Julie Chen On Big Brother 15 Twist: “No-Floater Summer”

Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen

Today on Twitter Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen held an “ask me anything” chat with fans and gave us our first bite at this summer’s Big Brother twist. When asked for a “juicy hint” for BB15, Julie responded with how this latest twist will impact the game:


.@gabriellaabella The twist makes it a no-floater summer! #BigBrother

— Julie Chen(@JulieChen) June 12, 2013

So what could that mean for Big Brother 15? Well just about anything, so let’s speculate away. This might mean “do or die” scenarios where either you compete to win or you walk out the door. Last to the finish line, so to speak. Another option is the pre-formed alliance rumor hanging around. If HGs come in to the house already paired (or maybe more than just pairs – teams anyone?) they’d technically not be floating as they would have a solid alliance, at least until their teammate(s) was(were) evicted. What do you think the twist could be? Share your thoughts below!

This could definitely make things interesting and could really have a deep impact on the game, but is it the right move to forcefully prevent floating? It seems most fans aren’t apt to give credence to this passive approach to Big Brother, but it can be wildly effective. Almost every season sees HGs sit back and enjoy a lazy-river ride to the summer’s back half and it can even be a welcome opportunity for the competitors as they try to decide who they want to face off against before the jury.

Then again, before we get too far down the rabbit hole it’s important to remember that twists are not the end-all of Big Brother. Saboteur, anyone? We’ll anxious await more details, but for now this is a fun possibility to discuss as we wait for Big Brother 15 to start on June 26th. Don’t forget to grab your Early Bird discount on the Feeds!


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  1. I’m going to wait until I see who the H G’s are. If they’re returning HG’s, not interested.

      • I would <3 to see an all-$tars 2 season..it has been 7 years since the last 1 & it's time for another!! Jedi Jani is prego right now, so i guess i could wait til next season, but definitely next summer I WANT ALL-$TARS!! People like Dan & Memphis, Evel Dick, Big Jeff & Jordan, Keesha, Dani & Dom, Michelle & Russell, Jessica & Eric, Crazy James & Chelsea, Matty & Baller(CBS could bust him outa prison lol), Rachel & Brendon, Matt & Reagan, Brittany & Lane, Shane & Danielle, Casey, Adam, Renny.. ABSOLUTELY NO JESSIE!!!!

      • I get where you’re coming from, David, but beating dead horses generally leads to a whole lot of stink and not much else. Like you, I love some of the past players, but I don’t want to see them competing again on BB. Somehow repeat performers never quite measure up, usually because they try too
        hard to surpass their last performance.

  2. Possibly everyone has to OPENLY nominate someone for eviction during the nomination ceremony but the HOH gets to pick the final 2. Could create a lot of enemies…and alliances possibly outed so a potential floater would have to sink or swim. If this is truly a no-floater season, i’m kind of glad. It’s much more interesting to see someone manipulate, lie and fight for their life during the game than to sit back and watch it go on around them.

    • I’m also guessing they’d do the classic and long forgotten BB nomination process of everyone nominating each other, with two-three people with the most nominations going up for eviction. Hopefully, we’ll see how things will truly go for this season.

  3. How about a season with nothing but past winners competing against each other for the ultimate player?

  4. I am so ready for this season to start.Got my super pass already done,and waiting for the big day.I just hope the HG’S this year are better than the last.Frank was the the best person on that seasons show.And so happy that all will be new to the show.Bring it BB!

  5. Thinking this could back-up the rumor that Survivor and TAR alum are entering the house? If they picked the very competitive contestants from both shows, then no one would really be a floater, they’d all be fighting their hearts out.

    Not saying this will actually happen, but if the rumor ends up being a reality, it makes sense.

  6. the only thing I hope and pray for this season is no returning house guests, especially no Rachel and Brendon as those two milked their 15 minutes for every drop

  7. would love to see them set it up like bb Austrailia you can watch on you tube . They let them nominate for eviction but the public votes who goes and who stays…

  8. I think they should let a super fan in for say…two minutes each week to spill some beans. The current HOH should be the only one privy to the info, and could decide how or if to share the wealth!

  9. BB Fans wants all new contestants …no returns from the past…no all stars….we want all new contestants…

    • I agree Debbie. BB could also use some new games for comps. Some of them are getting a bit stale.

  10. Maybe it means last place in the comps mean automatic up for nomination? At least people won’t be dropping like flies in the first 5 min of comps. I wanna see some tough competitors this season!!

  11. I am excited for this season! There have been a lot of changes, and generally humans aren’t fond of change, but BB must keep evolving in order to stay relevant. I hope the changes in the game, the show’s delivery system and interaction with the fans will be positive overall. Let the game begin already!! :)

  12. What is so horrendous about floaters again? It is a legitimate strategy that gets a really bad wrap. People misuse the term all the time in the BB house anyways, it’s someone who doesn’t have a set alliance and goes back n forth between groups. Every since Brendon and Rachel, floating has turned into something that people think means you don’t win competitions. There are plenty of people who sucked at comps and weren’t floaters.

    • In general, floaters has come to be defined as those who are neither strong, physical and/or social gamers nor are they passive players who can do moves when they have to.

      Basically, they’re players who never really have a strategy nor a good gameplay and just allow themselves to be coasted off by the other houseguests who use them for their votes until they are no longer needed.

  13. I like the idea of a do-or-die HOH… whoever comes in last is automatically up for eviction, and the winner becomes HOH and puts up the other person. Then veto as usual. There couldn’t be floaters!

  14. All I ask from Julie Chen, CBS, Grodner, and even almighty JESUS is that Dan Gheesling does not make ONE appearance this season. I am soooooo over him; he appears everywhere. We get it — you’re amazing now SIT DOWN. That being said, I wouldn’t mind some Jeff and his self-deprecating humour.

  15. Ugh… I hope they don’t try to discourage floating. As annoying as it would be to play with floaters, they’re part of the game! Last season w/ the forced teams was so awkward (although made for some great double-agent action). I wish CBS would quit trying to Big Brother these contestants… oh wait…

  16. What tv station will Big Brother After Dark be on??????? Please let me know.

  17. the twist is that if you lose and or throw the competitions then you must suffer the consequences Either you win or you lose. you go to play not to waste possibly other peoples spot or chance in the big brother house.

  18. A reliable source has told me that the twist this season is that no house guest may be nominated more than once until all house guests have been nominated at least once.

    This way every person MUST fight for their life and make alliances early in the game because their neck will be on the line IMMEDIATELY.

  19. i like the no floater rule if there were not floaters last year i would not have had to look at Danielle the whole time. A no floater rule can actually make each player play the game to the best of the capability. could get interesting for sure cant wait

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