Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Catches Us Up On Big Brother 16 Week 2

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother
Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Yowza, y’all! The show and Feeds are off the chain on Big Brother 16. So much craziness has happened and the game has barely started. From watching the iive Feeds I knew that Joey was a goner so I wasn’t very surprised with the voting outcome. However, I was very surprised with the HOH competition outcome! First we have Amber sprinting across the beam like she was doing her job and out of all of the girls I kinda expected her to win that one. But then you have Cody win the guys HOH competition only to find out a few minutes later that he actually didn’t win because his foot touched the ground before he had actually hit his button. Sadly Devin is the new male HOH.

Devin is the LAST person that I wanted to win the HOH but I have to say I did expect the feeds to be exciting and I sure was correct about that! So we know that Amber nominates Hayden and Nicole and Devin nominates Brittany and Paola. I’m watching this competition and have to admit it looks really cool but the punishments were a bit lame. Hayden and Nicole win the Battle of the Block which removes Amber as HOH and leaves Devin in power with Brittany and Paola on the block with the target pointing at Brittany. Big Brother is a crazy game and things can change at any given moment!

From watching the Feeds it looks like Devin has done a 180 and has won the veto and is wanting to use it on Brittany but Brittany wants to refuse the veto?!?!?!? I mean is this Big Brother or the twilight zone? I am confident that Big Brother will not allow Brittany to refuse the veto given that she didn’t win the power and that kind of is the point of the POWER of veto.

It looks like now that Devin is really wanting to replace Brittany with Zach which really sucks because I see great potential in his game but maybe Devin does as well and he thinks more logical than I give him credit for. I see that Frankie is already trying to throw his good buddy Zach under the bus! I mean come on Frankie first Victoria and now Zach!?!? I know this is Big Brother but Frankie goes against the people closest to him. I don’t know if this is really smart or really dumb of him. I can’t wait to see how this week pans out and I really hope that Brittany and Zach both stay and we see Paola talking to Julie Thursday night.

J-U-Double D

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  1. Gotta admit: If Frankie gets Brittany (whom he wants out) to decline the POV (I say if there isn’t a specific rule forbidding it, let her do it!), assuring her she’s safe/Devin loves her (and he does right now) by patting her with sheepskin-covered paw…that this is to save Devin putting up Zach who is on “their” side (Frankie is persuasive if nothing else). And the lamb is led to the slaughter as Frankie has lined up enough votes to evict Brittany (whom he wants evicted) – save Zach (whom his jock buddy, Caleb, wants saved) – and save Victoria (his original BFF whom he can play like a fiddle).
    The “house” voted so no finger pointing at Frankie and all he needs is “enough” votes, not unanimous. Besides, that way Frankie can lie with the best of them about who he voted to evict if necessary. Won’t matter. They’re foaming at the mouth to target Devin next week.
    And Frankie will be so proud of his masterpiece.And if he succeeds, you gotta give it to the guy for inserting the knife in just the right place and come out smellling like a rose.
    Frankie is capable – like him or not.

  2. (waves at Judd) Hey there J-U-Double-D!! How you doing buddy! I miss you being in the house. I think that if you were in with this cast you’d have a better sense of how to talk man-to-man to Caleb about his going-nowhere-except-a-restraining-order crush on Amber; and how to not let Devin run the house.
    Anyone else think Devin’s running the house because they are all afraid of him? That pretty much makes the house 14 Floaters plus a crazy ex-baseball player who HAS A DAUGHTER! (drink! LOL)

  3. If Brittany refuses to be taken off the block then, Devin should let the nominations stay and vote off Brittany! Talk about stupid!

  4. I think the amount of Frankie hate that has amassed in one day is kind of insane. People lie and are disloyal – this is Big Brother. I guess all the Zankie fans are coming out for war, lol. I did like the idea of Zach and Frankie working together, but I always had a feeling it wasn’t a real final 2 and it’s sad to see that Zach was actually the genuine one (who would’ve thought preseason…) and Frankie could’ve been playing him the whole time. I don’t understand why Frankie is going guns blazing against Zach though – it kind of came out of nowhere. Even Devin’s BFF Caleb is against nominating Zach. I hope the votes turn out in his favor and everyone goes for Devin next week. No one will miss Paola.

  5. Love me some J-U-DD!!!! Great recap. Can’t stand Devin, he needs to goooooo :)


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