Matt Hoffman Returns To Break Down Big Brother 18 Cast

Bridgette Dunning

Poor, sweet Bridgette doesn’t have any clue what she is getting herself into. By her own admission, she doesn’t lie, doesn’t have a mean side, and thinks she will be loved by America. When Bridgette gets out of the house, she’s probably going to learn about this thing called “the internet” where no one is loved by America.

Bridgette Dunning, 24, Fresno, CA

Most of Bridgette’s interview was her giggling while Jeff asked hard-hitting strategic questions like, “What do you think of people who jog in place at stop lights?” I wish I was kidding. Unlike nearly every other contestant who quoted their “life motto” from a stupid motivational poster with a picture of an eagle or a sunset on it, Bridgette (likely unknowingly) gained some extra points by taking inspiration from Napoleon Dynamite.

Jozea Flores

The first thing I noticed in Jozea’s interview was his positioning on the couch in relation to Jeff. He was seated in a way that almost said, “I don’t really want to be talking to you right now”. I think Jeff took that as Jozea playing hard-to-get, because he started kind of hitting on Jozea – telling him how fantastic he looked and saying how cool it would be if they had the exact same outfit on. Polite laughter ensued from Jozea, and although this was one of the worst interviews content-wise, the dynamic was intriguing.

Jozea Flores, 25, from Los Angeles, CA

Glenn from the Bronx is going to be so jealous when he sees how much more Jeff was into Jozea than him. Jozea is also the fourth Latin American cast member this season, so props to CBS on their diversity efforts…and my apologies on the network’s behalf to Donald Trump who had to cancel the Big Brother series recording that he had set on his DVR for the summer.

Tiffany Rousso

The second of two siblings cast this season, Tiffany is the sister of Season 17’s third place finisher Vanessa Rousso. While I’m sure the Vanessa connection helped get Tiffany’s foot in the door, I did appreciate the fact that she was a long-time fan of Big Brother.

Tiffany Rousso, 32, from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

She definitely shares both the voice and mannerisms of Vanessa, and I can’t imagine this one won’t get called out pretty quickly…but she also has the conversational skills of a pineapple, so maybe she just won’t talk enough to get busted. It took Jeff literally 90 seconds of very obvious prying to get Tiffany to explain who her sister was in relation to the game. I love myself a good, sloppy, catastrophic, mess of a player, and Tiffany’s lack of charisma seems like a dull watch and a setup for a pre-jury boot.


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  1. Wow, Glenn the Donald Trump supporter is going to love being in there with all those rapist Latina’s. Could be the awkwardness of BB2’s gay bashing Kent and openly gay Bunky. Stay tuned all!

  2. Really Matt? Did you have to bring politics into it with your Trump remark? This is Big Brother the TV show competition, not Big Brother from Orwell’s 1984.

    Let’s leave politics out of it.

      • Don’t matter if it’s funny or not, don’t matter if it’s about Hillary or Trump. There’s no need for politics. All it does is piss off half the people.

      • Wait, I only pissed off HALF the people? Ugh!…I hate a half-finished job. I’ll do better next year. :-/

      • I thought it was funny as hell….so given the sample pool he only pissed off a third of the people.

        Someone mad enough to complain about a “misplaced” political joke has almost assuredly brought up politics when “there’s no need for politics.” #bb18….take off the pants suit, put on some big boy jeans and get over it!

      • Eh. With Trump, It’s only a quarter of the people, because half of Republicans (including me) hate Trump.

    • Probably a bit too HARD for him to do that! hahaha We can help him out here after the fact, can’t we?

  3. so matt thinks paul is the first one out? i actually think he has a good chance of sliding to jury unnoticed…

    my first boot choice is natalie

  4. I think Tiffany was messing with Jeff with the whole she is Vanessa’s sister thing.

  5. Zakiyah Everette will be the first one gone if she can’t separate working with 3 yr olds from having adult contact. Or she could start talking gibberish and keep them all guessing. That’s my guess! But my prediction is she may be the first eliminated…just saying. I used to run daycare and when I didn’t get enough adult contact, I started talking baby talk to my husband. That’s when he knew I needed to get out of the house more! LOLOL Hard to do that when you’re stuck inside the BB house! :-)

  6. Matt, I don’t agree with your assessment of Tiffany. She doesn’t have the conversation skills of a pineapple. She seemed very charismatic to me. I’ve watched that interview back to back for 30 minutes. I’m already loving Tiffany, but it probably is due to my love for Vanessa. I do want her to differentiate herself from Vanessa’s game play but if she doesn’t, you can’t really blame her since they are freakin’ related. I hope she does well.

  7. Matt is way too humble! I’d love to see him back on Big Brother in a second compared to this yawnfest of a cast…

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