‘Big Brother 15’: CBS Set To Reveal 2013 Cast, House, & More

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Next week will be an exciting one for Big Brother 15 as CBS prepares to release a flood of preseason details including a look at the new BB15 house, the reveal of the 2013 cast, and hopefully even more details on the “no-floater” twist announced by Julie Chen.

Earlier this week members of the press and those with special Big Brother relationships went inside the season 15 house for “Media Day.” There the stand-in HGs ran through an entire game of BB in just one day as both a test run of the new house, but also to set up the release of this year’s house design and theme.

According to Matt Whitfield, a perennial guest of the games, videos and pictures from Media Day will be released next week. No exact day or time was given as CBS might be trying to avoid a repeat of season 14. Last year when the time neared for fans to learn about the new house a leak hit another Big Brother site after announcing its secret content had been readied for release. Fast forward to this year and we’re now hearing very little on exact dates of the release CBS has scheduled for its Media Day visitors.

We will keep our eyes and ears open to snag those house details and share them with you immediately upon release. That’s another great reason to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email updates.

Next up is the Big Brother 15 cast. Everyone wants to know who made the cut and will be our new favorite houseguests for the next few months. I’m excited to say that we’ll be bringing you our exclusive interviews again this summer! I’ll be traveling to the CBS studio lot next week to sit down for interviews and meet what we expect to be, based on our scoop back in early May, an all-new cast. While we still trust our source on that story, we’ve yet to confirm the report in-person. We will be preparing video interviews to share with you and as soon as CBS lifts its restrictions on that information. Did I mention it’s a smart idea to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email?

Combining what we learn about the house’s design and the cast’s details we should be able to get a much better idea of just what the Big Brother 15 twist is this summer. I’m leaning more toward expecting a Team A vs Team B from Julie Chen’s “no floaters” comment, but that’s just speculation on my part.

All of these Big Brother updates will also mark the pending end of the Live Feeds Early Bird discount price. After the preseason sale ends on June 25th you’ll still be able to sign-up for your Live Feeds at a much cheaper price than has been offered by SuperPass (reminder: Big Brother Feeds are not on SuperPass this year), but not as cheap as you can right now.

What are you most excited to learn about in these last few days before the start of Big Brother 15? Seeing the new house design, meeting this season’s cast, or discovering more about the latest twist? Share your thoughts below!


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        I’ll see if it’s working now. :D

  1. im so ready for bb15 .. watched every onbe except all stars … i cant wait to see it im so pumped

  2. BB fans want all new cast members…no all stars….no one returning to play like last year…we want all new contestants

  3. I am still bummed out that we have cablevision in NJ and they don’t have tvgn here. Only a sports channel. Did I read that we will be able to get it on the internet? I signed up for the live feeds.

    • It’s unfortunate that TVGN doesn’t reach all the homes, but if you have the Feeds you’ll be completely covered since BBAD is showing the same thing as the Feeds. Plus w/ the Feeds you’ll be able to watch the other 3 cameras and the other 22 hours of content each day!

      • Thank you for replying and reassuring me that we won’t miss out as there are many of us. I am so glad I signed up for the feeds already.

      • You can use the Feeds’ “Archive” feature this year like a DVR and watch 12-2AM’s events the next morning. It’ll just be on your computer instead of the TV.

  4. While getting a sneak peak at the house and theme are interesting, it’s really the HGs that matter. I look forward to the interviews. Would like some new strategies to go along with the new faces. I really hope they don’t have the team A versus the team B scenerio. It would remind me of BB 6 and the “Friendship” alliance (otherwise known as the Nerd Herd) versus the “Sovereign Six”. That turned out to be one of my least favorite seasons. I would rather they each play their own game.

    • Oh I do not want another Nerd Herd situation. I agree that I’d rather see them each have to do their own thing, but I’ll hold out hope if it does turn out to be teams.

  5. I know you’re just speculation the Team A vs Team B thing, but say it ended up being true, doesn’t that support the Survivor and TAR competitors entering this summer?

    • I think that what they going for this year during interview asked question about playing sports, how active a person is. There were no other questions. I was wondering if I went to the wrong interview. That this for survivor

      • well it was not me even when I told them I do zumba . I guess not like football but it is very phial and active. So I check it hmm could be the one I was next too will know soon enough . I think it will be teams. I like to the old and young one day .

    • Oh I hope they don’t bring in survivor vets..why not just bring in BB vets, that would be so stupid and would ruin the entire season.

  6. I know it is hard to sent the house up and everything but the first year I got really into big brother was the year of two seasons, I think two seasons a year would be nice, I know there is BB canada and BB uk and stuff but those don’t regularly broadcast in usa.

  7. If survivor vets come in and they become have nots, they’d be like “Oh I had like no food for 39 days and no shelter and rain and bugs so slop and cold showers is like heaven compared to that” lol

  8. I’m sure we’ll see some “over the top” houseguests, bullys, leaders and followers,. Thank god Rachel isn’t one of them. By the way, did they ever get married or was that just for publicity?
    I’ve been faithful to the series since the beginning. I just don’t want to see any more “Hammock Rockers” like our winner last year. I looked up “Dweeb” in the Dictionary and his picture was there!!!

  9. Seems like last year half of he time the live feeds were fish! Hopefully it won’t be like that this season

  10. concerned about bbad. it is on tvgnetwork. they are pg. are they going to bleep out every cuss word because every sentence there will be a bleep. I want to watch the show not just hear bleeps. I love bb. this is a disappoint that bbad isn’t on showtime2.

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