Jackie Ibarra – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview

Jackie Ibarra became the second casualty of the exciting Double Eviction episode last night, but as we’ve heard from Julie Chen that doesn’t mean she’s out of Big Brother for good just yet.

Jackie Ibarra evicted from Big Brother 17
Jackie Ibarra evicted from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Before Jackie headed off to the Jury House we had a chance to ask her a few questions about her Big Brother experience, her targets in the game, and why oh why did she back off her plans to target Vanessa for eviction. Read on for what she had to say.

Update: Read more of what Jackie had to say in her interview with BBAD. Click for the full interview.

Jackie Ibarra interview with BBAD

What was your biggest mistake this past week in your game planning?

Jackie Ibarra: I believe my biggest mistake would be opening up to too many people about my game plans. I feel a lot of that might have been used against me.

Last week you were considering Vanessa a strong opponent, but this week you were making deals with her and her side. How did you decide to trust her again after the Jason renom?

Jackie: I honestly never intended to fully trust Vanessa. It was kind of a keep your enemies closer game move.

I felt that Austin and the twins had a really tight group of three as well as me, Meg and James so it made sense to have each other’s backs since they understood how it is to be in a three person alliance and how important it was to protect it.

What was the final deciding factor in voting to evict Shelli over Vanessa?

Jackie: My plan the whole time was to evict Vanessa and I really wanted to stand by Becky and have her back. There was a lot of ruffled feathers the week before with Shelli that could not be looked past.

Meg and James were very adamant about letting Shelli go since she was still on the block and I went with my gut and felt that this was the right opportunity to evict Shelli.

Do you think you’d still be in the game if you had voted out Vanessa instead?

Jackie: I feel my eviction would have still stood the same either way.

Who do you believe is running the game right now?

Jackie: I feel the house is currently split in to possibly three different groups and it all depends on who wins HOH next. As I have learned, the house could flip at any second.

If you get to return to the game, who would you target first?

Jackie: My plans were to target Vanessa for the double eviction and if she is still in the house when I return, I would still consider her a possible target.

I also asked Jackie who she’d vote for at the F2, but that question was cut. They like to keep that a surprise and I forgot how those are usually removed. I’ll have to rework that question for next week.

Interesting to hear from Jackie that she had still wanted Vanessa out but as we saw repeatedly this season, Jackie was too willing to roll over and let others get their way. It was too bad she didn’t put her foot down, but as she pointed out, I don’t think things would have gone differently in the DE even with Vanessa out. Now as for the rest of the game, that’s another story.


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  1. Whomever gets booted next week you have to ask about the twins.

    “Looking back now, how do you feel about the decision to allow the twins to enter as a pair?”

    I’d love to hear anyone’s current answer to that question now that they seem to be part of a solid block.

    • That’s not really a fair question. During those first 5 weeks (first week doesn’t count bc the twins were not discovered until week 2), Shelli and Vanessa were the only one’s in power. And neither of them (or Austin) had any interest in voting out the twins. If someone else had the power, it would be a different story. But they didn’t really have a choice in the matter since they weren’t HOH.

      • It’s a logic question. Not an “Is this your specific fault?” question. You’re 100% right that only the HoH can make the nom. But now, in hindsight, seeing the 3-vote block of the Austwins how does each player feel about having that thing happen and no one seeming to be worried about it at the time? Regardless of what side you were on if someone had thought about it they could have slyly made an argument to either Clay or Shelli or Vanessa: “Austin’s in tight with one of them. If her sister comes in that’s gonna be a 3-vote block. That could be trouble for you…” There are always different ways to play so what do they think about letting the opportunity pass by?

      • There is no way to slyly do that. Everyone who is not in the 6th sense was a target already. By saying that to Vanessa, would just have made them the bigger target. Jason told everyone, including Shelli and Clay that they need to vote them out. Shelli ignored him (look what good that did), and the twins confessed to Vanessa about it. In all honesty, the twins should have been evicted for admitting that they were twins.

      • Julia said more than once that she doesn’t like Austin and Liz did say that she was only playing him back then

  2. Jackie is awesome. What a great attitude she has. Shelli deserved to go. She made too many horrible moves. She was too cocky. And she needed to be knocked down a few pegs. She needs to learn humility.

  3. So Jackie’s decision to evict Shelli had nothing to do with trusting Vanessa, as many posters declared. It had everything to do with not trusting Shelli. If anyone re-enters the game, I hope it is Jackie.

    • Either way, Steve was putting up Meg and Jackie. Plus, wait until 3 more people have left the house and then send Van out so she doesn’t get a second chance

      • you mean after two more evictions. then there will be no chance of her returning. By that I mean, two more people gone then one comes back then she can go to jury.

    • If Shelli had won POV she would have tried to evict James not Jackie. I wish Jackie would’ve just owned up to the fact that evicting Shelli was a bad idea after all for the Goblins.
      Jackie and Meg had said that getting rid of Vanessa would be easy.
      Meanwhile, Vanessa was busy changing the target to Shelli being the one backdoored while apparently controlling Steve and his nominations during the DE from what I’ve heard.
      So the Goblins definitely messed up by not getting rid of Vanessa.
      If only they had listened to Becky!

      • Too bad Jackie was evicted Lizzie but I’m sure you’ll survive your disappointment :D

      • There was no time during the DE to control anything. She would have had to plant that seed before the DE was even announced for that to work and then it was only if Steve could win an HOH.

      • From what I read on Jokers Vanessa told Steve to nominate Meg and Jackie. I don’t know WHEN she told him this but there were a lot of discussions going on about what to do during the DE.
        I guess we’ll just have to wait till Sunday to see Steve’s explanation for his decision cause I didn’t think it made any sense either.

      • Did Jmac know b/c he looked very scared or clueless when he nominated Meg & Jackie ? I thought Steve & him were close

      • I’m not sure but I think JMac thought Austin was going up and JMac did tell Steve after it was all over that he didn’t pick the right people to put on the block. So I still don’t know what Steve was supposed to do, we’ll just have to wait till Sunday’s episode to figure that one out.
        I think Vanessa wanted Becky to be backdoored but Steve didn’t have the nerve to use JMac in such a perfidious fashion by having JMac use the Veto thinking Austin was going up when it would be Becky going up.

      • I still agree with their decision to evict Shelli and feel a JJM member would have went home anyway. There is also a better chance that one of them would be going home this week had Shelli stayed. Hopefully, Vanessa will keep going nuts on people and she will be BD’d this week.

      • She did say Meg and James were adamant and that she wanted to support Becky. I think she wanted the 3 of them to be in agreement so she went along.

      • Yes, Jackie was outnumbered so she had to go along with what James and Meg wanted but I do wish Jackie had tried to do what was best for her game instead of what was best for James’s game. :(

    • I didn’t realize you were a Jackie fan KSJB – maybe she’ll be the one returning to the house.

      • I wasn’t a Jackie fan at the beginning, but I’ve been a JJM fan since they formed their little group. I love that they like each other and can joke around together. I wish there had been someone like that last year for Donny.

      • I didn’t watch BBAD enough to become attached to the Goblins at all.
        But you can’t help who you like on these reality shows can you?
        I’m rooting for Johnny Mac and Becky even though it’s probably a hopeless cause.

    • I want to see who gets evicted this week, but if its John or Becky I’d like to see one of them come back. Jackie would be my second choice but I am not sure she would last long. I definitely do not want to see Shelli return.

      • I have never been a fan of a player returning once evicted, but if it happens this year, I agree, not Shelli. or Vanessa(if she is in the jury house by then, fingers crossed).

  4. When is Austin going to start working to get Julia out? You would think he would want her out soon…if they are all still around at the end..no way Liz or Julia do not take each other.

  5. I do think that the DE would have gone differently with Vanessa gone bc Steve would have had to be in desperate need of a new alliance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanessa had whispered into his ear to get rid of one of J/J/M.
    Honestly, it was pretty difficult to predict how Shelli’s game play would have turned out. Vanessa, on the other hand, will pick out JMac, Becky and James one by one given the chance.

    • I agree with the fact had Vanessa gone home the game could have been differently. Steve would have been all alone and he would have been scared and made a mistake during the HOH comp. I saw the writing on the wall that the Goblins were going to be in trouble the minute I saw all three knocked out in the second round of the HOH comp.

    • I think John is the reason why Jackie left. If I’m not mistaken he told Steve shortly before the feeds went down yesterday to put up the goblins.

      • That would make no sense for John, since none of J/J/M would be coming after him and they’d be possible targets for Vanessa.

  6. I am certain that if Vanessa had been evicted first Steve would have thrown the HoH comp for real. I am certain of it. I think Austin and JMac were the last two left besides Steve. Had Steve dropped out neither Austin or JMac would have put Jackie on the block. I think she would still be in the house, although maybe on the block this week anyway.

    • Austin and Johnny Mac were still loyal to Shelli to a degree so they wouldn’t have put her up. Austin might have put up Becky and John. John might have put up Austin and a Twin. But Shelli still would be save, just like Vanessa is still save. So I don’t think it would have mattered. Steve just sucks at being HOH. Lol

  7. As much as I hate to say this, I don’t even know if I want to continue watching this season. From the beginning I picked Jason, Davonne, and Jackie as my top 3 favorites this season. And two of them were out before jury, and Jackie got evicted in the double eviction. I used to love J-Mac, but I feel like he’s starting to get to comfortable in his position in the house and not doing much anything. Something that I think will be a huge mistake for him in about a week or two. Now there’s no one left with good confessionals, and to many with HORRIBLE ones. Aka Austin/Judas split personality disorder ones, Becky kind of boring ones, and Liz’s stereotypical dumb blonde ones.

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