As part of their preseason coverage CBS sent Jeff Schroeder to sit down with former Big Brother winner Mike “Boogie” Malin. Not only did Boogie get a chance to plug his latest bar venture, but he also shared advice on how the incoming Big Brother 16 cast should approach the game this season.

Jeff & Boogie talk Big Brother

Jeff & Boogie talk Big Brother – Source: CBS

Jeff asked Boogie, as part of his Live Feeds preseason interviews, for what strategies he might offer to any future HouseGuests, including those getting ready to enter as part of the BB16 season.

1) “In the beginning, just lay back. Someone is self-destructing the first week, for sure.”

2) “Don’t play too fast, too soon.”

3) “Just kinda let the game come to you.”

4) “Don’t get in a showmance.”

5) “Don’t get in a bromance.”

Jeff laughs and points out that he got in a fight his first week and definitely had a showmance, though that relationship with Jordan certainly grew in to something much more outside of the house. Too bad Mike hadn’t been there to give Jeff advice on missing clown shoes.

Having played the game three times and winning Big Brother All-Stars, Mike clearly knows what he’s talking about. So listen up, incoming Big Brother cast. Take his advice and get yourself ready. I’ll quiz you on these when I see you soon for our cast interviews!

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