Michelle Meyer – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Michelle Meyer was evicted from Big Brother 18 this week after setting herself up as Nicole Franzel’s top target following weeks of aggressive tactics while failing to campaign for herself in the least. Now on the outside of the house and heading to Jury we got the chance to ask her a few things about life as a Houseguest on Big Brother.

Michelle Meyer evicted from Big Brother 18

Going from superfan to Houseguest is surely an overwhelming experience as she was now forced to make her own moves instead of watching from home, but when it came time to make those moves she faltered. We asked what happened during her opportunities of power, why there was no campaigning, and more in our interview with Michelle.

Big Brother Network (BBN): James told you not to campaign this week but you even said you were worried you might be the target. Why did you still not do any campaigning at all until just before the very end?

Michelle Meyer: Because when I was co-HOH, I was talking to Nicole and Corey, and they said they were going after Paul if they didn’t go home. I thought they were smart players and they realized Paul was the bigger threat, so I didn’t think I needed to say anything. I don’t know if I campaigned things would be different.

BBN: You mentioned regretting not saving Frank then also regretting not putting Nicole on the Block. Two times you had power and control but ended up doing what other HGs wanted. Do you still regret not making the moves you really wanted to make?

Michelle: Well, if I would have used the veto on frank, the whole house would have been livid – they all wanted frank out, and that would have made me a target. Putting up Nicole would have been hard because I wouldn’t have had the votes to get her out anyways… I don’t think so, at least.

BBN: After going from Big Brother fan to a Big Brother Houseguest what proved to be the most exciting thing of the experience and what was the worst?

Michelle: The exciting part was getting to talk game with everyone, having a first-hand experience on my favorite show. Getting to live out my dream… the worst part was the constant paranoia, and getting evicted. And, dealing with people that were pissing me off. And, my emotions… my tear ducts.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now and can go far in the game?

Michelle: I think Natalie. She plays up the dumb card when she’s actually very strategic and smart. She can win comps when she needs to. The boys don’t see her as a threat so she can go far… and she’ll have a killer final two speech. She really surprised me. I’m glad I got close to her.

BBN: Thank you Michelle.

Michelle heads off to Jury now and we’ll see her again in a few more weeks for the finale though I imagine if we get some more Jury House footage there’s a good chance for some fun drama there. Do you think she’ll blend in quietly at Jury or be ready to pile with the rest of the ladies against Paulie?



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  1. Meech’s biggest regret if not stealing more stuff from the HG’s. She still has a chance in the jury house. ?

      • Can’t stand Nicole She has whined and snaked her way to where she is. She claims to be so innocent.

      • These women couldn’t play the game because their petty jealousies got in the way all because of testosterone in the house! They will probably kick themselves on the rear once they realize how stupid they conducted themselves. Day already realizes her mistake. Didn’t take her long to figure it out.

      • Yep she is. She’s strategically got herself to where she’s at. Smart game play. Michelle was just jealous of her.

    • She’s still crying over what Michelle said on her way out. She’ll be crying right after the show ends when Corey dumps her.

  2. Really wanted Meech to win, I’m sad. She stayed herself through the very end though and I love her for that. Hilarious exit. I sure hope she gangs up against Paulie in Jury.

      • Um, no. She flipped the house twice. Got Bronte out instead of Tiffany. Turned the entire house against Paulie. That’s gameplay. Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, and Bridgette all would have voted for her in the F2. Don’t even try to say she wouldn’t have had a chance.

      • Except she can’t take all the credit for any of those moves. The only thing she did by herself was call Nicole a snake and that sent her home.

      • The 2 AM house flip that saved Tiff and evicted Bronte was single-handedly Meech. The Paulie house flip was a team effort of her, Natalie, and Bridgette, but hey, she was still a leading force of it. To me, comp wins aren’t all there is to being a good player.

      • The Paulie flip may well have been production. It’s a little bit too much of a coincidence that everybody was cool with Paulie, they’re called to the DR, they come out, “Hey I don’t know about this guy anymore”. Paul was right in the middle of exactly that. You could call me a conspiracy theorist but remember Natalie confirmed that production pushed her to work with Corey and Nicole. It’s completely feasible that if production felt the game needed a shake-up, as at the time Paulie was running everything, they’d tell somebody to get their eye/target/radar on him. I don’t normally like calling things like this, but like I said, it was too fishy, too much of a coincidence, and the ill-advised timing of the houseguests (literally right after they got out of DR — way to be subtle and even try to make it believable) didn’t help.

  3. Michelle still didnt admit that she got manipulated when she had power and did what other people wanted. No accountability at all.

      • No, I’m not fan of Day and Z, but at least Day played a little bit smart game than Meech, common’ she said that she’s a superfan, but she forgot the basic rule of the game: you never can’t feel safe.

      • And he’s not a good player too. I said this before, I’m not rooting for anyone this season (maybe Victor and Tiffany, but well, she’s out), a lackluster cast in my opinion.

      • The only females left in the house are Dingus and Gnat and Gnat hasn’t been a weho so you must be referring to Dingus, yes?

      • Paul? I think that he’s playing a good game, he’s not my favorite, compared with the first weeks he made a big progress.

      • Agreed. Day is not the best player but she is solid. Tt’s the reason she got evicted so early. People saw her as a threat. Michelle not so much. She'[d sill be in there if she didn’t have a hard on wit her Nicole hate. Seriously, what did Nicole do that was so awful that all the evictees hate her? :p Michelle claims she floated but that’s bull. Nicole worked on alliances and made moves when she need to felt it was time for a switch up.

      • i guesd meech couldnt play het owen without some1 in hert like co hoh jusdt like frank being in bri ear!how natalie hohs going with james always by her side?

      • Michelle had a lot of chances to play a good game, but she didn’t approach that opportunities.

      • That was a good move. I’m not surprised though people want to play up Corey being an idiot and using this as fuel. I hope Corey wins. Reactions on here would be funny.

      • I thought it was a good move after he explained his reasoning. I’m not a huge Corey fan, but he has grown on me. I promise I wasn’t making fun of him.

      • Lol it’s cool even if you were (I believe you though that you weren’t). I’m glad he’s grown on you, and it’d be nice if more people would see the positives in him like I have all season. He’s always been one of my top 3-4 faves this season.

      • Ok, out of the ear thing let’s be honest: Victor and Paul are better players than Michelle.

    • I didn’t find anything out of this joke of a player to be funny. I have no idea how anybody found her funny. I thought she was painfully unfunny, actually. I agree though about not being a good player, although that’s putting it mildly.

      • I only found funny that she took the Paul’s toy, her argument with Nicole -in my opinion- was unnecessary.

      • Fair enough. I was kind of shaking my head that she took Pablo, but Paul’s reaction, yelling “You took Pablo?!” right as the door was closing, that was pretty funny. So I guess by that measure, her taking it was funny…

        Agreed about her dumb argument with Nicole. She just sounded stupid.

  4. Michelle was actually in a good position early on in the game. People were confiding in her and she really wasn’t anyone’s target. Unfortunately for her she started to unravel, shoot off her mouth and isolate herself. She didn’t argue for her positions which should be part of anyone’s game. She fought people who really weren’t fighting her. She has no one to blame but herself for where she is now.

  5. Meech said in another interview she said Dan was her cousin to make Nicole paranoid and took Pablo so part of Paul would leave the house. More oh brother than big brother.

  6. I agree. Natalie could make it far if she aligns herself with Paul and Victor. All 3 could get rid of Nic and Corey.

  7. Michelle’s parents should pack up, and leave town to a undisclosed location, before Michelle get’s home. lol

    • They should definitely pack her up and make her leave home if she behaves akin to that in their home. Call me cruel, but my 2 children did not pout and cry and act like they were spoiled brats. They’d never get back in my house if they did. That’s something that can be controlled if a person cared enough to try.

      • I could look a certain way at my children and grandchildren when they were small, and they knew to cool it, or the next time it would be the stinging pinch on the inside of the upper arm, which left a slight bruise every now and then, if needed. I promise that there would be no bratty adult in my family. That’s uncalled for.

      • I agree. Only one look and they know to knock it off!! Kids are pretty smart & know when they can get away with stuff. It’s parents who need the training & end up with bratty kids. I’ve met quite a few in my day.

      • You know, no one has talked about Nicole’s statement that her parents didn’t say that they were proud of her. I think she should be aware certainly that her being horizontal might have something to do with it

      • She knows what she is putting out there for the world to see and she was looking for something from her family that affirmed it was pretty bad. She said her brother didn’t look too happy and her mother didn’t say she was proud of her. Dingus has given them plenty of reasons to be ashamed and upset with her.

      • Yeah, I was shocked to hear her say something about what her family was thinking
        She sure didn’t care what the other hgs thought either.

  8. Natalie playing the best game, lol. I’m preparing myself now for a very unsatisfying end to this season if someone takes a goat to the F2.

  9. Are you under strict rules when you do these interviews? Were you not allowed to ask about her fat shaming, and overall disgusting viewpoints?

  10. I liked Michelle. She was crazy and her gameplay was lacking. But what’s Big Brother without a psycho or two.

    The other being Paulie.

  11. I couldn’t stand her telling Julie “I knew it” (that Victor and Paul were working with Corey and Nicole) when just before that, in the same interview, she clearly expressed not understanding why they didn’t go against each other to evict the “bigger threat”. I’m glad this babbling idiot is gone and has no opportunity to return. She speaks completely unintelligently, especially when she’s being confronted or awkwardly trying to confront somebody else. Her stupid speech and her talking before walking out the door was pure gibberish. I actually yelled at my TV “just shut the **** up and leave”. Good riddance. I can’t believe she had a single fan and that they gave her something as powerful as co-HoH. She was a joke.

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