Big Brother 19 Premiere Part 2: The Friendship Bracelets Come Off

The Big Brother 19 premiere continues now on CBS as the remaining 15 Newbies and returning Veteran Paul Abrahamian keep the party rolling. And what’s a Big Brother party without a Head of Household? Time to end that mystery and get the game in gear.

Julie Chen talks to the BB19 HGs

Julie Chen is back to greet us outside the BB19 House as we prepare for tonight’s one hour episode featuring fallout from last night’s eviction vote that sent Cameron out the door and is sure to have some of the guys worried. When the show ends it’s time to crank up our Live Feeds and find out the latest spoilers on what’s been going on the past week inside the game!

There’s just one hour of Big Brother ahead of us here then we’ll hit our regular Big Brother 19 schedule with Sundays (8/7c), Wednesdays (8/7c), and Thursdays (9/8c) live eviction shows. Ready to get this party started? With so much to cover there won’t be much time so let’s go!

We left off with Cameron leaving and some heightened tension between Paul and the HGs who didn’t receive a Friendship. The pressure could be on for Paul to secure his safety, but since we know about the Pendant of Protection I doubt many of us think he’s in too much danger either way, right?

Considering the impressive showing we got from Alex, Cody, and Matthew in last night’s competition I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of them take this comp if it’s an endurance battle. Time to find out!

Head of Household Competition:

Before we can get this comp going there’s a ring at the door. Oh no. Here comes Nicole (BB18) to host the first HoH battle of the season. Paul is getting triggered left and right here. The HGs will be playing in teams of four so they’ve got to split up.

Yellow: Josh, Kevin, Elena, Jillian
Orange: Ramses, Christmas, Alex, Jason
Blue: Raven, Megan, Mark, Paul
Pink: Matthew, Jessica, Cody, Dominique

There’s a golden apple that any HG can grab and give them safety, but the rest of his/her team will be eliminated. Guess who goes for it? Josh. Well Kevin just got real lucky because he was going to have to throw the comp after taking that $25K temptation. Josh has lost his mind and is yelling at his teammates that he knows everyone was coming after him. Well they are now!

Pink and Blue move on to the second round. Here just one player from each team will be their champion with the winner becoming the first HoH. Paul plays for Blue and Cody plays for Pink.

Cody wins HoH!

Cody is our first Head of Household for Big Brother 19. Time to start working on some nominations! Cody was pissed at Josh for taking that golden apple, but that’s going to keep him safe for now.

So much drama here in the fallout. Josh starts yelling at Megan again, yeah he did that during the HoH comp too. Then we’ve got Cody upset at Paul for him having too much fun. Cody doesn’t like fun and he definitely doesn’t like others having any of it either. So that puts Paul on Cody’s list.

Mark catches up with Cody to talk nomination plans. Cody reveals he wants to Backdoor Paul. Mark wants to work with Paul, but for now is going along with Cody’s idea.

Nomination Ceremony:

Cody reveals his picks for the first nominations of the BB19 season:

  • Jillian
  • Megan

Sunday’s episode will deliver the first Den of Temptation, but now we’ve got more important things like LIVE FEEDS! Hooray! Get ready and sign up now with the banner below!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds start tonight!

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  1. Anyone already here? The premiere was a PACKED episode! Everything was so juicy and good… until the very end. Yeah, that was and still is heartbreaking…

    Hopefully tonight’s episode is also a strong episode!

    • I voted for Christmas, but I doubt she will get it. I feel Paul will get it.

      • I mean, I didn’t really want Paul on this season to begin with. With the pendant thing, hopefully he becomes a target and they send him out by the jury kicks in. Yeah, so basically what happened to Neda

  2. hello. excited for tonight. definitely have my first impression “they irritate me” or there’s potential there. it takes a few days to learn their real character. miami boy prob is #1 for least fav. not happy paul is back. woulda preferred an unknown getting that. figure HOH is a hang on the longest comp. can see potential for fun w temptations/consequences

    • You don’t like Miami boy? I loved Josh’s energy? Loved him since preseason interviews

      • not from first show’s showing of him. he was too loud and over the top for my liking.

  3. Not sure what thread it was on, but people were discussing that maybe there is a battle back because there was no interview with Cameron. On jokers there is an interview with him, so maybe no battle back?

    • From the twist leak, there could be a potential of a temptation where there is one Thursday where there will be no eviction. Yeah… if there’s a battle back there would be too many weeks this summer

  4. Ok, I already don’t like Josh. Ugh, it’s day effin’ TWO! Grow some balls.

  5. What’s the older guy’s name? Kevin? Does he even know what Big Brother is?

      • He’s very different. I think he was recruited because he doesn’t know anything about it.

    • He did say he watched few times wih couple of his kids. Never could get into it.

    • I like when they add people like that. It makes the game a lot more difficult on the strategists. Keeps it interesting. Plus, Kevin is the man! I thought it was hilarious watching him watch everyone go nuts when Paul and Nicole came in and he just sits quietly in the background.

      • He’s starting to grow on me. Watching him on the feeds last night he’s pretty funny. He seems to be fitting in with a lot of people.

    • I love that she’s there. I really like her and glad she won. I’d rather see her than obnoxious loud mouth Paul.

  6. This whole garden of Eden thing really brings out the house guests selfish side

    • This drove me CRAZY. There was another word she had to keep saying with two t’s besides button too. I can’t remember what it was. IS IT THAT DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE A “T”?!?!

      • I’m not trying to be rude, but it seems like a pretty dumb move. It’s like waving your arms around screaming that you can’t be trusted to work in a team.
        Between that and him going off he’s going to be radioactive, no one’s gonna wanna go near him.
        I don’t know if he was right that he was in danger before but he sure as hell is now once this week is up.

      • Well you have to remember we haven’t seen feeds yet. From listening to Josh he felt he hadn’t made any relationships and felt he was the target. If you were in the house and felt like the odd man out are you sure you wouldn’t want safety for that week and then try to do damage control? Considering Cody ultimately won HOH I think Josh could of been a target had he been a choice.

      • Oh, didn’t expect someone to be replying to this comment…
        As the others in this thread might have pointed out, Josh made this move out of the paranoia of being the week’s target. Like him, if I was in the house, I would be really scared to be the first one voted out as well. I probably wouldn’t have had as strong of a suspicion and reacted as badly to said suspicion as he did, but the anxiety would always be there.
        Had I known for a fact that I was safe for the week, even if this move encouraged people to target me, I have time to clean up any mess I’ve made and potentially find allies (ex:HOH, since he knows he can’t put me up, why not work sth out between the two of us).
        The reason why everyone sees this as such a bad move is because of the way Josh played AFTER he made the move. He had zero interest in damage control, instantly made a scene on the spot and repeatedly confronted Megan to paint a target on both of their backs. THAT was the stupid part, not the move in going after the golden apple itself

  7. Hah and we all thought Megan was playing hard, Josh topped it with his paranoia

  8. Cody will try and put up Paul, then he’ll be shaken once he realizes he can’t because of the safety pendent thing Paul will have (which he’ll have to take now, because there’s no way Cody wouldn’t put him up)

      • The temptation thing they have for this week. Viewers vote for who they want to offer it to. It keeps the wearer safe for 3 weeks with a cost (Paul more than likely won by a landslide since it’s early on)

      • Well it’s not so rigged. It’s just they know the viewers will vote the way they want them too early on…like CBS is puppeting the audience

      • It’s a temptation twist. America has been voting for the past day. Winner will be immune for three evictions

      • It’s almost a guarantee. It’s early on in the season and the viewers barely know anybody else. Paul has been winning in almost every poll online

      • But a lot of fans don’t want a vet in the house. They want all new players. That’s all over twitter and social media. So I’m hoping they don’t vote for him.

      • That’s a lot of people online, like the BBOTT audience. You have to account for the millions of casuals watching the season who probably love Paul. The casual audience goes towards who they know and who they like rather than just newbies

      • Well guess we’ll have to wait and see. Lot of people I know that just watch the show want all new players.

      • I didn’t want a vet but if there had to be one the only person I’d want more is Johnny Mac.
        Paul is a total bastard but he’s good tv without a doubt.

      • I mean, it would make sense. He’s the only person the viewers have any idea who he is

  9. Josh is the female version of Vanessa. He is pathetic. Him or Paul to be gone next please.

  10. Idc what anybody says, Josh is entertaining…the man is so stupid, it’s fun to watch him

  11. I like Cody. And I like his dislike of Paul. Though I like Paul. It’s weird. I just didn’t want him back.

    • I had enough of Paul last season. He’s loud and not funny anymore. It’s old.

    • No I agree. I liked Paul but I don’t want a veteran this season… I like that he isn’t afraid to make the move against him. I don’t know how long I’ll like Cody but for now he’s okay

    • I’m not thrilled to have a returning player, but I feel like they owe him something after he got hosed out of half a million dollars last season.

      • He certainly did! And he also played a better game than Nicole. It’s not his fault the jury consisted of some people voting based on body parts, and others who hadn’t even been in the game for 99 days and didn’t see him play.

      • Or fall apart soon once an alpha male gets side track by a girl or get so high on power that he makes his alliance start to look bad

      • Most likely the second part. You can see Mark already not totally on side with his choice of backdooring Paul and his telling Megan he doesn’t like her. Hopefully Matt and Mark let Cody think they’re on his side but wait for opportunity to kick him out

      • The bro alliance is worrying, but I have faith this cast is smart enough to stop that from happening again. As long as the game-aware girls (and guys not included) stick around, it should hopefully be okay.

  12. I don’t really understand why Cody has a strong dislike for Paul, but getting him out week 1 wouldn’t do him any favors. He’s already won 2 comps, so getting rid of Paul right away will only make his target bigger in the coming weeks

      • I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to get Paul out. It’s a bad idea for CODY to try and get him out

    • I doubt he’ll get the chance since Paul will probably get the pendant. But if you look at history, Rachel won her second season, Dan made it to second place in his second, Nicole won in her second, and Jason made it to second place on BBOTT. And Jason was the only vet on that cast as well. There are probably others that I am not remembering right off the top of my head. The point being if you have the opportunity you need to take them out.

  13. we go again. I want that first alliance to be busted right away….I said it. lol

    • It will be I think. If Megan survives and wins HOH she’ll make a big move against Cody.
      Paul probably will too if he finds out Cody is out to get him

      • Yeah he is but I think he’s even worse… Even Monte never nominated someone and said it’s “because I just don’t like you”. That was uncalled for. Cody doesn’t even KNOW Megan or any of the HG (except for Paul) well enough to say something like that. I think he is a first class jacka$$!!!

  14. Sounds like multiple guys have their eyes on Jessica. I wonder who she’ll end up with. You know it’s going to happen.

  15. All I know is I can’t wait for the feeds to start tonight. Then I’ll get to see who is actually with who and see all the scheming. Took a nice nap so as long as they stay up I’m watching.

      • Oh, I’m actually a student you know. And I have a lot of responsibilities this summer. I didn’t want to give up on BB entirely but if I get live feeds I’m not gonna get anything done!

        When I free up I’ll definitely get AllAccess

      • Definitely can’thave distractions but i know a few students who had feeds and said it helped them catch up better than watching cbs version of the show.

      • It takes up the whole summer. The last season was online and it took a lot of my time. You could always come here and catch up.

      • I tried All Access last year, and it just wasn’t for me. It was nice once in a while, but most of the time you’re literally just watching these people hang out. It made me feel a little weird. I like the episodes because they sum up what’s been going on . Here’s my best analogy: Big Brother is like baseball to me. I like baseball, but I’d rather watch the highlights than a full game. I like big brother, but I’d rather watch the episodes than everything they do.

      • Compared to a lot of other people in the house right now, I would rather they go and not Megan go

    • I like her too. That’s why I can’t wait for the feeds to start tonight. Then you can see what’s going on.

  16. So he’s hoping to hook up with a chick by nominating 2 chicks? Lol the chicks will get nervous and retaliate.

  17. I am so confused how can the one guy think the dog walker decides his fate? she is not the only vote and the hoh I cant follow his thinking and Matt I do not like this layout I liked the old way sorry just my opinion

      • I figured the idea of how little of threats Megan and Jillian are would emphasize the point for me lol

      • They may not be challenge threats, but from what we’ve seen they are the only people (Megan, Jillian, Ramseys, and Alex) in an organized alliance like Cody. So it’s actually a good move on his part if you step back.

      • But is that group alone gonna make big moves by themselves right now? Not at all. Not to mention I’m sure Cody doesn’t even have a clue about any sort of alliances going on

      • I mean regardless of whether the group would make any moves, it’s fault on those 4 ppl’s behalf to make their alliance so apparent to the rest of the house and put a target on themselves

      • Yah hard to say. I think once Paul’s gone Cody would be primary target. He’s just going off social groups I guess? Hard to know without feeds yet.

      • Will be glad once feeds come in. Cody should consider himself lucky if Paul gets that safety pendant, because if Paul’s gone, he’s surely on the radar to go next

      • For sure. He’s lucky he didn’t nominate Paul as well because he can still hide the fact he’s coming for him. I do think its a good move for his game to send someone from the 4 person “outsider” alliance home this week though.

  18. Man Cody is savage. I was laughing so hard when Megan tried to talk to him and then later that nom speech omg. This is like old school BB where people just say it how it is. Josh is very entertaining as well. Feeds this year should be amazing!

  19. I do love though how Cody just thinks about getting out Paul and has no backup plan in place. Like what happens if Paul comes out with the veto? Or if the winner decides not to use it? Oh no, Megan or Jillian will go home! What huuuuge threats!

  20. After only two episodes…I can say this about Cody…His arrogance will be his downfall. I really don’t like him. What the heck has Megan done to Cody and Josh (poor Josh..he will never make it..way too emotional already) But, this Cody guy…

  21. Cody is so arrogant im so ready to see him get evicted and I sure hope it’s Paul or Megan than plays a hand in it

  22. Hey all. I signed up for the feeds. They are finally available in my area! Question though. I don’t have fish like everyone talks about, I just have a black screen. Is that normal right now?

    • This was my point exactly. He’s thinking more about who he doesn’t like and how much of a threat he is rather than looking outside of the box and checking his surroundings. Sounds like people are already not taking a liking to him, and his attitude isn’t helping

  23. I already can’t stand Cody… he’s giving me Paulie vibes just less personality and dead eyes.

  24. Josh was cracking me up, what a crazy dude. There’s no way he last seen long. I really like Christmas and I think she might actually be able to fly under the radar for a bit.
    And did anyone else feel bad for Megan? Everyone has been really mean to the girl LOL I hope she wins the veto or something. I don’t really get why she gets so much hate lol

  25. Well, ya can’t blame Cody for wanting to target the vet. Nicole won BB18 and Jason was the runner up in BBOTT. That’s two seasons back to back, and Jason was the sole vet of OTT, too.

    Josh is already bugging me. The kid needs to chill out or he’s gonna end up like Devon from BB16.

    As for the rest… eh, too soon to tell. It’s been all edited footage so far. Once the feeds are up, we’ll get to see what’s what.

    • I agree from what we’ve seen on the 2 episodes. Hard to know if there is more there from feeds that we haven’t seen yet though.

  26. I think there is really something wrong with Josh. Would he pass a psych test? And Cody is creepy. I do like the directness on this season though – “I don’t like you” – lol. I would not mind if Jillian ends up leaving.

    • I agree there is something off with Josh, possibly bi-polar, definitely paranoid.
      Jillan & Megan are floaters and easy targets, especially this early in the game.
      Cody better stay strong because he is the one the beat right now.
      Paul? Just looking at his smarmy faces makes me throw up in my mouth.

  27. Mixed feelings about what happened on this episode, from one side I like the Cody’s alliance (Elena, Jessica, Matt, Mark, Dominique, Raven, Christmas) because the people I’m rooting for is there, but in the other side Cody… Not a fan of him, the guy is an ice wall! And it’s a little bit creepy, in the other hand, despite I’m not a fan of Megan, I feel bad for her on this episode. Anyways, such a good beginning of season!

      • I’m not going to feel surprised if he goes home early, his social game is not good at all and his personality doesn’t help him too; plus I don’t think that his plan of the alliance (or people that he really like) will work, any of them seems to be fool for follow him the entire game.

  28. Live feeds!!! They just said “Megans gone. They will probably remove a fish once evryone leaves”.. did we miss an eviction!??!

  29. And Jessica is already laying up in bed with Paulie- uhh, I mean Cody… it’s going to be a looooong season

    • Can you believe that ish? The minute I saw them laying over each other all I could think is this is a repeat of Nicole and Corey. It was bad enough the first time around, don’t want another repeat. Cody is so damn freaky and scary and Jessica is one of those girls who is never without a man and falls in love within hours. YUCK!

      • Fiddle!! I was looking for you on here all of last night girl lol! I just wrote you back on RT… I’ve got to know your opinions on everyone… who do you hate, who do you love? Oh also, no I don’t have the feeds but I’ve been trying to closely monitor this site, Twitter and a few others to try and keep up!

      • Hey girl!! Can you believe Megan left? That was a bomb right out of the gate. I’m absolutely loving this season, loved both episodes and the feeds were off the chain last night.
        Paul-love him, wasn’t too sure about him coming back. I wanted it to be all newbies but if someone has to come back, I’m okay with it being him.
        Cody-he’s going to lose it big time at some point. He’s wound so tightly.
        Jessica-she’s that girl who is always attached to a guy and can’t make a move without consulting with him. They were doing some heavy duty isolating last night. Bad move so early in the game.
        Kevin, LOVE HIM!!!! He is my favorite at this point. We were joking last on the feeds chat that he reminds us of Whitey Bulger. Gangsta Daddy
        Josh, OMG!! Another Devin and I’m loving his drama, I hope he stays around for a bit.
        Arkansassy/Raven-not impressed. She’s a stage 5 clinger and I think Matt is going to get real tired of her in his face at all times.
        Matt-no opinion yet.
        Whistenut-He’s either going to be really good or really bad. If I heard him correctly last night, he is playing the game as a single guy, but in real life is married. Not sure how I feel about that.
        Chrismtas, don’t like her but I’m open to changing my opinion, we will see.
        Jillian-she’s a pot stirrer, I don’t think she will last very long.
        Alex-very different than I thought she would be and I kind of like her but I think she is aligned with the wrong people.
        Ramses-too high energy for me, don’t really have an opinion of him yet
        Mark-he seems like a good guy but very gullible
        Elena-hate her, right off the bat. The fillers and botox are annoying. I get enough of that on the HW’s show. LOL
        Dominique-what I see I like so far.
        Give me your opinions, please! :)

      • Paul was my favorite last year so I’m still pretty much team friendship lol
        Kevin – I didn’t think I was going to like him after the first episode but he definitely redeemed himself in my eyes episode 2 and on BBAD.. he cracks me up and I love that he doesn’t know or give a sh*t about the people that were on other seasons.
        Whistlenut aka Rodeo (that’s what I call him lol)- I really like him so far he seems like a sweet down to earth kind of guy but I’m worried he’s not in with the “cool kids” and might become an easy target.
        Matt- I’m digging the silver fox look-wise but no strong opinions on him just yet.
        Mark- super sweet, seems genuine, I just hope he wises up and plays his own game and doesn’t follow American Psycho Cody the whole game.
        Ramses- I still can’t get used to saying that name lol. Yeah he’s annoying thus far same goes for Raven.
        Jillian- don’t like her, hope she’s sent home this week.
        Christmas – didn’t think I was going to like her but I kind of do for some reason lol.
        Elena- no strong opinions either way so far.
        Alex- love her, especially how she told Cody to eat sh*t the first episode lmao, but agree she’s aligning herself with the wrong ppl.
        Josh- it’s obvious he skipped the psych eval. lol I say keep him around a couple weeks purely for entertainment purposes then show him the door.
        Jess- I feel the exact same way u feel about her. I hated to stereotype her and was hoping she would be different, but she turned out to be exactly how I thought she would be.
        Cody- another one that skipped his psych eval! Can’t wait for him to have to complete and total meltdown, I just hope it’s as spectacular as Paulie’s was ;)

      • Sounds like you and I are on the same page, which I love!!! When the feeds came on last night, the first thing we see is Jessica and Cody laying in bed, draped over each other and every few moments Jessica would kiss his chest. So gross and they never said a word, to each other or anyone else. Cody sat there with his 10,000 yard stare while Jessica petted him. BARF *I wish you had feeds!!

      • Oh and also, someone on here just informed me that Paul admitted on the live feeds earlier that he was the one that planted that rumor with the Meg situation. Do you know anything about this?!

      • Hey girl, does BBAD come on every night or just the nights that BB airs on TV? I will be on this site more often when the show airs, I just had to do the feeds the first couple of nights. Would love to live chat with you as the show airs. *mwah

      • Haha, I love this gif!! You tell me when you want to watch and we can chat. Why don’t we use the newest thread on BBN as our chat spot. I’m Mountain time, it’s 5:09 right now, not sure where you are located and what time BBAD comes on.

      • I’m just an hour ahead of you, 6:12 in TX rn. So I could always just record the actual shows and watch it an hour later to live chat with you.. what do ya think? And BBAD is 11- 2 for me.. how do you want to do that? I’m a night owl so the majority of the time I’m up pretty late, how about you?

      • I actually watch the tv show on a livestream, the same time as they air in the East. I get the links on Hamsterwatch, if you want to go that route. So BBAD starts at MIdnight for me, I’m okay with that, probably for an hours or so, depending on the night. Weekends will always be good watching time for me. You want to try and give it a go tonight, I assume BBAD shows what is going on at the house in real time. We don’t get BBAD, so I’ve never watched it.

      • Yes, BBAD is live feeds and they toggle back and forth between different cameras depending on what is going on in the house. We can try tonight. I’ll post a comment on the newest post on this site when I start watching later.

      • Yes, BBAD is live feeds and they toggle back and forth between different cameras depending on what is going on in the house. We can try tonight. I’ll post a comment on the newest post on this site when I start watching later.

      • Sounds like a plan, see you then girl! :)

      • BBAD isn’t working for me :( as soon as Julie came on to do the intro the screen went blue and says no signal… so p*ssed! I’ll let you know if it comes on sometime soon. Any good drama going on tonight. I saw Alex won POV and Jess is pissed lol… love it!

      • hey there! I’ve been reading BBAD isn’t working. Nothing much is going on, you aren’t missing a dang thing.

      • Well that makes me feel a little better lol… we’ll try again tomorrow night if you’re down. Tty tomorrow :)

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