Big Brother Spoilers: Team America United – All Three Members Revealed

Viewers knew Donny Thompson had been voted in to the Big Brother 16 twist “Team America,” but now Feedsters have learned who else will be joining him in this new alliance.

Team America's Player on Big Brother 16
Team America’s Player on Big Brother 16

Last night on the Feeds the final two members of the new America alliance was revealed as all three came together and openly discussed their new challenge ahead this season. Read on for the Big Brother spoilers of who we’ll be sending out to complete missions and keep us entertained.

Joining Donny will be Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur on the trio of Team America and I couldn’t be happier with the mix we’ve got here. Donny is fantastic as a fan favorite. Derrick is very smart, knows the game, and has been playing it well. Frankie will bring the comedic relief and be able to pull off angles that neither of those more serious or reserved players could have done without him.

Flashback to 11:35PM BBT last night to find Derrick and Donny discussing their new arrangement. Derrick mentions he signed paperwork saying this was his new alliance. That’s interesting. I wonder if it was just more like paperwork confirming he’d get $5K per week for performing tasks or if it was really that this was his forced alliance. Could there be requirements that they can’t turn on each other as well? We probably won’t ever know the specifics that were signed.

Donny and Frankie on Team America
Donny and Frankie on Team America – Source: CBS

Jump over to 11:45PM BBT on the Live Feeds and you’ll have Donny and Frankie discussing Team America as well. Donny is excited to have an alliance so he can talk game and strategy. If it weren’t for Team America then I’d say Frankie might not be the most trustworthy guy to divulge ideas to here (Frankie has been throwing Zach under the bus), but I imagine in the interest of Team America he’ll keep it quiet.

I’m very excited for Donny, Derrick, and Frankie. Hearing Donny’s joy over finally talking game makes this worth it alone. The added bonus of putting cash in his and Derrick’s pockets is all that much better. Frankie is going to be perfect as well and would have been crushed to find out after three rounds of America voting that he hadn’t been included. Frankie has been relying on America’s support since I spoke with him for our interview, so this was a big goal for him.

We’ll keep watching to see what their first task could be in the house this week. Maybe we’ll get to have a “Save Zach” mission if he ends up on the block later today at the Veto Ceremony.

What do you think of our Big Brother 16 Team America trio? Share some ideas on what you’d like to see them doing first as a task from Big Brother.



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  1. Online reaction to Frankie’s inclusion to Team America has so far been mixed at best. Not surprising he’ll get a spot although funny that he lost to Joey and Donny in the public vote despite having a sizeable online following.

    Since he said he’s a fan of a game, I just hope Frankie is careful handling this kind of secret. He owes it to A….MERICA!

    • Yeah, I can’t imagine what “good” it would do any of them to out TA. Haters gonna hate and while they shake your hand they may be sharpening a blade in the other waiting for you to turn your back in hopes of dismantling any “help” you get from TA by evicting you and/or hoping they will take your spot. I’d keep it quiet but let’s see if Frankie is up to THAT task. Lol.

  2. First task…hide photo of Devin’s daughter. Watch Devin lose his mind…oh too late. Cancel task.

  3. I am really starting to like Derrick and his game-play. He’s smart, playing a low-key game, and using his police detective skill to talk folks up and get information from them without them feeling on the spot or used. I am happy that he’s on Team America.

    • What would happen if everybody plays like Derrick, Just float a low key game?

      These people dont make the show….There would be no show if everybody would just play like him

  4. Glad they have this spoilers site. Got interested in the people but not interested in the embedded pro-gay movement theme CBS has imposed on the show this season. Interesting that last year when the G Zimmerman trial was on the consistent theme was racism and this year, with gay marriage the hot topic, we have several of the contestants embracing bromances and their feminine side. Reality? hardly….

  5. CbS Production choose Derrick and Frankie.

    Im sure Nicole and COdy was voted the most by Amarica

    • Just judging off a handful of poles I’ve seen and Facebook groups I’m in, Derrick and Frankie are very liked people by America. Doesn’t surprise me that they won at all. If Nicole and Cody won, then I’d start to worry about production staging things.

  6. Wish Frankie wasn’t one of the three. I liked him the first week but now my opinion has changed. He’s a snake. He throws everyone under the bus and runs from room to room just like Andy the snake did in his season. I don’t like those kind of players. You don’t have to be loyal or tell the truth to anyone but my problem is don’t act like your best friends and then throw that person under the bus.

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