Julie Chen Responds To BB15 Racism On ‘The Talk’

Julie Chen on The Talk

More than a week after the drama started CBS decided to address the abhorrent behavior by some of the Big Brother 15 HGs. First Aaryn’s comments along with one from GinaMarie were shared as part of last night’s show. Then today on “The Talk,” host Julie Chen spoke personally about what was said and how it impacted her.

“When I first found out that Aaryn, who is a 22 year-old girl, made anti-gay, anti-black, and anti-Asian comments, I have to be honest, you know, the Asian ones hit me the most. I heard her describing Asians as ‘squinty eyed’ and ‘go make a bowl of rice. She said that about Helen, who is Chinese [Editor’s note: Helen is Korean, not Chinese.] It stung. I took it personally. I’m a human being.”

Julie went on to explain the worst part was how it took her back forty years in society’s civil progress. “When I was growing up in Queens and when I was seven years old I was getting bullied, getting called a ‘chink’ and people pulling their eyes. It took me back so many years and I thought to myself, ‘wow, I haven’t heard comments like that, the year is 2013, and there are still people who… still live in this country who feel that way and act that way? Yes, there is. Yes, there is.”

She commented that while the self-deprecating jokes she might make about Asian Americans, as one herself, are in jest, these weren’t. “Afterwards, it just made me sad because she’s 22 and she’s college educated… Watching her say ‘go make a bowl of rice,’ it felt mean spirited. It felt ugly and it felt mean.”

Aisha Tyler added that the hosts of “The Talk” try to make racial jokes to poke holes in stereotypes, but Aaryn is trying to “inflate that bubble and increase those negative attitudes.”

Sharon Osborne, a co-host of ‘The Talk,’ commented, “she’s obviously a very troubled young girl.” Sharon found Aaryn’s behavior “frightening” and suspected she must have a “lot of problems.”

Julie closed out the discussion saying CBS finally decided to air it after a week because it’s now part of the story and driving how the other players are behaving. I don’t think that’s necessarily accurate and sounds like a flimsy excuse on why it took them so long to address it, but all the same I’m glad TV-only viewers got to see the real side of Aaryn and a glimpse of GinaMarie. Hopefully those surprised by the news will dig deeper on their own and find out about the other HGs’ commentary.

What do you think about the way CBS is handling this situation and responding to the comments made by the Big Brother 15 houseguests?


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  1. It a game i unsterstand what u all are saying but sometimes people do think before they speak i think she should be doc 2 weeks pay and she should also have 2 say she is sorry and right on a board i will not be a ass anymore on the show she lost her Job ..

  2. I think these people are a sad representation of American youth. They were speaking as if they felt above the others they made fun of…. it was obnoxious and rude. I think they should have been brought into the diary room and made to apologize. As a side note… I am pleased that they have both lost their jobs as a result… and I think they should be told on camera so the world can see what the result of their nasty words.

    • Youth? These people are grown-assed adults; most of whom claim to be educated, living in a nation which was founded on principles of equality and liberty yet throughout its history has failed to deliver until the chips were down. You really think that these HGs are NOT typical of the average American citizen? Try again, unfortunately.

      • Technically, the youth population on average is made of people at least in their mid to late 20’s and below.

  3. I agree with all of the above, and they are losing viewers if they keep these people on the show. Like someone said before, Paula Deens show got cancelled because of garbage like this!! Get rid of them and then maybe I’ll be happy to watch!!!

    • That is exactly what I said on CBS television complaint line. You have to call headquarters in NY and be transferred to the complaint line. I posted the number already but here it is again, 212-975-4321

    • Paula Deen’s show got canceled for the same reason the girls have been fired from their real life jobs. Those are employers and the bad publicity created if they continued to employ them is justification to hire them. She is also being sued by a former employee, which would be a potential liability if another employer kept her show on knowing it.

      But BB contestant is a whole other ballgame. You’re not a CBS employee (they get a “stipend” for their weeks on the show) and CBS has never made any claim that their views were represented by them.

      Kicking them off the show would just be dumb. It would throw the production calendar all into chaos, and mess with the plans of those already in the house not involved in the behaviour.

      CBS will likely both screen and pre-coach players better for future seasons (unless the ratings for this year go UP … which sadly could happen). For this season, you’re stuck with em. Just be glad that they are terrible players (except maybe Spencer) and unlikely to last.

      • SPENCER???? Are you kidding? He is the worst of the lot of these racist horrible people!!!

      • I was saying that he is the exception to being a terrible player who will be out soon, not that hes not a racist.

  4. CBS Enough is Enough They need to go home….It will hurt yall rating cause I for one hate to watch it they are some evil people in this world and they are one in my book GET RID OF THEM…No one should have to live in that house like that. My heart hurts for Helen, Andy and Howard… I agree yall sent Willie home well let the packing begin

    • Please don’t forget Candace she has gotten the worst of it from Aaryn & GM who should have been booted for getting in her face before Howard swooped Candace up and took her out the room… I don’t see GM’s actions much different from Willie’s in a previous season! :-(

  5. As a Member of the LGBT Community, I was very offended!

    Kick out AAryn and GM..and Possibly Spencer….

    BUT First…..Fly a banner over the house telling AAryn and GM that they have been fired!

    Then Kick them Out…

    But i bet you 5 bucks Aaryn and GM will be hired on Fox News since they LOVE to have Racist/homophobic people on their Network!

    Racis Homophobes need to learn that Society will not take it!

    • What a great idea…fly a banner over the house telling them they’ve been fired. Now that would be poetic justice…and then call her into the secret room and escort her out of the house.

    • I love Fox news, and that is not a true statement! You r being just like them when you say things that aren’t true! Shame on you!

      • Shame on Me??? Shame on them!
        Umm….Lets see, they Have had Carrie Prejean on their network after she made a Ignorant Statement about Same-sex Marriages.
        They have Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin, both Hateful bigots and Homophobes. So please …..tell me how am I wrong! Just cause you are a Fan of Fox news…Doesn’t mean Shame on me!

        You need to open your Eyes.

    • Do you realize you’re using a hateful stereotype in your comment? Contributing to the problem doesn’t help solve the problem.

      I’m editing your comment to remove that. Please think before you say that sort of stuff. It’s not helpful.

      • i was not using any Stereotypes that people do not know already about Fox news. it is a FACT..that’s well Documented! Just cause you may be a fan ofg Faux News Does Not mean I have to be!

      • ^It’s off-topic as far as BB related discussions is concerned. Just don’t add fuel to the fire, as they say.

        Whatever ideology a person has or even a news organization has, may it be: Left, right, center, upwards, downwards, northeast, southwest, north-central, upstairs-downstairs, those are all nothing to average Joe.

        When there’s an issue, we discuss, tackle and address about it.

  6. I would like to see CBS get rid of all three of them. People are loosing the jobs and their incomes for far less. I have stopped watching already because they are the worst cast ever. Wont waste my time with all the bad behavior.

  7. I agree with all who say to send them packing! They should know better! They are low lifes, & it is hard to believe that Aaryn is a COLLEGE student! Hope she gets a better education! It is a shame that RATINGS are THAT important to CBS that they have to keep such trash on the show, & NOT even TELL them about it!! This IS definitely the worst season, & the worst people ever with the exception of: Alissa, Andy, Helen & Howard!! I would love to see them be FINAL 4!!

      • Ummm, what’s that comment supposed to mean? Not all Texans are racists. Why do so many people hate Texans? I was really excited when I saw Texas being represented when they were introducing the HG’s. But quickly turned pissed when Aaryn and Jeremy began talking more and more: they’re total d-bags. Most Texans ARE NOT like those two jackasses. We do have some good people that represent us: Kelly Clarkson and Danielle Bradberry are two that come to mind.

      • Correct, people in Austin seem nice…..too bad my parents moved to McAllen to retire… when I go to visit, we no longer leave the resort due to the constant interactions with hostile people.

  8. Wonder who will hire those two when they find out they have lost their real life jobs??

    • Well the sad truth is GinaMarie & Aaryn will be just fine after they have received their negative press. They’ll simply bat an eye, give a well rehearsed apology, maybe shed a tear, and voila! Back on top and even more wealthy & powerful than they were before… Sadly we keep doing it to ourselves – we give quick criticism and also quick opportunity to those who are powerful, beautiful & charismatic…

      • A few photoshoots does not make them “wealthy & powerful” Neither of these 2 will ever be prominent public figures. Even if they hadn’t made those remarks, they have the mental & emotional acuity of cement.

        Most likely both will end up with guys who are as socially obtuse & lacking in intelligence as they are & live less than glamorous lives.

        Which is what both deserve.

      • Sadly history shows a more likely result will be that they will ride their infamy, have a moment of regret, give a well rehearsed apology and then accepted back into positions of wealth and power. Again, it’s not fair, nor is it ‘right’, but for better or worse that’s how society works… There’s a reason why the stereotype of good looking & rich kids being handed everything in life is so prevalent…

      • I still don’t get the “wealth & power” out of this. Neither had it to begin with so how can they return to something they never had?

        I predict they will be “has beens” as soon as this 15 minutes of fame wears off.

  9. Racial comments should be laughed at not cried about freaking cry babies.

    • It’s not funny !! It’s hurfull and uncalled for. I guess you are white and american…well, you had nothing to do with it …we have no control on our looks, gender or sexual orientation…we are born that way..so you just happened to be born the way you are and no one should be made fun of wether it’s about their colors, ethnics, sexual orientation or looks ( fat, short, long nose whatever…) If you judge people that way, you are missing out on a lot of good people . I feel sorry for you .. :-(

      • wow, that was a very stereotypical comment…and quite hyprocritical! You just said that racism is not funny, then you make a suggestion that Butterball is white and american. i agree that racism is no laughing matter, but please dont try and defend your position as you are definitely not doing it very well LOL

  10. I totally have to agree with Sylvia Cole-Zelenka. This is behavior that is not tolerated in the work place and isn’t even allowed on any other programs. It is behavior that instills hate and aggressive behavior. I have been watching BB since BB6 when my friend Rachel Plencner was on it with Howie, Janelle, and Kasar. THIS BB BY FAR, has the worst chosen cast and should be publically during one of the live shows reprimanded for these comments and given an utimatum to be automatically eliminated if they continue. Whoever chose this cast of self centered, over inflated egomaniacs should be fired.

    • They didn’t know how they were going to act when they chose these people. It’s not productions fault. And a lot of them already lost jobs. But this is a game not a work place and I totally disagree with all of their behavior and racist comments but this is America and they have freedom of speech. What about all the rappers that sell millions of CD’s with racist and degrading remarks towards women? There record labels aren’t firing them.

      • Freedom of speech is all well and good. The “rappers” supposedly selling millions of CD’s are “bleeped” when they sing their “songs” on television. If they are, and they ARE getting paid to be on this show, they need to be adults and be respectful of racist comments and gestures. Why is it that this cast is so overloaded with biggots? And why has there been no repercussion?

      • I’m not seeing this horrible behavior on CBS because in the *land of the free* we have the FCC which censors EVERYTHING shown on broadcast television…..for our own safety, of course. If these bigots want to run their stupid mouths and cause even larger targets to be visualized on their backs by other contestants on this gameshow……..good luck to ’em….’cuz they’re gonna need it.
        The only bigots you need to worry about are the ones intelligent enough to know to keep their mouths shut.

      • I have to agree with your last statement. If they are an intelligent bigot, you’re never going to know it. And that’s even scarier than having one spew their venom on national tv or the internet. At least in Aaryns case we know what we’re dealing with. And she’s hurting herself more with each vile comment than we ever could. Aaryn is her own worst enemy.

  11. Aaryn Aaryn and Aaryn why is it that now of the others are really talked about only her. The others being GinaMarie, Jeremy, Spencer, Amanda, and Kaitlin

    • I agree…I think her behavior is awful but there are others. Only her remarks get aired. I wonder if they will show any of Spencer’s comments???

      • I hope so. Doesn’t seem consistent (or fair?) to show how one person is on the hook… Then again I really should lower my ideals because ”fairness” isn’t going to be shown on a reality tv show.

  12. We hear on the news and read in the paper that we need to stop negative action like this. They have no other option but to remove them and let the other players know why. How can the station show ads about verbal abuse and do nothing about it.

    • The best option is for CBS advertisers to show their support of public opinion & pull their ads from CBS.

      That’s how you achieve the desired goal. As long as advertisers allow this to continue, CBS will do nothing.

      If ratings drop because of public opinion advertisers will see their money being poorly spent & THEN pull their dollars.

      But if they had any backbone, they should have already done it. Look how fast Paula Deen went down over a 30 years old comment.

      Just goes to show you that there is a huge double standard involving when to condone ones activity.

      Deen was crucified overnight. CBS is part in parcel of the State Run Media Machine & seems to get a pass. Just like Alec Baldwin does.

      Selective outrage by these entities is the real driver of racial discord in America. It’s a sad commentary on America in general.

  13. If you have feeds, Aaryn also shot the finger at the camera and told America to kiss her ass; referring to Elissa being MVP. She than turned around a few days later and stated that she will be the next MVP, because America likes her because she is the blond one!! Get them out. Was so happy that She, Gina Marie & now Spenser have lots their jobs. Can not stand the arrogance of Jeremy.
    By the way not all Texans are like Aaryn, I am from Texas.

  14. This is reality and however uncomfortable it makes us feel , we know that we are not in the accepting society we thought. People’s actions speak volumes. People need to know this and plans and actions must be taken. There is obviously a ton of education that needs to happen in America

    • Well spoken Richard. Problem is that most people feel justified in internalizing any amount of fear & hatred out there… Then it manifests itself and gets passed around our communities into racial slurs and whatnot. I don’t condone Aaryn’s, GM’s & Spencer’s thoughts & actions (in fact I’m quite offended), BUT, I do understand why and how they were allowed to grow inside of them. They simply come from environments & communities that affirm the fear & hatred they have internalized. You are right in saying that we all have to deal with this issue together and in an open & honest way.

  15. I don’t wanna sound mean, but when Aaryn gets her sweet patootie booted out I hope Julie Chen confronts her about the rice making comment and publically HUMILIATES her!

      • maybe she could put the ‘ass’ in Classy. Just long enough to show her true feelings towards the whole situation.

      • Or to put it another way… the avg 50yr old woman probably doesn’t feel the need to get into an immature exchange of words with a girl who’s barely into her 20’s. (Yes, Julie Chen is classy, but I’d argue she’ll be using a huge amount of wisdom)…

  16. Why are you guys keeping them on the show, Big Brother has been on for 15 years now do you want this to be your last season. By keeping them on the show your saying it is O.K. for racial comments but it is not, I love this show but very upset they are still allowed to play, SO WRONG.

    • I agree this is not acceptable they should be confronted and fired otherwise the show shows that it condone such a behaviour

  17. I think Aaryn, Jeremy, and Katiln should be removed for being racist and HUGE BULLIES!

  18. I’m curious if there is anything in their contracts that stipulate the HGs must not use racial slurs or offensive language or they will be removed. If not, it’s kinda hard to kick them out of the house for doing so. While I do not condone the use of such language, I don’t hold CBS responsible for the language or the behavior of the HG’s. What I don’t like is how they have made it look like Aaryn is the worst and as far as I’m concerned, Spencer’s language regarding women is just as offensive. Will they air his tirades? Probably not because it’s still ok to denigrate women, obviously. The women parading around last nearly naked, except for a pair of band aids Amanda was topless. All of this behavior is offensive, but that’s part of the show. Most people would never do or say publicly they things they will do in private. Get the HGs used to the cameras and they are behaving as if this is all a private party for the summer.
    To me, kicking them off the show is not the way to go. Production needs to stay out f it and let the HGs deal with each other in the course of the summer. I do get a little tired of the PC police going overboard for every offense uttered. This is a reality TV show. We all just got a little more reality than we wanted.

    • If BB and CBS want to keep making money from all the pay-to-play views outside of the broadcast on tv……they will never demand that contestants censor their language. People pay to watch the car-wreck.

      • That’s very true. All the people yelling that they will not watch BB, are fooling themselves. They are all gonna still watch, just to see what she says next. People love dirty laundry

      • Sad but true… if they were to start censoring and dismissing people, I would hope they would at least try to show some amount of consistency in those cases. As in life, people get treated differently depending on who they are.

    • I’m sure your job contract does not stipulate that you must not use racial slurs or offensive language or you will be fired. I am sure you have enough common sense to know that’s what will happen if you do (no disrespect, though). In life you have to make choices and be willing to pay the consequence for each choice that you make. No excuses!

  19. I agree that those who are being bullies, racists, and just plain stupid when it comes to others feelings. SEND THEM PACKING. How would they like if someone did the same to them about one of their shortcomings. It is so said the way the girls are acting so cheaply.

  20. CBS is more concerned with the game than in removing the racists from the house.

  21. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer (referring to women as “c***’s” and Jeremy have all made extremely racist and/or derogatory comments. I believe that Aaryn and Gina Marie should be evicted … allowing them to remain condones their actions. Spencer and Jeremy if not evicted should feel some repercussions from Big Brother … slop for the remainder of their time in the house. Banned from participating in HOH and POV for 2 weeks … something that hits home. CBS truly needs to act as a true Big Brother and take action.

  22. I think that its really sad that they can get away with all those terrible slurs. I cant believe they let evil dick do what he did either. today is a different time. we just wont tolerate this any more. I think they should be sent packing. look what they r doing to paula dean, for something she said 20 years ago. don’t let these spoiled brats get away with it either.they are a dis grace to the show.

  23. how come people here are absolutely disgusted by this stuff, but evel dick was OK? he made some pretty racial remarks, and some people here even refer to him as a top player ever. double standards everywhere. settle down and watch the damn show.

  24. Of course there is the 1st amendment which allows individuals to express themselves. As long as you’re ready with the repercussions…like losing your job?

  25. When CBS stoops so low to recruit people from acting agencies, and sororities, and frat houses. There are thousands of good outstanding hard working 30 , 40, and 50 year olds that are in better shape, smarter, and have more tact, than anybody chosen by your production staff, that would appreciate the opportunity to play for $500000. I am 47 and I am smarter stronger and would whip any houseguest you got.

    • lol. Was right there with you Terry until you set yourself up… But yes I agree with the idea that maybe they’ve trolled the frat & sorority homes a bit too much over the past few seasons. I know there’s hot guys & girls (with HUGE egos) to be found, but seriously I think they’d have better results when at least 75% of the guests represent ”everyday people”.

  26. For God sakes don’t expel them from the house. I want to see the look on their face as the Moving Company or Amanda throw their butts out.

  27. Everyone complaining saying “kick them out” is seriously annoying. They can’t kick people out for making comments like that. Chima made comments like that to Russell in season 11, calling him a terrorist and the like, and did they remove her for that? No. Everyone needs to quit their bitching.

    • I agree 10000%. Get over it and move on. Nobody is talking about the game anymore. Every other comment is about kicking them off.

      • I’m with you both on this – let’s either have a consistent ruling where ALL house guests will abide by a code of conduct (or be booted out), OR, we let them create their own muck for them to swim in and they simply face the consequences when they get out. I would say however that even if we’re talking ”game” the racist, sexist & homophobic tendencies are going to hurt their ”game” in the long run.

      • I agree Lavendargirl. If people can’t get over it and move on then just stop watching.

  28. While I think it’s disgusting and I think CBS handled it right, what did they expect when they squeeze all these different people together in a small house with not enough beds (and one bottle of wine, I might add.) I’ll bet the ratings are sky high now that there is lots of controversy. I am just as mortified as Julie, although I am a white European descent, but I am sure she is cringing listening to the whooping coming from the “suits” upstairs. They sell their souls (and anyone else’s) for winning ratings. It will be a second abuse for Julie. But, of course, I will continue to watch because I will be rooting for the good guys:)

    • Sad but true… In a bigger picture, I see equally immature character coming from the very producers of Big Brother by creating an environment for these things to happen. Having said that, I’m sure the ”official statement” will be that they are outraged, that they don’t condone such actions, and that this matter will be dealt with.

  29. Julie should refuse to host BB unless the racists are expelled from the house. (CBS can’t fire her; her husband is president.)

  30. Glad that aired it but think they should not of just singled out Aaryn but aired all of the comments because some of the worst are coming from Spencer, Jeremy, Gina Marie, Amanda, Kaitlyn, and even Howard has swore on his religion and Helen has used the Lord’s name in vain. People wanted Dan to lose his job last year when he used his religion so why is it not the same for Howard and Helen. Seems as if CBS is only showing part of the dirt and not all of it.

    • I think you might be lumping some things together Sharon… I agree that the homophobic, racist & sexist comments by ALL of the guilty parties should’ve been aired, but to further lump that with your personal views on what it means to take the Lord’s name in vain is another separate issue. Maybe there are others who are sensitive to this issue always, but I don’t think victims of racist, sexist & homophobic comments want the issues wrapped together… I could be wrong though.

  31. i dont knoe where they found those haters but man! at least 4 of them
    are spychopaths or serial killers….saying racial comments is
    unacceptable, my god, aaron probably has a koklane costum at home,
    taking the wine, just because,….get thoses uneducated, unsocialised
    people out of the house….this is beyond disrespectful…its a
    problem!!! they need shrinks asap! i feel sorry 4 them…and worst is,
    they dont even know, how small they are….they’ll never win! thats for

    • lol.. I don’t usually point out spelling errors (I make TONS of them myself), but it’s funny that you turned psychopath into spy-chopath (the intense yearning to be a spy at all costs)! ;)

  32. Sorry, but you don’t get sympathy from me and you don’t get to be self righteous about these people when you’re on “The View” Those women are no better than those in the BB house, especially not Sharon Osbourne, all of whom have made incredibly misandrist statements and actions.

    Also so has Aaryn and GM made misandrist statements and those deserve to mentioned as much as all the other bigoted statements they have made right along all of Jeremy’s misogyny and beta male chauvinism also known as an abusive white knight v.v

  33. CBS……please please don’t let this Continue…..Big brother is my Favorite show….. I am really losing interest because Racism IS UNNECESSARY in this day an age….Cheating should not be tolerated, let alone cause them to become winners…..PLEASE PLEASE STOP this so I can Enjoy this show again….. don’t let two or three people RUIN this show for America…. The hate nees to end

  34. Elissa hit the nail on the head when she said most of these house guests should be on Real World, not Big Brother. I understand Jeremy used the f word for gays again, even after all the ruckus by other guests. He should have been taken off the show immediately. What if one of these despicable people wins and CBS has to hand them a $500,000 check?

    And honestly, I think Howard is a good guy, but for him to align himself with these racists because he is putting the game above it makes me respect him less. He could work to isolate the likes of GinaMarie, Jeremy and Arryn very easily. In fact, that would give him a better chance of winning because those people are not going to keep him in the game to the end.

  35. I agree I think they should get rid of of aaryon and Jeremy and gina marie for all the racial comments I think if they r gonna get rid of eliss this week then Helen should get mvp she’s they only level head person in house that can make a good pick on who should go up and go home like aaryon and gm or jeremy

  36. Their words are more harmful than Willie’s physical attack., and he was expelled from the game. America is a land of diversity and these players need to be removed from the game.

  37. Cudos to CBS for not making a bigger issue of the comments made by the houseguest. While sensitive in nature, they do indeed strike a nerve with most viewers, however if the network kicked out everyone that ever made a inappropriate comment you may as well cancel the show. After all, it is a social as well as strategic game, and occasionally there will be social undesirables making comments the repulse. Eviction isn’t always the answer, rather let society shun these individuals when they leave the confines of the fishbowl known as the “Big Brother’s” house. Thanks again CBS!

  38. If people want to get the racists and bullies out of this show—-it is up to the viewers to do so! That means voting for the house guest who are enemies of the racist and bullies. I think Amanda right now fits the bill and so, she will get my vote for the next MVP. Hopefully, she is also the next HOH. That would be great. Obviously, “do not vote” for MVP anyone from the moving company, McCrae, Nick, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn. I am sure we can get rid of some if not all of these riff raff. Unfortunately, Helen and Andy has turned into dopes begging Jeremy and Aaryn to go into an alliance with them? Dumb, dumb and dumb. Unless they come to their senses, I will not waste my MVP votes on them! Candace and Howard may be good MVP votes depending on if Amanda gets evicted by the racists and bullies as they are obviously gunning for her. As long as we have someone who will stand up to the racists and bullies—-we must continue to vote for those house guests as MVP. That is the best way to get the racists and bullies out of the house!

  39. I think they should be kicked from the house as well. Keeping them in there might push someone to far and they may react. If they do they will be the ones evicted, instead of Aaryn and GinaMarie. So you might punish someone else for leaving the hatred inside the house.

  40. Pretty just got pretty UGLY that’s for damn sure!!! I cannot believe Aaryn….and knowing the host is Asain?! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!
    I think when Aaryn & Gina Marie finally leave the house, Julie should confront them and as they squirms and try to disagree the claim, have CBS run the tapes so they can both see what American & Canada saw & KNOW is TRUTH!!! Finally, I would LOVE it if Julie told them how they both lost their jobs in the real word because they are UGLY, CRUEL, HATEFUL & just plain DISGUSTING!!!
    I’m PROUD of CBS for explosing the UGLY truth….Now, I just wish the rest of the house guest would stand up for what is right and get both of the Ugly, Cruel Asses Outta There A.S.A.P!!!!

  41. Individuals should speak up about racism. All though I do not watch this show the comments are from social news and gained my attention. But from the get go the show should of known that an individual who has a name that is associated with white power would be racist. Racism is taught at home and further encouraged in society from racist individuals. Aaryn’s name came from her parents who would have known the reference of the names origin. If it looks like a duck and quack likes a duck then most likely its a duck. She has no business of being on the show spreading HATE.

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