Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 2 Monday Daytime Highlights


It was Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 15 house. So that means Jeremy used the veto on himself and MVP Elissa was forced to make a replacement nominee. Right now things are a bit more mild than you’d think, but it’s still early in the day.

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 8, 2013

9:03 AM BBT – Houseguests are up and moving about the house, ready to start the day.

9:16 AM BBT – Judd suggests that Elissa should put up Kaitlin today when Jeremy takes himself off the block. She thinks that’s a risky idea.

10:55 AM BBT – Outdoor lockdown and then feeds cut. Power of Veto Ceremony is going on.

11:39 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Nick is sitting on the nomination sofa. Looks like he was announced as the MVP’s renomination during the Veto ceremony.

11:51 AM BBT – Andy tells Elissa the plan to get Nick out should work.

12:10 PM BBT – Spencer reminds McCrae that Amanda is not doing very good things for him and his Moving Company alliance. He says she makes them nervous.

12:23 PM BBT – Howard and  join in and talk of an alliance of 9 to get to jury starts. The suggested nine: Spencer, Jeremy, McCrae, Nick, Howard, Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlin andn GinaMarie. (That sounds just awful. How about NO to that?)

2:15 PM BBT – Amanda is quizzing Andy, Jeremy and Jessie. She asks “what is my boyfriend’s name?” Jeremy responds with “fa**ot.” He gets called to the Diary Room right after. It would appear he may have been warned or at least reminded that he’s on a television show. Maybe.

2:48 PM BBT – Andy discusses homophobia and tells some of the others about being called “fa**ot” and Aaryn responds with “Like straight to your face? We don’t even do that.” To your face, I’m guessing she means.

3:05 PM BBT – House is pretty quiet. Not much is going on including any game talk.

3:23 PM BBT – For those who didn’t get enough of the friskiness last night, Jeremy and Kaitlin are making out in the pool.

3:53 PM BBT – Discussion is on Elissa (as usual). Aaryn and Nick are talking about her apparently telling people that Nick wanted Aaryn’s group to go up instead of him.

As you can see, it’s been a relatively quiet day in the house, but one thing we know from today, what’s going to happen at this week’s eviction isn’t quite set in stone yet. It’s leaning more toward an Elissa eviction, but something could happen that ends up sending Nick out the door this Thursday.

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    • Good, at least when she does we know for sure that someone else will get it ( hopefully helen ) that will hopefully put it to good use unlike what elissa did which is waste it last week.

      • How did she waste it at all? She got David out (instead of herself) and based on her alliances perceptions Nick was the best bet. They don’t know that they should have done Kaitlin because of the Moving Company…but no body knows that, so you cannot judge her for that. Elissa has not done anything wrong.

      • did you watch last week cause you sound ignorant. she got David out. McCrae didn’t do that she did that. Just for your FYI.

  1. it’s not gonna stop…Gina Marie (unless I misheard) just refered to Candice as a “MIXED BREED”

    • Well good news is that GM and Kaitlin have no where to go if Jeremy and/or Aaryn leaves. They haven’t even tried to get a deal with anyone else. They will be easy pickings.

    • Well, at least she lost her job. She stands 0 chance of winning BB, so that’s saving grace.

  2. Huge waste of renom by Elissa. I would have preferred she use it on Gina Marie. Being one of the two most racist house guests in the house, she stands a good chance of being evicted if she was up against Elissa. Not 100% guaranteed but, Nick who will be protected by the Moving Company is a very bad choice for renom. Unless a miracle happens, it looks like Elissa is headed out the door. I will continue to vote for MVPs who will go after the racists and bullies in the house. I figure, I will get succeed in getting some of the scum out at the very least. Just because Elissa gets voted out does not mean the racists are free and clear. On the contrary, they are next and their luck will just about run out on them soon enough!

      • Too bad Elissa wasted the renom on Nick. She should have put up Gina Marie. The contrast would have been night and day. Howard and Candace, Amanda, Andy, Judd, McCrae probably would all have voted her out! She is expendable—-just gutter trash! The way it is looking, Amanda probably will get my MVP vote.
        Helen and Andy looking like chickens with their heads cut off running to Aaryn and Jeremy to form an alliance with them? Seriously, guys—-use your heads! You want to associate with the racists and bullies so that, you can be evicted sooner? Dumb, utterly dumb!

  3. I really like Elissa, but I will be very sad if Nick leaves. He’s playing the game well, is smart and very into the game v. petty little fights and racism. It’s sad that one of these three will leave this week. Too bad Elissa didn’t put up Kaitlin. Or even better – Jeremy didn’t win the Veto. Boo.

  4. I love how Elissa and her alliance pretty much have control over the house (if they get Nick out) regardless of who is HOH. I hope her, Andy, or Judd wins HOH Thursday.

  5. Yeah I think Nick prob safe, he has Spencer, Howard, Jermey, McCrae, GinaMarie, right off the bat. Otherside is what Amanda, Andy, Judd. Candice. With like Jessie, and Katlin in the middle. And only need 6 votes to stay this week. Best bet and probably only shot is to get McCrae on the other side, I think out of everyone he def can be swayed, and I dont think he is as invloved with the rest of the moving company. Might just come down to Jessie who you dont know what she doing or who she with. Ellissa for sure has a shot though.

  6. Elisa needs to go. It really wasnt fair of CBS to start having a fan-voted MVP and then add someone with a built-in fan base.

    Crazy thing is even if she gets voted out 2nd, she’ll probably still win Americas favorite player at the end.

  7. By keeping Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer in the house CBS is supporting their racist comments. No if, ands and buts about it…

    • Listen when Aaryn, Gina, Spencer, and Jeremy leave the house they will get what is coming to them. CBS already done their part by showing their true colors just wait till they leave. I dont care that they are still there but once they leave they will get what is coming to them.

  8. I don’t understand why the producers are allowing the racist comments to continue… how may times has Jeremy been warned now? And how many warnings does he get before they actually do something about him? Aaryn is as bad if not worse. It’s sad that in this day and age this type of behavior is being tolerated, not only tolerated but televised. This is 2013, right? And if I’m being honest, I don’t think I like this group of houseguests very much.

    • Remove the HGs who keep making the racist comments or fire producer Allison Grodin. At this point BB15 should probably be canceled for this season.

      • To effect any change, Advertisers that support CBS need to pull their cash. Just like they did to Food Network for Paula Deen.

        Otherwise it looks very hypocritical of the CBS advertisers.

        For the Food Network to go strongly against Deen & CBS money makers turn a blind eye to this is a double standard that NONE should tolerate.

  9. why are we giving MVP TO Elissa and thinking about giving it to Helen if/when Elissa leaves. It’s suppose to go to the person who is playing the best game which neither of them are. I know it always end up a populiarty contest, but the only reason people are giving it to Elissa is because who her sister is.

    • Everybody knows the definition of MVP, but people will still vote for whoever they like. Dude, don’t vote for Helen. That’s your prerogative.

      • In his case that would be “Most vulgar player” (the “most vile player” would go to Aaryn). You want the viewers to vote for somebody that took anothers players hat and used it like toilet paper?? You want the viewers to vote for somebody that is threating to “snap the neck” of another HG?? You vote ur way and I’ll vote mine….

    • Most want Aaryn and that side of the house to go. So they are thinking of giving MVP to the person directly opposed to them. For right now it is just chatter. We’ll know who most fans are leaning towards after we see who gets the next HOH.

    • I gave MVP to Elissa to help her that is why! Considering the fact that the racists and bullies are in charge of the house right now, why would any decent human being give the MVP to these animals? If I give the MVP to someone, it would be to someone who wants and can take out the racists and bullies from the house. Since, Big Brother management will do nothing to get rid of the vermin. It is up to the viewers to help those who will move to get the racists and bullies out of the house the soonest! They get the MVP and I will give them MVP each week if that is what it takes to get the racists and bullies out!

    • True, MVP should go to the “most valuable player’. But think about what that really means. The most valuable player to most fans was Elissa. Why? Not because she was Rachels sister or had good game, but because she could be an opposition to who we really disliked in the game…Aaryn. So her VALUE to the fans was enormous. Just like in sports, the person that hits the most home runs, makes the most baskets, or makes the most touch downs doesnt always get to be MVP. Sometimes it’s those that assist that mean the most. Elissa was just our way of saying….we need your assistance and we will reward you for giving it to us.

  10. Geez all these people don’t wanna go up on the block then win HOH or POV its pretty simple people DUH

  11. Elissa should just explain what she Nominated David in the first place which would reveal McCrea as the head of those who wanted to get David and McCrea could pass the blame on to Nick who it rightfully belongs to…

    Also McCrea could create an alliance with Elissa and others as “the moving company” is worth less with people not following plans properly and such and anything he has with them he’d have with another better alliance without Jeremy since Jeremy is a sinking ship.

  12. Ever think Elissa did this just to be voted out sos he can get off this vile show, she hass to feel ostracized at this point,

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