Joey Van Pelt Cracks The Big Brother 16 Code & Then Her Own Game

Joey Van Pelt came in to the Big Brother 16 house as a complete novice to the series but, after a series of critical mistakes, could be on her way to make a name for herself in the BB record books along the lines of Week 1 evictees, Brian Hart and Keith Henderson. Let’s discuss what went wrong.

Joey Van Pelt makes House Announcement
Joey Van Pelt makes a House Announcement – Source: CBS

When the Feeds first launched we learned Joey had out’d her all-girls alliance as she joked about no one wanting to work with her. She’s since explained that decision away as a “dip s*** move” and one rooted in trying to help her allies escape any consequences of their failed attempt to bond.

Now with an upcoming Veto Ceremony the house has shifted and Joey is in serious danger of being the final target for the week. Unfortunately for her chances of survival, Joey made a very questionable move last night and confronted her own target with bad (but entertaining) results.

Donny is going use his Veto to save himself which means Caleb will have to name a renom. There aren’t many options for Caleb outside of his massive eight-member “Bomb Squad” alliance which includes Frankie, Zach, Cody, Derrick, Devin, Amber, Christine, and Nicole. Caleb can’t put up Brittany or Victoria since they won the Battle of the Block. Just four options are left and Joey’s alliance collapse and her actions last night makes her an easy target. Here’s what happened.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 5:45PM BBT on Saturday as Joey explains to Devin that she’s done all the “equations” and “calculations” and has cracked the Big Brother “Code.” She finally understands the game and is ready to master it. Let’s see how that works out.

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Caleb told Joey to be prepared to go up as a renom. He explains he is polling the house for who they want nominated and he’ll go with their choice. The truth is he’s limited to those four choices and has already picked Joey, but she seems to think Caleb is really doing this polling nonsense.

At 5:58PM BBT Joey makes a House Announcement (consider it an extremely brief House Meeting). She tells all that Caleb is doing the HG polling and to make sure they tell him who they really want up on the block so that this is can be a “fair” action by Caleb.

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At 8:25PM BBT Joey and Zach are chatting in the hammock. She suggests someone other than her should go up and finally admits she wants Devin to leave instead of her, naturally. Zach immediately agrees that Devin should go. Derrick comes over and they start talking about Joey’s desire to confront Devin with this information. The guys suggest a House Meeting (yes, please!), but Joey wants to do it privately.

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8:35PM BBT, Joey pulls Devin in to the Hive and tells him her plans to get him renom’d and evicted this week. He nods and says okay, he understands. She goes back outside to Zach and Derrick thinking “wow, Devin took that really well” while Devin goes to everyone else inside and tells them what just happen. The house is hysterical over her bizarre decision to tell Devin this news. Devin piles it on my saying Joey told him the house wanted him out, but actually she only said she wanted him to be the renom and evicted.

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The rest of the evening is spent with Joey going around and explaining to HGs that she’s decided Devin should be the renom and target for the week. HGs smile and nod while acting like this is the first they’ve heard of it, but they all already learned about it (and laughed about it) with Devin.

When not in Joey’s presence the HGs mock her game play and decision while wondering how she could be so bad at this. It really is a thing to be in awe of considering just how messy she’s playing.

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Despite everyone now agreeing that Joey has sunk her own ship and will be evicted on Thursday most agree that Devin truly would be a much better target. So why not get Devin out? Because as some HGs point out, it all comes down to one person: Caleb, and Caleb is not going to renom Devin. Plain and simple. He made this clear the other day. Ain’t going to happen.

So what happened here? It was a classic Week 1 implosion. In Boogie’s preseason interview with Jeff he gave great advice. Week 1 someone always implodes. Make sure it’s not you. Joey imploded and everyone else is just grateful it wasn’t them.

On Monday Donny will use his Veto to get off the block. Caleb will renom Joey in his place. On Thursday night watch for Joey to be overwhelmingly voted out. The Bomb Squad alliance outnumbers her supporters who are quickly fading away and will soon join the majority to keep their own heads down.

As for Team America, I don’t know what they’ll do about all that, but we’ll find out soon.



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  1. Grodner will find a way to put her back into the game after another “twist”

  2. Perhaps Joey misunderstood the Team America thing. Maybe she thinks being on it somehow prevents her from being voted out, so she’s making all these dumb moves as she thinks she’s safe.

  3. When BB 16 is over, we are usually hard pressed to remember who was voted out 1st, but I think we’ll remember Joey. Some of the guys think if she gets nominated, she’ll explode. Certainly after she get’s voted out and hears the numbers of those who voted her out. Julie’s job may not be easy this week.

  4. Poor Joey. You really can’t go into this game not knowing it. A newbie just doesn’t have a chance and you really can’t learn from watching earlier seasons because of the editing.

    • What are you talking about? Newbies have a great chance at winning this game. Just look at Jillian and Jon from Big Brother Canada, or Hayden Moss, or Jordan. You can totally be new to the game and win, but you can’t be stupid and have zero game instinct.

      • Well to be clear it was the first season of BBCanada and everyone was a newbie that season – and how people interacted was very different – very Canadian. In truth, the people they cast for BBUSA nowadays are mostly minor celebs (models, actors, or from the privileged class). So I’d probably agree that an ”average” person who isn’t part of the ”bling bling culture” would be at a disadvantage…

      • Big Brother US had a huge impact on the players of Big Brother Canada for its first season. Most of the players were super fans of Big Brother who had never had a shot of applying for the US version because they weren’t US citizens and when this show opened up they finally were able to apply for the game they loved so much. That’s why Big Brother Canada was so much fun- they were all super fans who knew the game so well.

        Also, Robyn Kass, who is in charge of casting for the US version of Big Brother also did the casting for the first and second seasons of Big Brother Canada, so I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about how different the casting process is.

        The facts are that Jillian and Jon were both complete newbies when it comes to Big Brother and they were playing against mostly super fans. The argument that a newbie “just doesn’t have a chance” is simply untrue when you look at the roster of winners who have won this game.

      • Not sure if you’re reading my comments – but please do correct me if I’m wrong – did I say they don’t have a chance? I merely said they were at a disadvantage. And yes, being Canadian and in the same city they filmed the show, and being one of the people who applied to get on the show, AND actually knowing somebody who was on the show does give me a wee bit more insight than merely reading online who the casting director was. Canadians do interact differently than Americans. Not better, not worse, just different, and the show reflected that difference. Some people liked it, and others hated it…

      • Brenda Harbin literally said “a newbie just doesn’t have a chance” and when I replied that that wasn’t true you took issue with that. Scroll up if you don’t believe me.

        And what are you talking about? Just because you applied for the show doesn’t mean that Robyn Kass didn’t cast the season… She did. There’s no getting around that. And what does living in the same city have to do with anything? You’re really grasping at straws here. I’m not sure what you mean when you simply throw out there that “Canadians interact differently than Americans”. I’m sure that’s true… Big Brother is a social experiment. I’m sure every season’s casts interact differently. But the fact is is Jillian and Jon were newbies when it comes to Big Brother and their casts were made up of a majority of super fans. The premise that newbies don’t have a chance at winning Big Brother is simply untrue when you look at the track record of winners. That was the point that was brought up, I challenged it, and you took issue to that. It’s as simple as that.

      • Very true Sheryl… now there are only 2 or 3 token commoners, but for the first 6-7 seasons of the show, about 2/3 of the cast was everyday people mixed with the minor celebs… But I think the celebs kept getting voted out because they clearly didn’t fit in nor did they really need the money. So BB just kept increasing the eye-candy celebs and decreasing the next-door neighbour types… Now we’re left with ”The Real World”

  5. Is Frankie really gay or bi? He sure is all over the women, hugging and rubbing.

    • For some people there isn’t a final ‘decision’ but rather a ”feel good” approach to their sexuality. Tila Tequila has stated many times she is of that persuasion… Anyways, Frankie is living high right now, but I’m very curious to see who he really is once his persona is ‘old’ in the house… His sister seems genuinely nice so let’s hope that comes out in his character also.

      • I have known (and still have some friends) of both, so was just curious if anyone knew for sure.

    • Frankie outed himself on the show and described himself as the homosexual.

  6. Fun update – thanks! Now I understand the context of the comments going around… She really doesn’t seem all that bright and intelligent as she thought she was coming into this. Donny on the other hand is taking an extremely wise approach and just sitting back and observing. Good man Donny!

  7. I don’t like it when they have all 4 cameras on one room unless they are all in there.

  8. So it looks like Joey’s going…unless production gets in a few ears and suggests that Joey is no threat but on the other hand Devin is a big threat. That’s what you get for being recruited! They need to start picking from people that apply every year and that would give anything to be on the show.

    • Lavendargirl, you must not be watching or can not read. . .Devin has 0% chance unless Caleb noms him, and THAT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. . .so production, errr Grodner’s manipulations won’t work. sorry. .learn to read

      • Excuse me I was just making a comment about how production gets in there ears. Chill out!! I’ve been watching since season one so I think I know a little bit about Big Brother. And by the way I know how to read. Maybe you should read people’s comments carefully before you respond.

  9. Grodner put a radical left wing nutter in that house (Joey) and expected any different? Joey is societal waste and I DO NOT BELIEVE AMERICA voted her as the the first TA player. .Grodner, as liberals do, GAVE Joey a position she did not earn, and as it always happens, she didn’t appreciate it. . . Grodner is a joke and is the reason this really good show, isn’t great. . she tries to manipulate outcomes and it does not work . .stupid BEEEETTCCH

    • Sounds like you’re stupid one. Watching a show that all your doing is complaining about.

  10. Caleb may be a bit of eye candy for the viewers and some in the household, but he’s as dumb as a box of rocks if he doesn’t see that PowPow is a much better eviction target who actually will be scheming to be rid of him when she gets a chance.

  11. anytime the show brigs outside influence into the game it blows up someone’s game. Joey was the first Team America and it went straight to her head and she thought “America” was on her side and somehow that would get her through. Meanwhile the Team America ploy will just be dumb pranks that will have no direct impact on the game. Like the Season of Saboteur was a bust twist, so will Team America will be a bust twist. If anything, I hope Joey announces the twist during her eviction speech sending some more paranoia into the game.

    • I doubt that would happen, remember they promise her $5000. In DR they will tell she get the $5000 no matter what as long as she shut up.

  12. Cody: I don’t know if i just joined the next Brigade or Moving Company? It’s too early in the game. We as viewers don’t know either, just waiting to see how soon the Bomb Squad dissolves.

    • they are all loosing it my way is keep it simple but they just cannot do it I love thgis game watching rational people on a day to y bases go paranoid lol

    • Definitely the Moving Company. Too many people in this alliance and oddly enough, if it’s up to Devin, they may keep adding members!

  13. I was first impressed with Devin in one of his interviews when he said he was going to align himself with good people. He said he wasn’t going to lie and play a honest game. How long did that last three days? Not only is he lying, he is using his child as the wild card. Did anyone notice how he threw water on his face to create tears? I believe that was after his convo with Donny and the double D alliance. Then he was shown in the diary room with “tears”. My opinion has unfortunately, changed on Devin.

  14. Well Joey will NEVER get the acclaim as Brian Hart did!! He was and is the most popular of the houseguests to be voted out first!!

  15. Did Devin ever his house meeting? If so what was it about? I am just now trying to get up to speed, so thanks!

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