gets evicted tonight, the racists and bullies group will get picked apart if the next HOH comes from the rebel group. The viewing public will also give them MVP to ensure one of the racists and bullies goes home. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlyn would be the targets and more than likely, one of them will go home next. Put 3 of them on the block and they lose 3 votes all at once. That is a no brainer and guaranteed winning strategy. These assholes would be begging for survival when it happens!

  18. I think production got in McCrae’s ear and now he’s making it look like he will vote for Nick to go to make it more exciting for the viewers. We all thought Elissa was for sure going and now were not so sure. And Jessie is afraid of Aaryn and promised she would vote the way she wanted to earn her trust. Anything can happen but I sure hope Elissa goes. It is so boring watching her win MVP every week and she doesn’t even make her own decision as to who to put up. Helen does everything for her. If she stays we might as well call this show the “Elissa” show instead of Big Brother.

  19. I really like Nick, but I really like this plan even more! Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

    • I like Nick too but I seriously want to see Elissa and Helen make it far, such a great friendship. Plus I want Nick to leave to really shake up the house.

  20. If all mean, threatening, racists and homophobics people had to be dismissed from this show. they all would be gone.

  21. McCrae is so booty blind. He is being used so badly. He may as well kiss his final five goodbye.

    • For real. What’s the point of Elissa even winning HOH when she can nominate someone anyways? Just ridiculous. MVP is supposed to be for the person who played the best week. Clearly, that hasn’t been the case.

  22. If Nick by some chance does go then all the viewers need to vote together for MVP and give it to someone different. Maybe Howard or Helen. I don’t care who just nobody vote for Elissa. If she stays and gets it again then CBS needs to say after this week the MVP is no longer in play. Otherwise it’s going to be a very boring season called the “Elissa” show.

    • There should be a rule that it can’t be won consecutive times just like the HOH can’t compete in the next competition

    • I don’t think Elissa will get MVP every week. I think because she was the universal target from Day 1, viewers gave it to her to give the underdog a fighting chance. Once an MC goes home, I think the MVP will change hands. That may mean trouble for her because the hg’s may assume it’s still her and it isn’t…she will catch flack for it.

      • If Nick goes home, the game has changed for the better because now the racists and bullies group will get their just desserts. No longer can they just float because they have the numbers and now have to scramble and play the game as they should. After all, they are all getting paid for each week they are in the house! I agree that MVP will go to someone else because majority of the viewing public want the racists and bullies targeted for eviction. The only reason Elissa got MVP twice is because she was being bullied and in jeopardy. The viewing public including me, voted her MVP to help her stay in the game. Now the person I vote for MVP will come from the rebel group assuming Nick gets evicted and preferably, the HOH this week. That way, that HOH has 3 nominees and the flexibility to target the racists and bullies in the house and get one of them out for sure!

    • I agree, I’m thinking of voting Spencer for MVP. What do you think Lavendargirl? LOL

      • You always make me laugh. LOL And I’m glad because sometimes these comments get heated (mine included). So I look forward to your comments.


  24. It will be very dramatic for this week but going forward it’s going to suck. With Elissa assured the MVP each week the HOH and POV become a pointless formality. Elissa’s alliance will always control the 3rd nomination and vote and then we get predictable boring TV for the next 5 weeks.

    • I just still don’t think she will get it every week.
      She was the underdog and her biggest enemies were the “bullies” that people have had visceral responses to, so “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, I think. It kept MC from routing the house from Day 1. They may still recover but they will have to do more than just cash the checks (for now). :)

  25. Man, I hope this comes true (evicting Nick). I would enjoy nothing more than to watch Jeremy as he acknolwedges his lame alliance fall apart right before his face on live TV. Then, someone other than he, Aaryn Nation, GM, Kaitlin, Spencer or Howard wins HOH and puts him up – then, he fails to win POV and goes home. Please, BB Gods, let that happen.

  26. Helen is quickly becoming my favourite in this house. She is playing smart and hard while most of these people are sitting around doing their hair. Also, she easily could have laid low this week and distanced herself from Elissa, ensuring that she’d be safe and would probably fly under the radar for awhile, but she didn’t and I love that! I work for a political consultant and those people think strategy all day, everyday; I’m glad she’s using her talents and I’m really excited to see her continue to play. Go Helen!

  27. As long as Amanda stays with Team Elissa, McCrae should stick with Amanda. I don’t think he wants to break with Amanda, even though she wants more of a relationship with McCrae than he appears willing to do. In any event, the lines will be drawn at the vote tonight.

  28. A little scared. If there is an idiot out there to throw a vote to evict Helen, a tie can be ignited and Aaryn would get the vote.

  29. I don’t think Spencer got enough sleep last night. He’s so paranoid, he looks like crap….poor guy.

    • Awww..poor baby. I’m playing my violin for him. You think he’d like “Cry Me A River”?

      • I’m not sure now about Howard. He has a sneaky plan, which he would lie and tell Judd and Andy at the last minute that Amanda/McCrae flipped. I just hope he doesn’t pray with them before doing that.

  30. If this happens and then the beat the other side of the house, like evicting jeremy and howard, McCrae is easily winning every comp, it sounds great now but it will end up just making the show less exciting, EVICT ELISSA!!! She is just a brenchal fan mooch who came into the game with a huge advantage.

  31. I do like the idea of voting out Nick to turn the house upside down. Isn’t that what BB is supposed to be about? If they let the MC pick off the rest of the house 1 by 1 for the entire season it will be very boring.

  32. Andy is a spaz…… He might get scared AGAIN and vote to evict Elissa.

  33. This will be badass if they can pull it off! We’ll see if it’s bro’s over “kitty” for Crae Crae

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