‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Makes A Pitch But Builds Case Against Himself

James Huling didn’t have to rely on his gut alone last night to see what was coming down the nomination pipe this week on Big Brother 18. The house division was clear enough to leave both James and Natalie anticipating the obvious move which put James in to action.

James talks with Victor and Paul on BB18

In hopes of cutting off the plans early James went to the new HoH to try and set a different course for the week but instead ended up making the case to keep things as planned.

With Michelle voted out by a tiebreaker James & Natalie knew they were in trouble and Victor’s win as the new HoH didn’t help their concerns one bit. Natalie spoke to James telling him he should have voted out Victor like she asked. “I begged,” she told James placing the blame on his shoulders. Nevermind that she put Victor on the Block herself.

James hoped he could at least save Natalie and maybe even give himself a fighting chance so he went to Victor to make a pitch for clemency.

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James wants to be honest with Victor and see if it could influence his pending decision. He explains to Victor and Paul that when Victor needed James’s vote he couldn’t give it to him because James and Natalie actually had a F4 deal with Nicole and Corey. With that he had to vote to keep Corey.

We’re watching James try to build a case that this was all a logical, strategical move and nothing against Victor personally. In fact it was a move of loyalty, James suggests, since he was staying true to his F4 deal. The deal he just made against his old deal with Victor… Oops.

Victor asks James: “Was that final four deal made before or after Paulie left the house?” Remember that Victor & Paul worked with Natalie & James (plus Michelle) to get Paulie out and they were together as a group before Natalie decided right after Paulie’s eviction that they needed to target Victor instead of Corey and Nicole. They broke the deal here and flipped over to Nicole & Corey. James actively encouraged this flip while Michelle passively went along with it even though she wanted Nicole out.

James answers Victor that it was after Paulie was evicted. He’s telling him the truth. Victor replies, “after I did the dirty work of getting Paulie out you switched to them.” He tells James that he understands it was just the game, but Victor was being loyal while they weren’t. Especially since James says this deal with Nicorey was made “when it was convenient,” as Victor explains it.

James says he understands that he deserves to go up, but Natalie doesn’t since she wanted Victor to stay. This isn’t working on Victor or Paul either. They explain that Natalie and James are a unit and just as if someone wanted Victor or Paul out then the other would go up with him. Victor promises that if they go up together then it’s not a shot at Natalie.

“The situation is literally the exact same, but flipped on you guys,” explains Victor. Well, it’s hard to argue with that and James can’t. He tells Victor he knows he screwed up and hopes it isn’t used against Natalie. Victor promises to explain any decisions to Natalie if he goes that route (which he will, but rules prevent him from confirming in advance) and again says it would be to go at James and not her.

Nicole and Corey walk in to the HoH room after this and the talk ends. James gave it a good try but it’s not going to work. I’m still glad he went for it though instead of taking an approach like Michelle did. Really the only hope for James and Natalie at this point is the Veto on Saturday but even then they’ll need a game shift to keep both safe.

What do you think of James’s approach with Victor? Did he do the best he could or was this a sloppy method? Share your thoughts below as we continue to wait for today’s nominations ceremony.

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      • If they are F2, I think it will be according to whether the jury votes from a social aspect, a competitor aspect, or complete game aspect. There is a distinct difference in their game approach for sure, and it is up to the jurors to decide what they appreciate and respect the most.

      • I think Victor would have edge just because he’s had to battle back twice to get back into the house

      • Yet there are posters who think that would be a disadvantage with the jury. It wouldn’t be if I was voting.

      • Vic actually got Paulie out twice which no one probably even thought of but me! By winning jury buy back it kept Paulie from returning or Paulie would have been back in the house and the game would have been a bunch of floaters at that point as many people would have been on their own more! Only the 2 showmances would have remained.

      • Agreed 100% as either deserves to win and I am not a fan of either. Final 2 with them will be interesting what jury thinks but I think Paul gets the win.

      • He was a jerk to the girls before his 1st eviction. He was a douche and a jerk. He improved his attitude once he returned the 1st time thanks to Paul. He said some cruel things to Nat Nicole M and not sure who else? At this point after the way Nic and James have played recently Vic deserves to win or even Paul. If they are final 2 it will be interesting.

  1. He was truthful, then Dingus lied to Vic about an F4 existing between her/Doofus & James/Gnat. James made his bed with dirty linens. Now he can wallow in the aftermath. Dingus has been wallowing in soiled linens all season. Nothing new for her.

  2. Well, well, well……
    My how those tables turn! Finally, after weeks of nearly giving up entirely on this season, and show, comes a glimmer of hope in the form of KARMA!!!! Should’ve stuck with the plan, and it would’ve been nicorey on the block instead of you guys! Nat was so power hungry she completely ruined her game!
    Totally rooting for the sitting ducks!!!!!
    #SittingDucks #forthewin

    • Yes, how those tables have turned… Natalie is regretting her nomination now and blaming James for voting Vic out after she “begged and begged for Vic to stay”! Well, if you hadn’t decided to flip the script and nominate you allies then… as you said, it would have been Nicole or Corey leaving last week and not Michelle. Nat & James have no one but themselves to blame for their current situation.
      #NoSympathy ;)

      • I do have a tiny bit of sympathy for James; I’m hopping Nat will be evicted and James find redemption before heading to the jury house. I can’t stand to see Nat breaking his heart like this.

  3. Well I’ll give James points for trying. But in the game you can’t try, you do. He may be playing the game, he’s just sucking at it. Which is a shame because I like him as a person, but he’s just dumb as hell as far as this game.

    You’re a good guy James, but your game isn’t good.

    • Oh how sad to try to win 500,000. I would do whatever necessary to win that money. Victor has earned it if he makes F2. Fought his way back twice, won a number of comps, has a good social game

  4. Team Victor.

    Funny.. at the beginning of the season I didn’t like Paul or Victor… now if they leave, I wouldn’t care less about the season.

    But, at the beginning of the season I really liked Nicole and James. Now i’d like to see them lose.

    Amazing what a little character development does for an opinion about someone.

    • I completely agree except for it took me a little while to warm up to Gnat and then I got a chill that won’t go away.

      • Same here KSJB. I am so over her and I would not be at all unhappy if it was her and not James that goes first! No more whiney voice…Yes! Please BB Gods… :)

      • I’m really hot or cold on Natalie. I just don’t think I like her when she’s with James. She does get annoying sometimes, but she’s got that adorable side of her that always brings me back.

      • I don’t care for Nat at all. IMO she is fake and is playing the exact way her bio said she would play. I don’t know if you have the feeds, but she drives me crazy with this Americaaa!!! She came into the house saying she was going to flirt and have a showmance and that’s what she did. She started with Corey and then realized Nicole and he were together so went on to Vic. Vic broke things off with her because he didn’t want a showmance and then she went on to James. Can’t think, but she will end up hurting James. She claimed to not know this game at all, but has referred to several players on different seasons so she knows more than she claims to know. She says a lot of sexual things and then turns around and says everyone is talking about her behind her back and plays the pity card. Lately she told Meech that she was the one who wanted Corey and Vic and she was the one who ended things because she realized they weren’t the type of guys she wanted. I could go on and on, but long story short I can’t wait until she is sent packing.

      • I don’t have feeds but I’ve read Jokers the entire season and have seen bits and pieces of what you are referencing, which have left me with not so great of an impression of her, either.

  5. oh jamsey jamsey james…too little too late…if you really want to help anything this week go to the dr and make a plea for pablo to return home…

    • Hahaha! Right? That might earn him a few points, but I’m think James & Nat’s fates are sealed. Hopefully, one of them will be going home this week. :)

    • Yes. They’ve just announced that every single houseguest from the past 6 seasons is banned from Big Brother for breaking this rule. The season is canceled, effective immediately.

  6. It’s really hard to argue or make a pitch with Victor. If you’ve wronged him, he’s always got the right answer. The guy is a straight shooter and a very loyal player…that’s just his game.

    • Absolutely Cyril. He is the most loyal player in the house. He would have honored his deal with Meech, Nat & James, but Natalie and Michelle broke the deal by nominating him and Paul, therefore, James can’t expect Vic not to return that betrayal by putting him and Nat up OTB. I saw that conversation last night and James really did make it even worse. Natalie totally put the blame on James too…Funny, how can she just forget that James would not have had the opportunity to evict Vic if she had not put him OTB to begin with!! I mean hello?? Anyhow, can’t wait for the nomination ceremony. :)

      • I know so many people dislike james now but I’d still rather see Nat go first. I was pretty sure she would stab james in the back when it became necessary.

      • You & I are totally on the same page India! :) James has made bad decisions, but Natalie has had a hand in them as well. However, according to her James is at fault because…she “begged James to keep Victor” , but Natalie is completely ignoring the fact that she decided to betray Vic by putting him up to begin with!!

      • James looked so defeated and dejected last night on BBAD, it broke my heart.
        There’s no reason for Nat to blame James either. The plan was a good plan except they didn’t know there would be a returning Juror. If not for that they’d be sitting petty right now. They’ve both been unlucky.

      • She blames him for everything. Even after the HOH comp that James supposedly threw (which he didn’t) she tells him you’re a grown ass man you do what you want but you better keep me safe.

      • I saw her do that on BBAD and it was pathetic. She has eyes, couldn’t she see that james was weak and trembling and was just trying to save his ego with the Nicole deal.
        What a shrewish fishwife she’s become.

      • You’re right, but James should have known…the timeline and remaining HG didn’t add up, moreover, since the airline ticket was a bust…IMO he *should* have anticipated that a juror might be coming back.

      • For some reason James has said the DR would alert him if something like that was going to happen. So he thought he could coast through this season with the DR letting him know when to play hard. Doesn’t make sense but he has been comfortable nesting with Nat so far.

      • I’m hoping she goes first too. She’s all about Natalie and I’m sick of her always playing the victim. Even after the comp she’s telling Vic if my fingers were longer I would of had that comp. Wrong her fingers had nothing to do with rolling the egg down the ramp.

      • No it won’t. If Nicole goes up against Nat then Corey and Paul will vote out Nat and James will vote out Nicole. Nat will leave by a vote of 2-1.

      • Paul wants either James or Natalie gone. He would never vote out Nicole. Especially after she saved him. Him and Victor go by trust and loyalty.

      • I expect Victor will put up Corey instead of the kittenish Nicole. :D Man can not live by bread alone you know.

      • Little Miss Perfect – so sick of her. I hope James turns on her and gets her evicted instead.

      • Let’s hope the DR or Nicole talks some sense into him. If James and Natalie are still on the block on eviction night I hope Nicole does what’s best for her game and evicts Natalie.

      • I think she’ll do what Victor wants. I think this 4 will be loyal until the 4. I really think they’ll talk it over because Paul would like to see Natalie go first too. But Victor wants James gone. I really think Natalie is better at comps then James. She almost won this one.

      • Maybe Nicole can sweet talk Victor into wanting Nat gone instead since Corey also wants her gone.
        I still think James Is Nicole’s ace in the hole.

      • You do? Even after he feels betrayed by her? I’m hoping they all talk and decide to get rid of Natalie too. Can’t wait for the POV. If it’s James and Nicole in F2 I think Nicole would win. But if she’s against anyone else except Corey I think she takes 2nd.

      • I’m sure he’s hurt and angry by Nicole’s betrayal – but wait – was it really a betrayal when she kept her word to keep James and Nat safe?
        James also betrayed Nicorey when he turned on Paulie and left them standing out in the cold.
        Nicole needs to talk to him and get him focused on Natalie betraying him.
        But then again, james is such a dangerous guy and is not known for keeping his word so I can see why victor wants him out next.

      • That’s true. I forgot about that with Paulie. And she did keep her word and both of them safe. I’m really hoping Natalie goes then will see what James will do.

      • I never thought I’d see this happen but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Nat and Nic could join forces and work together for once instead of against each other.
        Things might get desperate when they reach the F4.

      • I don’t think I would trust Nat. The entire season she talked crap about how Nicole plays dirty and lies while she’s the dirtiest hypocrite. I just can’t take one more week of her playing the little miss perfect victim. I’d rather see Nicole and James work together if he stays.

      • I forgot that Natalie would probably beat Nic in the F2 because of the bitter female jurors.
        The only person I think Nic could beat now is Corey tbh.

      • Yep Corey and maybe James. If she was against James she would have Corey, Victor, Paul, and Paulie’s vote I think for sure. James would have Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette and Day’s vote for sure. I think Z would be the deciding vote. And if she’s back close with Paulie then she might vote for Nicole.

      • wouldn’t that be something! but James will have to grow a pair & finally play for that half mil to go into his bank account.

      • He’s gotta have a temper somewhere and I can’t wait for him to explode when he realizes he’s been used.
        Nat needs to check herself or she could become very unpopular with James’s fans.

    • You don’t see people like Victor that often. He’s not afraid to let his targets know that he’s coming for them, if the need be. But he’ll do it while still being rational and, overall, a good guy. If he’s after you, it’s because you did something to him first.

      • Exactly! He has legitimate reasons for targeting someone…usually, because that person took a shot at him first. It is like he said to Nicole, he told her she has never done anything to him to make him not give her his loyalty…he only loses trust when someone betrays him like Nat and Michelle did on their Co-HOH.

      • (In response to both bay and TGJ)To be fair, this is all only working because he’s returned to the game twice. People who let his/her targets know that he/she’s coming for them get voted out. It’s not a good strategy (See: Tiffany, Frank). He has legitimate reasons for targeting someone, because almost every single person in the house has already nominated him or voted to evict him/evicted him. Typically that “reason” is nonexistent because people don’t get that second or third chance.

    • He is loyal that’s for sure. Didn’t care for him in the beginning but after he came back the first time I started to like him more and more.

      • Yep were on the same page. David’s my favorite. I don’t think we’ll ever like anyone more than David right?

      • The first few weeks I wanted that whole crew gone… Josea, Vic & Paul. Still glad Josea never came back, but now I am team Vic all the way!

    • No other person in that house could have handled Paulie like Vic did and got him out the door in the process.

  7. Funny what time does. At the beginning of the game Paul was unbearably obnoxious and Vic was… well, he was genuinely awful at the game. He deserved to be voted out 2nd.

    Fast forward to now, and those two guys are the only ones I want to see sitting in those last 2 chairs.

    • I think Paul has been consistent. He was obnoxious at the beginning, and he still is. Perhaps it’s because he was on the “other side” at the beginning and you didn’t “know” him well enough after just a few weeks.

  8. James should have asked Victor to speak with him in private. Paul did not need to be there. Although Paul is Victor’s only trustful partner, it should not stop anyone from throwing him under the bus. James should have explained why Paul or even Cory are bigger threats and he should not take them to final 2. He wouldn’t speak against Nicole. James should get evicted for being such an idiot. Once he’s gone, then Natalie can try to get Victor to go with her instead of Paul and give obvious reasons why she is a better final 2 partner.

    • I thought the same thing. When Vic went in to talk to Gnat about her not being the target, James left. Did Vic ask him to or did he do it on his own?

      • You should see him, Karen..he grabs Nicole and puts his face into her neck and just kisses it or something..not sure what he is doing…Corey is right there in plain sight…not caring at all..so that tells me once the game is over..Corey will say..See ya! Vic does this alot. He really likes Nicole! And Nicole likes the attention.

      • Omgosh, I don’t wanna see that. But it doesn’t surprise me that Doofus has no reaction to it. He would probably be happy for Vic to take her off of his hands. He can do 3 weeks without sex, now 3 months was just unthinkable. :(

      • …and to think last year..she wouldn’t even give Hayden a peck on the cheek! I have really been grossed out watching those two with their bed antics! There has been undercover sex for sure!! 1000%!

      • I wasn’t reading spoilers during Nicole’s season just watching the show. When she finally kissed Haydden it was so cute and exciting. I really liked them together because I thought she was a sweet girl. Maybe she was back then.

      • Nicole is nothing but a hole pretending to be a good girl. She likes any male attention as long as they are in a leading position. Her main man is still Corey, but I think she may have noticed that he is not into her as much as she is into him.

      • Her little sweet and innocent act starts to wear very thin in that house. She doesn’t cuss..but, she sure gets in that bed with Corey and has a very good time! With cameras watching..I would be so embarrassed.

      • I bet she liked working with good looking doctors and wonder how many of them were not into her as much as she was into them. Also, I hope she gets that nose looked at after the show. No wonder she talks the way she does…..

      • She has a deviated septum. That’s why she sounds the way she does. However, it has nothing to do with the ‘uhh’ at the end of every word-uhh!

      • That’s a pretty harsh personal attack. I’m not a fan of Nicole but saying stuff about her looks and private life at work isn’t cool. No one on here attacks the guys for looks and it’s sickening that people resort to nasty attacks about the girls all the time.

      • agreed, any mother who watched this season and saw her and corey “stratigising” would not approve

      • is that happening right now?
        I hope he is not thinking of taking her to the final.
        James was saying something to Victor about him and production. It is possible that they traded James for Victor.

      • vic woke nicole up with a hug and asked her to have breakfast with him, but as usual she was too tired and stayed in bed…

      • I don’t even want to think about this. Vic must be going through withdrawals(hehe) if you know what I mean. :(

      • He’s got hands! He should keep away from Nic & use one of them!
        Hahaha! If you know what I mean…. Heh heh! Ewwwie!

      • Okay India, here’s what I saw…
        At approximately 11:58 am, Vic came up behind Nicole, he wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her on the neck…repeatedly. It was definitely flirty, but not as wild as my imagination!! LOL! When I read “macking on Nicole” I imagined making out or something!! He kissed her neck in a playful kind of way, and Nicole seems to be enjoying his attention. Later Vic & Nic were upstairs alone in the HOH room playing dominoes. I have to admit, Victor really seems to like her.

      • Okay India, here is what I saw…
        At 11:58 am Victor returned from the DR. Nicole and Paul were at the table discussing Nicole’s future trip to Cali in October. Victor came up behind Nicole, wrapped his arms around her middle and began kissing her on the neck, kind of growly too. It was definitely flirty, but not as wild as my imagination is!! LOL! When I read “mackn on Nicole”, my mind went to making out etc..
        He does seem to enjoy spending time with her b/c later they were upstairs alone in the HOH room playing dominoes and he was definitely flirting with her. Anyhow, they are supposed to be coming back out to Cali at the same time in October… Guess we’ll see if Corey shows up too.

      • Okay India, here is what I observed in the live feeds. Vic came back from the DR @ 11:55 or something like that. Nicole & Paul were at the table in the kitchen area talking about Nicole’s upcoming trip back to Cali in October. Vic came up from behind her, wrapped his arms around her and definitely started kissing her neck! Repeatedly. It was totally flirty, but not quite as wild as my imagination!! LOL! When I read “mackn on Nicole”, my mind went to making out, etc… It was not quite that bad, but he definitely seems to like her and Nicole doesn’t seem to mind the attention either.

  9. Once again, James latches himself onto a female and his game got away from him. I wonder how James would play if he didn’t do that…I just don’t think he is a good player..I guess he will blame Natalie like he did Meg.

    • James always latches himself to someone, male or female. Meg left and he was still up Austin’s behind completely trusting him. Because of his lackluster looks he has had to rely on his personality, but that doesn’t get you far enough in this game.

      • That’s true. Kind of hypocritical for Vic and Paul to blame James for flipping sides when that’s pretty much what they do every single week.

      • I wouldn’t really say that. You could argue that they flipped on Paulie, but that was Paulie’s fault and he brought it upon himself by saying and doing the things he did. They were then flipped on by James/Natalie/Michelle, not the other way around. They were betrayed and didn’t go back to the people who backstabbed them. You can’t fault them for that move.

      • It worked for Austin didn’t it. Mind you he didn’t have looks or personality.
        Plus in James’ defence he is handsome in a sort of way! He’s super nice & I think that’s where & why he gets screwed.
        He should have just won the damn comp!! Foolish man!

      • He is a nice guy, but he is not good at this game.
        I do know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t find him attractive at all.

  10. If it’s Vic/Paul in F2 Victor wins by a landslide. I know I would vote for him simply because he comes across as a more decent person than Paul. He battled his way back in the house and was humble about it, not a douche like Paulie. Never cared for Paul he has a nasty mouth.

      • I bet he can. I don’t think many people in the Jury are going to listen to what she has to say.

      • Ok just read this now! I doubt ‘Da would leave those 2 by themselves. ‘Da is her new bodyguard.

      • Agreed! Z is easily led and if Paulie gets his hooks back into her, she will do exactly what he wants. Day has already said she’d vote for Vic, so I hope she keeps Paulie far…far…away. :)

      • When the jurors came into the house right before the HOH, Day seemed to blame all her troubles on James for some reason and telling everyone to get him out.
        I can see why Day and Michelle got along together so well now since both are vindictive and spiteful.

      • Yeah, Da’Vonne played a stupid game. She stirred up unnecessary drama by turning her original alliance members against each other. She started the whole Frank/Tiff thing by telling each of them that the other was targeting them. Bad game play imo, and in the end, it cost her her own game.

      • Yes, he did, but Da’ started the drama that led to Frank blowing up and targeting Tiff which broke up their original alliance.

      • Let’s hope we see super Bitch Nichole join the jury SOON!! After throwing James under the bus after he GAVE her the HOH was despicable. She’s a devious slut.

      • Well devious I agree with… Slut?
        IMO If she is then so is Cory.
        I’m not a fan of always calling out the female as the slut.
        That’s all!

      • Depends whether Victor or Paul wins after there are 4 left. Whoever sends home Nicole won’t get her or Corey’s vote.

      • I totally agree with you, Mickey. Too many people play BB JUST to get to jury. Especially in this cast.

      • they need a 5 person jury imaginber if frank was jury now sure great to catgory 4 would full team in it now

      • i watch global tv next day because there no way im missn celbrity family feud been great this past season to just wish there was more episode of it

      • I LOVE him as an actor…and I think he gets a bad rap by the press…but he can be a little jerk-ish sometimes. Lol! When I was a little girl (like around 3), I wanted to live on Long Island. I have no idea why. My Mom thought it was hysterical. We lived in Michigan. I must have seen something on TV and decided I wanted to be a Long Islander.

      • That’s so funny! Long island was a great place to grow up. I moved years ago and still miss it. I love Alec as an actor too. I like all the Baldwins , even Danny. He was in Homicide.

      • Did you know he was on Celebrity BB (in the UK) in 2015? He was also on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. But, he’s a great actor, too. All those Baldwin boys are really good actors. I think Alec just caught some really good breaks…I’m not taking away from his talent—he’s great—but he’s had more breaks than his brothers; and they are ALL talented.

      • I didn’t know that! Alec hit the big time on Knot’s Landing. He seemed to be everywhere after that.

      • Yes…isn’t that the most heartwarming/heartbreaking story ever? Elephants are amazing creatures. Simply amazing. I think they’re more human—more capable of love—than some humans are.

      • I saw a PBS documentary about Shirley – I was crying like a baby at the end when after 50 years apart Jenny recognized Shirley when she arrived at the elephant farm in TN. Their trunks were entwined just like your avatar. You should see the documentary; I think you’d like it.

      • I saw it! OMG, talk about crying—I SOBBED. In fact, I’ve seen the doc twice. It’s an amazing story. That’s why it kills me that people think elephants (and animals in general) have no capacity for emotions. I’ve always been fascinated by elephants. I saw another documentary about an elephant mother who lost her baby shorty after it was born…she kept trying to resuscitate it. Then the other females surrounded the grieving mother. It was just heartbreaking; but absolutely wonderful at the same time. No one can tell me that these creatures can’t FEEL.
        It could be Shirley with Jenny…but I know Shirley didn’t have tusks…and I Googled everything I could about the two of them and didn’t find any pics of Jenny with tusks either. OMG…their story just breaks my heart, but at the same time fills me with such joy, I feel like my heart could burst!

      • I watch just about all the documentaries on TV about elephants even though it’s so upsetting to see them slaughtered for their ivory tusks.
        I joined a facebook group about the Tennessee elephant sanctuary and they have a lot of Shirley pictures – even though Shirley passed on.
        Watching that Doc. I remember seeing pictures of Shirley as a circus elephant with her little elephant hat on back in the ’40’s; she seemed to be enjoying herself you could tell by her impish eyes. That’s where she made friends with baby Jenny and it must’ve been a very strong bond.
        Then she was attacked by a male elephant – I didn’t realize male elephants would do this – and was crippled afterwards.
        Her keeper in the Louisiana zoo was so good to her but it must have been terrible for Shirley to be cooped up all the time.
        I’m so glad Shirley’s last days were happy with Jenny and her new life at the sanctuary.
        Elephants are the most human of all the animals along with dogs :D
        You’re right about the tusks though, I don’t remember either one having them.

      • It’s so nice to meet someone else who has such a love and interest in elephants. :)
        I have a cat, whom I love dearly; but I grew up with dogs…and YES—dogs are right up there with elephants! I miss having a dog…but I live in an apartment where only small dogs are allowed. I enjoy BIG dogs…oh, shoot—any dog, really. I just love animals. It breaks my heart when I hear about them being abused. I have to turn the channel whenever those Humane Society or ASPCA commercials come on!

      • I’m so glad to meet another elephant lover here Sharona. :D
        Growing up we would have an occasional pet but my mom was too ticky about the house and couldn’t stand an animal in the house. She did let me have pet hamsters though.
        They were the rage when I was young but I suppose they went out of style.
        Once I married I started having indoor pets too, mainly cats since they aren’t as messy as dogs, although I did have an outside Lab.
        Glad to know you’re allowed to have a cat at least. My indoor cat just turned 15 years old and still going strong. We have to take him in to get a Vit B-12 shot and an iron shot to keep him energized, otherwise he’d sleep all day and night.
        How are you enjoying apartment living? Too bad they made adults only apartments illegal – all those screaming kids can make racket all day long.

      • LOL…I actually live in a building for adults only! I’m disabled–I can still get around–I have RA and Lupus, but when I turned 50, I moved into the building I’m in now. I loved the apartment I had before…it was newer; it had a beautiful view: acres of fields and trees. My cat, Lula (a beautiful 14 yr. old black American Short-hair) was constantly entertained by the wildlife that came by to visit—deer, opossums (eek!), chipmunks, etc. They’d literally come right up to my slider. Oh, it was lovely.
        Then the neighbor above me, moved her boyfriend in–illegally–and he’d get drunk Every. Single. Night.
        Instead of dealing with the problem, Management offered to move me here when I turned 50.
        It has it’s ups and downs. It’s very quiet, and I LOVE that…but the elderly ladies aren’t very fond of me! Lol…I’m serious! They’ve been suspicious of me since I moved in 4 years ago. Lol…it’s not funny, really. I don’t look sick and I don’t look my age, so I just can’t get these gals to accept me! I take them birthday cards and send cards for EVERY holiday. I always smile and talk to them. One of these days I’ll win them over! It’s so strange not having neighbors who talk to you! I’m quiet..I don’t have anyone visit, so they can’t complain that I’m loud or that I ‘party.’ Lol…I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to ramble on.
        In answer to your question, I (sort of) enjoy apartment living. ;)

      • That’s so sad to hear about your health problems and I hope you aren’t in constant pain.
        I also have chronic health problems so I know how difficult it can be at times. After a while I became reconciled to them but I do miss the good ol’ days when I was so active.
        Is your apartment some sort of retirement home for women? I’ve been thinking about moving to one in the future. My husband is a lot older than me but he takes care of everything so I’ll be lost if I’m ever widowed. He had a heart attack and bypass surgery in December but has recovered well.
        That’s when I started thinking about some sort of retirement community since we don’t have children.
        I live in the south and the cost of living is much lower here than in the rest of the country. Are you from California?
        I wouldn’t mind leaving the south since the weather is so much hotter here than it used to be. It was always hot but now it’s unbearable. So sick of hearing the droning air conditioner for 6 or 7 months out of the year.
        I hope your neighbors will soon warm up to you – it’s ridiculous to shun you in this manner just because you’re younger than them. I’m glad you have black kitty to keep you company. I’ve had black cats before and I think they’re extremely intelligent compared to others.
        Do you have a lot of time to read? I read a good elephant book “Modoc” by Ralph Helfer that I loved. Maybe the library can get it for you through inter library loan.
        Good night Sharona and sweet dreams :D

      • Actually, it’s for Seniors and people with disabilities—but men live here, too (they’re all nice to me–lol). I’m sorry you deal with health problems as well–ugh–getting older, right? Right now I’m dealing with a lot of pain issues, but I’m finally seeing some hope on the horizon! I really can’t complain. I like to, but I shouldn’t…lol. Seriously, I can get around and a lot of people can’t.
        I’m glad your hubby recovered well from that surgery…that’s a rough one. I hate that you even have to think about it, but a retirement community can be really nice. My folks lived in a beautiful place. Dad is still there–Mom passed 3 years ago.
        I’m in MI now, but lived in NC for years–and loved it! Except for the heat! I don’t enjoy MI–I enjoy the seasons (!)–I just hate being here. Long story.
        I spend much of my time reading, and live very close to a library, so I’ll check out “Modoc.” Thank you for recommending it!
        Even though you wrote this a couple of days ago and in the evening, I’m going to take a nap…so the ‘sweet dreams’ still applies! Thanks for chatting with me, India. I’s been really nice. :)

      • There’s always hope isn’t there Sharona :D
        I’ve enjoyed chatting with you too and I’ll keep you in my prayers :D

      • It never really bothered me that much before. But when I heard these idiots talking about how they ‘..just want to make it to jury for the money’, it made my blood boil. But a smaller jury makes much more sense.

      • How can you read Mickey’s comments when it says This comment was deleted. Am I reading it too late?

      • I don’t know about that. Nic voted either Derrick or Cody in her season & they both got her out. Can’t remember who was HOH but it was a team effort.

      • Paul WILL NOT win over Victor!! He’s an egotistical asshole and I think most people in the house would agree. Everything out of his mouth begins with the pronoun I or my. Self-centered is his middle name. He also spins the lies like a spider spins its web. One minute he lives at home with Mom and Dad and the next minute he’s referring to someone who lives closely his Condo!! I wouldn’t believe one thing that crawled out of that pretty ugly mouth. Uugh!!!

      • Liz,
        Thank you! He does begin with Me, Myself or I every time he opens his yap!
        And he lies like a rug!
        And he said he lives 3 months here & 3 months there to immerse himself in the culture & get a feel for the people. (Or something similar)
        I love ‘crawl out of his mouth’ good one!

        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
        Someone who finally ‘gets’ this nasty dude!!!

        Always having to ‘one-up’ everyone!
        Just a wannabe BB alumni!!


      • since they switch memory wals from season 15 to 16-17 look where the last winner came from

  11. Big Brother (CBS) 2.3/8 7.73
    Bones (FOX) – R 1.3/5 5.11
    American Ninja Warrior (NBC) (9-11 p.m.) – R 1.2/4 4.48
    Beauty and the Beast (The CW) – R 0.4/2 1.52

  12. Connie has it exactly right. It is impossible to plan a strategy when people are given multiple opportunities to get back in the game. Victor gets kudos for winning two contests and getting back in twice. But James reveals his hand when he votes someone out, and if that person gets back in multiple times, of course they’re coming after James for revenge. BB should not have this many return opportunities. It skews the game.

  13. Trivia
    This season’s opening sequence goes back to the older theme music last used in Big Brother 13, rather than the newer version released and used in Big Brother 16 and 17. Likely reverted due to throwback for the veterans.
    However, from the episode with the first Veto competition, the music has changed back to the newer version for reasons unknown.
    The reason for the change to the older music, and then back to the newer music are both currently unknown.
    Ironically, Season 13 was the last season to bring back former HouseGuests that started off as HouseGuests rather than coaches. That season also had its own Newbies vs Veterans alliance.
    This is the first season to bring back past HouseGuests since Big Brother 14.
    Coincidentally, in that season the HouseGuests started with 12 newbies and 4 vets that split up into teams based around the vets, just like this one.
    This is also the first season since Big Brother 14 to evict a HouseGuest within the first 2 days.
    3 out of the 4 veterans (Frank, Nicole, and James) all earned 7th place in their seasons. Da’Vonne is the only one who didn’t get 7th, instead getting 16th.
    Da’Vonne was the first veteran HouseGuest to improve her placement, all by surviving the first eviction. She was also the only veteran not to win anything in Week 1, as James had immunity, Nicole was HoH, and Frank won the Roadkill.
    This is the first season with 3 nominees on the block during eviction night since Big Brother 15.
    Ironically, Season 15 is the only season of the 4 before this season to have no returning players.
    This season also features two siblings of former HouseGuests: Paulie Calafiore (brother of Cody Calafiore from Big Brother 16) and Tiffany Rousso (sister of Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17).
    This is the third season to feature a returning HouseGuest who was evicted pre-Jury, after Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 13.
    However, this is the first season where the pre-jury returning houseguest was not immediately evicted upon re-entry.
    This is the first season where everybody in the Final 9 won at least one Head Of Household competition.
    This is the first season since Big Brother 6 in which multiple female HouseGuests won HOH and POV within the same week.
    This is the first season in which five different HouseGuests won HOH and POV in the same week.
    The five HouseGuests are Paulie, Bridgette, Corey, Victor, and Nicole.
    This is the first season to have two separate HouseGuests wear unitards at the same time, being Nicole and Corey.
    Coincidentally, they were in a showmance during their time on this season.
    This season has the most unitard wearers, with Frank (wore a unitard in BB14), Nicole (wore a unitard on BB16 and again this season), and Corey.
    This is the first season to have a HouseGuest return to the game twice, the HouseGuest being Victor.

    • Thank you for the interesting bit of trivia! :) Season 13 was one of my faves. I was just bummed Evel Dick got the terrible news he was HIV positive that season and had to leave early. I really wanted to see him and Danielle working with and/or against Jeff/Jordan & Rachel/Brenden. :)

      • look up big brother wikia somegreeat stuff that i always go vack up stuff on it because think im lying bout it just like team members in jury right now!

  14. James is getting what he deserves, and I’m loving it. I’m still upset with him for what he did to Frank and Bridgette & he totally screwed over Paul and Victor.

      • I know. After he promised Bridgette that they were safe she dropped in the HOH comp for him. It was shady. Haven’t liked James since. It’s humerous to watch him now.

      • I want to like James so bad, but he continues to make dumb game moves. I absolutely love his personality and pranks. He seems awesome as a person. As a player he frustrates me because he was one of the best positioned players and he kind of ruined that for himself. When Nat won HOH they should have stuck with the 5 instead of turning on Victor and Paul. and last week.. I mean come on. He assumes they are shooting the sh*t when they’re actually confirming their final 4. It was hard to watch.

      • Good post.
        I’m still a fan of James too & am pissed about how he played this time.
        Should never had giving HOH to Nat. Big mistake.
        He knows her family & she used that on him. Shows he’s a damn nice guy!!
        Too nice to some degree but, really it’s like he has no drive or passion.
        Just lays around all day, or so it seems!
        Nic broke his heart by separating from him & Nat.

      • James did the same exact thing last season too. He likes to quote Mike Boogey as an excuse for breaking his word, but imo Boogie was far more crafty about it, hence, he got away with it where James just looks like a liar.

  15. “Nicole Has No Ethics/Morals”
    People on twitter are so effing annoying. Trying to vindicate Nicole because she made a move against “Queen Meech,” or because she has a showmance with Corey is so futile. Michelle was targeting Nicole. Point blank, period. Nicole put herself in possibly the best position in the house. I find it funny that it’s okay for Nicole to continuously be bashed for lying or aligning with a strong male, when Paul, “ya’boy” has done the same exact thing… He played the middle for 3 weeks, and had Victor as his fall guy. Twice. Why do people try to shame Nicole for playing her version of the game, which is clearly effective as she’s still unnominated, as opposed to Paul? Or Victor? Just because she’s less entertaining doesn’t mean she’s playing poorly, or give you the right to say she “fucked her way to the end.”

    • I agree. Nicole is not a fave of mine, but I think Michelle saying that was obnoxious and untrue. Nicole made a strategic move last week and it is now paying off for her. There have been other showmances that have been pretty blatant as to what is going on, e.g., Paulie & Z, but I have not seen them blasted all over, so I think it is just a personal opinion…which everyone is entitled to. However, I happen to agree with you. I do not think Nicole *bleeped* her way to the end of this game, I think she coasted along until the end and now is actually playing BB. And that is my opinion folks and I am entitled to it. :)

      • team breakdown right that big sister catgory 4 and team unicorn will have 3 member each

      • I get that you mean those original teams, but I am not following what you mean by them? Those teams were forced on everyone, they were not actual alliances.

      • Ok, I see what you’re saying. You mean that the jurors who are members of the original teams might vote to see the member of those teams win… Right? IDK. Da’ said she’d vote for Vic as well and he was not a member of her OG team. There is no one left of Bridgett’s team in the house, so she will have to choose another option as well.
        Personally, I don’t think (and I hope) those original teams should have any impact on the vote at all. They were forced upon the HG and not chosen like true alliances are, therefore, they are IMO, meaningless.

      • I agree. I think the teams were designed to keep the return HG’s safe. They weren’t really loyalty inspiring teams.

      • Are you messing with me? How can you post such a coherent message above and then post something that makes no sense?

      • Mickey likes to copy/paste articles from other sites.
        I’m sure you can guess which of the messages are really his though :D

      • I was trying, but I don’t want to sound rude, you know what I mean? I’m not that kind of person, so thanks for helping me out. That’s friendship!! Hahahaha!

      • I was trying to figure it out, but I didn’t want to sound rude, ya know what I mean? I’m not that kind of person, so thanks for giving me the heads up. That’s friendship!! Hahahaha! :D

  16. Nicole has been hanging out with Vic all day from the time he work her up with a hug and asked her to have breakfast with him. Still together playing chess. Wierd……kinda

  17. James is a little too late. He should have campaigned last week when the tides were turning. Anytime you are too comfortable, that is when danger is afoot.

    Plus, he betrayed his deals and alliances, yes, it’s his turn now. Granted Natalie is his “buddy” but isn’t he playing to win? I would have talked about The Executives alliances, try to go back to that (even though he messed up voting Victor out BUT if had voted Corey out, one of The Executives would have been gone).

    James never knows what and when to talk. He slipped when he let DaVonne know she was being evicted. All his predictions were wrong.

    • Yeah his loose lips have been a problem all season! He did it again this week when he slipped and let Nicole hear how Natalie wanted to vote out Corey. Mind you, this is after J/N just made a F4 deal with N/C. Not good game play! It made Nicole reevaluate her trust in James…

      • Formation
        Prior to the alliance formation in Week 5, Paul and Paulie had become very close in the house, making what appeared to be a bromance. This would later be seen the next following week as Paul would win the Head of Household and the two would form some what of an alliance with each other deciding who to get out. And to commemorate to the “bromance”, Paulie would play as a card in the nomination ceremony and he would go up the block as a pawn to later put Da’Vonne up after Paulie would win the Power of Veto which was talked about doing. Da’Vonne the main target was later taken out.

        Break Up
        Around the Week 7, people suspected Paulie was working for his own game, in keeping Zakiyah in the house with him since almost the beginning. Paulie would also align with Nicole and Corey and start targeting other alliance members such as Victor (the head of household of the week) and Paul (HOH last week) for seeming suspected of targeting him. Julie Chen would announce the Big Brother Double Eviction and James before the live vote would tell Paulie that he was voting out Zakiyah. This caused Paulie to not trust the rest of his alliance members except Corey who was also with Nicole. Paul and Corey’s votes would be taken out by James and his care package. By a vote of 3 to 5, Zakiyah was evicted from the house, causing Paulie to blame himself, only to target Paul and Victor and later make a truce with James.

      • ???????
        I’m not following you here…
        What does that have to do with James and his F4 alliance with Nicole?

      • old alliance-EIGHT PACK
        James, Nicole, Frank, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, Tiffany, Corey,FATAL 5 ALLIANCE Nicole, Zakiyah, Tiffany, DaVonne, Michelle
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  18. really hope next season on tv memory walls will change brcause last 2 season came from same spot

  19. old alliance-EIGHT PACK
    James, Nicole, Frank, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, Tiffany, Corey,FATAL 5 ALLIANCE Nicole, Zakiyah, Tiffany, DaVonne, Michelle

  20. Formation
    Not too long after the game started, the returning players Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers, James Huling, and Frank Eudy realized they needed to get people on their side so they don’t get picked off. On day 5, HOH Nicole nominated Jozea Flores and Paulie Calafiore for eviction with the former as her target. After the nomination ceremony, the vets managed to pull in Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, Michelle Meyer, and Zakiyah Everette.SuccessAfter Frank won the Big Brother Roadkill competition, he had to secretly nominate one more person for eviction. He secretly nominated Paul Abrahamian. However, Paul won the veto competition, so Frank had to choose another person to nominate. At the veto ceremony, Paul used the veto on himself, and Frank secretly nominated Bridgette Dunning. The plan was to blindside Jozea. However, Da’Vonne later told Nicole that Bridgette was talking trash about her, so this tempted Nicole, and Da’Vonne to get rid of Bridgette. However, on day 9, the alliance voted against Jozea, thus blindsiding him by a vote of 7-4-0.Shortly after Jozea’s eviction, Category four won the next HOH competition, and Paulie became the new HOH. At the nomination ceremony, Paulie decided to nominate Paul and Bronte D’Acquisto with hopes to backdoor Victor Arroyo. the alliance tried to prevent Victor from winning the roadkill competition, however, Victor ended up winning it. He secretly nominated Tiffany for eviction. When it was time to pick players for the veto competition, the alliance hoped Victor would not be picked. Luckily for them Victor was not picked. Paulie won the veto competition. At the veto ceremony, Paulie used the veto on Paul, and made Victor the replacement nominee. On day 23, Victor was evicted by a vote of 9-1-0.
    Downfall Begins
    Following the Veto ceremony in Week 2, houseguests started getting paranoid as plans for the next week started. Due to her constant paranoia and a fight they had in the past, Frank wanted to target fellow alliance member Tiffany and made this very vocal to lots of his allies. Tiffany reacted dramatically to hearing this news from Da’Vonne and set her target on Frank. Wanting Tiffany out herself, Da’Vonne fanned the flames by further pitting Frank and Tiffany against each other.Meanwhile, many female houseguests started becoming uncomfortable around Frank, most notably Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Natalie. This, along with his growing partnership with Bridgette started getting many houseguests wary of Frank. Soon, they started comparing notes and realized he has been making multiple deals with multiple houseguests and solidifying their suspicions that he was playing for himself, not for the alliance. While Tiffany was already considered kicked out of the 8-Pack by many of it’s members, they decided to reel her back in and shift their target on Frank.Following Victor’s eviction on Day 23, stakes were high for the HOH competition as there were many looming targets in the house now with Nicole, Corey, Da’Vonne, and James having been mentioned as further targets by members of the 8-Pack. Bridgette ended up winning the HOH comp, making many members of the 8-Pack believe Frank would have complete control over her noms, leaving Tiffany a likely nomination. This was proven true when Bridgette nominated Tiffany alongside Paul like Frank had told her to do. Frank taught that Tiffany would be evicted. However, he didn’t know that his jokes and attitude were rubbing people the wrong way, and his alliance was conspiring to eventually get him out. Frank managed to win the roadkill competition again. He secret nominated Bronte. Bridgette won the veto competition. At the veto ceremony, she chose not to use the veto thus leaving the nominations the same. Even after the veto ceremony, Frank still believed that Tiffany was going. However, Da’Vonne and Michelle were campaigning for Bronte’s eviction, so Frank would lose control.Ultimately, Da’Vonne and Michelle’s plan worked as Bronte was blindsided by a vote of 5 to 4.
    After Bronte’s eviction, the houseguests competed in the next HOH competition which Paulie won for the second time. Paulie wanted to get rid of Tiffany. Meanwhile Frank told Tiffany that Da’Vonne told him that Tiffany was after him, and then Tiffany told him that Da’Vonne told her that Frank was after her. Frank also told her that Da’Vonne told him Tiffany was building an All-Girls alliance and Frank was her main target, which caused both former enemies to align together. On day 31, Paulie nominated Tiffany and Natalie Negrotti for eviction with Tiffany as his target. However, Tiffany won the roadkill competition and secretly nominated Corey because she wanted to breakup the alliance. Corey won the veto competition. On Day 34, Corey took himself off the block and Tiffany secretly nominated Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee. Prior to the live eviction,Tiffany told Nicole that Da’Vonne told her that there was an alliance between herself, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Nicole which upset Nicole, Da’Vonne told James that they need to get rid of the couples which made James upset and suspicious because he is currently tight with Natalie, and Corey told Frank and Paulie that he wants to get rid of Da’Vonne because he believes that she is coming after the guys. However, Tiffany’s scrambling failed as she was evicted by a unanimous 8-0-0 vote at the live eviction ceremony.After Victor won the Battleback competition, he reentered the house. Following his return, the houseguests competed in there next HOH competition which James won. He then nominated Frank and Bridgette for eviction. Michelle won the veto. She wanted to use the veto on Frank because she wanted to get rid of Bridgette. However, at the veto ceremony, Michelle did not use the veto. On day 42, the houseguests solved the clues and discovered a secret room. On day 44, Frank was evicted by a unanimous 9-0 vote. Frank was revealed not to have the return ticket and he was evicted for good.Paul won the next HOH competition. While Bridgette was the easy target, Paulie managed to talk Paul into backdooring Da’Vonne. Paulie even volunteered to be a pawn. At the nomination ceremony, Paul nominated Paulie and Bridgette for eviction with Da’Vonne as a backdoor option. That same week, Paulie won the veto. At the veto ceremony, Paulie used the veto on himself and then Paul named Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee. On day 51, Da’Vonne was evicted by a 6-2 vote, with Michelle and Zakiyah voting to evict Bridgette. Da’Vonne was revealed not to have the round trip ticket and she became the first member of the jury.Victor won the next HOH competition. James won America’s care package. He won the power to eliminate two people from voting at the next eviction. Victor decided to nominate Michelle and Zakiyah for eviction, targeting Zakiyah. Paul told Paulie that he wanted Zakiyah out for being a strong girl, while Paulie told Paul he wanted Michelle out because she is an emotional train wreck and can blowup. Paulie then tried to get James to use his power so the can evict Michelle, but James wasn’t sure if he should do that. Zakiyah asked Paulie if he will use the veto on her if he wins and he says yes at the time. At the veto competition, Paulie managed to win the power of veto for the third time. While he wanted to use it on Zakiyah, he didn’t want to anger his allies. He told her that even if he doesn’t use it, she won’t go. At the veto ceremony, Paulie chooses not to use the veto, thus leaving the nominations the same.Blowing up Paulie’s game.Prior to to the eviction ceremony, Paulie’s game got exposed. Bridgette and Michelle pointed out that Paulie was running the house. They talked Natalie into evicting Zakiyah; and then both Michelle and Bridgette talked James into using his power which he agreed to do. Meanwhile, Paul started to lose trust in Paulie after Paulie said he wanted to target Natalie and did not want to listen to Paul. Later on, Bridgette told Paul that Paulie told her he trusted Corey the most, so this prompted Paul to leave Paulie’s side and get rid of Zakiyah. James said he will cancel Paul’s and Corey’s votes.Taking out Paulie’s showmance
    At the eviction ceremony, Julie told the houseguests that it is double eviction week, and Michelle told the other houseguests that Paulie is running the game and right now they are handing him the money. Ultimately Zakiyah was evicted by a vote of 3 to 2 with Paulie and Nicole voting to evict Michelle. Zakiyah did not have the round trip ticket so she became the second member of the jury.Plan foiled.After Zakiyah’s eviction, the houseguests competed in their next HOH competition. Michelle, James, Paul, Natalie and Bridgette did not want Paulie to win because they wanted him out. However, their plan was foiled when Corey won the competiton. After the competition, Corey talked to the guys about nominating Bridgette and Nicole and the guys agreed. Corey then nominated Bridgette and Michelle. Then the veto competition occurred which Corey also won, thus giving him his second veto win. After the competition, Corey, Paul, Nicole and Paulie agreed to get rid of Bridgette. Then Paulie and Paul made up. Within no time the eviction ceremony occurred. Ultimately Bridgette was evicted by a vote of 5 to 1 with Natalie voting to evict Michelle. Bridgette did not have the round trip ticket so she became the third member of the jury.

  21. I noticed that every time they would cut to Michelle during an episode, she would be eating. Almost every single time! It’s so funny cause in the beginning she was so outspoken about being a nutritionist, and there was a lot of controversy with her hating fat people, so I think it’s so funny that most of her screen time this season is of her eating lmao

    • I used to think the same thing, and she did eat a lot, but most of what she ate was healthy life fresh fruit, omlets and so on. I did get to where i couldn’t stand to watch her eat because she would scoop really fast and chomp in her microphone.

  22. Hind sight is 20/20. From Jokers: Nat awake & says 2 James: America might have sent Mich that ACP to get NiCorey out bc that was our original plan. James: Yeah, could have
    09/02/16 03:09 PM (Ummmm, ya think?)

  23. James was very upset when he found out that there was a juror return and he hadn’t been given a head ups from production. I wonder if he is currently feeling like production has chosen Dingus over him? Hey, dummy, you’re the one who handed her the HOH on a silver platter. Was that at production’s request? Hmmm, good question. ;)

    • I know it. James has been talking about production like they are giving them tips. It was James and Nicole, now it seems to be Victor and Nicole. I wouldn’t even put it past production to tell Victor and Nicole to flirt with each other for the viewers.

      • I kind of hope you are right. I’d hate to think Victor would sink that low without being prompted to. We know there were a lot of benefits for Doofus. If Vic and Dingus become friends, I hope it is without benefits.

  24. From Big Brother 11:
    When Chima was giving her speech on eviction night and she called out Braden saying “my opponent here called both of my very good friends beaners and he even called you a whore, Julie.” Julie handled it really well.
    When Jessie was evicted and Chima, Natalie, and Lydia had a meltdown. Crying about how “he prayed for everyone in the house” and laughing about how he wanted them evicted… Really weird
    Anything with Ronnie
    Big Brother 16:
    Caleb going all “nice guy” stalker with Amber

  25. James is telling Gnat if he wins veto he would use it on her. She said a little earlier that it’s scary she would give up her game for him. He says he wouldn’t let her. This is one time I think James is telling the truth, but I don’t believe Gnat would use veto on James. I think she is playing him so he will tell her not to use it on him if she won, but in the process insuring he would use it on her if he won. I don’t think she would have any problem letting James be her hero, and he thinks this would endear him to America….AFP.

    • I don’t think either of them would let the other use it on each other. If they would, they are both nuts.

    • She told him that to ensure he will use it on her.
      If I see her really trying to win it and not wait for James to save her, then I hope she gets it.
      I wonder who Victor would put up if one of them wins Veto.

      • I would hope Nicole since Paul has served his time and Corey bribed Vic. Dingus put Paul up otb as a pawn with Michelle but she has never been otb this season. Time for her to pop a squat!

      • Absolutely right. He screwed them by being too arrogant about his “two secret weapons” and by giving up HOH in the first place.(He might still have lost but he gave it up instead.)

      • why doesn’t he block me. I keep seeing this user is blocked multiple times on this page.

      • If you see this user is blocked, then you had to have blocked that user. I’ve blocked 2 people and when they post I see that message.

      • I can’t figure it out. I’m honestly not making fun of him but trying to have fun with him. He posts intelligent convo at times and then he will go right back to Mickey gibberish. I think it’s a computer that goes haywire more often than not. lol

      • I think he or she may be from another country. Probably Canada. He could be from the French part and doesn’t know English very well.

      • There have been people trying to determine Mickey’s communication techniques. I was making the point that even if he doesn’t know English well, he should still be able to use capitalization and punctuation that would help the situation IF he really was trying.

      • not very nice I am Canadian and we can speak English very well even on the french side there is a thing called google translate

      • Did they just make a mistake and show the noms on live feed?I just saw James and Nats pics on a graphic for the nom ceremony. I think that was not supposed to happen.Yep.Hmm I always wondered how they controlled the memory wall screens.I saw this too. Should have snapped a picture. I highly doubt that was supposed to happen and it makes me worry about the legitimacy a bit.Here you goThanks, I was about to use DVR and screenshot it. I guess maybe the HOH solidifies their nominations a little bit before the actual ceremony? I’m not sure. I would hope that’s the case.I’m sure the keys have a sensor or something on them when they’re put into the nomination box. It’s the same way with the final vote so production knows to have Julie read the votes from 3rd to 11th or 11th to 3rd (to create the most suspense).

      • I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I know Celine Dion is from the French side and she barely spoke a word of English when she came to this country.

      • “Probably Canada”…lol. Sorry, but that’s fairly ignorant. Even if you think “from the French part” of Quebec. Maybe if you said “Maybe Canada” it would’ve sounded better. French-speaking Canadians don’t sound anything like this.

        I could go into the quality of English spoken by several people in America, though. I could go on all day, trust me.

      • I don’t get why people are getting so worked up about my comment. I meant because there are Canadians commenting here as well. I’m not sure if any other country besides Canada and The U.S. are here.
        I just think he may have trouble with the language, nothing ignorant about that. English and French are two completely different languages, just in case you didn’t know this.

      • Nice try with trying to get smart at the end of your comment there after originally coming across stupid. It’s ok, mistakes happen. .

        French-speaking people sound nothing like he’s been sounding. I mentioned that, in case you skipped it.

      • This said person(that I blocked a loooong time ago, lol) once answered someone who seemed genuinely confused and concerned by the going back and forth from gibberish to what seems like well thought out statements …are you ready for his/her answer? “Copy and paste.” Lol. I was like.. WTH? Lol.

  26. James deserves it. During an HOH, he gave his word to Frank/Brig that they would be safe — he lied. So, James lost me there. Now, he loses. The WHOLE house has been stupid for months in keeping Paul (and Vic at times) and Corey/Nicole screwed up because they could beat Nat/James, but no way will beat Vic/Paul, in comps or in an end jury vote. One of the two season-beginning JERKS will win this season, Paul or Vic.

  27. People should understand that James was probably gonna lose the HoH comp against Nicole anyway. He was shaking and Nicole looked solid. He just made sure that him and Nat would be safe then voluntarily fell.

    • Agreed. He made the deal in part because he wasn’t going to last anyway. The other part is because he’s dumb and sucks at this game.

  28. Deb Lubin U R so right about Midget Man King James……Don’t forget this aint his first rodeo:)

  29. “Natalie spoke to James telling him he should have voted out Victor like she asked. “I begged,” she told James placing the blame on his shoulders. Nevermind that she put Victor on the Block herself.”

    I’m confused. What? The week Natalie put Victor on the block, James did vote Victor out, when he was sitting next to Corey, Victor was evicted, and came back in the jury battle.

    So why is this saying Natalie begged James to vote out Victor like she asked?

    • I think he meant James should NOT have voted out Victor. Natalie did want to keep Victor, but since she was the one who nominated him…she is as much at fault for him going home as James is. She needs to own her part and quit shoveling all the blame on James.

  30. “In fact it was a move of loyalty, James suggests, since he was staying true to his F4 deal. The deal he just made against his old deal with Victor… Oops.”

    I wish more people would just call this like it is, that James is unfortunately an idiot. He’s had way too many of these “oops” moments to think otherwise. The dude just isn’t smart. I guess Natalie is good for him in this regard, as she’s lacking there either (and no Michelle, she is not just “playing up the dumb card”. I guess you don’t notice because you’re also pretty damn stupid)

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