Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 10 Monday Highlights


The Power of Veto day arrived with so much potential and promise but things fell apart and went downhill from there. Just as we had seen for much of the season there was big talk but no big walk and now we’re set for the rest of the week. At least we’re going to get a Double Eviction!

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house today.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 1, 2014:

6:30 AM BBT – Victoria is still up and wandering around the house. She never went to sleep. Feeling anxious about the Veto Ceremony.

9:45 AM BBT – The women are all awake as the guys continue to sleep. So much for the plan to reconvene in the morning and go back through the BD Frankie situation.

10:35 AM BBT – Caleb wakes up Derrick and tells him they have less than 30 minutes until the Veto meeting. He informs Derrick that he will not BD Frankie & they had a talk which makes him feel better about keeping Frankie this week.

10:50 AM BBT – Frankie and Caleb talking alone in the HoH room. Caleb is talking way, way too much and revealing a LOT of information with little gain. Caleb tells Frankie he was considering BD’ing him and that this week would be the time to do it since Frankie was vulnerable.

11:10 AM BBT – Caleb continues to divulge entirely too much information. He has basically warned Frankie that he was close to BD’ing but not to worry about it.

11:15 AM BBT – Derrick arrives in the HoH room. Caleb lets Derrick know that Victoria is going up. No major discussions and then Feeds cut to Fish for the Veto meeting.

12:05 PM BBT – Veto Ceremony is over. Christine saved herself. Victoria has been renom’d.

12:20 PM BBT – Victoria and Nicole sitting in the Fire room and discuss what a missed opportunity this was for Caleb.

12:30 PM BBT – Nicole warns Victoria that she must nominate Cody and Christine together if she gets HoH.

12:35 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie talk about what Caleb told him regarding the BD plan. Frankie tells Derrick he’s not upset and he has put it past him.

12:39 PM BBT – Nicole talking about how Caleb’s decision makes no sense. She says he’s never even seen the show before, clearly. Nicole tells Derrick it was a perfect opportunity to get Frankie out. Derrick tells her he tried.

12:45 PM BBT – Nicole telling Victoria not to drop if the next HOH is endurance. She tells her that she has to win and she has to put up Christine and Cody.

1:18 PM BBT – Derrick is covering his back nicely with Frankie, telling him after the message they received from America by not saving Donny, he’s not doing anything to upset America (as if America would care if Frankie went home). Frankie tells Derrick he was worried for his game because Caleb practically told him he was nearly renom’d.

3:14 PM BBT – Christine and Derrick are talking about the possibility of Frankie winning Big Brother 16. Christine says she’d rather lose to anyone but Frankie.

5:00 PM BBT – Victoria tells Nicole that she’s not happy how close Derrick and Cody are. She said if she wins HOH she’s putting Cody up to break that duo up.

6:24 PM BBT – HGs talking about who will be America’s Favorite Player yet again. And again, they’ve got it all wrong.

6:48 PM BBT – Cody tells Derrick that he wants Caleb out before Christine. Derrick tells Cody that he doesn’t really like Christine.

7:10 PM BBT – Derrick and Cody say that Caleb decided not to backdoor Frankie because he was afraid it would mess up his music career chances (can’t make this stuff up).

7:12 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie now talking about Caleb’s almost-backdoor plan. Derrick tells him he did not know about it last night.

7:30 PM BBT – Caleb is talking to Derrick about how he thinks Cody might be gay since he prefers to hang out with the girls. Derrick says Frankie thinks Cody is gay.

9:56 PM BBT – Victoria is upset and crying about the thought of Derrick leaving before her. Derrick consoles her.

10:21 PM BBT – Nicole says she doesn’t want to see Christine and Cody as the final two. She says her biggest regret in the game was trusting Cody.

10:30 PM BBT – HGs are talking about Zach and how they miss him. Frankie and Derrick say that they know Zach was happy to leave and didn’t want to come back in.

11:15 PM BBT – Nothing going on but general chit-chat.

1:30 AM BBT – HGs hanging out in the HoH room just talking about nothing in particular.

1:50 AM BBT – Nicole giving Victoria a pep talk downstairs.

2:20 AM BBT – Derrick joins Nicole and Victoria. They’re studying events and dates.

4:00 AM BBT – HGs are out for the night.

Nothing is going to happen now for a few days but everything still feels like it’s in a jumble. Caleb came so close to putting up Frankie that he should have done it considering he spilled the plan to Frankie and now everyone knows. Caleb’s loyalty may have kept him in the game but his honesty could be what sends him home.

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  1. I understand Caleb not wanting to get Frankie out. What I can’t understand is him telling Frankie about the plan. And Derrick made the mistake of saying he didn’t know about the plan the night before, it seemed to be an unneccesary lie on Derrick’s part.

    • Derrick’s slipping. He’s lucky none of the HGs left have any sense, otherwise he’d be in real trouble next week.

      Caleb probably thinks he can get in Frankie’s good graces if he’s honest about everything. Sincerely doubt that this will happen, but Caleb doesn’t seem to understand that the rest of his alliance isn’t working out of loyalty the same way he thinks he is.

      • At this point I think he’s an alliance member, even if he’s no higher on the totem pole than Christine. Zach was merely a tool, but they treat Caleb with a little more respect.

    • I don’t think its that bad that he told Frankie. Since he had already discussed it with Derrick and Cody, its already out there so its better for Caleb that Frankie hears it from him first. It works into the whole Caleb is honest and never wronged anyone theme. Remember, Frankie did the “come clean” act too so maybe he appreciates it coming from Caleb. Frankie may be thinking that everyone else wants him out but Caleb is too loyal to do it.

      Caleb should never have considered getting Frankie out. His loyalty is charming but at this point in the game more of a hindrance than help. I think Caleb is clueless about what’s going on around him but staying close to Frankie while staying in with Cody and Derrick makes a lot of sense. I know that’s not why Caleb is doing what he’s doing but it could work out in his favor unintentionally.

      Cody wants to keep Christine as his ally and Derrick wants to keep Victoria as his ally. Caleb and Frankie have each other as their only defense against Cody and Derrick.

  2. Caleb’s reasoning for not putting Frankie up; that he was considering the possible damaging effect to his music career. So he thinks as long as he takes Frankie to the end, he will have a better chance at becoming a star. If/when he and Frankie are F2, is he just going to give it to Frankie? With this guys mentality, he’s a star alright, a shooting star, and it’s on it’s last flicker.

    • Caleb said yesterday that he is probably going to win AFP. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor..I fell off of my chair laughing my rear end off!!!

      • Hard to say. Frankie’s narcissism is more over the top, while Caleb is quieter about his. I’d love to give both of them a stern talking to and a time-out.

      • Me too!!! I’m still trying not to laugh at how all might just well end up handing over the $500k to Victoria if it’s Frankie and her left in F2. Oh Gosh I hope Frankie is not left in that “position”! He really needs to go and CBS better find a way to get er done after this latest “degradation” of his. Music career my buttocks! :-)

      • The brightest part of the show for me this season will be when Caleb & Frankie find out how much Donny is loved and how much they are disliked.

      • I just don’t think those will even get it then, their ego’s and delusional thought’s of fame and grander will keep them in the dark the rest of their lives.

    • Caleb’s plan is to get Frankie to introduce him to his sister, then he will allow her to date him, get married and sing duets together …

    • Caleb’s plan is to get Frankie to introduce him to his sister, then he will allow her to date him, get married and sing duets together …

  3. If Frankie wins BB, everyone in the house right now, specifically Derrick Cody and Caleb, can look to the past two Veto ceremonies and say that’s why Frankie won – because no one had the guts to make the big move.

  4. Frankie’s behavior is vile. He breaks rules on a regular basis. Yet, he’s never punished. As far as I can tell he hasn’t even been reprimanded. CBC knows from social media that he’s the reason ratings are down. Yet, CBC provided the only BotB that was easier with 1 person when HGs devised a plan to throw the comp and get Frankie out. After sitting down, Caleb wanted to go in and sabotage Frankie, but production said that he wasn’t allowed. Now that the HGs tried to get Frankie out again, production once again stepped in and changed Caleb’s mind. CBS knows that Frankie is poison to the show, so why are they so bent on keeping him in the house?

    1. Ariana signed with a record label that CBS owns.
    2. Ariana stated in an interview that BB was her brother’s dream.
    3. Frankie made TA when hardly anyone talked about voting for him and he wouldn’t have made it according to the blog polls.

    Here’s my theory…
    What if, Ariana’s contract included Frankie making it on the show and staying until the finale?

    From what I’ve been reading, she’s diva enough and loves her brother enough to request something like that. This vile season would make sense to me, if CBS stands to break a potentially lucrative contract if they don’t help Frankie stay and why he gets away with so much crap. So, is my theory crazy or plausible???

      • The primary rule is that you’re not allowed to physically threaten other HGs. Also, you’re not supposed to stay in the HOH room when you’re not the HOH, unless you’re invited.

      • You know, I’m willing to bet that at least 50% of houseguests (past and present) have said they want to beat someone in the house up behind someone’s back. As long as you aren’t headbutting someone, or holding a knife to someone, history’s shown you aren’t breaking rules.
        And we can’t throw a guy out of the house for sleeping in the HOH room…
        I know you all hate him, but come on…. You’re grasping at straws here.

      • Frankie’s actions on Saturday were vile. what he did makes a headbutt look like nothing. The knife issue was a little scary..those players were thrown out of the game, I tend to think what Frankie did was worse. My opinion.

      • That wasn’t just a tasteless joke….that was graphic detail on what he thought should happen to Victoria, and I said in my opinion. You have yours and I have mine. I am not going to argue with you.

    • I agree she could have said PLASE let my brother be o BB as i’s his dream. However I cannot see them losing a top rated show. They make millions on ads for the show. I do think they give him more airtime too.. People always break rules. You have to physically harm someone..

    • Very plausible and sad at the same time. I am so pissed. After what most of witnessed on Saturday..that pretty much told me what was going on. Caleb was totally ready to send Frankie home..goes to DR…changes his mind..what else could it be…if anyone out there has any other theories other than redroses, let us know.

      • Yeah, I read that article that Doug posted recently. The photographers, who work with a lot of celebrities, complained that she was one of the most difficult to work with.

      • She does have great voice. I went to you tube to watch just part of one video. With the likes of Frankie to look up to, God help her. She better be careful. He could have a negative impact on her future.

      • On a twitter feed (they had link). Entertainment Tonight had a spot on it and of course trash rag TMZ has had several reports. She should tell them to get him off there.

      • If I was her PR, I’d be advising her to publicly distance herself from her brother and to denounce his behavior in the house.

      • She has definitely taken the opportunity to speak out about occurrences on BB at other times. Why haven’t we heard anything about how she feels about this latest scandalous act? Or did I miss something?

      • TMZ said Victoria’s family is demanding a public apology from her for his behavior. Don’t know if it’s true.

      • Several rag mags aired the story and all have said the family wants an apology from AG and family.

      • You probably won’t until BB16 is over…or they could be in serious contractual trouble if they say anything that could jeopardize it while Frankie is still an HG!

    • And, if you remember, that BotB was played very very late that day. Like when production found out what was going on..they had to switch comps…that wasn’t that much of an elaborate set-up.

    • It’s plausible enough to be crazy! If Frankie does end up winning the season, he better invest wisely because I fear any career he thinks he may still have or will want to have is not going to pan out as lucratively as he hopes, unless his sister can pull out a miracle from his arse! :-) Public opinion will surely be his downfall.

    • Plausible to an extent. IMO CBS definitely made some kind of deal with Frankie just like they did Elyssa last year. and yes CBS does have an ownership in her record label.

  5. It has been said before but I will say it again! Why does BB keep going out and scouting for players that have no idea how the game is played? Im sure there are plenty of people who apply that know the game. Every year it seems like they only have 1 or 2 so called “super fans”. Which leads me to believe these are the only ones who actually applied. The rest are people they thought would look good on camera. I want a whole cast of super fans.That would be a good season with big moves!

    • Production is more interested in entertainment than actual game play. About a month ago, Caleb didn’t even know how a double eviction worked. Derrick had to walk him through it. Like really? That’s embarrassing…

      • About gameplay and who looks good in a bathing suit. Or who has the potential to hook up with other houseguests.

  6. Said it before, Caleb wasn’t going risk his chance at a duet with Arianna and hanging with the Biebs. Poor Caleb, he is so not smart. The media mogul is jealous of his sister’s fame.If he cannot get his own, how will he help you to get yours.UGH!

    Until his obsession with Amber, Caleb I wondered about you… Who knows if Cody is but I think he is probably just a big flirt and used to attention from all the girls.

      • Small town kid used to attention. I want come down on him too hard because he’s a veteran. That takes guts in wartime to sign up.

      • I agree completely that it takes a tremendous amount of backbone to sign up during wartime and I have the utmost respect for our veterans. But when he signed up for BB, he brought a different mentality and that is why I would have no problem relievng him of his “command”.

      • Not everyone that signed up during wartime actually wen to war. In Caleb’s case, I can’t say for sure if he went or not. I sure hope he didn’t lie about it because that would be very disconcerning to the ones that actually went. My oldest signed up during the war and he never went over seas to fight. Just a little something to think about. Then again, my Son could have been in the minority of those not going into war.

      • I am sorry, I didn’t mean to give the impression he didn’t go to Iraq, just pointing out that there were some who signed up and didn’t go. My bad if I sent the wrong message.

      • You didn’t at all! I’m sure that your son served proudly, regardless of where he was stationed. I was just clarifying what I think Caleb’s mom had said about him. :)

    • I’ve listened to some Podcasts from ex-player. They were talking about when the HG’s finally get out of the house. They will find out what the fans really think about them. Some players would be able to handle it and will go on with their normal life, but Caleb might take the backlash personally.

      • I think he will be crushed !.. Dan G said biggest mistake he did was blame America….huge mistake!

        …he will be heckled in public

      • Frankie blaming America and Christine hating on Julie. I hope CBS shuns them after the show like they did the horrible HGs from last season.

      • Remember Spencer? He said it was bad for about a year. lol and who can forget Shelly Moore. She was a guest too, she said even Derrick will have his share .

      • I think Caleb and Cody will have a tough time with the what the fans really thinks. Cody is always worried about being seen as a wuss.

        Caleb is full of himself and will be crushed. Frankarse and his divo attitude will deflect and blame the the universe. Christine may have a really tough time as well but her family may put her in counseling seen as she hates everything and everyone.

      • Plus she a slut! She will probably be stoned in front of her church, with her hubby casting the first stone!

  7. You know what also bothers me lately in this game – everyone afraid to make a “big move.” Everyone thinks it’s better for their game to not target someone who is a threat for fear of the “blood on my hands” factor. CBS has got to do something about that. There really hasn’t been 2 strong alliances going against each other since the veterans vs newbies in BB13 (I think?). Now if there’s ever 2 alliances, there’s always a floater rat that reveals everything to one side.

  8. So, did the Great Derrick make his first fatal error of the season, by lying to Frankie, about not knowing about the backdoor discussion between Cody and Caleb? Especially, since Caleb had told Frankie everything ?? Hmmm …
    Perhaps, Beast Mode Gay Cowboy isn’t so dumb afterall .. having a F2 with Frankie since Day 1, and playing Cody and Derrick all along for inside information ?? Hmmmm ….
    Derrick may be in danger this Thursday, if he only has Victoria on his side … As it appears that Cody and Christine may now be swinging with Frankie and Cody this week .. So, if Derrick needs to win an HOH and/or POV this year, it better be on Thursday …

    • No, he is still dumb. Derrick is probably tired as he stated, with this bunch. He has been playing this role for how many days straight with no breaks, must be tiring. Caleb is star struck.

  9. If Frankie wins HOH look for Caleb and Cody to go up. If either come down Derrick will be replacement. Bye bye Cody or Caleb.

    • I think the same thing. Maybe he would put up the girls, but I think he might try to strike up and alliance with Victoria and Christine if he keeps them off the block. Do you think we have come to a point where Derrick will really try to win the next HOH? I can never tell if he is throwing comps or just isn’t that good in the physical ones.

      • During the first HOH when he said in DR that he didn’t want to win but he did want to stay awhile. Since then however he hasn’t been working out or anything and I think he has gotten weak. Being on slop doesn’t help. Not sure he could pass a physical to his job now.

    • Remember there will be TWO HOH comps this week. A DE and then one for the week. It could get interesting in that DE.

      • It’s been hot here lately.90’s What’s the weather like there?

        I’m rooting for Victoria now haha

      • 92 and muggy.. I’ve got to go pull some weeds from my flower beds. I have one that is over 200 ft long beside our driveway. I always dread that one. But I enjoy being out. Ictoria for the win…yeah..yeah…blah…blah..and the beat goes on. Hate it, but what choice do we really have left?

  10. I predict the announcement of America’s Favorite Player goes something like this:
    Julie: The votes are in and it’s a Landslide!
    Frankie: (boasts his chest and grins that all-knowing grin of his)
    Julie: And America chose…….DONNY! (crowd roars)
    Frankie: Dumbfounded, forces a poor attempt at a congratulatory smile (dying inside)

      • If Frankie wins AFP, I hope CBS is bombed with so many angry messages and phone calls that their site crashes and their phones clog for days. It seems that his sister has a lot of pull with CBS so, I’m really afraid that they’re gonna pick him no matter what the votes turn out to be. Donny must win AFP or I’ll be convinced that BB is a set up and CBS is playing the public. If that happens, I’ll totally lose interest in watching it next season. If there even IS a next season. Perhaps CBS is tired of airing the show and this debacle would be the perfect opportunity to cancel the series. BB is the only CBS show I care to watch but this season being what it is, they will likely lose my viewership and the bunch of people I know who follow the show. CBS will make America their enemies because Frankie has been verbally inappropriate on so many occassions including wanting to “euthanize” Zack and kill him. His comment that two of the boys should gang up on Victoria and take her virginity, His saying that lesbians “choose” that lifestyle. Why hasn’t he been punished for those vile comments? Ariana can’t possibly justify his behavior and neither can CBS. Wake up, network, production, President of CBS, he’s giving your station a very bad name.

      • F2 can’t be picked for AFP, so I think CBS can give it to Donny. I’m convinced it’s CBS’ mission this season to get Frankie to F2.

        Don’t forget Frankie saying that Jocasta should just kill herself, calling Nicole the “c” word, threatening to punch Nicole if she cries/complains about HN to him and feeling up the boys’ private parts.

    • Or even better, Julie announces the two top players America has voted for, Frankie grins expecting to hear his name, and Julie says Zach and Donny.

  11. Someone smart will drag Victoria to the end. Can’t wait for her pleas to the Jury. I imagine her saying something along the lines of “………I have a cat” haha

  12. Blah blah blah he wasn’t going to bd Frankie. That would’ve been to exciting and unpredictable for the house.

  13. 7:30 pm BBT: Caleb is talking to Derrick about how he thinks Cody is gay since he prefers to hang out with the girls.
    What kind of goofball comment is that? The girls DOTE on him! They cater to his every whim! They loooove him! Why wouldn’t he hang with the girls? For someone who has such a knack for reading people (ha!), you really are clueless. Jeez-o-Pete!
    And maybe, just maybe, he’d rather let the girls pet him instead of Frankie.

    • I thought the same thing….so unlike Frankie who hangs on all the guys right? Someone is confused

      • I think Cody loves women and enjoys their attention. He like to have them around and I honestly believe he likes Christine and he may be using her as well, but he likes her.

    • Caleb has always been the dumbest player on BB since the day he arrived. Stalking Amber even though she wasn’t interested, believing he was in an alliance that broke up and allowing all of these other guys to manipulate him. Not being aware of many things going on in the house. Etc..

  14. I hope Team America is over. Why do Derrick and Frankie keep talking about it as if it will continue. I don’t watch the feeds.

    • I hope there is one more envelope and derrick opens it and it says “America has decided you have failed your missions so you are now disbanded oh except Donny has completed HIS missions so he gets his money”

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