Meet The Big Brother 18 Cast of Houseguests

CBS has officially released the Big Brother 18 cast of 12 Houseguests and we have all the details right here including who everyone is, age, hometown, and photos.

Big Brother 18 Cast of new Houseguests
Big Brother 18 Cast of new Houseguests

After so much speculation, rumors, and alleged spoilers the Big Brother cast is here filled with 12 initial HGs consisting of 6 men and 6 women ready to head inside and compete to be the winner of Big Brother 18!

So yes, the obvious short list indicates we’ll see returning players, as preseason rumors reported, since just like in BB14 when CBS held back the four veteran players. What we don’t know for sure is who those HGs will be and if there is any sort of audience participation to vote them in or not.

As for other twists going on, the rumored siblings were true. Cody’s brother Paulie is here and Vanessa’s sister Tiffany is too. Both of those names were widespread in preseason rumors with Vanessa even supposedly tweeting about her sister and BB18. Good grief. There’s also a HG with the last name of Arroyo, like BB14’s Jenn, but there doesn’t initially appear to be any relation. I’m sure we’ll find out more soon if there’s anything left to uncover.

Our Big Brother cast has a range of ages from 23 to 50, but of course the next oldest is only 32 with the cast generally being right around the mid-20’s. The age average is 27.5 years and the median age is 25. So another young cast again, but let’s see how they do.

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Click the names below to be taken to their bio review pages. Click the images for a full-size image view.

Big Brother 18 Cast list:

Paul Abrahamian – bio & details
Age: 23
Hometown: Tarzana, Calif.
Current City: Tarzana, Calif.
Occupation: Clothing Designer

Victor Arroyo – bio & details
Age: 25
Hometown: Slidell, La.
Current City: Slidell, La.
Occupation: Gym Manager

Corey Brooks – bio & details
Age: 25
Hometown: Dallas
Current City: Dallas
Occupation: Baseball Coach

Paulie Calafiore – bio & details
Age: 27
Hometown: Howell, N.J.
Current City: Howell, N.J.
Occupation: DJ

Bronte D’Acquisto – bio & details
Age: 26
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Current City: Denver, Colo.
Occupation: Student

Bridgette Dunning – bio & details
Age: 24
Hometown: Fresno, Calif.
Current City: Ventura, Calif.
Occupation: Traveling Nurse

Zakiyah Everette – bio & details
Age: 24
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Current City: Charlotte, N.C.
Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Jozea Flores – bio & details
Age: 25
Hometown: Bridgeton, N.J.
Current City: Los Angeles
Occupation: Makeup Artist

Glenn Garcia – bio & details
Age: 50
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Current City: Bronx, N.Y.
Occupation: Dog Groomer/Former Police Detective

Michelle Meyer – bio & details
Age: 23
Hometown: Washington Township, Mich.
Current City: Washington Township, Mich.
Occupation: Nutritionist

Natalie Negrotti – bio & details
Age: 26
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Current City: Franklin Park, N.J.
Occupation: Event Coordinator

Tiffany Rousso – bio & details
Age: 32
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Fla.
Current City: Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Occupation: High School Teacher

Reminder that we won’t have our regular preseason interviews this season, but CBS is offering up their interviews starting today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) exclusively on the Live Feeds so be sure to sign up for All Access now and be ready for the live stream.

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  1. Interesting cast. I have a feeling Jordan Parhar’s predictions will come true when it comes to returnee’s.

  2. Cody’s brother looks just like I don’t think he will be around too long if the HG put that together. Vanessa’s sister does look like her..but..she may be able to slide by…I think Paulie could pass for Cody’s twin.

    • Well, she’s a school teacher – not a poker player – so her playing philosophy could be quite a bit different than Vanessa’s was. I certainly hope so.

    • If his mannerisms are similar, it’ll be a dead giveaway. I think at least one of the gals will figure it out pretty fast.

  3. Ok so my extremely early preseason pick just based off picture and name is: natalie

  4. At least the median age for this newbie cast is certainly a tad older than last year’s.

    At least we got one of the rumors right about siblings.

  5. Yayyyy … Bronx is in the house! Disappointed there aren’t more of at least 50 year olds to play with Glenn!

    • I worry that he will be targeted because of his age as he is the only one who interests me. But could be like Jerry and last a long time.

      • I feel like Glenn will do fine. He seems like the guy who people will split a final two deal with immediately upon entering the house.

      • I don’t think that Glenn will get targeted early. He seems like he is able to adapt really well to any situation. He is an ex-cop.

      • I’m a Long Islander J_95 … And I’m rooting for Glenn because of his older age and the fact he’s from NY/the Bronx.

      • lol I’m biased. I automatically root for people from New York or who are hispanic or black.

      • I’d root for him as I could hold a decent convo with him, having similar longer life experience. No offense to the younger ones…just is more of a preference. The others I would feel like mommying and cutting up their meat for them! hahaha

      • Yes Kim, I surely would like to see an ‘older’ group invade the BB house …

      • But… I do understand the formula. The hot early 20’s dudes and chicks probably bring in a majority of the 18-30 year old viewers, and if the average age was 35-40 I’d lay odds that they’d lose at least half the 18-30 year old viewers.

      • I am uncertain if this has long been considered, but I think it is overdue that there should be a “youth vs. experienced” cast twist. It doesn’t hurt to bring in equal numbers of 20-35 aged and 36+ aged HGs somewhat like what Survivor is planning to air in the fall.

  6. First off, I hope to love this cast as the season goes on and cheers to having no retreads! The two “Elissa”s twist is not something I care much about unless production decides to cram that info down our throats. Some of these names are very unique. Can’t wait to hear the Jeff interviews!

      • Is this all the newbies or is this 3/4. Otherwise, my fearful thoughts will be coming true. !!!

      • Likely all the newbies with 4 returning who are probably, at least from rumors, Frank, Nicole, Da’Vonne, and James.

      • It is possible that Cody and Vanessa may show up this season since their siblings are on the show.

      • I thought that was why some of the old players were going. Have you read something about old cast members joining the show as players?

      • It sounds like Frank Nicole Da’Vonne and James will return making it 16 players, but that won’t be revealed until the first episode.

      • Why on earth would JAMES of all people be invited back. The guy had ZERO strategy and fucked over the people close to him who had (–> Becky).

        What is this? Oh, it’s my excitement for the new season. And it just went out the window…

      • And how he won it still shocks me. At least JMac was likable, funny and HAD A BRAIN. I could have understood him winning..
        But if this is another “Coach” season, the people on James’ team should probably self-evict.

      • If anything, I worry more about Da’Vonne being a coach than James. At least he built solid relationships with Meg and Jason, and won a couple competitions. Da’Vonne wrecked her own game when she decided to push Shelli’s existence away – and then call a house meeting on Audrey. The only thing she won was the phone booth twist by pure luck.

      • It won’t be coaches. The twist failed in 14 and production ended it by having them enter the game. That was with people who were actually good at the game too. There is no way they would have these 4 be coaches, but they would have them return as regular players.

      • Then I’m a bit relieved, but still disappointed it’s not 16 brand new HouseGuests. In that case, these new people better get rid of the returnees as soon as they enter or else they’ll end up dealing with another Rachel “I Am Vegas” Reilly victory or star struck for eternity by their predecessors. I can’t stress this enough. If I spent a week in isolation for interviews and release forms, I would not want to be evicted by someone who has already gotten a chance to play.

      • Hearing who the returnees likely are I would not be that worried about them winning. It is not like in 13 or 14 where the returnees were good players.

  7. Other than Glenn this cast does not excite me at all. By now I am used to everyone being in there 20s, but was looking for a cast that looks a little more interesting. Half are from California or New jersey and other than Clothing Designer none of those professions scream this person is interesting (although profession isn’t always the best way to judge). Even those not from ca or nj are not from an unusual place. No one is from a rural area. The diversity is lacking as always. Even all the girls have dark hair. Luckily the returning players, at least from the rumors, seem to add a little diversity and excitement to this group.

  8. Same cast as last year. A bunch of young idiots with one older person. Possibly 2 of the boys are into guys and 2 black people who are probably going to leave right away.
    Victor is cute and I don’t know why anyone related to Vanessa will be on this season. I doubt she has the same personality, but if she does i hope the rest of the cast see it and vote her out quickly. Cody’s brother is not as cute.

    • Why so cynical? I don’t mind this cast. Of course my opinion may change and this could be the worst season yet, but couldn’t it also be the best season yet? Just give them a chance.. at least a couple of weeks into the season… they haven’t even entered the house yet.. geez…

      • Nothing in particular.. just that we can finally get this thing going! woohoo! My point is that you other ‘superfans’ talk of how excited you are for weeks to see this new cast and the second they are released you just bash them?! At the very least you should give them a chance. They haven’t even entered the house yet and you guys are already mean. Instead of being cynical about the situation, try being positive. And yeah, this could beat season 9 for worst season ever, but on that same note, can it not beat out the likes of some of the best seasons in BB history? Just give them a chance instead of immediately bashing them without hearing them even open their mouths or enter the house…

      • That’s a good point. I am very excited for it to start and you do never know how they actually are. I doubt it will be worse than 9, but am also doubtful it can beat out 6, 7 or the other early seasons. I am not mad at the cast and am sure there are some good people in it there always are. However, I am disappointed as usual with casting as adding in some diversity would make it so much better. I know that far less older people apply and that the overwhelming majority of applicants are in their 20s, but can they really just find one older person out of all the applicants.

      • lol. Every year is the same. It is an entertaining show, regardless of who is there, but the cast is not very diverse.

      • I agree! The only thing I’m not excited about is if the remaining houseguests are coaches, not a fan of that twist.

      • What a terrible twist. Just watch coaches and “americas favorite” battle of the block return.

  9. This will make for an interesting season in my very honest opinion… I like this cast… :))

  10. Pictures don’t tell much. We will have to hear them before making up our mind.

      • That Victor guy is a very pretty man outside, but my first impression from his statement in his bio, I tend to think he is a conceited womanizer. He has a few beauties to pick from, if so.

      • Well, I thought Medieval poet boy was going to sweep me off my feet, but we know how that turned oouut-uuhh. And, I’m a little over conceited womanizers–if’in ya knows what I mean.

      • Oh yes, I very much remember that. Sorry, but I’m laughing at you just a tad for that one. Have you heard, are he and that one twincompoop still together? Funny, I can remember his name, but not her’s.

    • As long as they don’t bring back Ian, I’ll be okay with whoever the 4 remaining hgs are! :-)

      • If he’s one of the 4, I’m putting my tap shoes on and shuffling off to Buffalo, leaving a trail of glitter behind me. I don’t think I’m kidding.

  11. While I know it isn’t all of you, some of you on here are so cynical. You self-proclaimed superfans talk of how excited you are to meet this new cast for weeks on social media and then you immediately bash them? wtf?! They haven’t even entered the house and some of you are resorting to name-calling. And yes, this may beat out season 9 for worst season ever, but on that same note, can it not beat out the likes of some of the best seasons as well? All I’m asking is that, instead of being so negative the second you see their faces, try to be positive and at least give them a chance. They haven’t spoken a single word nor have they entered the house yet and you guys already resort to the negative attitude. I may be only 16 years old, and I don’t have much life experience, but I can tell you this: If you go into a situation with a negative attitude, then expect negative things. It’s that simple.

    • You sure your 16 years old or have you been watching Big Brother for 16 seasons?

      • Lol! I like your attitude, Spunky Nugget! I’m not a ‘Super Fan’, but I’m a HUGE fan. It’s nice to see a new face here, who is really excited! I hope you have fun here with us.

      • Anytime! I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Just don’t take anyone or any thing too seriously, OK?

      • Yeah, ok. Just know that I support EQUALITY for all, so the second you or anyone else thinks it’s funny to bully someone else based on something they can’t control just know that you will see a side of me that you do not want to see. So be an adult and treat others with respect, K?

        I say this upfront when I meet people online because, unfortunately, there are still racists and homophobes out there. I do not associate with asshats that think it’s funny to pick on others for no apparent reason. Call this PC or whatever you want, but I tolerate nothing short of full equality for all. So yeah, I’ll laugh and be nice and be myself, but don’t push your ‘jokes’ too far and we won’t have a problem, okay?

      • Oh, I didn’t mean for you to change…OR to accept ANY bigoted, racist, misogynistic, homophobic or xenophobic remarks AT ALL! And I don’t think you’ll find anything like that HERE–but if you do, be sure to FLAG those statements, because they have no place–absolutely no place on this particular site!! So flag them IMMEDIATELY.

        Sometimes we can become pretty passionate about whom we do or do not like in the game—and as we get further into the game, those feelings can become more polarizing, so that’s what I meant by ‘not taking things too seriously.’

        I learned a very valuable lesson about, rather than letting someone’s words roll of my back, I allowed them to ‘get to me’ and that will NEVER happen again!! So, stand your ground..don’t put up with anyone’s s***…but when the game get’s further along, people are going to become more passionate. THAT’S what I meant.
        So, have a great time and be YOU! And like I said ( and you already said) don’t take any s***. :)

      • Yeah, I assumed I was overreacting maybe a tad bit lol. With today’s world, you have to watch your back. I’ve come across some creeps and downright hurtful people online, so I say things like that upfront. It’s a shame that you can’t trust others anymore with simply being who you are. It boggles my mind that fully functional, grown adults sometimes resort to bigotry. If only kids and teens ruled the world LOL. Yes, it would be chaos, but at least we’d be focusing on real issues and not fixating all of our time on miniscule details such as the color of a person’s skin. The world will live in today is really horrible, and I don’t tolerate those mean spirited people. Sorry if what I said earlier came off as a little abrasive. That wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to be clear, that’s all. :))

      • You came off as wanting to stay SAFE—which I totally get. It is a shame that we can’t feel safe online, and I actually appreciate the fact that you were up front with me. I’ve got a stalker on Yahoo that’s making my life a living hell—I’ve been commenting for 10 years and suddenly, three months ago, this piece of filth follows my history…but I’ll be damned if I’LL be the one to change my info. I muted him, but Yahoo changed their format, so now I see his filth again. So, Spunky ( can I call you that?), I get it. You weren’t abrasive—you were setting boundaries. :) p.s. you’ll probably see me say a lot of comments about ‘mean girls.’ Can’t stand ’em. I can be sarcastic when it comes to people that get on my nerves in the House, but I don’t like the mean girls.

    • Thank you Spunky Nugget ~~I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said Spunky ~~ couldn’t have said it better myself and I’m almost 74!

    • It’s no big deal..People are just excited…you know it will only get worst right?

      • Well, I don’t know what to tell you….but what you’re doing is a good thing.

      • I’ll be in and out during the daytime as I have a job now, but most definitely at night time! :-) Looking forward to giving my commentaries! :-)

      • You’d better be here at night, Missy! I’m glad you have a job…do you like it? I’m still working on my book and on a one woman show…unfortunately I have to finish them before I can get paid. BE HERE AT NIGHT!!

      • I love my job! I’m an Uber driver! I don’t work in the cities, though, too dangerous, but where I live, it’s rather tame! I don’t have to accept every ride request either. Summer is our biggest money maker time here because we have an outdoor tiki bar open and lots of outdoor concerts in the area. It’s similar to island life, everyone is quite friendly! Since I’m night blind, I don’t work nights…eliminates my having to pick up drunk people too, so less mess since no one is throwing up in my car either! hahaha

      • Cool! That sounds like a lot of fun, Joni. It also sounds pretty good that you’re able to pick and choose the rides. Good for you, gal! Yeah, being night blind is a positive in this particular case…who wants to clean up puke? Yummmm. Ha-ha! Glad you’re job won’t interfere…like K said, it wouldn’t be the same–or as fun–without you here!

    • Just remember one thing, everybody is allowed to give their opinion even if you don’t agree with it. You, like all of us here, are just a guest. The only one that set the rules is Matt, the owner. It’s his job to police the site, not you. If you feel something is over the line, flag the post and take it up with him: matt at bigbrothernetwork dot com

      • What I mean is “Nutritionist” isn’t a protected title. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, you don’t need any requirements/education at all.

        Yes, some legitimate colleges and universities have programs in nutrition and most (not all) people who graduate go and become a license Dietitian (protected title).

        And I should know, I am a nutritionist after all :)

      • But one has to be a board passing-licensee to be called one, at least from my part of the world.

      • Yes it is in the UK and some provinces in Canada, but not the US. I was just being facetious :)

        Team Paul.

      • Does that mean the US doesn’t have professional nutritionists? Then how would hospitals hire them if their qualifications are not up to professional standards?

      • They tend to hire registered dietitians, not nutritionists. Some will hire a nutritionist who has a degree but hasn’t passed the exams (and pay them much less). I tried to post a link to it but I think it got removed,


      • Then that would only mean that America has a ticking timebomb in its hands, just waiting to explode if such an industry is left unregulated.

      • A dietitian is a health professional who has university qualifications
        consisting of a 4-year Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetic. A nutritionist is a non-accredited title that may
        apply to somebody who has done a short course in nutrition or who has
        given themselves this title.

        There’s no ticking time bomb in this industry. lol.. In fact every thing is over-regulated here.

      • But as someone already mentioned, nurtritionists are largely unregulated in the US whereas in everywhere else, it is and you have to be a board passer so you could practice professionally. You can also go further with a doctorate or a masteral degree related to the field.

      • I don’t understand your point. Let me put it this way. Dieticians are board certified and license by the state. Hospitals here hire Dietician NOT Nutritionist..It’s not complicated.

      • What I try to point out is that it is completely foreign to me to hear that being a nutritionist is not a regulated profession in the US and a few other territories the thread starter pointed out when it is the opposite everywhere else in the world where you have to pass a professional board exam to be one the same way you have to pass the board to be able to practice as a doctor, a nurse, a teacher , or a lawyer.

      • I understand exactly what you’re saying, James. I’ve been following this conversation since it started, and things are backward here in the States. May I add my two cents?
        The ‘dietitians’ here in the US that are employed by the hospitals are usually NOT as knowledgeable as nutritionists…at least that has been my (QUITE EXTENSIVE) experience. Nutritionists are usually more holistic and know much, much more about what your body needs…not just what a portion size should be…lol. Also, nutritionists are generally more healthy and less likely to be obese. You may (or may not) be surprised how many dietitians are typically American in size. Again, this is based on my experience, but if I had a magic wand, I would change everything about the way nutrition is taught—particularly in schools. Dietitians are fine. If you want to eat healthfully–especially if you suffer from autoimmune disorders or cancer—my money is on a nutritionist any day.
        No offense to those dietitians out there!

  12. Frick frickin’ frick. Another formula cast. And only 12 of them means 4 retreads. Way to go, Grodner. Not.

  13. Its confirmed to be coaches. 12 new 4 old. Each with a team of 3. This is great if its anything like BB14 its gonna be a great season strategy wise.

      • I know lol but its obvious that its coaches since its been a cast of 16 for 4 years and 4 returnees means coaches. How ever I pray that they keep audrey out of the coaches and replace her with someone who got top 3 so that we can have 4 good game players in the house.

        Also if its true that both Derrick and Vanessa are going to be in the house we could see a clash of the titans since they were both master manipulators with 2 opposite approaches

      • Derrick, Vanessa, and Audrey are not returning and it is likely not coaches. The returnees will just be entering the game like in 13.

  14. I’d hope the vets aren’t like people who made final 4 like most of BB13 and all of BB14.

  15. My initial impression of Tiffany is that she is nothing like Vanessa. As long as Vanessa stays out of the house(pretty please),Tiffany might have a chance of staying.

    • I thought that Tiffany sounded alot like Vanessa. If you closed your eyes, and didn’t know who she would think you were listening to Vanessa! I think Cody’s brother will be figured out soon..he could pass for Cody’s twin.

    • So I was right, that Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister? I only read that Cody’s brother was an hg.

      • I didn’t see the interview. My 1st impression came entirely from reading her bio. When I watch and hear her voice, I’m sure there will be a different impression.

    • I would love to see Vanessa back in the house. Seeing them together would make great TV in my eyes.
      Yes, Vanessa’s crazy and insane…and I love her for it.
      But I get where you’re coming from. I don’t want Tiffany to just be known as Vanessa’s sister. I want her to play her own game.

      • I haven’t seen the interview yet. I only read the bios. That was where I got my first impression. She stated that paranoia has been the downfall of many people, so if she can control that aspect of her game and she is as intelligent as V, she might have a chance, as long as others don’t discover who she is. I do think that could possibly hurt her.

      • Really, watch that interview. They remind me so much of each other, especially their voices and their facial expressions. I’ve always found it fascinating when siblings are so much alike, because you’d expect twins to be alike in their mannerisms and whatnot, but when it’s just regular siblings, it’s even more crazy to me.
        Also, I really hope they don’t target her because she’s Vanessa’s sister. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Corey, either. I don’t think that would be fair to them.
        But watching that interview, she seems totally intelligent and self-aware, I don’t necessarily think she’d be found out quick.

      • Hello, Joni, so great to see you! My BBN experience would NOT be complete or near as much fun without you.

      • That’s so sweet of you to say! Same with you as well! I will be missing one weekend here the third week of July as I’ll be spending the first long weekend with my almost 3 yr old granddaughter, without the parents around. They’ve not left her with anyone more than one night. So this should prove interesting! Maybe Zakiyah Everette will have given me tips to help me understand a three-year old’s mind before then so I don’t freak out! hahaha

      • You’ll just fall more in love with that little girl. It’s so hard to believe she is almost three. I miss having a little one around.

  16. Am I the only one who don’t care about their ages? As long as they deliver in terms of gameplay and entertainment and make this a great season, than I am satisfied.

    • People are naturally curious about those type of things. I wouldn’t say you’re the only one, but certainly in the minority.

      • But they have always been casting people who are in their mid-20s early 30s. They hardly cast people over 40, there is always at least 1 or 2 per season. It hasn’t really changed since season 1.

      • Honestly, I think most people would rather see younger people in the house. Older people just aren’t that exciting.
        America favors youth over wisdom, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not a good thing either.

      • Sorry but I’ll be blunt here… nothing against our senior citizens but:

        Would you watch a house with a lot of Jerrys and Rennys?

      • If they are entertaining and can actually contribute to the show, than I don’t mind watching them. For me its not about their age but what they bring to the show.

    • I was thinking VANESSA was Tiffany’s sister…that’s why I made a big deal. Then I got confused about the Audrey talk. I still give you virus anyway. lol.

    • To be honest, I actually think Tiffany seems a lot more level-headed and calmer than Vanessa. Vanessa could be level-headed at times, I mean she was such a strategic force in that house, but she could go off the deep end at times with too much strategy-talk.
      But watching Tiffany’s interview with Jeff, she does seem slightly more grounded. But that’s just a first impression.
      We won’t really know what she’s like until she’s in the house.
      But since I liked Vanessa so much, I want Tiffany to do well.

  17. Not thrilled that relatives are on the show. Not thrilled that there will be returning players. I’ve always felt that there should be 2 BBs a year. That way you can have one season to mess around with. And another season to keep it traditional. I don’t know why CBS refuses to have two BBs a year. They have two seasons of every other show. Julie Chen doesn’t even have to host both seasons. Get Ryan Seacrest or Jeff Probst, or someone to host the other one.

    • Although I would like 2 a year they probably don’t do it because the one time they did it did not go well.

    • CBS has a full schedule throughout the regular TV season so it would be difficult for them to schedule alone three hours of BB in the winter for at least 10 weeks unless there’s another writers’s strike looming.

      • It would actually be much easier, than what CBS does now. They would be going in with a bonafide hit. As opposed to what they do now. Look at all the cancelled shows they last month. They probably wasted over $100 million on shows that ultimately they deemed failures. It’s great for the cast and crews who their share of the $100+ million, and got to work for a year. But ultimately CBS decided to cut their losses. They could only benefit from having another season of BB.

      • The problem would be the timeslots. Besides Thursdays and Sundays, Wednesday is a traditionally strong night for CBS as is.

        As much as its audiences overlap with each other, programming BB and Survivor back to back is going to be tricky (especially with BB’s Canadian broadcaster Global TV traditionally slotting BBCAN next to Survivor over there hehe).

      • They can pick any days and timeslots they want. They don’t need to have 3. They can just have 1. And the season doesn’t have to be long either. They can only have 10 house guests instead of the 16. Or they have it be online only. Or have it just be all females, or all males. The point being so that they can be as experimental as they want to, and they keep the main season traditional.

      • Big Brother doesn’t work that way. The format itself requires multiple days worth of episodes spread across the week. Its three weekly horizontal outings is already a compromise from what they used to do back in its first season (which and still is a standard for every other version of BB elsewhere except Canada, even with its challenging real-time editing).

  18. If these new HouseGuests deem themselves smart and attentive, they need to evict all the returning players A.S.A.P. an not wait until another “Dan spraying anesthesia” moment.

  19. Bridgette Dunning
    The Nursing Traveller of Fresno

    Bronte D’Acquisto
    The Lass-Brightness of San Diego

    Corey Brooks
    The Golden B-Boy of Dallas

    Glenn Garcia
    The Grooming Ex-Copper of The Bronx

    Jozea Flores
    The Grande-Fanatico of Bridgetown

    Michelle Meyer
    The Dorky-Healthful Worker of Washington Township

    Natalie Negrotti
    The Eventful Venezolano of Caracas

    Paul Abrahamian
    The BBB (Bearded Bad Boy) of Tarzana

    Paulie “Hopefully with Balls” Calafiore
    The Big Bro DJ of Howell

    Tiffany Rousso
    The Teacher-Sister of West Palm Beach

    Victor Arroyo
    The Brusque Lady-Loverboy of Slidell

    Zakiyah Everette
    The Sweeteacher of Charlotte


      • Get rid of Victor first. I already have gut feelings of him trying to “April & Ollie” nastying it in the lounge by week 3. And once he’s gone, get rid of the returnee infestants! Especially Frank Ewwdy. #GoBackWithTed

    • If you haven’t watched her Feeds interview, do so. They are so much alike in their mannerisms. Their facial expressions, those eyes, their voices, it’s crazy…but not really, since they are related.

      • I finally did after signing up for the Feeds where she admitted she was related! I just hope they have different personalities! I can’t handle too much drama like Van was! hahaha

      • Well, on first impressions, Tiffany does seem a little calmer, but that could change. We just have to wait and see, don’t we? And I can’t wait! Hurry up June 22nd!

  20. Can’t wait….lets get this season started! I’ll voice my opinion about who I like and don’t like after I watch for a week or two. I always think I’m going to like someone from their bio and 1hr after they’re in the house my opinion changes.

  21. Yay so excited for season 18! Hopefully these houseguests are as tolerable as their interviews! And please BB for the love of God NO more Battle of the Block twist!!

  22. why are you all not having the pre season interviews on your big brother network youtube channel this year??

    • CBS decided to do a little different in introducing the cast this year so they didn’t allow allow preseason interviews apart from their own.

  23. I literally almost fell out of my chair when I realized that Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister! So excited about that! As most of you may know, I’m a HUGE fan of Vanessa, so this is awesome! When I was looking at Tiffany’s interview with Jeff, I was like,”There’s something about this woman that seems familiar.” Much to my surprise, it’s Vanessa’s sister…wow! They have many of the same mannerisms, it’s crazy (though not surprising since they are related). Can’t wait to see Tiffany in action.

    • I agree with you, although I was one of the people who found Vanessa’s antics last summer very irritating. Still, can’t hurt if Vanessa tutored Tiffany beforehand and passed down her skills of stirring up sh*t.
      I think both Paulie and Tiffany will do very well if they were coached on how to play the game beforehand

      • Yeah, Vanessa could be irritating at times, but I would not want her to change. She was absolute TV gold. She was amazing to watch. I knew she had something special from the moment we met her that Thursday night. I just hope Tiffany can come out of the shadows and play a respective game as well and not just be known as Vanessa’s sister. And who knows, maybe Tiffany will finish what Vanessa ALMOST finished and take home the win.

  24. Just noticed sth… remember how every year when someone lies about their job they say they’re a school teacher, imagine how Zakiyah and Tiffany would feel this year…

  25. How long before they start an argument over Trump? 3 days max? From the interviews alone, I can tell there’s at least 4 or 5 Trump supporters in the cast. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the interview process.

  26. “Yeah, I’m a Big Brother fan! I’ve seen the past couple seasons, I just can’t stop watching them!” Riiiight… that’s TOTALLY not code for “I’d never seen the show until the cast me and gave me the DVDs”….

  27. U do know that Victor and Jenn (BB14) have the same last name! No body else has caught it and CBS is down playin it! What r these cards about?

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