Big Brother 16: Veto Plans In Week 2 – Update

While I know it was disappointing for many to see Devin go from number one target to complete safety this week on Big Brother 16, I’ve gotta hand it to him, I have no idea what he’s thinking. Not sure he does either, but he better figure it out quickly because here comes the Veto Ceremony.

Devin Shepherd  keeps us wondering
Devin Shepherd keeps us wondering – Source: CBS

Devin has made a lot of promises and a lot of threats in his short time as Head of Household and he’s soon going to have to reconcile all those conflicting plans.

Days ago Devin promised Pao he’d save her from the block if she threw the Battle of the Block competition. Next Devin had a heart to heart with Brittany where he promised her he would use the Veto on her. First the idea was for Victoria to be renom’d, but now Devin is considering a “Plan B.”

Last night Devin spoke with Christine and Frankie (Flashback to 12:53AM BBT) where he suggested two different options without being completely clear to them. The implied alternatives seem to be Plan A: take down Paola as promised and renom Victoria. Plan B: take down Brittany and renom Zach.

This all comes just one day after Devin gave a huge speech to the entire Bomb Squad alliance where he reminded them the deal was for no one to turn on him or the alliance. Well that turned out to be more of a “do as I say, not as I do” sort of rule.

Caleb and Frankie spoke yesterday and in a surprising reversal of roles, Caleb was defending Zach against Devin’s possible plan to renom him while Frankie drove the Big Brother bus all over Zach. Caleb wants Devin to respect the alliance and keep it together while Frankie doesn’t seem interested in defending what I thought was a solid alliance between the two. Zankie is done. Sorry, folks.

Will Devin really pull the trigger on this plan against Zach? I’m not so sure. He talks a big game and offers a thousand ideas, but he can’t seem to stick to anything. The other night he told Caleb the B-S alliance was over and he was done working with him. A few hours later they were all okay.

Devin is about as capricious a Houseguest as they come. I’d probably be least surprised if Devin did nothing at all and the Power of Veto went unused. Then again, will Devin’s newly developed crush on Brittany set her free?

The Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up later today so we’ll get the spoilers on Devin’s final decision. What do you hope he does with the Veto today?

Update: Devin approached Paola and told her to keep her calm after the meeting and to come to his room. He’s implying he’s not going to save her. She goes back to him and they start arguing. Now Paola is going around talking about it to others. This could be one of the best Veto meetings we see all season! Do not miss the fallout. Have your Feeds ready.



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  1. The real reason Zach wants to be put on the block is if Devin puts a bomb squad member on the block first, then Zach or anyone else would get no blow back from putting up Devin. Since Devin did it first to a fellow bomb squad member.

    • I think Caleb is ok with a BS’er putting up Devin before Jury (keep the rest intact). He said HE wouldn’t do it but he might vote to evict Devin if someone else did it.

  2. It amazes me when people get HOH and act like total d-bags. Does it totally slip their minds that they can’t be HOH the following week? Maybe Devin just thinks he has the support of his alliance…which he has blown up at least 5 times in the last 24 hours.

    • Caleb was almost as bad. He didn’t change his mind every 10 min. though.

    • Devin was a total douche BEFORE becoming HOH. But it’ll be interesting—and fun to watch—later this week when he’s lost the HOH power. Good luck to the house for the maelstrom of Devin’s unstable wrath that’s to come!

  3. I think they are all hoping someone NOT in the BS alliance wins HOH with 1 of them so they can put him up. Problem is then the BS member has to put up strong players to win BOB. Only way they can get Devin is backdoor him at a veto next week. He has been one crazy around the world HOH.

    • Or keep PowPow and promise her safety (a la Devin) to throw the BoB (again). Ha! Hubris (since he bragged about that bright idea). Still – Devin could win the POV. If he’s a nominee, he’ll go hard for it, regardless of who promises him safety (other players, HoH). There is a chance he’d compete if he isn’t nominated anyway but you gotta try to make it happen next week unless you want to roll the dice on him getting his 2nd HoH the week after. Ha!

  4. oh boy this guy cannot make up is mind gives his word to everybody after a “talk” so much for integrity he is so scatter

  5. Please Devin take Britanny off and put Zack up.

    The Bomb Squad members sucks… and Britanny and Vicotoria are the only ones that can destroy them.

    Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden and Donny. Won`t do anything about it

    • so the bomb squad member suck, but the non members won’t do anything
      yeah, I can see why that makes sense………………………..

      • The sense that makes is.. Only Britanny and Victoria are interesting…

        The ratitings for this season so far is the lowest ever…even lower than season 9

  6. if zach goes up and britney comes down I still think that Zach is safe… Pow Pow will go… she should go.. then next week BS is OVER

  7. The second that things don’t go Devin’s way and HG’s do not bow down to him, you can just see him seething inside. That is not the behavior of a sane person. This dude needs help, especially when it comes to females questioning him and his actions. He did it to Paola this morning.

    • He is crazy. I hope the next HOH is someone that will go after Devin. Then watch him explode!

  8. I didn’t like how Devin told Amber to stop talking when she interrupted him when he was telling Hayden and Nicole their “plan.” Last time i checked – AMBER put them up, so AMBER should be the one talking, not Devin…ugh! That guy has got to go! If i was Amber he would have gotten an earful!

    • Those noms were all Devin. He didn’t let Amber have a say in anything even before she was dethroned. Devin is a jerk.

  9. So Devin took Brittany off and put Zach up. Can’t wait to watch the drama. And I’m so happy Zach blew up the BS. Like Zach said he wants to play his game not Devin and Caleb’s game. I totally agree with him. I hope he has the votes to stay. In the beginning I didn’t think I would like Zach or Cody and now I really like those two.

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