BREAKING: Megan Lowder Self-Evicts From ‘Big Brother 19’ – Update

Shortly after the Big Brother Live Feeds began tonight we discovered spoilers that yet another Houseguest was no longer in the game. According to the HGs, Megan Lowder quit Big Brother 19!

Update: Additional discussions reveal possible cause of what led Megan to self-evict. Megan has also released a statement. Details below.

Megan Lowder quit Big Brother 19

Last we saw of Megan was in the second episode of the season as Cody had just put her on the Block and let her know he really didn’t like her too much. Well I don’t think that put her over the edge, but it does sound like there was a major fight that lead to her leaving the house.

Quick conversations around the house hinted that Megan was gone, but it wasn’t until we saw her photo on the Memory Wall grayed out that this really started to seem real. Sure enough, it happened.

Christmas and Raven met in the bathroom and started to vent their anger over Megan quitting Big Brother. Flashback on your Feeds to 10:35 PM BBT 6/29 to listen in on the conversation.

The ladies described a big fight after saying Megan began playing way too hard, too fast and got caught in her web of lies. She seems to have retreated to the Diary Room on Thursday morning and was gone in less than 3 hours. THREE HOURS. Wow. Remember Audrey camping out in there but not quitting? Megan must have been flat out determined not to reenter the house at that point.

Gallery: Christmas & Raven On Live Feeds

So we’re down another Houseguest and a nominee at that though the latter has been corrected. Jillian is now on the Block with Alex. I don’t know if they reran any competitions or not as it looks like Cody is still the HoH. Maybe he just had to pick another nom, which would be the easiest to do.

What do you think of Megan self-evicting? How bad is that after Cameron just lost his chance at the game. Maybe we’ll get to see him back in the house. That wouldn’t be so bad, right?

Jump on the Live Feeds now (get the Free Trial) and watch what happens next cause this is crazy so far.

Update: From the conversation between Raven & Christmas we heard that Megan had possibly said something claiming either Jessica or Alex had said about the other without expecting them to confront the other. Later overnight this topic came up again.

We do not know if this is true, but allegedly Alex was told that Jessica called Alex a “panda” even though Jessica did not say that. Alex may have gone to DR about the situation and eventually it became clear that Jessica did not say what was claimed.

Additionally, HGs suggested Megan was the clear target for eviction this week if she remained on the Block. No surprise, if the rest of the story is accurate. She may have considered herself dead in the water here and instead of staying the last few days to play it out she walked.

This could be what led Megan to decide to self-evict and quit Big Brother. Since this all happened before the Feeds started Thursday night we may never get to see the events. I imagine they’ll have to address this in Sunday’s episode though.

Update 2: Paul reveals he stirred the pot which led to the fight that he believes caused Megan to leave. Read everything Paul had to say.

Update 3: Megan has released a statement. She explains her time in the house triggered PTSD. Read the full article.



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  1. I got to say, I’m very disappointed in her leaving. If your gonna play the game, at least stick it out till the end and leave with your head high. Hopefully we get Cameron back but I don’t think it will happen. Hopefully no one else follows in Megan’s footsteps.

    • Ya really hoping Cameron gets a second chance. Sucks he didn’t get a chance to play and she walked.

      • Didn’t Julie say there was a chance for a returning house guest? He would be sequestered if that was the case.

      • I don’t think CBS did any interviews with him either although I could be wrong. If that is the case he may be sequestered.

      • They may not have interviewed him because he was there less than 24 hours and most fans aren’t on the edge of their seats for the interview of someone who survived less than a single day in the house.

        That may sound harsh but honestly I really liked Cameron and was looking forward to seeing him play, but we need to consider the possibility that a lack of interview may not mean anything.

      • I agree. He should be given a second chance, under the circumstances. He was out so briefly, they could and should send him back into the house!

  2. If you’re gonna sign up for this show, you might want to make sure that you’re psychologically fit. So I don’t know why Megan even bothered to sign up, if she is so emotionally unstable that she overplays the first week by being a compulsive liar and couldn’t deal with it. We at least got to see the Audrey breakdown, we didn’t even get that out of Megan.

    Fingers crossed they bring Cameron back, he would trade the world for another shot at this game.

    • Speaking of psychologically fit, what the heck is Josh doing in there?

      • I agree. The man was out of control. i feared for Megans safety at one point when he was yelling.

      • That was some legit, scary paranoia. I think Megan was smart to appease him & talk him down, just for her own safety.

      • Yes, maybe that’s really why she left. I imagine that a trained interrogator might be good at spotting a potential threat. (If I were her, I might have asked BB to remove Josh – or to give me a safe space to sleep.) In Season 2 Justin was evicted for holding a knife to Kristin’s throat. Maybe Megan did not want to take the chance of something worse happening to her. All the cameras in the world cannot stop a spontaneous act of violence. And Josh certainly seems angry and impulsive.

      • Cody seems a little off to me too what’s with this year’s casting?

      • IMO, Cody is in it to win it. Nothing wrong with that. You must not know many athletes.

      • Not my crowd, no. But he’s not being smart If he wants it so bad. He may be hoh now but when he isn’t in the future he’s in trouble. Sometimes you need to beg or kiss some ass. And if you get someone in power who doesn’t have strong feelings about targets, they’re gonna nominate the people they feel the least connection to or the least comfortable around. And when you blankly stare everyone down and offer no conversation, that’s gonna be you.

      • I don’t like throwing terms like that around but I think something is going on there yeah.

      • I know… unstable much?

        The thing is, these are the players that cause the fireworks. It seems that they don’t want to cast people who are grounded and down to earth. Ok, maybe 2 or 3 of them per season. But then they find people who are slightly unhinged to fill the rest of the house for maximum fireworks for the show.

      • Oh my goodness!! That guy! Here’s this huge, strong dude that looks like he’s all tough and can handle himself… I really can’t believe it! If he makes it past a few weeks I’ll be surprised. I could see him blowing up, losing it and hitting someone.

      • Compulsive also implies that she couldn’t help it and I’m guessing whatever she did was intentional.

  3. The feeds have not disappointed! Insanity right from launch. I feel bad for Cameron that he can’t play and Megan just quit after being caught up in her lies similar to Audrey.

    • I think he will be in a comp to come back but doubt he wins. The first boot never comes back.

      • exactly! If he does come back maybe he will survive a bit longer that he would have if Josh didn’t get so paranoid so early.

      • “If he does come back maybe he will survive a bit long.” At least he will have gotten to actually play the game.

      • Season 9 the first boot (Sharon) came back to replace the dude who self-evicted/was ejected before the feeds started. I think she made it to final 4.

  4. Too bad they can’t let Cameron take Megan’s place. Disappointed she folded so soon. She was one of them I was rooting for. Sadly Cameron was, too. Doesn’t look like I’m doing too well at picking winners this season. Having said that, I can’t stand the oldest dude. I thought I’d be rooting for him before he opened his mouth thereby revealing himself to be a pompous ass. Well, it will be an interesting season….

  5. It makes me angry that she took the place of someone who would appreciate being cast. It will not happen but Cameron needs to be able to go back into the game.

    • I agree. I hope Big Brother brings him back for another season. Would be a feel good moment.

  6. Poor Cam would literally do just about anything to still be in the house and Megan walks the moment things get a little hard?? That’s pathetic!! So disappointed!

    I will say that this made the live feeds kick off with even a bigger bang!!

    • I don’t think he had a fair shot at the game. Although he still may get evicted if he returns but I am still trying to get a grip on some of these players. I didn’t care for Paul last season but this season, he seems less annoying so far. I had some high hopes for Megan but between her comment and the fact that Josh got in her head, I can’t blame her for leaving. Although I wished she would have stuck it out, I wonder how stable she really was.

      • Let’s face it. Megan was a TERRIBLE player. Why would she tell a guy (Josh) that the girls need to band together?! That’s one of the reasons why Josh went off on her. I hope Cameron comes back to. He was the only nerdy guy in the cast.

      • That’s right, I forgot she did that! Said something about the alpha males were joining up, so the girls needed to. Maybe she didn’t think Josh was an alpha male? Strange.

      • Do you think she was purposely messing with Josh’s head, knowing how paranoid he was already? She is a trained and should have a lot of abilities… I think she knew what she was doing saying it in front of Josh. When she made the comment of needing to get a strong male out ASAP I couldn’t help but laugh af the look Josh made. You could tell his paranoia rose to another level!

      • I just don’t see what she would’ve gained by messing with Josh’s head. Josh had already dropped from the swing. She didn’t need to psych him out as Cody did to Matt and Alex.

      • And remember she was talking about them needing to take a strong guy out ASAP right in front of Josh too!

  7. Did she self evict? Or did she get so frustrated that she swung at Josh? Because I’m seeing things on Twitter saying she took a swing at Josh

    • I’ve heard nothing from HGs about swinging at Josh. The women’s discussion made it clear they thought it was her choice to leave and made no mention of physical aggression.

      • It was posted to the Jokers website that Paul, around 11:03am Big Brother Time, during his live feed “friendship time”, took credit for planting the lie about Jess with Meg and Alex.

      • Purpose? Interpreting what was posted regarding what he reportedly said to the live-feed camera in the AppleRoom is for a reader or witness of the broadcast to decide. The posted transcript of what it was Paul ( I did not witness the live feed) reportedly said, paraphrased or verbatim, is there for all to read.

  8. expected more out of a former Naval Interrogator… she must not have been that good if she her self cracks that easy.

    BB needs to let Cameron back in the house.

    • I was thinking the same thing
      I thought tho I could be wrong that she said she went to Afghanistan how the heck did she make it thru that ?

  9. Let Cameron back then. Although I don’t think he will do well, I felt bad for him and wish they’d give him more of a chance.

    • Remember Ian? He was doing all kinds of crazy things at the beginning of his season, such as crawling underneath tables, spending hours in the hammock, etc. If Ian can win it–so can Cameron.

  10. God Raven annoys me, I knew she would be so painful to watch on the feeds. Everything about her aggravate me, from her voice to how loud she is, her 12yo girl hairdo , guarantee she will be the snitch of the house

  11. I think they will do another battle back, because now 3 houseguests will be gone before the first week will be over.

  12. If Cameron was sequestered still, he could come back? Is that likely? I mean it’s only been a little more than a week and maybe they had plans for a competition they maybe scrap and just bring Cameron back in?

  13. Im 54. I am from another planet, young people toady aren’t raised by people who were raised by people that raised them “right”. My observation of this generation of “Adults” is : spoiled,self centered, Childish, impulsive,rude,they crave “instant gratification” , obsession with phones is a sign of want of “Glorification of ones self”. Its enough to make me cry. I was raised to : Be polite, respect my elders, respect a lady and always put her 1st, even if she is a stranger. Smile and say hello when passing by someone, say thank you at the store when leaving. To try to make someone smile at least once a day. I know there are exceptions but I see “brats” I call them every day and every where it doesn’t matter if I go to other states, (most are worse than were I live) this girl obviously was missing her phone and being at home….sad I see it on BB every season out of 16 house guests 11 or 12 are brats.

    • You just have to tune in to learn what developments led to her self-eviction. You can never be sure especially when you’re isolated inside close quarters with zero contact from the outside.

      Besides, we’ve only seen little from these cast apart from the 45 minutes of edited footage were shown to us. To know them better is to watch them like flies on the wall 24/7.

      • Donald pretty much hit the nail on the head. Off topic, but I cannot even relate to the University I graduated from 20+ years ago, due to how a lot of the new generation seems coddled, and behaves. I had no idea what the term ” trigger warnings for classes “, or ” safe zones ” were until 4 or 5 years ago. After moving into management and having to deal with it firsthand, its very glaring at the workplace how ideals have changed, and it’s really detrimental on how (not all), some are being prepared for life.
        I’m not sure when this surge of new age identity, activism, and PC movement started, but it’s not meshing with the workplace. I’m not as old as Donald, however, I can easily see what he is referring to. As for this television show, its pretty much common sense textbook on how CBS has cast people. I just refuse to believe society has fell that low, and am sure CBS has cast this on purpose. There really are some questionable people ( mental ) colliding.

      • It shouldn’t be a generalization of how today’s generation are like today. While there is a generational shift, how people come to their own is still reliant on how they are being raised by members of the previous one and how they all see things in life as they reach adulthood.

        And it’s been barely a week into the season so if we are to judge them, we should judge them for how they will interact with their fellow housemates in isolation for throughout the season.

      • It’s definitely a generation shift from how I was raised. My husband used to always say he did this and he did that when our children were at different stages of their lives and I told him you can’t compare our childhood to theirs and that we just need to support them and their decisions as they entered adulthood. They eventually learned to apply certain values we gave them, but it took them to experience their own mistakes first before doing so. Some things just cannot be taught or learned by words or even actions when society is telling them differently either through social media, teachers, etc. We, as parents, just need to be more patient than our own parents had been with us. Love the drama this set of hgs brings to the table. But I’m grateful it’s no longer going on in my home anymore! Love being an empty nester now!

      • I agree, something is so different with this current generation of young adults. Have heard they’re subjected to a lot of social conditioning via the education system, media, etc. There seems to be an absence critical thinking skills. Less depth. Maybe its because answers are right at their fingertips via the internet, etc. They take what they’re fed at face value w/o taking time to really reflect and think for themselves.

    • The kids raised outside of the big cities are still grounded, rural kids are especially polite. You need to travel to the flyover country to find the real people you seek, both kids and grown ups are very different from city folk.

      • I live in the country the largest town within 30 miles of me has only about 15000 pbeople , the country kids may be a little better but most aren’t . I have lived in the big city and the more in the country than anywhere, if you know some good polite 30 and under people , count yourself lucky bc they are few and far between. I figured some one would say something like you did. I know some polite under 30 but 75 percent or more fall into the category above.

  14. It’s hard to assume if Megan is this kind of person or that kind of person without knowing fully well what really transpired inside the BB house, especially when we don’t have access to feeds from the first seven days of the game.

    We’ll probably have a fair understanding once we hear what happened from every party involved.

    • Hi James. Did you get to watch BB Canada 5 ? We didn’t see you in the comments section this year.

  15. Cameron was voted out! LET IT BE! stop bringing people back and lets just play on, she was going to get voted out

  16. Wow at this rate they’ll probably have a battle back and a jury buy back. That is if Cameron doesn’t get a chance to come back. In that case there will probably just be a jury buy back

  17. Do NOT let Cam back in, he had his chance and that’s it. Plus, his heart was broken being evicted once, and it’ll be broken AGAIN real fast #stayhomecameron

    • I agree. I just didn’t like Cameron any way (thought I would but I didn’t). I don’t want him returning – to replace Megan or otherwise. Sure, her self-eviction was “unexpected” and they have to make up for it. Maybe they don’t evict anyone this week? But I don’t want Cameron returning. Once gone, stay gone. I hate for Megan to have self evicted – I was pulling for her; thought she was a gamer. Surprising and disappointing, yes, but I have no idea what it is like in that house, much less to have a huge, intimidating, volatile guy like Josh in your face. If he snapped, they couldn’t get to you to save you fast enough. He’s scary. Some are “out there” and it’s a little fun but he is scary (not fun). I was wondering how he passed the psych. I am glad Cameron is gone, I want Josh gone, I want Dominique gone (so far – I thought I’d hate Alexa but I don’t so maybe I’ll learn to love Dom)…Jillian can’t compete and melts down too fast to be that strategic; she’s just a vote so she can go, too, though only if up against another female. (Hate to say this but, as a female, I’d be voting out guys – especially “bros” – to prevent a strong male alliance which, admit it, WILL happen EVERY year.)

  18. I really liked Megan & am sad to see her self-evict. I don’t have live feeds, so I was wondering..what did I miss?? What kind of lies was Megan telling? It’s so early in the game, and she didn’t seem to be “playing” the house with lies. Also, did they ever announce who won the Den of Temptation vote??

    • I don’t have live feeds, either, so all I saw re Megan was someone who instinctively knew she was going to be an “outsider” & quickly formed an alliance w/others she felt were in the same boat. And she seemed to be right about that assumption. But there must have been more we didn’t see. Unless Josh is even more mental than he already appears, he seemed to come unglued on Megan randomly. This, after she didn’t get one of Paul’s “friendship bracelets” and had to compete to stay off the block in her first hours in the house. THEN Cody puts her on the block with the asshole comment that he “just doesn’t like her that much.”

      Re Cody, I think he formed a smart core alliance, but for him to further deem as safe, for now, “the babes” says everything I need to know about him. Zero depth. His lack of people skills & emotional intelligence, combined w/inflated ego will be his downfall.

      • Was not “random” Megan talked about getting out all the guys while Josh was sitting right next to her during the first comp. They showed it during in show. Josh even went to Mark and told him what Megan said and told him not to trust her. Josh was already a mess before that comp, crying & basket case. He’s nuts, so that probably put further over the edge.
        I’m not excusing his behavior towards Megan, cause he was way out of line. But a lot of people appear to have missed this exchange.

      • Josh has refered to himself as a “mama’s boy” & it looks to be the truth. I predict he won’t be with us long.

      • Yeah, Cody’s reasoning for putting her on the block was just brutal. The guy seems to have no tact at all… I’m trying to figure out if that’s just how he is or if that’s his strategy to just be cold and avoid making connections to anyone who isn’t in his inner circle.

      • I hope for him it’s just a strategy. It’s a unique one, if so. A change from the usual two-faced kiss-ass approach. But I have a hunch it’s just who he is.

      • Couldn’t agree more about Cody with that “babes” comment. I also wonder if his anti-social behavior is an act or if maybe he falls somewhere on the autism spectrum.

    • From what I could understand they were all in the backyard and Jess supposedly said something racially charged about Alex to Cody and Meg “over heard” it and went and told Alex. Alex went to confront her and she said Meg was lying. From there Alex went to production to ask to see the tapes to see who is lying, they wouldn’t let her….. then Meg SE.. so she’s not sure who was telling the truth but the general consensus in the house, from my understanding, was that Meg made it all up.

      • I may be in the minority here, especially since Meg is a quitter, but I from what I saw of Meg, I don’t think she’d make something like that up.
        I need more proof. MIght be something was said & blown way outta proportion. IDK.
        Meg was already on the outs with most of the house, and last said she was going to fight to stay.
        If Jess was paired with Cody (HOH) and Meg semi knows the guys have an alliance. What benefit would it be to her to make something like that up against Jess? Cody won’t back off Jess. Its a “he said she said” and they will side with Jess 100%, cause Josh already made her look shady and she knows that. The only person she has on her side is Jillian and she was even backing away from her.
        If she was trying to start drama between Alex & Jess it would still come back to her. And she’d loose Alex in the process.
        No purpose & no gain for her to do it.

      • Yeah, I’m with you on that, I want to see some video proof before I make my decision. My comment above was only stating what was being said in the house about the situation. I personally can’t stand Cody and Jess already, they are basically the new Paulie and Z of the house this season.

      • I pretty much agree with you . Although Cody seems like a much BIGGER ***hole than Paulie.

        To a certain extent the “game” exposed some of Paulie’s personality flaws. Cody came into the game as a giant douche.

        I suspect Cody is heading for a spectacular flame-out when things begin not to go his way.

      • I can’t wait for him to go down in flames… it shall be glorious lol

        And you’re totally correct, Paulie at least had some charm and charisma at the beginning of the game. Cody is giving me all the Patrick Bateman American Psycho vibes straight out the gate!

      • It was posted to the Jokers website that Paul, around 11:03am Big Brother Time, during his live feed “friendship time”, took credit for planting the lie about Jess with Meg and Alex.

  19. Extremely disappointed in her. Next episode should be interesting.
    Wondering if Cameron will come back. From temptation, doubt it but it would be interesting.
    She signed up for the show and new the rules going in. Well 2 house Guest gone and we haven’t even gotten past the first week.
    Very interesting.

    • Think Evil Dick did in the 2nd season he was on.and one other guy in an early season but can’t remember his name.

      • Evel Dick did not self evict, he was forced to evict because the blood work came back positive for HIV. He has stated that often on both Twitter and his show Dick@Nite.

      • It was the 13th season with Evel Dick, in addition, Mariah Tom-Goodwin is right, he came back with a positive HIV test and was forced to leave the house.

        Chima, from season 11 pretty much self-evicted when she tossed her expensive $$$$$ microphone into the pool!!

    • There were also a couple of expulsion. Justin in season 2 and Willie in season 14. I don’t remember any other. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

      • In S11, Chima basically self-evicted by willfully throwing her mic pack in the pool. Technically, BB threw her out, but she made the choice to destroy their property, so that’s as good as self evicting, in my book.

      • That’s right, how could I forget about Chima. We don’t really know what was said in the Diary Room, this one could be either way.

      • From what I’ve read today so far, she was in the DR for 3 hours (10 AM BBT yesterday to around 1 PM BBT) and never came back out. Very odd situation.

  20. I am shocked to see this really .. this is world record .. this is a game people not a vacation with the get along gang

  21. I know that most people want Cameron to get another chance, but they will only let him back in the game if he is still sequestered. Season 9, Sharon and her boyfriend were evicted, then Josh’s partner self-evicted before the feeds started, and they replaced him with Sharon. So there is precedent. However, if Cameron is sequestered because they plan to give evicted house guests a chance to return via a competition, I doubt they will let him replace Megan immediately. They will likely adjust for the missing house guest down the road. Interested parties can always pressure Grodner on social media.

  22. CBS seems to be purposely picking the most mentally unstable people they can find. From the bio’s…. we have social justice warriors, religious zealots, people with PTSD… climate activist gamers, cosplayers, clowns, extreme bodybuilders, obsessive plastic surgery, and an extreme case of crying sensitivity, not to mention someone who talks alone to all the cameras about family and cancer. The CBS “Shrink” knows what is going on, so either CBS is purposely casting people on the verge of mental breakdown, or society is just in shambles. It’s obviously CBS’s casting, but its near the point of immoral television. Not a single person seems to care about winning, and its all set up to ruin people. Compare it to 15 years ago. It’s literally as if we are watching a mental asylum, and I am not trying to be funny.

    • I commented in another blog (season opener) that Josh was “trouble”…The guy is not suited to be in a place with rules and confinement.. much less live with a bunch of strangers who he thinks are all out to get him…As for Kevin..outside of the house I would guess him to be a nice guy…somewhat snooty but otherwise a decent guy..But in the house he is trying to hard to fit in…As for Cody…please his eviction can’t come soon enough.. My honest opinion on all the HGs is that they are all trying to hard and coming across as phonies…I have no favorite and doubt I will have one 3 months from now…Otherwise I like the new concepts and the new twist…its interesting to see who is a player and who is a rat…lol..

      • He is just so weird. My pet peeve he hit on the first episode, about how he knew Paul and trusted him. You don’t know him. They all do it and it drives me crazy. “We’ve become really close” In a freaking day?

      • To be fair the phoniness happens every year. Everyone is a little stiff and trying a little too hard for the cameras. It’ll get better.

    • Sorry but what is a climate activist gamer? I agree with your assessment. But hey it doesn’t matter if they are crazy if they look good right?

    • I have to disagree with the idea of cosplayers and gamers being inherently mentally unstable. I’m biased but that’s not the point.

  23. I bet in high school she was the odd ball girl and this brought back bad feeling,s but lord you should not even try for this show if your thin skinned getting on this show is like winning the lottery and one does not just turn down winning it. I do feel bad for her but think how Josh family and friends feel watching a self centered 6 foot baby playing big brother showing everyone what he is.

    • that’s what happens when you leave your “safe space” and find out your bubble doesn’t extend out to the rest of the world…bless him…

  24. Wow I expected Megan to be tougher than that. Interrogating people in Iraq is more grueling than Big Brother. Sadly, maybe she has some issues remaining from her service. I agree with Twigleaf – so far, this is the crazy Big Brother season. I like Paul a lot, but not sure he is a stabilizing force. If they have a battle back, Megan should not be allowed to compete. If you self-evict or are expelled, you should be done. My favs remain Matt, Paul, Raven, Ramses in a sweet Urkel way, and Christmas.

    • I’m surprised, too, that it went sideways so fast for Megan. Going from interrogating people in Iraq, to the comparatively stress & responsibility-free job of dog walking, might be an indicator, as you said, that she has some residual issues from her service.

      My faves so far are Matt & Christmas. I like Raven, too, I just hope she doesn’t play the dingbat role like so many of the female cast members did last season. I also am liking Alex, especially after she hung in to the final two in the physical challenge & told Cody to eat s—t when he tried to strike a deal w/her to drop out. I’m on the fence with Paul. He’s entertaining, but he could be a real dick last season, especially w/women. & he handed the win to Nicole at the end.

      • True – Paul needs to control his mouth better this season. I remember I couldn’t stand him early last season, showing how impressions can change.

      • Paul will need a different strategy from last year. Lots of BB fans in the house this time so they know his old tricks. He adapted well last year after his initial playbook blew up. I expect we will see a somewhat different Paul. Cody is a stone cold killer. He ain’t buying what Paul is selling. Paul is a threat to him so I’m watching that chess match. :)

    • I’m fully on the Christmas bandwagon. She seems like she has her stuff together and is trying to think things through without necessarily overthinking. Combine that with her ability to be a potential comp beast and I think she has to be a favorite. I want to like Raven. Her energy could be a good thing if she doesn’t take it to that point that it just gets annoying.

  25. Just wondering….if someone self-evicts from the house, is that in violation of their contract with CBS? Do they forfeit any financial earnings from being in the game? BTW-I’d like to see Cameron come back too! :)

    • No. Houseguest are free to leave if they decide to do so. Producers can only do so much to convince them otherwise.

      Not sure how the financial stuff would workoutin the case of American BB but elsewhere, they should already be compensated for the period they were away, even if you self evict.

    • If you walk I imagine you get nothing from your stipend and I’d bet they’re blacklisted from CBS opportunities. It’s a major problem to bail on a commitment that’s been made in both directions between the HGs and production. The show works *hard* to keep HGs in the game when they want to leave as we’ve heard many times before.

      • Definitely there has to be a clause in the contract that make you forfeit your stipend if you self-evict. From past guests who left for reason other than a regular eviction, they are not invited to the finale show.

  26. Well, I never got a warm fuzzy feeling about her. Apparently my (and Josh’s) gut was right.

    Definitely hate it for Cameron though. You walk in the house, stay there 12 hours and leave and then some other idiot just walks away…

    • Her dogs will be very happy to see her at least. Something positive for her life.

  27. For someone who was supposed to be ex-military & trained to be able to get into people’s heads, she seemed pretty weak and intimadatable. Rather than laying down when El-Loco verbally attacked her, she should have fought back. That is the only way to deal with a bully.
    I was thinking she should have said something like … ‘I know your Mom probably thinks you’re all that Josh, but your just not that much of a threat to be on my radar. You’re not the strongest, the fastest, or the brightest. Not to mention that you just threw your TEAM under the bus.”

  28. This is a 1st for me but I think Cameron should be let back in since the swap was not legit in the slightest for a bb round. There was no nomination, and no elimination by challenge results, it was luck of a damn apple and luck of who you were up against. Then they get less then 1 hour to talk to everyone to see where everyone is at, then vote.

    Someone in week 1 quit and thus I think he should go back in and have new nominations and veto comp.

    • Meh. It shook out exactly as it would have anyway. Cameron chose comp because he had no connections, Christmas chose vote because she was playing the game.

      • I know however he should still get to experience a real round. If she had not quit sucks for him but she did and he was a huge fan and the way he went out deprived him of the full experience.

        Also I must point out how much I HATE that old dude! He does not even try to pretend like he ever new about the show or ever cared about being on it. He is my most hated player ever!

      • I was actually surprised that Christmas chose to have a vote, AND that she only got two votes! Is this a popularity contest, or a game for $500k? To me, she seems a bigger threat than Cameron or Jillian. Physically strong, smart & likeable.

        The old dude might be one of those who skates along under the radar for awhile. I don’t even think it’s a strategy that he’s behaving like he doesn’t even know how he got there & doesn’t really seem to be that into being there. He might be ignored as an eviction candidate for awhile, for that reason. At least he pocketed $25K.

      • The votes to evict Xmas & Jillian were all male, right? The women in the house may have done math and decided that if they evicted either woman, the count would be 9 males v. 7 females. Honestly, especially that early in the game, I definitely would have voted to evict Cameron. No, I don’t like him, but just from the gender math and knowing that the guys will (probably) always have a bro alliance….I’d keep both women over Cameron. Jillian is useless except for a vote and Christmas, on the other hand, is a strong competitor. Then Cody wins HoH and puts up (3) females. Yes, he said he might backdoor Paul but what were the chances that Megan or Jillian would win POV? Alexa might – hope she does. If he does try to backdoor Paul, that will be very interesting! :)

  29. Played too hard too soon. Was labeling people she didn’t even know and talking about how ‘close’ she was to Jillian after one day. She wouldn’t have lasted anyway. And Cameron seemed like a nice kid, but he was doomed from the start. He just struggled to make connections with people.

  30. Cbs needs a hall of shame, for every quitter that has ever quit or that will, and every season they need to play disappointing music and show their faces with the respective hosts saying how terrible quitters are and how despised they are.

  31. Wow… So Megan really was everything that the guy called her out on in Episode 2? Here I thought he was just being nuts. When you self-evict, you want out asap and don’t want to explain yourself to anyone in that house anymore…

    She should have traded with Cameron, who didn’t even get an exit interview–probably the most easy-to-miss eviction I’ve seen on BB so far.

  32. I liked Cody and I was thinking for the first time ever a male would be my favorite. But putting 3 women up ?? What a chicken this guy is….grow some balls.

    • It would have been much wiser for him to use this opp to backdoor Paul, but is Paul safe?

      • He said he might backdoor Paul. But you know how that goes, CBS will find a way to keep Paul safe, and either way Cody is scared to put Paul or any other guy up.

    • Yeah, cause he’s the only BB player to have ever done that, right? (eye roll) We’ve had 18 years of BB, plus OTT. I’m sure there have been other male HGs to nominate only women.

  33. I do not believe that she was an intelligence officer in the Army! She had no social skills and was too fast to talk game, no stealth at all! Her appearance was not what a former military person would sink to, she was a mess. Bad player and she would not have lasted anyway!

    • I’m hesitant to think she’s lying about having ever been in the military. That’s a kind of huge thing to lie about to so many people, and it’s something so easily knowable as well.

      Lying about military service is really bad and I doubt production would let her say it if it isn’t actually the case.

  34. Dang! I didn’t watch the feeds last night, had to go to bed early. Seems like this group of houseguests are real winners [not]. I really wanted to like Kevin, but he’s coming off as a pompous ass. Cody is just an ass. Josh is an unstable ass. Sometimes last season I really liked Paul, other times he was an ass, especially to the girls in the house. Megan seemed to be playing too hard, too fast from the little we saw of her. Even my husband who’s never watched the show commented on that, said these people all know how the game works from watching previous seasons and she’s starting to game right away. The only houseguests that so far impress me at all are Christmas and Alex. I wonder about the casting process though, we have to remember to be on this show a cast member has to be able to leave their normal life for 3 months. Who can really do that? Not too many people that have stable jobs, a normal family life and adult obligations can just check out for 3 months.

    • So to summarize your post, it’s a house full of various types of asses? Seems pretty accurate to me!

      • Hehe I got this image in my head of sitting them in a circle and play duck duck goose but just touch their heads and go “ass, ass, ass” all around the circle

      • That’s an awesome image! Makes as much sense as to me as an eviction vote. Maybe that can be an eviction twist this season…ass, ass. bigger ass around the circle

  35. Seems to be more than one borderline personality in this season’s ranks. I keep wondering when we’ll see a Big Brother massacre.

  36. The whole thing sounds sad and pathetic. Especially since Megan has gotten more airtime in the first 2 episodes, than all the other females combined. So production was rooting for her. That’s the sad part. The pathetic part is how much she bragged about herself. She bragged about how she was a professional interrogator.

    • Allison openly stated that she predicted Megan would get far in the game and had what it takes. Guess she was wrong, again. LOL

      • You know I’m new around these parts Fiddle… who’s this Allison gal I keep hearing about? One of the writers on the site?

      • Sorry YGTRON. Allison Grodner, the Executive Producer and the one I blame everything on! LOL

      • YW, took me a few years to get all of the players down too.

    • Since this actually happened a week or two ago it obviously was their choice to give her a big edit knowing she was quitting They splice stuff together from footage every week except Thurs live eviction as I understand it.

  37. I think your writing is good. But is it really necessary to write “Wow.” as a complete sentence?

  38. I’m absolutely loving this season. Drama from the get go on feeds and it just kept on going. Megan put off this tough vibe but she sure cracked quickly and easily imo. I find it kind of funny because Allison picked her as one to get far in the show. Shows Allison has lost her touch, long time ago.

  39. I think Josh and Cody both have a screw loose. Megan was bullied from the get go. Why Alex would believe Jess over Megan is beyond me. No amount of money is worth being yelled at by a mentally unstable guy, told you are up on the block because “I dont like you” when YOU DO NOT KNOW ME! (Cody is basically saying if you are not what he considers physically attractive, you are an outsider.) Then yet another problem with Alex. Not liking this cast or the way this has started. Maybe next year will be better.

    • Agreed. I think things have turned pretty ugly fairly quickly and hopefully they’ll self-correct themselves (or production corrects them). I’m all for drama, but not this kind of drama. Don’t want another repeat of BB15.

  40. Just read this and I’m surprised she left. I thought she’d actually fight to bring herself off the block. I hope they do bring Cameron back now.

  41. VERY odd group this year. Josh is wound up waaaay to much. Kevin…hmmm whats his deal …has he seen the show before? He didn’t know who Paul or Nicole were. Cody is just plain irratating with his blank stares…it borders on hostile. I see all three of them getting bumped out of house quick. Josh’s attack on Meghan HAD to be a contributing factor for her to self evict… so far first two days and i can tell who i don’t want to win.

    • No I think it is pretty solidly in hostile territory.

      It made me freakin’ nuts when he barely said a word to Paul and then didn’t get a bracelet and was like “I knew I couldn’t trust him”. I was like you’ve gotta be kidding me.

    • “Kevin…hmmm whats his deal …has he seen the show before?”

      I couldn’t believe he didn’t know who Paul was since that was last seasons show! Kevins kids must have sent in the info for Dad.

  42. As sad as it is that she just left , i really don’t see why another house guest has too leave in her place , Hardly seems fair too the others in the house

    • I’m glad Cody had to name a replacement nom so he has to show more of his hand. But I hope we just don’t have an eviction this week in light of Megan’s self-eviction.
      I just don’t want them to know until it’s voting time….See how the noms campaign and how they are treated until Sunday. Plus – if CBS wants to extend Paul’s chances, since his immunity lasts for 3 “evictions”, since there would be no proper “eviction” this week (unless they count Meg’s “self-eviction”), that would buy him another week of safety.

  43. I wonder if perhaps Megan is suffering from PTSD and the inexcusable and unprovoked rant byJosh triggered something in her. I don’t know. It will be interesting to see how this is portrayed on the next show. Josh is an unstable mess who has obviously been babied his whole life. He is like a great big toddler ….just as unfocused, just as bumbling, just as given to meaningless tantrums. He also comes across as dumber than a bag of rocks. Cody is a robot ….strangely devoid of emotions.

    Nana Jo

    • Could possibly be the case as that would explain some of the behavior. I also believe Josh has some minor mental disability as well based on the way he has acted and with his speech.

    • Josh seems to have some classic abuser traits. Inflated ego, Grandiose self importance, blaming the victim and then begging forgiveness from the victim who is then guilted into accepting the plea. Repeat the cycle later. I hope I’m wrong about Josh.

      • Pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly. Although, I’m pretty sure we’re not wrong about him. Hopefully when he gets back home he’ll reflect on all this and strive to change himself for the better. Doubtful, but, again, let’s hope.

  44. If she left and people got mad because she called another person a ‘panda’ that’s ridiculous.
    I can think of far more worse things to say than ‘panda’.

    • I assume Megan was trying to make Alex think Jessica said something racist, but Panda is a weird choice. Also don’t you think Alex would confront Jessica about it.

  45. Bully for her, refusing to allow Allison and Rich to dictate her life until eviction night.

  46. Pretty disgraceful move by Megan. So many people want to be on this show and you quit. Big Brother needs to be more like Survivor or especially The Challenge where if you quit they go after you for it. Big Brother just has you leave out of the diary room. I need to see them feel the shame. Need it to be more like TJ on The Challenge “Your quitting. Your a quitter. I hate quitters. You are now on my list of people I don’t like. Get out of here I don’t want to see you again. Pathetic.”

    • Megan has cleared the air on another website. We can’t assume what she did was at all disgraceful without fully knowing what truly transpired, which we won’t be able to, thanks to TPTB.

    • That’s what I think too. I did feel the headline was kinda fake newsy. I don’t think he should headlined this article “Megan Lowder Self-Evicts From ‘Big Brother 19” without actually knowing whether she did or not. But it’s clickbaity as heck, so obviously that’s the headline you use. But I would at least like to know her side of the story. We will never know the true story, because production will spin the story whatever way works best for ratings. Megan is in damage-control mode. And the houseguests are playing this big game of telephone.

      • Ehh, I don’t blame him, I thought she self evicted too especially since that’s what the house has been saying… I’m just curious to see what she possibly has to say.

      • The thing is, we will just never know the true story. All we know is whatever prepared statement Megan plans to tell the press later today. And whatever story that production will spoon feed us. And in the Grodner administration, we know that production will never, under any circumstances, admit fault for anything that happens under their watch.

      • Ita on all fronts, I was only saying I’m curious to see what she is going to say.

      • That statement is out on twitter. PTSD is her reason. She says she spent 2 days in hospital. Wow. She is not specific about if it was her decision or the doctor.

      • Yeah, I saw it earlier. That sucks that she went through that but you would think someone suffering from PTSD wouldn’t get clearance from the shows doctors to become a houseguest. BB is a highly stressful situation, I just don’t get why CBS would want that kind of liability on their hands. Oh well, I wish her the best, sexual assault and PTSD are no joke.

      • I was surprised to see a picture of her with her service dog. I thought if you had a service dog they are always with you.

  47. I would love to see Da’Vonne come back in, and take Megan’s place. But they already have their token black woman.

  48. I really dont care for people that self evict. Cameron really wanted to play the game, you obviously did not Megan

  49. Cameron, Cameron, Cameron …. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!
    There always has to be the first one to go, and ultimately he’s out cause he fell off his trapeeze, and then picked the wrong apple.

  50. Megan says in her statement that she had a severe episode of PTSD which was triggered by Josh vicious verbal attack. This was made worse by Cody’s uncalled for statement when he put her up for eviction. Later she was accused of lying about Jessica calling Alex a panda, during which time both Cody and Mark as well as several of the girls yelled at her. (She says she wasnt lying. )Apparently she was sexually assaulted when she was in the Navy and the trauma of that time came back and she was literally physically sick and had a break down. BB’s psychologist said she needed hospital treatment immediately and she was not given a choice. I feel badly for her. Josh has a lot to answer for. I hope she gets the help she needs and will heal in time.

  51. While I’m glad Megan decided to clear the air, I’m still disappointed she left the game.

    With that said, people here in the comments shouldn’t put her down when we never really know the full story, which we won’t be able to after a week of no feeds.

    • If her story is true (and we will know more Sunday, as I’m sure the show will air the truth), then I feel very bad for her. If it’s just an excuse, she deserves everything that’s coming to her. PTSD is not a joke.

      • In her statement, she said she spend 2 days in the hospital, they brought her there because she was having a panic attack in the DR. If that’s true, she probably didn’t have the choice, might be the medical personal who decide to take her out of the game.

      • As cruel as it might sound to say, I hope it is true. And not because I wish for her to have this issue (because I’ve seen PTSD first hand, and I would never wish it on anyone), but because I would like to think that she wouldn’t make a mockery of such a serious illness that has affected so many people like her.

      • It’d be so easier to blame casting for not doing their job right but things like this is something you cannot really expect to happen. Considering we’ve had war vets (hello Caleb) take part in past seasons who surely would have had various forms of PTSD that they never talk about openly.

        I’d like to give Megan the benefit of the doubt on this one.

      • That’s true, but considering they’re supposedly required to pass a psych evaluation, and she was triggered this quickly (not to mention the fact that the article mentioned that she has an assigned service dog), I would think that they’d at least be hesitant to let her compete, for her own safety and mental stability at the very least. This game has broken lesser men and women.

      • I can see how a big guy in your face, being aggressive could trigger an attack. She can’t really get away in the house and maybe felt trapped and it brought back memories. I find it totally believable. I don’t blame her, I blame guys who get away with far too much on this show and no one says a darn thing to them.

      • Will we ever know the entire truth? The show shows us what they want to, and if Paul somehow caused it they may not show a lot because they want him to stay.

  52. After reading everything about how things went down and reading her statement I have to say that she shouldn’t even been casted for Big Brother and Megan herself shouldn’t have accepted. This is Big Brother. What comes to mind when I think of Big Brother? DRAMA CITY!

    On the other hand I’m thinking that she’s using this PTSD as an excuse… I think she got over her head, tried to play too hard too fast, got caught in lies and after the fight with Josh and her getting put on the
    Block by time the fight happened she just lost it… couldn’t handle it anymore and instead of owning up and saying that she’s throwing PTSD out there… we didn’t get to see her on the feeds but in the DR’s that I saw on the two episodes she seemed mighty “tough” and ready to get it on. I really hate what happened to her. No woman or man should ever have that experience but I do think she’s using it as an excuse, trying to get people to feel sorry for her, trying to justify this and I think that’s very wrong of her.

  53. What’s with all the conflicting accounts? Megan says it was one thing, Paul says it was another… seriously, can’t wait until Sunday so the record can be set straight.

    Also, if Megan did indeed have PTSD because of a terrible incident, then isn’t that something production should have been AWARE of during the casting process???

  54. That is complete BS. I don’t believe Megan’s story for a second. I wasn’t born yesterday, and I can smell BS from a mile away. Megan was on the block. The HOH didn’t like her. Josh didn’t like her. The whole house was against her. She tried to fix the mess Josh got her into, and ended up making it worse. Bottom line, she was going to get evicted, and she wimped out, and quit.

    So then Megan decides to spin the story with alternative facts, saying she had PTSD for sympathy. So instead of just being honest and straightforward, by saying she couldn’t take the heat, she plays the victim card, and wants a pity party.

    I would love see a yes/no poll on whether or not people actually believe Megan’s nonsense. I have a feeling most of them will.

    • I agree that you have a right to your opinion, but since you really have NO IDEA what is true or what is untrue, I don’t agree that you have the right to condem her.
      How incredibly arrogant & Trump-ian of you!
      You might want to take a look outside, there might be a puppy you can kick.

      • I just wish she could’ve been honest and said, “I was on the block. I was going home. I tried to make things better, but I only made them worse. I couldn’t handle the pressure. So I quit.” and left out her pity-party, woe is me, I’m the victim here, sob story, I would have so much more respect for her. But when you try to use sympathy, to get people to feel sorry for you, I lose all respect.

        I might’ve been able to believe her story had she not been on the block. Had she’d not been in danger of going home. But instead she takes the easy way out, and plays victim. I hope they don’t bring her back for the finale, or any future seasons.

  55. I hope Megan is telling the truth as someone who has suffered with anxiety and panic attacks..they are both debilatating when they happen. If she does suffer from PTSD, I don’t think production should have let her in the BB House. I heard Paul talking on the feeds today that he is the one who stirred the pot with Megan, Alex and Jessica. Maybe Julie will explain everything on Sunday’s show.

  56. So i’m here late again. Megan leaving is very sad, since she had been one of my faves so far. I guess she may have done something really bad or just couldn’t handle all the teenage drama in the house.

    • Her story is that the house triggered her PTSD from when she was raped while stationed in Virginia. She even has a service dog, from what we saw in the pictures. A very sad story, but it contradicts what’s been said in the house so far.

      • That was one of the most conflicting parts to me. Why does she all of a sudden have a service dog? She never talked about having a service a dog before. Looks like a regular dog to me. I didn’t see any apparel to identify it as a service dog. But now she magically has a service dog? For what? She’s not blind? And if she needed the service dog so badly, why didn’t the service dog come into the BB house with her? I just don’t believe her story.

  57. josh is a poor man’s evil dick, I wouldn’t have blamed her if she gave him a knee in the family jewels

  58. I thought people were really mean to her. Josh had no reason to call her out twice like that. He called her a bully but it was him and I hope his mother tells him about it when he leaves. Cody also, I am not sure I like him. He was direct but there is direct and there is just rude and for me, he was just rude. The fact that no one stood up for her sickened me too. I don’t care if she played hard, they made it entirely personal.

  59. Just read in jokers that Jess called Alex “Pao Pao”. That’s the name of a famous panda, right? (too lazy to google).
    As Jess loves to punch Alex in her face (her words per jokers), it’s not a term of endearment, so it’s def an insult. Racist or not, it’s up to debate. But the thing is, Megan seemed to tell the truth. Paul fueled it.
    And I really feel sorry for Megan. In her DR on second night, she looked so stressed out.

    • As soon as I read Paul was involved I thought what she was saying could be true. I don’t trust Paul for a second after last season.

  60. Sure will be interesting to see how production is going to spin Megan Lowder’s self eviction. I felt badly for her and she WAS initially one of my favorites. I did some digging on Megan yesterday. From what I found out, it looks like she was in the Navy for about 8 years and got out like May of 2016. She was a sonar tech third class petty officer (E4). Up until just recently, an E4 in the Navy could only be in for a max of 8 years if they did not advance to E5. So if you do some quick math, boot camp is about 2 months. Her A school would have been in Great Lakes and was 37 weeks long or about 9 months. Then she would have had to serve on a sea duty tour for 50 months which eats up about 5 years of her 8 year stint in the Navy. For her shore duty tour before she reached her 8 years and had to get out. It’s quite possible that she could have been assigned to brig duty for her shore duty tour (there’s also a mandatory 3-week school for brig duty too). I think that Megan may have embellished her story of being an interrogator working at a prison. Now we have her PTSD statement. There’s a LOT that is not adding up and I’m not sure that I’m buying what she’s selling and there may have been much more going on in that house than we as views know. But that being said, Josh and Cody were horrible to her and of course we have “Your Boy” stirring the pot. It’s just sad all the way around. I think that she may have gotten caught up in the big brother lies and drama and it caught up with her.

  61. I am not buying that Meghan left the game because of PTSD. She is nothing but a sore loser. She knew she was going home and didn’t want to lose.

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