Big Brother 15 Eviction Prediction: Week 2

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted and even with everything we’re able to see on the Feeds this one is still somewhat uncertain. When’s the last time that happened?! This is going to be a great eviction that you won’t want to miss.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

We’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 15 HG tomorrow morning so feel free to share any questions you might have.

Big Brother 15 Week 2 Eviction Predictions – Helen, Elissa, or Nick:

Nick Uhas
Big Brother Fix Nick Uhas
Big Brother Access Nick Uhas
Big Brother Source Nick Uhas
Big Brother Junkies Nick Uhas
Big Brother Live Elissa Slater
Nick Uhas
Zap2It Nick Uhas
Nick Uhas


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  1. I like Nick but if Nick leaves the tables will be turned. Things will get crazy in the Big Brother house

    • And THAT is the beauty of BB. Things can change on a dime. I like Nick but if he goes then the MC can’t steamroll their way through the house. Which would be the Brigade all over again.

  2. I wish it was Jeremy going, as I hate to see Nick or Elissa go yet. Hopefully they surprise us all, and Helen goes home.

  3. Even though I like Nick (sadly for me, I like all 3 nominees this week), getting him out now is the smart thing to do. He’s a smart player and good competitor.

  4. I hope you’re right. But there’s still a lot of campaigning going on. Not 100% sure that McCrae won’t swing his vote back if one of the Moving Company is the last to speak to him before the vote.

  5. I wanted Jeremy to go as well. I think it should be Nick though. I’m with Helen and the others Bring down some of “The moving company ” alliance.

  6. Ok who here think that Nick is gay He is so not into GIna marie she keep throwing herself at him. Take a hint girl he is just not that into you!

    • If we say he is gay here is that gay bashing? Then all of the people on here will want to vote me off.

      • Rick – Are you being derogatory? Regardless, why do we care who is straight and who is not. Is anyone asking if Jeremy is straight? I find his constant reference to sex (“meat wallet”) to almost be a front for all that he is not. Those who talk too much. . .

  7. See what happens when I stop watching for a day. LOL My only question is why couldn’t it have been Jeremy evicted instead? I kind of like Nick.

    • Yeah it is unfortunate that jeremy won the veto it else it would have been him going:(

      • Well if Nick goes I bet no one will throw HOH this week. And Aaryn can’t play. 2 for 1!

  8. I sure hope it’s Nick. I didn’t care for Elissa’s sister, but I like her, Helen, and Candace as a team. They need another lady or two to work with, but the others are sketchy and 2 of them just utter idiot bigots!

  9. It’s way cool that this weeks HOH is not a physical challenge. Well, not entirely anyway. We will see who the brainiacs are. I don’t think anyone will be throwing any competitions tonight.

  10. i knew jeremy was gonna win the veto.they should have put someone else up and backed door him

  11. this years bb people are all into themselves.especially jeremy. he thinks he rules that house

  12. I hope Nick gets evicted and Elissa or Helen won HOH and nominate Aaryn and Jeremy and use Elissa’s MVP to nominate Kaitlin and completely control the eviction! I hate Aaryn soooooo much but it is probably safer for Elissa if Jeremy goes first.

  13. Nick is gone 100% and while it may create some fireworks for a couple days its going to get REALLY predictable and boring after that. HOHs and POVs wont matter much for the next couple weeks. Most of GM, Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin will be evicted in the next couple weeks its just a matter of who goes when. Even though I dont like those 4, the game will get rather dull with the remaining houseguests after that. I hope they do away with the MVP twist by the end of July.

  14. Nick has to go! He didn’t even start talking to any of the other HG until he was put up on the block then he became Mr. fake friendly guy and started leading GM on even though he obviously has no feelings for her. He’s sneaky and since Jeremy or Aaryn can’t go…it HAS to be Nick…PLEASE!!!!

  15. Well it looks like production did there job. Looks like Elissa is staying. BORING. She doesn’t even play the game Helen plays it for her. I don’t care for Nick either but at least he didn’t have ties to BB and doesn’t have all of Brenchel’s fans voting for MVP. Well if Elissa stays then the fans would be fools to vote for Elissa again for MVP. I don’t care who gets it just not Elissa.
    And no I won’t stop watching because I love BB but it’s going to be an awful boring summer.

    • Excuse me Elissa IS playing the game….how else would Nick be on the block…you are under estimating her :)

      • Excuse me Elissa is NOT playing the game. Helen has told her every move to make. Maybe you need to watch the live feeds! Elissa is boring!!!!

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