Big Brother 16: Did A Last Minute House Flip Strike In Week 9?

After a strong push last night by Caleb and Frankie to save Donny things fell apart when Cody stood his ground and said no. Now in the final hours before the next Big Brother 16 eviction another push has emerged and this one may take root. Here’s what’s happening now.

Donny & Cody make a deal on Big Brother 16
Donny & Cody make a deal on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The Live Feeds had been down since the HGs woke up this morning as production prepared for tonight’s live show, but when things came back the action took off. Flashback to 1:15PM BBT (get the Free Trial now) as Caleb whispers to Derrick what we heard during an earlier break. Caleb wants to vote 3-2 with the guys keeping Donny so the guys become Donny’s target. Hmm.

After speaking with Caleb, Frankie goes and grabs Cody to talk in the Storage room. Cody is immediately resistant to this idea. He was against keeping Donny last night and doesn’t like the idea anymore right now.

Cody tells Frankie he does not want to keep Donny. Frankie points out that the three voting guys do though. Zing! Now Cody changes his tune and says he won’t be pissed. Yesterday he said he would be pissed. The tide is changing.

Victoria breaks up the game talk and soon they’re all gathered in the Fire room but no one is saying anything. Frankie again pulls Cody back to the Storage room. Flashback to 1:35PM BBT. Caleb arrives and tag teams with Frankie to wear down Cody who eventually agrees to the idea. Cody says he trusts the guys “so f**k it.”

But hang on. The guys need Derrick’s vote and they’re assuming they’ve got it. Before Cody went back in to the Storage room Derrick told him that he was not voting out Nicole. Hmm.

Cody leaves Storage and heads to the Hive to talk with Donny. Flashback to 2:22PM BBT for their conversation. Donny promises Cody that he’s not a target for him. Cody says they’ll keep Donny and all work together to get out the girls. They shake and hug.

Cody leaves that meeting and gets pulled in to the Fire room by Nicole. Good grief. Flashback to 2:40PM BBT. Cody sits down with Nicole and starts chatting as she asks what’s going on with the vote flipping. She knows because while Cody was dealmaking with Donny, Derrick was in the bathroom telling Nicole that Cody wanted her out.

Speaking of Derrick, he walks in on this conversation and tells Cody that he will NOT vote out Nicole. He’s not keeping Donny tonight. Derrick turns and leaves. So that’s that.

Wrapping it all up, the majority alliance meets in the Hive. Flashback to 2:55PM BBT. Everyone gathers and Derrick is again pushing that Donny has to go home. They agree: Donny is going home.

When the votes are revealed tonight, get ready for another 5-0 eviction. Unless… Nah.


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    • I am literally on the edge of my seat, reading the updates from Morty’s page and this site. Of all days not to be home with my computer on for the live feeds!!!

      • I was watching and switching from camera to camera. Derrick in 1 room talking to Nicole and others in another room Donny and Caleb in another. Back and forth, worse than a tennis match.

      • After reading all the conversations Derrick told Cody prior to Cody’s agreeing with Caleb and Frankie and shaking hands with Donny, that Derrick would not keep Donny. So that is why Derrick did not show up. And then when Cody leaves Donny Nichol shows up and Cody goes to talk to her. All of a sudden Derrick comes in and says he will not vote her out. Derrick just showed Nichol he would stand up for her so Nichol is now in Derricks pocket. Pretty sickening what Der and Co just did to Donny for the twentieth time. They could care less what emotional pain they put upon him. Derrick and Cody are pigs for doing that to him. Cody knew well before any of the talks what Derrick was up to. Makes me ill that anyone would reward or find that behavior entertaining at all. Did Nichol fall for it? She did twice before so my guess is yes. Now Frankie and Caleb need their eyes wide open. Caleb they have managed to sucker easy. Hope those fake tears work well on derricks wife too the slimeball. Wonder what happens to his now play house wife? How she isn’t a stalker.

      • Cody and his hand shake is nothing but BS. His hand is only used to wipe Derrick butt, IMO. It is twice he has done that to Donny. All Cody is thinking about is his lil wiener because he loves all the petting Nicole is giving. Nicole if that is your game move, Caleb, Frankie, and even the king prick Derrick saw what you are up too. Last night watching her pace and pep talk herself,was as if, she was in the loony bin. How in the world does she know that the vote flipping was going on? is she a mind reader? Nicole’s whining about being on the outside, shut up. Also, telling Derrick you purposely threw the POV to Cody, is nuts. Then you toss your pal Donny> not only under the bus, you drove a tractor trailer over him. Nicole say I knew I was not the target and Donny was. I knew I was safe, I want him home.

      • Nicole was just trying to get herself pumped up. And Emma you know Nicole isn’t like that. Christine maybe. All Nicole did was give him a shoulder massage. She has a better chance of winning endurance and getting one of them out. I love Donny but you have to admit he is kind of boring. He’ll be happier in the jury house.

      • Wait, haven’t you heard? “Everybody” says this is the most boring season ever! They must have been watching Donny.

  1. Derrick just shut the save Donny thing down. Caleb and Frankie wanted Nicole gone. Derrick could have saved Donny, but he didn’t. For this he must pay. I hope Frankie wins HOH and puts up Derrick and Cody. Nicole won’t do it.

    • ITA! I hope whoever wins, realizes that Derrick must go! He is controlling the game and if these houseguests don’t know this by now, then I have no respect for them. If they had kept Donny, this would have been their chance to get rid of Christine and Victoria, but Derrick shut it down since he wants to take Victoria to f3 as he knows she is useless. I am now on a vengeance to see Derrick go home.

    • Am with you on this one derrick is fucking fake and he is goin to stab cody, caleb, frankie anytime soon, if frankie is smart n wins HOH he should put derrick n cody, and if frankie wins the veto he should not used to save any of the or he can save codyand send Derrick home…..

      • I want Frankie to win hoh, and if he puts Nicole up, I want her to win pov and then Cody gets evicted. That would be much more entertaining to see since Cody was all on backdooring Frankie this week but didn’t do it, and Cody’s reactions would be amazing to watch!

      • I hope Nicole wins and puts up Skankie and Christine. If one of them win POV she has plenty of backdoor options. If not Skankie goes.

  2. If Derrick AGAIN goes in the DR and says “I tried America” like we are idiots and don’t see the feeds I may have to crash the party. Derrick plans on taking Victoria or Caleb with him to F2 not Cody and he can’t see that.

  3. This is the second time Caleb tried to crash Cody’s target, If Derrick won’t vote out Nicole I would say the battle lines are being drawn as we speak and this HOH will be huge.

      • For those of you that have to wait for football to finish try checking out sites for pirated shows you will prob be able to get tonight’s episode sooner that way rather than waiting till it airs later

  4. This season is just as boring as the last! When are they going to get some players with a backbone? If I hear one more player say ” I don’t want blood on my hands” I will scream!! I miss the days of mixed ages 20’s 30’s 40′ and 50’s!! Where they had to earn luxury items. Where they had to earn what food they ate. I miss players who really played the game, can’t stand this follow the leader crap!

    • I also miss the food comps and the variety of ages. All we mostly have now is wannabe actors and models.

      • I miss the have not comps. Where are those luxury comps? No more BotB, dual HOH’s, bring back DPOV, Coup’dtat, bring back the big wheel for nomination ceremony, I miss HG’s getting their keys when they were safe, hated those two little boxes. Are you listening, production?

      • Agree with you on everything. Also with all the comps we saw very little of the actual house guests interaction this season. Had to rely totally on this site for my info.

      • I’ve watched a little of after dark they are so boring I’m sure the producers couldn’t find enough to put on air.

      • wow Brenda, your right on the mark. They seem to be gravitating to all the same wana bes. I noticed on new survivor line up too. Same two girls on there from amazing race. Have heard at least 6 HGS talking about going to the next one. I keep asking, do none of these people have to work real jobs? Its like they can’t let go of chasing fame and their big break. SUCKS CBS

    • And in those days you would NEVER of heard vote with the house. That has ruined the game. Also they used to enforce the rules. No singing so we didn’t have fish all the time. Curse production get a penalty, tell who you voted for on your way out the door = lose your next vote. And there should be a penalty for even bringing up throwing a comp!! If you even mention it = go on the block even if you’re HOH!!

      • We need to be plastering all of this on CBS and BB fb page! Let them know we are really bored with how it’s played.

    • And in those days you would NEVER of heard vote with the house. That has ruined the game. Also they used to enforce the rules. No singing so we didn’t have fish all the time. Curse production get a penalty, tell who you voted for on your way out the door = lose your next vote. And there should be a penalty for even bringing up throwing a comp!! If you even mention it = go on the block even if you’re HOH!!

  5. Boring……..Nicole only wants to go back to the jury house to Hayden, so the fight is out of her. The only interesting thing would be to keep Donny in the house and for Victoria to grow a brain…..forget Christie….she has no clue and no bite to make the game good. Boring!!!!!!

  6. I really like Donny but I think Nicole will have the well you know to put up some big players and get this game going finally. Seems no one can even blow their nose without the others agreeing it is the time to do that.

  7. I would really like if both Donny and Nicole could stay this week but they can’t. I am really happy Nicole is the one staying though. I really hope she stabs Derrick in the back. She could stick with them until about final 5 and then make a move.

  8. I’m not believing anything until someone walks out the door tonight..Derrick is way too cooperative on this one with not much to say. Makes me wonder??

  9. They better watch Caleb. Frankie is nuts to keep him that close. Caleb will seek out anyone.

  10. Does anyone even believe this? I think Big Brother knows the viewing public is utterly bored so, they have the Detonators flip flop on the votes to drum up some excitement. What has really changed? Detonators still will send both Nicole and Donny home. No game play no nothing! I am not buying this crap which is obviously, staged. Wake me up when both Nicole and Donny are evicted or if Donny or Nicole depending on who stays in the Big Brother House wins HOH tonight! That is the only time we will really have something to get excited about!

  11. I would hope the houseguests can see who is controlling the game….Derrick. If Donny leaves and it seems that way, I would like Nicole to win HOH and put up Derrick and Frankie. If one of them win veto, then Cody needs to be backdoored. The only person I would like to go to f2 at this juncture is Caleb and Nicole!

  12. If I were a BB contestant and I had the opportunity to make it to the final 3/4 possible 2 I would want the person sitting next to me to be a player not a floater. I would want the jury to know that I was up against backfire on him…

      • Woo’s mistake is he should have taken the goat. ChaosCass was a player but everyone hated her and she didn’t believe in a bitter jury so she would have been the one to take.

      • I do miss Woo. Maybe he will get to play again? I did give respect to him for wanting and sticking to his principle’s about going up against the best player. Unlike what is going on in BB.

      • In his culture, they strictly believed in honor. Sure, if he took floater Kass to Final 2, Woo would have won. He said he cannot take someone who did not deserve it like Kass! Serves Kass right not to get any monies from riding Tony’s back. She had multiple chances to make a big move but, chose not to! Spencer even gave a speech telling everyone to respect the game and give the $1 million to Tony who deserved it although, some people were against Tony then, in the jury. I would hate for these floaters Victoria, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine to get that $50,000 but, it looks inevitable at this point!

  13. All day I have been on edge, the most sense was the guys keep Donny, and the girl don’t, fine. There is no need for it to be a 5 zero vote. I am so sick of the unanimous voting. Derrick has ultimately shut down the save Donny. I do not wan to see Derricks crocodile tears or I like Donny, he is a great guy BS, nor do I want to hear a word about TA. Frankie and Derrick are responsible for the demise of TA, period. So, for now I am getting ready for Donny’s funeral. I know in my heart Donny will enjoy being there with nice people, and no longer having a pack of wolves every week attacking and alienating, out of hate. I am not amused of Nicole’s game play either. So, pawing, back rubs, petting his hair, ponytails, and snuggling up to Cody is her move. Smh in disgust.

      • The saying is proving true, about Donny. They all fear plain honest nice man.

        So that means Derrick is out too? Everyone in the house loves and worship’s him. He is nice, so says the house unanimously. So, he better not get the 500k.

      • Yes, Donny will be America’s favorite player. Plus, he played a solid game by himself, with dignity and grace. I can see Donny being invited back, but I do not believe he will want to experience BB again, and I wouldn’t blame him for passing.

      • I think if it was All Stars he might agree to come back. Every former BB player I’ve heard said they would love to play with Donny.

      • Awe, I didn’t think about that. You are right. That proves who matters are the All Star players giving Donny the ultimate respect by wanting to play with him. I am feeling better. Thank you.

    • Sorry, but Donny was the first to throw a monkey wrench into TA, weeks ago, not Frankie or Derrick. It’s a game, not the Crucifixion.

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