Jeff & Jordan Talk Marriage Boot Camp & Big Brother [Interview]

Last season, Big Brother’s much-watched couple Jeff & Jordan announced their engagement in the backyard of the house where their relationship began. Now as they prepare for their wedding, announced for October 2016, Jeff & Jordan are taking on a new challenge: Marriage Boot Camp.

Jeff & Jordan on Marriage Boot Camp
Jeff & Jordan on Marriage Boot Camp – Image credit: WE tv

The new season of Marriage Boot Camp “Reality Stars” edition kicks off this Friday on May 29, 2015 on WE tv at 9/8c and one of the couples this season will be Jeff & Jordan from Big Brother 11 & 13. Thanks to WE tv, I had the chance to interview the couple to get an idea of their experience on the show, the continued impact of Big Brother, and if we might seem them back in the BB house again.

First off I wanted to know what attracted Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd to the series before they were even married. As the other couples noticed, Jeff & Jordan were the only couple who wasn’t already married this season.

“We know marriage isn’t easy and we wanted to sharpen the tools that we have and learn new ones so we could be the strongest couple we can be before we tie the knot. Plus, it also gave us an opportunity to branch out and try something new,” explained Jeff. “Also we looked at the word “Boot Camp” as something to strengthen our relationship, like Barry’s Boot Camp, not that we needed saving or counseling.”

Being new to the series, Jeff wasn’t initially sure he and Jordan were the right fit for MBC. “When we were first approached to do Marriage Boot Camp we were a little hesitant because we never watched the show and didn’t know much about it. After looking into it, we saw that Ryan and Trista from the Bachelor previously participated in the show,” said Jeff. “They are generally known as the “perfect” Reality TV couple, so that eased some of our concerns knowing they did it.”

Going in to the boot camp, the couple hoped to strengthen their relationship before its biggest test. So what did they learn about each other in the process? Jeff said, “for me it was definitely the way I communicate with Jordan and paying closer attention to her wants and needs.” Jordan says, “I learned that I needed to be more supportive with Jeff’s career & I need to be more positive.”

Gallery: Jeff & Jordan engaged at the Big Brother house

I couldn’t let JeJo get away with some Big Brother questions though, could I? When asked what’s one thing they would “Veto” out of their relationship Jeff said “all these extra pillows Jordan insists on having on our bed and couch!” Jordan wanted to use her PoV on Jeff’s gaming, “I would “Veto” Jeff’s island game he plays on his iPad.”

They’ve been through the Big Brother house on multiple seasons now, but have they officially closed that chapter of their lives? “We always say, “never say never”. I really enjoy being part of Big Brother on the hosting side of things with each season,” says Jeff who seems to think it’s time to give a new batch of Houseguests a turn.

“I think bringing in a fresh cast with new personalities each year is what the audience wants,” adds Jeff. “We’ve both been lucky enough to be on twice, and for that we’re very grateful. Our love story is documented & it will be exciting to show our kids one day.”

Now that they’ve been through the Marriage Boot Camp course, what’s tougher: MBC or the Big Brother house? Jordan told me “they were both pretty tough” but each offered their own challenges.

“Big Brother was harder only because of the duration of the show, but that doesn’t mean Marriage Boot Camp was easy by any means!” explained Jordan. “There were definitely some crazy people/situations that we have encountered in both that made it difficult.”

You can catch Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd on WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” which premieres this Friday, May 29th at 9/8c. Check out the season preview in the clip below for a first look as JeJo heads inside the MBC house.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars – Season Preview


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  1. I love Jeff & Jordan! I can’t wait for marriage Boot Camp & then their marriage! been a fan since big brother !! nothing but wishes and lots of good luck !

    • I’m all in! Watched first episode and laughed when they talked about how nice and friendly Jeff is. They wondered if he’s for real! Have you never met nice, friendly folks before?

      • Those two can’t take MBC serious. I can’t help but laugh along with them at times, though, especially during the ER coma/death scene. I’m not sure I could keep from smiling at “inappropriate” times either. They make MBC worth watching this season.

      • Oh they make me laugh! I only watched because they’re on. They don’t have the constant bickering and fighting the other couples have! I had tears from laughing when they were given the Almost Perfect room, and Jeff said I feel bad we don’t have a “thing,” when listening to the others. Hank and Kendra are hi-jacking the entire show with their mess. I would prefer they go to a psychiatrist to hash out their issues! There seems to be a lot of bad acting going on between those two, with the hand signals and look like they’re about to just bust out laughing in some of the scenes

      • There is usually one couple that makes MBC worth watching and definitely for me it is Jeff and Jordan. She cracks me up when she gets that “deer in the headlights” look when something is going on with the other couples. I loved that she stayed back when all the other women went to “comfort” Kendra on the last episode. My impression is that Kendra whines too much, Aubrey is a complete b, and what is up with those chipmunk cheeks on the Situation? Anyway, something to DVR for a few weeks.

      • It’s great! I just can’t with Aubrey, and I like her boyfriend. I can see how she would drive people insane with talking in circles all the time. I liked it too when Jordan opted out of going to “comfort” Kendra. Everything Kendra and Hank do on this show seems so contrived. I don’t enjoy them.

        On another note, what’s going on with Mike’s chipmunk cheeks?

      • Hey, I asked you first!! Seriously, I don’t know if it is steroids maybe, or what, but he looks different.:(

      • Haha you did! It has to be steroids, because he’s all puffed up. I’ve seen it people taking prednisone for Illnesses. I’ve had to take my fair share of prednisone, but I don’t get the chipmunk cheeks. His skin looks messed up on his face. I thought maybe he had filler, but probably steroids

  2. Matt, you should have included the Amazing Race in there, when asking which show was the tougher one.

  3. I am sorry but I have had enough of Jeff and Jordan. Most overrated thing ever on BB. Go away you two!

    • Why should they go away because you have had enough? You can make a choice to not read/watch anything related to them!

  4. Okay Matt, I signed up for Live Feeds! I’m ready – usually we have leaks on cast, but I haven’t seen anything. Have you and I’m missing it?

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