Julie Chen Will Tell Team America Their Mission Outcome Tonight [POLL]

All season Team America has operated in the dark never knowing for sure if their missions have been considered a success or a failure. Per their original details the alliance would have to wait until the season was over to learn if they had passed each challenge. That’s all set to change tonight.

Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16
Frankie “Joey” Grande on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

For the first time this season Frankie Grande, Donny Thompson, and Derrick Levasseur will learn whether or not their latest mission attempt was a success. CBS is upping the ante even more when they allow host Julie Chen to make the announcement live during tonight’s show.

But wait, you might be asking how can this secret alliance learn the fate of their secret mission in front of all the other HGs. Time for some cloak and dagger!

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now!) to 5:54PM BBT 8/27 Cams 3/4 as Frankie shares some surprising news with Derrick.

Frankie has learned from the DR that Julie will give them a secret message during tonight’s live show. She will ask one of the Team America members, “what food would you like to request of America?” If they respond, “apple pie,” then Julie will reveal the results.

Should Julie tell the Team America member “granted” for their pie request then the mission was a success, but if they hear “denied” in response then it was a failure. It’s all up to the viewers.

Derrick says he expect Julie to ask Frankie since “it was basically your mission.” Yep, I’m thinking the same thing. That means we’ll get a close-up on Frankie when the results are revealed so expect the cameras to go to him for the question.

This week Team America rejected Donny’s request for help and Frankie said they should instead put on a play. Yes, Frankie said America would rather watch him in drag than see Donny saved from eviction. After BB forced a lockdown to give HGs no option but to participate I decided not to watch their “play.” What I did see in the show wasn’t great other than few moments (Donny’s impression was fun.), but overall I can’t imagine this will be considered a success.

Frankie says he wants to throw up he’s so nervous. Derrick asks “why would they do that to us?” Frankie suggests that if America has rejected his “Broadway!” mission “it’ll be crushing… Crushing. I’ll basically give up.” He says that he’ll go to the HoH challenge off his game, distracted, and uninterested in competing. Uh oh, Frankie. I got a bad feeling about this one for you.

Voting ended earlier today and from the Twitter discussions I saw many fans were definitely not pleased with Frankie’s decision. I will be surprised if this gets a “success” response from Julie.

Derrick continues to wonder why they’re getting a response now after weeks of silence. I think Big Brother knows viewers aren’t happy about how this mission turned out and they’re going to give fans what a lot of them want to see.

What did you think of Team America’s mission? Was their “House Swap” play worth of a mission and if so was it a success or a failure? Vote in our poll now and then join us tonight for the live show where we’ll find out the results.


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  1. Frankie designed the Team America Mission as a way to get screen time and attention for himself – I liked him in the beginning but now I’m just over him – Done

      • At least it would have been halfway interesting to see Frankie and Derrick attempt to save Donny – The last couple of episodes I’ve fast forwarded through 50% of them – Snoozefest

      • t would have been interesting to see Donny at least try to do the mission he rejected that America voted for them to do..

      • How do you figure. They both have a vote. Derrick tells Victory to vote to keep Donny. How is that interesting? I don’t think a mission to save a player should be part of the game. They are playing for 500k. How is that fair to Nicole? Vote against this player and we’ll pay you 5k, that’s just bs.

      • I get it your gay for Donny. Your comment has so much thought to it. Why don’t you tell me why you feel it is fair to use “Team America to rig the game against Nicole? Liking Donny is not a valid argument.

      • Brilliant response to my post. So you obviously don’t have a legitimate argument to make. I see all your other posts are of the same quality. It’s a shame you don’t see what a fool it makes you look like.

      • THAT’s playing the game! Survive to the end. NOT try to get free air time for you talentless performances.

      • Well, give the other two credit for not falling for it. That’s playing the game too.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody cry on being evicted before, I guess there is a first time for everything.

      • So you love Donny too? Too bad he probably hates you. Frankie called, he says you stupid

      • Donny’s not a bad guy no matter what you say about him, he doesn’t hate anybody. I figured you and Frankie were on speed dial, but while we he and I have never met, I’m sure he agrees you’re a pussy.

    • I guess that little bit of attention he received was worth more to him than his school in Africa. I think that speaks volumes.

    • You know, even if they didn’t try to save Donny had they done a mission worthy enough I would have voted yes. Since they didn’t do that (saving Donny would have been better ), any mission other than that stupid thing Frankie forced on others could have been a success.

    • You know, even if they didn’t try to save Donny had they done a mission worthy enough I would have voted yes. Since they didn’t do that (saving Donny would have been better ), any mission other than that stupid thing Frankie forced on others could have been a success.

  2. This mission should hands down be a failure. And then next week the mission should be to put on a play. Just watch Frankie and Derrick wrap their heads around that one.

      • It is, Alex, but with Donnys’ simple life in NC where the cost of living should be considerably lower than RI, I think that is where Derrick is from, I think Donny will make out just fine.

      • Sure, Donny will get a nice amount of money in all. He’ll really need it if he doesn’t get his job back, though I bet he does–I can imagine the uproar if he doesn’t. But me personally? I’d prefer the 500k and not care what people think of me.

      • ??? This is a very weird thread. You’re talking as if you think anyone in the house (or any potential player) actually has that exact choice to make, when clearly they don’t.

      • What I mean is that it would be up to you how you choose to play, and what is more important to you.That’s all. I’m sure Donny will be happy with his choice.

      • I bet Donnie takes some of his money he gets from the missions and AFHG and gets married!!!! at least that is what I hope

      • And will be happier with his life than some millionaires who will never know what true happiness is.

  3. I’m no fan of TA but I think it may have run out of ideas anyway. The number of HG is dwindling and having them come up with their own idea for a mission is pretty lame but it certainly showed where Donny’s head was at. Earlier he rejected a mission because he said it would threaten his own game, but then he wants the other TA members to threaten their own games on a mission to save his. Sure the Broadway Show was pretty lame, but it was sort of fun, the HG had a good time, CBS got a good chunk of footage. Donny made just as much money and was every bit as complicit in everything Team America did as Derrick and Frankie, so don’t be throwing around random moral judgments.,

    • I doubt Donny suggested that TA save him for the mission knowing it would jeopardize Frankie and Derrick’s game. He still doesn’t understand why they’re voting him out and assumed they had his back because of this TA alliance. If it’s just because they’ll have to vote “against the house” to complete a “save Donny” mission then that is complete bull. They can vote any way they want, just showed where they stand in the TA alliance.

      • They’ve been trying to get him out. Getting rid of Nicole would not have hurt their game. Derrick is influential enough to make that happen and Derrick and Donny both know that.

      • So you are stating that saving Donny wouldn’t jeopardize Derrick and Frankie’s game?

      • Attempting to would not. Derrick could easily come up with a reason to justify keeping him. Do I think Donny would put them up. Yes and rightfully so. They have never consulted him the many times they were hoh and have been trying to get him out.

      • Donny already stated he was playing for Donny Thompson, not America, so we knew where he stood weeks ago.

      • Right stating he has no allegiances.
        Frankie is playing for Frankie Grande and Derrick is playing for Derrick Levasseur. That’s irrelevant. But the fact that they’re willing to vote out someone that was forced into an alliance with them shows they have other allegiances in the house, definitely not towards Donny.

      • I don’t think Donny was under any illusions about that, but reneging on that earlier mission didn’t help him any.

      • Right stating he has no allegiances.
        Frankie is playing for Frankie Grande and Derrick is playing for Derrick Levasseur. That’s irrelevant. But the fact that they’re willing to vote out someone that was forced into an alliance with them shows they have other allegiances in the house, definitely not towards Donny.

      • And you stayed home a loser. Americas favorite will be Donny. Cry about it you moron.

    • Previous seasons have done shows, weddings, all sorts of things, never getting a paycheck for their work either, yet they spent hours and hours creating costumes, sets, writing scripts… I laughed at Endy performing that marriage ceremony like the Volturi quoting Bible passages about cramps and other things–it was genius! And the Brigade year they did a late night show that was hilarious. As were ED’s Dick at Nites.

      Frankie took the lead on this “play” and showed us why he no longer has a career on Broadway. It was a self-absorbed, pathetic, lazy, sloppy mess thought up just so Frankie could get camera time. It was hideous. No one had written any lines but Donny. Pillows don’t equal costumes. The only tight performance was Donny’s–and I thought he was doing Hayden! Donny said he hoped America showed Frankie -by voting “No.” So when the best thinks they failed, THEY FAILED. The mission was not to see that Frankie gets camera time or has fun.

  4. It was failed. Now if Donny Actually stays in the house (likely, not) but if he does then they can get paid. But if Donny leaves they should just Stop Team America. It’s not the same without Donny being there. Donny is Team America. It will be a toss up between fan favorite though. Because Donny has money and Nicole doesn’t I want Nicole to get something out of this and she should be Fan Favorite.

    • Donny staying or leaving has nothing to do with them getting the money. If they’re rewarded, they get the money, even Donny if he’s walking out the door tonight.

    • Yes, Donny is team america when he’s reluctant to do the missions and barely gets involved…

  5. The “House Swap” play was certainly a fun activity to watch on BBAD (my roommate and I certainly laughed quite a bit at certain impressions) – but I’m still not sure if it’s worthy of being a TA Mission. I know I didn’t vote because I was torn between that and wanting to give Donny a bit more money before being evicted.

    Meanwhile, as far as BB calling the lockdown, my roommate said that while I was up getting a drink from the kitchen, the HGs attempted to go back outside at some point and production called them right back in because there was a lot of voices coming from beyond the backyard.

    Could there have been a legitimate reason for the lockdown after all? Was production concerned about more crazed fans shouting out information to the HGs? Or was the presence of people just beyond the BB House a coincidence?

    • I enjoyed the play. It was harmless, silly fun, and some of the impressions were really good.

    • Definitely not worthy of being a TA mission. With all missions, there needs to be some risk involved. Here there was none. I wouldn’t even be nice and vote to give Donny more money as it may send a signal to the producers that this idea was a success, when it clearly wasn’t.

  6. Doing impressions is not a play. It was just making fun of the ousted players. And Frankie in drag was very disturbing. Mission failed!!

  7. Other bb houseguests in different seasons impersonated other houseguests and did plays/performances all the time. Frankie’s ‘play” wasn’t very original. I definitely wasn’t a fan of the missions that interferred with the gameplay, but this just doesn’t compare and doesn’t deserve 5k.

  8. it was a dumb mission, a fool who wants to be a drag queen for the day, and it was all about him not any mission. they could have come up with something truly original but they did not they failed, and believe it or not a mission to save donny without being suspect would have been great.

  9. For Frankie, this whole show has been nothing but an audition. He’s always “on”; we’ve never seen the real Frankie. Wait, I take that back, we’ve seen classic signs of narcissism in his self-centered behavior, conceit, and over-inflated ego (his sister is his one and only claim to fame). That’s Frankie. A sad person. Nothing to do with his being gay, he’d be just as pathetic if he were straight. I truly feel sorry for him.

    • Yeah, just yesterday when everyone was in the kitchen cleaning Derrick’s shoes he was so shocked that no one was giving him any attention and started shouting and talking in that dumb accent to get some.

  10. Even with angry fans screaming his name over the fence, Frankie is trying to remain positive and convincing himself that America loves him. Hopefully with the rejection of his Discount Broadway Extravaganza by the viewers, it will send him a clear message that America wants him………………..GONE !

    • Hi,Cyril. I would love to see the “message received” expression, wouldn’t you. With all the camera time he has had and that we have had to suffer with, you think they would throw us this one little bone. I want to see!!!!!

      • They are running a show, and I think this is the story line they’re building. Viewers satisfaction is their aim. lol

      • Was there another screaming fans episode? I haven’t gotten to read my usual 30 min updates today and didn’t watch all of BBAD.

      • No, there’s only two, and he’s trying to minimize those incidents. I think he’s worried if he is really liked by the viewers. This rejected mission will rattle him for sure….who doesn’t wanna see that?

  11. I have watched BB since the beginning of the show this year and I don’t know why right from the get go they all turned their backs on Donny. I am having a hard time understanding that. He has more common sense then most of them put together. I really hate to see him go.

    • It’s simple to understand. He wanted information but wouldn’t give any. He didn’t engage in the easy back and forth everybody else did, he decided to be mysterious and now everybody wonders why the other HG think he is shady. It’s give and take and all he did was take.

      • He was being honest, genuine and attempting to fit in with this group of immature misfits. His being quiet led to their believing that he was a genius and was masterminding the game. This just shows how childish these people are. How funny that the guy who humps you, rubs up on you, pets you, kisses you and cooks for you is the trusted one.

      • Yes, I get it, Donny is a saint among sinners. So what the hell is he doing on this show?

    • u hit the nail on the head there Mary Ann. I wish there was some way to keep Donnie not that I want Nicole gone either. I wish it were Donnie and Nicole for the F2 but Victoria will be there in the F2. bummer!!!

    • I think a lot of it is that Donny didn’t make the biggest effort to hang out with most of the others: going to bed early instead of staying up and communicating, for one thing. I was also rewatching the episode where Brittany kicked the 2400 soccer goals. Even though Donny said he was close to her and was cheering her on, after Brittany scored the final goal, the other HGs swarmed her with congratulations and hugs. Donny, though, hung way back. That’s the sort of thing people notice, and that’s not good. Donny isn’t the most outgoing or the quickest to make friends, and that’s hurt him in the game. His BB friends have included Jocasta, Brittany, Zach, and Devin–volatile and/or weak players. If he’d bonded with Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, that would have benefited him.

  12. Hahaha soooo ironic- Frankie is now the one campaigning HARD to save Donny (for no money) – which he could have been doing for $5000 (with Derrick that would have been a guaranteed success)!!! What-a-loser

  13. I think that if Donnie is voted off TEAM AMERICA is over. If BB changes the rules AGAIN and allows the two to be TEAM AMERICA then will they allow one to be TEAM AMERICA?? Stupid I think the mission FAILED. It was nothing but ANOTHER attempt for FRANKIE to showcase FLAMING FRANKIE. I scanned right through it because it was so amateur and disgusting.

  14. I am so sick and tired of these players throwing every competition. This shows me that NONE of them have the ability or confidence that they can win anything. BB needs to change the rules and prevent this from happening. IT was a group of people playing against one person the entire game. The players need to man up and show their abilities if they have any.

  15. Frankie’s fundamental problem right now is he’s convinced he’s America’s Favorite Player, and, as such, anything he puts out there should be considered pure gold. When this mission is declared a failure tonight, that should tell TA one thing: Frankie is not America’s Favorite Player, Donny is, and America wanted him to stay. What are the chances any of the TA members (except Donny) will see it that way?

  16. Well, that was a whirlwind couple of hours! Once again, Frankie thought he was going to get his way. Not this time, Frankie! Then he runs to Nicole and they sit on the bed, he puts his hands on her legs and he tries to make nice..she ain’t buyin’ it! He is scared to death of her. he should be. The icing on the cake tonight would be Nicole with that HOH key around her neck!!

  17. I’m hoping Donny outs Team America in his speech and then he isn’t sent home. That would be entertaining watching him try to explain that. “Derp, derp…derp”.

  18. If the reveal is before the vote….we may see Derrick and Frankie panic!
    I mean, if “the media mogul’s” idea was shot down by America, could that mean Donny is “America’s Sweetheart”????

  19. I hope Frankie gets a 1 minute close up shot of his bewildered face when he receives the message that America hates your cheap Broadway play.

  20. Frankie true nature was revealed when he betrayed Zach,and as of yet has not been able to recover or explain his actions other than just pure spite on his part. IT is that week when the curtain was pulled back on Frankie to reveal every word and gesture to Zach was a total fraud,this guy doesn’t have a soul or heart,just ego…yes,know Zach could be loud and a bit of train wreck at times but as least he was a “real” and beneath his bravado beats the heart of a decent fun loving guy. Frankie has been in a free fall ever since and sooner or later he will hit bottom,Zach will get the last word not “Fakie”

  21. Franky should go back to living in his sisters shadow because it showed me that he has no talent at all and I just wonder how many people will follow him anymore

  22. i think someone should deck this frankie guy,if a guy was to grab ever girls ass in the house they be arrested so why can this gay guy going around ass grab ever guy in the house someone please stand up an do what america really wants to see .

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