Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Reviews Week 10 Of Big Brother 16

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother
Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Well it looks like not a lot has changed in the Big Brother house other than the main ‘villain’ of the season Donny being evicted. I still don’t understand how some of the houseguests hated him so much. People may say he went to bed to early but at the same time why stay up all night and try to work with people who hate you for no good reason. But at the same time I feel like the middle of the night is the best time to talk game with other houseguests. I feel like he tried to work with people and they just kind of laughed him off.

I can’t wait until Donny sees all the love everyone on the outside have for him. You don’t understand how happy that will make him to know that America loved him.

I do like the fact that Caleb and even Frankie tried to flip the vote and save Donny. I feel like Derrick and especially Frankie put a bit of a show on for the cameras when it comes to Donny. But I think Frankie’s true colors came out on Sundays show when he talked about Donny/Team America to the camera and in front of Derrick. Derrick is clearly the smartest player in the game and he looked astonished about what Frankie said to the camera.

After Nicole won the competition to get back in the game I figured she would try to switch things up and make a new alliance. I guess I was a bit luckier last season because when I returned to the game there were plenty of cracks with the players so I had room to wedge my way in and start a new alliance of outsiders plus Elissa for a short while. Nicole only had Donny and they were on the block together.

As much as I like Donny and I’m glad Nicole was nice to him, i think it would have been smarter to try to start a new alliance either with outsiders, or approach two of the guys and maybe grab Victoria or Christine and make a new final four alliance.

It is much easier to think of these scenarios and potential game moves when you ate outside of the game. I think it would have been a smart move to maybe approach Christine and have her talk to Cody and Derrick. But like I said before it’s much harder in the game and they don’t get to watch the diary room sessions like we do.

The HOH comp was an endurance which they have been wanting one for a while now. The competition is way harder than it looks. We had a similar one last year but we played as partners and had to only run half of the distance and It looked like they had a slicker surface to run on this season.

I was rooting for Caleb to win the HOH in hopes that he would either keep Nicole safe or that she could win the veto and hopefully win the next HOH. I watched the end of the HOH competition on the live feeds and was happy for Caleb winning this HOH and was HOPING he would change things up this week.

I give Nicole a C for effort for trying to work with Caleb and have him not put her on the block but at the same time she gave Christine advice during the HOH comp out loud and she really didn’t offer Caleb anything worth his while.

Nicole needs to remember that it’s Caleb’s world and we are all just living in it, so offering him any less than the moon, her first born, 500k, and Amber’s hand in marriage, she is just wasting her time.

Caleb nominated Nicole and Christine this week and from what I hear Christine won the veto and was replaced by VICTORIA?! Hopefully Nicole can make some good deals and save herself before Thursday nights live Double Eviction show!! I really want Nicole to stay and win the next HOH. We will have to wait and see!


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  1. If Caleb does not get the biggest turkey of the week I will just scream. Booting Frankie would have been great for him in the jury house. Bad enough not flipping the house, but to go and tell Frankie everything……how damn dumb.

    I love the way Derrick is being so self depreciating, leading all the hg to believe he has no chance against them in the jury vote. And they all seem to be buying it. I know some do not like his play…but IMO he is playing the only game he can.

    • Caleb is an idiot and he proved it by telling Frankie all about the plan. I mean I knew he was stupid but that just takes the cake. DE should be interesting. I really don’t care who wins or who goes at this point, I’m just hoping it’s entertaining when they all start to turn on each other. I think everyone left except Nicole and Victoria have a final 2 deal with everyone else so yeah…that might be interesting to watch, then again, they may just accept their fate and be like Okay, I guess I’m going because that’s pretty much what’s been going on all season.

      • I agree I feel it wont even be the fight we are hoping for. Because we keep getting let down..they will go with their fate and consider it a good deed done for their jacked up alliance..They feel they have the best alliance ever but they aren’t saying how each of them have been ready to abandon one another through out it all. And how they follow as sheep to the slaughter boringly killing each other game. yeah the final weeks could be just more control of derrick wishes till the end.. all we can do is hope..so far each week has been failure..:(

    • Tofu, barrels of it. Waiting on Adam’s report. I would have to say NOBODY gets bacon this week. Caleb got 4 strips for winning that HOH then lost it all when he didn’t BD Frankie.

      • I’m wondering if Adam will let his opinion of Saturday rip. Matt had a blurb about it in the feeds update, but no big write-up.

  2. It seems to me that there was no cracks left for Nicole to try to gain entrance. Victoria lives in Derrick’s pocket, and Christine choose the Detonators over Nicole. Donny, and Nicole were always going to be outsiders . No one wants to make a big move. Sheep.

    • No matter who Nicole talked to, it would have gotten back to Derrick, who would have demanded that everyone stop talking to Nicole again, lest her words start making sense.

  3. Caleb: You could have made a ‘big move’ and gotten ‘blood on your hands’. Instead you (yes, you) chose to stumble, crumble and fail your ‘mission’ ~ what a waste!

  4. “Nicole needs to remember that it’s Caleb’s world and we are all just living in it.” Frankie would disagree. He thinks that it is Frankie’s world. They are both narcissistic!

  5. What did Frankie say about Donny and Team America to the cameras? I missed the show, in fact I forgot it was on and I usually don’t do that. Until I know what he said I believe that he only tried to flip and help save Donny because it was in his best interest. Frankie wanted Donny out until he began to fear Nicole coming after him and that’s when he switched to saving Donny. The same with Caleb. He didn’t want to save Donny out of the goodness of his heart. No, he wanted Nicole out because she was a bigger threat. What is all this “oh, they tried to save Donny, yeah for them?”

    • He said that he hated Donny, was glad he was gone and called him “dead weight” for TA. He also complained that Donny didn’t pull his weight for TA and that he and Derrick will do better at the tasks now that Donny is gone. Derrick looked shocked and in DR asked America not to lump him in with that. (I was fuming at Frankie for saying all of that!)

      • Yep and Derrick showed the shock on his face. He has been great at hiding his reaction to things Frankie says but he couldn’t then. If they get a mission I hope we get to vote fail like last time. I want him gone to jury, actually I want him gone period. Couldn’t they get him for sexual harassment?

      • I hope so as well. Frankie doesn’t like Donny because he knows Donny is more loved than he. Frankie is a petty vile little man. I’m glad I missed that my heart would have broke.

      • Thank you. I thought it had to be something like that. Ugh, this man is awful. As for Derrick he had his chance to distance himself from this low-life and chose to go against it so sorry pal, like it or not, I will lump you with this rat as being guilty by association. How can Derrick really be shocked? Frankie has shown this time and time again.

      • If that shocks you, have you seen the clip from Saturday? Check out TMZ, Bustle, TVGrapeVine and another of other sites.

      • Are they really bad? Gee, maybe this cast is just a step below last years in their vileness. Well at least Frankie.

      • Um, hold your opinion on which season is more vile until after you’ve seen the clip. It’s about Frankie, Derrick and the gang making a rape jokes about Victoria.

      • Ok, I haven’t seen and wont be able to until later tonight (at work) but Derrick is a cop and as such he really shouldn’t participate in talk like that. Game or no he should find a way to excuse himself from that. That is just sick.

      • I did go and see it after it was mentioned in here. The entire thing was disgusting and they all laughed and went along with it. Christine too! I am in no way excusing the men lightly (and I use the word men in jest)’ however, Christing was laughing as hard as the rest of them. Appalling. And the more they laughed and went along, the more vile Frankie got. Whew….a new low for bb.

      • They do realize that they are filmed 24/7 and that this stuff is seen by the outside and that it is shared and spoken about, right? A cop and a married woman acting like this. I bet Christine’s family is even proud of her. There is nothing funny about this. And, the old excuse well their locked away from the world, while a tad bit true, is not a cover all excuse for this. And people wonder what has happened to society.

      • Derrick did try to backdoor Frankie. Caleb is HOH and decided to put Victoria up against Nicole instead of Frankie.

  6. J-U-Double-D, I love you, buddy but…you ‘…like the fact that Caleb and even Frankie tried to flip the vote and save Donny’ ?! Did I see the same show you saw? Frankie may have (pretend) thought about it for 2 seconds at most. There was no way in H-E-Double-L that he was ever trying to save Donny.

  7. Hey Judd don’t know if your watching the feeds but you should check out what Caleb and Frankie have to say about you,

    4:10pm HOH Room Frankie and Caleb
    Caleb “I better have more fans than JUDD, I think I do”
    Frankie – “I bet you do you’re attractive.. He was unattractive”

    Now I know Caleb is from the south but after hearing that it looks like Ol’ Caleb doesn’t like you all that much and I guess is jealous of the love and attention you receive. Now Frankie on the other hand you don’t have to mind cause he wouldn’t know what’s attractive even if the word was stamped on your face, no clue between the difference of inner beauty and outer beauty cause he doesn’t have both which is a very sad and pathetic case. Keep up the good work and give Amber a heads up that Caleb is beyond delusional and still thinks that Amber will be waiting for him at the Finale and expects her to go on a date with him as well as go on a date with Jesse from your season oh and even better plans to break up Jeff and Jordan and take Jordan away from Jeff?? Wonder how he would react if he knew you were closer with Amber then he will ever be even in his own small delusional mind? Just a thought until then Judd look forward to your next article.

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